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Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms + Duration

Oxycodone is considered a semi-synthetic opioid drug that is typically prescribed for relief of moderate or severe pain. It was originally created in 1916 as a drug with newer semi-synthetic properties to help improve upon existing opioid treatment options. The drug has been clinically used to treat both acute and chronic pain since 1917, but wasn’t introduced in the U.S. until the 1930s. Many people find that the drug works better than any other on the market for helping them cope with the pain that they experience.

The bottom line is that when this drug is used properly in a controlled setting, it can significantly improve the quality of life for those with chronic pain. Most people with extreme pain would not be able to function in society without assistance from medications like Oxycodone. This is certainly not something most people want to stay on for life though due to the fact that the initial effects wear off as it is easy to build a quick tolerance.

In addition to being used for chronic pain, some people take Oxycodone recreationally to “get high.” Many people begin taking it for a condition like pain, but become addicted to the effects of the drug – and continue taking it. Although many people take Oxycodone for chronic pain, others use this drug recreationally to “get high.”

Taking enough of the drug typically results in feelings of euphoria, relaxation, anxiolytic, and analgesic effects as a result of stimulating endorphins. Since it’s easy to quickly build a tolerance and become dependent on this drug, many people have a difficult time coping with the withdrawal symptoms upon discontinuation.

Factors that influence Oxycodone withdrawal

It is important to recognize that there are factors that can have an influence on both the severity and duration of withdrawal from Oxycodone. These include things like: time span over which you took the drug, your dosage (which influences tolerance), whether you are addicted, how quickly you tapered off of the drug, as well as other individual factors such as withdrawal sensitivity.

1. Time Span

How long did you take Oxycodone? In general, the longer you have taken this drug, the more likely it is your body has built up some sort of tolerance. Those who take it for extended periods of time are typically going to have a much longer and protracted withdrawal than someone who took it for a few weeks. Some people are on this drug for years (or decades). Keep in mind that the shorter the duration you took the drug, the easier time you should have coming off of it.

2. Dosage + Tolerance

  • Immediate Release (IR): The typical starting dose for the immediate-release (IR) form of Oxycodone is 5 mg to 30 mg every 4 hours. Those who have never taken any form of opioid drug are advised to start with lower doses of 5 mg to 15 mg every 4 to 6 horus. Certain individuals may need up to 30 mg every 4 hours.
  • Controlled-Release (CR): For the controlled release (CR) form of Oxycodone, the average starting dose is 10 mg taken once every 12 hours. Some refer to this as “extended release” as well. It is marketed under the brand OxyContin – with the primarily active ingredient being Oxycodone. The controlled-release form of the drug is utilized when a person needs pain relief over an extended period.
  • Tolerance: Individuals that have developed a tolerance to opioids or Oxycodone may be prescribed doses of 60 mg, 80 mg, or 160 mg tablets. These are individuals that have been using these drugs for an extended period of time and aren’t getting the same effects. Starting a person who has never used opioids at a dose greater than 40 mg could lead to depression of breathing (a major concern).

In general, when people have built up a significant tolerance to Oxycodone, the withdrawal process becomes more difficult. The person’s nervous system has become used to receiving the effects of the drug at higher doses. When the person withdraws from the drug, it takes the nervous system awhile to reset itself back to sober functioning. The greater the dose that you took over a consistent period of time, the more difficult you can expect the withdrawal.

3. Addiction

Many individuals have a tough time coming off of Oxycodone because they are addicted. They have taken this drug for such a long period of time, that they cannot cope without it. In addition to providing pain-relief, this drug also can provide a significant boost in mood. Although the mood-enhancing properties may wear off once tolerance is established, many people aren’t able to come off of the drug because they cannot face the inevitable drop in mood that accompanies withdrawal.

In addition to becoming addicted to the lucrative “high” that accompanies Oxycodone, those who have taken it for chronic pain may have a very difficult time reestablishing normative endorphin function. When a person uses an opioid for an extended period of time, the body’s natural endorphin supply gradually diminishes. It will take months before the endorphin levels begin to increase following Oxycodone discontinuation. The lack of endorphins can make it especially difficult for someone who is addicted to withdraw.

4. Cold Turkey vs. Tapering

When it comes to withdrawing from Oxycodone, there really isn’t a “best” way to discontinue. Some individuals insist that tapering down your dosage gradually over time is a good approach. However, a lot of people struggle with this method simply because it’s difficult to avoid the temptation of taking extra pills if you have them around. For those that can handle gradual withdrawals, it may minimize withdrawal symptoms by giving your body more time to adjust.

If you need a good tapering protocol, work with your doctor or other professional. You can cut your current dose by whatever percentage you’d like assuming you have enough of a supply. For those with limited supply of the drug, you may want to reduce your dosage by about 25% each day until you are down to nothing. Although this reduction scheme is relatively quick, it can still give your body more time to adjust than “cold turkey” withdrawal.

Some people swear by the “cold turkey” withdrawal method because they can quit, and never look back. Although there could be some potentially dangerous side effects associated with a cold turkey discontinuation, most people are able to do it successfully. The cold turkey method from a low or moderate dose may be your best bet. Although the acute symptoms are typically the most extreme when a person quits “cold turkey,” many people have success.

A third option is that of opioid replacement therapy with a substance such as Suboxone or Methadone. The thinking behind this is that a person stops taking their current more powerful drug, Oxycodone and transitions to a less intense substance. Once they’ve made the transition, they can then gradually withdraw from the opioid replacement drug – which has potential to make for a smoother withdrawal.

5. Individual Factors

Why do some individuals have an easier time coping with withdrawal compared to others? In many cases it boils down to individual circumstances. Those who have been taking high doses of the drug for long periods of time may have a significantly higher tolerance or dependency on the substance. Additionally it is important to consider that each person’s nervous system will adapt to the withdrawal process differently. Some people are naturally more sensitive to drug withdrawals than others.

Other factors that could influence withdrawal include: environment, social support, and daily habits. Someone who is in an environment around other addicts or that have an Oxycodone supply may have a difficult time resisting temptation to quit. It should also be noted that some people have a better social support system that will encourage them to stay strong during withdrawal. Things like eating a healthy diet and getting light exercise may also play a role in speeding or slowing withdrawal.

Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms: List of Possibilities

Below are a list of possible symptoms that you may experience when you stop taking Oxycodone. Keep in mind that not everyone is going to have every symptom listed below when they withdraw. It is also important to realize that the severity of these symptoms will differ in both intensity and duration based on individual circumstances.

  • Abdominal cramps: A very common withdrawal symptom is that of cramping. You may notice that you get cramps in many places, but the abdominal region is the most common. This may be painful and annoying to deal with, but you will eventually recover completely.
  • Agitation: In the early stages of withdrawal, you may notice that you are extremely agitated. This means that you find yourself feeling bothered by the nervousness that you’re dealing with. As time passes, you should notice this symptom and other mood-related symptoms improving.
  • Anger: It’s possible to get very angry and throw fits of rage during the withdrawal process. This may be due to impaired cognition that a person experiences when they stop taking a drug that they’ve become dependent upon. If you notice yourself feeling especially angry, do what you can to take some deep breaths, and realize that it’s merely withdrawal.
  • Anxiety: An extremely common symptom during withdrawal is that of anxiety. Opiates like Oxy tend to provide anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects in users. In part this is due to stimulation of the endorphins, but serotonin and dopamine are also thought to be affected to a lesser degree. When you quit taking them, you may experience extreme discomfort in the form of anxiety – this will not be permanent.
  • Body aches: It’s common to feel some sort of body aches and pains when you discontinue this drug. The aches may be minor or pretty severe during the early days of withdrawal. These aches may take awhile to get over for some, but may go away quickly for others.
  • Chills: Feeling chilled all of a sudden after you discontinued this drug? It’s very common to experience this in addition to many other flu-like symptoms.
  • Concentration problems: When you have become dependent on a drug, your brain expects to receive it for functioning. When you stop taking the drug that the brain is expecting to receive, you may notice impaired concentration for awhile. Your brain will have to relearn how to function and concentrate in a sober state.
  • Confusion: A combination of concentration problems, feeling sick, and mood swings can contribute to feeling confused. The confusion is more of a concentration and cognition issue, but can be influenced by physical symptoms as well.
  • Cravings: If you have taken the drug for a significant period of time, you may experience cravings once you quit. These cravings can be tough to resist, but as you resist them, they will gradually lessen over time.
  • Crying spells: Many people become very depressed and cry as a result of the depression that they experience during withdrawal. However, it is also known that people withdrawing can experience watery eyes for awhile. Both the crying from depression and runny eyes will ease with time.
  • Depersonalization: Initially you may feel as though you are no longer yourself when you come off of this drug. The combination of anxiety, depression, and physical symptoms may make it seem as though you feel numb or like someone has invaded your brain. This feeling of depersonalization is a result of activity changes in the nervous system and the brain.
  • Depression: Most people experience some form of depression or low mood during withdrawal. In some cases the depression only lasts for a couple weeks and then fully improves. In other cases, people remain depressed for months following their last dose. In any event, assuming you didn’t have major depression prior to taking Oxycodone, your mood should gradually improve.
  • Diarrhea: While taking opiates, constipation is commonly reported. When you withdraw from them, the exact opposite happens – diarrhea. If you experience significant diarrhea, you may want to consider taking some over-the-counter Imodium to help rectify the problem.
  • Dizziness: When withdrawing from most drugs, among the most common symptoms is that of feeling dizzy. If you notice yourself experiencing dizziness and/or vertigo upon discontinuation, just know that it’s normal. It should improve as you come out of the acute phase of withdrawal.
  • Fatigue: It is very normal to have extremely low energy and nearly chronic fatigue when you initially come off of Oxycodone. This fatigue may make it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, complete work or school-related tasks, and simple tasks may seem impossible. Do your best to cope with how you feel and realize that fatigue is normal to experience as your body adjusts to functioning without Oxy.
  • Flu-like symptoms: These are especially common during the acute phase of withdrawal and may be intensified if a person quits “cold turkey.” The combination of symptoms including: vomiting, nausea, dizziness, headache, chills, etc. – make it feel as though a person has the flu. These can be difficult to deal with, but once this stage passes, you should feel much better.
  • Goosebumps: Some people get “goose bumps” across their skin during withdrawal. These are involuntary sensations that occur while the nervous system is readjusting.
  • Headaches: When you come off of this drug, you will likely experience some degree of headaches. These may be severe (e.g. migraines) or of lower intensity. To reduce these make sure you are staying hydrated, getting plenty of sleep, and doing your best to stay relaxed.
  • High blood pressure: Taking opioids tends to result in lower blood pressure. When you come off of them, your blood pressure may temporarily increase. This spike could be significant, so if you are prone to blood pressure problems, work with your doctor.
  • Hormone imbalance: Temporary imbalances in hormone levels have been reported during withdrawal. The body will eventually reset its normal hormone production following discontinuation. If your hormones are imbalanced, it could be due to your opiate usage.
  • Insomnia: It is important to realize that you may have to deal with some insomnia during your discontinuation. The insomnia can be influenced by anxiety, but in general your sleep patterns may be thrown off as a result of the symptoms that you experience. If you cannot fall asleep at night, it is recommended to focus on relaxation exercises – these will lower your arousal and allow you to sleep.
  • Irritability: You may feel especially irritable during the initial days of withdrawal. This irritability may be intense and difficult to deal with. Every little thing may start to get on your nerves. Instead of embracing this emotion, take a step back and realize that it’s all just withdrawal – this too will pass.
  • Itching: Another symptom people report is sensations of itchiness throughout their body when they discontinue. If you feel as though your skin is crawling with itches, tingles, or as though you have a rash, recognize that it’s just part of discontinuation. The intense itching shouldn’t last more than a few weeks.
  • Mood swings: During withdrawal it is common to experience changes in mood. One moment you may find yourself anxious, the next angry, and the next optimistic about your recovery. The changes in mood may be significant and revolve around mostly negative emotions in the early phases. Eventually your demeanor should stabilize.
  • Muscle pain: You may notice that you feel muscle pain when you stop taking your Oxy. The pain can be a reemergence of the initial pain that caused you to go on the Oxycodone in the first place, or it can just be a withdrawal pain. Since your body’s endorphins may be depleted, it can be difficult to cope with this pain in the early weeks. As your natural endorphin supply rebuilds itself, your pain should subside.
  • Nausea: You may find yourself feeling nauseous, especially during the first few days of withdrawal. If intense enough, it could lead a person to experience vomiting. The nausea may keep up for a week or two, but should gradually decline.
  • Night sweats: It’s common to sweat excessively during the night. You may wake up in the middle of the night and notice that you are covered in cold sweat. This is thought to be part of your body’s natural way of detoxifying itself. Additionally you may notice that you sweat profusely throughout the day.
  • Panic attacks: If anxiety reaches an extreme, it is possible to experience panic attacks. Your nervous system is highly sensitive during withdrawal, which may lead you to have a panic attack. These attacks are essentially surges of debilitating anxiety that result in panic. Do your best to engage in relaxation techniques to calm your nerves if you are prone to panic.
  • Pupil dilation: While you use Oxycodone, your pupils naturally constrict as a result of their effect. During withdrawal, it is natural to observe dilation of the pupils.
  • Rapid heartbeat: You may notice a rapid heartbeat upon withdrawal. This is essentially a counter-effect to what you experience while taking the drug – your heart rate slows. You may also notice palpitations or sensations that your heart is racing or pounding – which can be exacerbated by anxiety.
  • Restlessness: It’s possible to experience restlessness after you’ve discontinued Oxy. The restlessness has a lot to do with your brain and nervous system being hypersensitive. In many cases this is linked to the increased anxiety that people experience.
  • Sleep problems: During the initial few weeks of withdrawal, your sleep patterns may be crazy. You may sleep extensively throughout the day or have difficulty sleeping at night. You could experience crazy dreams or wake up constantly in the middle of the night. Your sleep will eventually normalize after you’ve made it further through withdrawal.
  • Spasms: You may notice that your muscles spasm during withdrawal. Although most people experience these spasms while they are taking their opioids, it is possible to deal with them to an extent during withdrawal.
  • Suicidal thinking: Some people get extremely depressed when they come off of Oxycodone to the point of experiencing suicidal thoughts. If you find yourself feeling suicidal, it is important to recognize that its a result of chemical changes during withdrawal – this is a phase that will pass. If the thoughts are unbearable, make sure you get yourself into a therapist and/or talk to someone about them.
  • Vomiting: Sometimes nausea can reach a point that causes us to vomit. Many individuals feel very sick (almost flu-like) when they stop taking Oxycodone. The vomiting should gradually subside as you make it through the acute phase of withdrawal.
  • Yawning: Some people end up dealing with constant yawning when they come off of Oxy. Some have stated that these yawns can last over a month since their last dosage. Don’t be surprised if you are yawning for awhile after you’ve discontinued.

