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Hydrocodone Withdrawal Symptoms + How Long Does It Last?

Hydrocodone is considered a semi-synthetic opioid drug that is utilized orally as an analgesic and antitussive medication. It is derived from codeine and is often combined with acetaminophen in various formulations such as: Vicodin. It is mostly prescribed in the United States where it is considered a “Schedule II” controlled substance; indicating a high potential for abuse and dependence.

This is a drug that does a great job at providing relief from moderate to severe pain as well as coughing. In comparison to the opiate oxycodone, it has been found equally effective at providing pain relief; there is little practical difference between the two drugs. Hydrocodone works by binding to opioid receptors in the central nervous system, acting primarily on the mu-opioid receptors.

Research has shown that hydrocodone is more potent than its derivative codeine. Most people take hydrocodone to cope with pain that they are experiencing. For pain relief, this drug works very well. In addition to taking it for its intended purpose of pain relief, many individuals take it recreationally to “get high.”

In these cases, people may become addicted to the mood enhancement and reductions in anxiety associated with initial consumption. Over time though, most consistent users of hydrocodone end up developing tolerance to its effects. Other individuals simply want to get off of the drug because they don’t like the side effects. If you are planning on going through withdrawal, you may want to read below so that you are familiar with some common withdrawal symptoms.

Factors that influence Hydrocodone withdrawal

When it comes to withdrawal from any opioid, there are factors that play a role in determining intensity and length of symptoms. These factors include things like: how long you were on the drug, your dosage, whether you became tolerant, whether you are addicted, how quickly you withdrew, and other individual factors such as whether you are on any other drugs.

1. Time Span

How long have you taken hydrocodone? In most cases, the longer you were on the drug, the more difficult withdrawal symptoms will be. This is due to the fact that when the drug is taken over an extended period of time, your body becomes reliant on the effects of the hydrocodone for daily functioning.

People on this drug for a long period of time are typically those who needed it for chronic pain and/or addicts. Those who took the drug for a short duration typically will exhibit quicker recovery and less symptoms.

2. Dosage / Tolerance

What dose of hydrocodone did you take? Those that took higher doses tend to have a tougher time dealing with withdrawal effects because their body became used to that particular high dose. When a person takes a higher dose, it is easier to become tolerant, which in turn makes it significantly more difficult to cope with discontinuation symptoms.

Most people take the drug in formulations of 5 mg, 7.5 mg, and 10 mg of hydrocodone. Maximum doses for the drug are 8 tablets daily for the 5 mg, and 6 tablets daily for the 7.5 mg and 10 mg. The greater the dosage that you’ve been taking and greater the frequency at which you’ve been taking it, the more difficulty you may have coping with withdrawals.

Individuals that haven’t become tolerant to the effects of the drug are thought to have the easiest time coping with discontinuation symptoms. Those who have become tolerant to the highest doses may have a difficult time discontinuing.

3. Addiction

Are you addicted to hydrocodone? This is a powerful opioid that many people take for pain relief, but become addicted to the effects of the drug. Most people that become addicted don’t ever plan on developing an addiction. People that are using this drug for a long period of time to manage their pain can become dependent and addicted.

There are individuals that take the drug recreationally to cope with stressors who also can develop addictions. People that are taking it to deal with depression and/or to get high and escape life’s stressors can have a tough time kicking their habit as well. Most people that are addicted are going to need some outside support from a professional to help get through withdrawal symptoms.

If you know that you are addicted, it may be very helpful to consult a psychotherapist and/or a psychiatrist to help deal with the effects of withdrawal. If you have a high tolerance to the drug, you may want to consider something like “opioid replacement therapy” to help with the addiction.

4. Cold Turkey vs. Tapering

How quickly did you quit taking hydrocodone? Those who quit “cold turkey” without tapering are thought to have more difficult withdrawal symptoms because the nervous system is given no time to adapt to changes. If you quit “cold turkey” from a high dosage, it can sometimes serve as a shock to the nervous system, making the acute phase of withdrawal more intense as well as increasing the chance for protracted symptoms.

It is typically recommended to conduct a gradual taper if you were on a high dose of the drug. You may want to consider working with your doctor and/or a professional to come up with a tapering protocol. Although you can quit cold turkey usually without any severe danger, to minimize withdrawal symptoms, tapering is always recommended.

A third option to quitting cold turkey and/ or tapering is that of “opioid replacement therapy.” This involves transitioning to a less powerful opioid such as suboxone or methadone. This allows the individual to stop taking hydrocodone, and then gradually reduce their dosage of the less powerful replacement drug. The goal with this is to smoothly transition off of opioids.

5. Individual Factors

It should also be noted that everyone recovers at an individual rate based on personal factors. Things such as individual physiology, genetics, environment, social support, and habits all can play a role towards impacting withdrawal. People who are naturally less sensitive to drug withdrawal may feel almost fully recovered after a week off of the drug.

Other individuals that are highly sensitive to withdrawal may have protracted symptoms lasting for weeks or months after the acute phase. It is thought that things such as whether you are taking any other drugs, whether you work out, eat healthy, etc. can influence how quickly you recover.

Hydrocodone Withdrawal Symptoms: List of Possibilities

Below are a list of symptoms that you may experience upon facing hydrocodone withdrawal. Understand that what you experience will vary based on individual circumstances. You may not experience every symptom listed below. Intensity and duration of symptoms will vary depending on the person.

  • Abdominal cramping: Many people report feeling extreme cramps in their abdominal area when they stop hydrocodone. This symptom can be very uncomfortable, but should start to improve after a week or two off of the drug.
  • Anxiety: You may notice feelings of intense anxiety upon discontinuation. The drug acts as a depressant, reducing activity in the central nervous system – which leads to feelings of relaxation. When you stop taking the drug, you may experience a resurgence of anxiety until your nervous system heals.
  • Appetite changes: During the first few days after your last dose, you may experience significant reductions in appetite. You may not want to eat any food because you don’t feel hungry and/or are sick. Do your best to keep your body nourished with healthy foods, it may expedite recovery.
  • Chills: Some people feel notice chills throughout their body when they stop hydro. This is a common opiate withdrawal symptom. These chills should significantly improve after the first week of discontinuation.
  • Cravings: Many people have intense cravings for the drug after they’ve quit. Cravings tend to be most intense a few days after a person has withdrawn. You may crave hydrocodone weeks or months after your last dose – this is common among addicts. In general, the longer you’ve been off of the drug, the easier these are to resist.
  • Depersonalization: Do you feel unlike your normal self? Many people report feeling disoriented as well as depersonalized when they come off of hydro. Your endorphin levels and neurotransmitters will need time to readjust and are usually part of the reason you may feel abnormal during withdrawal.
  • Depression: It is common to feel depressed when you quit this drug. The depression that you experience may be mild, but it could be severe. Usually people that withdrew from high doses and/or quit cold turkey will have more powerful depression. This is a very normal withdrawal symptom that takes time to heal.
  • Diarrhea: While taking hydrocodone, you likely experienced some degree of constipation. When you stop taking the drug, you will likely experience some diarrhea. If the diarrhea gets bad, be sure to consider getting some Imodium (available over-the-counter).
  • Dilated pupils: Taking this drug (or any opioid) will likely constrict the pupils. Upon discontinuation, you may notice that your pupils become dilated. This isn’t usually a symptom that bothers most people, just something to note.
  • Dizziness: Do you all of a sudden feel dizzy after you stopped taking hydrocodone? The dizziness is due to the fact that your body is expecting the drug, but doesn’t receive it. As it scrambles to readjust itself, a person may feel dizzy and/or vertigo.
  • Fatigue: Excessive tiredness and lethargy are common initial withdrawal symptoms. The low energy levels that you experience may make it difficult to perform normal functions such as: get out of bed, go to work, prepare meals, etc. You should regain some energy after the first week and it should continue to improve over time.
  • Fever: You may notice that you have a fever when you quit. Low-grade fevers are most commonly reported, but you could have a higher fever too. This is more of an acute symptom and shouldn’t last longer than several days.
  • Flu-like: A combination of symptoms lead people to describe the withdrawal experience as being “flu-like.” Meaning, many people exhibit similar withdrawal symptoms from hydrocodone as they do when they have the flu. These can include things like: nausea, vomiting, fatigue, aches, and dizziness.
  • Goosebumps: You may have “goose bumps” across your skin as a symptom. These are caused by tiny muscle contractions at the base of each hair follicle and are influenced by the sympathetic nervous system.
  • Headaches: Many individuals report light or moderate headaches when they face withdrawal. These headaches can be intense to the point of migraines in more severe cases. The hydrocodone tends to provide headache relief, so when a person quits, the headaches may temporarily be more severe.
  • Hot flashes: These refer to sudden feelings of feverish heat that come out of nowhere. You may be doing something and notice that you feel very hot. Although you may also have a fever during withdrawal, hot flashes are very common. Some people also experience cold flashes as well.
  • Insomnia: Some people may be unable to fall asleep at night after they’ve quit this drug. Hydrocodone tends to have a relaxing effect that leads some people to nod off to sleep while taking it. During withdrawal, a combination of anxiety, restlessness, and an array of physical symptoms can set the stage for insomnia.
  • Irritability: You may feel more irritable than normal as you come off of this drug. The irritability is probably due to changes in endorphin and neurotransmitter function post-drug. As time passes, your degree of irritability should fade. In the meantime, whenever something minor upsets you, try to take a deep breath and realize that this feeling will eventually improve.
  • Itching: It is thought that feeling itchy may be a reaction some people have when they stop this drug. The itching is likely related to increased sensitivity of nerve endings underneath the skin. Many people believe they have developed a rash, when in reality it is a withdrawal reaction from the nerve endings.
  • Joint pain: During withdrawal it is common to feel muscle aches and joint pains. These aches and pains can be influenced by the body’s lack of endorphin production. When you take a drug like hydrocodone, your natural endorphins will lower as a result of the drug. It takes time to build these back up.
  • Mood swings: You may feel like an emotional wreck when coping with withdrawal symptoms. Your moods may be erratic and difficult to control. As time continues to pass, your emotions should begin to stabilize.
  • Nausea: The initial nausea associated with discontinuation can be overwhelming. If it becomes severe enough, it may lead a person to vomit. Fortunately the nausea will likely decline significantly after the first week.
  • Palpitations: These refer to sensations that your heart is racing or beating abnormally loud. These can be further influenced by increases in anxiety. If you are dealing with heart palpitations, realize that it’s just a symptom, and focus on relaxation.
  • Panic attacks: Some people may develop panic attacks when they quit hydrocodone. These are caused by intense surges in anxiety and inability to lower arousal. Although these may be more common in people with a history of anxiety, anyone could experience them if withdrawal is bad enough.
  • Restlessness: Many people feel internally restless and/or unable to sit still. In many cases this is influenced by anxiety levels and mood. You may have restless legs and/or feel as though you cannot stay in one place. To cope with this symptom, consider doing some deep breathing to calm yourself down. If relaxation doesn’t work, go for a walk until it improves.
  • Runny nose: When coming off of any opiate, it is possible to develop a runny nose. There is no controlling when the nasal drainage will stop, but be sure to keep some extra tissue handy.
  • Sleep changes: Your sleep patterns may become erratic and random during withdrawal. Some days you may feel excessively tired, while others you may not be able to sleep. Some people may not be able to get restful sleep as they may wake up in the middle of the night. Understand that your sleep pattern will fluctuate, but stabilize over time.
  • Suicidal thinking: It is important to realize that during withdrawal, your endorphins and neurotransmitters are imbalanced and will eventually correct themselves. However, you may feel suicidal before normative functioning is restored. If you feel suicidal, realize that this is a stage that will pass. If you are unable to cope with this feeling, seek immediate professional help.
  • Sweats: Most people end up experiencing profuse sweating during the initial few days of quitting the drug. These sweats may be heavy and constant. You may find yourself waking up in the middle of the night soaked. The sweating is a natural response from your body and should subside after a week or two.
  • Vomiting: You may get sick when you initially come off of the drug. Some people feel incredibly nauseous and end up vomiting. This symptom doesn’t usually last longer than a week.
  • Yawning: Do you find yourself yawning even when you’re not tired? If you are going through withdrawals, you may be prone to excessive yawning. It will take time for your physiology to readjust and the yawns to subside.

