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Remeron (Mirtazapine) Withdrawal Symptoms + How Long They Last

Remeron (Mirtazapine) is a tetracyclic antidepressant (TeCA) drug that works primarily by raising levels of norepinephrine and serotonin in the brain. It is generally used to treat major depressive disorder, but is also sometimes prescribed as an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), antiemetic, hypnotic, and appetite stimulant medication. Off label uses for Remeron include: social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, insomnia, and to increase appetite in those who are underweight or have eating disorders.

In regards to effectiveness as an antidepressant, a major meta-analysis study from 2009 found Remeron more effective than all SSRI’s, SNRI’s, and Bupropion (Wellbutrin). Despite the fact that its efficacy was considered superior to all other second-generation antidepressant medications, the degree to which it was superior was not statistically significant compared to Lexapro, Paxil, and Effexor. Other off-label uses for Remeron include: helping curb symptoms of drug withdrawal, treating the negative symptoms of schizophrenia, reducing Parkinson’s disease psychosis, and to treat anorexia in cats.

Although Remeron can work very well for pulling someone out of a deep depression, others find its side effects to be intolerable. Perhaps the most difficult side effect to cope with is the significant increase in appetite and cravings for carbohydrates (i.e. junk food). The major increase in appetite tends to result in significant antidepressant-induced weight gain among certain individuals.

Others who take this drug find it makes them feel too sleepy and/or it eventually “poops out” and stops working. If you have given this medication a shot, but no longer want to be on it, read below so that you have a general idea of what to expect during the withdrawal process.

Factors that influence Remeron withdrawal

When coming off of any antidepressant, there are going to be various factors that influence both the severity and duration of withdrawal symptoms. These factors include things like: the time span over which you took Remeron, your dosage, how quickly you tapered when discontinuing, as well as your individual physiology.

1. Time Span

Over how long did you take Remeron? In general, those who took it for an extended period of time may take longer to readjust to functioning without the drug. When you take an antidepressant every day for years, your body and brain become reliant on it for functioning. Those who took Remeron for shorter periods of time will likely have less severe withdrawal symptoms and shorter durations of withdrawal than long-term users.

2. Dosage (15 mg to 45 mg)

Most people start taking Remeron at a dose of 15 mg per day before going to sleep. Although there isn’t a relationship between dosage increase and effectiveness for treating major depression, some patients may benefit from increased dosages. A psychiatrist may have some people titrate up to a maximum dosage of 45 mg per day.

It is thought that individuals taking the minimum dose of 15 mg should have an easier time withdrawing than those taking higher doses (e.g. up to 45 mg). If you are on a higher dosage, you will likely need to conduct a gradual taper in order to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

3. Cold Turkey vs. Tapering

Quitting any antidepressant “cold turkey,” including Remeron is thought to yield more severe withdrawal symptoms than if you conduct a gradual taper. By tapering, you allow your body and brain to gradually adjust to changes in dosage. For long-term users, it is recommended to taper at a rate of 10% of your current dose per month. Therefore if you were at 45 mg, you would taper down to 40.5 mg to start, then after another month drop to 36.45.

When tapering you don’t have to necessarily be exact with your tapers, but if you round the dosage down, you may notice more severe withdrawal effects than you planned on. As you can see, a taper rate of 10% may take some individuals an extended period of time to successfully reach 0 mg. The whole idea is to taper slowly so that you don’t shock your nervous system by quitting cold turkey – which can result in severe discontinuation effects.

If you feel as though you can handle a quicker withdrawal rate than 10% per month, that’s your decision. Everyone will react differently to withdrawal and some people may not be as sensitive to the discontinuation effects as others.

4. Individual Physiology

Much of the withdrawal symptoms are based on individual circumstances. Since everyone is unique, each person tends to recover at a different rate and symptoms are subject to variation. One person may engage in mild exercise, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, and stay hydrated which could facilitate a quicker recovery than someone who doesn’t exercise, get proper sleep, and dwells on their withdrawal symptoms.

During the withdrawal process it is important to avoid comparing your recovery to that of other people as each person usually recovers at a different rate. Additionally it should be noted that some individuals transition to a new antidepressant and/or are taking other drugs and may not experience as much of a withdrawal as a result of other medications.

Remeron Withdrawal Symptoms: List of Possibilities

Below are a list of symptoms that have been reported during discontinuation from Remeron. Keep in mind that you may not experience all of the symptoms listed below during your withdrawal. The withdrawal process is highly individualized in regards to what symptoms you will experience, their severity, as well as how long they last before you recover.

  • Anxiety: Upon discontinuation, many people have reported major spikes in anxiety. The anxiety that you experience during withdrawal is likely linked to changes in the neurotransmission of serotonin and norepinephrine as a result of taking this drug. Many individuals report feeling anxious for an extended period of time after their last dose. Just know that the anxiety will eventually diminish as your brain reverts back to drug-free functioning.
  • Appetite decrease: As was mentioned, this is a drug that can significantly boost your appetite. When you stop taking it, your appetite will likely return to what it was prior to taking this drug. It is this natural decrease in appetite that will lead you to lose most of the weight that you gained in relatively short order.
  • Concentration problems: Many people report feeling spaced out and/or foggy thinking when initially quitting this medication. You may have trouble focusing on work-related tasks and/or schoolwork when coming off of this medication. As time passes, your concentration should come full circle and return to normal.
  • Confusion: Some individuals become confused as to what they are experiencing during withdrawal. This confusion is generally a result of poor combination and cognitive function. The confusion and fog should eventually pass, but it may take some time.
  • Crying spells: It is common to feel increasing depression when you withdraw from this medication. The increases in depression and other mood swings can lead to crying spells. During these spells many people feel completely hopeless about their situation. The reality is that they will eventually recover and these will subside.
  • Depersonalization: This symptom involves feeling unlike your normal self, almost as if you have become a zombie and/or are panicking because you think you’ll never feel how you did prior to taking this drug. It can be very uncomfortable to feel depersonalized, but it’s generally a result of chemical changes that will change over time.
  • Depression: Most people experience increases in depression when they withdraw from an antidepressant. In fact, the depression a person experiences in withdrawal is sometimes more severe than it was prior to their first dose of Remeron. This is due to the fact that when you withdraw from an antidepressant, a new chemical imbalance is created because your brain is now trying to function soberly after being fed a drug for weeks, months, or years. This new imbalance should correct itself, but it will require some time.
  • Diarrhea: It is possible to experience diarrhea as a symptom when coming off of this drug. In order to minimize this particular symptom, a slow taper is recommended. Additionally consider taking some over-the-counter Imodium if it gets out of control.
  • Dizziness: This is one of the most common symptoms that people experience during withdrawals. You may feel varying degrees of dizziness for weeks, or in some cases, months on end. The dizziness tends to be more extreme during the first few weeks of withdrawal. It can manifest as vertigo too in more extreme cases.
  • Fatigue: It is common to feel lethargic and excessive tiredness when coming off of an antidepressant. The fatigue is usually due to the brain still not having fully rebounded back to normal after your last dose. The fatigue can last for quite some time, but your energy should return over time.
  • Flu-like symptoms: Reports of flu-like symptoms and/or allergies upon discontinuation are fairly common. These symptoms tend to be intensified with “cold turkey” withdrawals and can be minimized if withdrawal is conducted gradually.
  • Headaches: Having headaches is very common when a person first quits this medication. These headaches may last weeks, but affect some individuals for months after their last dose. Although these can be a nuisance, they usually subside once a person’s level of arousal and anxiety drops.
  • Heart palpitations: Do you have sensations that your heart is pounding extra loudly or racing? These sensations are known as palpitations and are somewhat common during withdrawal. These can exacerbate anxiety and vice-versa so if you experience them, it is better to accept them as merely being a symptom rather than something to panic about.
  • Hypomania: This is considered a lower-grade form of mania (i.e. mood elevation) exhibited by individuals with Type-2 Bipolar disorder. There have been cases of hypomania reported during withdrawals from Remeron.
  • Insomnia: After quitting this drug, a lot of people struggle with falling asleep at night. A thing many people have found helpful is to take melatonin prior to bedtime. Additionally consider engaging in some sort of relaxation exercise such as deep breathing or meditation to mitigate insomnia.
  • Irritability: When a person goes through withdrawal, they become highly sensitive and are prone to mood swings. A very common mood for a person to experience is that of irritability or the feeling that everything is a nuisance or bother. The person doesn’t want to feel this way, but due to their brain activity and neurotransmitter levels during withdrawal, it is an inevitable experience.
  • Itching: One of the most common symptoms associated with Remeron withdrawal is that of itchiness. Many people report feeling very itchy and cannot contain the sensations to scratch their skin. This itchiness may be uncomfortable and persist for some time, but it will eventually go away as your nervous system adapts.
  • Mania: During withdrawal from Remeron, individuals with bipolar disorder have been reported to experiencing a manic switch. In other words, if you have bipolar disorder, the withdrawal could make you transition to a state of mania. Although this will not occur in everyone with bipolar disorder, it is something to monitor during withdrawal.
  • Mood swings: It is very common to experience changes in mood during withdrawal. Some days you may feel really depressed and angry, others you may feel hopeful and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Many people go through ups, downs, and changes in mood during the withdrawal process.
  • Nausea: In some cases the nausea from withdrawal can become severe. If it becomes severe, the nausea can actually lead a person to vomit. To prevent severe nausea, make sure you follow a gradual tapering protocol. Some nausea upon discontinuation may be inevitable, but you will minimize it by slowly weaning.
  • Panic attacks: During withdrawal from a potent drug that affects serotonin levels, it is possible to experience panic attacks. When you discontinue this medication, the levels of serotonin in your brain may be lower than average. This may lead you to feel increasingly anxious and make you prone to panic attacks. If you find yourself panicking, just know that these attacks will eventually go away as your neurotransmitters adjust.
  • Racing thoughts: You may notice that your thoughts race when you initially come off of this medication. These racing thoughts are hypothesized to be what could potentially lead to mania or hypomania among susceptible individuals. In any regard, the racing thoughts can also be linked to anxiety, drops in serotonin, and heightened nervous system activity during withdrawal.
  • Sleep changes: For many individuals, Remeron tends to improve their sleep. When coming off of the drug, you may notice that the quality of your sleep is reduced. You may have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting an adequate amount of sleep each night. Your sleep patterns may fluctuate during withdrawal, but they will eventually stabilize.
  • Suicidal thoughts: Many people who take this drug for depression may experience a resurgence of depression and suicidal thinking when they quit taking it. In some cases, the suicidal thoughts a person experiences during discontinuation could be significantly worse than prior to taking the drug. When withdrawing, your neurotransmission will often be imbalanced as a result of the drug you had been taking and discontinued. This imbalance is what can make people feel suicidal until their brain readjusts to normal functioning.
  • Sweats: A very common withdrawal symptom from antidepressant medications is that of sweating. You may wake up during the middle of the night soaked in heavy night sweats and/or notice that you are sweating intensely throughout the day. This is one way your nervous system is readjusting itself and is part of the detoxification process.
  • Tiredness: Although many people report heightened anxiety and difficulty sleeping when they withdraw from Remeron, others report feeling very tired. Additionally even individuals who have difficulty sleeping may notice lower than average energy levels throughout the day.
  • Tremors: In various cases, people tend to notice that they are having “shakes” or tremors. This is a more common symptom in the acute stages of withdrawal. You will stop shaking once your body readjusts without the drug.
  • Vomiting: Some individuals actually get pretty sick when they quit taking Remeron. If you quit cold turkey, your chances of vomiting increase because you have suddenly quit from a dose that your nervous system was used to getting. In order to decrease your chances of experiencing this symptom, take the time to gradually withdraw.
  • Weight loss: Since most people tend to have increases in appetite and/or cravings for food when they are on this drug, they tend to gain weight. When the drug is stopped, most people have no difficulties losing the weight that they put on while taking the drug.

Remeron Withdrawal Duration: How long does it last?

Most people have reported withdrawal symptoms lasting a few weeks before the majority cleared up. However this doesn’t mean that everyone is going to feel back to their normal selves within one month of their last dose. How quickly you recover from withdrawal symptoms and adjust back to normal functioning will likely be influenced by individual circumstances including: your sensitivity to withdrawals, how quickly you tapered, and whether you are taking other drugs.

As a general rule of thumb that I recommend is to wait three full months (90 days) to reevaluate symptoms. Three months is a lengthy period of time and will give your body and brain some time to transition back to sober functioning. It may take some time before your nervous system and neurotransmitter levels revert back to how they were prior to your first dose of Remeron. Keep in mind that some people have reported experiencing symptoms over 6 months after their last pill – these are obviously the more extreme cases, but show how debilitating the withdrawals can be for some people.

After the acute symptoms have passed during the first couple weeks of withdrawal, take the time to make sure that you are engaging in healthy activities as this may help repair your nervous system. Getting some light exercise, eating healthy foods, staying productive, socializing, resting, and learning some relaxation techniques can go a long way towards speeding up recovery. What you are experiencing may be very uncomfortable and may push your mental limits, but maintain faith that you will eventually recover and you eventually will.

If you have successfully withdrawn from Remeron and/or are going through withdrawals, feel free to share your experience in the comments section below. Sharing your experience may really help another person who is dealing with the same thing.

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  • Paun Koutroumbas February 26, 2018, 10:33 pm

    I was put on Mirtazapine in mid August 2017-stopped taking it cold turkey about 3 weeks ago. The last week of January (2018) I realized that something was wrong. I realized that my dose of 45 Mirtazapine (started at 15) was poisoning me. One of the worst problems is dry mouth so severe that I have worn down a front tooth.

    It still persists today. I am also very irritable and suffer terrible dizziness. I am currently or since I stopped experienced EVERY side effect/withdrawal symptom out there. Terrible drug!!! I believe that intense warnings should be explained before people are given this drug.

    Not only the obvious problems but the potential liver damage that it can/does cause. It is not easy but I am NOT going back to it at any dose. Good luck to all of us who have realized that stopping is the only solution.

  • Patrick February 6, 2018, 1:12 am

    I’ve not been paying attention to my meds and ACCIDENTALLY been taking 60mg of Mirtazapine for about 2 months, up from 27.5 I read this instructions and looked at the bottle tonight!! Also on Klonopin and Ambien as well as Melatonin. Missed 30mg of Mirt last night. going for 45mg tonight and for 1 week then back down to 30mg where I’m “supposed” to be. Then 15mg. Wish me luck!

  • kathy January 16, 2018, 4:19 pm

    I stopped Mirtazapine 40 mgs 10 days ago cold turkey!! I also stopped Celexa & Valium at the same time. I feel fine except for the intense sweats!! I am so much happier & have been doing a lot of reading on Spirituality & meditation. My so called therapist wanted to put me in the hospital for detox!!

    I told her to pound salt!! My husband is very supportive and helping me while making sure I continue to detox. I was in therapy for 10 years!! I know it is good for some people, but I also feel it is a business where so called professionals and drug companies make money off of peoples pain and suffering!!

    I have looked into my soul and I KNOW I can beat this thing!! I have lost all respect for the psychiatric profession!!! I KNOW each day I am getting better and this to shall pass!! I will NEVER take another psychiatric drug again so help me god!!

    I have lost 6 pounds already without even trying. That was part of my depression!! Search your souls and do what is right for you, but don’t TRUST the Psychiatric Field blindly!! Remember you are just a number and they are making money off of you!!!

    • Michelle February 22, 2018, 2:57 pm

      Kathy, you and I are on the same wavelength. After my doctor decided to only work one day a week and not tell any of her patients and not give another physician permission to refill medications (she only does it the one day she’s working now), and after letting her know I would be in another state for a month and her telling me she would transfer my prescriptions, yet refusing to do so when the time had come, thereby making me cut my vacation short, it was like my intuition finally kicked in.

      I am tired of having psychiatric labels put on me and taking this medicine – remeron, lamictal, and klonopin – which I have thought for quite some time is actually making me worse. Every time I would talk about getting off them, my doctor would get mad and then throw a line out like “The more times you have an episode of depression, the more likely it won’t go away and you’ll have it for life.” Really?!!

      So I’m in the process of quitting. I could go into a whole lot more detail about why she put me on these meds, the dosages she put me on, which according to everything I’ve read in the MEDICAL literature is a no-no, but I won’t. All I’ll say is anxiety and situational depression. I think the psychiatry world has gone crazy with labels and medications, and I’m tired of being one of their victims.

      Because she wouldn’t transfer my lamictal, I had to stop abruptly. 150 mgs for 2 years. No problem. She had me up to 60 mg of remeron at one point, and I gained 50 pounds and went down myself. She got angry. Oh, well. I’ve been on 15 mg for 2 years now, remeron itself for 4. I have dropped to 7.5 mg for almost a week now.

      I have been on klonopin for 12 years. Ridiculous, as all the medical literature says not to keep someone on it for more than 6 months. Within 3 weeks, I am taking 1.5 mgs a day, down from 3. I will taper until I’m off. I know withdrawal symptoms can be harsh, but think of all the harsh chemicals that are in these medications and what they’re doing to your body.

      I also have researched thoroughly, and I’m taking L-Theanine, Turmeric, a food-based multivitamin, and omega 3. I’m eating foods filled with omega 3. I’m exercising daily, no matter how tired I am. I found an excellent app for guided meditation, and it’s amazing. I also have been in and out of therapy since I started having panic attacks 12 years ago.

      I have learned more on my own and have wasted thousands and thousands of dollars on these so-called professionals. I am thinking more clearly already and, amazingly, am calmer. I knew the medications were making me worse. I have the shakes a few times a day, and hot flashes and sweating just started yesterday. No big deal.

      I would rather go through this and be chemically and psychiatrist free than be poisoned slowly by this out of control medical field. I had anxiety even on the meds, so what’s the difference, other than now and In the future, I will be toxin free and healthy!

      All of you who decide to stay on this medication or get on another one to “help” with withdrawals, please rethink this. You are stronger than you think, and your mind is a whole lot stronger than what your doctors have told you. You can do this! Breathe!!!!!

  • Mike March 15, 2017, 7:31 pm

    Because of life-long pain management, a 15mg daily dosage of Mirtazapine has been taken for about 5 years to help with the distress caused by that pain. Even after having taken it that long, I experienced no discernible side effects with a 2-week withdrawal routine of 7.5mg for 1-week, then 3.25mg for the final week.

    That may be unique to me, as I also discontinued Norco 7.75mg, pain management narcotic, taken for 14 years, without any adverse reaction at the same time and duration as the the Mirtazapine. With the exception of elevated pain levels, I feel much better, and life is now worth living again. Discontinuing these medications should have been done years ago.

  • Pam March 11, 2017, 4:01 pm

    Following up on my last comment from Feb. 3, 2016 – I am a 17-year veteran of mirtazapine and am happy to say that about 1.5 years after starting to go off the drug, I’m pretty much free of it. At this point, I keep a prescription for 7.5 mg on hand, but take just a trace a night that is less than a gram, if that. I probably go through 2 7.5 mg pills in a month, probably less.

    I am holding on to it as a mental crutch. I have no problems sleeping and the allergy like symptoms disappeared a long time ago. I am posting to give others hope that it is possible to wean off the drug over time. I don’t regret taking the drug because it helped me during my time of need. However, I wish that my physician had pointed out risks and what can happen to one’s brain over time.

    My elderly mother has some dementia so of course, I am concerned about my own memory as I age. There are some articles that note a potential link between anti-depressants and memory loss, but no doctor has ever mentioned this to me. My plan is to go off completely gradually over the next year or so.

    I started some hormone replacement therapy a year ago, if you’re a midlife female struggling to sleep at night and have other annoying change of life symptoms, HRT may be a temporary solution to help during the transition. That said, I was able to come off the drug slowly even without the HRT – my tip is to go slow and give it time. In terms of weight, I am down about 3-5 pounds but I also exercise more consistently.

    I became more used to the appetite-stimulating side effects of the drug after about 5 years or so on the drug, and was even at a lighter weight at one point when I was on 15 mg daily. So, if you’re struggling with weight gain, over time, your body will become more used to it and you can manage your weight effectively, without struggle. When I first went on the drug, I was ravenous and gained a good 20 pounds or so.

  • Judy March 2, 2017, 6:11 pm

    Hi David, For those of us on medications a longer time, there is potential for the healing process to continue longer. I’ve heard of people still recovering after 6 or 7 years. I hesitate to say that, because it might be discouraging to some that are earlier on in the process. And not everyone will take that long, even if they’ve been on a medication for awhile. There are a lot of factors, probably many we don’t yet understand.

    I go through periods where it feels like nothing is changing. Yet if I look back for 6 months or a year, I can more easily observe differences. I do my best to face each symptom that’s there, and try not to give into the fears of never getting better. At times, I’ll seek out acupuncture. It’s been very good for symptom relief, even if it’s not changing the time period that healing is taking. I wish I could find something that would help change the underlying problems that lead to histamine intolerance, but there are few practitioners who have even heard of it.

    I know this process can be very discouraging at times for all of us. Certain symptoms are more debilitating than others. I have my moments too, of wondering if I things will ever be normal again. Eating a very limited diet is very limiting in the rest of my life too. I can very rarely eat anything out, which means being unable to travel or even share a meal with someone. I do my best to focus on how much better most other aspects are. And maybe because I am so blasted stubborn, I simply will not let doctors or pharmaceuticals win this. I am beyond determined to find whatever healing is possible.

    If you are looking for something very inspirational, you might google “beyond meds”. The woman who writes this was on a huge cocktail of drugs for a good share of her life. She has done amazing work to find healing. I stumbled on her site early on in WD. It helped give me hope that I could heal too.

  • Jon February 28, 2017, 7:45 pm

    Just reading all these comments as I’m about a month through 50% reduction. I was on 60mg for about 7 years. I noticed the maximum dose is 45mg? Could my dosage cause me any long-term issues? Came across this thread as I’m a year into my first job back after being ill. My sleep is all over the place and feel teary, plus have issues with moods and concentration. Don’t really want to go back on a higher dose but don’t want to get worse again. Any suggestions? -Tia

    • Judy March 8, 2017, 6:10 pm

      Tia, What you are most likely reacting to is the amount that you have reduced in a short period. Given the dose you were on and the length of time, 50% is probably way too much. The recommendation is to reduce by 10% of the current dose about every 4-6 weeks. Some people are able to go more quickly, but some also have to do much less than that. Did you make that cut all at once? So, you are currently at 30 mg? You could try reinstating a small amount and see how you do.

      Like perhaps going up to 37.5 and waiting awhile at that, to see how things go. If you are trying to work, it’s doubly important to go slowly. It might seem discouraging to think it will take years to get off it, but you’re getting a small taste of what it can be like to go too fast. If you google, “tips for tapering remeron”, you will find some information on a site that tell you more about the process. Good luck.

  • Judy February 22, 2017, 10:59 pm

    Thanks for checking in David. I was thinking of you and wondering how you were doing. I can understand the despair over those last symptoms ever changing. I have my own version and I am further away from the drug than you are (2 & 1/2 years for me). However, the fact that all the other symptoms have resolved for you in a relatively short time (I know it probably feels like forever) is a good sign.

    You were on Remeron for awhile and at the higher dose. You might not believe this, but you’re doing far better than people I know of who have gone CT. Plus, you had a couple of on again/off again tries. Some aspects of healing seem to take a longer time than others.

    As I remember, you were doing a lot of good things in terms of self-care. I encourage you to keep plugging away and if you can, remain open to not knowing how things might continue to unfold in your healing. I’ve heard of people who are still healing for a long time after they quit the drug. Judy

    • David February 25, 2017, 6:39 pm

      Judy, thanks for the reply. I would be lying if I said that not afraid of how this will turn out. Right now, I am spending a lot of time in bed with a heating pad. Also, nausea and vertigo come and go.

      I try to go walking every day, and eat nutritious foods. But the abdominal spasms seem to rob me of my energy, the ability to think clearly, and any hope for future healing. I will try to follow your advice.

      I feel sorry for my wife, who has retired and now has this to deal with. Thank you again for your response. I thought that the fact that I am not healed after 14 months pretty much means that I am not going to. A little hope means a lot. Take care and continue to get better, David

  • David February 13, 2017, 4:16 pm

    Hello! Just checking in. History – 8+ years on Remeron at 45 mgs. Had to get off due to side effects. First try was taper given by doctor, that had me off the drug in 4 weeks. Three days later the WD symptoms started and continued to get worse. My GI doc put me back on a lower dose, 7.5 mg, which was still 37.5 less than I had been on.

    I went off it again cold turkey, and suffered for 10 months before going back on 3.75. Heart rhythm side effects caused me to once more get off the stuff. That was December 14th 2015, cold turkey again. About 3 days later, withdrawal starts again. It has now been about 14 months, and most of the symptoms have resolved.

    I am left with anxiety and severe colon spasms. I see no relief in sight from these and am depressed at thinking of a life ruined by Remeron. Whatever you do, taper the stuff as long as you have to. It may not make a difference anyway, but at least be as kind to yourself as you can be. Godspeed & Healing to you all! David

  • Sarah Jane February 7, 2017, 6:54 pm

    ’04 I started this drug at 15 then to 45 and as high as 60mg. I went down to 30mg after going to another doctor. I got depressed again and was put back on 45mg. Well I felt horrible and just plain crappy. After years now, 12 now to be exact, I went cold turkey.

    Done with this rollercoaster. Side effects of withdrawal are horrible. Sweats, itching, moodiness and brain fog. I’m at 2 weeks now. I’ve got flu-like symptoms also. I flushed them all. I only wish at this point to be on a mild dose of my clonazepam for anxiety. That too I’m cutting back.

    Currently 4mgs a day to 3 now. My doctor won’t be happy but I want to be me again. The antidepressant rollercoaster I’ve been on for years now. I’ve tried em all. Just want to be me again.

  • Marie February 6, 2017, 6:43 pm

    Weaning off Remeron and the side effects: I weaned very slowly off Remeron, as I read many stories about how difficult the effects can be. I decreased by 3.75 mg each month, which made for an easier time. If I decreased by more than that, I was anxious.

    It took me about 5 months, but well worth taking it slow and I highly recommend others wean off by 10% decrease of the dosage you are on or no more than 3.75mg. Next, for withdrawal symptoms, I had a little nervousness, irritability, difficulty sleeping and headaches, but it didn’t last long and wasn’t that bad. THE WORST PART IS THIS ITCHING I HAVE OF MY ENTIRE BODY, WORSE AT NIGHT!!

    It started about 2 weeks after I stopped the Remeron completely. I had no idea it could be a common side effect of withdrawals until I looked it up on this site! Benadryl, creams nothing is helping me yet. I just called my doctor to see what I can do about this, as I can’t sleep due to insomnia and itching from head to toe every single night and it says this itching could last up to 3 months after stopping the med.

    I would never recommend Remeron to anyone due to all this! Plus I craved carbs like crazy and gained 40 lbs on it. As soon as I stopped it, the weight is falling off me, and no more crazy cravings! If anyone has any help for this itching or has experienced it, please let me know!!!

    I feel like I am going crazy! I have weaned off many anti-depressants in my life and never ever had this awful side effect of itching like you have poison ivy from head to toe! Benadryl doesn’t work because it’s the nerve endings that are causing the itching, not an allergy! HELP!!

    • Judy February 17, 2017, 1:53 pm

      Marie, If you read some of the posts above, you’ll see that some of us have been helped by following a low histamine diet. Remeron works as an antihistamine, so coming off it results in a rebound effect. Your body may be too sensitized at the beginning for any supplements. It took awhile before I was able to tolerate those, but everyone is different. Eventually, vitamin C and quercetin helped in reducing the histamine – along with the diet. Good luck to you. Judy

  • J. Shepard January 27, 2017, 4:37 pm

    My neurologist replaced Celexa with Remeron at 7.5 mg per night. Night 1 brought a feeling of tumbling over with very vivid, wired dreams and inability to get up in the morning. My eyes felt as if I was spinning all the following day.

    I spoke to her on day 3, asking for a change of medication, but she told me to keep at it and by day 4 or 5 I would settle in. This did not happen so on day 6 I cut the pill in quarter, taking a quarter for two nights and taking the pill earlier. No change in feelings so on night 7 I cut the quarter in half so I took one eighth for two nights.

    Last night I decided not to take any medication at all. I woke once and went back to sleep to more vivid dreaming. Today my feelings of instability and wooziness continue.

    I forgot to say that I awaken to pretty severe front of head pain ever dice taking remeron. I’m drinking lots of water and hoping that this will flush my system. For me this medication has too many side effects as I live alone in a two story townhouse, and must drive.

    • LIH February 1, 2017, 1:06 am

      Hi J.Shepard, I have the symptoms (vivid dreams) same like you. I have been off Remeron for 3.5 months. Now I’m not taking any other medications. Hopefully the normal sleep will return to us.

  • Judy January 21, 2017, 9:38 pm

    I’m glad you’ve seen some improvement in your sleep Karamjit and that some of the other symptoms have lessened too. I really hope that things continue to get better for you on all fronts, especially with sleep. I worry that it’s disheartening to hear that someone is still struggling 2 1/2 years out, but then forget that I’m doing better than some at this time frame.

    I know my situation was complicated by some other factors, including the death of my partner a year before I started tapering. The combination of grief and withdrawal was almost too much to manage sometimes. However, I know I’m coming out the other side of both of these things.

    I’ve been working this past year and though it’s only part-time, it’s a sign that I’m better than I was before. And since my job will end sometime this year, I am looking at trainings and other options for work. I’m 62, but not yet ready to retire. With everything I’ve been through, I feel I still have something left to contribute. I hope the suffering will somehow be of help to others, as it has been in my current work.

    Not feeling well and having limited energy has had one huge benefit. It’s made me become much clearer on what really matters. I’ve let go of some friendships that weren’t working and am much more careful of what I commit to. I’ve become an expert on taking care of myself. I’m committed to daily meditation practice, exercise, and eating as healthy as possible.

    I’m very careful about what I take in–from food to supplements, and even to what I’m willing to watch on TV. Everything we do has an impact, only this is much more apparent during withdrawal. Wishes for health and healing for everyone who finds themselves here.

