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Wellbutrin (Bupropion) Withdrawal Symptoms: How Long Do They Last?

Wellbutrin (Bupropion) is a drug that is used for the treatment of depression as well as to help people quit smoking. It has become a very popular medication to treat depression because it is considered to have a minimal side effect profile compared to many other drugs. Wellbutrin is not associated with weight gain, a loss of sex drive, and loss of energy like many other antidepressants. It works as a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor (NDRI) as opposed to most conventional antidepressants which target serotonin.

It has become a popular off-label treatment option for chronic fatigue, sexual dysfunction, and weight loss. It is also considered a popular antidepressant augmentation strategy when used in conjunction with an SSRI. The only major side effect associated with this drug is an increase in risk of having a seizure. The medication also operates as a nicotonic receptor agonist – which explains why it helps people quit smoking. In some cases, it is even used for the treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (read more: Wellbutrin for ADHD).

Since this drug has such a low side effect profile compared to many other medications, many people try it first before SSRI’s. Although this drug has been used by many people, not everyone has a positive reaction to the drug. Others that are on it for awhile may want to come off of it and experience life naturally without the influence of an antidepressant. If you plan on withdrawing, it is important to be aware of the potential symptoms that you may experience.

Factors that influence Wellbutrin withdrawal include

As with any drug, there are various factors that are thought to influence the withdrawal process. The amount of time that you took the drug, the dosage that you took, your individual physiology, and whether you tapered all can influence the time it takes for you to recover back to “normal.”

1. Time Span

How long were you taking Wellbutrin? If you were only on it for a few weeks, you may be able to quit cold turkey without any major withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, if you were on this drug for over a year or many years, the withdrawal process will likely be more difficult. Generally the longer you are on this medication, the more gradually you should taper off of it to minimize with withdrawal effects.

2. Dosage (100 mg, 150 mg, 300 mg) + Subtype (IR, SR, XL)

The dose that you took of Wellbutrin can be significant when it comes to withdrawal. If you were on the highest possible dose, you are going to need to conduct a gradual taper to avoid most withdrawal effects. Besides the dose, you also need to recognize that there are a few different subtypes of this medication:

  • Wellbutrin IR (Immediate Release)
  • Wellbutrin SR (Sustained Release)
  • Wellbutrin XL (Extended Release)

The “IR” version stands for “immediate release” – these tend to be shorter acting than the other two subtypes. The “SR” version is “sustained release” and typically is taken twice throughout the day, while the “XL” version is “extended release” and only taken once a day. It is generally going to be easier to come off of the SR version because you can simply reduce the pills.

3. Cold turkey vs. Tapering

It is always recommended to conduct a gradual taper off of Wellbutrin to minimize withdrawal symptoms. Most people conduct a gradual taper by reducing their dosage 25 mg to 50 mg every 2 weeks. If you are on the XL version, the pill only comes in doses of 150 mg and 300 mg. Since you cannot simply “cut” the extended release version, you may want to switch over to the IR (immediate-release) to conduct a proper taper. If you notice a significant amount of withdrawal symptoms, taper at a slower rate.

Unless you have been taking Wellbutrin for a very short period of time, it is never recommended to quit “cold turkey.” Many people have simply quit “cold turkey” without any major side effects – including myself, but many people have experienced exacerbated withdrawals because they did not taper. It’s usually best to err on the side of caution and gradually wean yourself off of Wellbutrin.

4. Individual Physiology

It is important to point out that everyone reacts differently to these medications. Your nervous system, your environment, and your social support will all play a role in helping you through withdrawal. Believe it or not, there are people out there who barely even notice when they stop taking Wellbutrin because they exhibit “zero withdrawal” symptoms.

Yet there are other people who haven’t even taken the medication for a long term period and they exhibit very difficult withdrawal symptoms. Understand that everyone is different and you can’t really compare your journey through withdrawal with that of another person.

Wellbutrin Withdrawal Symptoms

Since everyone has a unique experience in regards to drug withdrawal, symptoms are subject to variation. Some people may experience anxiety and lethargy, while others may experience crying spells and body aches. You may experience everything on this list, a few symptoms, or nothing at all. This is just a collective of symptoms that have been reported during withdrawal from Wellbutrin.

  • Anger: Many people experience anger and sometimes “rage” when they quit taking this medication. I remember when I stopped taking it I felt pretty angry and more impulsive than I usually do. If you have become crabby within the first week of stopping this drug, it is likely a result of the withdrawal.
  • Anxiety: Some people become pretty anxious when they stop taking Wellbutrin. In most cases while on this medication, anxiety tends to increase. However, some people also experience an increase when coming off of it. Although an anxious response upon withdrawal may seem counterintuitive, it’s very possible.
  • Body aches: It is pretty common to experience general muscle aches and pains throughout the body when coming off of Wellbutrin. These may be uncomfortable for a few days, but will eventually subside. If they are difficult to deal with, make sure you are getting plenty of rest, water, and consider taking some over-the-counter pain relief.
  • Crying spells: You may want to cry all day when you first stop taking this medication. This is because your emotions are running rampant and your depression may have come back full force. In fact the depression that you experience during withdrawal may be even more severe than before you started the drug. Realize that the crying is normal to experience during withdrawal.
  • Depersonalization: While taking this drug you may feel “depersonalized” or unlike yourself. When you stop taking it, you may continue to experience this symptom. It will eventually go away. If you panic about feeling this way, it may continue to make it worse.
  • Depression: Many people feel good on the Wellbutrin and when they quit taking it, their depression rears its ugly head again. Realize that withdrawal from any medication is going to result in depression – usually pretty severe. This is because your neurotransmitter levels have not stabilized. Some people mistakenly think their depression is “worse” after the medication when really it’s a result of a chemical imbalance caused by withdrawal.
  • Dizziness: Nearly all antidepressant withdrawals are associated with feelings of dizziness. If you feel dizzy when coming off of this drug, you are not alone. Most people experience some sort of dizziness and in some cases vertigo as a result of their withdrawal. This is just a sign that your body was expecting the drug and it is no longer receiving it so it reacts by making you dizzy.
  • Fatigue: Since this medication has a stimulating effect and tends to give people a lot of energy, it is common to experience fatigue, lethargy, and sleepiness when someone quits this drug. For most people, the fatigue will subside within a few weeks. This is because this drug was inhibiting dopamine reuptake and norepinephrine – now you no longer have that going on.
  • Headaches: During withdrawal, many people report feeling headaches – some to the point of migraines. If you are struggling with a withdrawal headache, the best thing you can do for yourself is rest, drink plenty of water, and relax.
  • Increased appetite: Being on this medication tends to make people have less of an appetite.  When they quit taking it, their appetite returns to normal and they eat more.  This is associated with a weight gain that people experience when they quit Bupropion.
  • Insomnia: Although most people experience insomnia while on Wellbutrin, it is also possible to experience it while coming off of the drug. During any withdrawal, your body and brain are trying to restore normal function without the drug. Therefore you may have difficulty falling asleep at night.
  • Irritability: Many people become irritable when they come off of an antidepressant. Wellbutrin tends to do a great job at making people feel less depressed and more energetic. When you take away the antidepressant effect and reduce a person’s energy, they may become irritable.
  • Lack of coordination: During the withdrawal period, your coordination may become “off” and you may have difficulties performing tasks. Not everyone experiences this, but if you notice that your coordination seems off, you may want to stay away from heavy machinery and/or driving until it returns.
  • Libido changes: Some people report that their libido decreases during withdrawal from Wellbutrin. This is due to the fact that while they were on the medication, it actually increased their sex drive – in some cases to the point of “hypersexuality.” When quitting this medication, you may notice a temporary drop in sexual interest.
  • Nausea: Many people report feeling nauseated when they quit taking Wellbutrin. This goes hand-in-hand with vomiting that people experience. The nausea may become so extreme that it causes a person to throw up. This symptom may last for awhile before you feel less nauseated.
  • Seizures: One tricky symptom that needs to be highlighted is that of seizures. If you are susceptible to seizures, you should have never taken this medication in the first place. Anyways some people end up taking this medication for awhile, withdraw too quickly and experience seizures. Although these aren’t common, they do happen which is why you should always withdraw gradually with caution.
  • Vomiting: It has been reported that some people end up vomiting during their withdrawal process. This is simply a natural reaction to the body trying to respond to no longer having the drug for functioning.
  • Weight gain: Wellbutrin is an antidepressant that causes weight loss in many people that take it. It does this by speeding up the body’s natural metabolic response while simultaneously decreasing appetite. It has a stimulating effect for most people which also promotes activity. When people quit, their metabolism returns to a baseline, their full appetite returns, and they may become lethargic – a recipe for weight gain.