Hydrocodone Withdrawal Length: How long does it last?

There’s no exact science stating that withdrawal will last a specific number of days. The drug itself has a half life of 4 to 6 hours, meaning that hydrocodone stays in your system for less than 24 hours after your last dose.  However, just because the drug is clear from your system does not mean that withdrawal is over. Once the drug has finished clearing your system is typically when withdrawal begins.

The initial phase of withdrawal, often referred to as the “acute phase” can last anywhere from 7 to 10 days. This is characterized by the most extreme physical symptoms, including sickness, as well as various psychological symptoms. The most difficulty people tend to have facing hydrocodone withdrawal tends to be in the acute phase. Following approximately 10 days, most people notice significant strides towards feeling better.

It should be noted though that some individuals still exhibit difficult symptoms following the initial couple weeks after discontinuation. This is often referred to as “PAWS” or post-acute withdrawal syndrome. During this time, a person may experience symptoms lasting for weeks (or in some cases months) following their last dose. For most individuals, these symptoms tend to continue fading as more time passes.

To speed up withdrawal, it is recommended to eat healthy, consider useful vitamins and/or supplements, get some mild exercise, socialize, and attempt to stay as productive as possible. If you are having a really tough time coping with symptoms, take things one day at a time. Realize that with each passing day, you are one step closer to full recovery. If you have gone through hydrocodone withdrawal and/or are currently dealing with symptoms, feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.

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167 thoughts on “Hydrocodone Withdrawal Symptoms + How Long Does It Last?”

  1. Thanks this help me a lot. I thought I was going crazy. To those that are getting a knee replacement this is the most common drug that used. And I think I had all of the symptoms. Please understand your medicine so you want have to thought what I did. Thanks for reading on my way to recover. Wallace Smith

  2. I never want to see these drugs again, or ever take them. By the 3rd day of this torturous withdrawal, I realize I should have stayed with codeine. I was on that for 4 yrs. One day my doctor told me he was afraid for his license “because the pharmacy repeatedly keeps calling me and threatening me.” He told me “I’m going to give you one last prescription and you must get off, or find another doctor.

    I did get off. No problem. But the Tramadol prescribed by the new doctor nearly chocked me to death when I decided to stop taking it. Then I read whe it had indeed chocked many children to death and stopped their breathing. And that was after tapering to 1/4 pill per day! The hydros, while not as bad as tramadol/ultram are hell to get off of too.

    I am suffering my third day of extreme withdrawal and I never want to see another one of those again. I have over 400 trams left and 280 10 mg. hyrdos and I would not touch them with a ten foot pole. If I have to go on a pain pill ever again it will be plan old fashioned codeine. These newer drugs Big Pharma is making are designed to kill us, cripple us, or turn us into permanent customers. They should be shot. The BTards.

  3. I started taking hydrocodone 17 years ago when diagnosed with a spinal disease and arthritis. I told my doctor that I didn’t want to take anything addictive, he said that I didn’t have an addictive personality and not to worry. Well needless to say he lied. I decided last week that I was taking control of my own body and started cutting back.

    From 2 pills a day, 10/325, I went to one a day cut in half, half in the morning and the other half in the evening. Then I went to just 1/2 when I started feeling nausea; this was after a week of my first cut back. My second cut was for 3 days – then DONE!! I have gone 4 days clean, my only withdrawal symptoms so far have started today… whenever I eat I have to stay close to a bathroom.

    But hey, it’s a great diet plan lol. Also, I am having a little trouble staying asleep after 4 AM, but all in all it isn’t bad. I actually am shocked that it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Thank you Lord for my life back. Praise God.

  4. Reading everyones posts have been extremely helpful. I have been taking Three 10 mg Norco for 3 years recreationally. I’m on day 5 being off them cold turkey. Below is what I’ve been through so far.

    Day one: high anxiety, pressure headache, disoriented, severe chills.

    Day two: runny nose, pressure headache, severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, disoriented, moderate chills.

    Day three: light stomach cramps, runny nose, Pressure headache, disoriented, cant sleep and body pain.

    Day four: pressure headache, disoriented, body pain and cant sleep but tired.

    Day five: anxiety, pressure headache body pain and tired.

    I feel myself getting better but its still a big challenge. I take lots of showers. Taking 5-htp supplement and excedrin migraine. Reading everyone’s stories and finding exciting things to do helps. I listen to a lot of music also. I hope this helps!

    • Day 6: Slept better. Woke up 5 times for few minutes. Light stomach cramps like ive been doing situps. Light pressure headache. Slightly disoriented, but have moments where I feel normal. Woke up with more energy. It’s getting better!

  5. I too have a horrible back problem from a car accident. Was prescribed 3 10mg Norco a day for the past 6 years. Obviously taking more than that and getting them from other people. Not a problem functioning for job, family, etc. No one knows but me that I’m taking them. I don’t do other drugs and I don’t drink.

    Had to stop cold turkey on Sunday for a pre employment physical drug test and even though I have an RX, don’t want them to know that I take this drug for fear of not getting the job. Day 3 and yesterday was the worst. Going from 10 a day to nothing is bad. I’m going to take the drug test today and really don’t want to restart, but don’t think I can take this anymore.

    I should have tapered but didn’t know I was getting the offer. Diarrhea terrible, can’t eat, can’t sleep. Today is much better. But I’m freezing, have taken 10 baths and have no energy or appetite. I was perfectly fine on the pills. Ran every day, have a high stress job, make lots of money, funny. This is crap…really would like to stop but am afraid of pain from my back and don’t want to feel worse.

  6. Broke my leg, ankle, and separated my tib/fib at the base. Had surgery to repair and rods in, and was put on 2-3 hydro 10s every 3-4 hours for 5-6 weeks completely immobile, and after, on 7.5s, 2-3 every 6-8 hours, for a couple weeks before undergoing sinus surgery, which resulted in 4 days hooked up to a morphine drip (that was a good time), and a dilaudid shot every few hours for the rush, followed by two More weeks of the 7.5s every 6 hours, with very little memory of this 2- 2 1/2 month span besides raging pain.

    Doctors didn’t ever really recommend tapering by my account, so the day I stopped hurting to the point I needed hydros, I quit cold turkey. Also lost 33 pounds (201 – 178) in this time frame from being able to put down a miserable 2000-3000 calories a week. Anyone know if long term psych effects could ensue because I haven’t been the same since. Straight A student in high school with minimal studying and advanced classes, broke my leg freshman year of college, and since, I’ve amassed a 1.0 in mediocre classes putting in the hours trying to get it to come together, can’t hold focus or retain much info at a time, and it often escapes me within a day or two.

    Also, everything is still uninteresting to me for the most part, and everything feels temporary and I jump from job to job because I get extremely bored, and I still push away my close friends often. It’s been 3 1/2 years, haven’t ever felt the same, escaped the mood swings and depression tho, has anyone else been on a ridiculous dosage (article says usually 6/ day of 10mgs, I was pushing about 12-16 daily for a month and a half as I would wake up in screaming pain nightly followed by the 7.5s and sinus surgery) and not recovered this long after the fact psychologically?

    Finally got an appointment with a doc to see what I can figure out, as every other one prior has told me to give it time, which has been just under three years, so I figure it’s time… but any similar experiences would help, and are much appreciated. Will do my best to follow-up in case anyone else is going/ has gone thru something similar. Be safe, and take care.