  • Karamjit January 18, 2017, 12:27 am

    I am really thankful to you Judy, you came back again and again on this website to post your health update and gave a lot of people hope that it can get better. You don’t know how much it really means for the people who are in the middle of this withdrawal hell. The only way to know that it can get better is from the people who really went through this hell and came on the other side but very few people come back to tell their recovery stories and that’s very sad.

    I am really happy for you that many of your earlier symptoms are gone completely and that at least gives you some quality of life and the hope for a better life in the future. I am sure that you will heal further because a lot of people who are recovered fully were still in bad shape in your timeframe. People who recovered fully came back after 4 to 5 years to post their success stories.

    So there is a hope for further improvement. I am also thankful that you asked about my health. Judy, I have had a lot of symptoms after I quit the remeron and a lot of them are disappeared but my sleep is still not very good but there is definitely some improvement especially after I tried antihistamine diet, so many thanks to you.

    I used to get 4 hours of broken sleep with occasional nights of zero sleep and now I get 6 hours of broken sleep with occasional nights of zero sleep. I hope I can see further improvement by the end of this year. May this year also bring you more good health and happiness.

  • Judy January 17, 2017, 3:35 am

    Karamjit, I really appreciate your reply and support. Sometimes, I forget how far I’ve come–how sick I was at the beginning. I have to keep reminding myself of the many symptoms that are much less or gone. Just in a bit of a low point right now, mostly due to the ongoing fatigue. I’m tired of being tired! There are moments when I wonder if there’s something else going on.

    How are things with you? How’s your recovering coming along? I hope by now you’re able to get some decent rest. That alone can make a big difference to some of the other symptoms and just the general ability to cope with whatever is there.

  • Karamjit January 14, 2017, 5:19 pm

    Hi Judy, thank you so much for giving an update about your health. It gives us hope that recovery is possible after having a brain injury from these antidepressant drugs. I know you are left with 3 to 4 more symptoms and I highly believe they will also go with time. These are some of your stubborn symptoms that just need more time to heal. I know someone who was 95 percent healed by the end of fourth year, so don’t be discouraged. Just hang in there and keep up with taking good care of yourself.

    • LIH January 17, 2017, 3:01 am

      Dear Karamjit, I have broken sleep (with lots of dreams) since coming off Mirtazapine 3 months ago. I was only on it for 2 months… just want to know will it go away? I’m worry it will last forever :( Thanks and wish you all the best.

  • Judy January 13, 2017, 8:38 pm

    Hi Everyone, It’s been awhile since I posted an update, so thought I’d do that. It’s been almost 2 & 1/2 years since I took my last Remeron pill. A lot of the early symptoms I had have been mostly resolved–headache, dizziness, nausea, digestive issues, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, insomnia, itching. I was on Remeron for almost 10 years, and took 14 months to come off them–too fast, which I learned too late.

    What I’m still left with–fatigue, chills, and muscle tension/pain–these are all more significant during the winter. Recently had full blood work done, including thyroid, vitamin D and b 12 and the usual standard tests. Everything was normal, which I guess means these are still withdrawal symptoms. And of course, there’s still the issue with histamine foods.

    I’m starting to think I might be living with that part for the rest of my life, as there are really few signs of improvement on that count. My energy is typically much better during the summer months, but wasn’t as good this past summer. Not sure why, except I had a shoulder injury and wasn’t able to bike ride for a period of time–which is one of the most helpful things I can do.

    For anyone reading this, who hasn’t yet stopped taking it or stopped recently. I highly recommend heeding the 10% and taking the time you need to in order to get off this safely, with fewer side effects. If you just jumped off recently, you can still reinstate at a lower dose and go more slowly. I wish I could go back and do things differently. While I am doing reasonably okay, withdrawal still affects my life on a daily basis.

  • Thomas January 12, 2017, 3:56 pm

    I stopped Remeron (15mg) two days ago after only 7 days. Now having constant fatigue, lightheadedness, and nausea. It comes in waves and is so bad I should not drive. I was on Zoloft for 45 days, then Celexa for 30, low dosage on both, but with side affects and weight loss. So my Doctor switched me to Remeron for weight gain and help with sleep.

    I was tired all the time and felt confused. I am not sure if it is just the Remeron or quitting all Serotonin inhibitors cold turkey that is causing my current problems. My doctor ask me to switch back to Celexa today. I am not taking any of these serotonin inhibitors again, for me the cure is worse than the problem.

    The only things that are helping at the moment is Yoga and Meditation. I cannot imagine being on Remeron for years and what happens when you stop. I only have 106 days of using any anti-anxiety meds and learned they are not for me. I feel like a guinea pig that is just being used to collect data on these meds.

    When I called today to complain about the problems, I was told I could see a psychiatrist (read more meds) or go to the emergency room. Lovely. Peace and Blessings to all who struggle with these Medications and this chemical-oriented Medical system.

  • Jen December 17, 2016, 6:34 pm

    Hi everyone, I’m 8 months off mirtazapine and am still not 100%, though I am much better than I was a few months ago. I started mirtazapine in November 2015 to help with the insomnia. While it did address this problem, I ended up much worse off than I had been before I started the drug. For starters, I was insatiable!

    I would eat and eat and eat and never feel satisfied and we’re not talking salads here – I would eat 5 chocolate bars in a sitting or 4 large cinnamon buns without even thinking. I craved carbs and sugar like crazy and put on 30 lbs in about two months. I’m only 5’3 and typically weigh around 125, so this was a huge jump for me and the most I’ve ever weighed in my life.

    With no end in sight to the weight gain, I decided to come off of it. I was only ever on 15mg, so I thought it would be easy to taper off relatively quickly. I cut out 1/8th every two weeks until I finished completely at the end of March. The first two weeks I felt relatively okay, but had flu-like symptoms.

    I thought maybe that would be the worst of it, but I ended up with unrelenting digestive issues ranging from diarrhea to constipation (within days of each other) and constant nausea. I was consistently nauseous from April until June and lost a lot of the weight I had gained simply because I was too ill to eat much. I have now lost a total of 33 lbs, so a little more than I had put on.

    I wish I could say my troubles ended there, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Because of my unpredictable gastrointestinal situation, I rarely wanted to leave the house and I stopped doing a lot of the things I enjoyed, which ultimately led to crippling anxiety! I’ve dealt with depression most of my adult life, but this was something totally foreign to me. It got to the point where I would be feeling fine, but as soon as I knew I had to go somewhere, I would immediately feel nauseous and panicky.

    At first I attributed this to lingering withdrawal symptoms, but soon connected the dots and realized it was now anxiety manifesting in a physical way. I had been so nervous during the months I was sick that I conditioned myself to believe that leaving the house wasn’t safe because maybe I would feel ill and wouldn’t be able to escape from wherever I happened to be. It peaked on a trip overseas in September.

    I am a nervous flyer to begin with, so I asked my doctor from something to ease my nerves on the long flight and she gave me Ativan. I ended up taking it regularly throughout our trip because I was so anxious being in an unfamiliar place. Realizing Ativan would be a band-aid to problem that required more attention, I started going to counseling at the end of October to address the anxiety.

    While I’m not quite where I want to be yet, it has helped me immensely. Long story short, taking mirtazapine was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made. It hurt far more than it helped and I feel very resentful towards my doctor for giving me such a powerful drug for a problem that didn’t warrant it. I am just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but suffice to say 2016 was a tough year.

    I have also been on Wellbutrin for 4 years and am looking at coming off of it, but am understandably hesitant – coming off of mirtazapine after 4 months wreaked havoc on my mind and body, so I can’t imagine what withdrawal will be life after 4 years. Anyway, happy to answer any questions anyone has!

    • Josie December 19, 2016, 6:23 am

      Hi Jen, Just to say I’m over 3 months off Mirtazapine (not on anything else) and I know what you mean about the debilitating effects of the drug. I was only on 15mg for 7 months and like you my anxiety rocketed while being on it. While I’d had certain social issues before, I became unable to venture more than say up to half a mile away from my car or home.

      This was NEVER like me. I too still have digestion issues, though not as bad as I was. My anxiety has always revolved around a nervy stomach and IBS, but reading your post I wonder if the Mirtazapine is still playing up.

      Of course the doctors would vehemently deny that. I also had a bout of poor sleep, but I’m back to normal with that now. My weight never did go up, but I understand what you mean about insatiable appetite when I was weaning off, down to 7.5mg. So I quit from there, quite quickly.

      I’m glad you’re better now. I couldn’t go abroad, by the way, well done doing that! All the best coming off Wellbutrin.

    • Hanne January 5, 2017, 2:08 pm

      Now almost 4 months off Mirtazapine after being on Mirta 5 years. Feeling very anxious and having panic attacks. Losing more weight and diarrhea continues. Feeling lot of fear of some serious illness. Next week going to endoscopy to solve diarrhea. If all of this pain is because of withdrawal symptoms, I feel so angry. So many people suffering because of this kind of medicine.

  • Hanne December 5, 2016, 11:42 am

    Hi everyone being together with this horrible withdrawal problem. I’ve used Mirt five years. Started tapering two years ago. Now off nearly three months. First month with a few bad panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, daily worse migraine, itching in shoulders, bad leg cramps, diarrhea.

    Now after three months still anxiety mostly because of physical problems as very bad diarrhea. I’ve lost weight ca 4 kilograms and being now in the same weight than I had before I started Mirt, which is one of the positive effects. The other one is, that I sleep ca 7-8 hours and wake up lively. With Mirt I slept ca 10-11 hours and barely got myself out of bed. My worse problem is now diarrhea. Anyone else with same problem here?

  • helga December 4, 2016, 3:45 am

    Hi everyone. Ten months off mirtazapine, and although at nine months I thought I was getting better, I have had a really rough couple of weeks – anxiety is quite bad and not helped by all the other withdrawal effects. Still having bad body aches and pains, mild nausea at times, and quite often feel “spacey” – hard to explain, not quite dizziness but sort of a feeling of imbalance.

    I still experience muscle weakness and extreme tiredness, not helped at all by insomnia. I know this is just another “wave” which we all seem to experience, and I know overall I am improving, but it’s jolly hard when these symptoms are persisting. I am still refusing to see my doctor again regarding my symptoms, because in effect he ruined my life by putting me on this rotten drug in the first place, and will not admit that withdrawal symptoms even exist.

    I would love to change doctors, but in my area it is practically impossible to get into a good doctor as most are not taking new patients. I tell myself every day that I am strong and will get through this. I try to stay positive and busy, but sometimes I feel more like crawling into a corner and staying there. With this year almost over, let’s hope we all have a better year in 2017, and have a safe and happy holiday season.

  • Kate December 3, 2016, 7:32 pm

    I’m 5 days in to coming off 7.5mg and I’m struggling. I was on 45mg for about 5 years dropped down to 30mg for a year 15 mg for 6 months then 7.5 mg every other night for a month now nothing. I have all those listed symptoms.

    The worst one is the rage and depersonalization today I feel like I have PMT x 100 and my brain feels like it’s turning itself inside out. Main reason for coming off is the 5 stone weight gain. I’m fed up with being fat. I’m going to white knuckle this detox after doing a methadone detox 2 years ago nothing will be as bad as that.

  • Natalie November 24, 2016, 2:15 am

    I just Read these posts and want to let you all know I stopped this awful mirtazapine cold turkey at 45mg. My Doctor said it will be ok to just stop and start another medication. Wish I had read up on it and done more homework about this medication mirtazapine before taking it and before suddenly stopping it. When I took this medication I got very nervous and shaky where I couldn’t walk at all.

    I was so upset so I went to my doctor… he said mirtazapine isn’t working and put me up a dose. I tried and the shakes and nervous got worse. Anyway, wanted to get off this medication to get my life back with out the nervousness and shakiness so went back to the doctor and he said to just stop and start another medication.

    I stopped with thinking it was ok but didn’t start other medication for a week later as I thought mirtazapine was still in my system. A few days after stopping this medication I felt alright and the nervous and shakiness went away thank goodness but 6 to 7 days after I felt very weird inside my body. I have now got internal shaking that no one can see I can just feel.

    It is horrible. I am also upset a lot, moody, got a dry mouth, sleep isn’t good, feel hot and cold a lot and get very sore feet. I am very worried about all of this and hope I can recover from this soon. taking mirtazapine was the worst mistake of my life!

  • Steve November 16, 2016, 4:17 pm

    I have probably taken Remeron probably longer than any of your posts. 30mg continuously for over 25 years, and it works as promised i.e. better sleep, weight gain, improved mood. HOWEVER GETTING OFF IT WAS THE MOST DREADFUL EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! I lost 30lbs and felt sick to my stomach for a year, I got no help from the medical community (shame on them).

    In a weak moment after being off for a year I got back on 15mg (for sleep)… I slept better, gained 20lbs and generally felt better. However my muscles were extremely stiff and painful. I got off it again, this time in 7 days. I’m dizzy like you read about, losing weight, can’t sleep. I will get through this… I did once before! BUT I WILL NEVER TAKE REMERON AGAIN!!!

    • David December 2, 2016, 7:42 pm

      Steve, I was on Mirt for 8 years at 45 mg. I went back on it as you did, and then off again. Dec 11 will be a year since my last dose, and I too am still having abdominal/epigastric pain and nausea. Remeron was the worse thing that I have ever done to myself. The first attempt at getting off it was 2 years ago, and I tried three times, and had to stay off due to it was causing heart problems. Good luck.

    • David December 3, 2016, 3:41 pm

      Steve, As I posted, Dec 11 will be a year since my last dose. Did you have abdominal cramps with your stomach upset for the year?

  • Jennifer November 15, 2016, 8:03 pm

    I have been on mirt 30mg for approx. 6 mos or so. I made the decision to reduce the dosages of most of the meds I have been taking: lamictal 100 mg to 50 mg, trazodone 100 mg to 50 mg, mirt 30 mg to 15 mg, venlafaxine 75 mg to 37.5 mg, Ativan 4 mg to 1 mg. Did not consult my doctor.

    I have experienced vomiting, diarrhea, sweating during sleep, balance problems, extreme fatigue, lethargy and weakness, loss of appetite, shakiness. Reducing all these meds at once was a careless and potentially dangerous decision. I have no way of knowing which meds are causing which side effects. Don’t know how to handle this now.

    I’m functioning but the side effects are certainly problematic and a bit scary. Don’t know what damage I am causing my body and brain. Pls advise, I’d appreciate your feedback. FYI, I am 66 yrs old. Thanks so much.

  • Karamjit November 12, 2016, 1:33 pm

    Hi all, I wish I could say that I am recovered 100 percent after 9 months off of the drug remeron but unfortunately that is not the case. I am still having some issues with sleep, allergy like symptoms, headaches, and palpitations. I am still paying the price today with my health for something that I took for only four months.

  • Helga October 31, 2016, 11:35 am

    9 months off mirtazapine and I think I am finally improving, but progress is very slow. Still not sleeping well and I continue to have problems with body aches, muscle weakness and extreme tiredness. I still have some problems with anxiety although it is much better than a few months ago. A few other problems but only minor things. Overall I can see improvement but still have a way to go I think. So to everyone going through this – stay strong and persevere, it does get better with time.

  • heikki October 28, 2016, 7:20 am

    Hi everybody, I wrote here at spring few times, because I had all the same withdrawal symptoms as you. I told later that, after about three months hell, I was doing much much better. So I just want to update this to encourage you. I took Remeron for 15 years, stop it cold turkey -stupidly so I have to say! – and dropped to the nightmare.

    But it is all over now. I am physically and mentally in a great condition. I still have some sleeping problems as during my life, but I can cope with that, although it is far from comfortable sometimes. Anyway my life is pretty normal and better than in years. I do not have any symptoms left. So don’t lose the faith. You will recover too.

  • Bob October 25, 2016, 4:22 am

    I get so sick of Doctors putting their patients on these types of medications without telling them what will happen if they want to stop them. I am on Mirtazapine 45 mg, clonazepam 1 mg, and Wellbutrin XL 150 mg. I have decided that I am tired of feeling like a zombie and the only reasons for the meds are these: Mirtazapine – help with sleeping, and anxiety, clonazepam for anxiety and the Wellbutrin for seasonal affective disorder. I am not a manic-depressive or severely depressed, I just have some anxiety and now I am on all this garbage.

    I had a liver transplant 7 years ago and I doubt that all this garbage will help my new liver to last as long as it could. So I am starting to get off the meds one at a time and I started with the Mirtazapine, then I will do the Wellbutrin and lastly the clonazepam if possible. I have his blessing and he will be prescribing all my meds as we taper off them.

    So that is a plus. I already got off Gabapentin that did nothing for my neuropathy but it just made me want to sleep all day with all this other garbage. I think all Doctors have a duty to let their patients know that many medications will cause withdrawal symptoms prior to starting them. It might keep the amount of medications we take to a minimum.

    I never knew about Gabapentin withdrawals until I looked it up prior to coming off of it. The Gabapentin was easy, I only was on it for a month before I knew it was worse than the pain I have in me feet. So time to get some of this other garbage out of me and live a real life!

  • KK October 18, 2016, 4:12 pm

    For a couple of months I was thinking about coming off Mirtazapine (again) 45 mg which I’ve been on for 4 years About 3 weeks ago, I ran out of pills and it was a week away from my scheduled doctor appointment. To reduce the withdrawals I took Citalopram 10mg, 2 propranolol 10mg 3 times a day and a Nytol at night and it helped. Now I’m not taking any medication whatsoever, and I’m starting to feel more human each day. It also feels great to naturally feel sleepy and tired at night and sleeping all night without problems.

    I have lost my appetite, (lost about 8lbs in 3 weeks) and my tongue feels really sensitive to everything but water. I’ve also been extremely tired during the day and non stop yawning all day but find when I’m up and doing stuff I don’t yawn and can’t stop till everything’s done. I’ve also woke up in a puddle of sweat a lot and one minute I’ll be roasting and sweating from places I didn’t think was possible then the next absolutely teeth chattering cold.

    But TBH the withdrawals this time aren’t anywhere near as bad as what I’ve been hit with in the past, paranoia was the worst one. I stopped these cold turkey and was on 45mgs for 4 years. Yes, some days it was hard, but we are all strong enough to get off this drug, just have to believe that you are.

    Don’t think about the withdrawals you’re going through – it will only make it worse. Also get up at a decent time and stay awake all day. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • S.U.Ahmed October 17, 2016, 10:09 pm

    Hi Everyone! I was on Mirtazapine 15 mg for 2 years, although my doc had said it is non addictive and does not have withdrawal symptoms but after I did little research I found adverse side effects. I have left it cold turkey 2 weeks before, withdrawal symptoms are showing up but few things are helping me a lot to coupe up with symptoms.

    For anxiety, I take Risik in day time and it has no withdrawal symptoms as I have used it before over a long time. For sleep, Xanax or sleeping aid of less potency is also helpful. Of course with a lot of exercise it is becoming easier to deal with all that. Numbness, fuzziness, distant feeling still there but vanish quite quickly after these aids.

  • Andy October 14, 2016, 8:34 am

    Hi. I jumped off 3.75mg of Mirtazapine 16 days ago having been on them for approximately 10-12 weeks. They were prescribed for insomnia and weight loss, although I also had the faint signs of anxiety in the background (tense shoulders, slight tremors and raised heart rate at times). I took 7.5mg for a week before reducing to 3.75mg where I remained throughout the rest of the course.

    Having sorted out the appetite, and restoring sleep to somewhere more acceptable, I decided to quit. Being unable to cut the tablets any smaller, I considered my low dose to be ok and didn’t anticipate any problems. How wrong I was! Within 3 days I began to suffer. I was aware that I was clamping my jaws tight (Bruxism) and that aches and pains were beginning to appear in my left arm and chest area. I also became much more anxious.

    I have endured these ever since but am relatively happy in my mind that they are withdrawal symptoms and will pass in time. My problem, and the reason for writing, is the body aches and physical symptoms. I have a headache from hell but anticipated that together with elevated anxiety. However, I have muscular and joint pain in both arms, particularly left elbow, shoulders, chest muscles and now spreading into my legs.

    I didn’t anticipate these pains so am wondering if I have something going on in the background such as an infection or something? Does withdrawal give you these problems and, if so, why? I am hoping I can ride these symptoms out. Having lasted over 2 weeks, I am reluctant to reinstate as I might be need the ‘end’. That said, if these pains progress then I will have no choice.

    I would be grateful for some advice, even if just to reassure me I am ok. Many thanks.

    • Andy October 19, 2016, 8:24 am

      Just an update – I reinstated 3.75mg three days ago as there was no improvement. I am suffering badly from pain in my major joints – elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles. All the other side effects wore off after two weeks, apart from the headache which has remained and is being stubborn to treatment with paracetamol.

      Am hoping that the reinstatement will kick in soon and stabilise me. If not, I will go up to 7.5mg but no further. Once I am happy I am stable I will give it a week or two and then start a much more gradual taper by ‘liquifying’ the tablets.

      Still interested in anyones views about the joint pain, is it something others have experienced or is is a totally separate side issue. I need to know because if it comes on again when I withdraw next time then I will be forewarned and able to deal with it better.

      • Josie October 22, 2016, 6:13 am

        Hi Andy, Yes I’ve heard about severe joint pain with withdrawals off Mirtazapine, so rest assured it’s all related and not a separate thing. I know how easy it is thinking you’re developing another illness. Hang in there, you’ll get through it.

      • Judy October 22, 2016, 7:53 pm

        Hi Andy, Yes, pain is a very common symptom of withdrawal. I’ve had severe muscle and joint pain at times. After 2 years, it is significantly less than it was, but still one of my prominent symptoms. It is mostly muscle pain now. I don’t think anyone knows the exact reason for each of the individual symptoms, but it is most likely a result of having a destabilized nervous system.

        3.75 might have been too high a dose to reinstate. Usually, when the nervous system has been sensitized, a smaller dose would be more recommended. It can take some time to stabilize, even up to a few weeks. I’d avoid going up, given you were mostly on the 3.75 dose.

        Also, it would be better to give your nervous system a lot more than 2 weeks, from stability to begin tapering again. You’ve already seen some effects from going too quickly, but believe me, it can get a whole lot worse. I didn’t realize that I was tapering too fast and for long periods of time, was hardly able to function. And I mean just basics like taking a shower, buying groceries, or cleaning the house.

        Work would have been out of the question. Going slowly is the best way to reduce the impact on your nervous system and potential long-term symptoms.

        • Andy October 31, 2016, 9:28 am

          Thanks for your comments, I am reassured that this joint and muscle pain is down to the meds and not a separate issue. I’ve continued on 3.75mg and am finally seeing some stability. The joint pain has lessened a little but I do have ‘good and bad’ days where the degree of discomfort varies. I shall hold here for a little while longer before thinking about lowering the dose really gradually – 10% at a time is what I am considering.

          Now I know how to liquify my tablets it makes it a lot easier to calculate correct doses. I am currently on 15mg of Lansoprazole each day which, as I no longer have acid reflux issues and am concerned about long term side effects of taking PPi’s, I am going to taper off also. I am thinking of doing this now before I do anything about the Remeron as I can’t deal with tapering both at the same time. Wish me luck!

  • Librarian October 13, 2016, 2:08 pm

    I am 7-8 weeks into cold turkey mirtazapine withdrawal. I was on it for many years at 45mg. I don’t know why I was this stupid. Feels like I’ve been going crazy this entire time! I am finally starting to get sleep back. I slept 4 hours last night. I can finally eat again. I can’t eat much when I do eat, but at least I can eat solids now. I lived on protein shakes for about 6 weeks because I couldn’t eat.

    That was the strangest symptom I’ve gone through in life. I would love to be able to put that sensation into words, but it is incredibly difficult. I was starving every minute of every day, but when I picked up a piece of food, I could not eat it as my whole body would reject the idea of food. I wasn’t nauseous and I never had vomiting, but the diarrhea was fun for about a month.

    Now is where it is really getting interesting. I had to go to the ER a few weeks ago for massive panic attacks and paranoia. I was clinically exhausted as well from insomnia. This is where I truly started to believe that I was going crazy. They put me on ativan and that helped a tiny bit. I still have the paranoid anxiety that I almost can’t tolerate. It feels like I’m insane. I still take the ativan and yet, here I am. It would be great if my doctor would up the ativan dosage, but I used to be on a ton of benzos at once.

    I didn’t think I had a pill problem because I went literally to a psychiatrist who is known in a few different countries and he would just prescribe and insist on how necessary it is to be on 17 psych meds at once and it may have been more. When he busted out the 20mg xanax/day on me on top of 5 other benzos, I asked for 2 weeks how necessary it was and then if he could help me come off of it and he surely reassured me it was necessary and he would help me off of them as easily as I went on them. What a liar.

    When I woke up to what was really going on, I stopped seeing my psychiatrist last year. I have come off every med he put me on, over the last year and a half. Sure, all of the withdrawals were difficult for a few weeks, but I’d never felt better or more positive in my whole life. I wish anyone in hell had told me benzo withdrawal was easier and I would have chosen to come off of those last (and luckily, I’ve not missed the benzos until now). However, because doctors see my chart and assume I was an addict instead of a confused patient, they freak out over prescribing anxiety medication and won’t up my ativan dosage.

    It’s been an interesting catch 22. Is there anyone with experience who can tell me when I’ll stop feeling crazy? I’ve had a seriously panicky week, I’ve had random tearful moments that last for a few hours since the beginning as well, but I swear, if I don’t get my brain back in my head soon… The only other medication I’m taking now is gabapentin and benadryl.

    I’m now just taking ativan, gabapentin and benadryl because it was hard as hell to come off the meds and I am so proud of me. I don’t want to backtrack and lose that, especially being 2 months into withdrawal. The only other med I’ve taken that has worse than benzos or mirtazapine is gabapentin (I recently was out of that for a week because of a pharmacy hiccup and holy wow!). Seriously, quitting 6 benzos at once was an absolute BREEZE which is why I was happier to accept ativan than go back on mirtazapine.

    Sorry I’m rambling. I’m a writer and when my anxiety is horrible, it’s what I do. How much longer am I in for and has anyone had success with supplements?? To anyone else struggling, yea… my post sounds doom and gloom. I’m so sorry. Know you’re not alone. Also know… I came off of 15 psychiatric meds already and I’ve been so much better for it. If I did it, I know it can be done so please hang in there. Things eventually do get a LOT better!

  • Josie October 6, 2016, 7:56 am

    I thought I’d give my story as everyone’s accounts are different so it may help someone. I’m 46. I was on 15mg Mirtazapine since mid-February for anxiety, agoraphobia and especially social anxiety. Twice during that time I tried to up it to 22.5 but couldn’t because of my stomach. I’ve always had a very nervy tummy, especially acid indigestion, though never pain or reflux.

    Towards the end of August I realized the drug wasn’t helping. While I hadn’t had the weight gain and I was fine with sleeping (never had a problem with sleeping, still don’t) I still felt incredible nervousness doing very small things out my home, I still wasn’t working and still spent most of the time alone. So I spent 2.5 weeks very slowly chipping away at a tablet until I got down to half.

    At that point I noticed my appetite rocketed for rubbish and I did put on some weight which I didn’t want. Really without doing proper research four weeks ago today I took my last bit of Mirtazapine, went cold turkey. The first week I was great (it coincided with a heatwave so I couldn’t do a lot but was amazed I was fine). I had a brain zap but it was so small I hardly noticed it.

    The second week for a couple of days I was into cold like symptoms and reduced appetite, but didn’t even take a single paracetamol. I noticed then that I was able to do a few things that I’d had mental blocks about. I’d read something on here someone said they’d developed phobias being on it and I can relate to that. But for the past 2 weeks I’ve had awful acid, really quite debilitating, the only thing that clears it is crying!

    Strangely I can run further in the morning than I can walk in the day when feeling like this. Even now at home I don’t feel great. So I’m hoping the tummy calms. I’ve had no other symptoms to speak of except crying. I’m not taking any other pills, going it alone. I hope others have had similar experiences and can tell me I’ll be back to ‘normal’ soon. Good luck everyone, it’s a horrid thing to have.

    • Librarian October 13, 2016, 2:48 pm

      I am 8 weeks in. I was on it for many years at 45mg and went cold turkey. I don’t think our experience will be the same and obviously mine is much more extreme given time and dosage, but I wanted to just tell you… it gets better Josie.

      I got food back. I can’t eat much (last night I tolerated half a piece of pizza), but thank God that comes back. Also, I never got nauseous, I just could NOT eat. The diarrhea was not cool, but I want to say it was gone by week 5 or 6. I’m still going through the crying and the panic and the emotions. That’s where I found this thread. However, I managed to sleep 4 hours last night which has been major progress.

      My point is, I CAN tell you, things get better. The fact that food and sleep are restored and I finally get along with my stomach now. I don’t remember all that happened to me during which week (should have kept a journal), but I can tell you, for the most part, my physical body has started to heal… so the mind must be next. Take deep breaths. If you were in this alone, I wouldn’t be posting. Just wanted to tell you that.

      • Josie October 17, 2016, 6:09 am

        Hi Librarian, Thanks so much for responding so thoughtfully. Our recoveries won’t be the same but it’s reassuring that you say you were pretty much over the worst by the end of week 6. I’ve done really well, but still struggling with an acidy nausea which is getting worse in a way but eating helps and so does relaxing. At the end of this week I’ll be at the end of the sixth week so am really hoping that marks the end.

        I’m fine with sleeping, though I did notice slightly worsened sleep a while ago, though I never had insomnia. I really do think my 20 mins of mindfulness everyday has been a life saver. As with all these things you have to stick at it for a few weeks to get any benefit – no immediate cure unfortunately. But really hoping all the best for you. 45mg cold turkey does sound vicious, but it sounds like you’re getting there! Thanks again.

  • Jon September 28, 2016, 2:42 pm

    Was only on 7.5mg of Remeron for six weeks or so. Put on 12lbs in that time! 2lbs. per week? That’s just unacceptable. And, I slept through the night, but woke up exhausted with dark rings under my eyes. Chemical sleep… not good. My doc said to cut the med cold turkey as it wasn’t that much, but after two weeks, I’m still feeling terrible. My anxiety is spiking, I’m feeling depressed, I have a near-constant headache, and quite bad brain fog. I really wished I had read this page before submitting to this medication. It is some nasty sh-t.