Note: It is understood that Wellbutrin stays in your system for days after your last dose.  The bupropion itself is eliminated usually within 5 days, but its active metabolites can take up to 10 days for elimination.  For this reason, discontinuation symptoms may become most noticeable after being drug-free for 5-10 days.

How long does Wellbutrin withdrawal last?

For most people, the withdrawal symptoms will depend on how long they took Wellbutrin and how quickly they tapered off of it. It can be difficult for someone who has been on this medication for years to come off of it without experiencing significant withdrawal symptoms. For other individuals the withdrawal process is very minimal and may last just a few days before the majority of symptoms subside. It is common to report withdrawal symptoms lasting up to 8 full weeks following their last dose of Wellbutrin.

Some individuals have experienced symptoms that persist for up to 90 days (3 months) following their last dose of this drug – this is evidence that everyone recovers at a different pace. I personally have been on this medication and for me it was among the easiest antidepressants to withdraw from. Although for me there were withdrawal symptoms, they were nothing compared to my experience quitting Paxil cold turkey and withdrawal from other SSRI’s. Keep in mind that everyone is different and may experience different reactions.

One person that has been on the drug for years and decides to quit may exhibit discontinuation symptoms for months following their last dose of Wellbutrin. In order to speed up the withdrawal process and eradicate any symptoms you are experiencing, it is recommended to engage in healthy activities that promote recovery. Make sure you are getting plenty of exercise, eating a healthy diet, and getting outside for some sunlight. Do your best to socialize with friends and family, and stay as productive as you can. For most individuals, they will return to normal mental functioning within a couple of weeks.

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202 thoughts on “Wellbutrin (Bupropion) Withdrawal Symptoms: How Long Do They Last?”

  1. Bupropion 150 mg twice a day. Hello everyone. Today is day 6 since I started taking this drug. I was noticing symptoms yesterday and today. Shaking, tremors, being in a fog. I didn’t want to drive even. The reason this was given to me is about 6 months ago my kid brother died of a heart attack, we were very close since our retirements from work.

    Anyway his death hit me like a ton of bricks, just settling his affairs is a ton of work with complications. I would cry when something reminded me of him out of the blue, it wouldn’t last long. I have many hobbies since retiring, didn’t want to do any of them, recently from the stress of this situation my doctor prescribed this for me to give me some get up and go.

    My doctor knows me well, we’re friends and I have been seeing him for 17 years. I go every 2 months to stay on top of my blood pressure. Anyway, I got worried noticing these symptoms coming on and wanted to research about the drug and about getting off this drug. Thanks for all the contributions here, you folks are great. I think I would rather work out my emotional problems by myself instead of being on another drug.

    I take 5 pills for the blood pressure, for about 20 years now. Frankly, I am sick and tired of drugs. The side effects some of you experience seem horrible to me. I am supposed to go back to the doctors in 3 weeks, but I don’t know if I want my body to have 3 more weeks of this drug. So, I will see the doc this week, tell him what I think of this med, tell him I want off it and see what he says.

    Thanks for all your comments, it’s a big wake up call for me. If you folks would like me to report back in with what happens, let me know. We take to many drugs, doctors are to quick to right a script for a drug, that’s my humble opinion. Best of luck to all here. he b gb

    • Hi he b gb. Good for you. I decided to get off of then. I posted my story about getting off the medication. I feel so much better and out of that fog.
      Best wishes to you!

  2. I have never taken the real Wellbutrin… have always taken generic Bupropion & its been over ten years. I see many of you are paying crazy high prices… I take 150SR 2X day… the price actually went down this year. I have no insurance. My cost is $20/month! So for those of you quitting because you can’t afford it… surely you can come up with $20???

    I too finally reduced my dosage for 150SR TWO x day to once a day. I didn’t have a single problem as far as reducing the amount. It’s been several months so no I am going to try & get off it completely. My main problem is anxiety & Wellbutrin makes anxiety worse! I also take 30mg Paxil a day & have for the same amount of time. Without the Paxil I never would have slept at all. I have always been wound up on Wellbutrin.

    It’s an upper like the old time speed that people used to take illegally. It made me irritable, angry, & tightly wound…plus caused major sleep problems. I totally quit drinking recreationally because of the extreme all night vomiting if I would try… now the label says not to drink – it didn’t used to. Anyway I am adding this if you are quitting for financial reasons… the bupropion is a cheap drug!

  3. I was on Wellbutrin for years for depression, got a sore on my leg that went septic on me and the antibiotics they gave me caused a reaction with the Wellbutrin so doctors took me off of it right now. Ever since then I can no longer take it or I get a reaction. Now I’m experiencing numbness in my feet and legs and have terrible balance. Is it possible that is from the Wellbutrin?