  7. Thanks to all the people who have posted here & the site. I was taking Norco 10 325s 4 per day for 10 years the Quack Doc prescribing got raided by drug task force for over prescribing. I tapered to 2 per day then tried 1 but it didn’t help so I just quit. I have been wanting to quit for years, but had somewhat easy access. The biggest reason to quit is for yourself… no one gets clean unless they want it.

    Yes it’s going to hurt I’m on day 15 symptoms I’m experiencing: stomach pain, sleeplessness, no appetite, nausea. I think @ 30 days things will be better & I’m willing to fell like sh*t to be Free again. I keep thinking of all the other people that have gone through Hell & it gives me hope & strength living a life on Pills isn’t a Life.

  8. I understand everything everyone is going through. I was on a 100 mcg fentanyl patch (every 72hrs) and #16 10/325 hydrocondone daily for the last 4 years for a back injury. I hated being on anything that controlled me. These drugs are the devil. I have been off the patches for a month now, the withdraws from the pain patch was possibly the worst thing I have ever been through.

    But it finally passed and then coming off the hydros aren’t quite as bad, it’s more mentally messed with me. I have been off them for 4 days and can tell how much I already feel better. And with each passing day it gets better. When I feels like it’s never going to end and you feel like you’re dying, remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  9. I agree Kratom is the best way to get off of hydrocodone… you will still have some symptoms but tolerable. Also it’s natrual. Mangda and Bali are the best kinds for withdraw symptoms.

  10. I’m having the hardest time getting off these…I’m taking upwards of 20 or more a day…how the Hell do I deal with the withdraws? I did the methadone and that didn’t help!!! Thanks for any help.

  11. I’m on day six so far! And feel better! I was taking 10 5mg vicodin a day to 8 7.5 mg then 6 10mg. Whatever I can get my hands on. As much as I hate them that’s how much as I enjoy the feeling off them. But they are a life wrecker! I’m glad I’m doing good! It was a good time to quite because as soon as I quit, I got a bad cold which it wasn’t from the withdrawal lol. But I’m still craving but I take a look and I don’t wanna go back to that life I ain’t about it…who’s ever doing good on quitting take my advice keep it goin! You’re doing good I believe in you, but not as much as God does. Stay blessed my anti-opiate fighters!

  12. I was taking anywhere from 15-20 10-15mg of oxy a day and 15-20 5-10mg hydrocodones when I couldn’t get oxy. I got so bad it got me in trouble, job loss, car accident. I finally realized I needed the help, I went to a facility for 4 days for a detox and got sent home on the proper medications to get rid of withdrawals. I started back up again after that but wasn’t as bad. I just couldn’t stand the withdrawals.

    I then went to jail because of more traffic tickets I never paid and questioning for trying to get the prescription filled unauthorized. It wasn’t cool and I realized it’s time to quit cold turkey. I’m now on day 14, not so bad and have got most of energy back. I was taking Xanax 1mg 2 in the morning and one before bed to help with anxiety and relief.

    I am now not taking anything. Yeah I feel different, yeah I feel depressed but I just try to keep myself busy and not think about things that stress me out. I’m proud to say I can do this and keep it going because I want my original life back. I’m almost there, just gotta keep fighting!

  13. Nice website! I have been off hydro for 4 days ( today is Thanksgiving ) and I started to get my appetite back today and of all days today was a big dinner day! my energy is coming back a little and my mood seems good, and the diarrhea is under control, I still seem to be chilly to cold some times during the day, I got 5 hrs sleep last night finally (thanks to ambien) some one gave me being diabetic I had GABAPENTIN FOR NEUROPATHY OF MY LEG.

    Well it also controlled my restless legs (RLS) I was on 10/325 for 7 to 8 yrs 4 times a day 120 per month. Well every month I ran out 2 to 3 days before my refills, no matter how hard I tried even placing the last ones in order amount in various places, problem is I knew where they were, so my last ten day would look like this: 4,5,4,6,3,3,2,1,0,0. Yes I would have 25 to 30 pills left for my last ten days, not the 40 that I needed, the funny thing is my withdrawals were bad but not over whelming looks like I tapered down every month.

    I am not promoting this because it still was very uncomfortable and the lost of energy with the other stupid things I said and did while on this med made the abuse I did crazy. Remember one of the first bad symptoms?? Getting a little tired? No energy? Fix that with pop another vic, and on and on. This time I am going to win and get my real energy back. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.

  14. I have been on Morphine/percocet for 7 years, taking 3-5mg morphine, and 6-5mg Percocet daily. After 7 years, my doctor wanted to take me off them. She cut me off the percocet completely all at once and left me on Morphine for 2 weeks, then took me off that. I was so bad that I could not move, however; I was glad she did since with all the pain medicines, I did not feel what was going on in my arm.

    They found a tumor in my upper bicep and I had to have surgery all over again. You know what that means; back on the meds again. I hurt everywhere. I was taking 8-5mg Vicodin daily after surgery for another 6 months. Then down to 4 for the next 3 years. Then last month, my doctor stated it was time again to go off the so we went to two daily for a month. I have not taken any for about a month now and I am okay. I hurt at times from my three surgery, but I am okay. The first time I cam off them; I thought I would die.

    I think I would have robbed someone for them and this was scary. I really didn’t know how to handle it. Now I still have pain in my shoulder and also my back where they put a plate in, but I deal with the pain and move on. It is the only way a person can have a clear head; however, I won’t lie, it was easier to take the meds and not hurt then trying to handle the pain and move on. I am almost 60 years old and believe me; I have aches and pain daily.

  15. I was taking approx 30+ 30mg codeine phosphate tablets or co-codamol a day for approx 11 years. It wasn’t always that amount but built up. It has been that amount for a good few years. I am now on day 6 of withdrawal and I feel like I want to pull all my joints apart especially my left shoulder for some reason. I quit cold turkey and I swear I will never touch an opiate again. This is awful but I am doing it. I have lost everything from wife, house and job in the last few months thanks to codeine and depression. I will be strong and you can be as well.

  16. I was on 4 10/325mg hydrocodone for the better part of eight yrs. I have gone off them before; generally cold turkey, but I was able to do things. Today is technically my 3rd day off them; the past few days I’ve been anxious, panicky not hungry and I’ve had crippling headaches; now I’ve been put on a med for headaches but it’s not working for whatever these are; migraines better, I do not know what the heck these kind of headaches are; I wake with them, go to bed with them, live all day with them with little relief; it’s really frustrating.

    Yesterday, I started feeling kind of like a cold coming on; coughing got worse, I have no idea if these are withdrawals or if I’m just sick. Any thoughts on this would be great. Since I did cold turkey; should I maybe take 1/2 of one and if the symptoms subside then I know this is all part of the process? Thanks.

  17. I’ve been taking Norco/325s for 13 years. I just went cold Turkey 4 days ago. I’ve been in so much pain in my lower back I felt okay today, better than the last few days except in my stomach And lower back ?. I’ve been taking Aleve. What can I do to make the pain stop? I’m working 8 hours a day and it gets unbearable. I took 5 pills a day sometimes 6. As far as feeling energy I feel okay it’s just the stomach and lower back. Please Help.

  18. I am on day 3. Today I just started the running nose and watery eyes. I tapered myself off of hydro. I must say I feel OK. No restless legs, no loose stools, no nothing. Only a headache. I was on it for 2 years; 10/325. God I only hope it gets easier.

  19. This is my story. I got hit by a truck six years ago, broke my whole left side. An gave me a huge herniation between L4-L5. I started out loving the pills. 1 here 1 there tell six years later, when I’m having to take 8-9-10 of them at once to even feel normal. So yes that’s about 25 a day. Made feel like the biggest loser. Anyways, I’m six days clean. I feel pretty good. Still can sleep, but like 2 hours a night and still have stomach pains.

    I tried every headache med and the only thing that finally worked was Advil migraine (liquid gel caps) I did start feeling emotionally stable when I took the multi vitamin ( one a day gummy for men) gummy was easier to get down. So I still have more to fight, but I will get through my wife and boys need the real me back… An I owe them that. An by the way I made 110 thou a year, still took care of family.

    But for the ones reading these saying to themselves… I take care of my family or I pay my bills. I’m sorry to tell you, all that does is make you a functioning addict. I said it at one point… Please people these withdraws aren’t sh*t compared to what we’re doing to our bodies, our family, our friends. Anyways thanks and I hope you guys find something I said useful.

  20. Cancer in 2007. Have taken 1-2 tabs of hydrocodone most days for 8 years since cancer surgery and developing arthritis. Have missed when Rx runs out. Stopped 9 days ago and have all symptoms mentioned and more: depression, fatigue, isolating, bronchitis, anxiety, joint pain, depersonalized, anhedonia, no creative spark, can’t write, restless, hip pain, hungry but no appetite. Feel like this will not stop. Will go without for another week but if sustain this level of discomfort will start again.

  21. Thank you all for your comments – addiction is a very lonely way of life – I’ve been taking these pills since 2005. I’m tapering off 7.5/325 hydrocodone 3/day and I’m down to 1 little white pill a day. Your words of encouragement have given me strength to get through the WD symptoms – the sweats, RLS, and anxiety are significantly less now – still happens but not as intense. I take benadryl to sleep/ allergies. I have severe arthritis on my spine which has taken a toll on my entire body but rather take 2-3 Aleve…and Dr’s RX. God give us all the strength to overcome this addiction!

  22. I need serious help. While I am tired of taking these (hydro 325/7mg), up to 4 a day (as prescribed, and have been for almost a year) and I am having a truly hard time not taking it. Today is day one that I have tried but I eventually took half of one. I don’t know that I can do this. Not to mention my back pain which is at it’s worst. In addition, to that I have three left and am so tired of it controlling my life. Without them I am literally non functional. Does anyone have an idea of how long the detox will last? Why did I start them in the first place? NEED HELP PLEASE!