    • Jon October 25, 2016, 5:23 pm

      Almost a month later and I’m still not sleeping well. The headaches have stopped and brain fog has mostly gone away… well, that’s hard to parse out with not getting good sleep at all. I’m also still hungrier than normal, this drug must really mess with whatever controls your hunger sensations.

      I’m eating cleanly, working out regularly, and just want this out of my system.

  • Karamjit September 26, 2016, 7:15 pm

    Hi David, This is Karamjit. I have known you from your previous posts. I know that you have been suffering severely from protracted withdrawal syndrome. I am sorry to hear that you are still having a difficulty with some of the problems associated with protracted withdrawal syndrome. David, basically any psychiatrist medicine be it antidepressants, benzo or psychotropic medicines are highly toxic.

    They do more harm than good to our body. Antidepressants were studied on the people for only six to eight weeks. And the pharmaceutical companies never studied after effects of the medicine and took a FDA approval from the government in order to make large profits. David, human brain is very complex and no doctor or scientist in this world has fully understood the brain’s functions.

    So now how can one make any safe medicine for the brain without fully understanding the brain functions? Any way the scientist who have made the first antidepressant were actually researching this medicine for some other cause and by accidentally he developed this product… Now to sell antidepressants they created a theory about serotonin. They say if you are depressed, it is more likely that you have low serotonin.

    This is a false statement made by the Scientist to sell the drugs. Doctors have no clue about this and neither do they believe in protracted withdrawal syndrome. They went to the medical schools and learned. The stuff about serotonin, the false theory written by pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical companies have hidden the important information from doctors about the dangerous after effect on the body.

    This is one of the main reason that when patients complains about the numerous problems after stopping, doctor often put them on the same medication thinking that their original problems are coming back. David, doctors are ignorant about this issue and handling the the psychiatric drugs like candies. Withdrawal protracted syndrome is a iatrogenic injury to the brain. The longer you are on the psych medicine, the more severe your injury will be.

    The good news is that our brain can heal from this brain injury. It’s just a matter of time. The healing process doesn’t happen in a linear way. It happens in a waves and windows fashion. A lot of people have irritable bowel syndrome or stomach issues when coming off A.D. I can make two suggestions enzymes and probiotics – both may help the issues. Don’t go overboard with probiotics.

    Also go gluten free and diary free. Try to stick on the low histamine diet for a month to see if this improves your problem. Try to be stress free, being stress free will fasten your recovery. I know its hard to be stress free especially when you are going through the withdrawal but you should think this situation as a temporary situation.

    I will also recommend acupuncture regularly for once a week for the next two months. And see if everything that I wrote here could makes a difference into your life. I took the same drug for four months and ten days and Now after eight months, I feel like I am 75 percent recovered. You will also recovered with time.

    • Chris October 1, 2016, 11:32 pm

      Hi David and everybody else out there, I would second everything Karamjit has put in her reply, most of what she has written has been my mind thought for the past 18 months, Doctors/drugs [I’ll be polite] but in my eyes they now very little how the body works and mental illness, CFS and many other illnesses have no classification in conventional medicine. Wish I’d realized that before I took this prescribed drug and them poisoning me.

      Wikipedia what the drug blocks and affects through your nervous system and you can make a picture up of why your major organs and digestion are not working properly, causing problems in your mitochondrial system amongst a lot of other things. As time has gone by I am moving away from supplements as I have found my body wont accept them, maybe if you are taking them lengthen the time between doses as your body gets saturated with even normal doses so you think you are doing the correct thing and making matters worse.

      I stumbled on this by having some tests done which I had to stop taking supplements and felt better not taking them, I took a vit B complex for 21 years and now they upset me. I’ve said in previous posts I have checked my Genes/MTHFR etc. I Know this is a can of worms and doesn’t prove disease but it’s coincidental that I have SNPs on genes that relate to my side effects, basically they’re switched on and should be off [switching them off is the hard bit] I try to eat the natural food to help the enzymes etc., probiotics make me nauseous.

      I think histamine is a massive issue on withdrawal of this drug as Judy has said in a lot of earlier posts. I think the brain will take as long as it takes to repair but helping it naturally is the way forward and not chemically. Hopefully in years to come more research in genes and the biological way the body works will help people from getting into our position.

    • Librarian October 13, 2016, 3:05 pm

      God bless you Karamjit. I’m 8 weeks in, and you have it down pat. My psychiatrist was known in several countries and owns his medical corporation. I deeply trusted him. He put me on 17 psych meds. I was on 6 benzos at once, being assured that they were absolutely necessary.

      I was going through cancer at the time (stage IV pulmonary leiomyoma. I beat it!), so I was trying to beat my odds of surviving and wasn’t concerned about meds then and believed every word my psychiatrist said. One day I was sitting in the waiting room looking for my keys before I left, he didn’t know I was in there, and a drug rep walked in. Yup! He’d invested in pharmaceutical companies. I woke up, waited til I was through cancer and am off almost every med now… taking ativan for some SERIOUS anxiety, panic and paranoia, but I came off of 45mg cold turkey after taking it for close to a decade.

      This has been interesting. Changed my view ENTIRELY of doctors, pharmaceutical companies and the whole psychiatry industry. Haven’t seen my psychiatrist in a year and a half now though he kept refilling. That’s how I was able to choose which meds to come off of, when. I’m 1 year and 2 months free of benzos. Wish anyone had told me they were easier. I only picked up ativan because mirtazapine withdrawal has a special flavor to it and benzos were easier to kick, so I can get rid of that ativan again.

      Thank you for the comment about it coming in waves. I do fine for a minute, and then… paranoia, panic, crying, irritability… BOOM. I was hospitalized for it almost a month ago because of panic, they kept me for a night and that’s where ativan became necessary. It comes in waves, guys. It does. I thought I was going crazy, or was misdiagnosed as bipolar (I’m PTSD, anxiety and insomnia) and it was an underlying issue. It’s not. I’m not going crazy and thanks for that!

      I write this to let anyone going through this know… you’re not crazy, it gets better and you’ll get your brain back. I’ve now been through 15 withdrawals from psych meds and I’m telling you, I got through every single one and have never felt so much like myself and like an actual capable person. The pharmaceutical industry is a greedy and ruthless one. Learned that first hand sitting in my psychiatrist’s office.

      Spoken as a patient who has had her right lung and entire airway rebuilt… prescriptions are out of hand! I have had 4 surgeries, they went through my back ribs to get to my lung and airway and I’d take extra physical therapy and alternative meds to pain pills at all cost now! Chronic pain now doesn’t hold a candle to what the meds did to me.

  • David September 25, 2016, 4:25 pm

    It has now been about 2 years. I went off mirtazapine after 8 years at the maximum dose, 45 mg. I went through absolute hell with withdrawals. It was so bad that I tried going back on it twice, but the last time it interfered with heart rhythm problems, and my cardiologist took me off them, period! That was 12/11/2015, my last pill. My worst, by far, WD symptom was abdominal spasms/pain. The other symptoms, about all those listed above, have gotten better, but not so the abdominal spasms, vertigo, and nausea.

    I have been to the ER several times, had 3 abdominal CT scans, a colonoscopy, an EGD (upper endoscopy), stool samples, blood work, a thyroid workup, and an acute abdomen x-ray. So far, no explanation for the pain. My question is simply has anyone else had extended abdominal cramps/pain after going off the mirt. I have been told that I may be having protracted withdrawals. I don’t know a lot about what that is, but from what I have read, it pretty much means that your body is more than normally sensitive to drugs, and withdrawals can have extended symptoms far beyond what would be considered normal.

    Any and every response will be deeply appreciated. I would hate to think that the rest of my life, I will be 63 October 2nd. Thank You, David

    (Continued) I would hate think that the rest of my life will be like it is now. If anyone has had this happen to you, or someone you know, please let me know. And, if you are familiar with protracted withdrawal I would like to know more about it. This is depressing as I see no end to it. Thank You! David

    • judy October 4, 2016, 2:07 pm

      Hi David, I’m sorry to hear that things have not yet improved for you on those issues. Protracted withdrawal is a real thing, though doctors are still incredibly ignorant about it. We aren’t allowed to post websites on here, but if you do a search for “protracted withdrawal from antidepressants”, some interesting sites should come up for you. One site has a community of people who are dealing with WD from these medications.

      I had abdominal pains, cramping and such for quite awhile. The low histamine diet, a few supplements, and acupuncture have helped with those and I rarely get them anymore. However, I have my own set of things that are persisting, though I am over 2 years off the drug. For me, it is histamine issues primarily, as well as pain and tension in muscles.

      Some people have noted that WD seems to exacerbate physical or psychological issues that we had before going on antidepressants. I’ve found that to be the case too. It’s required of me a willingness to go more deeply into those things–through meditation and other spiritual practices. For me, there are embedded issues from my childhood. The physical part through diet, acupuncture, qi gong, exercise, etc is only one level. I’m having to address the emotional part underneath.

      For some people, therapy is helpful in that regard. For me, it wasn’t–so I need to do this on my own. Perhaps there is something emotional underlying the physical issues you are having too? I know there are times it feels impossible that things will ever get better, but I’ve found that they do. There’s a long list of symptoms I used to have, but don’t anymore. I’m able to live life more normally than I was, even 6 months ago.

      I still get very frustrated with the limitations at times, but do my best to let go. Using my energy fighting against what is only depletes me further. I’ve found a great deal of letting go and acceptance helps, along with doing whatever steps I can to take good care of myself. There are days when self-care is the only thing I do.

  • Paul September 21, 2016, 10:23 am

    I started having difficulty sleeping in Dec 2014. Looking back it appears to have been stress & anxiety. I was put on 15mg mirtazapine Oct 15 and took this until around May 16. I was getting back/abdominal pain and the tablets were no longer helping me sleep. The weight that I initially gained (6kg) just dropped away and my anxiety was going through the roof.

    I was told to up the dose 30mg but was reluctant to do so after hearing about withdrawal symptoms. In the end I tried it but the insomnia/anxiety was even worse so stopped and went back to 15mg. Did that for a fortnight then to 7.5mg and now I’m on 3.75mg. I tried stopping once and was too hard with overwhelming anxiety so this time I’m tapering off. I need to come off this.

    Initially the drug helped but now I wish I’d never taken it. I have aches and pains, my tongue is dry, itching and extreme anxiety at night. I wake every 1-2 hours and have racing thoughts (dreams) constantly. Doctors have done about every test and say I’m fit and healthy. I have an appointment at a sleep clinic next week though and hoping they can help.

    I’ve tried exercise, change of diet, meditation and nothing seems to help with anxiety. I know I need to come off these tablets though as I don’t feel like the same person anymore on them. I’m currently off work returning in a fortnight, been off for a month. It’s even more difficult because those that aren’t experiencing what we’re going through simply can’t understand how it affects your life.

    Also, I have just started CBT with a psychotherapist so will see if that helps. I find at night when my body sleeps my brain comes alive more so than through the day

  • helga September 20, 2016, 8:18 am

    Almost 8 months off this drug, and I was starting to think I was getting better. I had a couple of fairly good weeks, anxiety almost non-existent, although my sleep hasn’t improved. But the last few days have been hell again – dreadful body aches, headaches, nausea and extreme tiredness, and my anxiety has been really bad.

    I know I’ll get through it again as I have before, but it seems that every time I think I’m getting well again the withdrawal symptoms come back and bite me again. I know this could go on for a long time yet, but I really wish I could speed up the recovery. One day at a time I guess, and I know I’ve said it before, but thank goodness for this forum. Coming back to everyone’s comments and withdrawal experiences is really reassuring.

  • Katie September 18, 2016, 4:14 am

    This blog has been a godsend for me. I have read and re-read it countless times. I started reducing my dose on May 31st. The past almost four months have been absolute hell. I’ve had all the withdrawal symptoms listed here but the worse it gets the stronger my resolve. I just want this terrible poison out of my system.

    I’ve been on many many different medications in the past 15 years and by far this one has had the worst side effects and even worse withdrawal symptoms then I’ve ever experienced. I was on the highest prescribed dose of Paxil for 4 years and getting off that was a cake walk in comparison. I’ve been on this med for about a year an have made several attempts to quit. I always went to fast with it either trying cold turkey or going down to many mg.

    I’m down to 3.75 now and I plan on quitting completely in a couple days. Right now the worst is the dizziness, extreme anxiety and insomnia. I also can’t eat anything at all without my belly swelling up and getting horrific stomach cramps. My stomach makes loud noises like I’ve never heard. I gained about 35 pounds which the first 20 were great as I couldn’t eat due to my depression but the weight gain didn’t stop.

    I was eating the same amount I had before this drug but gaining crazy weight. It definitely affects your bodies physiology. I know there is an end in sight and I will get there someday. I’m still in the eye of the storm withdrawal symptom wise but I will never ever go back. Being on this medication had made me literally terrified of pharmaceuticals in general. I take a lot of vitamins, eat as cleans as I can and exercise regularly and I think that has helped immensely.

    I also have a strong support system. Getting off this drug is not for the weak of heart but it can be done! I just have to regularly tell myself this is temporary. Thank you to everyone who had commented on this. Being able to read other people’s experiences and see I’m not alone has given me so much strength.

    I wanted to add I was taking 45 milligrams before my first taper.

  • john September 10, 2016, 3:01 pm

    Has anyone experienced success using CBT to combat insomnia after getting off remeron?

  • Paul September 8, 2016, 1:09 pm

    I took 15mg for 6 months for poor sleep. Tapered off gradually over about a month when I started to experience eye pain and dry eyes. 3 months later and I have dry burning eyes and can’t sleep at all. It stops me getting to sleep and wakes me up as soon as I nod off. This drug has ruined my life and I implore anybody to not take it.

  • Klaus September 6, 2016, 1:07 pm

    I took 7.5 mg mirtazapine (Remergil here in Germany) every late evening as a sleeping aid for more than 10 years. In the last half year before I recently stopped taking it, I was suffering from severe depressions with suicidal thoughts nearly every early morning which, however, usually vanished within an hour or so. I discontinued taking the drug by cutting the dose in half for about one week, and then quit taking it altogether (now for a couple of weeks).

    The ‘positive’ symptom I am experiencing is a mild hypomania that is currently making me incredibly productive and energetic. Most disturbing I find my sleep problems; while I fall asleep relatively easily, I weak up at 3 a.m., experiencing anxiety, which is manageable but keeps me from falling asleep again. Also, there has been some more hay fever since I stopped taking the drug. So far there are no other symptoms.

  • Kim September 5, 2016, 10:25 am

    I’ve been on 20mg of fluoxetine for about 2 years (I was on 40mg for about 7 years prior). My anxiety got really bad in April this year and I was put on mirtazapine (15mg), which I’ve started to try to taper off. I was doing really well, down to 7.5mg every couple of nights, then I tried to go longer and found I could do about 6 – 7 days without but then the insomnia would start again and I’d take another 7.5mg.

    So I did that for a couple of weeks and then stopped completely. I’ve been off mirtazapine for 3 weeks now and the last 4 days have been gradually getting worse – bad insomnia, itching, loss of appetite, increasing anxiety to the point of suicidal thoughts yesterday. I took 7.5mg last night and already feel a bit better today. I had hoped I could just push through the withdrawal but I can’t go through that again.

    I’ve ordered a pill cutter and am going to try going down to 3.75mg every other day and see how I get on. I’d really like to come off but I’m scared I’ll go right back to where I started without this drug. The weight gain (and spots!) are awful but I’d rather that than be a suicidal maniac (which is what I turn into without it). Is it possible to get the liquid form in the UK? I’d like to taper really gradually but can’t cut the pills small enough!

    • Chris September 6, 2016, 8:15 pm

      Hi Kim, my GP wasn’t keen of prescribing liquid, I think it costs quite a bit more than tablets, budgets and such like, NHS. I used oral dispersible tablets which you dissolve under the tongue and reduced there size gradually to reduce the dose. I’d try to stick on same dose rather than alternating up and down, stick with that dose and reduce again after 4 weeks or so, jump to quick and it hurts with a delayed reaction weeks later.

      Let your body and mind be the judge. Maybe go gluten free as well, this was a big factor for me with the Michelin man feeling and weight loss + better overall. The drug affects histamine and you will notice as you reduce off it allergy’s start appearing. [Hence gluten free]. Also this drug gave me suicide thoughts and planning whilst on it and reducing it so it could be the drug cause and not you. [It’s known for it if you research].

      I hope all goes well for you and stay positive, but this drug can affect some of us for years after only taking for a short time. Good luck and hope it’s a quick withdrawal for you.

    • Santino September 7, 2016, 7:33 am

      HI KIM. I am so sorry to hear you are suffering with Mirtazapine taper. The rule of thumb among many taperers is that you reduce by 10% every 3-4 weeks. The jumps you have made are big and most probably are taking their toll on you. Be careful with Mirtazapine. In case you feel ok after every 10% taper than you can go faster by listening to your body.

      You do not need to play with the pills with the pill cutter. You can make your own liquid. Mix hard coated tablets or solubles tablet with water 15Mg Mirt to 15 Ml water so in this way you have a 1 to 1 ratio. Mix it well in order not to have leftovers and than draw with a syringe how much you want to take.

      In this way you will control the amounts better as it seems you are sensitive to the Mirtazapine. I am doing it my self since July. I started Mirt at 15 Mg by the mid of May but I had very bad experience with it so started tapering in July. Right now I am at 10Mg and will continue to go slow by preserving stability.

      You can do it. It is not difficult. Just be careful with the amounts you deduct.

  • ThanhVo August 31, 2016, 4:19 am

    I had been taking Remeron for over 8 months when my whole symptoms became better. After being permitted by Doctor, I am allowed to stop using this drug. It seemed to be a good kind of Antidepressant that I’ve ever try since it make me gain weight (from 53kg to 63kg), good in mind, feel more better than before. I started with 7,5 mg Remeron dose in 7 month continuously, the final month tapered down 3.75mg.

    This is over a week I withdraw this drug. You know, everything are likely to disorder form last dose: my metal and physical body, Appetite decrease (the terrible thing to me), something like no light in the corner by far. All of things listed above, I am almost suffering it now. I try to eat healthy, some supplementary food, go swimming aimed to struggle with this side effects. Hopefully, day by day my brain will be recovered.

  • Karamjit August 30, 2016, 10:57 pm

    Hi Chris, I know you was not on the remeron for more than a year so you will definitely recover 100 percent. I currently saw a very very expensive psychiatrist in NYC who deals with withdrawal patients on everyday basis and according to her most people find 80 percent recovery within two to four years, depending on how long they used the antidepressant. I also have so many withdrawal symptoms posted on this website except nausea, panic attacks and anxiety.

    They are all mild and come and go on a daily basis. Headache is usually mild and come after every week for an hour or two, allergy like symptoms and itching comes almost every day but its short-lived and mild and I have painful sores on my tongue that comes after every week and stays with me for a day and two but again its mild. Depression like feeling comes after every three days and I feel it for few hours, mild anxiety comes when I get stressed about withdrawal in general, mild tinnitus also comes on a daily basis, or mild shooting pain in two of my right fingers also comes.

    Even though I escaped joint and muscle pain maybe due to not taking this drug for more than four months and ten days but still feel that this drug has definitely given me arthritis in my knees and I feel it when I exercise. I can deal with all of the symptoms because they are mild and do not interfere with my life significantly. My problem is mainly broken sleep.

    I did not even slept one day without waking up at least four to five times and its been 8 months since I last took the remeron. I feel sorry for the people who took this drug for longer and can imagine what they must be going through. All I can say is that we have to have a patience and time will heal most of us.

  • Margaret August 30, 2016, 10:06 pm

    My pdoc took me off 30 mg remeron and straight on to Valdoxan 4 weeks ago. Have been having a lot of the withdrawal symptoms of remeron and am feeling quite sick. Rang doctor last night for some advice and suggested that I was suffering withdrawal symptoms which he denied quite strongly. Said that it was probably the anxiety symptoms coming back. I see him in his practice in a couple of days time. He’s tried a couple of other meds on me all without a desired effect. What to do? I really am feeling I can’t take much more of this.( was having some of the withdrawal symptoms even while on the remeron and it’s been going on for over 15 months) any wisdom appreciated.

  • Jason August 28, 2016, 11:59 pm

    Hi Everyone, I suffered a really bad concussion last year which led to post concussion syndrome. I started having panic attacks and horrible anxiety. I started taking Mirtazapine (15mg) in January of this year along with Gabapentin. My psychiatrist prescribed it to me because I couldn’t sleep. After three months I started having really bad tinnitus.

    I immediately cut the gabapentin in half and it was much better. I then stopped taking gabapentin altogether. From reading these websites about how horrible the withdrawal is from mirtazapine I cut that to 7.5mg. After a month on 7.5mg, I started to get a Charlie horse in the back of my head. It was really bad pain so I decided to slowly taper off mirtazapine.

    I think I did 3.25 for a month and then completely stopped. My last dose was on April 24th. It’s been about four months for me since I stopped taking mirt. The first three months I had a pain in the back of my neck and the sleeping was the same as if I was still on mirtazapine. Then after three months the pain in the back was more tolerable but then my sleeping got worse.

    I have very unusual side effects from withdrawal. My senses got wiped out.

    -I can’t tell if I’m tired.
    -I can’t tell if I am hungry.
    -I can’t tell if I am full after eating.
    -My acid reflux has gotten bad. I can’t even drink carbonated beverages anymore.
    -Watching TV or driving now makes me really dizzy/naseau and I get bad headaches. (This is common)
    -Still have tinnitus

    Some helpful tips for those recovering from this drug.

    -If you have pain in the back of your head. Physical therapy helped me a lot. I learned a lot of stretches for my neck.
    -If you have trouble sleeping 5htp worked for me but made my acid reflux bad.
    -Marijuana helps with pain and also with sleeping. So if you are in a legal state I would recommend using that to help with your recovery.

    I’m just waiting for the day that my senses return. Surprisingly my anxiety is okay but sleeping is still choppy.

  • Jax August 23, 2016, 5:33 pm

    Hi I was taking 30mg mirtazapine for 2 years and 7 months for severe clinical depression, PTSD, social phobia and insomnia after having a complete breakdown. I’ve throughout the course of treatment gotten strong and healthy and made the decision 6 days ago to discontinue my meds. So far I have had some mild flu like symptoms, a bit of a crampy stomach and last night did not sleep due to restless legs sweats etc.

    I do however feel as though I’m getting along a little bit to easy (I’m taking a multi vitamin, codliver oil, drinking green tea, eating a healthy diet and exercising for 40 mins a day. Am I missing something are things going to get worse or am I just lucky with my withdrawal?

  • Njacacia August 23, 2016, 12:42 am

    I am in week 4 of discontinuation of remeron after tapering from 30 mg to 7.5 mg over the past 7 months. I have been on the drug for 3 years. Up until the past 4 weeks I was doing fine, but once I stopped it completely it has been a huge challenge.

    I am unable to fall asleep without melatonin, and then wake every 2 hours. I do experience itching, generally on my arms. Happily, my appetite has decreased and I hope to lose the 15 pounds I gained while on it. Had I known it would be this difficult to discontinue I would never have begun taking it.

    • Santino August 26, 2016, 1:56 pm

      Njacacia, If you jumped at 7.5 that is not good. You still need to taper up to very low levels in order to be sure not to have much withdrawal. If I was you… I would start a small dose of maybe 3 – 4Mg which ensures my sleep and when stable would taper from there. Below I am explaining how I am doing it currently.

      The way to do it is mix 15Mg Mirt with 15 Ml of water. You can buy in pharmacy some syringes. Mix it well until no mirt dust remains undissolved. After take out with the syringe how many Ml you want to taper and drink the rest. So let’s say you want to taper by 1 Mg you take out of the mixture 1Ml and drink the rest. It is not difficult. For me it is working Ok up to now. If you have Soltab mirtazapine which is soluble in water is better but you can also do this with the hard tablet. I am doing with the hard tablet myself.

  • Karamjit August 21, 2016, 2:24 pm

    Hi all, it’s been 3 nights I couldn’t sleep again at all. I am going to the bed at the same time as usual and being stress free about whether sleep comes or not. But unfortunately because of the withdrawal I have been a wide awake. I don’t seem to get tired at all. I spent the half night crying instead of sleeping because I don’t have hope to recover from this nightmare.

    One of the primary care I met yesterday thinks that I am suffering because I tapered off the remeron at 7.5 mg. I used 15 mg for only three months and four days when the psychiatrist told me to do 7.5 mg for 27 days, because according to him I was not on 15 mg for a long time. Whatever it is I am very angry at my psychiatrist who fist prescribed me this medication and never told me about its withdrawal effect.

    I think it was a part of his job to tell me that there are 50 percent of chances that I could go through this nightmare I am going through right now. So in this way I would have thought twice to start taking the pill.I really believe that psychiatrists are criminal who are prescribing the poison to make people disabled physically and emotionally. Studies over studies showing that antidepressants are not more effective than placebo.

    The pharmaceuticals company who manufactured this drug took the FDA approval by studying this drug for six weeks on people and didn’t study the ceasing of these drugs. People who even took this drugs for continuously six weeks are prone to withdrawal syndrome for many many years. I took this poison for only four months and spent the last eight months in the hell. I had the most beautiful life without any health problems for 33 years of my life and I got this medicine after suffering for two months only from low mood and sleeping problem after the birth of my daughter.

    It’s called postpartum depression and its very common in women after giving birth and they could be treated by psychologist counseling. No doctor ever told me to try counseling first or try to use other natural approaches before trying this powerful brain changing chemicals that gives you cancer, arthritis and so many other things when you stay on them for a long run and withdrawal syndrome when you quit them. There are so many people stuck on them forever because of its bitty withdrawal symptoms And make there life more disable in the long run.

    If given chance by a God I will become a full time activist to save more people who are innocently believing in their doctors and start taking them blindly. Few of the most famous psychiatrist such as Kelly Brogan, James Healy, peter are already speaking about this and saying that one should not touch this medicine and should able to treat their symptoms by holistic ways.

    • Santino August 26, 2016, 1:46 pm

      HI Karamjit, You are really right. Psychiatry today is in a very very low place. They have become simply pill pushers and they do not care what they inflict into people. I have been using Mirtazapine myself from May as I was suffering some sleepless nights and anxiety induced but three weeks of xanax use in March and the stupid doctor gave me antidepressants as well as other benzos to treat my “natural depression” as she called it.

      Of course the whole thing backfired and I have lived almost 5 months in pure hell. I started mirtazapine in the middle of May and after one month and a half with no changes I started withdrawing slowly. I am currently into 11Mg per day and I am lowering 1Mg each 10 days. I think in case you feel very very bad, you can start a very low dose of mirtazapine maybe 3 mg just to ensure a good sleep and get stable and then start tapering with small increments from there. Or hang on some more time until it gets good for you. All the best.

    • Chris August 27, 2016, 10:19 pm

      Hi Karamjit. If it helps you at all I agree with everything you have written, 30 years ago my mother worked in a uk GP practice where it was common for drug representative to call and take practice managers and GP’s out for a paid lunch, sure it must have an influence on drugs prescribed. Big money in Pharmaceuticals and clever people who make them so as you cannot live without keep taking them especially psychotic drugs, keeps the profits up!

      I wonder if it still happens today? Hey next week it’s 52 weeks since my last mirtazapine. Life is far from perfect, sleep is an issue, massive joint pain and nausea with the joys of more allergy’s than you can shake a stick at, but I’m working on the dopamine side of my brain which I have low production from the tests I’ve had. Seemingly 40% of people find SSRI’s don’t work because it’s not serotonin they are lacking in.

      Oh yes my doctor worked all this out before prescribing [Not]. I do wonder if this was some of my original problem or mirtazapine damaging that side of my system, I think more the latter worth a bit of research though. Although balance of getting better days and affecting sleep is an issue. Obviously I won’t be getting help from any prescribed drugs, once bitten twice shy. Nice to see we are on the same wavelength and keep your chin up, Chris

    • helga August 28, 2016, 1:07 pm

      Hi Karamjit, I too have been off this drug for 7 months, and like you I am still having problems. The main problem for me is dreadful body aches, and as I also have severe arthritis this makes me really miserable. I also have a lot of headaches, occasional nausea and loss of appetite, lack of energy and extreme tiredness. I also have broken sleep, although at my age of 65 this is not so unusual.

      I still have some problems with anxiety and panic, although I am finding it easier to control the panic these days. I know I am definitely feeling better than I was 3 or 4 months ago, and I keep telling myself every day that I will eventually get past this, but I think it is going to be a very long process. We have both made it through 7 months, and I am certain that we will both eventually get past this if we stay positive and try to be strong.

      I am determined never to take any antidepressant medication again. Good luck, keep going.

  • Ann August 19, 2016, 12:49 pm

    Trying to come down from 7.5mg by cutting small pieces. Only three days in I have massive anxiety which has had to be controlled by diazepam, then disturbed sleep with sweats and now nausea. Anyone help me with ideas on how to stay with it and not increase? It seems brutal at moment.

  • Danielle August 19, 2016, 11:15 am

    I have been on this drug for years, probably over 10 years now, for depression and anxiety. My regular dosage in the past several years has been 30 mg. I notice that if I skip one night, then I experience severe insomnia and very little and very poor sleep (when I do get it), and the next day I feel very ill physically; nausea, heart palpitations, tightness in chest, general exhaustion, fogginess, shakiness, major crankiness, headache, pressure in my head…

    But the difference that I am experiencing, despite all those symptoms, is that I somehow feel like my mind is clearer than when I am on the drug. There’s something about my general experience during the day when I’m on my regular dosage that makes me feel more anxious, less clear headed, more emotional, less focused and tired/drowsy. I feel like I am more productive and give less of a sh-t about my usual anxieties when I am sleep deprived and exhausted and experiencing withdrawals off the drug, than when I am on the drug regularly.

    I’m not sure, perhaps it’s just some sort of disassociation that I feel due to the lack of proper sleep and exhaustion that basically takes me a few steps away from my regular intense emotions… but in a way, it feels better in that particular sense than when I am on the drug and sleep relatively better (or at least am able to fall asleep faster because the drug tends to knock me out… minus the weird dreams). A few months ago I attempted to try to quit by lowering my dosage to 15 mg (half a pill).