Oxycodone Withdrawal Duration: How long does it last?

The withdrawal timeline from Oxycodone is subject to variation based on the individual. One person may experience less dramatic opiate withdrawal symptoms and a quicker recovery, while another person may have protracted withdrawals that last for months. There’s really no telling how quickly you will recover until you have gone through the withdrawal for yourself.

Although the drug itself has a half-life of 2 to 4 hours and will be cleared from your system within approximately 8 hours, being drug-free doesn’t mean that withdrawal symptoms are over. All this means is that the drug has been cleared from your body. On average it can take up to 2 weeks for the most severe physical symptoms to pass. Most people notice that severe physical symptoms last about a week and a half following the last dose.

Psychological symptoms can linger for a longer period of time. When your body and brain have been under the influence of an opiate like Oxycodone for an extended period of time, it may take awhile for them to readjust to sober functioning. It is thought that things like: adequate rest, proper sleep, healthy diet, and light exercise may facilitate a quicker healing process.

It is important to do what you can during withdrawal to stay optimistic and understand that although the symptoms may be uncomfortable, you will eventually recover. During this time you may want to seek out some sort of therapy and/or guidance if you are struggling. Take withdrawal one day at a time and recognize that you will eventually get better. If you have successfully come off of Oxycodone, sharing your experience in the comments section below may really help another person dealing with the same struggle.

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155 thoughts on “Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms + Duration”

  1. I’ve been taking oxycodone for about 2 & 1/2 years, I started with 5mg every 4-6 hour and this dosage gradually increased over time. By three weeks ago I was up to 30mg every 4 hours. Now that I’ve had my back surgery I’m trying to stop taking and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do because of the withdrawals. The body aches and the restless legs are the worst feelings ever.

    I’ve started to take suboxone which helps a lot, but it’s still difficult. I’ve been off oxy for 3 weeks and when I don’t take the suboxin I hurt and can not function normally. Is there something else I can do to make this transition easier? Also I have a 6 month old baby and I work 10-12 hours a day.

    I can’t afford not to work because I’m the sole supporter for my family. An advice on how to do this would help… The struggle is real. They should warn you of problems that oxy can create before they give it.

  2. I just read all of your comments, fellow men and women, sisters and brothers in this chemical fury, of opiate/opioid withdrawal and slavery like my own. It is with great regret, and yet bittersweet compassion, but pure empathy for you all, in our mutual challenge and suffering. I posted my first confession November 27th. I was, at that time, forcing myself into tapering my horrendous dependence to oxycodone.

    I am now as of this day down to 5mg every 24 hours. For the past week. I have been able to sometimes get approx. 2 to sometimes 4, or maybe 5 hours of sleep a night, but still get the terrible anxiety and inner restlessness and the tearing eyes, sneezing running nose…etc. etc., after the 18-20th hour between doses. So, I have been virtually sleepless for actually over 4 months. I would not call 2 hours or less a “good nights sleep”.

    But I have also been on 2mg Klonopin 3x a day for over 2 years, and started it in 1989. 26 years. Ringing ears is a result of long term benzo (Xanax/Klonopin) usage for severe anxiety. My anxiety has only increased from the withdrawal syndrome and slooooow tapering out of a great cowardice to just STOP the OXY COLD! I just cannot seem to stop for I KNOW the vomiting and “bathroom trips” (if in time) is sooo horrendous, degrading and disgusting, as well as high fever and sweating and shaking like convulsions awaits stopping ANY dosage level…

    Stuck in South Jersey. Dear Lord, help us all be strong. Peace to you all. Much Love and compassion. I am willing to communicate with anyone. My life is an open book at this point.

    • Kevin, I hope you are doing OK. Believe me I know what you are going through and my heart goes out to you. I am day 12 OFF of OXY and the 1st week was just pure hell.. what can I say! Even today- day 12 I feel anxious and restless but the pain is gone, my mood is lifting and I know it will get better with each day.

      During the withdrawal phase, I took Xanax as well and while I did UP the dosage to get through the WORST withdrawals phase, It was very helpful to me. I also took Tramadol for 7 days and that was my life line. It took away the muscle aches, stomach pains and bad diarrhea I was experiencing. I stopped those on day 8 – so now at day 12 with nothing.

      I am not going to lie and say that I don’t feel “down in the dumps” when I am alone but I will take that over the rest of the horror I made it through. I had a good day this week and then a bad day.. I guess this is going to be common for a while. I will take 1 good day and hold onto that because it was a drug free day and I know I will have more of those if I just stick it out… which I will.

      Going back to the oxy is NOT an option – I can’t believe what I have put myself through over a PILL – the turn around point for me was when I found out I couldn’t get anymore and saw my reaction to this… TERROR – ANGER – ANXIETY… I had to say to myself.. No No No.. You have a family, you have a good life, you can not let this control YOU.

      That was the best thing that could have happened to me.. it forced me into stopping and I don’t regret it. I go back to reading these posts as my way of keeping the wound open and grateful that I am not at the beginning again – as that is enough to remind myself that I can NOT go back. My thoughts are that if you are in tampering mode going through withdrawals, your better off with just stopping and going CT at this point.

      Why prolong the misery? Imodium AD HELPS tremendously!!! I took double the amount it says but man did that work for the vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps! Highly recommend taking that either way – during tampering or CT. Believe me when I say I know the degrading and disgusted feeling you are going through, but you are SO NOT ALONE there.

      I believe we all feel this way when it’s time to stop because let’s face it… Seeing happy sober people when your going through the worst time of your life is not very fulfilling to the soul. I wish nothing but the best for you and hope to see you post more about how you are doing!! Hang in there – and keep fighting!!!

      • Hopeful: Thanks so much for your kind reply. So good to communicate with another person that has been/going through this. CONGRATULATIONS on your beating this monster, and if there was an an anthropomorphism of oxycodone, I think I would desire to pummel it severely! I am VERY happy for you, and you obviously show great courage, and had reason to respond to make a very difficult choice.

        I am encouraged by you, as well as many others on this forum with your strength of character. I must confess that I now recently backslid into taking about 100mg or more daytime and nighttime, probably more… Still no effect, except difficult “# 1”, as in standing for half hour or more, and some all-over itching and occasional slight tiredness. Now I am low, and face a a PM visit.

        I am forced to ration down remainder to about 10 mgs day, and maybe a little less at night. I have been sleeping my full 8 or 9 hours, to show that it is the the miserable oxy that is causing the sleeplessness. Not anymore very soon. Just hope I didn’t do foolishly for too many days to get tolerant and withdraw, even through not stopping CT.

        As for your question/suggestion as to why at this point do I not just go CT, it’s a very quick answer, and honest. Fear. (Dread, memories of past WD’s, etc.) Could not even hold down water, or other meds. I know I heard alot about Loperimide. I think that is is the active ingredient in Imodium. Again, I appreciate your response, and apologize for the delay getting back to you. I wish you all the best now that you have just about beat this dependence.

        I need to get a good kick in the backside to speed up the process of stalling. I feel like I am doing my best in light of my Severe Anxiety Disorder/Panic Attacks that may be playing a huge part in not just going CT. Keep in touch! And THANKS! Lord Bless, if you believe, and if not Best Wishes and continued good progress! I am interested to know how you are doing. Peace and Serenity~ Kev in So. Jersey.

      • Be careful with the tramadol it is as addicting as the Oxycodone and the withdrawal is as bad if not worst. In addition, stay away from the Benzos they are worst than any opiate you have ever taken, and withdrawal can last for almost a year.

  3. It really helps me knowing I’m not the only one going through this hell. I was electrocuted about 5 years ago and it blew a whole out of my wrist. I’ve been taking 240 oxycodone a month 30 mg along with 90 (40 mg) oxymorphone and 30 xanax, just trying to write this is challenging because I shake so bad. I am on day 6 and don’t sleep, definitely all withdrawal symptoms and its a min bye min struggle for me. My girlfriend is so happy that I’m finally doing this.

    I’m just scared I’m going to make a phone call and get sum OC. This is so horrible I pray to God to help and not being a real religious man at age 42, I feel like this is not ever going to end. If anybody has any suggestions I’m all ears I don’t want any methadone or subs because I’m just going from one to another. I haven’t sleep in days and goosebumps, sweating. All the withdrawal is like I’m dying. Please if anybody has advice I’m listening. Thanks.

  4. Hi Everyone!! I am a 49 year old women who began taking Vicodin about 10 years ago – why ? Because someone gave me one at a party and I instantly LOVED the feeling!! I would go to my doctors and make up stories about how bad my hands hurting – since I do have carpel tunnel – doctor at the time had no problems prescribing me Vicodin ES 90 pills every 3 months. I was a happy camper.

    I noticed over the years that I would start panicking when my pill bottle got low and I knew I was going to have to make an appointment with the Doctor again.. So my friend sold them – and I would just buy them from her, at one point I was up to about 10 pills a day – spending crazy amounts of money but the thought of stopping scared me to death! I would go to the doctors and over time getting a prescription started to become very difficult and then he lowered the amount of pills he would give me!

    With all eyes on prescription drug abuse these days – I wasn’t about to argue with him… I have stopped many times over the years – I have gone through these horrible withdrawals – but always seem to find my way back to taking them! Over the last 6 months a friend of mine was getting oxycodone – so I had been buying them from her – was taking 2 pills a day I believe 10 mg – so I am not a heavy user – however I started feeling like my body was calling for this drug at the same times every day..

    I was on a physical up and down roller coaster all day long and it just sucks! Then my friend couldn’t get anymore last week.. Omg I panicked as all I had left were about 6 pills! I tampered down using those 6pills and then this Sunday I started my cold turkey!! Wow the nausea, the anxiety , the body pain … Sweating – freezing – restless… It totally sucks!

