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Here is a list of products that I’ve personally used to help improve my mental health and/or cognitive performance.  I think that you may find them helpful as well. Check them out.

Neuro Programmer 3

Many people don’t realize that their brain waves can influence their cognitive function, mood, and state of consciousness.  Neuro Programmer 3 is a software that incorporates binaural beats, as well as (more potent) monaural beats and (the most potent) isochronic tones to help you deliberately alter your brain’s electrical activity (i.e. consciousness).  Brainwave entrainment is thought to enhance your brain’s natural ability to transition between various brain wave states.Neuro-Programmer-3

Think of your brain waves like a manual transmission:  Many people get stuck in predominantly beta (fourth gear) and are unable to downshift to alpha (a third gear).  No brain wave is “superior” to the others – they all serve a purpose; some help you relax, others help you focus. If you are deficient in certain brain waves, you may have a tougher time focusing (e.g. deficient beta) or relaxing (e.g. deficient alpha).

Neuro Programmer 3 allows you to work on correcting deficiencies in certain brain waves to help you perform better, feel better, and explore consciousness.  Brainwave entrainment and Neuro Programmer 3 isn’t considered a medical treatment for any condition, but I can personally testify to the fact that it has helped me overcome insomnia, enhanced my sleep quality, and altered my awareness.  Read my Neuro Programmer 3 review or take advantage of a 100% free 2 week trial.

The Journal Software

Maintaining a journal can be incredibly therapeutic.  Whether you’re trying to track how a particular medication is affecting your mood, weighing the pros and cons of a particular treatment, or are going through a drug withdrawal, having a journal can serve as a safe haven for self-expression and venting.

I have been journaling for years for 5 to 10 minutes each morning.  This allows me to unload (or at least lessen cognitive burden of) any stressors, document things I’m grateful for, and track progress in various areas of life.  If you would like to do something similar, The Journal software is your best bet.  Read my review of The Journal.  You can also get a 100% Free 45-Day Trial.




Low heart-rate variability is scientifically associated with early mortality, physical health problems, and poor mental health. The emWave2 serves as a biofeedback device to help you improve your heart-rate variability. The heart is responsible for sending a significant number of signals to the brain and throughout the rest of the body.  There is good science in support of the device and many have found it helpful for improving their mood, their ability to relax, and physical health. Read my emWave2 review.

HeartMath emWave 2

Inner Balance

This device is similar to the emWave2 except it’s designed for the iPhone or iPad. It is also cheaper by price, but doesn’t plug into your computer like the emWave2. I prefer the emWave2 because I enjoy using the software various biofeedback visuals that are included. Nothing wrong with the Inner Balance though, it does the same thing… you just don’t get the nice software and as extensive of information about your session.

HeartMath: Inner Balance sensor for iOS