    I did that for a week, and it was pretty horrible. That physical illness that I described above pretty much remained during the entire week, and I actually felt like I was going to collapse at some point because it felt like I wasn’t getting ANY sleep at all, even though I slept some hours every night and took naps during the day. It was pretty bad. I still want to try to quit, though. And this idea of lowering the dosage by %10 each month sounds like it might work for me better. I hope.

    I am so dependent on this drug for sleep, I can’t sleep without it, and it really bothers me. I want to be able to achieve normal, restful sleep without drugs, and I want to not be dependent on this drug anymore. I just hope I don’t end up getting a heart attack from severe withdrawal symptoms. :) I am thinking perhaps mediation every night and continuing regular exercise might help.

    I have a question: How do you lower the dosage by %10 with a pill? Do I just attempt to cut it to 10 equal pieces and every month take one piece less? Do I just mesh it into powder and measure it somehow and snort it (just kidding, I definitely don’t want to snort anything). Any input would help. Thanks.

    • Santino August 26, 2016, 1:53 pm

      HI Danielle, I am tapering mirtazapine by let’s say 10% model. I am lowering 1Mg every 10 days. I have gone from 15Mg to 11Mg currently and will have the next cut after 5-6 days. The way to do it is mix 15Mg Mirt with 15 Ml of water. You can buy in pharmacy some syringes. Mix it well until no mirt dust remains undissolved.

      After take out with the syringe how many Ml you want to taper and drink the rest. So let’s say you want to taper by 1 Mg you take out of the mixture 1Ml and drink the rest. It is not difficult. For me it is working Ok up to now. If you have Soltab mirtazapine which is soluble in water is better but you can also do this with the hard tablet. I am doing with the hard tablet myself.

  • Peter August 19, 2016, 10:04 am

    What a relief it is to find this site! I was on Remeron for 10 months, 5 of them at 45mg. I spent 2 – 3 months titrating down to 30, 15, and a bit at 7.5, but I think from what I see I went too fast. Symptoms are horrid: digestive issues (cramping, etc..), tinnitus, frequent urination, bad insomnia, racing thoughts, to name a few.

    I’ve been off the drug for 4 – 5 months, but its like the real difficulty didn’t start until 2.5 months ago. Question for the forum: if I were to go back on a small (i.e. 3.7mg / day) dose, would that be a decent starting point to titrate down at a slower level? Or, have I been without the drug for so long that my nervous system has “rebooted” and it would accomplish nothing? Many thanks to all in advance!

  • Gary August 12, 2016, 5:42 pm

    I stopped Remeron 6-7 days ago mainly due to the dreams and poor sleep. This is the worst I’ve felt in years. Anxiety, stomach issues, racing thoughts in the middle of the night and a return of panic attacks. Is there any end to this? I would never have begun usage if I knew withdrawal would be horrible.

  • Karamjit August 7, 2016, 1:08 pm

    Its been seven months since I last took 7.5 mg of remeron and I am still suffering from the prolonged withdrawal syndrome. I was really at the worst for the first 3 to 4 months and now feel better compare to before. But I still suffer largely from the interrupted sleep. I don’t sleep more than two hours or an hour at a time. It takes two hours to fall asleep again. I sleep for 5 hours of interrupted sleep.

    Ever since I stopped taking this bloody medicine. I never had any difficulty in sleeping before prior to this medicine. I am also having heart beat problems that I feel mostly at night .It feels like my heart is pounding extra hard. I have had canker sores on my tongue on and off since I quit the medicine and have dry and itchy nose and eyes that happened in the first month and now the same symptom came back after 7 months.

    I feel hopeless at this point because I have never thought that it will take more than seven months to see the 100 percent improvement, and it will be a miracle even if I ever improve. I was on remeron for four months only. I took 15 mg for three months and four days and 7.5 mg for 27 days. I wish I knew that what I was getting into before putting the poison in my body for continuously for four months. I regret it the day I took this medicine because I don’t feel good without having a good night sleep.

    I know I can’t change whatever have happened to me but at least I helped three women in the last seven months in quitting the medicine. I showed them this website to see what they might experience after quitting the SSRI. And thankfully they all were on the medicine for less than six weeks. I really want to here from other folks who quit the medicine for a long time now. I want to have a hope for the future.

  • Barbara August 5, 2016, 9:44 pm

    I have been taking 60 MG of Mirtazapine for 5 years and my cholesterol is through the roof. I have fibromyalgia so I cannot take the statin drugs. I also have anxiety and PTSD. It looks like I am in for a really bumpy ride withdrawing from this medication. For the last 4 days I have been taking only 30 MG of the med. Now I dread this because I have a major job working with the public and hope I don’t lose control!

  • Malin August 2, 2016, 8:14 am

    If you suffer from heart palpitations I strongly recommend the herb Motherwort. It was the first thing that calmed me down allowing me to finally feel that I can sleep again after stopping Remeron (was only on 15mg for a few months). I also think Kali phosphoricum 6X will work well for calming your body.

  • Bob August 2, 2016, 5:08 am

    I was on Mirtazapine for around 6 years, initially at 7.5mg then upped to 15mg, purely to aid sleep. It did help me sleep longer, unless I was particularly anxious about something, but it did also encourage me to sleep for too long at times. It wasn’t a medication that put me straight to sleep though, unlike Temazepam or similar.

    I also had the increased appetite and weight gain common side effects as well as some digestion problems. On balance I kept taking it as I liked the improved duration sleeps and when I ran out I started to get some problems so I’d soon start taking it again. However I recently ran out and wasn’t able to get the repeat prescription for a week and didn’t notice much difference in that time apart from shorter sleeps and some increased sweating.

    I thought it was a good time to try coming off it for good as I don’t want to take it forever. I had 2 days at 7.5mg when I realised I was going to run out of tablets and then that was it I stopped cold turkey. I didn’t have the tablets in the house so couldn’t be tempted to start taking them again. Week 2 it hit me, bad headaches, cold sweats, soaking my bed, flu like symptoms, nausea, appetite diminished.

    End of week 2 felt like I had full blown flu but then the next day it would improve and then a few days later get worse again! Constant feeling like I needed to Sneeze and head full of catarrh, eyes watering like hay fever which I’ve never really had before. I know it was too abrupt to stop like that but if I had the tablets I would have started them again in week 2 of withdrawal and probably never properly come off.

    I’m now at 3 weeks and 3 days since I last took it and still struggling – my doctor wants me to stay medication free for a month then reevaluate it then, he didn’t think I would have too many problems withdrawing since I was only taking 15mg which he said was the lowest dose! (Although a different doctor started me on 7.5mg initially i.e. half a tablet).

    I had no idea it would be this hard and partly wish I’d stayed at 7.5mg for at least a month then every other day, once a week, etc. before stopping but I think you can only judge it once properly stopped not merely taking a reduced dose.

  • Joni Ellsworth July 27, 2016, 2:46 am

    Could someone please tell me how you can reduce a 30mg pill by 10 %? I am on 30 mg and tried tapering down over a few weeks with disastrous results and just had to give up and go back on the 30 mg. I want to get off this lousy stuff that I am addicted to, as I cannot sleep without it. But how do you reduce the dose at the rate of 3 mg per month? Cut it in quarters and then cut that tiny piece in half and then eliminate that tiny piece and take the remaining pieces? Really?

    • helga July 29, 2016, 10:44 pm

      Hi Joni, I couldn’t figure it out either, so I cut down by one-quarter of a tablet at a time, and did this every four weeks. It wasn’t too bad while I was doing this – it was a couple of weeks after I had stopped completely that life became hell. I’ve been completely off them now for 6 months, and while I’m having more good days, the going still gets very rough at times.

      Just knowing that I’m improving, albeit slowly, is enough to keep me going. Good luck with your withdrawal – hope you’re one of the lucky ones and it all goes smoothly for you.

    • Judy August 4, 2016, 1:02 am

      Hi Joni, If you google, “tips for tapering Remeron”, a site will come up that explains how to do this. Some people buy a scale and weigh…while others make a liquid from the pills and reduce that way. You need to reduce by 10% of the current dose, not 10% of the original dose. It means you’re going down by smaller and smaller increments. It’s really important to do it that way, to avoid the horrible WD that can go on for months or years for some people.

  • Arch July 26, 2016, 11:47 pm

    I was in the hospital last week with severe bleeding from colon issues. (It’s a messy story so I’ll leave it at that). Discovered Remeron/Mirtazipine was possibly part of the colon bleed. Stopped taking them on July 23 and have been experiencing dizzy and low blood pressure episodes. Just found this site and had no clue there would be withdrawal symptoms. Started taking them in 2005 at 15 mg per night as I was told it was a sleep medication. HA! I never bothered to look up side-effects or now, withdrawal symptoms. So, I will call my physician tomorrow and develop a plan to get off the stuff.

  • Margaret July 25, 2016, 2:24 am

    Has anyone been on this medication for a long time and then found that it stopped working or caused some unwanted side effects? I have been on this medication for about 10 years. It still helps me get to sleep and mostly my sleep hasn’t been disturbed too much. However, of late I’m waking earlier than normal. Sometimes 4 am or 5am.

    I have been experiencing tingling in my body for over a year now – mainly in arms & hands, legs & feet. Also becoming more emotional. Other depression meds haven’t helped ease these symptoms so I’m wondering if it’s this med. Does anyone have any experience of this or any wisdom to give? Am seeing my Dr again later this week to see what the next step might be. Thanks.

  • Karamjit July 24, 2016, 12:37 pm

    Hi everyone, I wrote here few times. I have had ten good days where I felt emotionally and physically myself and slept-well. I was so happy and thought that all of the withdrawal symptoms from remeron are finally gone after seven months. I was now making future plans about starting the job and everything else that I wasn’t able to do because the lack of sleep and emotionally not feeling myself.

    And all of sudden Insomnia came back. It either take long time to sleep back and then waking up after only hour and then not being able to sleep back until morning. I don’t know if I will ever improve 100 percent after taking the remeron for four months. Even though I have been seven months of off the medicine.

    • Judy August 4, 2016, 1:06 am

      It’s good that you had those 10 days, though I know the return of symptoms can be very distressing. Where there any stressful events that happened during that time? This is the way healing occurs from WD; it’s described as waves and windows. You had a 10 day window of little or no symptoms and then a wave with return of them.

      All we can do is practice good self-care and try not to add upset to the symptoms. Eventually, the windows become longer and the waves are less intense and less often. Your nervous system is healing–it just doesn’t happen in a linear way. Sorry things got so difficult again. Are you finding any things that help during those times?

  • Katrina July 20, 2016, 4:19 pm

    I was on 45mg for about 3 months. Week 4 now of cold turkey from them and feel the withdrawal symptoms are subsiding a bit but still not out of the woods. Was a bit anxious and teary the first week then it settles. For the past 2 weeks had an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach like someone is holding it inside me. It is starting to ease.

    Latest is I feel I have poor concentration and feel tired. Have felt a bit spaced out. Hoping it all settles soon. My sleep continues to be disrupted. I am still waking up in the middle of the night. I manage to get back to sleep eventually. Generally feeling much better as each week passes but desperate to feel back to normal but not there yet.

    I would not recommend this drug to anyone and if I need antidepressants again I will avoid this one like the plague. It’s not right how much it has affected me. Made all my depression and anxiety symptoms worse when I started taking it and hellish when I stopped taking it.

  • Brittany July 19, 2016, 9:52 am

    I’m 27, was prescribed 15mg for sleep issues (I was only sleeping 5 hours a night). First few days I took it, I wanted to sleep 12+ hours. That seemed a little excessive to me. I also was snacking/craving carbs&sugar like crazy, I thought it might have been the Lexapro I started 3 weeks ago but now I realize it’s probably the remeron. Also was having super vivid but stressful dreams.

    Decided to trash the pills only after taking them for 6 days, it’s only been one night since trashing them and I didn’t sleep at all. Really hope I don’t get the nausea you guys are talking about. Going to try to do some cardio today to stimulate appetite/maybe get some sleep tonight. Will try to update again in a week or so. Thanks for sharing.

  • Amy July 12, 2016, 11:27 pm

    I have been on mirtazapine for 18 months (on 30mg) and I have been cutting down 15mg every couple of weeks due to my doctors suggestions. I have been off mirtazapine completely for about a week and I haven’t slept more than 4 hours for about 2 and a 1/2 weeks, and I haven’t slept at all for almost 2 days now. I am due to go to Scotland in 17 days for selection course (Project Trust) and I am terrified that I will not be able to get enough sleep, or oversleep and destroy my opportunity to volunteer overseas, which is something I have always wanted to do.

    I was put on mirtazapine for depression, anxiety, PTSD, sleep problems, and to assist my recovery from anorexia, but as I was in a psychiatric children’s hospital at the time, detained under form 10 of the mental health order. I had no choice in what I was being given, and I was not told the full extent of the side effects and withdrawal symptoms. If I had of been told these, I would have fought a lot harder to not be put on this horrible medication.

    If anybody has any suggestions on how to reduce the itchiness, insomnia, and lack of energy, I would sincerely appreciate it. I am no longer taking any medications, including chlorpromazine and melatonin, due to the fact that I hate feeling like I cannot cope without medication, although I know that sometimes, it is necessary. Should I take a low dose of melatonin again to get my sleeping pattern fixed?

    Or are there any other medications, even over the counter medications, that I could take, without feeling exhausted and zombied? Thank you and I wish you all well.

    • Judy August 4, 2016, 12:58 am

      Hi Amy, Unfortunately, your doctor recommended a far too fast taper. That’s most likely the source of the symptoms you’re suffering now. You probably don’t want to hear this, but reinstating a small amount might be the best choice to make. That’s especially given what you’ve said about things in your current life. If you google, “about reinstating and stabilizing to reduce symptoms”, a site will come up that talks more about this.

      Other than that, supplements can sometimes help, but it’s often tricky when your nervous system is so sensitized. If you’ve read any of the posts above, you’ll see that some people have difficulty stopping Remeron because of it’s antihistamine properties. Once of it, the allergy-like symptoms are intense, because the body is attempting to rebalance itself. For some of us, a low histamine diet has proved helpful.

      I wasn’t able to tolerate much in the way of supplements at first, but eventually, Vitamin C, Tart Cherry, and Bromelain proved very beneficial. But, only try 1 thing at a time, with a very tiny dose to begin with. When the body is sensitized in this way, other drugs are often not tolerated either. I tried antihistamines, which would help temporarily–but the rebound from them was horrendous.

      I’d suggest some non-drug ways to help with sleep if you can–meditation, yoga, gentle exercise. Some people find magnesium in the form of epsom salts baths to be calming too. Best of luck.

  • Karamjit July 12, 2016, 7:46 pm

    Hi all, it’s been six and half months since I last took remeron, 15 mg for three months and four days and 7.5 mg for 27 days. I have had every withdrawal symptom described here on this website including anxiety, running thoughts, depressed mood, joint pain, flu like symptoms, severe headaches, crying spells and insomnia the entire time after quitting the remeron.

    I found some relief from most of these symptoms except insomnia after 4 months. It’s been now 20 days since insomnia got better but I still wake up at least two to three times at night but find easy to go back to sleep. And now it’s been few days since I feel emotionally flat, but I can easily manage the symptom by exercising and talking to the family members.

    I know I feel much better than before I first quit the medicine but I am surprised that the symptoms are still lingering after all this time. I can’t wait for my brain to heal completely from this rotten drug that I never took more than four months. I warn everyone who ever take any antidepressants that they are poison and please stop taking them. Please take care of your physical and mental health by holistic ways.

  • Lisa-Marie Scott July 5, 2016, 6:34 am

    I came of this horrid drug after a tapering process by the GP. My final dose was about a week and a half ago. Initially I was fine but then the insomnia started and I LITERALLY had no sleep. This cranked the anxiety and depression up and major panic attacks. Then the migraines and headaches started and it’s been a week of them, nothing works. My normal meds for them don’t work.

    I read about a pillow spray called sleep plus plot spray, it’s £25.00, but I was so tired I’d have paid triple that. the reviews were excellent and since using it for the last five days I’ve had sleep. I’ve passed through the “runs” stage mainly I think because I’m so nauseous I don’t want to eat and often I am sick. I cannot wait for this to pass. This really is the pits.

    • Chris July 7, 2016, 12:15 am

      Hi Lisa-Marie, the drug affects us differently on withdrawal, but reading your story I would be dubious with your GP’s tapering process although you haven’t said how quick and by how much you tapered off the drug. I personally suffered massively when dropping the dose too quickly on withdrawal, i.e. your symptoms. It has now been a longer time now since my last dose than the total time I took the drug for and still suffer with numerous problems although I am a lot better than 10+ months ago when I stopped taking the drug.

      My conclusion is whether right or wrong, we take the drug orally into our gut through our endocrine set up to affect the brain, hence it can make a lot changes to the body before it gets to the point it’s supposed to work or doesn’t work. Trouble is when we stop taking it the body changes can still be there, hormone changes, histamine allergies, liver toxins, thyroid and altered blood sugar etc. and can take along time to detox and heal. They may show ok at the GP blood tests etc. but have changed levels since taking the drug and change your function ability, and remember all these still affect our brain.

      In my learning curve I’d be dubious of taking any prescribed drug and even paracetamol, etc. as the body uses some of the same ways to break them down into our bodies, and hence if these parts are already struggling after mirtazapine toxins, then why prolong the agony by giving it more to do? Hence there will be meds and food you use to take before the drug are now a definite no go. {Research thyroid /adrenal/blood sugar diets] they do help.

      Even now certain foods I eat make me into the Michelin man over night, make my joints ache and generally feel rough just like when I was taking the drug. I have had several test done from urine to DNA, blood, all privately and only use my GP for tests when I have to support this. [Maybe not all of them but a lot are a world apart from prescribing and being on the receiving end of taking this drug let alone tapering off it].

      The private test have highlighted my problems and given me some focus [and made my wallet a lot lighter]. Again this is only my story… I’m proactively tying to fix my problems quicker and the devastation this drug has caused to my body. We are all different and I hope you recover quickly but if it helps and if you suffer to long, think about a slower taper. Best wishes and keep your chin up.

  • Heikki July 2, 2016, 5:47 pm

    Hi everyone, I wrote here few times, last time a month ago. I just want you to here that I am close to finish my recovery program, if there won´t be any major step backs. I still have some small symptoms like dizziness sometimes, but that does not bother me almost at all. It is so much better than last time I wrote.

    I still use benzos for sleeping, but just very tiny doses, diazepam 1-2 mg:s at night, and I may get out of it too later. So I am now almost clean. I started tapering from pretty high levels. The pains have gone. I sleep pretty good, much better than in years, and I took medication just for sleeping. I still wake up at nights sometimes, but not every night as before. It is a great comfort.

    And sleeping was really hellish just about a bit more than month ago. I am in a great condition physically, and mentally better than for a long time. So do not loose faith you too, recovery is possible and it happens sooner or later. And I have been fighting out of mirtazapine, benzos and alcohol after decades of using them too much. No one is hopeless.

  • helga July 1, 2016, 11:53 am

    I’ve now been off mirtazapine for 5 months. Good days are becoming more frequent, but the bad days in between are hell. The body aches are still really bad most of the time, and I’m still having periods of muscle weakness and periods of sudden overwhelming tiredness, even though I am sleeping quite well.

    My anxiety levels are better, with panic attacks less severe and less frequent, and I’m finally starting to regain some degree of confidence.
    I know I am improving slowly, but it’s been one hell of a battle. At least now I think I can see the light at the end of a very long tunnel.

    Thank goodness for this forum – I’ve lost count of the number of times I have returned to it to reassure myself that I’m not going crazy.

  • Chris June 29, 2016, 7:02 pm

    I was on Mirtazapine for 3 years after a terrible bout of anxiety caused by stress at work. Started on 15mg then after a few weeks upped to 30 mg. I stayed on this dose for about a year and must admit it was a lifesaver, anxiety disappeared completely and I could sleep again. I then cut back to 22.5mg for a few months, then 15mg for about another 6 months.

    I then made a decision to get off them altogether as I was feeling so much better. Again I cut down to 7.5mg, then 3.5mg then eventually 2mg. It took about a year to get off them completely. I took my last dose 2 weeks ago and yes my sleep pattern has been cut to about 6-7 hours a night and I’ve been feeling a bit nauseous.

    I’m sure that I will feel back to my old self soon, it’s been a long journey and Mirtazapine did really help me. I will keep you posted how I get on over the next few weeks but onward and upward now. I hope this has helped someone.

  • Karamjit June 13, 2016, 10:51 pm

    Thanks Judy, I really appreciate your help. I’ve started the low histamine diet to see if it could work for me. I had sores on my tongue in the beginning of quitting the remeron and now I see it again after five and half months off the medicine, the headache comes and goes. I don’t know how long my body will take to be completely fine. I know you are doing miles better than in the beginning but still not fully recovered. I hope God speed up your recovery as well, so you could enjoy your health.

    • Judy June 27, 2016, 5:37 pm

      I appreciate your good wishes Karamjit. I’m nearly 2 years since taking the last pill. Never imagined it would be such a long journey. Let us know how you do with the lower histamine diet. It can take some tweaking to find out what works for you. But it can be good for other people to see if it helps or not too… even though we are all different. I hope you’re doing a little better.

  • Darren June 12, 2016, 3:52 pm

    I was on mirtazapine for over 6 months, and I was on 45mgs at the end of it. I stopped pretty much cold turkey and have not noticed any side effects except back to up and down moods and also really bad loss of concentration. Probably was not a good idea to go cold turkey while I was in the middle of my final assessments for semester. So don’t do that. Otherwise I have nothing to report. Basically zero withdrawal symptoms. Nothing like coming off SSRIs thankfully.

  • Karamjit June 10, 2016, 12:48 pm

    Hi Judy, thank you so much for the information about histamine intolerance. I think I should start doing this from today to see if that can make difference in my sleep. I have not slept one day without having a broken sleep since coming off remeron in the last five months. The quality and the quantity of sleep are both poor, and that really scared me.

    The sleep is really a foundation for a good health. I don’t mind sleeping even for five hours as long as I sleep without waking up. I wake up a couple of times at night and it takes me two hours to go back to sleep again. I feel stupid and regretful to take remeron for a mild depression that I experienced after my daughter waking me up for two years.

    I think all I needed was at that time to get good supplements, exercise, sunshine, socializing, acupuncture, reiki, vitamin B12 injections and most importantly being positive. This approach would have helped me more and I wouldn’t have to endure the side effects and withdrawals effects. Well, I still believe since I didn’t take remeron for longer period of time and my dosage was kept minimum so I might improve as more time goes by.

    Judy I am sorry, you might be thinking that I am obsessing about sleep but my look has changed a lot after not sleeping for three years. First two years because of my daughter, Wao what a sacrifice to become a mommy and then remeron, I was waking up 25 times each night while on remeron and now the withdrawal issues. I used to get a lot of good comments on my look from the people around me.

    Some people would say to my husband that I should work in the Bollywood industry in India. I am originally from India. And now I don’t feel even half beautiful as before. I look tired, exhausted and unhappy. I am vegetarian but do eat eggs, I will try to avoid high histamine food to see if that can make any difference in my sleep.

    I know Judy that I have to avoid cheese, spinach, bananas, and whole milk but can I eat brown rice instead of whole wheat. If no, then what is the substitute for grains?

    • Judy June 11, 2016, 5:55 pm

      Karmajit, You don’t need to apologize for focusing so much on sleep. It’s a necessary foundation for the rest of life. I know what you mean about interrupted sleep. If I can sustain 5 or 6 hours without waking, I’m fine. Unfortunately, I’m in a cycle right now of waking more often. The lack of sleep can color everything else.

      Are you able to rest at all during the day? Taking a few minutes to lie down in the afternoon seems to often help my nervous system. Tomatoes, strawberries, beans, and tofu are also very high in histamine. Same with coffee and tea. Brown rice is okay for me now, but wasn’t at the beginning. I’ve been able to eat quinoa without problem and in limited quantities, oatmeal.

      The list can be different for each person, so it’s a bit of trial and error at first. I couldn’t tolerate any spices at first and still can’t eat garlic sadly. Are you having any digestive issues in withdrawal? Hives or rashes? Sneezing or runny nose? These can also be histamine-related issues.

      Good luck with this… I hope it helps you.

  • Karamjit June 8, 2016, 1:36 pm

    Thank you Judy, I really appreciate your help. You are a god send for all of us who are going through rough time due to the withdrawals. I feel positive about my health now and I believe that with little more time I will go back to my normal sleeping pattern again. I just have to have a patience. You are a good example for all of us who thinks that after using the antidepressants, our body will never reach to the prior state.

    I know you was on a antidepressants for a extended period of time, and if you could heal, so can I. Even though it was never easy and you went through a lot of nasty withdrawals as you were tapering. I wish doctors who prescribe these medicine to us would also knows about the side effects and the withdrawals effects of these medicines. Judy I have two sisters and both of them are into medical professions.

    One is a nurse practitioner with a master degree in nursing and another one went to the medical school and they have no clue what we can go through after quitting the antidepressant. Things that they should have learned from the medical school, they are learning from my life. I had anxiety, running thoughts, insomnia, sores in my tongue, depression, abnormal heart beat, and runny itchy nose and flu like symptoms for the first three months after quitting the medicine – and I didn’t even use the medicine for more than four months.

    • Judy June 9, 2016, 7:49 pm

      I’m glad that what I’ve been through can be of help to some people Karamjit. I hope that your sisters have really learned through your experiences. I think the drug companies have hidden a lot of information about the side effects and withdrawal from these drugs. Fortunately, there are a handful of psychiatrists speaking out about the risks and the devastating impact of withdrawing.

      Though I’ve come a long way, I don’t consider myself fully healed. I still go through some rounds of increased symptoms. But they are not as intense as early on and I’m having longer periods of feeling more well. One thing I wanted to mention for your consideration is the issues around histamine. Remeron acts as an antihistamine and even though you were only on it a short time, it could be one of the factors affecting you.

      I talked about it in previous posts, as one of the things that has made the biggest difference for me. If you do a search on histamine intolerance, a lot of resources will come up. You might try cutting out some of the higher histamine foods for a few weeks, to see what happens. I also find I can get away with eating things earlier in the day… the later I eat something with histamine, the more likely my sleep is to be affected.

      Stress, weather, pollen, etc. will also very much impact this.

  • Judy June 7, 2016, 10:56 pm

    Karamjit, Sounds like you’re doing a lot of good things for yourself. I think it’s possible to heal from this. I’ve known of people on cocktails of drugs who are now doing well. I understand how discouraging it is though.

    Have you tried yoga, tai chi, meditation or anything like that? I’ve had pretty good success from doing qi gong, which is similar to tai chi. While I’ve had bouts of poor sleep, I’ve done better than most folks I know coming off antidepressants. For quite awhile, I was sleeping 7 hours without waking up. I expect to go back to that again.

    You might experiment with stopping the supplements you take in the evening. Magnesium is usually good for relaxation, but I don’t know about calcium. I get my magnesium through epsom salts baths or lotion, as I can’t tolerate the supplements.

    Are you able to fall asleep? Or is it more that you wake up during the night? There are lots of meditation resources on the internet. I usually listen to something if I wake during the night and can generally go back to sleep. Or listening to something like ocean waves or soft music can be helpful.

    Even though most people tell you not to lie down or nap during the day, I find it actually helps me to sleep better at night. I’ll just rest some days or sleep for under an hour. If I’m not sleeping well at night, that nap is often the best sleep I get.

    The fact that you used to sleep well before your daughter was born should work in your favor. I’ve had insomnia off and on for most of my life…harder to change that kind of pattern. Still, I’ve mostly slept better in the past year than I have for most of my life.

    Also, you were on the med for a short period… and that will also work in your favor. Keep doing as much as you can to take care of yourself. When you go for acupuncture, be sure to tell them not to do things that are too stimulating. You likely need a more calming influence. Take care… it does get better in time.

  • Karamjit June 6, 2016, 3:19 pm

    Hi Judy, thank you for replying me back on this. I am currently 5 months off of the remeron. Instead of getting better on insomnia, I am getting worse. I am currently sleeping for 3 to 4 hours of interrupted sleep and that too with the help of melatonin. I am usually a happy person but this really distressed me as I don’t see any hope. I have had many symptoms after quitting remeron but they are all gone but the sleeping problem is still there.

    I am currently taking whole food vitamins in the morning, I do cardio for one hour, eating organic fruits and vegetables, whole wheat breads, organic whole milk, eggs, beans and pulses. I take calcium, magnesium, and zinc at night before sleeping. Judy I was an excellent sleeper until I had my daughter. My daughter was born with acid reflux and she would wake me up all night for the first two years.

    It was a nightmare for me because I wanted to sleep so badly but my daughter would wake me up immediately after I fell asleep. I developed mild depression after two years of not sleeping and went to the psychiatrist and he put me on remeron. He told me to stay on it for at least four months and that’s why I was on it for four months including tapering.

    I was happy that I quit after using only for four months and thought I wouldn’t suffer for that long since four months of antidepressants was not a long time. I wish doctor who first prescribed me this medicine would also told me about the withdrawal effects. So I wouldn’t take this poison and try to use an healthy alternatives. Judy I also go for an acupuncture every week.

    I have a strong faith in God and I would consider it miracle if I ever go back to my normal sleeping pattern again. But right now I am feeling that this little pill destroyed my sleeping pattern from which I will never heal again.

  • Janine May 31, 2016, 7:52 pm

    I have been on Mirtazapine (30mg) since September 2015 and was lucky enough to get no side effects when starting them. I am now on night 7 of going cold turkey, totally stopping them with no weaning myself off them. Day 6 I felt down, sick, hot and no appetite.

    Day 7 I feel a tad sick and not much of an appetite. I have how ever piled on the weight since being on them. Whether that’s the tablets or because I have been suffering depression (I am an emotional eater) I don’t know. But I’m more determined to come off them and stay off any antidepressants.

    • helga June 2, 2016, 11:49 am

      Hi Janine, As I have stated in previous posts, I have been off mirtazapine for just over 4 months. I too experienced weight gain when I went on this drug – not surprising really because it increased my appetite so much I was in serious danger of eating the fridge! Since I’ve been off it though my weight is slowly returning to normal.