    I am using my Xanax to control the anxiety and it’s been a god send! I am a mother of a 10 year old son and my husband has ZERO knowledge that I even take pills so this has been no easy task to WD without anyone to turn to! The only people that know I take pills is ME and the buyer!! I would say the worst part is feeling so alone in this… I mean no one knows and I ain’t telling!

    I am making like I have the flu and the lying makes me sick to my stomach!! Now at day 5 of no Oxy and with the help of Xanax – Imodium, chamois tea and Tramadol that my husband had.. I am feeling clear headed and much better today! I will take the Tramadol for only 7 days and then off I will go on those – however they have been a total life saver for me – as they are a opioid acting drug but weak and non narcotic.

    If anyone needs help with WDs and have a relationship with their doctor – get a prescription and you will thank god!! I don’t want drugs in my life anymore – seeing myself panic like I did made me disgusted in myself. I never want to feel like that again. I can’t be worried about running out – weather or not my girl will pull through – none of it! I have ZERO cravings- hate the pills – just want withdrawals over and never look back!

    This thread has helped me mentally so much seeing I am not alone in any of this! I wish each and every person the best of luck with getting through their WDs – it does get better – I am taking it one day at a time – however today I actually smiled – wow!!! I will continue to read these posts to feel connected – because I know I am not the only person going through this – hiding this secret! God Bless and don’t forget to pray to God!!!

  5. I am in hell right now, it is day 7 going cold turkey and I am doing everything to not think about the withdrawals, I am sleeping as much as I can but that doesn’t help. I started taking Darvocet about 12 years ago then switched to Tylenol 3’s then to Percocet, then Vicodin, now I am taking Oxycodone 5 mg 10-15 pills a day, most of which I snort now.

    This addiction has completely taken over my life, I have no friends anymore, my wife is so unhappy and I am miserable unless I am drugged up. I got out of the Marine Corp and started drinking then came the drugs because of physical disabilities. I don’t want this to be the rest of my life, all I do is set in bed now, take drugs and play on the computer. This is no life at all, I have wasted most of my youth and I am sick of it.

    I have tried coming off the drugs before and lasted a few months but I found some pills while cleaning and that old feeling came rushing over me, like the thrill before getting on a roller-coaster. I immediately snorted them and that was all it took for me to go back to day one. I gave my pills to my wife and told her to hide them and divvy them out to me but at every turn I would find them and steal some, then lie to my wife that I didn’t and I always run out 1-2 weeks early and have to go through withdrawals every month.

    I know I am just slowly killing myself and I can’t do this anymore. I haven’t taken any pills for 7 days and I actually feel the same as i did on day 1, I am so scared these withdrawals will not go away and that I will never get better, my pills will arrive in the mail in 3 days and I told my wife I wanted her to flush them, but my addiction is coming up with so many excuses to keep taking them…

    Like… you need them for pain, you can’t go through these withdrawals for months, or just control it and you can still enjoy the pills, which is all bull crap. It should be illegal for pharmaceutical companies to do this to people. I am also scared because I have forgotten how to live sober. How long will these withdrawals last and how long until I start to feel normal? Any words of encouragement and advice will be greatly appreciated. -A fellow addict in pain.

    • Don’t take the pills!!! It’s a vicious cycle that not ends well if you continue on CLEAN and FREE!!! You can do this… Try getting outside and walking.. Excerise and drinking lots of water do help!! I have been food shopping – sweating to death and completely nauseous but got through it and actually felt good about myself!! There’s no easy way out – no one way – no magic answer… I am here to vent to if you need too – I am day 5 without any pills and feeling optimistic. I’m not going back to the pills at whatever cost to the way I feel now!!

    • I noticed you started detoxing only a few days before me. Trust me, hang in there. You haven’t suffered this long for nothing. Read my timeline on day-by-day withdrawals, if they post it. It says “waiting authorization” or something like that. Good luck. I am right there with you, I have been taking 120 mg oxy everyday for many years.

      • I am on about 100mg oxy a day. Did you go cold turkey? I am debating, weaning vs cold turkey… I am not sure my business/family can take me down for a long time. “Yourneigbor”, did you wean? I am DONE. I have been on some sort of opiate for 15 years… It will be a LONG road to be normal again, but I need to start.

  6. I took Oxycodone 30mgs five to 6 times a day for over four years and along with that in was taking Xanax 1mg three times a day for over 12 years. Before Oxy I was taking percocet, before that vicodin… I have a multitude of ailments brought on by getting rear-ended by a UPS truck. I have had over 10 surgeries in 10 years. I was constantly running out about one week before my script was due.

    I did this for years. Finally this past summer is guess my body couldn’t take it anymore and I guess I passed out… I don’t remember about working days. Also I was hiding this from my husband for years. Well he finally got wise to the situation and asked me straight out and I had to fess up and deal with it all finally. He said I was on the verge of death. I was at the point that I didn’t even know when or how many pills in had taken.

    Well when he confronted me I still had the presence of mind to hide my pills from him. Even though I told him I still hid them. Well I had no idea where I hid them which through me into the worst withdrawal I have ever experienced or read about. My last pills from what I remember was on July 27th, 2015… it took me THREE almost FOUR months to stop having withdrawal symptoms. The things I went through were absolutely horrible.

    I didn’t think it was ever going to end. I didn’t think I would ever feel “normal” again. Finally in November I started to feel somewhat normal. From what I’ve read and what my husband researched is that Xanex is much harder to get off of than Oxycodone. Getting off both of them cold turkey, I don’t advise. It was awful not to mention very dangerous.

    I just found my pills a few days ago. I threw them out. They ruined me. The doctor who was giving get me these so freely should have his license taken. I also take responsibility of course, but these drugs are given out so freely now adays. I personally know many people who are currently taking prescription drugs “legally” and you would never think these people are drug addicts.

    • Wow!! I can totally relate to everything you have said in your story!! Thanks for sharing. From your pill history – pill hiding – the fess up – EVERYTHING!! I am day 5 without oxy – the 1st 2 days were a ongoing hell But since no one knows about my addiction, I told my husband I have the flu! Today I went out – sweating of course but I am feeling better knowing I am doing my routine…

      I have no craving at all for pills – I feel clear headed and grateful I don’t have to count them and worry about running out!! It’s crazy these pills cause such harm to people and then when the doctor cuts you off your left to deal all alone… Never going back – and I will suffer through this day by day until I am back to my normal self!! Hope your still dong well!

  7. I’ve been on 15 mg oxy for a little over a year now. I have really bad hips & had a hip replacement 2 years ago. I was sent to a pain management clinic to help with my chronic pain. I regret the day I ever walked in that place! What I would like to know is what are the alternatives? Aleve doesn’t cut it! I’ve had a nonstop headache for 2 days, no sleep, constantly cold, chills & this all from tapering it down to 2 a day! How do I get my once very active life back?

  8. Hi, and may peace and healing be upon all who shared. I feel tremendous empathy for you all. We are all in some way connected, due to falling prey to this common and shared diabolical chemical contrivance called Oxycodone. My story is far less dramatic and horrific than most, and quite likely, many degrees worse than others, but we are ALL suffering. And share that particular common bond.

    I have never underwent surgery for my numerous L5 thru L1 disc herniations, scoliosis, brittle and arthritic sacrum bones, several compressed and scattered nerve bundles, severe osteoporosis (off the scale, nurse said, at my age!), arthritis with debilitating flare-ups randomly, body wide muscle mass loss due to being reduced to near ZERO activity for at LEAST 4 years, lying down FLAT with knees bent and/or feet/legs elevated to alleviate pressure on lumbar spine. Also have S.I. joint compression screaming thru either left and right, or one or the other hip, even groin region.

    Tingling/numbness down front of legs during SI flare up. Life had basically come to a crashing halt as I once knew it in late 2010. So many X-rays, MRI’s,CT and DEXA scans, that I should almost literally, possibly be glowing in the dark. Then enter stage right….The magic solution!!!! Percocet!! RELIEF, at long last! This was late 2012 or early 2013, after much agonizing.

    I never really knew what physical pain at this level was. Tolerance developed extremely rapidly, from 5/325mg, 3 or 4 x daily. Next, enter 10/325mg 4 x daily… Several months supplementing with Roxicodone 30mg, all I can afford, from various sundry entities….THEN, alas, to which I openly admit to an ugly decision to dabble in its evil, illegal “wicked step-mother” substance. Because of VERY poor choices of acquaintances. All in search of some EFFECTIVE pain relief.

    This is what destroyed any remaining tolerance. Possibly forever. At the time, I was prescribed from my PCP 30mg Roxicodone legitimately 4 x daily by the end of September or so of 2013. Always had a choice between “Wicked Step-Mama ‘H'”, or, when running out, just run right to the stockade of 30mg Roxy as needed. Trust me, I am VERY, VERY fortunate to be alive by the Grace of Our LORD. No other reason! I accidentally OD’ed one evening last winter. I remember everything except peacefully falling asleep, by accident.

    Next thing I wake up to LEO’s and paramedics rushing about my apartment, and a paramed guy with a clear plastic squeeze bag, for oxygen I presume, around my nose and mouth. Evidently, I was administered Narcon (Naloxone) that IMMEDIATELY ruined my “blissful sleep”. I clearly heard them say “Wow! He came up on only one shot…” The Narcan was administered up my nose, as it did have a noticeable, nasty sting to it on the way to a mandatory E.R. visit. I tried in vain to convince ambulance personnel I was fine, but they railed on me telling me how lucky I was, etc.

    But during the chaos, back at home, the LEO’s confiscated my “street meds”, (dirty filthy garbage it was in retrospect…hindsight is 20/20!). At least they didn’t label me a criminal for possession of heroin. All of this trash is in my past, and I am an open book, as I made HUGE mistakes in search, DESPERATE SEARCH, of pain relief. Condemn me if you wish, it doesn’t matter. Any human being can simply judge another at face value and say this or that. I am quite used to the condemnation.

    And I suppose it empowers the other person if they get a reaction, which, like the drugs, I really do not desire to feed ANY monsters. Anyway, back to current day…. I am now TOTALLY OFF the street trash, and removed myself from those unsavory acquaintances. And am currently on 20mg 4 x daily oxy IR. BUT, for the past 3 months, I have been doing a self-imposed slowwww TAPER. However, for the past month, I noticed that I just CANNOT get at LEAST a solid 6 or 7 hours, or my old usual 8 hours of sleep.

    I am LUCKY if I get a solid 3-5 hours per night, and it is affecting me. I noticed that I am struggling with a very unpleasant temperament. In public, when forced to get food, meds for emphysema, and any other reason to engage in real-life activity, as I am loathsome and on disability/SSD. Very weakened thru means of near zero physical activity as I stated. I want OUT of this miserable trap. I can take 300mg of oxycodone with not so much as an itch. Why even get it?!

    That is why the self-imposed TAPER, as for GREAT DREAD of what is coming, as I went through it 2 times already. Very brutal and debilitating, almost CONSTANT violent vomiting and explosive “opposite end” running to and fro, ALWAYS not in time. What a complete and utter mess. High fever, aches, pains, nose and eyes like water faucets… And any sleep I cannot remember… For MANY days.

    That was a result both times of running out of that wicked street trash, as well as financing it thru pawning off my own collection of relief mechanisms….Hope I didn’t lose anyone here. I am trying to be discreet. I did wrongly. Yes, but that is history. Now, I just want OUT of the bondage and chains to these round sticks of virtual dynamite that are actually duds, as concerning PAIN relief, BUT… I DREAD what lay ahead when I reach the “jumping off” point.

    Withdrawal. I know my body from the prior 2 experiences, and my PCP told me it does NOT MATTER for the most part, what your dosage strength is, be it 5 mg 2 x a day or even less, you are practically guaranteed AWS. Then, possibly, PAWS. (Post-acute-withdrawl-syndrome) that will vary in duration, but could well be a month or triple that…possible longer. So that is my current situation. Approximately 4 or 5mg 2 x daily. Hopefully, I reasoned, that the less the dosage strength, the less the Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS).

    Wishful thinking? Anyone that would graciously respond, to that person I will be deeply indebted for sound advice and life experience shared. May Our Lord have Mercy on you ALL, and be Gracious to you. And thank you all for sharing your own experiences, strengths, and hopes. I wish you all well, and will graciously respond to all kind replies. PEACE. ~ Kev

  9. I have been on Oxycodone 30mg for almost 20 years now for a progressive nerve disease. I take 3 to 4 a day depending on the pain. Now my Doctor wants to taper me off in 1 month. I still have terrible pain taking the medication. I have had 3 nerve surgeries, damage in my back,neck and hands. My fear is I am going to go through hell only to remain in pain with no medication to help me through this. Any ideas for help?