    • Dear Dora, I feel the same way! Why didn’t the damn doctors just say, you are so young. Pain is realitive. Go take a walk in the Cancer ward and then decide how bad your pain is. Now, I am a drug addict by their hand and I want to be free. I am 57 years old raising a 5 year old. I need to be free of these drugs and get back to the gym where I belong! I am 50 hours lortab free but when this is over I will quit the Methadone which is the REALLY BAD ONE! You can email me any time if you need encouragement. Good luck!

  23. This site helped me through the worst part of withdrawls and I wanted to share my story in case it might help someone like it helped me. I broke my leg 6 weeks and 72 hours ago. I was given morphine in the hospital and hydros for pain. I was taking 6 hydros (10) per day. When I got my cast off & got the boot this week, I filled another rx, but decided to go off the meds.

    When I started to feel ill the next morning, I thought it was the flu. But it was severe & I felt like Hell. I looked up what the withdrawal symptoms are & found this site. I had it all: fever, chills, diarrhea, total lack of appetite, no sleep, headache, hot flashes, sweats, muscle pain – the works. I couldn’t believe I had become addicted in six weeks! When I reached 48 hours, I was really tempted to take a pill. But reading so many posts with encouragement to hang in there & that it does get better gave me strength to hang on.

    And when it was 72 hours, the hell dissipated. I still have a headache and I probably won’t sleep tonight, but the worst is over. Thank you to those who unknowingly helped me, thank you. And for those of you who are in the middle of withdrawals, hang in there, you can do it, it does really get better if you can get through the first 3 days!

  24. Hello everyone, I know there is hope for us all. Everyone here is a strong individual and, I am sure, a beautiful person as well despite the battle scars. Of course, my story is similar to all of yours, but in the hope a single sentence can help another individual, I am going to say my peace. I am 29. I have always been introverted and gay (card carrying lesbian since ’85). Over a year and a half ago, I became a dedicated vegan and supported using herbs as a great way to remedy an ailment.

    I live in a small, uncreative town but have a close circle of friends. I was also actively on humira and prednisone, due to my life battle with Colitis and Crohn’s Disease. I am a creative person and love movies, the arts and books. I had battled depression from prednisone but was surviving. Suddenly, I was hit with a life changing ordeal: Ramsey-Hunts disease. For the unaware, it is a form of highly aggressive shingles, that hits half of your face, and can leave you paralyzed and/or with hearing/sight loss.

    I also developed a rare condition of fluid building up – permanently – around my heart sac causing spasms of heart-attack-like pain daily. After a two week stay in a hospital… I came home scared, scarred and even more depressed. For the pain, they gave me hydro and oxy. Since then, regrettably, I have been hooked – upping the doses from 5MG to 10MG pills, about 80-100MG a day this past year, give or take. I stopped caring about my diet, my writing, even music… except for one, The 1975, which I think helped save me sanity.

    I have a lazy doctor, whom I knew well, who gave me the scripts willingly without banter – trusting me to make good decisions. At first, it was for pain. Then, one night, I realized it had the feeling of making me feel distanced from my body – a high. I had never taken recreational drugs before – not even a stab at marijuana – so this was new to me. I liked it. No, I LOVED it. No more worries, be happy. I finally had a way to cope with all the BS illnesses life had thrown at me… and so I continued as such in a well of loneliness and self-pity, until recently.

    I developed self-loathing, and I stopped doing things I loved and wanting and waiting only for the next dose of pills. Aren’t we all familiar with that feeling? That satisfaction? I used to be ashamed to admit I took pills… and now I see it is just another illness to conquer, another threat. The past few months specifically, I under-estimated how many pills I had left, and I ran out early. Realizing the doctor appointment was too far away, I knew this had to be a sign to behave. To stop living in a fog.

    To START living and STOP being a crazy person who was leaning on little white or pink pills for comfort and as a way to feel… loved? Healthy? Some people have stated feeling more energetic on them or happier – but for me – they create an invisible fog and illusion. I like the numbness. I decided that even though I knew the withdrawals – and had felt them – such as brain fog, lethargy, more colon problems, fevers, hot flashes and all the listed symptoms online… but it also meant being free from a numbness that had come to define me.

    So, I took my last few pills and cut them up into tiny pieces to be used as a taper method. As of today, I am tapering and a going on 4 days. At first the restless legs and lethargy, I felt, would kill me. I feel like Jello, only permanently. I got anxious at the thought of having to distribute these little pieces of pills into my system as long as possible. I tried distractions (Xena marathon, anyone?) and continued going to work and trying to eat healthy.

    At times the effort to get up and go out, get dressed, go to work, eat, smile… all of it is, currently, a chore. But, I know this path is the right one, and I hope to continue. I also decided to use a Tramadol or two to help me get through big days at work. When I was religiously taking hydro, I knew it dulled my senses… I hated shopping, looking at clothes, everything I used to love… I knew those things were gone. Now, I was determined to take charge of my own life again, and not rely on a man-made drug for happiness… but myself. Love to all of you. Keep going… I will too.

    • Omg, you made me cry. Everything you mentioned is exactly what I’m going through. This person I’ve become is not me. I want the old me back. I have two small kids 1&4 and a husband. I took my last pill this morning. I never in a million years would have thought this would be me. I know that I’m about to go though hell. Thank you for your post. It’s good to no I’m not alone. Thank you, thank you. I needed to see your post.

  25. In December 2014 (six months ago), I had uterine cancer. They removed it with a total hysterectomy. I was given hydro for a few days…It worked. The prescription was for only five days. I tried Ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, etc., but they did not work. So, I had my family physician prescribe hydrocodone. For five months, I took at most two a day. Then in the latter part of May, all of June and July, I began taking three a day.

    I ran out four days ago. I was determined to not renew the prescription, and I haven’t. I have not had any for 3 1/2 days. The second day was awful. I could NOT keep my legs still at night! I was EXTREMELY agitated and angry! Acting out with out even realizing it! I take Cymbalta for Panic Anxiety and have been doing so for 10 years.

    The hydro was just very relaxing as it did not allow any pain on this 51-year-old body! I, too, thought about lying to get more one I saw I only had one hydro left. I talked myself out of it and will NEVER take it again! TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT!!! I’m still lethargic, but I’m slowly but surely getting there! Bye, Hydro!

  26. I have been taking at the minimum, 150mg of hydrocodone daily for the last 3 years. I was out looking for some and hating myself for it. I have 3 beautiful kids and I’m not the mom I want to be. Anyways, came across some methadone, I took 80mg the 1st and 2nd days, then 40mg the 3rd day, then went to 10mg for the last 2 days. Today is my 1st day with nothing.

    I want to get off pills so very bad. I have been praying all day for GOD to give me the mental and physical strength to get through this. My kids need their mom, not some druggie. I feel very lazy and the anxiety is pretty bad at times but I am praying that I can do this! I want my life back!! Good luck to everyone that wants and is trying to better themselves!

  27. I am on day 1 and I am actually ok! I took Vitamin B this morning, drank my coffee, went to Yoga (which helped a lot!) I totally recommend Vitamin B and Exercise. I also took one Pepto. So far so good!! Praying I can keep going.

  28. 18 years ago I had a severe 12 year addiction to meth amphetamines and quit cold turkey, the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I am so proud of myself for kicking that addiction and putting that beast to sleep. 4 years ago, my body started falling apart and had to have 4 surgeries in a 3 year period. It’s been a full year since my last surgery (rotator cuff) and was on hydrocodone the entire time until last night when I ran out a couple of days before my appointment with pain management.

    I tried quitting a couple of years ago and everyone here is so accurate, it is hell!! I want so much to quit and have expressed that repeatedly to my pain management Dr. I was taking 10 mg 6 per day and requested they lower the dosage to 7.5, 6 per day. Somewhere along the way I started forgetting how many per day I was taking. Yes I could have counted the ones remaining but just didn’t. I dread the next two days and have no desire to tough it out because I know what he’ll it is.

    The dr promised me that he can get me completely free of hydrocodone without withdrawals and that sounds perfect by me!! He also prescribed me cyclobenzoprin and gabapentin (100mg) to help with restless leg syndrome and the convulsions that come with withdrawal. I do not recommend quitting cold turkey if at all possible and if you have a pain management doctor, use them to quit if you can.

    I hate being addicted to anything and I hate the horrible horrible feeling that comes with stopping suddenly! The author of this site got it right, if you can, see a doctor to help get you off this terrible drug!! I wish all of you the happiest fulfilled life!!

  29. I’ve been taking up to 15 to 20 hydrocodone tens for ten years now…and any other pain killer I can get my hands on. I’m on day two and I’m having all the symptoms plus seizures. What if anything can I do to help with these withdrawals? I am DONE with the pills for sure but the withdrawals are so severe it’s almost impossible to stay focused on the blessing this will bring. Somebody, anybody I’m reaching out.

  30. Good morning. Its 3:35am. I haven’t slept since Tuesday and its now Monday. The 1st 4 days were the worst for me. The restless leg syndrome is the worse for me. I’ve been on Oxys since 1996 after 3 cervical fusions. Taking 10-12 Oxys 30mg per day. Seeing two different doctors for two scripts. But I ran out. And couldn’t find any. So the withdrawal started. And after the 1st three days of hell. I called my friends and told them that I was done!

    I figured since I made it this far. I might as well just quit! I’m now able to function. Eat and shower. I still have restless leg syndrome. Which is the worse for me. I haven’t slept in 5 days now. I feel so much better now! But don’t get me wrong. This has been brutal! But people are right. It does get better! Its the 1st 3 day’s that will either break you Or you can use those 3 days as a Stand!!!

    I just made it through Hell and I’m feeling better. It helps me. I sure as f*ck I am not going through this again! I’m done! I think about the money I’ll have. The bills I won’t be late on. Have money to purchase things I need and want! Yes it becomes a mind game in a way. And I like winning! Not losing! Good luck to everyone!