      Most of my withdrawal symptoms didn’t really kick in until about 3 weeks after my last pill, and then it was absolute hell. Even after 4 months I am still really struggling some days. Hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones and your withdrawal will go fairly smoothly. Good luck and hang in there – just keep telling yourself that it will get better.

  • Karamjit May 30, 2016, 3:13 pm

    Hi all, I took remeron for 4 months and two days only. I am now 5 months off the medicine and still experiencing heart palpitations and a very bad quality of sleep. I sleep with the help of melatonin and gets only 4 to 5 hours of interrupted sleep. I have had no problems with these issues before taking the medicine.

    I know Chris and Judy’s symptoms have improved with time but if anyone else could share their improvement. Please tell me how long these symptoms will last so I can move forward with life. I am off the job now because I can’t function without good sleep.

    • Judy June 4, 2016, 8:47 pm

      Hi Karamjit, Sorry to hear about the poor sleep. It’s a real problem with antidepressant withdrawal. You mentioned in a previous post that you take supplements. What exactly are you taking? Sometimes, things we are able to take fine before are too stimulating in withdrawal. For example, I find myself unable to take any B vitamins as they will keep me awake at night.

      It can be useful to follow good sleep hygiene, if you aren’t already doing that. Turning off computer, smart phone, TV and such early in the evening. Not doing anything too stimulating in terms of exercise. I find sometimes a gentle walk around sunset can be good. Try to rest, even if you’re not sleeping.

      Some people find guided meditations or music helpful in relaxing. I take Calms Forte homeopathy and sometimes it helps. Epsom salts baths in the evening are good some of the time too. Some people take magnesium supplements for relaxation.

      I still go through some cycles of less-than-ideal sleep. But have found I can function reasonably well, even at work, on 4 or 5 hours of sleep. It takes time for the body to adjust being off the meds. I know it’s hard, but try not to get upset about not sleeping… as it will tend to make sleep even more elusive.

  • Heikki May 25, 2016, 9:14 am

    Hi again, I forgot to answer to David who asked few months ago about GI and digestive symptoms. I’ve had them very much: nausea, diarrhea, some sort of pain in stomach, loss of appetite… I have lost weight almost 10 kilos after leaving mirtazapine, because eating makes me almost to vomit. Not every time, but when symptoms are worst. And they all came at the same time: dizziness, sweating, cramps etc.

    Churning bowels are very familiar to me, and it actually started later than some other symptoms, like back and genital pain. But it has eased somewhat lately, without any special treatment or medication. Well, probiotics I take sometimes. Have you tried Biogaia’s products? It is Swedish company, products are easily available in Finnish pharmacies.

    I still have those digestive issues at a variating levels, but the trend has been into positive direction anyway, with other symptoms. I can not tell you what to do, because you are very aware of your diet already – I understood also to avoid some dangerous food, like very acidic or too spicy stuff (and I like them very much). Your problem in that area seems to be lot worse than mine, sorry to hear.

    But at least my experience is that it can get better, after time. Hope that’s true in your case too. And this is for everybody: I really recommend you to read this report on benzodiazepine addiction and withdrawal process. The writer is very respectable and experienced British professor C Heather Ashton. The paper is so influential that it has been translated also to Finnish by a local rehab hospital, the main one in Finland.

    Ashton concentrates on benzos, but there is a little section of AD´s too. And in my experience the syndromes are identical with AD`s and benzos, including withdrawal process. You will find practically all your symptoms in that great paper. And lot of comfort, because the main idea in it is that you will heal finally by time, not depended on an addiction´s level or length. So read it, it´s really worth it! http://www.benzo.org.uk/manual/

  • Heikki May 24, 2016, 1:28 pm

    Hi everybody, I wrote here few weeks ago. My situation is improving, although not without downhills, but the main trend is still positive. I’ve been without Mirt for two months now, and for last three weeks driving down by benzodiazepine sleep pills because I got problems with them too. So I have now two withdrawal process at the same time – or actually three, because I haven´t touch alcohol for two weeks, because it worsened symptoms hard way. So this is heavy stuff…

    But the good news is that after all that I have got out of the few worst symptoms if not at all but anyway remarkably. The burning pain in my back and genitals had eased very much. I sleep clearly better – about 3-4 hours in one session, and I got them two every night – with much lower benzo medication than used to. I sometimes fall asleep even without pills.

    That is something very new to me for a long long time, because I’ve taken all those pills for sleeping. I still keep awake in the night and getting to sleep is sometimes anxiously troublesome, but easier anyway now. So in my experience insomnia can get get better. It was really hellish about a week or two ago. So do not loose faith. And insomnia was my main disease and reason for medication.

    I don’t need them for anything else. Some symptoms have become worse, especially dizziness. It is not that bad that I can’t live with it, but it is still pretty uncomfortable. I feel unsure while cycling, but I can do it anyway – and usually it makes me feel much better. But benzos can be too reason for all this now, at least much of it. I can not know for sure, but it seems very obvious to me, because it is getting little better now – after dozing is stabilizing after heavy drop.

    I have also almost normal days too, as yesterday. I drove 30 miles by bike with hard tempo and haven’t been in better shape for years. My mood was great and no symptoms anywhere during the exercise. And heavens I enjoyed the ride! And in general my mood is much better – at least when symptoms are not having the worst period. My sexual appetite and capabilities have gone up which feels great although I am over fifty. But not dead yet, it seems…

    So trend in my case is still promising and I feel positive at least a lot of times. I have used mirtazapine and benzos for decades, and too much alcohol also, so I should be one of the heaviest cases. I know few people who have been withdrawing of Mirtazapine successfully, leaving all the symptoms behind – my wife is one of them. So it is possible and in purely clinical terms it should be unavoidable after enough time.

    Sometimes it may take much longer than one expects, but do not loose the spirit. I will be back sometimes later, keep fighting.

  • Karamjit May 23, 2016, 9:32 pm

    Hi, my name is Karamjit and I was on a remeron for four months only, 15 mg for 3 months and 1 week and 7.5 mg for one month. It’s been 5 months since I last taken my pill. Even though all the others symptoms are gone in the first three months but my sleep is still broken. I am worried about the broken sleep because I was an excellent sleeper for all of my life. I just had insomnia for two months before I started taking the medication.

    I was never on any kind of antidepressants before. I have always slept 7 to 8 hours on a one stretch whereas I am now being up after every one hour and takes me two hours to sleep again and then sleep for another hour and it has not improved with the time. Please tell me if the broken sleep will ever improve with time because I don’t feel fresh after waking up.

    I am a 35 year old female and have no health problem. I exercise most of the time, and eats a very good diet. I don’t smoke or drink and avoid caffeine and don’t take naps. I take my supplements. And I live a stress free life.

    The only stress is that I will never sleep the way I used to sleep before because of the use of remeron for four months. I wish I had used a more holistic approach before starting the remeron and had never touched this medicine.

  • helga May 22, 2016, 12:30 pm

    I have commented on a few earlier posts, but decided to write my own. I was on mirtazapine for two years, most of the time on 30mg. It was prescribed for anxiety and the massive panic attacks I was having. The side effects when I started taking it were minimal, apart from weight gain and hair loss, but coming off it has been a living hell. I tapered off slowly over about 4 months, and I have been off it completely for almost 4 months.

    I have had almost every possible withdrawal symptom – body aches, sweats, headaches, bloating, loss of appetite, crying, mood swings, pain in my back and ribs, dizziness, insomnia, palpitations and strange sensations in my chest, panic and anxiety, muscle weakness, lethargy, extreme tiredness, and on and on the list goes. A couple of weeks ago I thought I was starting to get over withdrawal as I was feeling pretty good, but just when I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, the last few days have been really bad.

    Today for instance, I went shopping – something I find hard to do because of a complete lack of confidence – and had a really bad panic attack, causing palpitations and a fear of passing out. I am 65 years old, diabetic, and I have severe arthritis. Since I came off Mirt my BGLs are all over the place, and my arthritis is much worse. My doctor seems to think I’ve become a hypochondriac, and tells me there are no withdrawal symptoms – in other words, he’s saying it’s all in my head.

    I wish he could experience living in my body! However, my pharmacist tells me that what I’m experiencing is definitely withdrawal and tells me to hang in there and things will improve over time. I just want to feel well and normal again. I am determined to stay off this dreadful drug, and never again will I take antidepressant medication of any kind.

    Thank goodness for forums such as this. It is very interesting to read what others are experiencing, and reassuring to know that I’m not going completely crazy. Here’s hoping we all feel much better soon.

    • Chris May 23, 2016, 10:55 pm

      Hi Helga, in my experience I’d certainly believe your pharmacist, this is great forum if it gives any sympathy to others out there suffering that it helps keeps us sane. I’m a 53 year old male gym trained for 35 years and my job was dealing with the public and had no issues with crowds or any other phobias. As I said in a previous post I took the drug for approx. 10 months with taper after 9 weeks on citalopram [about 12 months on antidepressants].

      Before that I took nothing other than over the counter drugs for colds etc. So have not been on any other form of psychiatric drug till then. I haven’t taken the drug for 9 months now and have had most of the withdrawals like yourself, still getting a lot of them, fatigue, joint and muscle pain being the forefront but maybe larger gaps between the bad times. The anxiety and confidence, anger and avoiding people issues come and go although I’m still working on what makes it worse i.e. the food I’ve eaten and mind thought. [Look out for what you ate when times are bad].

      I progressed away from my doctor who also says withdrawals don’t last that long. Amazed they can prescribe such a drug to damage some people [I hope not permanent] and not admit responsibility for it. I’m still progressing forward if slow at times, diet changes are avoid stimulants. No alcohol caffeine, lower sugar intake and been gluten free for 4 months, some nights I wake 4 times, good times are 7 hrs sleep, all improving.

      I think to diet change. I see a private nutritionist and am hoping to get some feedback in a weeks time re my DNA/MTHFR report which definitely shows toxification and neurotransmitter pathway problems. Unfortunately I did not do this before I took mirtazapine or I would have had a reference of the before and after but certain parts of my blood tests are defiantly different before drug and after. On a positive note, my weight is back to where I was without bloating.

      I’ll keep trying to at least make life a little more how it use to be with time and I think you’re far from crazy or a hypochondriac. Believe in yourself and take the rough times on the chin as tomorrow will be better. And the best thing is you’re not taking the drug anymore. No mean feat by anyone who has been there and still fighting its effects. Good luck, forward thinking and we’ll all get better soon.

      • helga May 25, 2016, 5:33 am

        Thanks Chris for the reassurance and encouragement. The worst part of all this – the anxiety itself and then the withdrawal – is that it has completely destroyed my confidence. I have always considered myself to be a really strong person and I was involved in all sorts of things outside the home. No-one was more surprised than I when all this happened to me.

        These days I often have to really force myself to get past the front door. Thank goodness for the encouragement of my husband of 46 years and my family, or I would probably be a hermit by now. I think I am slowly improving but it’s a very slow process. Thanks again for your support. Cheers.

        • Chris May 27, 2016, 12:14 am

          Hi Helga, just a quick thought on your anxiety and confidence. I was similar around the 4 months off the drug. Whilst I was reducing the dose months previously I went with some friends on a short plane flight where I had a panic attack, managed to control it but put flying at the back of my priority list. It wasn’t really the flight but the people/noise and the not being in control that caused it, normally flying is the better part of traveling to me.

          Anyway to cut a long story short we had a dream holiday booked for my wife’s birthday [6months off the drug] I was dreading it, instead of looking forward to it, people airports etc. – felt obliged to go for her. The holiday turned out to be good, not many issues, put my iPod in my ears and ignored people, kept away from queues etc. [My wife’s a rock] also gave me confidence for achieving it.

          So if it helps you at all, you may have only have a short time till it eases, whilst like yourself, I stayed at home a lot and lead the quiet life. Depending on your circumstances let your body tell you weather you want to do something or if not don’t do it, [hard when you were once strong] but your confidence will come back. When I think about it I have improved a lot from 4 to 9 months.

          I’ve seen a private therapist, holistic nutritionist, have a very supportive family whilst being ill and have had far better results than taking this drug. My motto is I don’t listen to the people who put me on it in the first place but that’s not everyone’s choice. Hope this is of some help and stay strong, you will beat it.

          • helga May 27, 2016, 8:22 pm

            Hi Chris, Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experiences. It really helps to share with others who have been through this horrible experience. I have had five good days this week, so hopefully that is a good sign that I’m getting better as it’s the first time I’ve had so many good days consecutively.

            Like you, I have given up listening to my doctor about this – his advice is just go back on that drug or a different one – and I’m doing what feels right for me. I’m setting my sights on Christmas and telling myself I will be over the worst of it by then. I’m glad you’re doing well, and hopefully it won’t be long until I am too.

  • Paula May 19, 2016, 9:14 am

    Hi, I was only taking 15mg mirtazapine for 2 months and that was bad enough. The symptoms I was feeling when taking them were unbearable. I could not even think straight and walked around like a zombie. I was going back to work after six weeks and thought this is ridiculous. I am front line staff in a hospital and took it upon myself to half the tablets. Within a few days I could function better and felt I could cope with work.

    It has been 3 weeks now since I stopped taking them. It has been very mentally challenging but the worst thing is the feeling sick all of the time and the diarrhea. My head is still foggy and have headaches. I finally went to the doctors yesterday and he gave me omeprazole so I hope to feel better soon. At present I only work three days and it still is a newish job so that makes it hard as well, but I plan to stick with it.

  • Heikki May 7, 2016, 11:40 am

    Hi from Finland, glad to find this forum. I used Remeron over a ten years, dosing was not big, but I used it constantly every evening to get sleep – with other sleep pills. I tried to stop Remeron a year ago, because of mental side effects, but got so terrible symptoms I had to go to hospital. Then I started to use again.

    Now been over month without and doing it cold turkey. Symptoms are horrible but mostly typical. The worst is insomnia and burning pain in back and testicles. It was so bad that doctor took laboratory tests and x-ray, because symptoms could have mean prostate cancer or something else that kind. Generally symptoms remind like very tough allergy with other symptoms like cramps. It is very stressing and also scary if you are not sure of the reason.

    Anyway the good news is I have been feeling little better gradually. I feel still sick, but there are also almost normal days too. Alcohol and other medicine make symptoms worse, at least next day, so better to be careful. For insomnia I take sleep pills, and if dosing is small the side effects are tolerable compared to not sleeping enough.

    Excercice makes very good. I cycle sometimes 2-3 ours, play badminton etc. It is also comforting to realize that you are fit and physically capable although you may feel sick like hell. When pain starts I get depressed, but the more good moments there are the the more optimistic I became. I feel now I am recovering, and I will not stop to withdrawal.

    So keep fighting you too. Withdrawal is hell, but it won’t last forever.

    • Lee May 8, 2016, 6:22 pm

      Keep going, well done!!

  • Lee May 7, 2016, 6:51 am

    I’ve slowly taken myself off the drug, did this over 3 weeks, as I was sick of gaining weight which was making me more depressed, also my life is good! Also after 16 years I wanted to see how I would feel coming off it and how I would function without any type of antidepressant… (Mirt for 10 years) Apart from the itching (thought it was allergies) and lack of sleep, I feel great, happier, loving, not so irritable or short tempered.

    I’m going to keep at it. I think making the positive decision to come off it and to see how I would feel excited me, which has helped! Be strong my friends and I hope it goes well! I would go back on it if I needed to which does not scare me, as it helped me when I needed it!

  • Nick April 24, 2016, 10:36 am

    Hi from New Zealand, Thank you for making this available on the web. Really informative about mirtazapine. I read that the best way to get off mirtazapine, is by reducing by 10% of your dose and stay on the reduced dose for 10 to 30 days. So for example if someone is on the low dose of 15mg and keep reducing by 10% every month, it will take 26 months to reach the minimal 1mg dose!!

    That is extremely slow and hopefully very few side effects. Nevertheless if you are planning to do something like that, talk to your doctor first. Has anyone tried a very slow tapper like that? So if someone is on 15 mg they can go down to 13.5mg for one month, then cut another 10% and go to 12.15mg for a month etc.

    If someone is on 45mg daily can go 10% down to 40.5mg for a month then down to 36.45 mg for a month etc. I just tried cutting down from 15mg to 13.5mg for one week now and I had very mild symptoms of diarrhea and some burning sensation on my feet. If such a tiny reduction creates symptoms, this medication is too strong. Any one else trying a slow tapering off?

  • Livingskies April 23, 2016, 1:15 am

    So glad I found this. I tried tapering from 45mg to 30mg after being on 45mg for 1 year. I was so irritable that after a month I went back up to 45mg. Now, several months later I am tapering off again from 45 to 30, then 1 week later from 30 to 15. I have been having panic attacks and irritability, difficulty sleeping (severe insomnia is why I went on it in the first place) even with melatonin.

    I just started Ashwagandha and Rhodiola for the anxiety and energy, will see if that helps. Omega-3’s and magnesium are good ones too. Planning to try 5HTP once I have weaned off completely.

  • Jaz April 22, 2016, 8:44 am

    I was on 45 mg Mirtazapine for four years. This helped control debilitating OCD. At some point I knew I needed to stop this med. I wasn’t happy about ingesting toxic chemicals from large pharma. I was, however, forced to stop taking Mirtazapine when the brand I was taking became unavailable and the generic proved ineffective.

    I likely withdrew over a two plus week period. I split the tablets in half. Some days I missed doses. I feel that my sleep, mood and anxiety are OK. This is four weeks after stopping. I have had a lot of visual migraines though.

    My head doesn’t feel fantastic but I am hopeful that this will improve in time. Dr Kelly Brogan has written a book, questioning the role and need for antidepressants. It could be worth Googling her and her book.

  • Meg April 14, 2016, 3:21 pm

    I’ve been on Mirtazapine now for about 10 months. I started tapering off a few months ago, because I am sick of how tired it makes me. An hour after taking the pill I am literally passing out, and in the morning it’s incredibly difficult to wake up. This has meant that for the last year I have gone to bed at 9:30pm so that waking up by 7am is at least possible (albeit still incredibly difficult).

    That is a really constricting schedule to keep while I work full time, complete a masters thesis, work out three times a week, and try to have a social life/boyfriend. I was at 45 mg, dropped down to 30 mg, but then unintentionally went cold turkey a week (kept forgetting to take it). I then discovered how terrible the withdrawal symptoms can be. My scalp got really itchy, then I had extreme nausea, fevers and chills, diarrhea, and was really distressed.

    After that I made sure to continue tapering off of it. I eventually went from 30 mg to 15 mg, but after a few days began suffering withdrawal symptoms again. So I bumped back up to 22.5 mg. After three weeks on that, dropped to 15 mg, two weeks on that then dropped to 7.5 mg. After a week at 7.5 mg, I decided to try and stop altogether because I am just so bloody sick of taking this drug.

    I am now on my 4th day without it and the itchiness has begun. I am becoming very anxious about the nausea and mood swings and everything else that will surely follow in the coming days, if not the coming hours. But I just don’t want to have to start taking it again. These last few days I’ve been able to stay up until 10:30, have a great sleep, and wake up feeling so refreshed by 6am!

    I will finally be a morning person again! But I’m sitting at work feeling all the symptoms coming on (nausea, dizziness, etc.) and I don’t know if I should just push through the withdrawal, or if I should try doing 4 mg for a while. I feel like even if I do that for 2/3 weeks that when stop I’ll still go through these withdrawal symptoms anyways.

    So should I just suffer now instead of suffering later? I know I’m tapering off a lot more quickly than most people here, but I just want my life back. Thanks for reading.

  • Lily April 12, 2016, 4:59 am

    I have been taking Remeron for a year and I’m now taking 7.5 mg to taper off (I cut the 15 mg. pill in half) I began a Qi Gong meditation practice a few weeks ago and I think that might be helping me. I do 15 minutes in the morning and then 15 minutes at night, the same meditation with the recorded guidance of a teacher.

    Look for Sifu Anthony in Gainesville Florida (google it). He has an online academy plus he offers a beginners class live also online. I also am going to start exercising, and in three months will get the 7.5 pill (more expensive than the 15 mg. pill!) and cut it in half, and three months after that I plan on not taking it anymore. I think with the Qi Gong, exercise, eating right, and prayer, going to church, socializing, etc., I’ll get better.

  • Tiffany Santarelli April 10, 2016, 12:04 pm

    Hello. The comments here have been incredibly helpful. Thank you for all the personal comments and experiences related to Mirtazapine/Remeron WD. I am looking for some advice for my circumstances, please. My husband was hospitalized in Oct of 2015 because of many months of not sleeping. It was a chain of events, starting with an overactive bladder, which led to Insomnia and Anxiety.

    He was put on Ativan and Remeron in the hospital. The drugs worked, but he knew he couldn’t stay on them long term. After many months of painful withdrawal, my husbands last dose of Ativan was about 10 days ago. Now, he has been trying to come off the Remeron – he was up to 45mg. Within 1 week, he went from 45mg to 3.75mg. He didn’t notice severe withdrawal symptoms with each cut, so he went quickly.

    We thought it would be easier to come off Remeron, than Ativan. He got down to 7.5mg for a few nights, then went down to 3.75mg for a few nights, and then to 0. (Night 1 off Remeron) He took a herbal sleep aid called “Redormin” – which is a blend of Valerian and Hops. He was able to sleep from 10pm until midnight. After midnight, he had insomnia (almost like a semi-conscious state).

    (Night 2) He realized that he was withdrawing from Remeron too quickly, so he took Redormin and then an hour later, he took 7.5mg of Remeron. He didn’t feel sedated from it, as usual. His overactive bladder returned with a vengeance with many trips to the bathroom and very poor sleep. (Night 3) He took 7.5mg Remeron, waited to feel sedation and then took 2 of the Redormin tablets.

    He woke up at midnight, feeling very uncomfortable mentally, but he went back to sleep again. He surmised it was because he took the Redormin too soon after the Remeron. (Night 4) Last night, he doubled the dose of Remeron to 15mg, and did not take any Redormin. He went to bed an hour later than normal, hoping he would be exhausted when he hit the pillow.

    Unfortunately, it took over 2 hours before he could fall asleep. He had very brief moments of sleep the rest of the night. He also describes a feeling of “shock” or “jolt” of anxiety the minute he starts to nod off to sleep. Questions/Advice: It is now important to get back into a sleep cycle, which now is damaged again.

    Does anyone know of problems mixing Redormin and Remeron? Dosage: What dosage of Remeron should he start back on? Can he stay off the Remeron (since it’s not helping anymore)? If so, how long will the drug take to leave his system so he can get “normal” sleep again? Many thanks!!!!

    • Chris April 13, 2016, 9:52 pm

      Hi Tiffany, my experience of withdrawing from the drug had to be slow, as I have said in a previous post I was prescribed with mirtazapine for 10months including taper after a 9 weeks on citalopram which damaged my sleep pattern hence the doctor changed me to it. Previous to this I had not had any other drug other than the odd course of antibiotics and paracetamol.

      I can’t therefore help with other drugs taken with mirtazapine or there effects but in my case some withdrawals don’t hit you till 3 weeks or a month later so I would go very carefully on 45mg down to 0, [ouch] maybe the other drug may support him, I hope. My sleep pattern is still no where near as good as 18 months ago before I took anything and I stopped the drug 7.5 months ago. It is better than first stopping, but I’m still lucky to get 6 hours of solid sleep with all the dreams and active brain the drug passes onto you still happening.

      Detoxing the body of the drug can take along time and diet changes help but certain foods do make your mind more active than others since taking the drug hence affecting sleep. Hope this helps and remember this is only my experience and we are all different but slow tapering is a wise option, which I originally learned from this forum. The drug withdrawal affects the body in lots of different ways and sleep is only one of them. It can be very cruel so be careful and go steady.

  • Jay April 3, 2016, 11:28 pm

    Been on mirt for 6 weeks and the anxiety and dizziness are so bad I’ve started to taper off – worked wonderfully for a couple days a week ago then stopped. I’m tapering off about 6mgs per week. I wish I had never started it.

  • Bec March 30, 2016, 8:36 pm

    Been taking 15mg mirtazapine for 6 months due to extreme anxiety and depression, decided to come off due to side effects, mainly weight gain, loss of emotions and increased level of grogginess. My doctor advised me to skip a pill every other night, did this for 4 days and had quite bad symptoms such as anxiety and dizziness. I have now decided to halve my 15mg pill and take this every night.

    The key I think is to accept that there will be some side effects whilst the body detoxifies itself. I keep focusing on the end result, whereby I will no longer need to rely on this medication. I am currently still in full time employment which is a challenge whilst going through this process but I am managing to get through the day, I have noticed that once I keep myself busy I forget about the symptoms.

  • Jenna March 29, 2016, 6:06 pm

    My GP prescribed 15 mg of Mirtazapine at the end of October 2015 to help with the insomnia and regular nausea I was experiencing that she believed was a side effect of the Wellbutrin I’ve been taking without issue since 2012. I was quite foggy the first few days, but felt amazing around the three day mark. I was falling asleep easily and slept through the night and no longer had constant nausea – quite the opposite in fact, as I started eating everything in sight.

    I was insatiable and constantly craved sugar and carbs. I could polish off five chocolate bars in one sitting or four large cinnamon buns in a row and would still be hungry. As a result, I’ve put on between 25-30 lbs in the last five months. Because of the rapid weight gain, I made the decision to stop taking the drug and have been slowly weening off since mid-January. I’ve been cutting out 1/4 of the dose at a time every three weeks and took my last 3.75mg dose a week ago.

    The first two days after stopping I felt fine, but since the third day, I’ve had a horrible headache that lasts all day and waves of nausea. Thankfully my sleep hasn’t been affected, as I’ve been taking Gravol at bedtime. I’m glad to be off the drug, but worried that the withdrawal period is going to be a lot longer than I had hoped.

  • David March 28, 2016, 12:18 pm

    Me again. I am now at my 106th day off mirt. I am, at the request of my GI doctor, taking Wellbutrin, which I am tapering up to 150 mg, and it seems to be helping with everything except the significant abdominal cramps. Anyone had abdominal cramps, and other GI symptoms, like constipation, diarrhea, churning bowels, bloating, etc.?

    If so, how long before the symptoms were relieved. After 3 & 1/2 months I would have thought that they would be gone. This is my third time going off this drug, and was back on it for 6 weeks last November, and while on it I had no GI symptoms. But, after having to stop because of side effects, the painful spasms slowly returned. It is mostly on the right and left sides just under my ribs.

    I was at the ER March 17th for this, and they gave me Morphine and Phenergan for the pain, and a prescription for Percocet. I don’t want to get used to using the Percocet, as it is habit forming. I have used a heating pad which helped. Any response is appreciated.

    • Jenna March 29, 2016, 6:16 pm

      Hi David, Wellbutrin was a miracle drug for me, until recently. The constipation you’re experiencing could possibly be a result of the Wellbutrin, as it is a common side effect, along with stomach pain, nausea, and insomnia (all side effects I experienced).

      I wish I could offer a solution – Mirtazapine unfortunately was my GP’s solution to these side effects! All said, Wellbutrin is still a far better drug than Mirtazapine in my experience. Perhaps give it some time to level out in your system and see how you’re feeling at that time. Best of luck.

  • David March 28, 2016, 12:18 pm

    Me again. I am now at my 106th day off mirt. I am, at the request of my GI doctor, taking Wellbutrin, which I am tapering up to 150 mg, and it seems to be helping with everything except the significant abdominal cramps. Anyone had abdominal cramps, and other GI symptoms, like constipation, diarrhea, churning bowels, bloating, etc.? If so, how long before the symptoms were relieved.

    After 3 & 1/2 months I would have thought that they would be gone. This is my third time going off this drug, and was back on it for 6 weeks last November, and while on it I had no GI symptoms. But, after having to stop because of side effects, the painful spasms slowly returned. It is mostly on the right and left sides just under my ribs.

    I was at the ER March 17th for this, and they gave me Morphine and Phenergan for the pain, and a prescription for Percocet. I don’t want to get used to using the Percocet, as it is habit forming. I have used a heating pad which helped. Any response is appreciated.

  • Kathryn March 25, 2016, 6:35 pm

    My psych. doc put me on Mirtazapine 17 years ago during our divorce and my subsequent depression. Sometimes up to 90 mg. QD dose! usually 45-30 mg dose. I tapered on of course, but 17 years is a very long time! I have with his approval and advice tapered slowly, carefully off; my last small dose early January 2016. So 3+ months ago. I have terrible itching still, difficulty falling and staying asleep, Lichen Planus and gingivitis in mouth which means painful sores in my mouth always.

    I am hypothyroid and so take Levothyroxine daily for thyroid, which may have caused lichen planus and high LDL cholesterol but Mirt. has not helped. I have intense, disturbing dreams, and am more hyper than usual. Dreams are revealing and interesting but can also upsetting! They seem different than usual too. My doc NEVER mentioned how hard it is to get off this drug.

    He wanted me to stay forever on it, but he agreed when I begged to taper and go off it. In doing my research I now wish I had gone off it earlier. 17 years is a long time so withdrawal will take longer for me. I wonder how many months it will take to feel good again. I am 64 years old. I read that most symptoms are gone after 3 mos. Sigh~

    Aging is hard enough without these unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately I am in good health and I work at it so this is a big plus. I do not feel depressed, thankfully. The itching is terrible, mostly on fatty areas like buttocks and waist. (I am slender) Wonder what is happening under my skin. And in my brain. This drug needs to be better explained to patients!

    Had I known this part of treatment I would have toughed it out and gotten thru the down time which did pass. They usually do. I wish docs were not so quick to prescribe drugs during hard times. Yoga, meditation being in Nature, and exercise have helped me more than this drug has. Live and Learn.

  • Karamjit March 16, 2016, 12:02 pm

    One of the psychiatrists had put me on remeron for depression and insomnia that I experienced after my daughter was born. I took 15 mg of remeron for 3 months and 7.5 mg for a month. I was told to take it for 9 months but I took it only for 4 months because I was aware of the long term side effects of this medicine. Coming off this medicine was a brutal process. I have experienced anxiety, mood swings at night time, insomnia, was never able to sleep or wake up after every half to one hour.