    • Try suboxone. It helps but be careful not to become dependent on that. It has helped me through the roughest part of the withdrawal process.

  10. Hi All, In 1990 I suffered a traumatic low back injury that required immediate surgery and a spinal fusion. I was 6 months or more in PT after that, and on Oxycodone for over a year. I think it was 10/325s as needed up to 5x a day. Eventually I tapered myself off the drug and lived the life of a “health nut” for at least 12 years with no major issues.

    Then in 2002 the back was bothering and by 2003 it was debilitating and I could not function without intervention. Started taking Oxycodone 5/325 2 or 3 times a day and kept it up for a couple years together with spinal injections, physical therapy and all manner of other treatments. Finally in 2004 my wife and i were blessed with our youngest son and I felt compelled to go under the knife to see if I could regain a better life space for us without my pain management being ever present.

    It worked for another year, but things quickly went further south than I could have imagined. I was back on the drugs just to function day to day it was worse than ever, prospects looked pretty bleak. Over time I adjusted my lifestyle some and took a new job, we moved back home and I decided that life with drugs was the norm for me if I was going to make a living and do anything but deal with this pain. In 2007 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Very typical presentation.

    The bulls-eye rash, very typical treatment, a couple weeks of antibiotics, no problem. But then I began having all manner of troubles, Flu like symptoms that came and went on a regular cycle, eventually having my gall bladder out – didn’t help. Increased pain, first in the back, then in all joints, and headaches all cycling. After a while I was having mild seizures and other neurological symptoms that acted like strokes and bells palsey. I was having trouble focusing and the list goes on, but most salient to this discussion is that the pain was ever-present.

    I had presence of mind to limit my pain medications to no more than 20 mg a day with additional aspirin as needed and I needed a lot of them to the point that I got ulcers too! Finally a year ago I felt like just giving up and with all the noise in the media about medical marijuana, I thought rather than use greater doses of opioids I would look into that. After a consultation or two and trying some non THC tinctures and topicals I decide these were of little help either and not for me.

    Now I was ready to just give up, my quality of life was worsening and my family was suffering because of it. In a last ditch effort my PCP tested for Lyme again. I still had it!!! He immediately started me on a grand antibiotic treatment. I’ve been on it for 4 months and the pain and problems have reduced to negligible. I will start tapering off those soon. Because of the improvements, I no longer really need the Oxycodone and in the last few weeks have stopped them, cold turkey.

    At first it I felt worse again, and really anxious about it. but I’m doing better. And I’m optimistic. I will admit that I am more depressed than I thought I should be and my motivation level is decreased a lot. I do daily think about what I am doing and the fatigue is crazy. But when I think about the pain being gone the chance that I could function normally after all these years I’m too excited to backslide.

  11. I’ve had to take prescribed Oxycontin 20mg. 3 times a day for a work related injury of 2003. I initially was prescribed Vicodin 5/500 mg and took that for several years before going on Oxycontin. My nightmare started one week ago today for that is when I took my last pill in early afternoon. I stopped at my pharmacy to pick up my refill which was scheduled to be filled on this day. Long story short it was not filled and was still awaiting approval from the insurance company (W/C).

    This caused me to endure cold turkey withdrawal not knowing what to expect I was as sick as a dog I was another person who in my mind wished for death in order to just get relief. Day 1-4 was hell I prayed a lot and merciful Jesus gave me some relief on day 5 & 6. It is noe day 7 and I feel much much better. I know I’m not out of the woods yet and its amazing how much one’s body has the ability to mend itself to be strong,healthy and happy again. As far as the refill they can take it and shove it up their ass. I will not be doing this again.

  12. I have been on Oxycodone instant release pills ever since I had spinal fusion surgery at age 30. First I took 2 15mg pills a day, fast forward to 3 years later and I am taking anywhere from 4-8 30mg instant release oxy pills a day combined with Soma. Tomorrow I am starting a cold turkey attempt. After seeing all of these comments I am on 4x the oxy as everyone else! This should be interesting…I’ll try to update if I am able and still have my sanity!

    • Hi Mike, I can relate to the dosage levels you are/were on, considering you posted back in October. Just concerned; how you made out with the cold turkey attempt? Due to experience with high dosages, and having an unfortunate extremely high tolerance, I do almost feel what you just may have, or are experiencing during your withdrawal. How are you? You can see my unfinished horror story near the end of this thread. Be well. We are all in this dungeon together. Peace. ~Kev

  13. Hi. My name is Jason. I was put on OxyContin 2 months ago following an attack. I had brain bleeding and facial along with cranial fractures. I took OxyContin for 2 month. 10mg x 2x’s per day. Never abused them or took to much but I finely told my self it was time to quit taking them if I really wasn’t in pain any more. Well the withdrawal has been horrible.

    The 1st 24 hrs were the worst I’ve ever had. Luckily I knew what was happening but it didn’t help much. I’ve had chills, depression, major body aches and I just feel like crap all over. Trying my best to power through it but I can say for certain. Never again. Last night were the vomitting, with the hot and cold flashes and muscle aches are the worst. I try to sleep as much as I can to help just sleep through and wake up my old self soon I hope.

    My mother was a long time drug addict and this shows me what all she went through to get over this and in the end she went back and never got off of them until she passed away. I hope this helps someone a little. It is getting better just not as fast as this ER nurse would like. HANG IN THERE GUYS.

  14. Lizzie, The only thing that works is time. I know that’s not very comforting but it does get better. At 2 weeks I turned the corner and I started to feel better. I’m at almost 4 weeks now. Sleep has greatly improved. I have energy again and I feel great. The fog has lifted. Drink water. Lot’s of it. I’m still drinking 64 oz a day minimum. Room temperature water is easier on the stomach that cold water. I’ve also had good results with green tea.

    I can relate to feeling bad. I know it’s painful at times and I too felt like there was no end in sight. The day will come where you will turn that corner. Stay strong and you’ll get through it. Please keep us posted on your progress. I’ll keep you in my thoughts. Take care. Mark

  15. I started taking Tylenol #3 every 6 hours for close to 2 months for terrible back pain. I ended up undergoing a fusion at the end of August. Just before my surgery I was switched to oxycodone 10 mg every 4 hours. I took that every 4 hours until 2 weeks ago, when I started tapering my dose down as my pain decreased. I got down to 1 1/2 pills a day, but the withdrawal symptoms were terrible.

    I decided to stop taking any oxycodone, but have been struggling with withdrawal symptoms. It has now been 7 days. For the past 3 night I have averaged 2-3 hours of sleep. The body aches are greatly improved, but still have some. The agitation, occasional nausea, and insomnia are becoming intolerable. I have experienced withdrawal once before about 11 years ago after taking narcotics for 6 weeks due to terrible neck pain.

    That was 10 bad days, but it seems that what I am going through now is much worse. I don’t see an end in sight, and it frightens me. I need to sleep, I can’t continue on 2-3 hours of sleep every night. I am not tempted to take any more oxy, but I wish there was something that would make these terrible symptoms get better.

  16. I’m currently on day day 12 without oxy. My sleep pattern is returning to normal, I have an appetite again and the fog is lifting in my head. The emotional turmoil is gone, the hot/cold flashes are gone and I no longer have the shakes. I am however easily agitated in loud public places. I still feel tired but that’s improving daily. I drink 64+ oz of water a day and I’m eating high protein foods and snacks.

    To those of you just reentering the world without oxy, all I can say is don’t give up. You will get better. If your doctor won’t help you, find a support group in your area. Narcotics Anonymous is an excellent support group to be a part of. The people there won’t judge you. What they will do is provide support to help you stay clean. And as I learned many years ago in AA and NA, take your recovery One Day At A Time… -Mark

  17. Hey all, Listen up. If I can do it…anyone can…truly. I was weak for a very long time, scared to death to take the final step, and then one day I had just had enough! I was prescribed 240-300mgs/day of oxy for 7 years….and I never made it the entire month. I was always buying more from friends. (Its amazing how oxy users tend to find each other when in need.) It just became a matter of taking enough to avoid withdrawals and desensitizing myself so that I could speed through the days.

    I was in more pain than ever before, constantly having mood swings, anxiety, etc…you all know the deal. My doc was no help…he just kept upping and upping per my requests over the years. I was a really good player in the game. Anyways, I want to encourage those of you who are currently struggling. You can do it, but you have to be 100% committed. You cant WANT to get off them, you have to KNOW you will. The mental is 99% of the battle.

    I am finally free…16 days and counting. Do I feel spectacular? Yes and no. I am empowered with feelings I forgot I had within me, motivated to take my life back, and ready to take on the world. But, I still feel pretty terrible physically. It took me 7 months of self tapering, a unbelievable amount of self-control, and constant reminders that this was my “rite of passage” to a better life than I’ve ever had. In the end, I still wasn’t prepared for the final week.

    It was without a doubt the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my 35 years of life…and that’s saying a lot…trust me. I have had 10 surgeries in the past 8 years, including a terrible motorcycle accident…and this was worse than all of that. But, like I already said…If I can do it, anyone can. Don’t give up…keep pushing the urge back hour by hour…and I promise you will never be the same after you have faced this demon and survived.

  18. I quit cold turkey, 65MGs Kadian BID, 40MGS oxycontin BID, Lyrica, Neurontin, & Norflex & Flexoril (PM). I was then given 40MGS of oxycodone TID. I then cut that dose in half (20mg) and I only took it BID. I am now cutting the 20’s in half and take 10mgs BID. It’s been 3 days and anxiety is getting terrible. Plus, I feel the chills, the night sweats and insomnia. (and I am not even off it all yet). I am now in CT Medical marijuana program, even though I do not smoke anything.

    I joined this as a way to wean me off the other garbage since my primary care doctor is offering NO HELP with this. I use the vape oil cartridges at bedtime, and it has been very helpful. I have a 4 level cervical fusion in my neck, thanks to a drunk driver. One 2 level fusion I had, fell apart and it never showed up on the MRI or CT SCAN. If was discovered once they went in to fuse 2 levels above that one! After 5 years, I have neural foraminal narrowing and spurring from C-2-C-6, with a new subluxation at T-1& C-7.

    I have abnormal bicep and tricep reflexes and my EMG study was positive. I drop, only everything since my arms and wrists are so weak despite me trying to do curls with 2 lb weights. (It starts a spasm in my neck that lasts over a month). They told me to do nothing now that the “narrowing” has gotten so bad. As much as I am a mess, and I have terrible flare-ups, I do not want these opiates to “own me”. I do not want to shale rattle and roll over a pill.
    The thing that pisses me off the most, is, DOCTORS refer us to these pain clinics, with full knowledge that they are going to put us on these terrible pills.

    Then they judge and label us for something they sent us too. Nobody views the pain clinic, that profits off of inspecting our urine every (3) months, and adding new pills all the time, (even if you say you do not want to) as the bad guy. Those contracts are bull if you ask me. If I do NOT want to take something I know is bad like xanax, I should be able to have some say in the matter. I ended up walking out of the clinic, since they would not help me. My primary care doctor is prescribing as I TRY to wean on my own.

    Its so hypocritical to profit off of our chronic pain, and then turn around and act like we are a bunch of junkies. I did not ask to be run off the road by a drunk driver, whose life is left unscathed. She was not even charged for the burning car crash, because the trooper was smitten with her looks. (I.A. got involved and he got caught). He was sent off duty without pay, for 6 weeks, and I got an apology letter and a ton of medical bills. I just wanted an idea of how long I can expect to act bizarre so my family has some kind of an idea of a time frame. This was a great article. Thank you.

    • Best I have read. You are right, they don’t listen. Doctor said I would adjust. 10 Mg Oxycodone ER SANDOZ brand 2x day only have taken it off schedule about 3 weeks. Doesn’t work. I have gone back to get off because side effects. I’m frustrated had to take it. I get bad headaches dizzy and can’t see or speak right from it? Other state I was in I just took 4 10/325 Percocet most days. Hard to find an understanding Dr.