  4. I’ve been on WB-XL for approximately 4 months. It was combined with Zoloft, which I have been taking for years, because I was going through a rough time at work and not coping well on Zoloft alone. The WB helped initially but it’s not really making any difference now. So, I’ve decided to come of it. Since starting WB, I’ve had increasing AWFUL joint pain.

    It is so severe that my fingers and wrists ache virtually all day. I thought I might have RA but decided it’s the WB because it’s a known side effect of the drug. I can’t really taper the type I’m on but I’m going to give it a try or go cold turkey. Someone posted about having painful, aching joints so I wanted to state that this is a side-effect of this drug. To anyone trying to taper off, good luck!

  5. I had to go off Wellbutrin cold turkey since my insurance ran out. The major side effect is lack of physical energy – and inability to think quick on my feet. I am a public speaker and I find I just can’t get that zip and energy in my speeches like I did on it – it is like I have brain delay…

  6. Hi there. I’ve been on wellbutrin 150 xl for about 2 years and I kinda weened myself off by taking 1 every 2 days and the 3 days and then 4 and then off completely. I replaced it by St johns wort. The only symptom I’ve noticed is my sex drive which is basically non existent right now and for a 24 year old with a BF that’s not good… do you know how long this could last?

    Besides that I haven’t noticed any other symptoms and I’ve been off it for about a month. I also do try and stay positive and realize that I will have my off days (I’m bipolar) I am still on lamictal 25mg a day down from 50 so I guess that’s also keeping me sane. I want to eventually only be using herbs but I’m still too scared to be completely drug free.

    My reason was because I really just couldn’t afford the meds anymore… if there’s anyone else who could give me some advice it would be appreciated. TIA

  7. I had been on Wellbutrin for well over ten years. After a few years in doing fine on 150 dosage, I was switched to the generic by the health insurance. it was not doing as well, so went up to 300. Then a few years later up to 450. I asked my doctor if I cold drop back to 300 XR and really didn’t notice any difference at all in the drop. That was around five years ago.

    I called my doctor asking to be dropped down to 150 so I could taper off, but he was reluctant. Anyway, about two and a half weeks ago I quit the 300 XR cold turkey and have no (zero, nada, zilch) withdrawal issues. I really feel so much more in control and I’m glad to be off of it. About a few weeks before I made that decision, I started taking sublingual B12 to address a few issues despite my B12 blood levels to be well within normal range.

    It could be a placebo effect, but my energy and mood are improved and common bursitis flare up are gone. After a few days off of Wellbutrin, my tinnitus seems to be a bit better. I’ll continue to monitor myself, but so far everything is better than it’s been in a long time. I’m not looking forward to telling my doctor about going cold turkey and his reaction at my next appt. in a few months, but if that’s the only negative issue with quitting it, I’m fine with that.

    What’s he going to do? Say I’m crazy, impulsive, or reckless for doing that? He’s a psychiatrist. By definition most if not all of his patients should fall into at least one of hose categories. Going cold turkey can be risky and tapering off is great if your doctor is open to it. I wold not have done it if I was actually on Wellbutrin, but I’m convinced that I already went through the tapering off long ago simply by switching to the generic.

    And I don’t believe I was getting any real medical benefits from taking it and putting up with a few side effects (albeit mild ones). By all means taper if you can, but if you’ve been on the generic for a while, it’s worth trying a more aggressive tapering.

  8. I started 100mg six years ago for anxiety/depression and was never really observed during this time. My primary care provider prescribed it in my old state, and my new PCP wouldn’t refill more than a month’s worth because she wanted me to see a psychiatrist. I did this for a few months but didn’t find the $100/month 10 minute sessions worth it so he cut me to 75mg once a day. 2 months of this I cut the pills in half making roughly 35mg doses and I’ve been completely off of it for 2-3 weeks.

    While on it I definitely felt that depersonalization feeling and never knew if it was me or the pill. Time will tell with that one. The biggest things I’ve noticed since quitting and tapering are what was close to bouts of uncontrolled panic like I used to have but I’d control it quickly. If been wanting to quit for years and had learned some meditation stuff and lifestyle changes.

    The biggest thing which could be unrelated is what I think are heat and stress hives on my hands and fingers mostly. They’ve appeared briefly on my shins too. There, yesterday, both legs were randomly covered in an itchy rash and disappeared in an hour. The pharmacist said it’s possible for it to be Wellbutrin withdrawal.

  9. I’ve been on bupropion XL 300mg for about 13 years (I’m only 33). I’ve been wanting to come off of it for a while BC the med was just thrown at me in the first place. I was given the 150mg pills 3 weeks ago and the withdrawal has been horrible! On day 4 I was so angry and the slightest annoyance would set me off.

    Day 5, I couldn’t get out of bed. I’ve been dizzy on and off the entire time but for the last week I’ve been so dizzy I shouldn’t drive and can’t think straight/concentrate. My brain has been in a fog a few times. I’ve been ridiculously tired and exhausted! My body hurts and have occasional headaches but that could be from lack of sleep.

    I want to come off completely but not sure my body can handle it. I can’t be like this much longer bc I have 3 kids under age 2.5! I’m relieved to read all these comments knowing I’m not the only one feeling this way.

  10. Just a quick follow up to the post I made a few weeks back and an update so my progress getting off Wellbutrin. So far I have had a few side effects going off the 150XL, probably since I was not on it for so long. But still some tiredness and fogginess in thinking which hopefully over time will subside… On work side I had a long talk with my Boss and it went well.

    He was VERY understanding. :-) In our small staff we are delegating more of my work load off and being placed on a strict 40 HR work week. (Was salary but do to government stepping in with another intrusive workplace law I am now back on hourly – which all things considered I guess if for the best in my case). Hopefully over time the work relationships will improve. Thanks all for the support.

  11. I have been off and on 300 mg XL for years now. I decided to give it a go without and started to taper by taking a pill every other day, then every two days, etc. If I felt any withdrawal symptom, I’d take one. That seemed to work pretty well for me. My intention was to go to the doctor and get 150 mg tablets and taper from there, but I couldn’t get an appointment.

    At some point, I hadn’t taken anything for a few weeks and went with it. John, I don’t know what you say to co-workers. Since you are in a school system, have you thought about speaking to the nurse? Maybe h/she will have some suggestions on how to manage the personnel part of your question. Good luck. This is not going to be as easy as I’d hoped.

    In the interim, I have had a migraine, some dizziness, terrible jaw pain, unexplained bruises, increased appetite, one whole body painful but quick cramp, and it’s 3 AM and here I am, awake. I also feel a little paranoid and forgetful. It didn’t occur to me that the migraine or jaw pain could be from the withdrawal until I discovered this thread. I exercise and eat well, etc.

    At this point, I don’t know whether to just hang in and see if this improves or if I should go back on some lower dose and taper more slowly. I had no idea the discontinuation could take so long! Any advice on how to proceed from here?