    It’s been 5 weeks since I am completely off this medicine and I have seen a big improvement in my anxiety, there is no depression looming and I started sleeping every night without waking up ten times each night. My quality of sleep has also improved. I was sleeping 3 to 5 hours in the first 4 months and now sleeping 6 to 8 hours. I have also work so hard in order to see the improvement. I did cardio exercise for 30 minutes to one hour in the afternoon everyday whether I slept or not the last day.

    I took herbs but no medicine in the withdraw phase. Some of these herbs are : ashwagandha for stress, multivitamins, and calcium, magnesium glycerol, and zinc at night. Half mg of melatonin and only took valerian if I have running thoughts at night. I have firm belief in God, and therefore,I prayed to God every day to make me well so I could enjoy this life with my daughter and husband. I also do mantra for 30 minutes before I slept.

    This mantra was my prayer to God. I also stopped thinking negatively as it only reinforce anxiety and depression. I went to my Indian church every Sunday. I only have to say to people who are withdrawing from this this medicine that is a hope. Just don’t think negative, no matter how bad the situation is. You will see improvement with the time.

  • robert March 14, 2016, 3:20 am

    I have tried pulling myself off Remeron several times. I have been on 60mg @ night since 1995. I get to around 45 & it throws me into Benzo & opiate WD. I have several failed Lumbar fusions & M.S. Any help besides the 10% per month? I have been trying too fast I think. Thanks, Robert B.

    • Judy March 20, 2016, 1:11 pm

      Hi Robert, Can you give some more information? When have the attempts been to reduce Remeron? And in those attempts, did you reduce by 10% or more? 10% is sometimes too much for people and they find it necessary to decrease by 5% or even less. Most important is to make sure your nervous system is as stable as possible before making any further changes. You might also try taking longer periods between reductions. 60 mg. is a high dose and you’ve been on it a long time. It can also be very helpful to explore ways to support yourself physically and emotionally though the process–using non-drug means. Meditation, yoga, gentle exercise, tai chi, listening to relaxing music, etc.

  • David March 10, 2016, 1:51 pm

    Today makes 87 days off mirt, third attempt. I still feel awful. Having abdominal cramps, nausea, allergy symptoms, headaches, bloating, fatigue, weak, generally sick. My pulmonary doctor told me yesterday to stop taking Lipitor, that it can cause aches in the area of the pain, and my GI doc scheduled a colonoscopy for April 11. I came off 3.75.

    Should I still be having symptoms, and should the cramps, nausea, and other symptoms start to diminish? This site says re-evaluate your symptoms at 90 days. Any suggestions? I want to feel better, and it was only 3.75 this time. I was on 45 for 8 years, then 7.5 for a year, then cold turkey stop for 8 months, back on 3.75 for 1.5 months, then off almost 3 months for keeps due to heart rhythm side effects – doctor’s orders.

    Feeling really bad as I write this. Bowels churning, cramps, generally sick. Had complete bloodwork in January. In a bad place right now. Doctor wants me to try Wellbutrin, but I am afraid of ADs right now, as mirtazapine put me here.

    • MadMuppet March 11, 2016, 3:02 am

      Hi David, Please read my reply to your last post. I don’t know if you’ll get an alert, but there may be some information there that’s helpful to you. Wishing you the best, MadMuppet. Sorry – one more thought. What you’re going through might also be a combination of Ativan tolerance withdrawal and mirtazapine withdrawal – or the mirtazapine withdrawal could be worsened by the presence of Ativan in your system or could be precipitating the Ativan tolerance withdrawal (your body is missing one thing so it wants more of the other). It’s hard to know how these things interact, but, again, more information should help you discern what’s happening.

    • Judy March 11, 2016, 2:50 pm

      David, I had digestive issues for a year after coming off. And I still do, if I eat anything high in histamine or as a reaction to increased life stress. Acupuncture has helped a good deal with digestion, as have all the other practices that I do.

      The nervous system can become very sensitized from antidepressants and withdrawal from them, for some of us. It’s therefore, important to be careful with diet, supplements, other medications, stress, etc. What things are you doing for self-care?

      • David March 12, 2016, 9:12 pm

        Judy, I have been on a strict health food diet for years, and watching histamine for a while as well. I only drink water. I can’t have caffeine, high acid foods, lactose intolerant, and take probiotics. I am starting Tuesday seeing a psychologist. I live in the US, and we don’t license the holistic doctors in Virginia. I use a heating pad for pain, and try to walk daily.

        I listen to meditation mood music, and sleep on my back halfway sitting for reflux control. The only real problem that I have left, that is causing / contributing to my other issues; anxiety, stress, sleep issues, is the abdominal painful cramps. Abdominal cramps are listed as a WD symptom, and I am doing all that I know to0 do, and hope that time will help. I have had IBS as far back as I can remember, but it has only been mild, sometimes diarrhea from stress, almost never had constipation.

        I am doing all that I know to do. I would rather not be sitting up in be crying in the middle of the night, keeping my wife awake and worrying. I would do anything that would work to get relief, but I can’t just take any supplement that someone says might work, or worked for their cousin, as I am sensitive to that type of thing. That is why I eat such a strict diet. I have lost 40 pounds in the last 13 months since a cold turkey jump from 7.5.

        I had to go back on 3.75 for some relief in November, and it helped for a month until my cardiologist took me back off for heart rhythm side effects. Judy, I sincerely thank you for your concern and taking the time to reply. I have told you all that I know to tell you. One of my doctors took me of statin drugs because he said that they can cause cramps, and I take Flecainide for Atrial Tachycardia and Atenolol for Pre Atrial Contractions, and have to be careful what I mix with these. Judy, Thank you again, Regards, David

        • Judy March 13, 2016, 6:26 pm

          Hi David, I’m sorry you’re suffering so much. Coming off these drugs can be a brutal process. I didn’t realize you’d been taking Ativan long-term and this could be compounding things…as could the other medications you’ve been on. Some of us become really sensitive to meds and find they either don’t work or even become paradoxical. It’s all part and parcel of the changes to the nervous system.

          Its sounds like you’re doing a lot of other things to help yourself and that’s great. They will help you over the long-term. Are you sleeping okay? I wasn’t able to take any supplements at the beginning and had to wait until things settled from changing my diet. I’ve also been very sensitive to those kinds of things throughout my life and even more so, in WD.

          If histamine is in fact an issue with you, the probiotics could also be problematic. Though it’s an excellent thing for health overall, they can increase histamine. It was quite awhile before I could tolerate those. I hope you have some relief soon. Would you consider acupuncture? I know a few people who’ve also found it very helpful through withdrawal.

  • Claire White March 10, 2016, 12:46 pm

    Help! been off Mirtazapine 13 weeks today and can safely say this has been complete and utter hell. Was on Mirtazapine for about 8 months at 15mgs. Came off slowly over 4 months finishing on 3.25 mgs at Christmas 2015. Been to my GP 4 times saying that I feel terrible. No energy, headaches, waves of seriously debilitating dizziness.

    Muscle aches, lower back pain, upset stomachs. Had an MRI scan for headaches – all normal. Saw an ENT consultant privately about the dizziness – he diagnosed me with stress. GP dismissed my symptoms and said it sounded like I had a virus…! Mentioned withdrawal from mirtazapine and he dismissed that as well.

    The problem is that some days I feel fine and other day like poo!! Did think I was making some progress but feel like I am on a rollercoaster, some days good, then some day right back to square one. I would have thought the withdrawal would be over by week 13 but obviously not. Is there anyone out there at 13 weeks like me who is still suffering. Would be good to know I am not alone. :(

    • David March 10, 2016, 10:57 pm

      Claire, you are not alone. I am on my third attempt, and this time was coming off 3.75 mg. It has been 12.5 weeks for me, and I am having all the symptoms you are plus awful abdominal cramps. The only difference is that you are having good and bad days, I haven’t had the good days yet. I, too am in hell. I wish us both a recovery soon! I am sorry that you are hurting. Look at the next post, it is mine. All the best, David

    • Chris March 11, 2016, 12:45 am

      Hi Claire, I’m 26 weeks [6months] off the drug, you’re not alone. I took mirtazapine for about 10 months including taper, I am progressing forward but improvements are steady, as I have said in previous posts I have changed my diet and try to be proactive against the bad days, got to say I’ve had a run of 6 days stable but far from the old me which is pretty good thinking about it!

      [Oh and the wonderful shooting pains in my hands at 5 o’clock in the morning] take each day/week as it comes and the gaps get bigger. My own personal view is the drug changes your brain chemistry affecting most of the body functions you use to have go out of the window, some foods you eat, medicines you take use to be fine, now they cause problems. It’s a hard learning curve, but time and changes to diet help. [Reduce sugar spikes/natural high protein foods help with fatigue as well as sleep patterns, probiotics to help your gut.]

      Everyone is different and I’m amazed at people feeling fine after a couple of weeks of stopping the drug when some side effects don’t rear there nasty heads till months later. I’ve had nausea on and off for 16 weeks now, didn’t have it for the first 10 weeks after stopping, the list is endless with things I’ve gained since taking the drug including a irregular heart beat, increased anxiety, back ache etc. etc., but a fair few are subsiding with time.

      I’ve had all the tests [Blood, MRI scans, ECG’s] and my main improvements to mind and body in withdrawal have come from diet change. Hope this helps and keep up the good work by staying off the stuff. -Chris

    • Judy March 11, 2016, 3:03 pm

      Hi Claire, You are not alone. If you read some of the posts on here, you’ll see lots of people who have symptoms well after the 3 month mark. I’ve been off 19 months and still am dealing with WD–but am doing much better than I was in the first months. The days of feeling better alternating with feeling worse could be considered the waves and windows pattern of healing.

      That’s normal too. I still experience that as well, but the waves are much less (difficult days) and the windows (better days) are becoming longer and stronger all the time. Everyone is different in this…some people have little problem withdrawing, while others have a lot. Do the best you can to take care of your nervous system.

      Clean diet, gentle exercise, relaxation practices, staying away from alcohol, sugar, stimulants and reducing stress wherever possible. Also, many people end up reacting to supplements and other medications, so go carefully with those things.

      • Lily May 18, 2016, 7:31 pm

        Dear All, I’ve been on mirtazapine for 3 years for depression and anxiety, only 1/4 of the least dose (15mg). I’ve stopped taking it for 2 months, because I suffered hard from the side effects, but I am still feeling awful. I stopped the medication step by step, even if I only took 1/4 originally, I managed to cut it into really tiny pieces and came off of the drug completely in 2 weeks.

        Ever since, itching is unbearable, I have a strange feeling all over my skin as if hundreds of thousands of needles were stubbing me. Does anyone feel something similar? The skin on my head itches the most, I am really ashamed of it, I look like someone who has lice, since I can’t stop scratching it… I am constantly tired, anxiety is making me crazy. I had the flu symptoms as well, really, everything I’ve just read above…

        Returning headaches, cramps, sudden pain in muscles, swinging mood are other things that’s been regular part of my days… After a month of withdrawal I thought I started to get better, but it lasted for like a week. I really don’t know what to do, I am desperate and really started losing all my hopes… I am just sure of one thing: I regret the day when I agreed on taking antidepressants.

        I simply can not imagine that I will ever feel okay again. I am sorry for my bad English, I am not native, I was just searching for answers for my problems, since I am afraid every day that these aren’t side effects but I have some other illnesses. I guess I am really going crazy… for those who still don’t know whether to start mirtazapine or not, I can tell that this is POISON, and literally makes you realize what mental illness is really about.

        Because you truly experience it when you stop taking this drug… I wish you all strength and faith!

  • Lynn Morley March 8, 2016, 9:28 am

    I went cold turkey from using 45mg mirtazapine two weeks backs. I felt a bit sick for two days and had the runs for one day but that was all. I feel fine and glad I came off. I needed the medicine for about 4 years but I felt ready to come off. Like the website says, different people will experience different withdrawal symptoms.

    • Betty March 21, 2016, 10:52 am

      Hello Lynn, pleased you had minimal withdrawal symptoms, it is good to get a balance of reports. Maybe people who do not experience withdrawal effects google and find posts like this? I read responses to this blog before going cold turkey from Mirtazipine. I expected to have a hard time as most of the people posting unfortunately appear to have debilitating withdrawal symptoms.

      Like yourself, I felt nauseous, on and off for about a week after going cold turkey. It has definitely effected my appetite, I have dropped a bra size in a week and my clothes feel looser. Fingers crossed it continues! Betty

  • Andy March 7, 2016, 9:58 am

    I was prescribed 15mg Mirtazapine approx 9 months ago for insomnia and weight loss. I have a small hiatus hernia which causes me some GI upset, mainly acid reflux and resulting lack of appetite. Because of the side effects, I cut my tablets in half and took 7.5mg for approx 5-6 weeks. Appetite improved and I gorged on any sugar I could find. Sleep was restored too so, feeling 100% better, I quit over a period of a week or two.

    I had no WD symptoms that I could definitely associate with the Mirtazapine, but did have my normal acid reflux/hernia problems still, so they could have been present but masked. About 3 months ago I re-instated the 7.5mg nightly dose. I did this as my sleep began to become interrupted again and a little bit of anxiety raised its head. I am now thinking that this may have been delayed WD but, as I came off it with little problem, dismissed it.

    Anyway, just over a week ago I missed a nightly dose due to being out socializing. I just took the normal dose the following night. Two days after the missed dose I began suffering terrible upper back ache, constant headache, nervousness (minor), dry mouth and dizziness. These symptoms have now been joined by stomach pain, not too bad, just niggling. My question is, could the one missed dose have kicked in the withdrawal process?

    Was the fact that I have been on such a low dose a contributor to this if so? Why has it not settled back down in the week following considering I have resumed a normal pattern? I’ll be honest, I’m struggling to come up with an explanation so am considering starting a reduction program to get off it for good. My thinking being, if I cut it out completely then I will know if the Mirtazapine was the culprit or not.

    I take 15mg Lansoprazole each morning which, at higher doses, causes me dizziness. Because of that, I can’t fully rule out that being partly responsible either. I’ve come to the conclusion I’m sensitive to most medications! Also, one last question, because cutting tablets beyond 7.5/3.25 is difficult, is there any thoughts on taking doses on alternate days in order to WD or does this compound problems?

    Thanks for any replies and apologies for asking so many questions!

    • Judy March 11, 2016, 2:58 pm

      Hi Andy, It’s likely that the stopping and starting again of mirt has affected your nervous system. Once this happens, small things can set it off, resulting in more symptoms. The anxiety and poor sleep you were experiencing after coming off were very likely WD effects–they are very common ones. When you were socializing, did you have any alcohol?

      If so, that too, may be part of the wave you’re experiencing. The best thing you could do for yourself is to stabilize on the dose you’re on now. Changing it again could end up disrupting your nervous system even more. Finding some healthy, non-drug ways of relaxing can be very helpful. Things like yoga, tai chi, walks in nature, meditation, listening to quiet music, etc.

      You might also try reducing or eliminating caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and other stimulating things. Don’t even think about tapering until things have been stable for a matter of months. When you are stable and in a position to reduce, go by 10% reduction of current dose about every month. Also, taking doses every other day is a huge mistake. It’s like going cold turkey every other day.

      • Andy March 12, 2016, 7:50 am

        Thanks Judy, everything you say makes sense and I do think I have knocked my nervous system out of sync. When I was socializing I did have one alcoholic drink which, recently, has been something I have stopped having. I went down the ‘one day on, one day off’ route as I thought it would be okay to do this. I based this decision on the fact that it takes mirtazapine some days to work and therefore would not have any great effect over a 24 hour missed dose, I now realize I was naive.

        Because I took the regular dose for the week after my missed dose and it did not get me back on track, I am stuck with a decision to either stop and ride out the WD or to go back on 7.5mg for a month or two and taper more slowly. I worry though that I will be unable to reduce the dose beyond 3.75mg as cutting pills becomes too difficult and unreliable on dose size. I have just had a colonoscopy for stomach and bowel worries and have a thoracic spine X-ray booked for a few days time to check for damage in that area.

        By far my biggest discomfort is from that area and, as we all know, it radiates into the shoulders, neck etc and produces headaches and nausea. I also get the terrible burn across my upper back which the Dr says sounds nerve related. Of course, as is the case generally, he dismisses the mirtazapine as being connected. Easy to say but, like many of us here, had I known that I would end up in this place then I would never have set off down this road. My original problems were a minor irritation compared to this.

        • Judy March 13, 2016, 6:18 pm

          Hi Andy, You could actually reinstate at a lower dose… and in fact, that most likely would be a better option. There are some resources on how to make a liquid from the pills or get a scale and weigh them. If you google “tapering Remeron” some more detailed information will come up. There are probably many of us who tapered in ways we thought were fine, and then found out later. That’s what happened to me as well.

          You were on it for a shorter time, so hopefully, that will work in your favor–in terms of a shorter time of WD symptoms. No guarantees unfortunately. I’ve had nerve pain in my back for a very long time. It started while I was tapering and was severe at times. Have worked with a chiropractor and acupuncturist and think both things have helped.

          My x-ray showed nothing and the doctor was unwilling to do any other testing… Even though I ranked the pain as an 8 or 9 out of 10, and had weakness in my arms. Over the past few months, it has finally started to lessen. It was there for almost 2 years. Also, your reflux could be increased as a result of withdrawal. Mine was at times, but a month or so after I stopped Remeron, I was able to come off the reflux med. I’d also radically changed my diet, which made a big difference as well.

          Hang in there… it does get better in time.

  • David March 6, 2016, 3:49 pm

    Question? I went off 7.5 cold turkey, Feb 27, last year. I had all the symptoms, and they were severe, particularly abdominal cramping, nausea, and weight loss. I started to feel better about 4 months out, and then woke one morning like it was all starting over. Horrible. Protracted withdrawal?

    Anyway about the middle of October, still having bad symptoms, my GI doc told me that I was having no quality of life, why didn’t I try a small dose to see if I could get some relief. I thought it over, and gave it a shot. Within 3 days I was much better, and continued to improve. Then the side effects began, particularly heart rhythm problems.

    My cardiologist looked at my EKG and told me to stop taking them, which I did. And, the WD symptoms gradually started to return. Today makes 12 weeks since going off the last time. Since I was still having symptoms when I went on the 3.75 in November, and only stayed on them for a month, how would that figure into the WD that I am having since getting off the last time?

    I wish that I had never went back on them, but, I felt so bad I thought that I was dying. During the past year, due to the symptoms being so bad, I went to the ER several times and had a battery of tests, all coming back normal. Right now I am weak, fatigued, still having a hard time maintaining my weight, and am still having epigastric abdominal pains.

    Did I hit the reset button in November, and am starting over, with possibly some luggage from the last time? I am going on 3 months since my last dose. Any suggestions or opinions will be appreciated. Thanks, David

    • MadMuppet March 11, 2016, 3:00 am

      Hi David, I have been steadily tapering off of mirtazapine for the 14 months, and I occasionally visit this site just to get some reassurance about my withdrawal symptoms. Ironically, I started taking mirtazapine to help me withdraw from benzodiazepines, which I inadvertently developed a dependence on after taking for 5 weeks. Benzos include drugs like Valium (diazepam), Xanax (alprazolam), and Ativan (lorazepam).

      All of the “am” drugs are benzos. For sensitive systems, benzos are powerfully dependence-forming, and that makes withdrawal a several-year struggle for many. More importantly for you, benzodiazepines can lead to something called “tolerance withdrawal.” Again, for those of us who are sensitive, our bodies grow to adapt to whatever dose of benzo we’re taking and then begin to need more for the same effect.

      You can actually go into withdrawal without even changing your dose. For me, this happened within two weeks of taking Xanax – it’s such a short-acting drug, that I was having extreme withdrawal symptoms between doses, which I mistook for illness. Miraculously, I’d pop a Xanax and all the symptoms would go away within 15 minutes. It took me about 5 weeks of trying to stop taking Xanax before I realized I was in withdrawal.

      I noticed that you mentioned you’ve been taking Ativan for years for IBS. I mention this now because I’m beginning to wonder if your GI symptoms are actually caused by being in tolerance withdrawal from Ativan? I’d strongly encourage you to research this. Google “the Ashton Manual,” written by a well respected British doctor named Heather Ashton who did ground-breaking longitudinal studies about benzos, and look for a website called BenzoBuddies.

      These resources have saved my sanity and most probably my life. I’ve been suffering for three years between these two drugs, but at least I know I am on a path to healing. You might find some answers there, too. Finally, I’ll mention “kindling.” You’re concerned about whether your multiple attempts at withdrawal might have reset the withdrawal experience. Your may not be that far off.

      There’s an emerging consensus that, with each withdrawal experience, we actually oversensitive our nervous systems – our systems gets “kindled” and each subsequent withdrawal is even more difficult. It’s like our nervous systems become hypersensitive, and each new attempt just exacerbates the problem even more. I don’t mean to make you nervous. I’m so sorry you’ve been suffering for so long.

      I would just encourage to read about benzodiazepines. Read the Ashton Manual, particularly the parts that describes tolerance withdrawal and withdrawal symptoms. Maybe this is what you’re going through? Maybe not. But if it is, it might give you some peace of mind and way out. If nothing else, I have found the withdrawal experience for benzos to be quite similar to my experience with mirtazapine, and reading about benzo withdrawal might give you some helpful tools. Best Wishes, MadMuppet

  • Kerri March 4, 2016, 11:02 pm

    I tried stopping cold turkey after taking Remeron 15mg for over 2 years for sleep and I I woke up after my second night of not taking it so sick. I was incredibly achy and was miserable but I had to go to work so I took half a pill and my symptoms were gone an hour later. I was on a strict diet and working out everyday for over a month ands didn’t lose 1 pound.

    When I did some research and saw how much weight you can gain on this medication and how it’s pretty much impossible to lose it which is why I decided I didn’t want to take it anymore. So over the next 2 weeks I tapered myself. I took half a pill which is 7.5 mg then cut that in half for 5 days and stopped. Does anyone know how long until this drug is completely out of my body so I can go back to trying to lose weight?

    I gained 25lbs and the weight is making me self conscious and I can’t stand how fat I got.

  • Timothy March 4, 2016, 12:30 pm

    I didn’t read all the comments, but I’m surprised that memory problems were not mentioned in the article (only one person mentioned it in the comments). I have been using mirtazapine for sleep problems about 5 years, sometimes even 60mg or even more (which I shouldn’t have done, but luckily only shorter time periods).

    Now I have tried quitting this medication, and the symptoms I have noticed are sleep problems (of course) but the more troubling ones are cognitive problems like poor working memory, poorer reading speed and spelling mistakes (by the way English is not my native language). I have little doubt that these issues are related to mirtazapine in some way, since when I start taking the medication again the symptoms go away and if I stop using it the symptoms come back within a day or two (I have done this multiple times).

    I never had any of these symptoms before and I’m fairly young so I doubt that it is dementia (which of course I can’t rule out with certainty). It would be interesting to hear if anyone else has experienced similar problems and if the symptoms did go away eventually.

  • Betty March 2, 2016, 12:42 pm

    Feeling rather positive about coming off 30 mg of Mirtazipine. Further to a previous post I made in this blog, I have gone cold turkey from Mirtazipine 15 mg for 5 days now. I do not appear to be suffering from the debilitating withdrawal symptoms many people have documented. I am aware this could change having read the posts above. I have noticeable more energy and feel rather cheerful, not hypo manic though!

    The biggest change is difficulty in getting off to sleep. I usually take 30mg of Mirtazipine at night about 9pm, am usually asleep by 10 and nothing will wake me up! Am groggy and grumpy in the morning. Since stopping, I took hours to get to sleep, listening to my husband snoring and woke at 6am, boom! Maybe will just have to do the old routine of lavender bath, hot milky drink and book to bed to stop the mind racing.

  • Ricardo K February 28, 2016, 9:48 pm

    I was prescribed Mirtazapine (15mg) a little over 8 months ago for Anxiety and Depression symptoms of PTSD. This was after having some pretty hardcore reactions to Sertraline and Venlafaxine (akin to serotonin shock syndrome). I tolerated it well and it helped me to resume a normal sleep pattern and made my mind less busy – which was great, so it really did help me. Following weeks of EMDR treatment I started to feel human again so a couple of months ago I halved my dose for 3 weeks and then stopped taking it.

    Insomnia immediately set in so I went back to half dose (7.5mg) as it wasn’t a good time although I still wanted to stop taking Mirtazapine as it did have a sedative effect during the day. just over a week ago I stopped again, but this time I mentally prepared myself and bought some Sominex (Benadryl in the US and Canada, I believe) to help sleep. After a few days I did start to feel a little anxious and had some depression like low moods and Disassociation, but after reading up on forums about withdrawal I reckoned this was par for the course and fought through it.

    These feelings have started to lift now and hopefully I am through the worst of it. I have also got a 7 day supply of Zopiclone from my GP to help with sleep, but I am also trying to go a night or two without so I don’t become reliant on these too. One thing I wasn’t prepared for was the Allergy symptoms and constant itching. Can’t stop scratching!

    In fact it started when my wife and I went for a night out in a hotel as a treat and I nearly accused the hotel of having bed bugs – luckily I looked online first and discovered it was a classic symptom – phew! I am lucky so far that I haven’t had the stomach pains and nausea and in comparison to some of the poor folk on these forums my symptoms are quite mild – So far!

    Reading some of the extreme physical symptoms on this and other websites they do seem to tie in very much with a sensitivity to histamine (see below) – which apparently many antidepressants have an anti-histamine effect – and cessation after prolonged use will leave the body hypersensitive until brain chemistry returns to normal. I probably haven’t done myself any favors as a lot of the stuff I have been eating and drinking – thinking it was healthy are naturally very high in histamine so I will be revisiting my diet over the next few weeks and maybe taking an over the counter antihistamine hay fever treatment for a while.

    I hope those who are trying to come off Mirtazapine do so without too much pain. Good luck and mental well being for the future. Foods and drinks that are particularly high in vasoactive amines include:

    Champagne, wine, beer, cider
    Coffee, cocoa, chocolate
    Fermented soya products including miso and tempeh
    Blue cheeses, parmesan cheese, camembert, emmental, old gouda, cheddar and other hard cheeses, fresh and hard sheep and goat cheeses
    Cured meat especially pork products e.g. sausages and other processed meats (ham, salami, pepperoni, bacon)
    Fresh or canned tuna, sardines, mackerel, salmon, herring, processed fish products e.g fish pastes, smoked or dried pickled fish
    Tomatoes, pickled cabbage (sauerkraut), broad beans, aubergine, spinach
    Peanuts, tree nuts
    Oranges, tangerines, bananas, pineapple, grapes, strawberries

    I hope this helps!

    • Ricardo K March 2, 2016, 1:33 pm

      In relation to my last post, I can comment that an over the counter (supermarket purchased) anti-histamine (Cetrizine Hydrochloride) at a couple of pound for 14 tablets helped considerably with the itching and sneezing withdrawal symptoms. Nearly two weeks on and I am almost symptom free. If Sominex is used to assist with sleep then, of course, this is itself an anti-histamine so should help and should probably not be used in conjunction with any other Anti-H – I am not qualified to comment on that. I wish you all well.

  • Nico February 28, 2016, 9:22 am

    I am currently taking 100mg Sertraline after starting suffering from anxiety crisis 4 month ago. Two months ago, my doctor advised me to take 7.5mg of mirtazapine before going bed to help with sleeping. It really helped and allowed me to get rid of the Xanax as sleeping pill. I recently decreased the Mirt dose to 3.75mg for a week and then stopped.

    I am now almost 3 weeks off of Mirt but carries on taking the 100mg sertraline. First week was ok except diarrhea. During the second week I experienced mood swings (depressed), anxiety was up, I felt angry, had varying sleep quality (4 to 8 hours) and started to sweat during the night. The third week, I experienced less mood swings but all the other symptoms are still present with the addition of heart palpitation.

    I just wonder if all these symptoms are really due to the Mirt withdrawal and brain balance adaptation? Does anyone had already similar experience?

  • Betty February 27, 2016, 5:47 pm

    I have been taking Mirtazapine 30mg for a year now and found it to be really effective in managing my depression. My doctor has advised me to continue for 2 years as I have had recurrent episodes of depression. However, now I’m feeling much better in my mood, the side effects of weight gain and feeling like a tired slug are beginning to be an issue. I reduced my 30mg dose at night to 15mg for two months, now I’m taking 15 mg every other night. So far, no withdrawal symptoms, fingers crossed!

  • Rosalyn February 27, 2016, 1:13 am

    I had been on mirtazapine for 2 and a half years (45mg for most of that time) the doc tapered me off the drug at 45/30 then 15 over a four week period. I however decided to make the process a little longer, I went from 45 to 30mg for two weeks, then to 22.50 (halved the remaining 45mg tablets) for another two weeks and finished off on 15mg for 2 weeks. All in all my withdrawal symptoms have been minimal.

    I’ve had an increase in appetite for fatty/sugary foods, I am extremely tired, struggling to get to sleep and I’m experiencing nightmares and have been doing for the 6 weeks (3 days without medication) the nightmares are horrendous and I get around 3 each night which keeps me awake then so I’m only getting 4/5hrs sleep max a night. My body also hurts a bit like when having the flu but it’s the awful dreams that I’m struggling with the most.

    Sounds pretty bad but in all honesty it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I only suffered with mood swings and lots of tears for around 2 weeks. My mood is already elevated and I’m feeling great! (Apart from the sleep deprivation of course). Good luck everybody!

  • Lyndsay February 25, 2016, 7:56 pm

    Hi, Hope this post helps those who wish to withdraw from Mirtazapine. I was given this drug for appetite loss from a major life shock, which switched my appetite messages completely off. Thee drug worked for stimulating my appetite and reducing nervous stomach. I did need to gain a bit of weight anyway, which I did in a few months, got back to my usual, healthy weight.

    Decided to come off the drug as it did make me feel very slow and unemotional, lost my sense of humor completely when I was taking this drug. Was taking 15mg for three months, did the ‘Cold Turkey’ method, first three to five days had a few nightmares, which subsided quickly. Other side-effects included night sweats, managed to get to sleep easy enough, although if I woke up, found difficulty falling asleep again.