  19. Wow I knew these pills were addictive and I didn’t want to take them. I am fighting cancer and winning… So I stopped about a week ago. Have been very sick, nausea, diarrhea and cant sleep at night… I wish I had never taken them, but was the only drug my oncologist had to subside the pain, and I take my chemo. As funny as it may sound, coke helps with the nausea, but I haven’t beaten the sleeping thing yet. Go to oncologist tomorrow. Maybe she has some suggestions. This is worse than the cancer. Ugh.

  20. Back surgery led me into the evil trap of Oxycodone. I took a relatively low dose for a short duration (6 weeks). However, I’m an addict in recovery (20+ years) so for me the addiction to Oxy started the day I has surgery and before I took the first pill. Enough on that… My initial dose was 10mg 4 times a day. That lasted for two weeks. Increased by doctors to 80mg day due to a quick tolerance buildup of the pills.

    I couldn’t deal with that so I cut myself back to 40mg/day, then started tapering. I tapered down over three weeks and I was at 2.5mg for three days and quit. This is day two for me with no oxy. I’ve battled addiction before so I know what to expect. Yes, I feel terrible. I can’t focus. I have no appetite. The insomnia is the worst. And I know that day will come. The depression is not severe, but it is certainly happening. I tell myself that this is only temporary and that I will get through it soon.

    The best part of it for me is that I absolutely no desire to take the pills and I have a bottle full. Those will be taken to a pharmacy tomorrow for disposal. I have no use for them. To all of the brave souls posting here, I wish you the best in your recovery. as with all aspects of my life, I’m taking this one day at a time. -Mark

  21. I was taking up to 150mgs of oxycodone due to pain from cancer radiation. I was able to wean off with suboxone so I didn’t have the physical withdrawals thank god! It’s two weeks later and I have no physical symptoms other then anxiety and lack of sleep. I’m also so lazy I don’t want to do anything. Not even make my bed. I’m wondering if anyone can tell me how long it will take to be normal. I was taking this med for 2 years. Please help

  22. I got into a bad car accident in 2009 with damage to my cervical, thoracic spine and knee and was put in oxycodone. At first it helped my pain and functioning through it tremendously, but I found as time has gone on I need more and more to achieve the same level of relief. This of course has led to running out early time and time again. I’ve gone so far as to buy them on the street.

    Not sure what made me realize that they were taking over my life and things had to change because I was either in full blown dependence or dare I admit it, addiction. When your life is revolving around going back for a refill or getting more and wasting a lot of money there is a problem. I quit them cold turkey 4, almost 5 days ago. I took off work a few days to ride out the worst of the withdrawals.

    Muscle aches, cold sweats, runny nose, diarrhea, fatigue, mood swings, insomnia, no appetite and severe lack of enjoying anything. Today more than anything I feel like I’m desperately craving the drug. I just hope that there will be a point where I will feel like my old self again and find better ways to cope with my pain.

    I feel like the worst person in the world because I have hidden it so well from my family and friends that look at me like a normal functioning person. I feel like they would be shocked if they even knew how out of control things had gotten, so at this point I’m just hoping to get though this, get my life back on track and not go back.

    • Bree – It’s been about 10 days since your post. How are you doing now? I was drawn to your post because of your last paragraph. It was the hiding it that really got to me. I had thoughts like “can I ever tell anyone what I have been doing all this time”? “How did I learn to be so deceptive”? “When do I stop”? etc. I have a couple of days on you Bree and am still managing to stay strong. I am hoping the same for you.

  23. My case seems a little different than most of the posts here. I have been on a low dosage (15mg/day for 23 years). I was cutting the pills in half so I could take them more often to enhance life’s little pleasures as they came along. I did pretty well in life too while doing these. I got a college degree, a pilot’s license, held down a good job, had a stable happy family and so on. Here comes the “but.”

    By cutting the pills in half I was suffering from constant mild withdrawals. And then, even at full dosage I was still always in withdrawal! A higher dosage would be great right? I didn’t think I really had to quit these things because other than enduring the withdrawals, they weren’t negatively affecting my life. Wrong! The permanent withdrawal symptoms and the living of my life totally around my pills was getting worse.

    I was constantly measuring and managing the time limits of each dosage and where I might be for the next one, the planning of which stage of “high” I would be in for any one of life’s situations or event that came along was controlling me. Add this to me keeping all this to myself and being held hostage by the Drs., the planning of vacations around my script etc. showed me who or what was really in control here.

    I’ve had enough! It’s been 7 days now and my symptoms have subsided. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I don’t have them. But I have a big day coming up. It’s time to get my script filled again. Even though I feel a whole lot better now, I am still thing about maybe.

  24. I just came of a cold turkey trial (45mg per day) of oxycodone – even though it is the fast acting, it was terrible for 10 straight days.
    Day 1: Pain, pain, pain in my crushed C3-C4 spinal column.
    Day2: Pain, night sweats.
    Day 3 – 8: Nightmares, no sleep for 4 days, Night sweats. I would actually fall asleep standing up and driving home. I got the chills so bad I couldn’t go to work. Fatigue – took time off work b/c I couldn’t get out of bed. Couldn’t think clearly to write computer code. Considered suicide many nights. Pain actually subsided. I had Xanax for help with withdrawals, but didn’t help.
    Day 8-10: Night Sweats and Nightmares and NO Sleep at all.

    What helped me: I am a Type I diabetic (yeah, not fun) – SWEAT IT OUT. Drink a ton of fluids and cover up in a blanket that soaks up your sweat. You’ll still have nightmares and pain, but you HAVE to get the drug out of your system. I purposely sweated for 2 days straight. Drink water, cover up with blankets, and sweat it out. Also working out upped my serotonin levels and I felt better. I’m clean now and love not being constipated.

  25. After having had a total knee replacement 4 months ago which I found to be one of the most painful operations I have ever had, I was put on oxycodone. Started on 30mg slow release twice a day with 15mg instant for a couple of months. I felt so unwell on them I decided to stop taking them over a week end without consulting my Doctor, it was the worst week end of my life, I have never felt so ill.

    I had sweats, burning skin, insomnia, tears, cramps, breathlessness, all flu like symptoms and I fainted several times. I called my Doctor only to be told that it would be a good idea to go back on a lower dose to help with the withdrawal which, I stupidly did. I was not getting any pain relief from the oxycodone so decided to go cold turkey again. I am on day 4 now, still suffering with diarrhea, terrible cramps in my legs and feet, burning skin, sweats and insomnia being one of the worst as I am so tired all of the time making it virtually impossible to function.

    Pain management after a TKR is vital so that one can get knee to bend and function as quickly as possible, Oxycodone did not work for me, I ended up having to have another operation to get my knee to bend. These last 4 months have been hell and I just hope that I have not done any permanent damage. I hope that I have in some way helped anyone who is feeling lost as I do. Thank you for all of your comments which have made me realize that I am not completely insane, good luck to you all.

  26. After having knee replacement and being given oxycodone, I realized a little over a week after the surgery that something was wrong. I began experiencing intense bouts with deja-va and confusion. THIS was worse even than than the physical pain, which I thought I was more than able to handle. I have now been off the oxycodone for 9 days, and I’m told to expect a 7-10 day “recovery” period. I have an appointment in September to have an EEG to determine if I had a seizure. Why are they waiting SO long? The feedback from anyone with a similar experience would be appreciated.. :)

  27. This is day one of my recovery and it is so hard. I am aching, itching, tired, etc. I just want to get past these physical withdrawals. I am more concerned with the lingering mental effects. I just want to know what it feels like to wake up with no intoxicant in my system. I often wonder how I was able to ever make it through a day with oxy and be happy? I hate this drug.

  28. I never write on the internet…not after getting insanely sick after delivering twins, not with my diagnosis of Crohns, my radical emergency hysterectomy at 33 (I will be 35 on the 15th), not with anemia so bad I had to get weekly IV infusions of iron and not with my recent diagnosis of carpal tunnel and osteoarthritis in my hands…but I am almost 24 hours in and my heart is racing. And this board is so comforting. And anonymous.

    I’ve had 4 surgeries in the last few years, while caring for an older child, younger twins, and working full time. The only thing that helped me feel better from the constant pain of Crohns and most likely regrowth of endometriosis and constant pelvic pain even after my hysterectomy was oxycodone. I even started seeing a pain doctor who I paid a ridiculous amount in cash (only) and when I found myself taking 30-40 mg a day, instead of the prescribed 20 I knew what I had to do. I ran out. I have an appt with him next week that I will be canceling.

    I don’t work over the summer and thankfully it’s a holiday weekend. My husband had no idea and I told him this morning, “I might start to feel a little sick.” I look at my kids and cry. They have been so well taken care of thank God but I feel like a fraud when people tell me how strong I’ve been these last few years. So far I’ve been chilled, stomach issue (used to that one) and I’m normally anxious but definitely more so. Thanks for being out there and making me feel not so alone.

  29. I just wanted to say **thank you** to everyone who shared their stories here. Mine is nowhere near as bad as some of yours, heck it started with a “simple” drug resistant ear infection (that went south). But all your stories of what it’s like and of recovery give me hope I can be back to normal again soon(ish). I’m on day 4 and the worst of it for me has been the completely terrible anxiety/depression/crying/etc.

    The hot/cold flashes/sweats don’t help either, but I’m very glad I’ve missed the pain and GI issues (positive spin right?) Seeing family and getting out (exercise I suppose) when my wife can make me seems to have helped here. She is going now to get some Tyrosine to see if it will help. Anyway just wanted to say thank you for your posts. It helps to hear other people and know your not alone :).

  30. My husband is on Day 3…well almost Day 4. He was taking 10+ 30 mg pills a day. We found out. He is not himself (he has not been for awhile now) and seems easily agitated. He has only slept a couple of hours the last 3-4 days, but he seems exhausted. I just want this to be the last time he goes through this…we go through this.

  31. I was introduced to the blue 30mg oxy devils 9 months ago. Went from taking a quarter of one of those a day to 15-20 / day or 450mg – 600 mg per day in a nine month period, I am lucky to be alive. I stopped cold turkey 16 days ago and the first week was hell, no sleep, diarrhea, nausea, EXTREME anxiety, mood swings, no energy. Week two was a little better although I could not sleep at all and the anxiety was intense. As I begin week 3 my energy has come back, I still have diarrhea and insomnia, fortunately almost all of the anxiety is gone.

    ]This crap can cause hypothyroid which is when your hormones are unbalanced. I had a blood panel drawn and learned of this. It is safe to say I will never touch this crap again as I had no idea how hard core the withdrawal was going to be and the toxicity these things represent to the body. I went to the grocery store yesterday and marveled at how functional everyone seemed and I am not to far away. Guessing I have a few more weeks of this and my symptoms will continue to subside.

    Pedialyte, an electrolyte enhancer was huge during week one and two, pedialyte is for kids but I drank it to make sure I didn’t get dehydrated. Pedialyte is a drink likely found in the diaper section of the grocery store. If anyone has any sleep recommendations I would love to hear them. For those of you in tbe thick of withdrawals, know that you will be much happier after your hellish journey. I love listening to the birds sing in the morning and dud not hear them for nine months, I heard them a few days ago and now everyday which makes me happy.

    Having sensitivity to life is much better than having no sensitivity. I will never go back to oxy, nowhere near as fulfilling on those pills than being present in life. Hopefully this helps someone. Hope is real and recovery, while hard as heck, feels WAY better than anything the pills will give you. Fighting the fight…

  32. I am on day 20 and feeling pretty good I’ve forced myself to go to the gym and work out. My big problem is sleeping. I’ve had cravings but nothing like the first week. I’m trying to learn how to live my life without it which is hard but doable. I had this fear that life would never be OK again. That’s getting much much better. I’ve taken it one day at a time and feel like some days I just want to scream. Sometimes I think this would be so much easier if I could just take a pill and go to sleep. But I’m dealing much better now that I’m going to the gym.

    • Tilly, I have the same problem. I have been off opiates for over a week and still feel half dead. I’m weak, have no desire to do anything, etc. – just lay in bed moaning. I need to feel better after cancer surgery, then knee replacement. I don’t mind the pain of the incisions, etc. – just withdraw pain, yuuuuccccckkkk.

  33. Hi everyone, I am in the same place as a lot of you I have fms, cfs, immune disorders and thick blood which is a cause of pain who would have thought. I had been on oxy the lowest 30 mg a day, on the high side more then likely over 200. I had been on them for 20 or so years. About two weeks ago I have had enough I stepped down a little but for the most part I just did the cold turkey thing.