  31. The first 2 days are horrible. If you can make it past 72 hours you got the hardest part licked!! Withdrawal eases up mentally and physically after 72 hours. You will still feel restless and dream of the little white pill, you will yawn constantly! Why? I’m not sure, but you will. You will have diarrhea and headaches for the first 3 days. Then it lets up considerably! if you can hang in there you will feel better (more like who you really are) after the 4th day. Slowly, but you will. Smells come back to you and yes, you will miss the high of the pill… The worst withdrawals are in the first 48 hours! Try and hang in there.

    • I’m on day 3. I’ve been taking hydro since 97′ for an accident that injured my back and neck. I take 10’s 4 times a day, and that’s worked 75% of the time, after years of trying to get it right. Morphine didn’t even do the trick, hydro did. I WANT to be free of this hold, but I’m scared to death I will not be able to deal with my pain. What if I’m doing this for nothing and the pain keeps winning?? Am I going to win this time? I’ve never tried to go off hydro, but is this my whole life?

      A slave to a pill? I’m pounding the water, I did have to leave work early today & that worried me. So far, I hurt like hell, I feel out of my body, I feel like I am made of glass, I can’t look at anyone or carry a conversation, I’m scared of my phone, I cry, I’m afraid to leave my home, I hurt, I’m worried about performing well at work on Monday and I really just don’t know if I can do this. The biggest question in my life right now is, CAN I BEAT THIS GOD DAMN F*CKING PAIN?!

      • I know your struggle. Trying to act normal but without that dayum pill you aren’t normal. I’m a whatever pill I could get from hydro perc and oxycotin. Today is day 14. For the most part I feel good that first open my eyes “I need a few” is still there. But I lay there knowing my back is going to hurt. I lay there thinking I made it through the night made it to this moment just get up and make it through the next…. You got this.

  32. I was a heroin addict from 1979-1987. I was able to taper and then go cold turkey. I did it over 50 times while using. It was a 3 day hitch to being able to function but my sleep was ruined. I was taking hydrocodone from 1998-2015. I was up to 80 mgs a day. I could not stop or taper. I went to a suboxone 7 day detox and was given 6 mgs down to 2 mgs. $3500 cash. Busted out the credit card because the DR. would not operate till I was 48 hours off hydrocodone.

    My insurance was not accepted. On my last Hydrocodone day I only took 20 mgs at midnight and 10 mgs at 6:30 AM then suboxone at 9:30 PM. I am now 4 days out on suboxone and 11 days out on hydrocodone. I was also taking 2 mgs of adivan for 7 years too. I am suffering from the worst body aches. I do not know what I am suffering from, hydrocodone or suboxone. I need double hip replacements. I am insisting on a non-narcotic procedure that is possible but not used often because narcotics are entrenched as the typical procedure. Seeing the surgeon tomorrow and will try to keep people posted. I just want the aches to subside.

  33. I am on day 2 of detox. I have done this before only to fall off the wagon. I have been taking hydro on and off (mostly on) for 10 years now, but never more than 2 pills a day, and 99% of the time just 1. The dosage is 7.5/325 and now that the new law is in effect, combined with what I fully acknowledge are some interesting, but not good for me, side effects, I need to quit.

    Here is why I take it. I get more energy and am focused. I no longer work, but have plenty of paperwork from being a caregiver to a parent, and it just sits around for weeks. So I plan a day to get it all done and it has to be with a hydro. Then, boom, my study is cleared, my kitchen is cleaned and I have energy to go to the gym. I feel “not depressed”, and can deal with people. I am an introvert and have depression, so the hydro helps counteract those two things. No antidepressant has worked for me and I have tried them all.

    So what are the bad side effects? I spend more money online. I commit to things I wouldn’t ordinarily because I feel great in the moment. I am more vocal and opinionated, saying things that may offend people. I have lost friends because of those actions. I eat more and gain weight and don’t care as much about the consequences because I feel good. But here I am again, probably for the 10th time in 10 years, if not more, trying to get off of them, on my own at a health retreat which is not for addicts, but does provide an environment of raw foods and people who want to heal themselves of whatever.

    My underlying problem is depression and insomnia as well as being an introvert which I have said. I have little to no friends anymore, (basically because that would mean committing to occasions and people that I really am not interested in) no family support, am single, gay, no job, and no desire to really do anything. I would love to change all that, but I need the mindset to do that. Hydro gave me that. But it is also not good for me. A couple of times, I was able to kick the habit, and ate healthy and started to have a lot of energy and felt better.

    But there was always some stressor that came along that pushed me to the brink and I went back to the pills. Without any support system, the pill was my “go to”. It is the chicken and egg syndrome with me about the support system. I know it is good for me, but I also hate the commitments that go with it. I’ll join groups only to quit because of my own set of beliefs or likes or dislikes that get in the way. Anyway, I needed to vent and this seemed like a good place to do it. I hope I can hang on for another week and then I know it will be easier.

  34. I have been on the pills for over 12 years. I quit cold turkey 8 days ago. First 3 were hell. I’m getting better each day. Day 8 feels great… I have my life and mind back.

    • I am on day 9 and the past 2 days my heart has been racing like I am having a panic attacks. I hope it ends soon… I was on them for a year (12 x 10mg) hydro per day for a year.

    • How long were you on them? I’ve been taking them for about 4 years (up to 8 10mg a day at my worst) & am weaning down. I just want to stop, but when I’ve gone 1 day without them I feel achy like I have the flu & I have zero energy.

  35. I am currently experiencing horrible withdrawal symptoms I have been on about 6 a day hydro 10’s for about 6 months now. Started as a facial surgery I had to have, but after that healed I kept using for recreation. This is one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do. I am a grown man and these withdrawal symptoms have me breaking into tears. Hearing all your stories and seeing that I am not the only one with this problem helped me a lot. I’m hoping that since I was only on it for a few months, the withdrawal symptoms will end quick. I’m about 48 hours in now.

    • That is crazy. It is so good to see people going through the same pain as me because I did not understand it. I was overseas for 29 years (military) and always had to cope with my back pains. Mostly with beer and wine. When I got back to the USA I met someone who was taking the hydro and he gave me a few. I was great to feel no pain at all. I asked him for more but he only had enough for himself. It did not bother me but I remembered thinking that he had a bad drug problem.

      About a year later I went to the doctor due to my pain getting worse and they starting me on hydro 5mg. Within a few months it went to 10mg and by the end of the year I was up to 10mg 6x a day with a couple glasses of wine. I am now going through withdrawals mainly because I ran out but if it seems that I have already been through 2 bad days that I would be better off just stopping overall.

  36. I had hernia surgery. It was complicated by having a nerve caught in one of my transabdominal sutures. I was taking 10mg hydro every 4 hours for 5 weeks. Then I took 10 twice a day for 4 days, then 5 twice a day for 4 days. I didn’t get high, so I thought it was safe. I was wrong. I am 5 days without at this point. I have four tablets left but I want nothing to do with them. I have an anxiety disorder and have bipolar 1 as well.

    Up until now, therapy and medication were doing a passable job at keeping me functional. I hope that is the case when this is all over. Med can be finicky, and I am worried about having to jump back on the med roller coaster. I think because I am predisposed to it, most of my withdrawal symptoms are neurological. I am anxious like I have never been before. Sometimes having the light too dim or too bright is enough to send me into overload. The irritability is excruciating. My family is giving me a wide berth. I cannot bear to touch anyone.

    It actually hurts. Hot flashes? Yup, which make me feel more anxious. My appetite is strange. I only really want to eat 2 things. Everything else is like eating cafeteria food or worse, even stuff I love. I am freaking starving all the time, though. I started out with sleep issues but that is much less of a problem now. My last couple days tapering and my first day without, I would wake up kicking my legs furiously. Diarrhea is a thing. Between the constipation and diarrhea, I have developed my first hemorrhoid at age 37. SMH.

    Other than that, I’m good. So, day 5, I am sleeping better. I’m beginning to have “average” poos. I have short windows where I feel close to normal for me. I am able to sit with my 15 yo daughter and talk, and even hug. She is the least triggering person I know. She and my dog are fine. Everyone else is kindly giving me space. I hope someone finds this useful. It seems like everyone else had been on hydro for a long time, and I wanted to give a more short-term perspective. No matter what your situation, if you don’t want to take hydro or you can no longer get it, I wish you the very best of luck and strength. Freedom is on the other side!

    • Thank you for the short term version. I have been taking JUST 1 or 2 hydro daily for three months due to kidney stones. Coming off is hard. I have depression and anxiety anyway… so now my depression is super high including suicidal thoughts, anxiety is RIDICULOUS. I am irritable and easily annoyed. Exhausted too.

      I stopped taking them about 5 days ago, but on third day, suicidal thoughts were overwhelming, so I took one. Last night, same, so I took a half. Maybe I should taper off. I have 13 pills left. I never took more than 1 or 2 a day… so I don’t really know how I got dependent. Taper? or try Clonidine? Thanks.

      • So glad I finally stumbled onto this page! I just turned 65 and feel like I should definitely know better. I take the lowest dose of hydrocodone,5/325, twice a day, for fibromyalgia and chronic pain. It’s probably been 4 or 5 years. All was well, till this past year when I would occasionally take an extra half pill. Well, before long, I was running out a day or two early, no matter how carefully I count them out or hide them from myself and swear that things will be different next month!!

        I have been without them for three days now and what I notice is my symptoms of withdrawal are different every month! One month wasn’t bad at all, this month I felt like I was dying last night, from pain in my upper stomach and back. I get my refill tomorrow and have good intentions once again, but I am pretty disappointed in myself. I will do great for a week or two, then have some extra pain from something, and here we go again! sorry for the long rant, but so glad to see I am not the only “geezer” having trouble! Thanks for letting me vent.

        • Pami, ‘hey you’ and all else, My 1st time on here, read lots of posts yours caused me to reply. You’re Not a “geezer’! I’m almost 56, not young but not old! I, too, suffer from Fibromyalgia but no meds ever given for it. Many docs scoff at the word! So many serious ailments & injuries sustained the past 30+ yrs! After broken bones & crushed discs 15 yrs ago was prescribed Hydro, 5 mgs the mgs went up after each injury, up to 10-325 Hydros (Norco) every 4 hrs.