    Secondly, woke up around 5am-6am every morning and did not get back to sleep, although didn’t feel tired during the day. This has been for 4 weeks now, hoping things settle down in time. Appetite back to normal within two weeks, no more sugar cravings in the evenings. Which is making me feel much better in myself. Had a few bouts of crying for a few weeks, not too bad though, seems manageable.

    Otherwise, I would not want to try this drug again, and took the decision to withdraw as I felt very unenergetic on this medication and don’t like dealing with side-effects. Hope this has been helpful for people who were prescribed the medication for appetite loss, as this was a problem for me and I had never experienced this before and it was frightening as I lost 6kgs in one month, due to the life shock I experienced.

    Was described to me by my GP as Trauma/Shock which induced nervous stomach and in turn switched my appetite receptors off. Not ideal when you are a light weight normally. Thanks for reading.

  • Robbo February 24, 2016, 9:05 pm

    I was initially prescribed Mirtazapine 15 mg/day about 12 months ago and had been taking this dose until November 2015 – It was used to treat fibromyalgia and I was switched from Effexor 37.5 mg/day, which I used successfully for more than 20 years. In Nov 2015 I suffered a medical accident when a hormone injection was wrongly injected into my sciatic nerve and I’m still suffering from the effects.

    A G.P. decided to double the 15 mg to help with pain relief but due to a ‘prescribing error’, I received 45 mg x 2 (90 mg/day ) for over
    a month. When I went for a repeat prescription a new G.P. spotted the problem and I was sent direct to the Emergency Unit at my local hospital. After 6 hours of blood and other tests I was discharged without medication.

    On my 6th day without Mirtazapine I was so bad I required a visit from my G.P, who gave me two options, her 1st being quit the drug and go ‘cold turkey’ or be put back on 45 mg and be weaned off it over months. I chose option 1 but now 5 weeks in, feel I’ve made the wrong decision. I’m suffering most of the symptoms described by users on this excellent forum but now wonder if it’s time to reintroduce them.

    Since stopping the drug, two other independent G.P.’s have suggested I do this and to quote the words of one, “It’s cruel to subject your body to such harsh treatment”. I have a very strong Christian faith, which is being sorely tested so would appreciate your thoughts and prayers… Robbo

    • David February 26, 2016, 3:24 am

      Robbo, I pretty much did what you did, and my worse WD symptom was abdominal spasms / cramps / pain. After 8 months of pure hell, I went back on a low dose, and felt 100% better in 3 days. However, I started having side effects that was causing heart rhythm problems, so I am off again and today is 76 days since going off again, and once again, I am in hell with abdominal pains being the most prominent symptom.

      Were it not for the side effects I would happily stayed on them. After all, it is about feeling better. All my main trouble started with a cold turkey jump from 7.5, after being on 45 for over 8 years. I wish you godspeed my friend!

  • David February 19, 2016, 11:21 pm

    I am now over 2 months past my last dose of mirt. I am still having significant abdominal cramps, spasms, pain, bloating, anxiety – as a result of these, sleeping problems, allergy like symptoms, weight loss. I started last year, Feb 27th, and got significantly better in May, and then woke up one morning with protracted withdrawals, back at square one. Then, at the first of October, at the advice of my GI specialist, went back on 3.75.

    I felt great within 3 days, and it lasted about 1.5 months, pooped out, and I started having heart rhythm side effects and had to get off them for good! So now I am concerned that the 8 months prior to going back hadn’t completely run its course, and that may be a part of it. The abdominal issues were the primary reason for going back on the mirt, and the symptoms quickly subsided when I started back.

    And now that they no longer have the mirt, they are coming back, and it seems like they are daily getting worse. Anyone having, or had significant GI symptoms? If so, what area of your abdomen seemed to be the worse, and how long before you got any relief. The last time I was almost there, and then out of nowhere I was back at the starting line, and am so afraid that will happen again.

    What I had last time that I haven’t had so far this time is vertigo, severe nausea, severe fatigue, headaches, up during the night crying, and awful dreams. I didn’t mention this time that I feel generally sick all the time. When I went back on it in October, and felt so go, I told my wife that if things stayed like they were, I would take the stuff for the rest of my life.

    Any replies will be appreciated. Any suggestions for a replacement AD that doesn’t have the histamine block? I think that it should be unlawful to prescribe Remeron unless it is a refill for patients who are doing well on it, or the prescribing doctor has evidence hanging on his office wall that he has had training in withdrawals for any drug that he prescribes that may have them. My 2 cents worth.

    • Judy February 25, 2016, 7:29 pm

      David, Trying another AD could prove very problematic. Your nervous system is most likely sensitized, because of Remeron and your several attempts coming off and then going back on. It could be risky to try another drug, as you could make your current withdrawal worse and/or add in a new set of symptoms. I’m almost 19 months off and almost never take any kind of drug now.

      The few times I’ve taken anything in the past, even something like Advil, produced miserable effects. You’re never responded to suggestions around reducing histamine in your diet. Not only was it a major improvement for me around GI symptoms, allergies, sleep, mood, etc… but it has done the same for a number of people I know of.

      I highly recommend finding non-drug ways of dealing with symptoms. Meditation, gentle exercise, acupuncture, massage, listening to soft music, whatever it is that helps with relaxation. Without everything I’ve done, I would not have been able to come through this. If you haven’t read Anatomy of an Epidemic, I highly recommend that too. Remeron is not the only antidepressant or psych med that causes serious problems… just one of many.

      • David February 27, 2016, 5:53 pm

        Judy, how do I find a low histamine diet? I will try to Google it. Also, I don’t want to be on another AD, but the only time that I have felt decent in the last year was when I went back on the mirt in November, but then had to get off because of heart related side effects. My cardiologist took me off them, for good. Today makes exactly one year since going off Mirt 7.5 cold turkey.

        I remember thinking last year that “next year at this time I will be off this stuff and feeling better”! Now it is a year later, and the abdominal symptoms are my main issue, and it is causing anxiety, and sleeping problems. I have been off 76 days this time. I had a complete abdominal workup last June 22, x-rays, and 2 abdominal CT scans, one with contrast, and one without, and full blood work, and the doctor also did a hands on exam as well.

        When finished he told me that he had no idea why I was having the pain, so I went home from the ER no better than when I went there, symptom wise. I am fortunate that this time I am not having all the symptoms that I had the last time – dry heaves from nausea, vertigo, dizziness, severe fatigue, headaches, and all the others that go with Mirt WD. Judy, you are a smart lady with a good heart, and I appreciate you taking the time and interest in my suffering.

        God bless you. Since the abdominal stuff had gone when I went back on that small dose, 3.75, I was hoping it wouldn’t come back quite this, but day by day it has. Today is 76 days since my last jump from 3.75. Thank You, David

  • Kayli February 14, 2016, 10:08 am

    Hi. I’m a 28 y/o female. I started taking 15 mg 8 days ago and immediately felt confusion, foggy, tired but unable to sleep, dissociation, rigid thoughts, and very hungry all the time. With each day, the side effects are getting worse. My muscles are ridged and sore, especially in my neck and back. My body shakes constantly, I’ve had a fever, my mouth keeps getting sores, I’m winded anytime I move, and the list goes on.

    I decided after almost fainting at work and having obvious tremors that I am not taking my nightly dose (this is the 5th antidepressant I’ve been on In the last year). Hopefully since I have only been on it a little over a week, the withdrawal will be short. Did anyone else have negative side effects from the very start? It’s gotten worse every day.

  • Karamjit February 13, 2016, 8:56 pm

    Hello, I am kara and I took 15 mg remeron for 3 months and 1 week and 7.5 mg for 1 month. I stopped taking this medicine in December 27 and had experienced insomnia and anxiety ever since. I had broken 3 to 5 hours of sleep in good days and then 0 sleep in some days. The anxiety I experienced after stopping this medicine was 10 times worst from the time I initially started the medicine.

    I was so exhausted from not sleeping for 15 days in one month and therefore started taking 15 mg for 2 days and 7.5 mg for 1 day and 6 mg for 7 days for sleeping and then stop taking it all together. It is 5 days since I have not taken it and started experiencing insomnia and anxiety again. After reading all the comments I feel sorry for everyone who had to take this poison.

    I now feel regret over taking it. I had mild depression due to not sleeping after 16 months having my beautiful daughter. I always resist taking any medication but I took this medicine because it was really helping me sleep. I know these are only the withdraw symptoms and I am praying to God that they pass quickly as I am not feeling well due to not sleeping.

    I don’t have any other symptoms yet and I am thankful to God for that. For quick recovery I am putting my faith in a God, eating well, exercising, had one session of acupuncture and taking ashwagandha that really help me feel good during the day.

  • David February 9, 2016, 1:58 pm

    Hello, I am now over 7 weeks off the 3.75, And still having GI issues; cramps, bloating, bowels churning, abdominal pain, anxiety, headaches, and sleep problems. My main problem right now is the abdominal pain from the cramps, as it is part of what is interrupting my sleep. Anyone else with similar issues? Godspeed to you all! David

  • SK February 9, 2016, 10:50 am

    Hi everyone, I was on Mirtazapine for about 4 years at 45mg. I was stupid and didn’t really think or read about side effects and decided to go cold turkey. I was fine for a about a week but I have been really ill for nearly a month now. I’m in constant pain (rib and back like some others) and have had a lot of trouble eating and with flu like symptoms.

    I went to the doctor and was given antibiotics for a throat infection but he couldn’t link the other symptoms. I didn’t mention coming off the drug as I didn’t realise it was relevant at the time. For others that have come off – would you suggest I just keep powering through as I’ve now been dealing with cold turkey for a month? Or do you think I should talk to my GP about going back on a lower dose?

    Still not sure if some of my symptoms are just illness (I do get sick a lot) but reading all these comments it seems like there must be some correlation to the withdrawal. To add, I don’t really feel like I’m having any mental side effects – depression hasn’t been an issue really or anxiety. I’m just naturally upset at not being well!

    • David February 10, 2016, 4:01 pm

      SK, you can always go back and do a long taper. That doesn’t mean that you will definitely get the results that you want, but it would be worth a try, depending on what you are capable of dealing with. Curious, where is your rib pain? Not the back, but the ribs. Good Luck, David

  • Wim Mariman February 5, 2016, 12:04 pm

    I tapered very slowly from 30 mg to 0 mg in one year time (with liquid remeron). Took my last dose 7 weeks ago and now I am suffering from very severe panic attacks, anxiety and nervousness. I am wondering how long can it still last. Anyone has some ideas? It is hell. Please respond to my email address. Thanks.

    • David February 9, 2016, 4:59 pm

      Wim, just like it says in the opening information on this site. There are some many variables, due to no two human bodies being the same, and other factors, there can’t be an accurate answer to your question. I, like you, would like to know when the pain will ease. But, I am in my third attempt, a little over 7 weeks off, and all three have been different with one exception, they have all been hell.

      Today is 58 days since my last pill, which was only 3.75 that I had only been on for a short while, a couple of months, and had to go off because of heart rhythm side effects. I wish you a short trip to the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you are only having the symptoms that you have listed, based on what most people go through, you are fortunate.

      You did a good job at tapering, so you have done all that you can to make things as bearable as they will be. I know that you have already heard this, but one day at a time. You can always visit a doctor for possible help, but chances are you will come out with another chemical dependency. I am sorry that I can’t be more helpful. I am sorry that I can’t help myself. Take care and be as kind to yourself as you can. David

  • Pam February 3, 2016, 10:16 pm

    Checking back in – despite 17 years on the drug, I seem to be doing better on my withdrawal plan. I have been on 3.75 to 1 mg daily since having withdrawal issues back in October when I tried to cut out the drug completely from 7.5 mg to 0. I will likely buy a digital scale at some point because it’s hard for me to break up the pills small enough with accuracy.

    My sleep has been great lately – it’s hard to believe because that was the toughest part for me. I probably don’t sleep as much as I did while on the drug, but there has definitely been a return to sleeping through the night and sleeping well – it has been about 3 months now at the lighter doses. I generally go to bed around 10 or 10:30 and get up around 7:30 or earlier, depending on my schedule.

    I read my Kindle at night to make myself drowsy. I may get a headache once / week or so, but that is not unusual for me and these are not the debilitating ones that I had several months ago when completely off the pill. If I get a headache, I take care to increase my nightly dose slightly to a larger chunk of pill that night to be on the safe side. I never have a headache that lasts more than one day, and these headaches are helped by acetaminophen.

    I have been trying to lead a healthy lifestyle – I eat well for the most part, I have been exercising several times / week, and I take a multivitamin. I watch my wine consumption because I feel like the sulfites may impact how I feel.

  • Jane January 31, 2016, 6:23 pm

    Hi folks, I have been reading all the interesting comments about coming off mitrazapine. I have been on 30mg since 17th December & 15mg before that since 5th Oct so not that long really in comparison. I have reduced 8 days ago to 22.5 and yes getting a few of the symptoms you all mention, dizzy & tummy gurgling, that only started today, seems the best option we all have is to just go slowly! I plan to reduce very small amounts every 3-4 weeks so will keep you posted.

  • David January 30, 2016, 11:46 pm

    Since going off the 3.75 this last time, today has been the worst. Anxiety caused by pain from cramps / spasms / bloating / and bowels churning. I have always had IBS, since childhood, but it has always just been an inconvenience. The thing is, I was put on 45 mg over 8 years ago to try to help with the IBS. I had never heard of Remeron and had no idea what I was getting into.

    Shortly afterward, I started feeling sick, and the doctor that prescribed it, had left town, and my PCP said that he would continue to fill it, thinking that it had been given for anxiety. My quality of life started to go down hill, and I had to retire from a job that I loved. It was 8 years later when a doctor finally figured it out, and this is my third attempt, but this won’t be an attempt, as my cardiologist says that it is too dangerous for me to continue.

    So, today, right now, I am in hell, and feel like there is no way out. If you are a Christian, I ask for your prayers, and if not, for your well wishes. And the low dose, 3.75, makes me wonder just how powerful this stuff is. God bless you all and take care!

    • Judy February 3, 2016, 3:40 pm

      Hi David, I would second a lot of what Chris has offered in his post. I too, have had very wonky blood sugar throughout tapering and getting off the drug. I have diabetes, most likely due to the Remeron. I’ve struggled much more with extremely low blood sugar throughout this process. In fact, I’m in another round of it. Diet changes and nutritional supplements as I’ve said, made a huge improvement for me.

      I worked with a naturopath around adrenal fatigue before I started tapering. Perhaps that helped me through the process. I continued to see him and still do on occasion. It was also a very important piece of healing for me. I’ve observed that people who are more proactive in their healing seem to recover better from the drugs.

      What that entails is different for everyone, depending on what’s needed, personality differences and so on. But rather than staying victimized by the drugs, doing something different proves helpful. I know some folks just wait for it all to pass, but that would never have worked for me. I needed to be an active part of healing, as part of moving beyond the person I was that ever agreed to drugs in the first place.

  • David January 29, 2016, 7:35 pm

    Judy, I know that you jumped, as I did, at 3.75. How long before any relief? I am 47 days out, and still having abdominal symptoms, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and generally feel sick. I hope that you are doing well! This is my third attempt, and due to heart related side effects, will be my last. I thought a dose this low wouldn’t be this bad. I only took it for 2 months, but went to 2 mg for a week, then off. Take Care, David

    • Judy January 31, 2016, 3:20 pm

      Hi David, It was about 4 months when things started getting better physically. As I’ve said before, the first big improvement came from lowering histamine in my diet. Have you looked at that? It made a huge difference in sleep, and that impacted a lot of other symptoms. The dizziness and headaches went away completely from diet change.

      It’s likely that your nervous system was still sensitive due to your other tapering attempts. It takes awhile for it to recover. I’d recommend doing any kind of relaxation that appeals to you…for me, that was also a very important factor. We often need to do a lot to calm the nervous system, which in time, lowers the symptoms.

      I am doing well for the most part. After 18 months, my back and rib pain is mostly gone. Am in a bit of a low ebb energy-wise, but think that’s due to adjusting to being back at work, along with grief. Hang in there and take care of yourself. It does get better in time.

    • Chris January 31, 2016, 9:04 pm

      Hi David just thought I’d answer though Judy has had longer off the drug. I’ve been off the drug for 21 weeks with similar side effects as you since, not to bad with the dizziness though, about a month ago I had to have antibiotics for tooth extraction / wisdom tooth problems and got worse with fatigue since then. I think they wrecked my already-suffering stomach bacteria.

      Last week I went to see a private nutritionist who found a irregular heart beat, not panicking I’m adamant it’s from the drug and my doctor didn’t disagree with me so I’m going to see how it goes over time as it comes and goes. What I have noticed since coming off the drug is my body is up and down with blood sugar [blood tests within the doctors limits but not the more strict nutritionist for thyroid etc] am going down the route of trying to repair my adrenals after the appointment with the nutritionist.

      I do think this was my original problem [burn out] and should never have been prescribed the mirtazapine route. I’ve been off any alcohol and caffeine free for months so last week I’ve cut the sugar out too. My diet changes seem to be helping my stomach issues. I’m getting energy from more natural foods with vitamin and magnesium supplements. Just a thought, but strong adrenals make our hormones balanced, chemicals to the brain, etc.

      Maybe worth a search on CFS and a bit of homework on mirtazapine regarding its affect on insulin etc. Hope I’m not telling you what you already know and hope it helps.

  • Eva January 25, 2016, 4:48 am

    Hi, I have been on remeron 7.5 mg for 2 months and now trying to taper down. It did not work for me. My biggest problem is the brain zap. Even I taper of 10% still getting terrible brain zap. I’m at 2.7 mg now and can’t wait to stop completely. I’m doing ok with a nausea and sleep so far, but the brain zap is terrible. Taking omega 3, magnesium, calcium, B12 – but nothing is helping. Anybody have any good suggestion? Thanks. God bless all of us.

    • Judy January 28, 2016, 3:25 pm

      Hi Eva, How often are you tapering by 10%? You might need to stop for a bit and let your nervous system settle. Did you have the zaps when you went on it, or when you started to taper? It’s an important distinction, because if they started immediately, it’s a bad reaction to the drug itself.

      There are a couple of potential problems with your supplements too. What kind of omega 3 are you taking? Some people react to fish oil, because of the issues with histamine and remeron. I was able to take krill oil for awhile, then started reacting to it. I now take phytoplankton oil, which comes from algae and I’ve had no problems with that.

      Calcium can also be problematic–it might be better to let that go for now and stick with magnesium. Some people find B12 too stimulating, as well as the other B vitamins. Also, the other things in supplements can prove a difficulty at times..such as gelatin capsules, fillers, etc. When the nervous system is very sensitive, anything can produce a reaction.

      • Eva February 22, 2016, 2:28 am

        I had a brain zap when I went on remeron, but was not as bad as now when I’m coming off. Right now I’m at 1.8 mg and still getting brain zaps. So tired of being sick.

  • Jen January 23, 2016, 1:12 pm

    I’ve been on Mirtazapine for almost 4 months. I started on 15mg to help with Zyban (Bupropion) withdrawals. I gradually increased my dose to 45mg, but then felt emotionally numb & indifferent. I am tapering off very slowly. Currently no side effects, except for mild insecurity/anxiety for a couple of days after each reduction, until I stabilize again.

    I went from 45mg to 30mg & stayed on 30mg for 4 weeks.
    I then reduced to 22.5mg (using a pill cutter to halve a 45mg tab).
    I was on 22.5mg for 3 weeks.
    I then alternated daily between 22.5mg / 15mg for 1 week.

    I am now back down to 15mg and am planning to use my pill cutter again to halve the dose. This week I have missed a few doses, and have noticed a little dizziness & anxiety. I plan to alternate 15mg / 7.5mg every second day for the next 3 weeks. From there I plan to stay on 7.5mg for a few weeks, if no bad symptoms I will alternate 7.5mg / 0mg for a few weeks before ceasing. I’m slowing down my taper after reading the comments on this page!

    • Judy January 25, 2016, 12:24 am

      Hi Jen, Slowing down your taper is wise! However, alternating days of taking and not taking the drug can be a huge mistake. It’s like you’re doing cold turkey every other day and this can be highly destabilizing to the nervous system. The thing is, no one knows if they will be one of the lucky ones who has few problems coming off the drug or not.

      Better safe than sorry. For some people, withdrawal effects don’t show up for weeks or even months. The best recommendations are to reduce by 10% of your current dosage about once a month. If you are getting symptoms, you’re likely going too fast. Consider buying yourself a scale and weighing your dosages, so they are accurate and the same each day.

      If you google, “tips for tapering Remeron”..some good resources will come up. Hope it goes well for you.

  • Dan January 22, 2016, 12:58 am

    I cut my dosage of Mirtazapine from 60mg to 45mg the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and started itching at night shortly afterwards. My doctors do not believe the itching is due to withdrawal from Mirtazapine, but I’ve been trying everything else I can to get rid of it. I had Orkin check for mites, I covered my mattress and pillow with mite covers, I’ve been washing my bedding in hot water and with hypoallergenic detergent and fabric softener.

    I bought a HEPA air filter for my bedroom. I have been on several medications from my doctor and over the counter to try to stop the itching, etc., etc. But the itching just won’t go away. I went back up to 60mg to see the itching would stop, but no success so far. I have an appointment with an allergist next Thursday. Any comments or suggestions would be more than helpful. My doctors have not been much help so far.

    • Chris January 24, 2016, 12:10 am

      Hi Dan, Itching is the drug, common effect on withdrawal as stated at the top of the forum. Try to reduce slower, I found that reduction can hit you 4 weeks later, reduce a small amount and stay on it for a month and see if side effects subside, Doctors seem to think its out of your system a short time but my personal view is it changes your brain chemistry just like it says on the tin.

      Truth is I don’t think mine needed changing [and that’s not just mood and sleep], how long that lasts I’m afraid I’m still yet to find out and I’ve not taken any for 20+ weeks, itching went away fairly quickly after a few weeks for me but still have plenty of other withdrawal symptoms, nausea, fatigue and still haven’t slept properly in 7 months. The slower you reduce the better, but we are all different.

      I took it for a total of 10 months including tapering off on a dose of 15mg with my maximum dose 30mg for two months last march and have not taken any other psychotic drug before. Hope it helps and good luck.

      • Charles February 5, 2016, 2:04 am

        The itching started on the 4th-5th day after quitting. That was 3 weeks ago and still itching. Now is not as bad though. Best wishes.

  • David January 21, 2016, 3:41 pm

    Judy, when you say that you had palpitations that went on for months, are you saying rapid heart beats, or irregular / extra heart beats. I had a stress echocardiogram yesterday, and it turned out OK. I am 1 month and 8 days off the mirt, and still having sleep issues, epigastric / stomach cramps and abdominal spasms. Also still don’t have much energy.

    I was surprised that I was able to get my heart rate to 135 on the treadmill, which was my target range. My appetite isn’t good, partially because of the abdominal pain. Nausea hasn’t been too bad this time, as last time I was in the bathroom a lot trying to vomit, but oddly never did. I hope that you are doing well, you and everyone else posting here or anywhere else. Take Care, David

    • Judy January 22, 2016, 3:06 pm

      Hi David, I was never tested, so don’t know if my heartbeat was irregular. I did have sudden rapid heartbeat, for no reason I could identify. That’s good that your stress test was okay. I had gut pain as well. It was one of my most lingering symptoms, even with eating a lower histamine diet. It was acupuncture that finally seemed to relieve that. I’ve had almost 6 months now with very few digestive issues… as long as I’m careful with diet.

      The sleep issues are probably the most common problem with coming off Remeron and other antidepressants. It does get better in time, but it’s a pain when you’re in it. It makes everything else seem so much worse. If you can, try to rest, even if you aren’t sleeping. I used a lot of meditation or imagery CDs… but there’s plenty of good stuff for free on the internet too.

      For some of us, it’s a very long haul getting off these meds and being well again. Some folks are lucky and don’t suffer like this. I’m finally working again, feel my brain function is good, and am mostly better physically. I have good energy, sleep well, and my mood is miles better than it ever was when I was on Remeron. I’m still dealing with back and rib pain that is nerve related, as well as the food issues.

      Those are my 2 primary issues still remaining from withdrawal. Most everything else has resolved for me. I hope you and anyone else coming off antidepressants are able to find the healing you deserve. Judy

      • David January 24, 2016, 3:41 pm

        Thank you, Judy, for the response. We have a lot in common and it is comforting talking to you. I had the rib thing the second try. There is a website that gives details about stress / anxiety related rib pain. I would post the link, but since I haven’t seen other links on here, it may not be allowed. Today makes 6 weeks since going off at 3.75, and the gut / digestive / regularity problems are still the most prominent symptom.

        As you said, it seems to be the longest one for me. Most of the stress or anxiety that I have comes from lost sleep / rest, and the palpitations & abdominal issues. Since I have tried twice and failed, this has me a little nervous, due to the fact that it was giving me heart rhythm problems, and going back is no longer an option, so this time it has to work. Please send prayers where they go, and positive thoughts my way.

        God bless you, and everyone who is in this process. David

        • Judy January 27, 2016, 9:42 pm

          Hi David, Definitely sending good thoughts and wishes your way. Hopefully, 3rd time is a charm for you. I’m glad it helps to connect. Getting off these drugs can be a very lonely journey at times. It’s interesting you had the back and rib pain. My chiropractor believes it is an inflammation of the nerves that pass between the ribs.

          The pain is referred to my back. Mostly, it comes on during exertion..but is sometimes there when standing too. I’ve never noticed an association with anxiety..except when the pain is so severe, it literally takes my breath away. Then I’d get anxious. Very slowly, it’s getting better. It took about 4 months for the sleep issues to get better for me.

          That part is incredibly trying, and does seem to impact nearly everything else too. Have you tried making any changes in your diet? Or using any of the recommended supplements? Both of those things made a big difference for me with the digestive issues.

          • [email protected] May 21, 2016, 4:03 am

            Hi Judy, I was interested in your comment about rib and back pain as I have had this too. It’s good to know someone else is experiencing similar symptoms. Sometimes, I guess because I suffer from anxiety anyway, it’s easy to imagine there is something seriously wrong, but just knowing what others go through helps enormously. I’ve been off mirt for 4 months now and still suffering all manner of symptoms – I hope there’s a light at the end of this very long tunnel as I’m determined not to go back on this dreadful drug.

  • vicki January 20, 2016, 8:02 pm

    It took me about 1 mo to taper off remeron. The main withdrawal symptoms are trouble sleeping, and anxiety for me. I cut my tablets about halfway every 3 weeks. I’m hoping to lose the 20 lbs I gained while on remeron.

  • Alisob January 20, 2016, 5:48 pm

    Hi, I stopped 15mg after 3 month supply 48 hours ago. How long can I expect WD to last? I feel awful. No sleep, headache, flu symptoms, upset stomach, pains and lightheaded fogginess? I was prescribed it for depression, but it never really helped. Please tell me they won’t last long.

  • Charles January 17, 2016, 2:48 am

    I had been on Remeron for 12 weeks. First 10 with 15 mgs, and 2 with 30 mgs. I think it helped me to recover the perspective of things and be back on my feet again. I stopped ‘cold turkey’ 3 days ago and so far I am feeling ok. I hope it won’t be necessary to take the drug again, ever.

  • Fraser January 14, 2016, 1:03 am

    Hi I came off mirtazapine 45mg about 2 weeks ago… Since then I’ve had racing thoughts, paranoia, and pain in my right breast. I wanted to stop taking it and go cold turkey as I put on 2 stone while on it. Has anyone else had these side effects?

    • David January 15, 2016, 2:31 pm

      Fraser, going cold turkey off 45 mg, the maximum dose, is a big step. There is no telling what symptoms you will have, or for how long. How long were you on the 45? I wish you Godspeed in your withdrawal. Since no two people experience the same symptoms, I feel there is no other advice / predictions that I can help you with. Take care of yourself.

  • David January 8, 2016, 9:55 pm

    Hello! I am on my third attempt, at the order of my cardiologist, to keep off this horrible chemical. I am having frequent palpitations and GI cramps this time. I am 27 days since my last 3.75 mg. Anyone had the palpitations in withdrawals? If so, how often and for how long? It is causing me considerable anxiety, which I feel is only making the palps worse. And, stressing over the heart issue I am sure isn’t helping the GI cramps / spasms. Any response is appreciated. Thanks.

    • Judy January 13, 2016, 3:21 pm

      Hi David, Yes, I also had palpitations after stopping the drug. They went on for months. They gradually went away. I did a lot of relaxation practices (qi gong and meditation) to help calm my nervous system. A lot of us seem to experience increased cortisol–the fight/flight chemicals after getting off Remeron. Some people would say that jumping off at 3.75 is a huge leap. The recommendation is decreasing each time by 10% of your current dose.

      There’s getting off this drug, and then, getting off it safely. I also jumped off at the same dose as this. I am now 17 months drug-free. Though I’m doing miles better, I’m still having some symptoms. If I had it to do over, and had known what I know now, I’d have gone much slower in that last part of tapering. I might have avoided a lot of the nasty symptoms through this time.

      • David January 15, 2016, 2:22 pm

        Judy, thanks for your reply. Did you have GI symptoms? My WD symptoms are palps, abdominal cramps, irregular bathroom habits, waking at 4-5 in the morning, headaches, anxiety, stress, depression and fatigue. And, these come and go. This is the third time I have tried this. I had been on 45 mg for 8 years when I started trying to get off the mirt.

        I have been trying for almost 2 years, and was on the 3.75 for 2 months, reduced to 2 mgs for a week, and then at the direction of my cardiologist, had to get off altogether because of side effects that were effecting my heart. Plus the benefits had pooped out. Take Care, David

        • David January 15, 2016, 2:33 pm

          Judy, also, how did it effect your appetite? And did you have significant weight loss?

          • Judy January 18, 2016, 3:01 pm

            Hi David, Yes, I had significant GI symptoms..and the other ones you describe. One of the first things that helped me was reducing the amount of histamine in my diet. I also added Vitamin C and Quercetin supplements. Remeron acts as an antihistamine, so it’s thought that coming off it causes a rebound effect of the body producing more histamine.