  12. This site is awesome and so glad I found it! My story. I work in a high stress IT job in a local K-12 district. Just been promoted to a supervisor type role and in charge of several projects, one of which is getting 3000 MacBook Airs ready for Student 1-1 use this fall plus 3000 1-1 iPads, So yeah a lot of stress… Been on Zoloft 100Mg for about 20 years due to anger outbursts/depression/anxiety issues.

    Works great. Had an anger outburst at work and some at home about a month back so voluntarily decided to go back to see a counselor. She suggested I get reevaluated by a Psy Doc. Saw Him last week. He suggests Wellbutrin 150MG XL to add to Zoloft to ‘smooth everything out’. On for only 10 days and have another anger outburst at work. Great, probably a discipline write up now. I have told boss about my issues last time-don’t tell a lot of people and I have been here 4 years in this District and this is the first time I have told anyone.

    Anyway have just about every side effect listed for Wellbutrin. Last night could not sleep at all plus very anxious. Just went off this morning after calling Doc nurse as stayed home from work today but still have brain fog and a anxiety. After reading this I now have more reading all of the reports of side effects from going off.

    On the plus side I do work out daily, take a bunch of vitamins and only drink water -64 oz a day- plus one cup of coffee in the morning and usually milk for dinner. I try to eat well also. So HOPEFULLY my withdraw issues will be minor. Question- for those that are employed how do you explain your anger outburst to your employer and fellow employees and that you are doing all you can to address but the meds are making it worse?

  13. I first researched withdrawing from Wellbutrin for a while before I went off it. I have been Wellbutrin free for over a month now with no side-effects, and wanted to share what I learned along with my own tips. I had been given 300mg EX for about a year. I decided to take the advice of an online Dr. and had my p-doc reduce the dose in half to 150mg EX for 10 days, and then just jumped off.

    Remember, you probably had a lot of trouble getting on the meds before they stabilized. However, you stuck with it because of the results intended. The cessation has far less side-effects, and once again you need or want the results of NOT using the medication any longer. So just stick with it. I found it very helpful to not be a hypochondriac and make too much of any suspected withdrawal symptom.

    If I had a headache or feel a bit dizzy, I just ignored it, and went on with my day. You can take aspirin or whatever, to counter headache as you usually would. Don’t acknowledge slight symptoms, real or imagined, or give them any power by trying to analyze them. I just told myself it was nothing or would be over quickly, and it went away. Continue to exercise, walk, play games or sports, read, write, draw, workout at the gym – and be sure to drink lots of water.

    I believed that it would be easy, and I could do it. Your mind has a lot to do with how you feel. It can convince you of sickness, fear or pain, or of health, motivation and feeling good. Don’t jump back on the meds just because you feel a little different or gain/lose a bit of weight. Your brain has to go back to processing dealing naturally without the chemical influence, so give it time.

    I wrote this in hopes that it would help others as it did me. I greatly appreciated the good advice I found and wanted to pass it on. If this works for you, pass it on as well. Best of luck!

  14. I was taking wellbutrin for like 2 weeks I think and the only symptom I had was being very pissed off at random times. I have anger issues anyway but after I started taking wellbutrin for a while my family actually wanted to put me in jeuvy because I was being such a prick and all I could think about was working out and doing what I wanted. Anyway, I quit taking it for about 3 days and I started feeling depressed and bored with life (everything seemed to stand still and I felt lifeless).

    I started taking it again about a week ago, I feel better but I felt great before I stopped taking it the first time. I had motivation, wasn’t self conscious about anything and I wasn’t afraid of anything, I pretty much felt like I was on top of the world… But now that I quit for 3 days then started again, I’m extremely forgetful (like I can’t remember why I’m doing something sometimes and I get anxious (not as much as if I weren’t taking it). My anxiety is social anxiety BTW.

  15. I have been on Wellbutrin XL 300 mg for just over 4 years for anxiety and to help with occasional withdrawal symptoms from the 32mg of subutex I take everyday to keep me off opiates. Three weeks ago I made the decision I was gonna get rid of pills in my life so I could lift the fog and stop skimming through the best years of my life on autopilot. I dropped to 20mg subutex and cut the wellbutrin out entirely.

    I came off of Paxil years ago and have been through 200mg+/day oxycodone habit withdrawals before. This is a cakewalk compared to those but its still very uncomfortable. My first 3 days were migraines. Then a few days that weren’t so bad. Now at the end of three weeks, the past 4 days or so have been hell. I cant sleep but I’m exhausted. I have zero energy or interest in anything.

    I’m constantly hungry (craving sugar and ice cream). I’ve had irritable bowels. My ears are ringing and my head is buzzing like a thousand bees in a sardine can under pressure. My whole body aches. When I manage to doze off for 15 minutes at a time (each night feels like it takes 3 days to get through) I have horrible, vivid dreams. I’m glued to the couch with ZERO motivation.

    I keep getting chills and the sensation that my nervous system is lit up like a christmas tree. And my throat has been sore all week. I didn’t know that wellbutrin had these kind of withdrawals. I’m just thankful they aren’t anything like hard core opiate withdrawals which are like a level 10 if these are a level 3 or 4. But how long will this last? Today is my @20th day and they’re worse than ever.

    I’m self employed and haven’t been to work in weeks because of this, a luxury I’m grateful for since I cant imagine trying to function at work. Thanks everyone.

  16. I quit Wellbutrin cold turkey yesterday after over a year. My psych thinks I’m traumatized when it’s fairly obvious to me I’m somewhere on the spectrum. They put me on it due to schizoaffective symptoms due to stress and the situation that put me on it has long since resolved. I found it made me more even, but it just made it more difficult to sleep, gave me more tense muscles and didn’t help my brain functioning.

    I gained fifteen pounds and it felt like there was a wall between my logical thinking and my emotions. I began smoking marijuana daily to try and ease the muscle tension and allow me to sleep and cope with the Wellbutrin. Then after emailing my psych and seeing him want to refer me to someone else for an anxiety evaluation I had a meltdown and resolved to quit.

    I have been able to function decently prior without an antidepressant though they have had me on and off them for over ten years. I am taking 300 currently, so I took time away from work to try and ride it out and implement a routine and actually begin to do things that would begin to treat the actual disorder. Hopefully the symptoms aren’t so severe.

    These are the first days since I felt like I haven’t had to smoke Marijuana since I have been on it, though if the side-effects end up being severe I may have to use it to cope. Dreading next week.

  17. Folks, I am on 150mg HC XL 2 per day. Financial circumstances have changed and I need to taper off & quit soon. I have been on about 3 months at 2 per day, prior 3 months at 1 per day. A while back, for 2 or 3 days, I was off because I had so many things going on I forgot to pick up refill. I did not notice any side effects.