          That ended abruptly 6 mos ago when dr. dropped me suddenly. No other docs willing to prescribe & was cut down to a fraction. Not easy. Now pain management doc I’ve seen 4 mos. refuses to help manage my pain in ANY form! Nothing for pain, lots of tests tho’. Finding new docs is difficult. Now I’m out of hydro every bone & joint in my body is screaming, am suffering w/severe intestinal issues can’t even keep jello in.

          Day 5. No solid foods and I’m scared. Have been prescribed (in past) Tramadol, Gabapentin (Neurotins) and Toradol. Only for 1 month, none provided relief. Am TRYING to stop cold turkey (No Choice) as I can find no doc to help me ease off slowly. Asked pain dr. how to help manage pain & withdrawal he said he “needed more records”. So much for pain management doc. To prescribe nothing, after 4 Months? He has records.

          I see other patients walk out with ‘scripts in hand. Not me. My Ortho doc will prescribe more Gabapentin or Tramadol, but told me last visit to “Just Stop” taking hydro. Dr’s are so scared to prescribe it now. I don’t want to feel so crippled, at least on hydro I could function day to day.
          15 yrs am withdrawing unwillingly. Haven’t been able to leave home for 5 days. Am biting bullet alone, no family support, it’s why I got online to see what to expect.

          I didn’t like Tramadol and gabapentins make me sleep. Family & pets depend on me and I’m not able to function physically now. Am crumbling & cranky. Prayers R welcomed. This is SO hard to do alone. Unable to go to detox place. Thanks for letting me vent too!

  37. I was taking up to 15 – 10mg hydros a day for the past seven years. I have four wonderful kids and husband. It was constant worry about where I was gonna get the next pill from. I quit one time before and it was a nightmare I was rushed to the hospital from puking blood. That’s all I could do was throw up and cry my stomach hurt like crazy and my body was killing me. I prayed for god to just take me away. After going through all that I messed up and started using again.

    Everyday same thing. All my thoughts and time went to getting pills. I went through another year before I got mad. And I mean I got really mad. I was done with it. I wanted my life back and I wanted to be the mom and wife I had always wanted to be. My kids are the most important thing in my life. But while I was on pills they weren’t. Even though many addicts claim otherwise, addicts like myself care about the next high. We love people and would help anyone and really have a good heart, but the pills kill that quick. So I decided to try detox.

    I had been afraid to admit to outsiders that I was a pill head. But I put my big girl panties on and did what I should have done a long time ago. I went to Bradford. I told them I needed help now. I’m on Medicaid so I was sent 3 hours away from my kids and husband to a detox program. I hated being away from my kids and husband. I cried a lot and prayed. But that was the best thing I could have ever done. They had me walking around like a zombie the first few days but thank god I am no where near as sick as I would have been doing it alone. No throwing up, no severe pain. I had chills and I was using the bathroom, but they help with that pretty quick.

    I went to the meetings even though I almost hit my head on the table and almost fell out of my chair a few times from the zombie state I was in, but no pain. I was only there four days but I went in with my mind made up. And that’s the only way we can get trough this. You have to want to. You can’t do it just because someone wants you to. You have to be ready to put your foot down and take control of your life. And that’s where I was and still am. I haven’t taken one pill in 16 days and with each day I feel a little better. I’m still just downright lazy due to lack of energy, but it’s getting better.

    And I’m still going to the bathroom a good bit but I know it takes time and also I had my gallbladder removed so that doesn’t help the bathroom situation any at all. I deal with a little anxiety when I’m going out In public. My heart beats fast and I feel at times I can’t breathe. But I mentally slap myself and say snap out of it. Your body will adjust. It’s not used to doing everyday things without the “high” so it’s kinda like you have to learn all over again. But go to detox – you do not have to do this alone. It’s dangerous on your body I know I’ve been there. There is help so go get it.

    Or either keep sitting there reading how it will make you feel to come off them. No one knows exactly how it will affect you. All you can do is try. I’m not being rude, I’m just saying the more you think and not act, the longer you will stay on them. We all have (or had) every excuse in the world to stay on them. When we need to remember every reason to get away and stay away from them. I hope and pray each one of you will be strong and do what you have to do. Best of luck to everyone.

  38. I am writing this in hopes to help others as well as myself. When I started taking hydros I was taking about 4 pills (10’s) a day and gradually went up to around 12 hydros a day (10mg). I was on these for at least 4 years hard, spending my hard earned money on these. I finally decided to stop. I have not had any hydros for 4 days now. I have to say the first and second day was the worst physically which included: diarrhea, stomach cramps, lethargy, depression, and restlessness.

    Imodium helps with diarrhea. I would take 2 extra strength tylenol in conjunction with 2 advil liquid gels caps every 12 hrs which can help with aches and pains. The hardest part right now, it being my fourth day, is not being able to sleep more than 2 hrs at a time at night. I constantly wake up and have restless legs. The desire of wanting a “fix” is the other hard part. It is definitely a mental battle.

    I honestly can say I was scared out of my mind at the thought of quitting pills and going through withdrawal BUT it isn’t nearly as bad as I expected it to be. I still force myself to get up and go to work every day. If you decide to quit, make sure you drink plenty of water and sports drinks with electrolytes. Also take vitamins and eat light but healthy. As weak-minded as I can be, I feel if I can quit then anyone can do it.

    Surround yourself with positive people and reward yourself. PRAY! It really works. A person’s mind can be their worst enemy if they allow it. I have read so many posts and am in shock as to how the withdrawal was not near as bad as I expected. Take walks and get sunlight. Expect to be exhausted for a while but remember that it is only for a short time. I wish everyone going through this the best of luck!

    • Thank you so, so, so much for the encouraging words on withdrawal! Every single site I’ve been to has been nothing but horrendous stories of how painful and torturous quitting is. ….except yours! You really help me feel encouraged instead of so terrified that I’d rather die of liver failure than go through the nightmare that everyone else seems to describe! PLEASE start your own page with encouraging stories for others to post on so more people will feel more encouraged rather than discouraged! Thank you again! Good a bless!

    • I relate to you more then anyone here because I was taking the same amount. My last pills we on Sunday and it’s now Wednesday. I am so week and tired. I’ve called in sick to work all week and am supposed to work tmrw but I just don’t see that happening. I want to get some now and in my mind I think I can just take “as needed” (lie of course) I financially can’t miss more work.

      Please tell me it will get better. I don’t have insurance so I go through a pain management doctor. He gives me 105 10mg Norcro and I just blow through those and have to buy more. Wish I could go to month long clinic cause I know there’s probably more reasons why I do this. Somebody help!

  39. I have been taking these recreational for about a year now the past couple months I have been taking 5-10 10mg. I never thought this would get out of hand. I used to take them here and there just because I felt happy, I was more fun to be around, and easy to get along with. I got things accomplished and it gave me energy and a feeling I just loved! I have realized it has gotten way outta hand and very expensive. I’m on day 2 with nothing. It’s so hard my brain keeps telling me just get a few more… My body feels weak, I have the chills, I just want to ball up and cry! This is to hard to handle! It’d be so much easier just to give in but I know deep down that’s not what I need to do… I just want to be the person I was on them, without them!

    • Hello Me, I was taking about the same dose as you for the same amount of time. I can promise it gets better. I am on day 5. The first day I thought was hell. But then the real hell came in the second and third day. Buy the Forth day my RLS has declined. At the point of day 4. My stomach pains where so bad I ended up at the hospitail. Of course i had to lie to them and say I was just have severe abdominal cramping. The nurse was a little rude. I am pretty sure he knew what I was going through but could not say anything. I’m now on day 5 and feeling better each day. Sleep is still not good. But at least I know I am on the other side.

  40. I have taken 8 norco (10/325) hydrocodone for 12 years on and off. This last round was 3 years straight. I took 2-3 10/325 three times a day. Morning, lunch, and dinner. I had 5 spinal fusion surgeries that failed. The docs had me on morph pumps. Sent me home with bottles to cope with pain. Then to pain management to get more pills. Naturally I became dependent on the drug and had to have it to function. Or so I thought. The narcotics and the tylenol ruin one’s body. Period. They were never meant to take more than 3 months in severe cases.

    Anyways, I was tired of worries and my health and how I was getting my next dose. The FDA changed schedule here and all docs stopped prescription. I cut my current dose in half. I took 1 & 1/2 pills 3 times a day for a week. Then 1 pill 3 times a day for a week. Then half a pill 3 times a day for a week. Then I jumped… bam. Gone. I am on day 6 now pill free. I have not used anything at all to cope. It makes withdrawals worse (or for me it did).

    Drink a crap load of water. Eat what you can or crave. Stay in bed and sleep as much as you can. Hot baths will reduce most chills and lower the RLS symptoms. Have someone help you. Don’t over do it and know that each day gets better. I am so done with these evil drugs. I will never touch one again. I wish everyone the best of luck. P.S. The “pain” you have to go through to get a prescription for these isn’t ANYTHING compared to the pain you will have when you decide to quit. Your body hates you for some time… ESP old injuries. It passes in time. Until then…

    • Thank you for your post. I could not have said it so clearly. I’ve loved these things and hated them, and both at the same time. I’m on day 4 of cold turkey and it has not been easy. I can say today has been easier, but very hard!

  41. I have been on hydrocodone for about 17 years. I go through withdrawal every month for about 3-4 days because I run out of my medicine and doctor says no more than 50 a day but when the pain gets bad I have no choice I take one and a half or two 10 milligram Norco. I’m 64 years old, have back problems and knee problems, or the pain goes all the way from my back down to my leg. I know withdraw is a b*tch!! I live with my daughter and she thinks it’s so easy to quit, but God knows it is so hard for me.