    The wds not so bad I am used to worse pain even when I have taken a pain pill so this is a walk in the park for me anyway except going to the bathroom way to much. But using some Imodium and an antispasmodic drug I happen to have on hand lots of water and drinking my spinach, fruit, juice and nut drinks help a lot. Now that I have read this page I know it will take longer then expected I was getting a bit frustrated that after 14 days I had not gotten over this bathroom thing, I also am now understanding a few of the other symptoms like confusion throwing a few hissy fits but thank god I think it could be worse.

    Now I know it will take months for my brain to function on its own and that’s OK by me. The thought of taking any pain pill makes me want to… well I would rather stick a fork in my eye. Oh and I have been walking twice a day yes in pain but I don’t care. So yes if you are over this pill crap even if you need it and you can exist with out it meaning if your pain is at all tolerable I highly recommend you trying and know you can do it. Yes it takes me longer to do anything now, but again acceptance is half the battle.

  34. After taking ER and IR Ocycodone or 5 years concurrent with about 11 surgeries, I am finally off of it. It’s been about two months, and the worst withdrawal is over. What lingers is fatigue and some depression. The fatigue can be difficult but I work out every day regardless. My testosterone levels are still low and my doctor has me on TR (Axiron), 30mg x 2/day. Hopefully this will work and the fatigue will diminish.

    The initial withdrawal symptoms were VERY TOUGH. Severe hot flashes. anxiety, diarrhea. The diarrhea was so bad I became dehydrated. Immodium did not work. I took vitamins and probiotics, but even still, it was not helping. The doctor had told me that withdrawal from opiates is “not life threatening”, but I beg to differ given how one could easily dehydrate, lose electrolytes, vitamins, etc. – and add vomiting to that and there is a risk of choking and further dehydration. So don’t ignore these symptoms as they can be serious.

  35. I want to thank all of you for your testimony on this devil of a pill. I’m on day 5 after being on 15mg 6 times a day. My doc put me on the oxycodone after a head on collision by a drunk driver; I dislocated my hip, injured my knee and previously injured neck. I’m a young mother with a 2 year old, I feel like a terrible mother and hate this drug for what its putting me through. I stopped taking oxy approximately 3 weeks after my accident. The first 2 days were hell, as the 3rd-4th day was better.

    I feel lucky to be stopping now so I don’t take these for a substantial amount of time. My symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, bouts of crying, skin crawling, itching. I found this all quite scary being on the medication such a short period of time. So scary I had to quit especially after researching the WD symptoms. I’ve also considered going back to a 12 step meeting. Some of my WD symptoms may be attributed because of prior trauma I have PTSD depression and anxiety.

    But from what research I’ve done everyone WD differently altogether its an awful experience to go through. Again I’d like to thank you all for your stories, they’ve motivated me to get it together and kick these to the curb before it gets. My love and best wishes go out to you all, I hope we can beat this demon.

  36. I have been taking, through pain management, opiates for ten years now on and off. I broke my neck and have back problems and this last round my tolerance went through the roof. I’m on day five of after two years straight of 40 mg to start then in time I have worked my why up to 240 mgs per 24 hour period. I had a really really bad first night. After the first night I could feel little improvements everyday.

    I hurt like really bad but I guess I just know what to expect. Hang in there folks you will all fell better real soon. Myself, I’ll be back on them in a couple months, It’s a vicious cycle I’ll never be able to escape as I have chronic pain that is hard to keep under control. I do these withdrawals, every-so-often, so that I can lower my tolerance back down and then my meds will actually give me some relief Good luck everybody. -David

    • Does the detox really make a difference? How long do you do it for? I’ve been in the pain management world since a near fatal accident 06/08. We switch my Meds around a bunch, to prevent tolerance, but I’m already super tolerant to so many.

    • Dave you bring up a good point. After a car wreck I had both hips total replacement and back surgery. I am off Oxy for 4 months now. Pain so bad lost my job and in wheelchair. Who helps us now? My doctor told me frankly the government monitors so closely and American medical association stresses no narcotic policy, meanwhile I have no quality of life.

  37. I never took and remained on any medication until at the age of 41 I started on Oxy 10mg for a herniated disc in my neck. I had surgery with a plate & 4 screws placed in 2008. I am now in need of another surgery. I have been on these for about 10 months now. At first with only 1-2 a day. Last month I was taking 7-10 a day. I have tapered down and I am currently taking 4-6 a day. I want to get off of the life controlling pills. There have been several times that I ran out before time for my next script.

    Withdrawal for just one day was so unbearable that i had to find more to get me through until time for my next script. I plan to continue to taper down, although that is difficult as well. My system has become used to getting 10mg every 2-4 hours. I am pushing myself to make it through longer stretches without them. I have Zoloft and Klonipin for anxiety. Hopefully these two will help with the anxiety, restlessness and insomnia. I am 11 days away from starting a new job and refuse to take this addiction with me to my dream job.

  38. It took me two weeks for major symptoms to subside, after being on Oxycodone from 2008-2014 because of 11 surgeries, including 6 shoulder surgeries (including 3 total shoulder replacements) and major back surgery. Now that I am off of it, I still have low level fatigue and the pain associated with my surgeries, including arthritis, and complications from 2 failed shoulder replacements, is fairly severe. I have tried NSAIDs but they don’t work and the pill forms make me ill to my stomach.

    Now I have a dilemma…how do I control the pain without going on opiates again, including Suboxone, which contains an addictive opiate in addition to an agnostic? Another issue is PMP/I-STOP, where legal reps for physicians look up patient histories. I was dropped by two physicians because they had seen my history in PMP/ISTOP without understanding my histories of surgeries from multiple physicians. WHAT IS THE ANSWER?

    • Look into neurostimulation for your pain relief. I have 3 compressed discs in my back and this is what my pain management center suggested for me. I have had my implant for a month now and no longer need the oxycodone for pain but I am now feeling the withdrawal from over 3 years of being on it.

  39. I am on Day 2 of coming off Oxycodone. I started taking 10mg every three to 5 hours, two months ago due to having a total knee replacement. I feel sick all day, yawning a lot, hard to concentrate. I am very sensitive to drugs but this sucks! 1 1/2 days closer to being myself!

  40. I’m not sure after reading about your personal withdrawal and the daily mg or length of time you were on opioids fills me with comfort pertaining to my own withdrawals. However I found comfort in your accounts and your strength. The Dr. started me off on Vic’s that over a 5 year time increased in strength and dose. Then I was moved up to Oxy’s 5mg then 20, and now 30 mg, prescribed at 4 times a day. Now after another 5 years on Oxy I take and or snort from 10-15, 30 mg pills a day.

    I only found relief from pain and feel I can cope with the stress of the pills overtaking almost every minute of my life until when they finally knocked me out cold. Of course I would run out before my next doctor appointment, so I would find and buy whatever opioid that I can find just for some relief of the withdrawals. I’m not sure how or why I have not overdosed yet. On all accounts I should of but am thankful I haven’t. I have been working at cutting my intake down.

    I have already pushed away all the supplies that were enjoying my money, while I usually found little relief on what I got over the past several months. So this past week when I ran out I was just OUT. I thought my xannax would help enough and I am more than wrong about that. I can see my Dr. in a few days and get my refill but had no intentions to. Now I think if I want to succeed that I need more of a weaning off process then what I thought I could handle. Because I can not handle this!

    I have a younger child and I have been trying to hide usage and withdrawals from her but now the withdrawals are becoming to severe that she will in fact notice. I have slept a total of about 4 1/2 hrs in 5 days, I hurt but cannot sit still, hands shaking, I don’t know if my heart is in my chest, ears, throat, sometimes even there. I am having extreme anxiety, vomiting, can’t hardly eat because my stomach is so jacked up, and my mind is everywhere and no where all at the same time.

    I have to do this! It is just my child and I, one day I came to realize she will be the one to find me when I can’t wake up. The pain and torture it will cause her for life I can not bear to think of. I want my life back, I used to love being a mother and doing everything together. She has been my light I look at the past 5 days when I wanted one, but I didn’t realize this was going to get worse and possibly last for weeks.

    Please does anyone have any advice for me, other website info, possibly a hotline so I can talk to an adult when it’s really bad and I need someone? ANY and all advice is welcomed. Regardless, how you may want to look at me like it’s my own fault, please remember I want to go back to giving my child the kind of mother she deserves and can look up to. She deserves nothing less. Thank you.

    • Becky Sue, I’m so so sorry to hear what your going through and I’m sorry I’m probably a few days late in trying to help you. The amount of oxy you were taking is an amount that if you go cold turkey like you were doing could be extremely dangerous and you could have a seizure. If you talk to your doctor he will help you taper down. I was on 10/30mg oxies a day and now I am on 4/10mg a day but it took 4 months. If you don’t think you can taper on your own you could go to “detox” to do it. Most rehabs can help you find a detox center. And if you need to go to rehab there are a few that you can have your child with you. I hope you are OK. I know exactly how you feel and after 4 years and a destroyed marriage I had to retake my life. Good luck and God Bless.

      • Wrong. Oxy withdrawal does not cause seizures and is not dangerous unless there are other conditions involved. It’s uncomfortable to say the least, but not dangerous at all. Seizures are caused by benzo or alcohol withdrawal, not opiates.

        • I think you’re in the wrong place here bud… we are all trying to help each other interix, not pretend this is an easy thing to accomplish. Please go tell people how smart you are somewhere that doesn’t affect people’s health. Thanks.

      • Cheryl, I can not move or function with oxycodone however like you I am at 10 x 30mg a day at least. I need to get my tolerance down but need the severe pain I suffer with under control as well. Any suggestions? I have 3 beautiful kids that I need to get back on track for.

  41. I started taking oxycodone in October 2014 for chest pain due to lung cancer, I had surgery in December so I needed hem for my surgery pain. Feb 11th I decided to stop taking these awful pills, I did do the slow withdrawal from 12 a day to 6 , to 3 and finally one a day. The withdrawals for me were terrible and I am still experiencing them. Very anxious mostly in the evening and now it almost week 3 and I am now experiencing cough and dry throat. Feeling better and no more pain, just a few withdrawal side effects. Hopefully all of this will be over soon and I can wake up feeling normal.

  42. Hi i have been on oxycodone for 7 yrs. Its been 1 month and I still feel crappy… Better in withdrawl, but still don’t feel like myself. This is the worst medication on the market… I wonder when I’m gonna feel better.

    • This is my 7th day a month later your own. I do hope your withdrawals have settled some by now. I have been doing a huge amount of research as an aid to help my own withdrawals. I think you might find your answer to the question you asked; when you feel like yourself again, if you research Post Acute Withdrawals or PAW for short. What I have researched does not bring me quick comfort but it may you.

      I do not know your particular situation, nor would ever ask. However, returning to the person you once were, like anything else is mainly a person by person outcome. It will all depend on usage, length of time on meds, and most of all you. You may never have the answer until you are there. I wish you the best in your recovery.

  43. It’s 1 am so technically I’m on Day 6. I have been on pain pills for over 4 years – 10 mg Hydrocodone 4x/day for over 2 years then I had back surgery in March of 2013. I started on 60 mg a day after surgery, gradually going down to 40 after a few months. I did really well taking as prescribed for the first 5 months, then started taking an extra one at night to relax after my husband and kids went to bed.

    Long story short, I started taking more, lying about losing pills and taking up to 100 mg one day. The usual day was 40-60 mg. For the 3 out of the last 4 months I was coming up a week short (28 pills). I started living for them instead of using them to live comfortably without pain. I have quit cold turkey and have been nauseous and restless since. The leg cramps are getting a little better, my pain levels aren’t great but are tolerable.

    I’ve got Xanax so I don’t climb the walls and I’m still restless, irritable and discontent. I’m not eating much or drinking much either and falling asleep is a challenge. I know once the physical symptoms subside, the mental part will be the hardest. Right now I’m just taking it one moment at a time. When I do finally go to bed, I know that in spite of the withdrawal, it has been a great day because I survived without any Oxy.

    I’m going to get to a 12 step program BC I need to be around like-minded people who have already gone through this. I need to draw from the experience, strength and help. Best wishes for long-term recovery to all on this path of sobriety and self-discovery. God knows I’m not who I used to be 5 years ago before this saga started. I want to be her again. I want to LIVE not merely exist.