    So, I am going to go to 1 per day for a week or 2 and then off. However, after reading a lot of these posts (no way to read them all), I want to bring something up that I feel is CRITICAL in this process and when taking ANY medications… something most doctors never mention. Every individual has a different body chemistry. Every individual has their own unique emotional state as well as unique issues both physically and mentally.

    No 2 individuals are exactly alike. NO, I do not have medical training, but common sense sometime trumps all that, especially with the state of medical affairs in this country (going downhill like a lead weight). What I have noticed in the past number of years is that more and more side effects are listed for any specific drug.

    I do not believe that is directly related to the drug itself, but more to offset potential litigation if there is a problem with that drug. Add to that all the drugs that are out there (old and new) and I am sure that the FDA is to be trusted at their word (only if you are completely gullible). New drugs are of particular concern as there is no pattern of long term use to guide you with.

    With all that said, as an example, if 2 individuals take the same dosage of the same Wellbutrin, one may have no side effects and the other may have all the side effects or something in between. So my suggestion is that anyone that is quitting this drug should taper in some fashion and just see, in each step down, how they are doing and what they are experiencing as they move forward.

    Keep in mind that any “symptom” you experience may not be related to Wellbutrin withdrawal but something new or something old that has come back. And, absolutely, do not panic about any side effects and calmly deal with them. This specific forum is terrific as there are many valid points and issues brought up but do not assume any given point is specific to you.

    Use the information provided as a guide and temper that with common sense. And most of all, find a GOOD GP that is someone you can trust and is truly concerned about your welfare. Sadly, they are few and far between, but they are there (I have one!!). Good luck to all!

  18. I haven’t lost any weight from Wellbutrin and I don’t have a higher sex drive – maybe my depression is a little better, but it’s definitely not worth the side effects. I’m glad I found this site because I was going off it cold turkey!

  19. Hey all, I’ve been off Wellbutrin for about a month now. It’s a long story, but I was put on it in the form of Contrave (bupropion/naltrexone) for weight loss, because I had gained a ridiculous amount of weight from a combination of antipsychotics and rebound weight gain after stopping Adderall. Unfortunately, while the Wellbutrin did suppress my appetite, I never lost any weight and it also made my hair fall out.

    It took me a while to figure out which drug was the likely culprit, and then another few months to taper down. I did have some anxiety/agitation coming off the Wellbutrin. I was on 360mg/day. The psych tried to put me down to 150mgXR, but this caused full blown withdrawal- anxiety, nausea, dizziness, sensitivity to light and noise, etc.

    So I was put back up to 200mg SR, where I stabilized, and then brought down to 150 mg, then 100mg, then off. It was sometimes difficult but manageable. My hair is still falling out, but I have read that this is normal up to four months after stopping the drug. Anyway, Wellbutrin was the third psych drug I have stopped taking after Adderall and Seroquel.

    In general, I find that tapering as slowly as possible and adjusting the dose if you are really withdrawing works. Good luck!

    • Elektra, Sorry for responding to an old post, but how is your hair loss? I stopped wellbutrin about 6 weeks ago and still have hair loss symptoms. Your post mentions the possibility of having falling of up to 4 months after. Did you’re stop? If so, when?

  20. I cold turkey quit Wellbutrin XL 450. It’s been 2 days and I feel great!! My hubby is super happy to see his wife back in life… I feel 1000% better, happier, focused, funny again :) :) :). And the most, I’m not depressed, no more unexpected crying. My emotional status is very stable, my confidence is back. Any questions? Feel free to ask :)

    • I’ve been taking WB 300 XL for nearly 4 months (06/03-09/20) and am quitting cold turkey today due to financial reasons. I am feeling nervous and will check back in once or if I notice big changes to my mental or physical health. Thanks everyone – hearing your stories has been very helpful for me right now.

  21. I have been on 300XL Wellbutrin and a low dose of Lexapro for several years. I cut the 300’s to 150 but didn’t realize that you shouldn’t cut the extended release pills. My doc prescribed 150 of the XL’s so I’m going to start those (and keep the Lexapro for now). I cut to 150 about six weeks ago and the first thing I noticed was the anger.

    I can manage that but it was a clear reminder of how passive I had become on the Wellbutrin without even realizing it. What brought me to this site was a search on dizziness related to Wellbutrin withdrawal. I was worried something was wrong with me and it dawned on me that it could be related to the withdrawal. Sure enough, I believe that’s exactly what is causing the dizziness.

    I hope it doesn’t last long but I’m determined to get off the Wellbutrin completely so I’ll taper as slowly as necessary. I appreciate reading all of the comments as it helps to know that you’re not alone when it comes to something like this.

  22. I quit Wellbutrin a little over 9 months ago. I’ve gained 20 lbs. Around the 3rd week after quitting, my panic attacks became less and less frequent. After the 3rd month, and ever since, my panic attacks are gone. I no longer have panic attacks. However EVER since, and it’s been 9 months, I feel like an empty shell. I don’t feel like myself, my attention span is minuscule, I’m always lethargic, I can barely get out of bed, everything feels numb and diminished, nothing makes me happy, and I’ve all but lost my libido. Hope this isn’t a permanent effect from the Wellbutrin.

    • Hi Serafin, I’ve also gained weight, nearly 12 lbs, in the 5 months I quit Wellbutrin. It’s worrying. I’m still depressed and hopeless and utterly lethargic. I hope the weight gain stops soon, but the rest of what I’m feeling is probably depression and here to stay. Hope things get better for you!

  23. I have been taking the generic of Wellbutrin 150-300mg since 2010. I was originally put on it to help try to boost the effects of Zoloft during a bout of major depression. Long story short after being on Zoloft for 12 years it stopped working and I was put on Viibryd. I have been taking both the Wellbutrin and the Viibryd since 2011.

    After discussing the two med with my mental health provider it was not recommended that I take the Wellbutrin if wanting to become pregnant. I was on 150mg xl most recently, tapered to 75mg for 3 weeks and 37.5 mg for 1 week. I didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms during this time.

    I now have been off of the Wellbutrin for 2 weeks and am experiencing brain fog, forgetfulness, trouble falling asleep, irritability and anxiety. I want to wait it out hoping my brain will take over and start making its own dopamine and norepinephrine but I fear the longer I wait I might hit a patch of actual depression. Anyone run into a similar situation?

  24. I took Wellbutrin XL 300mg every day for probably 5 years. Worked well and helped to bring me out of serious 10yr Depression. About 6 months ago I couldn’t take it any more because it hurt my stomach. So I took it as often as I could. Noticed within few days that my thinking was “slower” and I was VERY fatigued. By now I feel well mentally/emotionally but I’m still struggling with that horrible constant Fatigue.