    42 years ago my mother in law was dying of cancer and the doctor put me on valium. Now I am on xanax and there are times when I run out one or two days and I’ll go through hell with that also and again my daughter thinks it’s so easy to quit. I quit both of them for almost 2 months went through pure hell and I still couldn’t function right so I went back on them both. I pray for whoever is trying to stop and going through withdraw. God be with you please because I know it is really hard.

    • It’s hard being chemically dependent. You have to cut the amount back and slowly taper. Being on more than one narc makes it harder. I do know it’s very dangerous to take hydro and xanax together. I do know from experience that the pain you feel is from the hydrocodone. I am 6 days complete clean from pills and my pain is also easing up. The evil pills make you think you’re hurting. They mess your head up. Best way is to taper.

    • I quit 10 days ago for just that reason. I am so tired of the merry go round. I have been taking 4 10.325s for 5 years. I run out every month. So I have 3 good weeks and 1 miserable week every month. I do go 7 to 10 days without them every month so the withdrawal isn’t so bad. It is the thinking I will never be happy or have energy to do things that is hard. So far I am taking the pain in my leg. I am seeing my pcp tomorrow to talk about ways to manage the pain.

    • It is absolutely the most miserable thing I’ve ever done… this cold turkey thing with hydrocodone. I’m 63 and take several different meds for a variety of issues, but I don’t feel any dependence on anything but the hydo, including Xanax. I only take one at night to sleep.

      I’m going to go see a pain management specialist, and am going to ask for something non narcotic. I never want to have to go through this agony again. But looking at all these posts helps me know there is hope and I will eventually be ok again.

  42. I’ve been on pain medication for 23 years in one form or another due to lupus and chronic pain from fibromyalgia. I’m tired of wondering if I have enough medication when we travel (retired and have a motor home) and don’t want this controlling my life anymore. I’m on day 2 and will get through this with Jesus’ help. Hang in there!!

    • I am on day 6. Hang in there. Please push fluids so your body can clean all the toxins out. Don’t look back. Keep looking forward.

    • Like you, I’ve been on pain meds for 20+ years for lupus, fibro, arthritis, back injury – sure, it’s all justified BUT I’ll be 50 years old next month and I’m tired of living my life through the haze of opioids. I was on 40 mg oxycodone and decided to quit. My general practitioner doctor gave me Lortab 5s to keep from being sick.

      I’m still going through the deep aches and the stomach distress but I’m pretty determined at this point to ride it out. Surprisingly, my pain level in my back and legs is no longer at a 7 or 8. It barely registers at all. So for those of you who would like to quit but have legitimate chronic pain issues, you may be surprised to find you have less pain without a heavy dose of opioids than you do while taking your daily dose.

    • Look up “megadosing vitamin C for opiate withdrawal”. I did this to help me go cold turkey and it does help. A bit tough on the stomach but worth it.

  43. Its been over a month for me and effects are just hitting me now. I feel extremely depressed, nothing makes me happy, no motivation, pushing away all the close important people in my life, I don’t even know who I am anymore. Life was so good when I was using it. Everything was so positive and happy now my life feels like it’s ending. I quit cold turkey after taking sometimes up to 5+ a day for months. :/ Life doesn’t feel the same.

    • I feel the exact same way right now. I’m on day 4 and I cry all the time. I feel I have nothing to look forward to anymore. A sense of hopelessness is what I feel all day. I pray it gets better soon.

      • Do you want to go back to a life of depending on pills to live? It’s no way to live – be strong. I am on week two after a twenty year struggle to quit. My life is getting better each day. DON’T GO BACK!!! I promise it gets better.

        • I am on day 4 of a 5 year prescription of 4, 7.5/mg a day. Other than no appetite and not able to keep anything in my stomach, it is getting better. Sleeping is hard, but you have to have the willpower. I know that I am at work, functioning (however slowly, yet still functioning), the temporary hell is worth letting it all go!

      • It gets better. Hang tight … that feeling won’t last. Keep reminding yourself what you feel is only temporary. Don’t look back. You will be OK.

        • I had 7 disc fusion surgery In October. The pain was so excruciating I never realized the addictive med that Norco is! I’m taking four 10-325 Hydro/Acetaminophen daily since being released from the hospital. I’ve had it with the miserable constipation and edema in my legs and feet! Today I substituted regular Tylenol for my afternoon pill. And I realized that’s not ‘how to wean off of this medication.’

          I’ve been reading many of the posts and I KNOW I want to be off of this drug! I am going to go from 6 hour intervals for doses to seven hours, increasing the time between doses by an hour each week. Hopefully I can gradually taper off this stuff, in this manner. Just wish ‘Weaning off them’ would have been explained more specifically by the hospital!!

      • I suggest you turn to a Suboxone program (replacement program). Get online and research Suboxone. It will have a help number to get you in to a Dr. It is also narcotic and addictive but much less so and will help you live life when you feel it is unbearable. Believe me, I know. I have been there.

        I began taking tabs and the like for a knee injury and broken tailbone then continued my addictive behavior on the streets. Suboxone is not a perfect answer but it is viable. I have been clean from pills for over 2 years and will soon be off Suboxone also. It is quite a bit of money a month for Suboxone but no where near what buying pills on the street will cost you. At my worst point, I would take up to 25 10’s a day if I had them.

        If I didn’t have pills, I couldn’t work or function. Suboxone helped me to find a clear, responsible life and I definitely advise it if you have a strong addiction. Good luck and God bless. Remember there is a way to not chase that high all the time. You can do it.

        • I hope this finds you. I have been taking hydrocodone for 4 years since I got out of the Army and the VA would not do the surgeries I needed to get better. Just kept cramming them down than finally it didn’t work so they added tramadol. After I saw my first daughter born in knew this was it so the last year I’ve had 4 surgeries from both ACLs fixed during the last one of those also my shoulder grinned down smother.

          Than finally 4 weeks today my back surgery for 3 fused disks. I’m starting to feel a huge different in pain and I quit the oxys 2 weeks ago that Kat well had my dosage of hydrocodone dropped to 5s. More for the past 3-4 days I’ve had diarrhea sleeplessNess cold chill hot flash. So is this withdraw since I lowered the dose for the past could days.

          I’ve taken the pills as directed but all that still been going on. Finally today I figure if I’m going to have to go through this I don’t need any. So this is my first day with nothing. No hydro tramadol nothing. But still not feeling that bad. Few cold chills and aches but that it now. Little bit anxiety.

          I’m just wonder if the withdraw stated when I gave up the stronger dose bc even when I’ve taken the lighter ones they don’t seem to do anything. I signed up for the suboxone program and go Friday. I figured I could try cold turkey before I went up there. Now what was the hardest part of the suboxone program and do you think I actually need it since you’ve been through it.

    • Don’t go back. It will get better. I was on pain meds for 10 yrs for my back. I quit cold turkey. I’ve gained a sense of freedom. Yeah I still hurt and some days the pain is hard to bear. But I don’t have to depend on a pain pill to get me through. Stay strong.

    • I’m on day four and have tried to find some from someone today; I feel normal when I take them and have such energy. Now I’m so tired I can barely function and my family has no clue what is going on. My next doctor appointment isn’t until the 4th; will I go or not? No idea. I’m tired of living my life on making plans when I have some vs. when I don’t. Was clean for 2 years once, but I didn’t like myself – was out of control in my opinion going out all the time; I almost go nowhere now except work, which kills me to get up and get ready every day feeling tired and sweating to death. Basically sucks.

      • I never respond to these posts but I had to on yours Christine. I felt like I was reading my own words. I don’t even know how old this post is but I hope you kicked it. I’m working on it now. It’s been a week and I’m finally starting to feel semi human again.

    • Kratom is an all natural plant. No BS here research it as you should anything. You can not take it with any other drugs. It’s been used for thousands of years and you can even purchase the plant itself if preferred. It works just like norco but has no addiction, so you can use it when your having a rough patch. Still I wouldn’t use anything everyday.

    • It improves over time. Consider exposing yourself to awe inspiring things like waterfalls, where butterflies congregate, extreme sports, and antidepressants. Those may not be right for you but you know what works for you. The right counselor will help too.

    • I honestly feel like I’m feeling much worse in the second month off of being off of them than the first. Not sure if it is mental or what, but I am so ready to feel better.

      • I felt the same way at a month and a half!!! The worst thing for me was the psychological addiction. I told myself I was better when I took them and I was for awhile, but then you’re in a bigger hole so tough it out the key is to tell yourself you’re better without. I felt lost like I didn’t know myself anymore and then I thought wow I get a second chance here… I can actually be whoever I want to be.

  44. I have uncontrolled crohns and my idiot dr put me on 4 325/10 hydros and 2 10mg oxycodone. Well I built up a tolerance after about three years. Long story short my dr accused me of selling my pills after a drug test came back they were not in my system which is the furthest thing from the truth. He refused to refill my pain meds. I live in a very small area and the nearest town with any drs that would be able to help is a 3 hr drive. Most drs won’t take in patients from that distance. Any advice on what I can do? I’m having major withdrawal but not to mention the initial pain in which I was originally prescribed. Thank you.

    • I have been on Hydrocodone 10’s since a 2006 accident. I have since been taken of by my doctor and now, I have turned to purchasing off the street from people I know. I know its all in my head but I am in day 3 and I feel like sh*t. I feel like dying even. I am beginning to wonder if I need professional help. My family does not know.

      Just my husband and best friend. My husband wants me off them because I spend so much. My body feels electrical. I can hear it in my ears even. I just need someone to help me know what to do. I feel like I am alone in this withdraw and lonely is the worse feeling to have when you are kicking the habit.

      • Hi Kellie, First of all, just know that it’s not in your head! What you are feeling is withdrawals, and it’s completely normal! If you have not been putting as much of the drug into your system as you used to, before your doc took you off of them, then your body will start screaming at you because its not getting the amount that its used to getting. This is the same as doing a fast taper off of it.