    • Kellie I would enjoy writing with you and would welcome any or all responses from you. I too am a mother and it sounds like we have a lot in common except my daily mg intake is a bit higher and it has been a 10 year saga of pills for me. I would say it didn’t get “bad” for me until they moved me to Oxy’s. I ran out this month 2+ weeks early and decided I was not going to go find or buy any more to get me through. I am on day 7 only you have a month on me.

      I also take Xanax but only the lowest form. It was ok for me to use them to cope until now that I’m quitting the Oxy’s. I have not talked with my Dr. about any of this yet because I need the Xanax especially now and the Soma’s I take for my back that the DEA decided to classify as a narcotic Jan. 1st. If I do he will probably do to me as he has others and cut them off of everything cold turkey. I can’t handle all at once. I am curious about the meeting and since I have no support at home I also need a 12-step program and/or support group or at least someone who understands.

      I am married by he works out of town and his only comment when I said I am going to quit was, then just stop, why are you read about it? He has no clue what it feels like nor how hurtful it was for him to show no care or understanding. I will offer you my email if you would like to chat about this or maybe the children to take our minds off of the other. Whatever, I will leave it up to you. [email protected]. I hope this finds you well and still on the way to recovery.

      • I’m from Florida, the “pill mill” of the US…essentially the world. I abused oxy for 3 years and one day I had 100$ to my name and week until payday. I was all alone in my addiction, I guess you could call me a functioning addict. The only person who knew was a buddy who I’d use with occasionally. I decided to go to a urgent care that day and tell someone the truth.

        It’s so hard to do this by yourself and I recommend anyone to tell others even though it’s embarrassing. The doctor was initially hard on me but after submitting to a urine analysis and seeing the true despair in my eyes he gave some options. 1st he said he Hates suboxone because anyone he ever put on it found a way to abuse it and/or discontinued soon after starting. 2. Methadone… I took this recommended option and over 9 months, including therapy I weened down to 0 mg a day.

        The withdraws in the end weren’t bad, possibly causing me to seek OC again a year later once I moved to Oregon. However the mental aspect was terrible. Not always or even everyday but the cravings were horrible (I’M NOT A DR) but while getting degree in psychology I took a psychoactive drugs class…Mental issues experienced during withdrawals in the long run have been proven to as much 90% of what makes it so hard. So those still in great amounts of discomfort stay strong!

        A year after I moved to Oregon I met some people using opiates and BC of how easy my withdrawals were (my opinion) I couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t remember the BAD! That was 4 years ago, somewhere between 60-200mg a day, and thousands of dollars. I just moved back to Florida 2 weeks ago with the mindstate that it didn’t matter how long it will take, 7-8 years spent clouded. It’s officially day 11 for me and even though it’s Florida I haven’t craved at all except to be past the physical symptoms.

        (I will share those briefly for those out there with long term usage / denial). Stomach pains / diarrhea for a week. Knees and legs either ache or are restless. Sweats, irritability, anxiety…etc. The worst for me and it’s still affecting me is the sleepless nights. Day 4-8 I slept only 2.5 hours and my head felt like it was on fire. I went to an urgent care and my blood pressure was 3 times what it should be for a 30 year old person. So be aware that your BP can too be affected and cause other issues like sleepless nights.

        I’ve done the ween method with a dr and I’m now going cold turkey. Only you know you and either might be better. For me, I know I’m not as mentally strong (not an IQ thing) as some of us, certain people can handle stress better than others so again I encourage everyone dealing with these issues to tell someone…show them the research and help them understand so they can truly be there for you. The first go-round my fiancé didn’t understand and was angry.

        The second time she was disappointed (but so are you, we are all better than this) but she put the effort in to understand and it’s made all the difference. Unfortunately for anyone who is reading this you and I will always be addicts and will ALWAYS struggle with sobriety. Last thoughts, as I read everyone’s testimonials I still tear up because unless you are or have been an addict you truly can’t understand and I can Feel your pain. For me cold turkey seems to have actually be beneficial to me for the mental stress BC after day 5 everyday is better!

        5 days felt like 5 years but it’s almost day 12 and I can live normally and truly the pain has made the difference. Who would ever want to put themself back In this position? Before now I was embarrassed to tell people or seek out NA or something like that but I’m attending a local NA at a church. I’m not religious, that’s not what all NA’s are about but not feeling alone does wonders for your mind. Know that thousands if not more people are struggling just like you and I, feeling shame and loneliness.

        Keep strong and find someone who you can trust. If I can, everyone can! Every story I’ve read makes me sad because I empathize so strongly with your pain and struggle, anyone who reads this is my brother or sister and I wish all of you courage and strength. 2 weeks to 2 months seems like eternity but when you consider the possibility of having control of the rest of your life, it’s worth the struggle!

    • I understand how horrible it is to get off of Oxy but I would like to warn you about Xanax. It also is addicting and trying to come off of that about drove me insane. I suffer with Panic Stress Disorder and was prescribed Xanax. It helped my Panic attacks but took all my energy. After 6 months or so I decided to come off cold turkey and was almost convinced suicide was the only answer. The doctor put me on a couple different depression/anxiety medicines that have helped me so much. I’m only telling you this because I would hate for you to go through all your going through only to have it to do again to get off Xanax. Best of luck to you!

      • Please beware of Xanax. A much worse issue than oxy; I have had experience with both due to back pain so bad it forced me into early retirement. Xanax withdrawal can be fatal. I was on prescription Xanax, taking it as prescribed, and had no idea how dangerous it was. I got the flu and was so sick, I let my prescription expire. I had no idea that anything bad would happen. I have never been so sick in my life. I ended up spending 10 days in hospital, including three in intensive care. Beware Xanax. I think it is perhaps the most dangerous legal drug on the market.

  44. Day 10 for me. I have a business and family that depend on me so am doing it myself. Started slow about a year ago when my father passed away. Increased to 100 to 150 mg per day. I made a very solid commitment to quit, I will never take another opiate in my life. Maybe end stage cancer or the like. Day 1 and 2 were bad, days 3, 4 and 5 were really bad. I don’t remember much of that period. Day 6 was way better, day 7 was great comparatively.

    Last night (day 9) I actually slept 4 1 /2 hours. Evenings and nights were worst for me. Cramps, RLS, extreme fatigue. near manic restlessness. I would fight my best then go jog around the block off and on all night. I am not a very strong person but when I finally hit the end I somehow found it. I have had no craving at all which surprised me. I am improving daily and in a few months I believe this awful time in my life will be a receding memory.

    • Great job Jeff! Day 4 for me. Started from a severe car accident that I miraculously lived through. I started with oycontin 20s, and climbed as I became more and more tolerant. 60mg Oxycodone along with a handful of other junk to keep the pain at bay. Day 1, I made it though, didn’t do much. Day 2 & 3 were OK during the day, restless and darn uncomfortable. But night, nights are horrible for me!! Restless isn’t the word…it’s far worse. Anxious… I hope this goes away soon… ?

  45. Due to severe radicular pain in my shoulder, arm, and hand resulting from a back problem, for the past three weeks I was taking 5 mg Oxycodone two to three times a day. I finally convinced my neurosurgeon to prescribe a tapered dose prednisolone pack and within 24 hours the severe pain was gone. Last Thursday (today is Sunday) was the last day I had any and that was just one 5 mg pill. All weekend I have been feeling a very high level of anxiety, depression, and angst; emotions I usually do not experience to such a prolonged extreme.

    I initially attributed it to the very stressful job I have but the thought crossed my mind this might be Oxycodone withdrawal. Relative to the doses I understand others have taken, would 10-15 mg a day for three weeks be enough to cause such a high level of anxiety, angst, and depression? If so, typically how long for it to settle down? Also, do Hydrocodone and Tramadol, albeit less effective, have such unpleasant withdrawal symptoms?

    • Yes smaller doses over a short period of time can cause withdrawal but they should stay fairly mild and over in five or six days, 10 at most. Hang in there you’ll be OK real soon. Because you know you didn’t take much Oxy your brain tricks you and makes you think you have the flu or something. You never suspected it was the Oxy doing it to you. Been there. done that, many time. I wish you a quick recovery. High dose withdrawal is a different ballgame, you’ll know real fast why you’re so sick.

      • I thought taking only 5 mg twice a day wasn’t much. But for two days, I didn’t have any in my system and I was really sick. I was on Amox/Aug antibiotic for a sinus infection and I thought me feeling really bad was due to that – taking an antibiotic and steroid for the sinus/ear infection was making me nauseated and feeling bad. But on first full day without oxy, I was yawning a lot and runny nose. Then today, I had severe nausea, stomach cramps, lots of lower GI distress, joint pain. Could this be withdraw from such a low dose of oxy? I’m sure it could be a combination of things.

        • Hi Ann, I am in the process of weaning myself off 60mg of oxycodone per day. Have got down to 30mg in a week, and am having all the same symptoms you describe. Looking at all the info on the net they seem to be pretty standard, just got to stick with it. Good luck. -Dee

          • 09 orthopedic surgeries since 2012. Former US Army Ranger. I am wrecked. Was on Cotin for 6 months. Stopped. Almost died. On 4 X 15 Oxycodone a day plus patch a day since 2012. Pain Vs Oxy? Not sure where to go. What is the answer? When will they cut me off? Who knows. Probably when I suck start a model 1911.

  46. I’m on day 3 of oxycodone W/D. Today is definitely better than yesterday! I been using anywhere from 30-60mgs a day for about 6 months. The stomach stuff wasn’t too terrible. It’s the sweats, body aches, sleeplessness, & restlessness that’s really getting to me. How long is it going to take before I actually feel tired? I close my eyes after a long day with 2 babies & fight to get some sleep!

  47. I’m on day 5 of self withdrawal. I’ve been having extreme anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, nightmares, leg pain, diarrhea and mood swings. Crying bouts to calmness back to crying then anger or feeling like I’m going to lose my marbles to suicidal thoughts like shooting myself in the head of finding a bridge to jump off of. I was taking 40mg a day for 3 months. Been taking half of celexa to limit panic attacks and mood swings. I have 2 kids that depend on me so I have to kick this.

    It is awful. Hopefully in another week and a half I will be myself again. My skin crawls and it feels like someone invaded my brain for the worse. I feel OK right now and it’s 9 PM. Most of these effects happen in the morning and continue into the afternoon, tapering down by 6 PM. Keep optimistic folks, it’s a hard road quitting cold turkey, but it’s the only way IMO to take your mind and body back and rid it of this crap. Good luck to all and God bless.

    • Hi all, I have been reading all of your posts and I’m getting scared. I am a quadriplegic so cold turkey is out of the question. As a quadriplegic you already have night sweats, spasms and intended feelings of cold from dysreflexia (causes blood pressure to drop or go extremely high) and you can die from it. So getting off four 30 mg. of oxy will be difficult.

      I feel like dying when I go down just a little. I am so afraid to take this step. I am used to feeling sick but I can’t take the depression, insomnia and no energy. Do any of you take methadone? Any advice would be welcomed. I am very proud of those of you getting off this horrible drug and will pray for you.

  48. I had knee surgery earlier this year and was on oxycodone for the pain. Ever since I no longer needed them I have had panic attacks. I stopped taking them back in May of this year. Is it normal for this to happen? I was really intolerant of Vicodin and wonder if this could be related to my sensitivities. If you have any answers for me I would appreciate answers.

  49. I am on day nine. I have fibromyalgia and i had been taking 20 mg every 3-4 hours, usually 3 times a day and sometimes 4 times a day. This drug took over my life. I have taken Oxy for 15+ years. I started out taking them for migraines occasionally, but have been taking them on a daily basis for fibromyalgia about a year now and I started requiring more and more for the past 6 months. I quit cold turkey.

    Day 1 was agonizing! I couldnt get warm no matter how many blankets I piled on me. The pain was so intense I pretty much cried every waking moment. Day 2, I was so exhausted and anxious, and the pain was still excruciating. I had been staying with my mom so she could watch me to make sure I was ok. The anxiety and pain were still very prevalent on day five, but I missed home, and my memory foam bed, so I went home. For a few days I had to stay in my bedroom with relaxation music ( Pandora is awesome!) and my xanax because I was so hypersensitive and out of sorts I couldnt handle anything.