    Tempted at times to take it again but I genuinely want to reduce the amount of Meds I take and do it safely and with Support. Being stable is even more important for me as I work in Mental Health as a Peer Assistant/Warmline Operator. So I wish all of you well out there: Educate yourself on ALl your Meds and seek support. All of us with Mental health issues can Recover/Improve and have a good life. God bless us all… Kerry

  25. I have been on Bupropion XL for about 6years, once I got pregnant I was afraid of having postpartum depression so I continued loner than planned. I recently ran out of refills and thought I would stop taking it all together. It has been a little less than a month and I have been sick to my stomach frequently and moody. I am going to refill my Rx and continue taking it for now. I have a doctor appointment soon. Maybe it is the best thing for me. I did well on the medication but I just don’t want to be dependent on a medication my entire life.

  26. After happy highly productive life at one Retirement Home despite several fairly major surgeries change to another to be nearer close family member and suffering several month foot pain (curing myself after therapist, surgeons, pain doctors couldn’t think of the simple “cure” of just wearing a slipper!). Once I suffered depression when at a dreadful retirement home after loss of husband, and Wellbutrin cured that almost instantly when I left that place.

    Upon entering the new retirement home, visiting psychiatrist put me on Wellbutrin instantly, not needed because I was NOT depressed and foot cured. Also Clonezapam. After nearly three years of misery, have stopped Wellbutrin. Psychiatrist said to just stop Wellbutrin! Isn’t this dangerous? I have “tapered: it slightly and now stopped but still constantly nauseous and Clonazepam losing effectiveness.

    Question: Will awful effects of Wellbutrin ever stop? Anything to replace Clonazapan to help with nausea? Ginger, peppermints, etc. are useless. P.S. I am NOT depressed and have an active writing life. Just miserable from the nausea and some dizziness.

  27. Thanks for everyone sharing their experiences. I have decided to stop Wellbutrin XL because I have alot of side effects that I guess most people don’t have. First I should say that this is my only prescription. I do take vitamins, when I remember. I don’t like taking meds but agreed to after not being able to treat the depression with supplements (like Sam-e). I started out on XL 300 mg and quickly found out that it was too much for me.

    I had an awful time falling to sleep and then would wake after a few hours. I was so tired and dysfunctional from lack of sleep and my heartbeat was so hard that I could feel it pulsing hard in my chest and a few times in my feet when trying to sleep. So, Doc switched me to generic Wellbutrin XL 150 mg. Side affects were anxiety, tingling sensation in hands mostly & tightness in chest and throat. Sleep got better but I did feel that generic Wellbutrin XL was not helping the sad feelings.

    So, I asked to be switched to the name brand XL 150 to see if that would make a difference. But it has not. So, today(Saturday) I am skipping it. Tomorrow, I may take it… I’ll see how I feel. And Monday I will call the doctor. My side effects now are about the same as on the generic… hands and legs tingle, but more prominent in hands. I don’t know why. Anxiety is greatly increased compared to 3 months ago when I took no meds.

    I had a bit of an anxiety problem before… but meds have made it 10 times worse. Usually, by mid-day, I feel like I’m in a fog… like I haven’t slept but have to be awake and I feel tightness in the upper chest area to mid throat. Also, my neck aches. Yesterday, I just wanted to be alone at work… but I can’t. I work at an assisted living facility and am around people all day… well, most of the day.

    I just want to stay home because I feel… strange, uncomfortable and sad. I cried driving home yesterday. I want so badly for this to work but I have just traded one set of bad feelings for another. I feel like everyone can tell that I’m not myself but I asked a nurse friend at work and she said that I look normal. Also, I have not lost any weight… but I haven’t gained either. I really need to lose quite a bit. ~Debbie

  28. Hi everybody, First of all I want to thank you all for sharing your experiences. Reading it helped me understand what I was going though and I’d now like to share my story. I was on wellbutrin 300mg extended release for 7 years. I had already been on setraline 150mg for 3 years but nothing seemed to help my very deep depression with a lot of suicidal thoughts and self harm, so my doctor decided to add wellbutrin to the mix on top of the setraline.

    Now 7 year later I got a different doctor (since I moved abroad from Sweden to the Netherlands) and for the first time someone actually took a good look at what medications I was using. Apparently wellbutrin is almost never used against depression in the Netherlands so he got very suspicious. We decided it was time to try to get off it since I was feeling better and we weren’t sure this medicine was actually was doing anything good for me.

    First I went down to 150 mg for two weeks, already after the first week I started to feel some psychological withdrawal effects, I got more moody and could have manic periods where I didn’t sleep and just stayed up cleaning or doing something similar. After two weeks I decided to go off it totally since the withdrawal was already quite bad I thought “how much worse could it get”, much worse I found out.

    First the psychological effects got much worse, with random crying and screaming, at one point I even screamed and cried at my partner because he told me to stop vacuum cleaning in the middle of the night. About two weeks after I had stopped fully the psychological effects were almost gone but the physical effects started. I was extremely nauseous, to the point where I couldn’t eat any solid foods for days.

    It got better after about 3 more weeks but it was still there, it took 5 weeks until I felt like normal again. I was afraid I’d get more depressed but now 4 months later I feel better than ever! It was terrible but without any doubt worth it in the end. What a ride it was, and not only for me but also the people around me. I was blessed with a very patient and supportive partner which really helped.

    Stay strong, keep on fighting and know that it will get better. Johanna

    • Interesting to hear that doctors in the Netherlands don’t prescribe Wellbutrin for depression. So, it sounds like you still take the other medicine but quit the Wellbutrin. Thanks for sharing your story and I’m glad you are feeling better now. :)

  29. I was taking adipex for weight loss & then was prescribed wellbutrin for depression; I’ve since stopped BOTH MEDS cold turkey b/c I was having tremors (more at night) & less episodes during the daytime. I’m also on meds for diabetes, blood pressure and a couple of others. These tremors have now lasted for about 4 weeks – is there an end to this? Please, any advice is WELCOMED!! :) Were any of you (on this site) prescribed any meds to help with the tremors? This is driving me insane!! I sometimes wake up and just want to cry, other days, I shake uncontrollably…I just need this to stop!! Please Help!!

  30. I took Wellbutrin since 2007. My last dose was 450mg daily. Due to financial reasons I had to go off Wellbutrin, cold turkey. It’s been about 4 – 6 weeks. OMG!!! Everything HURTS. Nausea is terrible. I really don’t eat. I get pins and needles, numbness in my extremities. My balance is terrible. I was having nightmares. Some nights I sleep well, others… I try to do things but am only able to spend short periods of time, then I have to go lay down. I just want this to be over. I’m kinda scared by what is happening. If all this is due to withdrawal I assume it will eventually stop.?