        Even though you’re still giving your body the drug, your body is simply telling you that it’s not enough, and it needs more. Please, PLEASE don’t feel like you are alone in this. You wouldn’t believe how bad of an epidemic narcotic pain meds has become here in the U.S. Yes, I’ve felt the same way, too, like I was dying, trying to get off of the hydros.

        Most people going through this same hell would tell you exactly the same thing, too. My advice is, if you want to truly be happy again, get off of the narcotics, like, forever! I’ve been on them for about 8 years, and over the last 12 days, I’ve done a fast taper (from 12 a day down to 1 a day), and today is my jumping off point. Hopefully I tapered down enough to avoid any more severe withdrawals (which I’ve had during my entire taper), so I’ll just have to wait and see.

        The one thing I know for sure is that the hell of getting off opiates in a much better hell than living in that vicious cycle of pills day in and day out. Talk about depressed…So I made the choice that enough is enough. If you make the choice yourself, and stop letting the pills control you, your recovery will be much smoother, because its what YOU want. Hang in there!

      • You’re not alone! I’m day 3 from Hydro, and I feel the same. The worse part for me is my stomach – I’m crampy, have diarrhea, little appetite, and when I do eat, I feel nauseous. I’m trying to rest, then get up and do something productive – even if it’s switching laundry – to keep my head in the game. I’m thinking positively and I know I can get through this. Just keep in mind staying on the meds would hurt more than this. You can do it. We can do it!

  45. I have been off of narco/325 for about 3 days now I had bone spurs in the left ankle an bone graft in the same ankle from a bone sis, or hollow bone, I started out at 10s for 8 weeks an then 7.5 for the next month an then 5s for the next month for a total of 3 months, on the drug, only withdrawal is mild headaches, dry mouth an anxiety, but all in all not bad, I don’t like anything to control me, I control me, hang in there, I am glad they cut me off at three months, or I would still be taking them. And this would be a lot worse.

    • If you can get by without them it’s better. Codeine/Tylenol is much easier to get off. You just whittle down and it is easy. These new fangle designer drugs being produced by Big Pharma are designed to create and keep permanent patients. That is until they die of the side effects.

      • I opted to start using topical CBD oil after I have seen some impressive results. The important part to know is that you need a minimum dose of 300mg of CBD and if the bottle doesn’t list a dosage amount steer clear, it is watered down junk. Google and read more in using CBD or Rick Simpson oil. Not just for cancer and disease, but it is also showing great potential for ailments.

  46. Hey all, I’m on day 6 right now, since my last dose of hydro/oxycodone. I’m over the worst part of withdrawal but still feel weak as a kitten and no appetite. I NEVER want to go through this again. I have a very bad arthritic hip and that’s why I have been on the drug for a year and a half. From now on, no narcotics! I’ve been sober from booze for 27 years TODAY! Never saw this coming. Anyone starting Hell Week, Hang On! I will get better! One day at a time. One moment at a time. Godspeed! -M

    • I am on day 2 of withdrawal. I was on 325/10 Hydroco5 for 2 years. I have tried to go cold turkey before and failed, I ended up in the E.R. just to have a doctor put me back on the meds. This time I am doing much, much better! I started taking vitamin supplements and L arginine and L tyrosine one week ago. I can tell you it has made a world of difference along with constant prayer. Like the gentleman above said, “Hang on! It will get better, take it one day at a time.”

    • Thanks Mike. Similar story, orthopedic post surgery problems. 30 years sober and this one snuck up on me too. Thanks for the hope brother.

    • Mike, I had open heart surgery 5 years ago and awful hip and back pain from arthritis, scholiosis, and degenerative disc disease. I can’t take Celebrex or Ibuprofen, etc. because I’m on blood thinners. I have been on hydrocodone for the five years and just quite cold turkey a few days ago.

      It’s terrible. But thanks for saying it will get better. I have hope. And I NEVER want on any kind of that stuff again! I will be going to a pain management specialist in a few weeks because I still have to do something for the pain; but I’m just hoping he will have something that can’t hurt me and get me dependent!!

  47. I would seriously recommend researching and purchasing a natural product named Kratom, it binds to the same receptors as opioid medications so will reduce the withdrawal symptom’s by 75% within a few minutes. It is as I said natural and legal, you can order it online and it is a live saver. Also there is little or no withdrawal symptoms of Kratom after use for 10-14 day period and even with heavy use, the withdrawals are infinitely milder than an opiate dependency. I urge you to look it up if you are going through the pain of opiate withdrawal.

    • Does Kratom make your body stiff? I cannot take anything that makes my Lyme Disease joints stiff/worse. I am off hydros for six days now and I guess I am still having withdrawal symptoms, but it is hard to tell because I felt so bad before I came off of them it is a wash. The worst thing is the Tramadol. I almost choked to death getting off them.When I googled I found that many children had also choked to death on Tramadol.

  48. I was taking 10/325 hydrocodone – norco twice a day about 12 hrs apart for severe back pain. I wanted to get off the pills as my back has improved. I cut them in half. I’m 5 days into this process of 2 weeks half dose, then 2 weeks 1/4 dose, then one 1/4 dose daily for a week & then stop. I have very bad anxiety in the morning. I have xanax but use it sparingly at .25 mg.

    The most I’ve taken is about 1-1/2 mg. total & that is when I get a panic attack. I have 5 mg. (generic) ambien at night. I also have a lot of stress in my life and have started to see a therapist twice a week. Late afternoon to evening is usually much better. The terrible constipation I was having is getting much better. How long is the anxiety and panic attacks going to continue? It is so hard to get up in the morning. Could the amount of hydrocodone I was taking be this hard to withdraw from? It’s hard to eat, cook, shop. I have to force myself to basically function.

    • I was on Hydrocodone and Xanax for 10 years. First I eliminated the Xanax by cutting pill in half for several weeks, then quarters for several weeks then I quit. No significant problem. Then like you I cut the Hydrocodone in half dose. From 2 pills at night to 1 for several weeks. (Marked activity on desk calendar) then took 1 pill and cut that in half for several weeks, then quarters and finally eights. Then quit. Had some sweats and sleepless nights. Which I still have. Other than that its been quite easy.

    • Your hydrocodone isn’t as dangerous as ambien and Xanax! 10 YEARS of taking anywhere from 5-10 mg even as much as 8 A DAY! And I am now over a month free. AMBIEN will increase your anxiety levels, people commit suicide from the evil stuff! Look up “death rate” for sleeping pills. Same with Xanax…fine while you’re on it, but the anxiety effects when you’re not increase! Hydrocodone addiction is bad, but with the amount you took and how you’re tapering off, NO WAY that’s the cause of your anxiety! STOP taking the AMBIEN!

      • I am in day 10 of hydrocodone withdrawal and have gone cold turkey. I’ve been on it for over 15 years, although for the past 5 I’ve taken only one/day (50/325). Still, I was addicted mentally if not physically. I am so pleased to be off the drug.

        I must also comment on Ambien. My younger sister hung herself nearly three years ago. When the police found her body there were numerous prescriptions for Ambien all over the floor from several different providers. PLEASE! if you are on Ambien, stop taking it in as healthy of a way as possible. We miss Linda so much.

    • Lots of water, take a walk. And try and relax. You’re brain is trying to make you need something you physically don’t. You’re stronger then that.

    • Me too! But I’m powering through. I find that keeping busy keeps my mind off of it and makes it much easier. I was a Marine… if I can get through that, I can get through this. We lived meal to meal, mail call to mail call, Sunday to Sunday. That made things easier. I don’t have to get through the entire thing… I just need to make it to lunch. Then I’ll make it to dinner. Then it will all be over before I know it.

      • You were a Marine? Once a Marine, always a Marine… I found WD’s a cakewalk, because I had to work and take care of my family. I used a natural plant called Kratom (red Thai strand), Gabapentin (any doc will write you a script) and a little bit of Imodium to keep me from hitting the head every 5 minutes. I’m on day 3 for the 12th time (I have a thick skull) and I feel great. I’m actually laughing as I type this.

    • Kratom, Gabapentin and Imodium. Take a multivitamin and keep strong emotionally. I was taking 6-8 per day of the 10mg for 4 years and I really feel great. Not even one missed day of work. Still have the pain from my I was taking the cursed things in the first place, but it’s tolerable. I’m in outside sales, so I have to be all chipper and friendly all the time.

      My little method is a Godsend and I recommend it to anyone wanting to be free. You can become dependent on the Kratom, so just use enough to get past the tough days and into the trash with the foul tasting plant. You can do it. I’ve done 11 or 12 times…LOL.

    • I sorta did a taper. It wasn’t lengthy. It was over about 8-9 day time. I was on 10mg Oxy, three times a day, following a car accident. Every two days I cut 1/4 of my dose. Today I haven’t taken any meds at all. Having symptoms but fairly tolerable mostly. RLS is annoying, a little spinning or dizzy sensation if I move too quick.

      I read about taking good vitamins and minerals, drinking plenty of water to help flush and restore your system. I am taking one trazodone at bedtime to sleep, since I am only getting 3-4 hours a night right now. Luckily we own our own business and my hubby knows I am detoxing on my own, so he has been supportive.

      I am only eating fruits, veggies and organic meats right now, to try and give my body the best nourishment. Someone told me about that withdraw ease. They said they thought it helped them. I decided to do this on my own! I have been on them a year and a half, and I am ready to be clear headed, and get healthy. I wish you the best of luck!

    • Epsom salt in a hot bath helped me settle during restlessness may have helped with the insomnia, but I think I just passed out due to the fatigue. It will get better as time goes on… Trust me.

    • I AM ON DAY 7 OF WITHDRAWAL!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!! I’m so proud! The worst thing at this juncture is the occasional sniffle and sneeze…and a little itching! I AM SO MUCH MORE AWARE OF SMELLS, COLORS…NEVER AGAIN WILL I TAKE HYDRO!!!!! I was so shallow…lifeless when I was on them… Goodbye, DOPE!!!!!


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