    On day 7, I woke up pain and anxiety free, which felt so amazing! I didn’t realize how addicted I was to this drug and how it had taken over my life. What a blessing it was to have a clear head! I feel so very happy now and im am actually begining to function like a human being again….amazing! So, as I mentioned earlier, I am on day 9. The majority of my withdrawal symptoms have ceased. I am still experiencing horrible night sweats, nerve pain (the fibro will never go away), anorexia, restless legs, some anxiety, headaches, a stuffed up runny nose, and extreme insomnia.

    I know these things get better with time, so I keep reminding myself of that. My pain level has gone from way beyond a 10 to mostly just a 2, which is very tolerable. I’m just waiting for the rest of my withdrawal symptoms to go away….maybe by day 14. I just want you all to know that there is life after oxy withdrawal, and it is wonderful not to be a slave to the oxy! Hang in there! -Cakegirl

    • That’s great after 15 years. Really brave of you. I’ve been using 20 mg 3 to 4 times a day for a year and half. I know what you mean about being cold especially when it’s 80 degrees in CA. Well it’s day 4 for me after a week of prior tapering because my doctor took a two week vacation. What a blessing I want my life back. I’m sick of begging for it from the doctor and then the pharmacies won’t fill it anyway and you have shop around. I’m so damn tired of it. I’m going to make it. -5150 rocker

      • Amy I too have fibromyalgia and I also suffer with migraines. I have had the migraines since I was six and the fibro started back in the late 90s. About 10 years ago I was taken off Vicodin and put on Oxycontin. I started at 40mg 2 times a day and ultimately reached a max of 200mg a day (4 – 20mg and 3 – 40mg).

        I am now down to my last 2 20mg pills which will be gone by Friday. I have many of the symptoms listed above, but right now the worst is the tingling/crawling feeling that is going through my body and on and under my skin. It is keeping me awake and is active 24/7 now. Having taken the large quantity I was taking seems to conclude that I will be going through withdrawal for a long time.

        I am not sure I can take a week of this feeling. I don’t mind the cold flashes, it is the constant feeling like something is crawling around on my nerves and I can’t get to it to get some relief. I am also on Clonidine because my doctor said it have been proven effective in helping with withdrawal problems. Initially it did as I was coming off the 20mg pills while staying on the 40mg version.

        I set out a plan with my doc to eliminate the 40mg pills (3/day) over a period of a month. To further extend an easy way to gradually get off the drug, I then went from 3 40s a day to 3 20s a day. Then we went to 2 a day and now I am down to 1 20 a day. I am praying that once the last pill is taken on Friday my recovery will come quickly.

        I truly empathize with your problems and condition. I am seriously thinking about joining one of the many groups pushing for medical marijuana because people with cancer, fibro, headaches, etc should be able to use the medicines within plants that God placed on this earth. Hopefully you will completely whole soon. Thanks for your input.

        • I agree with you so much I have went through throat cancer never smoked and definitely not against smokers. I’ve had 3 fusions in my back and most recent 4 weeks ago and a year ago one in my neck. So for the ones of us that truly need something to alleviate the pain why not use something God put on this earth to use for all kinds of good things? Why not legalize it?

          Dr’s are telling people with chronic pain over 15 years oh your just addicted we need to take you off of it. When I’m supposed to be getting exercise all I want to do is stay in bed and hope I can make it through another one. I broke today I had to get something done. Instead you’re not hurting we’re going to totally cut you off… have fun with the withdrawals.

          To those that have made it and feel better congratulations. For the ones of us without a choice, what do you do? If it was grown here to use, let’s use it… Thank you for your post.

    • After injuring my back and having to cease work I went on the medication roundabout. 14 years on oxy, Gabapentin, Valium, Norspan, endone, left me wracked in pain needing more and higher doses until I decided to bite the bullet and go cold turkey. It’s been 8 weeks now and I feel like death warmed up with chronic relentless pain, stomach feels like it’s been turned inside out and I’m so sick of having the runs.

      I also picked up dengue fever from a trip to Bali 8 weeks ago, so combine the two and I understand how you are feeling Cake Girl. I am still frozen to the bone even now and even though having hot bath twice a day. The GP tells me that things will come good in time but it’s already been 2 months of suffering chronic fatigue symptoms.

      Only got out of bed to go to the toilet and have just started walking the block and it feels like I have never walked before. Hang in there folks and I will keep you posted. Good luck!

    • I hate to tell you this, but the Xanax you are taking is harder to get off of than Oxycodone and heroin. Your head is far from being 100% “clear”. Ask me, I was turned away from 4 Behavioral Clinics, as I begged them to help me get off Xanax that was prescribed incorrectly. “We do not want the liability of the doctor that did this to you”….that’s rich!

      That doctor got several Consent Orders by CT PUBLIC HEALTH, as he did it to many. All they did was switch me off of Xanax to Klonopin. It’s still a benzo. Funny doctors have zero concern for people taking THE MOST PRESCRIBED addictive drug on the planet. Steven Tyler went to rehab a half a dozen times, and he can afford the best out there.

      Shame on all the doctors out there that put us on this crap, then insult and label us. NOT one of you would help me at all, and of course my insurance does not cover in patient detox. I am in my first 24 hours of taking last 10 mgs of oxycodone, after 20 years. I tapered very slowly and this time, I do not feel that achy feeling, that made me so miserable. Using my cannabis vape pen that has high CBD’s in it.

      If I was not in our states medical MJ program, I would never be able to do this myself. Redirect yourself to go outside and walk or ride a bike.

    • I needed to read this. I’m on day 3 and I feel like I’m dying and it’s never going to get better. The physical and mental effects are brutal!! One day at a time, one hour at a time.

      • Hi Jennifer. I am on day 8 >the first 5 days are hell. This is one nasty mean drug. It doesn’t like to let go easy.Lots of hot baths and try to walk it off, little by little we will win. My prayers are with you along with everyone on this site.

  50. Hi. There peeps. I Was hit by a semi head on in 2007. I was busted up pretty bad. Lower back 4 ribs shoulder torn. Cuts glass even 3 years later picking glass out my head. Well I tell you about oxycontin. It ruined my life. Lost so many jobs and self respect. Doctors in Canada gave me 2 20 mg Oxy a day. Well within 1 year I was taking 6- 40s a day and always runnin out a week early. I am 44 now and fighting this habit now. That’s all it is… the last week my beautiful 26 year old lady is tired of me taking that sh#t.

    So I got my doses dropped to 2- 40s a day fot 2 weeks then the past week I gave my meds to her she’s cut me down to 10 mg 5 times a day. Thursday I toke my last 2 10s at 2 o’clock. And I am taking vitamins a glass of water with 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and T 1s. I never slept much last night but got up at 630am. Had my vitamins, my drink, Imodium and I feel lost. I know I can go get more but why prolong this hell of a life. They did ban real Oxys up here in Canada but you can get generic Oxys. I wish they never did have this brand it should be banned. Anyway, I am not going to get more pills today I’m going to get it out of my system.

    • PaulyD, I hope you’re doing better than your last post. I just saw this and had to comment. I was on 30 mg 3 times a day of Oxycodone. I have really bad back. I came to realize that as you pointed out in your post, your body needs more and more to get the same pain relief. It gets to the point that you end up in pain anyway, and you end up,yakking he meds to keep the withdrawals at bay. It’s like they create a nre problem instead of solving the original one.

      Stay at it bro. It’s not easy and it’s not quick. But it took a while to get here so you need to measure your progress in small,increments. Tis Tuesday 12/09 will be 5 weeks and I’m still anxious and have trouble sleeping. But the symptoms have gone from unbearable, to just annoying. Take your life back and learn form this. I know I have. I thought I was the one in control, boy was I wrong. I did it for me, and I did it for my wife and two daughters. It effects everyone so everyone is rooting for you as am I. Let me know how you do. -Kevin

      • My husband was on Oxy extended release 30 mg 2 times a day for about 5 years for chronic back pain. He went through a detox facility for 2 weeks. He is home now starting week 4. He has insomnia so bad. He is not sleeping at all and hasn’t in about 2 weeks. He might doze off for 15 minutes if he is lucky. He is getting so frustrated. We tried melatonin and another natural herb that was suppose to help him sleep but they made him feel jittery and didn’t not help him sleep at all. Does anyone have any suggestions of anything he can do to help him sleep?? He is so frustrated and going crazy. Thanks!!

        • Laurie Michelle, I went through the same thing as your husband. Sorry to say, there’s really nothing you can do. Your body you not let you sleep at this time. It is going through a lot pushing all of that poison out of his system.

          The best thing he can do is get up when he can’t sleep and find something to do even in the middle of the night. He will be a lot less frustrated and it will take his mind off of not sleeping. Officially your body will rest for a nighter to attend the assembly will come back for a few more days. I truly hope this helps.

        • Of course that’s not my real name – but in my house we use UniSom Sleep Gels as a sleep aid. UniSom and marijuana. I generally take it around an hour before bed and it works like a charm. It’s probably good for at least a five to six hour nap. Shampoo, rinse, repeat… you should probably drop it after catching up on your ZZs (a week?) as it too can be dependence-causing.

    • I was in a car accident and took oxycodone for about 3 months. The most I ever took was 5 mg 5 times in a day and that was early on. I tapered back to 3 a day then two then 1 1/2, then 1, then 3/4, then 1/2. I asked my doctor for something to help and was given clonidine. It might be helping. I’m not sure. But I have all these symptoms everyone else is describing – anxiety, palpitations, stomach pain, no diarrhea, which surprised me, but I have insomnia and night sweats.

      I’ve been on the clonidine for 3 days and stopped taking oxy at 2.5 mg that I had taken in the morning the two days before. These drugs are horrific. I cannot imagine what those of you who have had higher doses have gone through because I’m having a really hard time. In fact, I’m writing this because I woke up at 3:15 in the morning with sweats and wide awake. I am going to exercise tomorrow. The best thing about reading the withdrawal symptoms is that I no longer feel like I’m dying – I see these are normal symptoms, but they still suck.

      • Wow. So glad to have just read this. I had ACDF surgery six weeks ago. The doctor had put me on OxyContin and oxycodone for good reason – pain. I asked after one week if I could stop and switch to something and the nurse insisted I stay on it. At three weeks (only three weeks!) I tried to just stop. It was AWFUL.

        I had almost every symptom listed. I had no idea that could even happen. The nurse told me to stay on but the doctor said I could wean off the OxyContin and then the oxycodone. Not succinctly. I am STILL weaning off – down to 2 of the 5 mg per day and believe it or not I still have withdrawal symptoms but I figure I have to suffer a little or else I would have to take another to get rid of the symptoms.

        Tomorrow I go to one a day then I am just stopping. This has wreaked havoc on my life in such a short time at such low doses. I can’t imagine the suffering others must have on higher doses for extended periods. I wish someone had informed me sooner. I was lucky to speak to someone who could assure me this is temporary and I wasn’t losing my mind!

        • Hi, I am currently (today) where you were on the 28th, how are you doing, I would like to know just for the fact as what I went through last night. I gave up at about 1 am this morning and took another 5mg and finally calmed down enough to sleep for about 6 hours. First of all I hope you are doing better, secondly what can I expect. I will know now to never take this drug again, the pain will be lots easier to deal with then this drug (oxycodone).

          • I have been taking oxycodone (q.i.d.) for the last 25 years. I am in day 3 of quitting. I am struggling but I will make it. Don’t know what the other side looks like. I will let you know when I get there. Thanks for the forum.

    • They didn’t ban oxy in canada… that’s false information. Purdue had to reformulate oxycontin to make it more tamper-resistant. It’s now called oxyneo. Or oxypurdue in the states (hence the OP and ON markings on the pills). Generics aren’t available in the states but thank God they are in canada, because the new oxyneo formula isn’t nearly as effective and makes me extremely nauseous. I get the apotex generics which are almost identical to the original oxycontin, and are half the price of the new oxyneo. Way more effective, way less side effects, and way cheaper. Oxyneo is trash.

      • Thank you all for posting. I feel better about fighting this garbage. I was only on the stuff for 3 days as I had surgery on my neck…I am dealing with the first 24hrs after stopping at this moment and thought I was dying. I went from 2 5mg oxycodone 4 times a day, dropped to 1 4 times a day, then a half on the 3rd day.

        All in all I only had 20 tablets and I never want to see this stuff again. God Bless you all. Stay strong. Keep fighting. Pharmaceutical companies are just profiting off of their own produced pain. I love you all.


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