  31. I have been on this med since 2003. Was taking 300mg XL a day then when I had my prescription refilled a mistake was made and I was taken down to 150mg XL a day. I didn’t necessarily have withdrawal symptoms like a everyone is describing, but I had suicidal thoughts. This lasted for about six months and I went back up to my regular 300ng XL a day dose and a lot of those thoughts went away, but I still had thoughts of suicide. So I went up to Forfivo XL which is a 450mg once a day and those thoughts are gone. Has anyone else had a similar experience with this drug?

  32. I am new to Wellbutrin taking 100 mg daily and at end of first week started having vaginal bleeding. I have learned this is a side effect of Wellbutrin but am unable to find if this goes away once my body adjusts to medication. Psychiatrist, MD and pharmacist unable to answer this. Has anyone experienced same issue?

  33. So I have been taking Wellbutrin for many years. I also take Lexapro. In my estimation, I have more of an issue with anxiety than depression. Though the depression is very real at times in my life. I had weight loss surgery three months ago and my health is improving daily. I did not realize it, but my Wellbutrin prescription ran out and I can’t get in to see the doctor right now, so it forced me to go cold turkey.

    I was not prepared for that. I was taking 150 2x daily. I have definitely been having some withdrawal symptoms. One day early into the cold turkey I had a day-long crying jag. Most days I feel fine, but I have episodes of intense anger and/or rage that come and go. I just try to ride them out and recognize them for what they are. I have had headaches and dizziness as well.

    I am trying to figure out now that I am this far into it if I need to go back on them at all or try to do without. I went through two years of therapy and had the weight loss surgery, so life is much more manageable than it used to be. Anyone else take this ride and successfully come off and stay off the meds?

  34. Thanks so much for all this information. I really wished my doctor would have told me that coming off this drug was so hard, I would have never started it. I am calling her Monday and going to come off. I have been having stomach issues and bad leg cramps and not sleeping, that is what brought me to this site. I was wondering if this drug had side effects that I wasn’t told about. I am on Bupropion HCL XL 300 MG been on this for about 6 months. Again thanks for all your advice.

  35. I’m on 450 mg. A 300 pill and a 150 mg pill. I ran out of the 300 and was only using the 150. Also was missing dosage 1 maybe 2 times a week. The past 3 days I been feeling like my body is here but my mind ain’t. Today I crashed I’m 30 years old and been on many pills. Most scariest experience of my life. Was at work and started feeling unbalanced then my job details I normally do I f*cked up and took very long.

    I left work and tried to drive to the hospital. I had 2 crying attacks in the car pulled over a block from the hospital and waited for my girlfriend who was 30 mins away ever though hospital was a block away… in the waiting room crying, like a full on cry for 30 or 40 seconds and then acting normal like sorry that wasn’t me doing that… crazy sh*t. Worst day today.

  36. Has anyone experienced extreme paranoia while being on Wellbutrin XL? I convinced myself in my mind that my husband was going to leave me or divorce me when I was pregnant. Then after I had our baby, I still convinced myself he was going to divorce me, etc. It became an obsession with checking his phone, looking through his car, checking receipts, etc. I can’t control asking him questions if I have a thought in my mind of doubting him. It is literally tearing my marriage apart and I am driving him insane. Anyone else have the same problem?

  37. I was finally able to quit bupropion after being on it for 3 years. I had tried many times before and I wanted to share my success this time. I was on 150mg of xl. I first switched to the Sr version (75mg twice a day) for 4 days. I then continued the same dosage every other day for a week. Then, every 3 days for about a week before stopping completely.

    I believe it worked this time because I made sure to exercise (strenuously) 5 times a week. I may have gained a little weight back, but the exercise is helping me keep things in check. I also tried to really encourage myself and celebrate my success. Exercise (heart rate up!) is key!

  38. I started taking 150 mg. of Wellbutrin XL on Oct. 20 and I didn’t feel any different so on Dec. 3 my doctor upped the dose to 300 mg. so I’ve taken it for 4 days. Last night I had severe depression and a nervous stomach. Pretty scary. I want off of this drug so my doctor told me to go back to the 150 mg. for 5 days and stop. I was once on Zoloft and had to wean off of it. From reading all the blogs, it appears that because I’ve been on it for such a short time that I may have no symptoms. Today was the first day I took just one (150 mg.). He said if I’m not comfortable with 5 days then I can take it for 10 days and stop. Can you tell me if this is correct?

  39. I am currently taking 150 XL, and I hate it! I have a past history with an eating disorder, chronic migraines (started when I was a child), anxiety and insomnia before this medication. Now that I am on this medication it has gotten worse, and my doctor won’t listen to me. I want to wean myself off of it. Any advice? Evidently I need a new doctor.

  40. I’ve been on Wellbutrin for years – somewhere between three and four. I’ve been on the generic of 300XL and since stopping it seems as though my metabolism has been damaged. I’ve been taking a multi, l-tyrosine, megadoses of EPA:DHA, co-q-enzyme (the actual name escapes me), and sublingual b12. My depression has yet to return and I’ve been focusing on my sleep, using a light therapy box, and exercising more.

    Even with eating less and very nutrient dense foods I keep gaining weight. It’s not bloating as I’ll drink plenty of water and take diuretics yet to no avail. I’ve gained 16 pounds since shopping Wellbutrin and I’m ready to go on it for the weight loss effects alone. I was originally on it for binging and I haven’t had a single binge episode since stopping yet I can’t stop gaining weight. I had my thyroid levels checked and while the doctor wouldn’t tell me the actual levels she said they were normal (thyroid problems run in my family).

    Does any body have any advise? Rapid weight gain is – ironically – a huge binge trigger and I don’t know what to do about it. I’m growing to loathe my
    Body which is making things worse. It seems as though my metabolism is worse than before and I’m beyond fed up. For a number of years I refused to take psych meds and I highly regret even giving them a try now.

  41. After reading these posts, I am very worried about not taking WB I have been on 300 mg xl for like 10+ years & 40 mg celexa. For $ reasons I am ready to go ‘cold turkey’ on both, but I am terrified of my depression feelings coming back and now the withdrawals! I have been on some sort of AD med since I was like 16, so now after 16 yrs (now 33 yrs old) of being on meds I am curious to know if I still really need them.

    • I don’t know if you will get this or not. You posted this a while ago. Whatever you do do not go off both of your meds cold turkey. I have been on meds for depression and anxiety for 17 years since I was 13. I’ve trialled getting off them but the depression came back bad.

      If you taper off one at a time it will give you a chance to see how your brain reacts. But cutting cold turkey could send you into a really bad depression that could last months. Trust me don’t do it all at once.

  42. I have been taking wellbutrin for 15+years. I was up to 450mg/wellbutrin and 20mg/cipralex once a day. It’s been 2 weeks and my detox is horrible. I am always hungry and feeling very irritated. My treatment is now being handled by medicinal marijuana through the local trauma center but I do not have the process finished until the new year (2016) any suggestions for the nausea? I finally have my sex drive back at age 48.. that was enough reason for me to stop prescription drugs entering my body but… blah!

  43. I’ve been on wellbutrin xl for over 2o years (two 150 mg tablets / day. I took 450 mg for a few of those years). For about 2 weeks I have been unable to get the wellbutrin from the patient assistance program and had to take (the generic) bupropion xl 300mg once a day. I began having bad headaches, panic attacks that I’ve never had before, insomnia, drastic mood swings and significant tremors.

    I looked online, and even the FDA admits the findings that some brands of bupropion XL 300mg tablets are causing those same symptoms because it can release all at once, or not at all or…What I want to know is AM I HAVING THE SYMPTOMS FROM WITHDRAWAL FROM WELLBUTRIN OR FROM TAKING THE BUPROPION 300 XL? Scared. I am a caregiver and I have to function. What should I do?

  44. I only took wellbutrin 100 mg for 5 days!!! Quit cold turkey about a week and a half ago because of bad side effects…I had so much energy during the day then would cry all evening. Just horrible!! Now I still a week & a half later still feel crazy, foggy head, like crying for no reason & main thing I noticed is psycho anger for no reason…I have a 5 year old daughter & feel so bad trying to explain to her that I will feel better soon! Reading these posts is so nice to know I am not alone :).

  45. I feel obligated to tell my story… NIGHTMARE! So On Wellbutrin for over a year (150 SR *2 per day), the pharmacist says there’s a pill that you can take so you can take just one (300 er *1 per day). This sounded more convenient so I did. First I noticed hair loss so I said it must be the drug. Then I said I think I’m going to go all natural and just quit “cold turkey”.

    Night sweats, hot flashes, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, irritated eyes, insomnia, lack of appetite, diarrhea, etc. I’ve went to the ER since I’m only 34 and was not expecting a hot flash! They are so scary! But then the night sweats and not being able to breathe. It’s been two months since I quit and I’ve been to the ER 3 times!!! Feeling like I was about to die. I think your brain has so much to do with your health and this drug is freaking scary!

    I am feeling much better but I had to cut out all bad foods. My diet is so strict, no caffeine (matcha is OK), minimal sugar, no alcohol, no drugs. I did further testing with my regular doc and my cortisol came back high. So this is why I changed everything! I also couldn’t workout! Like no weights, just yoga and walks. I think it has something to with my cortisol also. I needed as much Zen as possible and I am getting better.

  46. I went off Wellbutrin cold turkey about 1 month ago. I replaced it with some dietary supplements & essential oils. It felt like the “fog” has been lifted. I feel a lot better now, however I have gained 15 lbs in the last month. Not happy about that, but I’m hoping the weight will come off after my body gets used to being drug free. I may have to start watching my diet a little closer. #drugfree #worthit

    • Hi, I was curious what essential oils & supplements you’re referring to exactly and how you’re using them? I am on day five of going off bupropion 150xr and am hoping to find natural ways of easing the withdrawals and “cold turkey” symptoms. Any input is appreciated. Many thanks.

    • Rita, I am a firm believer in essential oils and I have been on Bupropion 150 mg once a day for about 6 years now, after having taken 300 mg per day for 10 years before that. I would like to know if anyone else has used oils and if so which ones and by what method? Also, I am interested in tapering off the medication so any feedback someone might have with oils and tapering is welcome.

      It’s a scary thing to go through the withdrawal symptoms, and scary as well not knowing if I will end up worse off than when I fist began taking the meds and have to go through the whole treatment cycle again, if it will negatively impact my work and/or personal life, etc. Nothing like a little anxiety to trip me up as a result before I even go off the medication!

  47. I have been on Wellbutrin XL (150mg) for about 12 years. I really do not want to be on it anymore. I have tried several times to come off of it, only to have severe depression begin (that I truly believe is more due to withdrawal than anything else). Is there anyone on here that successfully came off this medication that was on it for many years? If yes – how did you do it and what happened?

  48. I was on Wellbutrin (Bupropion) for about two months only, and I regret and curse the day I decided to take it! I came off cold turkey last week and been having the worse headaches, but that is not the worse, my mind is having horrible thoughts and I feel like two inner persons are fighting inside my head for attention. I feel like crying or breaking stuff up when this happens plus waking up in the middle of the night with a nightmare. NEVER had that before…has anyone experienced something similar? Help please!!!

  49. Glad I found this blog. I’ve been on Wellbutrin 100 mg SR twice a day for five years, started taking it during a divorce after 20 yrs of marriage. Fortunately, a family member who’s a psych nurse encouraged me to take it even though I was “embarrassed” to go on drugs. Best thing I did, it got me through the most difficult time in my life. For the most part, being on Wellbutrin has been a positive experience with only a few mildly annoying side effects, once I got past the initial start up period.

    You’ve got to give your body at least 2 weeks to adjust. Recently I decided I’d like to come off for financial reasons as well as just not wanting to be dependent on a drug anymore. When I started Wellbutrin I went very gradual, starting with 75 mg tabs cut up into quarters, until eventually holding at 100mg SR twice per day, anything higher than that was just too much. I’m weaning off now the same way, it’s taking months, my choice.

    So I’m down to 1/4 of a 75mg pill once per day, will go to every other day, then every third, might stop at that point, depends on the symptoms. Wondering if I’ll have to go back up because I do get SAD in the winter. If I do go back up then I’ll wean off in the spring. After reading everyone’s posts, I have a feeling most people are weaning off way too fast. Weaning down to the 75 mg tab, then cutting the 75 mg tab up has worked for me.

    Please note: DO NOT Cut or crush the SR or XL tabs! They are not meant to be cut or crushed!

    • You stated that you are on the Wellbutrin SR, as I am. You spoke about how you cut them in to halves and quarters, but at the end of your post, you stated in a NOTE: Not to cut or crush the SR. Did you ask your dr. for a different form when you decided to taper off? I am doing an every other day starting this week, because I was told SR was time-released and shouldn’t be cut. How are you tapering? Thank you.

  50. Like everyone else, glad to have found this blog. I’ve been taking 100mg twice a day for 5 yrs, feeling like it’s time to come off for financial reasons and like others just don’t want to be dependent on a drug anymore. I recall when I started Wellbutrin I couldn’t do the full dose right away, I had to do it VERY gradually to be able to tolerate the side effects you get when you first start. My doc was very good about working with me on the dosing but seemed surprised at how “sensitive” I was but it worked.

    I started with 75 mg tabs and cut them in quarters, gradually worked my way up to 100 mg twice a day. I’m trying the same approach with weaning off. I’m down to 1/4 tab once per day, then I’ll do every other day, then every third etc, will take a while to get off. After reading everyone else’s comments with withdrawal symptoms I’m thinking that most folks are coming off too fast.


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