            I’ve had acupuncture, which helped enormously with the GI stuff. I was on the drug about the same amount of time as you, but I was only on 45 mg. for about a year and a half. I tapered over 14 months and have now been off completely for 17 months. I had decreased appetite at first, partly because of nausea… but my interest in food was definitely less too.

            For me, that was a good thing. I gained 70 pounds over the time I was on it. I’ve now lost 53 of those pounds, due to a lot of exercise and careful diet. I’m still not able to eat foods high in histamine and also have some other food sensitivities. It’s the most lingering symptom I have.

    • [email protected] May 21, 2016, 11:27 am

      Hi David, I’ve had palpitations and weird chest sensations, along with a host of other withdrawal symptoms, since stopping Mirt 4 months ago. I don’t know how many times I’ve been to hospital emergency thinking I’m having a heart attack. It’s really scary and just adds to the anxiety. I am just taking life one day at a time and telling myself it will get better. Good luck, hopefully we’ll both feel better soon.

  • Alison January 3, 2016, 7:27 pm

    Hi all, I have just been reading people’s experiences coming off mirtazapine. I have been on 30gm for just over 3 months now, I feel like crap as I have gone from 62kg to 70kg my husband doesn’t find me attractive at the moment. I have been complaining to my GP about my weight gain but he won’t take any notice of me.

    I have been off work for 6 months nearly and due back in a couple of weeks. I want to come off these pills and lose this weight and get my life back and feel. I have been going to the gym 3 times a week to try and keep in shape. It’s not my husbands fault I suppose… could be the medication he is on also. He had heart attack earlier in the year so is on lots of medication, plus we both gave up smoking.

    Then I seemed to have a melt down. I want to come off these pills but am scared, can I come off even if GP advises not to, I long to get back into my clothes. I squeeze into my clothes as I just can’t face clothes shopping. I’m scared about stopping and then needing sick time away from work again, what to do?

    • Chris January 6, 2016, 11:25 pm

      Hi Alison, this is my experience and I read some forums where people stop taking the drug and have no side effects. I put on 10kg with mirtazapine which amongst a lot of other reasons helped me to decide to get off them, my weight had been the same for 25 years. I’ve gym trained for 35 years and have been one of those lucky people who could eat anything and not put weight on.

      I think David’s post is correct about timing and you being scared to come off them is not a good start. For me when getting off the drug, I am seeing a private therapist, I had resigned from my job after 4months sick, and am pretty lucky to have been able to reduce outside pressures. So not knowing your illness or situation could only advise to take reduction slowly, maybe go back to work stable and try reducing when you’ve settled in.

      Reducing 30-15mg wasn’t to bad for me but I struggled on the lower doses, you know your own body and use that as a marker. I reduced my dose from 15 down to 3mg over months. I’d chip a corner off a tablet and stay on that for 3-4 weeks then chip a bit more for the next 3-4 weeks, made the mistake of feeling good the first month and got a kick in the backside 4 weeks later so go steady.

      You may get to a point where your weight stabilizes and you can cope with the dose but I always seemed to be 4-5 kg heavier than I wanted to be, I had made several diet changes including eating wholemeal bread instead of white which I found helped my weight. I’m now off them, will never take another and about where I use to be weight wise. Have a read of my previous post and Joanna Moncrieff, YouTube, etc. helped make up my mind and may help you come to terms with your GP advise or not, hope this is of help and good luck.

    • Charles January 17, 2016, 3:27 am

      Hi Alison, I was also 3 months on Mirt (up to 30 mgs), and stopped taking it 3 days ago. So far no side effects. Best wishes.

  • Rosa December 27, 2015, 11:44 am

    Hi all. I don’t want to sound like I’m putting this medication down but I’m only speaking from my personal experiences. When first diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety my GP prescribed me Lexapro 10mg to take one every morning and also diazepam 2mg twice a day. After all the lexapro didn’t work so well for me. My GP had changed my medication to avanza.

    I was taking 15mg every night for about 11 days. I had seen my GP 5 days ago explaining to him the symptoms I was having. 3rd day taking it was the start of hell for me. Every night I would dream of such bad things and I would wake up cause my heart was racing like crazy. This is no exaggeration I put on 7 kilos in 11 days. Please bear in mind not everyone will put on weight whilst taking this medication.

    I was also becoming more angry and everyone I know is getting on my nerves. I feel like I have lost myself. My GP told me to take it for another week. So that night I took it, worst heart racing experience I have ever had, my heart was racing that fast it woke me up I was out of breath!!! I honestly thought I was having a heart attack. So after that night have not taken it since which has been 5 nights now.

    Although I am still having bad dreams and my heart is racing like mad. I went to another GP today he told me not to take them any more and I will be doing an ECG tomorrow. Has anyone experienced the crazy heart racing?? I hope whoever is starting or taking this medication will not experience what I have.

  • Alyssa December 26, 2015, 12:09 pm

    Hello, I have been on 15mg of mirtazapine for a little over 2 months now. I started them due to some anxiety and insomnia. I want to note that I am not depressed, or do not have an anxiety disorder. My anxiety was caused by my insomnia. Since going on, my sleep improved wonders. Now, its been 2 months and I have decided to taper off.

    Only problem is now I am experiencing recurring insomnia. I went down to 7.5mg for 3 days and was fine, but now tonight is the 3rd night in a row where I have barely slept/not slept at all. Please give any advice or indications as to how long this will last! Any tips on how to cope in the meantime would be appreciated. Thank you!!!

    • Chris December 28, 2015, 12:38 am

      Hi Alyssa, in my experience you will need to taper slower. If you have been on 15mg for 2 months they will have made an impact on you. I broke tablets up, say a 15 mg in half plus say a quarter to make 10mg, did this for a few weeks and reduced again but my sleep pattern was the first thing they hit.

      Halving the dose from 15mg to 7.5mg is a big step and I found below 7.5mg to 3mg the hardest.I’m 16 weeks off them now and my sleep is not as good as before taking the drug. I sleep some nights for 7hrs then some nights I’m looking at the ceiling after 3hrs, I was on them a total of 8 months. I didn’t have a sleep problem before taking the drug but have gained one since taking it.

      I was given the drug for a breakdown/burn out so circumstances are different and the drug effects people differently and progress can be slow but don’t give up. Also I try to keep most stimulants out of my diet, caffeine free coffee/tea/energy drinks etc. Good Luck and hopes this helps, Chris

  • Eva December 25, 2015, 9:45 pm

    Hi everybody. I been on mirtazapine (7.5mg) only for 2 months for for chronic nausea and no appetite an insomnia. It was working for 1 month… but I gain some weight and was sleeping very well. Then I felt I was getting more brain zaps and my mood started to change. Decided to stop and went down 3.75mg for 1 week and 2 mg for other week and I stopped. I had all the symptoms what you’re saying here for about 8 days and I had to go back on it.

    Was not able to sleep or eat at all. Now I’m on it again only 3.75 mg and this time I will do it slower. The brain zap is the worst. It’s coming every afternoon. So scared to stop this, but I have to. I’m scared it’s doing some damage to my brain. I’m very happy to find this website and wish everybody well and fast recovery from this drug.

  • David December 23, 2015, 12:25 am

    I have been off a 45 mg dose for approx 2 months. I tapered down to 30 for 1 month then 30 every second day for 1 month then stopped altogether as I said approx 2 months ago. The lack of sleep and itchiness were the biggest issues. The itchiness stopped after approx 2 weeks. My sleep is also improving heaps. I have also lost weight.

    I am also trying to stay more active to combat any negative feelings which does help. I was on antidepressants for approx 5 years with last 2 on this stuff. They did help and I would assess as good and bad. I am looking forward and not back. I just read a lot of comments regarding how hard it has been and I truly feel for these people. I think timing is everything.

    My life is as stable as it can be so this is why I chose now. I tried once before when life was very stressful and that was a big mistake. It can be done and you will be fine. Also be bold and talk to family and friends about how you are feeling. It does make it easier sharing the problem. I wish you all every success.

  • Chris December 21, 2015, 10:59 pm

    Hi, I was taking mirtazapine for 8 months after a couple of months on citalopram prescribed by my doctor for a breakdown, citalopram made me lose weight and poor sleep so hence the change. The swap over to mirtazapine was terrible for about 3 weeks, but after the usual backward and forward to my doctor, I eventually ended up on 30mg of mirtazapine. At this time I slept well and mostly all day as well, was becoming less the person I use to be, slow thinking cabbage-head with muscle spikes, restless legs, sore feet and agitated, flu-like symptoms, my dose was then returned to 15mg.

    By accident my pharmacy gave me the orally dispersible tablets which actually reduced the restless side effect so I asked for these each time I re prescribed. Eventually in May this year I’d had enough of been depersonalized, social paranoia. Temper was like a tickling time bomb and little care for my life and anyone else and 20 pounds heavier. This forum helped me reduce my dose, a little too fast at first… as I suffered panic attacks so I leveled my dose and reduced again maybe 3 weeks later.

    I still have side effects 16 weeks after my last dose, 5-6 weeks off I had suicide ideation. I have seen a private therapist for 6 months and have a very supportive family around me. I have researched the Chemical Myth and would recommend reading Joanna Moncrieff’s books on it, forget the half life times and the doctor saying it’s out of your system in whatever time. The drug alters your mental state which takes as long as it takes to return back to normal, unfortunately this makes you feel like your going back where you started. Needless to say I won’t be recommending it.

  • Asha December 19, 2015, 8:14 pm

    I’ve had a really great experience with mirtazapine. I’ve been on it for three years. I only gained 15 kg but my weight was only 50kg when I started. It’s helped me sleep and reduced the noise in my head long enough for me to learn new techniques to deal with life. I tapered to half for one year and now I’ve been off it for about three days. I’ve not experienced any adverse effects. I’m so pleased with where I’m at.

  • claudie December 17, 2015, 1:46 am

    It’s been just a few days past the six month mark of being taken off 45mg Mirtazapine. I am wondering if I will ever feel like I did before this drug? My nerves are not good at all and an emotional rollercoaster. I will never take this drug again and it has made my life hell since coming off it. My life has been in and out of hospitals and doctor appointments, since cold turkey off this drug, and I haven’t been able to work since then.

    I am frustrated and sick of being sick…blessings to all who are going through withdrawals and the hell it causes. The buzzing I still get in my head and dizziness is overwhelming, and I have become a recluse, because being around noise, or any loud levels of laughter, etc. makes me cringe and feel like am losing control. I just want ME back. Take care.

  • Miray December 14, 2015, 12:01 pm

    Hi everyone, I have been trying to leave remeron for almost 1 year. Still didn’t leave it. I am going between 7.5-3.75 mg. Every time I succeed to sleep one night with 3.75mg, the other night I can not sleep and the alarm always rings at 6 AM in the morning that I have to go to job…my career has finished because of this medicine. Can anyone advise any herbal or other additive to get rid of these withdrawal symptoms?

    • Judy December 19, 2015, 8:49 pm

      Hi Miray, The best thing you can do is buy a scale and weigh your medication. Reduce by 10% of your current dose (not of the dose you started at). The lower you get, the more careful you need to be with reductions. 50% is way too much. If you google, “tips for tapering Remeron”, you’ll find some other resources.

      It also helps to gather a lot of tools for dealing with insomnia..things like meditation, homeopathy, relaxation practices like tai chi, chi gong, or yoga. Many supplements are often a problem as the nervous system is more sensitized…some people find epsom salts baths helpful, or taking magnesium, or a low dose of melatonin. But the reality is, there will be some degree of sleeplessness during withdrawal.

      Careful and slow tapering can help minimize it though. You can focus on resting, even if you can’t sleep. There are lots of resources on the web for meditation or practices mentioned above. I’ve done a lot of qi gong and have not suffered in ways many people have with symptoms. It literally saved my life. Check out Lee Holden…he has a couple of free videos posted on youtube.

      It’s hard on the nervous system going back and forth between doses like that. It might be best to wait awhile, for things to stabilize, before weighing and reducing more gradually. Best of luck.

  • Mary December 8, 2015, 4:05 pm

    I am so glad I found this site as I thought I was loosing my mind. I have taken 15mg of the drug above for 8 years. Over the last 6 months I have reduced that to half 7.5mg. Then half every other night gradually trying to get off them. However I have had three panic attacks and I couldn’t understand why until I read this information. I also have a flu-like cold at the minute.

    I have started a new course of antidepressants today and have been taking rescue remedy to calm down. I only hope I feel normal soon but I am so glad to know I’m not the only one who feels like this when they are withdrawing. Thanks for the advice.

  • jan December 3, 2015, 2:04 pm

    Well, saw the new doctor (shrink) yesterday. Liked her. She says the symptoms I am experiencing are anxiety and not withdrawal. I finally have to agree. When I withdraw mirtazapine the anxiety kicks in and that stuff can mess up your whole body top to bottom.

    This doctor has me on 7.5 mg which I have no problem with and wants me to increase by small increases up to 15 mg by Feb. (2 months). I am going to do my best to do this. If I can get back to where I was before I started “being my own doctor and taking mirtazapine the way I wanted” I will more that likely stay on the lower 15 mg dosage indefinitely. If it works and I can get a clear head and some weight back, I won’t mess with it again.

    I got down to 84# and look awful. Have stopped losing and about 86 lbs now. It took a year to lose that much so I expect it to take awhile to come back. Just want my clear head not dizzy anymore. The dizzy is hard to deal with. Also, this doctor said a person my age (78) should not be taking ativan. I suppose for fear of falling. My GP is so young and inexperienced I don’t feel confident.

    Wish I could find a more experienced doctor but I live 20 miles from everywhere. :( Glad you are feeling better David. Not sure that I will be back into this site. Just want to think positive thoughts and try to feel better and get on with my life. The best to all of you… Jan

  • Gayle December 1, 2015, 10:29 am

    I am in my 8th week of tapering off of Remron/Mirtazapine after taking for several years @ 45mg a day. I was having all the side effects with trips to the emergency room feeling like I was dying. ER doctors could never find anything wrong. Anyone wanting to get off of this antidepressant should try The Road Back protocol. It it truly helpful…lessens withdrawal symptoms so one can function and sleep at night. Hope this helps someone…

  • Christina November 29, 2015, 2:11 pm

    I can relate to that first week on Mirt being such a relief as I was steeped in a very deep and dark depression for up to 4 months and not responding to other meds. I was primarily put on it to help ignite some appetite and now that I’m at 15 mg the effects are already wearing off but I cannot increase it. After being on Mirt for 2 & 1/2 weeks on the 15 mg dose I started having Hypnagogic Hallucinations, I’ve never experienced this before and it became a routine thing in the early morning hours.

    So all that to say, we split the dose in half 7.5 mg at bedtime (which doesn’t help aid in sleep at all anymore) and 7.5 mg in the am. I’m now experiencing what I believe to be interdose withdrawals. The last few nights have been sleepless and I’m experiencing terrible diarrhea and vomiting where I’m close to passing out. If I’m not in a lying position I would. I hope this doesn’t go on for long. It’s been brutal and all I’ve done is split the dose. Can’t even imagine later when it’s time to discontinue altogether.

  • Pam November 24, 2015, 1:39 am

    I think I have the record for the length of time on Mirtazapine – 17 years! The drug helped me enormously in many ways, but I’m now ready to come off of it. I had been on 7.5 mg for the past 5 years (2010 to 2015), and when I cut back from 15 mg in 2010, I had no issues. I cut back to 3.75 mg in September 2015 and did not notice anything – a bit lighter sleep but adjusted quickly. I thought hey, this is not bad!

    So, I then cut back to 0 in October 2015, and started noticing sneezing and a runny nose. I did not make the connection to Mirtazapine, I thought it was allergies. Then, by late October, I started getting debilitating headaches – sometimes on one side of my head, sometimes the back of my head so that I have to use two pillows at night to sleep. It’s an ache that neither Ibuprofen or acetaminophen can kick.

    I thought it was hormone related – again, I did not make any connection to Mirtazapine. During this time, I had a hard time sleeping throughout the night – that is the biggest reason I would not give up mirtazapine in recent years. When I went off of the drug, I would wake up several times during the night, maybe stay awake for an hour, fall back asleep. So, I maybe got 5-6 hours of sleep per night, sometimes more but it did not seem like the quality of my sleep was good.

    Anyway, after suffering through headaches and generally just not feeling good on most days for over a month, I went back on to 3.75 mg on Nov. 7. Part of the impetus was because on Nov 6, I took a 4-hour certification exam for my profession, and although I passed, the headaches bothered me during the exam to the extent that I was worried that I might have to take a break, lose time and potentially not finish and then flunk the exam. Miraculously, by the next day in the afternoon, it’s like my head cleared and I felt normal again.

    Definitely by 2 days later, I was pretty much back to normal while on the 3.75 mg dosage. I thought it was because I was sleeping better and the pressure of the exam was over, I did not attribute it to the drug. So, I decided to go off the drug again on Nov 14. I did OK for about 3 to 4 days but then, the headaches and flu like symptoms kicked in. This time, I had no particular pressure to point the finger at and even had a day off. I had a hard time finishing out the day at work 4 days after going to 0 and had to lay down.

    I could not eat any dinner and thought I was going to be ill. I went back on to 3.75 mg 2 days ago, and again, feel pretty normal and really appreciate the better quality sleep. So, my plan now is to stay on the 3.75 mg for some time – maybe a number of months or a year, and sort of play with cutting it back a little every now and again and see how I feel. I do think that being on the drug for almost 2 decades must have done something to my brain chemistry such that even a small dose makes a difference and I need to taper off to 0 very carefully.

  • wayne bell November 23, 2015, 4:49 am

    I am so glad to read the above article on withdrawals from Remeron. I want to get the word out how hard it is to get off this drug. I am into my 3rd month of being off of Remeron. I am still suffering from certain withdrawal symptoms. The worst is the continuing nausea every morning. I have yet to throw up once, but it is worse I think to feel the nausea and NOT throw up.

    The only solution I have gotten for this so far is when I get the nausea feeling after waking up I immediately take a dissolving pill called Ondansetron ODT 8mg. Any Dr. can prescribe these dissolving pills to you for your nausea. Pepto doesn’t work that is for sure so don’t even waste your money getting it. I have Medicare so the cost is minimal,but for anyone that doesn’t have health insurance it costs about $30 for 30.

    The brand name for it is Zofran. CVS is expensive so try another pharmacy. Hopefully this helps anyone with this constant everyday nausea feeling. I also have problems with schizophrenia at bedtime. Also once I get up in the morning I can’t go back an lay down because of the drainage problem these withdrawals have caused. The never ending cough and drainage is unimaginable. I pray for quick recovery to get my life back to normal.

  • jan November 22, 2015, 9:19 pm

    David, I am back on it too. Just got too sick and down to 84#. They put me at 7.5 mg right off the bat and I felt better after a week 15 mg, but that proved to make me nauseous. Going to new doc on Dec 2 will see what comes of that. I do know now that all of my problems are anxiety that the mirtazapine was taking care of. Wishing now I had never gone off it. Just opened a can of worms and now having a heck of a time getting back to where I was. I have only gained a couple of lbs but although stomach is hungry my mouth doesn’t want to eat. What the heck is that? Will see how my appointment goes. Wish me luck.

  • Gil Grant November 13, 2015, 12:30 am

    Was on Mirtazapine 15mg for two years and the decided that it was doing me no good. Simply dropped them and have slept better ever since. Withdrawal effects; never felt better!

  • Rachel November 8, 2015, 1:05 am

    I’m glad I found this page. I’ve been on this drug just over 2 weeks but want to quit. I was told weight gain could be a side effect but didn’t realise how bad. I am hungry all the time. ALL the time. I’ve gained almost 4 kg in this time and I didn’t realize it was designed to stimulate you to eat! I wasn’t underweight or anything…now I feel fat and hungry.

    I’m also tired all the time but not just in my head. I have no energy. I know I should give it 4 weeks to ‘kick’ in but I hate feeling this way. I constantly think about food… then I feel bloated and fat. My clothes are getting tight! I’m going to take a half tablet for a few days to go off it. Tired of feeling numb and fuzzy in the head as well.

  • David November 7, 2015, 7:16 pm

    Rain, I took it for 8 months (the withdrawal hell). I wasn’t getting better, still losing weight. I had said that I would never take another mirt. After several emergency room trips, abdominal & brain CT scans, blood work, including thyroid levels (I take synthroid for underactive thyroid), chest x-rays, all coming back negative. My GI doctor at UNC hospital and I had a long talk, and she suggested that I go back on 7.5 mg, and sent a prescription for a bottle.

    I decided to try 1/2 (3.75) to start with, and so far it has made all the difference in the world. Within 24 hours I felt like a new man in every respect, and that was after 8 months off of it in hell. I don’t like the fact that I am taking the drug again, although it is only 3.75, but like my doctor said, my quality of life was non-existent only getting worse. That was a week ago, and I have gained over 10 pounds of my weight back.

    If you have a high heart rate and thyroid trouble, those need to be addressed. This is my situation as of the last 8 days, before that I felt like hell, had no appetite, and no energy. The 3.7 mgs had an almost unbelievable effect in my situation. I may have to go to the 7.5 at some point, but the plan is to get off the 3.75 if I can. That was the second attempt for me. I hope that this has been helpful. I would definitely get that thyroid situation taken care of.

    I know a lady friend who got parathyroid tumor and had to have surgery while coming off mirtazapine. You can contact her on Facebook, and I will give you her contact name if you e-mail me at dlbx2[AT]outlook.com Godspeed with your progress. David

  • Mel November 7, 2015, 12:26 am

    I have been on Remeron 30mg for a year and a half. After trying about 4 different anti-depressants for my depression, anxiety & ocd, I really found remeron has been the most successful. The side effects during treatment were outweighed by my stable mood, but I did experience increased fatigue (sleep for about 12hrs a night), occasional fogginess/slowness and a weight gain of 25lbs. I tried to taper off about 4 months ago but found the panic attacks and incessant crying too much to handle.

    I have now been off Remeron cold turkey for 3weeks. (I had food poisoning and was unable to take it for 2 days… then decided the withdrawal symptoms of remeron were similar to food poisoning and that now was the perfect time to try again). I came across this site today because my main search symptom was itchiness. I have been incessantly itchy all over (mostly legs) & I am pleased to read that it is just a another withdrawal symptom.

    I have been very fatigued & my sleep patterns have altered terribly. It now takes me about an hour to fall asleep (on the drug, less than a minute) I wake up about 4 times during the night startled from vivid and bizarre dreams. I have been trying imagery rehearsal therapy for my sleep issues, meditate daily and practice CBT to calm the oncoming panic attacks (only 2 in the last 3 weeks). I am very much trying to stay controlled and relax.

    I have had one outburst of extreme anger (for no apparent reason), at which point I put myself to bed for a couple of hours to recollect. I know it takes a lot of courage to decide to come off a drug you feel so dependent on and it is very scary to trust in yourself that you can manage your sober mind. It is a challenging drug to come off of, but hang in there- you know you’ve made it through worse ☺. (Thank you for this site!)

  • Rain November 6, 2015, 12:46 am

    My update. I took my last mirt 5 months ago. I thought all was going well until 4 weeks ago when drastic weight loss kicked in. The more I ate, the more I seemed to lose. My heart rate was going nuts and that was bringing back the old anxiety. I had a pain in my neck and found a lump. After scanning and blood tests, nodules were discovered on my thyroid. I have had routine thyroid testing my whole life and never had a problem until coming off the mirtazpine.

    I don’t know if mirtazpine did this to me or coming off mirt did it or it’s just an unwanted coincidence. I am wondering now if others like David who have lost huge amounts of weight have had their thyroid tested. My doctors first reaction was to put me back on mirt to bring my heart rate down blaming this on anxiety. I said “no way am I taking that again”. David if you read this, I would be interested to know your thoughts.

  • Robb November 5, 2015, 4:40 pm

    Hi all, Thank god I found this site. It has turned out to be my guide the last couple of weeks. Information about quitting antidepressants is so minimal! 8 months ago I had a burnout due to personal reasons (house sold with loss, health issues, etc). After having a very bad experience with strange hallucinations caused by citalopram, I tried mirt as a kind of last resort.

    What a mistake. All my anxiety problems intensed again hallucinations and strange new phobias started to develop. But the docs said keep going these meds take time to work! So I decided to quit and face my problems myself without antidepressants. I used 15 mg for 4.5 months them tapering it for 4 weeks. 1 week at 11.25, 2 weeks 7.5 and 1 week 3.75.

    Now I am at day 22 without mirt, but still its a hard struggle especially the anxiety wow anxiety 24/7. First 2 weeks were living hell. This week things are getting better but still not good enough. Any of you had similar experiences? I am hoping to see some light at the end of the tunnel the coming days. R

    • Robb November 17, 2015, 3:02 pm

      Update about my situation. It has now been a month (33 days) since my last 3.5 mg. Finally I am noticing that the anxiety is starting to lift, also I am noticing that some of my phobias (knives, driving) are clearing out. I am using magnesium and fish oil supplements as well. Alas for me I seem to have developed a kind of OCD during my treatment with mirt. Now I have to cope with that…

  • Anne November 3, 2015, 1:54 pm

    I have been on 45 mg for three years. I have been going for EMDR therapy and after 20 sessions – three months ago – I felt I had dealt with a childhood trauma which was causing the severe depression. In April I stopped taking Diazepam and then a beta blocker – all successfully! They were both causing side effects. Effects that only developed this year.

    A month ago I started tapering off the Mirtazapine as I started with a new side effect! I believe my body was saying – it didn’t need the chemicals anymore. I also believe my body is producing the necessary chemicals naturally. As it should be. So far no withdrawal symptoms. None! I’m now down to 15 mg and the stinging mouth – the side effect is abating! Thank goodness.

    This is my experience and in no way do I think others will be like me. All I would say is that at the time I needed the medication to prop me up so I could do the therapy. And now I don’t need it. I wish you all well. And I am sooo glad I feel joy and peace in my life now. 50 years is a long time heading for a breakdown. But three years on I feel repaired.

  • Julia November 1, 2015, 6:12 pm

    MIRTAZAPINE WITHDRAWAL SUCCESS STORY! Hi Everyone, There are a lot of negative posts on here and not enough success stories so I thought I’d post one to give everyone who is going through the withdrawal process some much needed hope! I was on Mirtazapine for over 4 years after being diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and psychosymptomatic back pain. I was ready to come off after completing 1.5 years of therapy. I was on 30mg at the time so my Dr tapered me off really slowly over 5 months.

    I hide no side effects so thought I had successfully weaned off but then 2 days after taking my last dose I all of a sudden lost the ability to sleep and had a huge spike in anxiety. The Dr gave me Ativan to help me sleep and this worked but only for a few days then the effect wore off. My Dr then wanted to put me on stronger drugs but I found out I was pregnant so went back onto 3.5mg of Mirtazapine per day. My sleep went back normal within about 24 hours.

    I finished breastfeeding my son in May 2015 and after my body had re-adjusted itself decided to give coming off the drug another go. I weaned off over a month in September and took my last dose of Mirtazapine (3.5mg) on October 2nd. Just like last time the insomnia hit me about 48 hours after my last dose. I struggled on for 2 weeks by alternating between Nytol (which helped me get some sleep) and Melatonin (which didn’t do that much). I also had lots of other side effects such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, feeling spaced out all the time, crying spells, panic attacks, high levels of anxiety (a constant feeling of dread) and depression.

    After two weeks I was total wreck and was tempted to go back on Mirtazapine to make it all stop but my husband had hidden my pills to avoid me caving in. I went to see my Dr and she gave me Ativan – I was to 1 or 2 tables of 0.5mg per night as needed. 1 pill did nothing for me so I went straight to 2 and was knocked out into blissful sleep for about a week. Mr Dr then told me she was going to give me just one more prescription so to start weaning myself off Ativan to avoid a new addiction.

    I tried and went back to not sleeping at all. By the end of week 3 I hit rock bottom. I had success with therapy before so decided to find a Psychologist to help me through it. Just 2 days later I had a session and the guy gave me some very valuable information about sleep and how to handle insomnia. He basically convinced me to stop taking any kind of sedative (including Nytol and Melatonin) and switching over to completely natural sleep aids such as chamomile, valerian, hops, etc…

    He also gave me 2 sleep tracks to listen to at bedtime in order to fully relax my body and help my brain switch off. I won’t lie, the first two nights were pretty horrific – I got very little sleep and constantly felt extremely anxious and depressed but I decided to stick with it. I tried to focus my mind on what the Psychologist had told me – that your body and brain are perfectly capable of living on very sleep and nothing bad was going to happen because of it. I also tried to stop caring about whether or not I was going to sleep (which was very hard!) and instead tried to look forward to just resting in bed even if I didn’t go to sleep properly.

    I also tried to just breathe through the anxiety attacks and night and not let them rattle me when they happened. I took 3 capsules of Jamieson’s Relax and Sleep herbal tablets at bedtime and also had a cup of Sleepy tea 1 hour before retiring. I then listened to the sleep tracks once I was settled into bed with the lights out. My anxiety spiked on the 3rd day and I felt absolutely awful but then something strange happened – that night I managed to go to sleep within 1 hour of going to bed and had a 4-hour stretch of sleep!

    I felt elated when I woke up and all of a sudden there was light at the end of the tunnel that I might actually get through this. The next night I managed to sleep a total of 5.5 hours and on night 3 my body slept for 8 hours (not all in 1 go, I did wake up a couple of times to use the toilet but managed to go back to sleep almost right away without any difficulty). My anxiety has calmed right down too although it’s not completely gone.

    Tomorrow is my 1-month anniversary since I took my last Mirtazapine tablet and it’s now been 3 days since my body started sleeping on its own again and I still can’t quite believe that it looks like I might have come out on the other end although I still expect that I might have a few more bad nights here and there and to be honest I’m OK with that because I now know that my body is perfectly capable of sleeping on its own and will eventually do so again.

    I’m going to continue seeing my therapist for a few more sessions until I’m confident that the withdrawal process is truly over and to learn a few more techniques for coping with anxiety now that I am no longer on tablets that regulate my mood. I also want to come off the herbal sleep aids once I’ve had some decent rest because I want to be able to sleep entirely on my own even though I suspect the herbal supplements aren’t doing all that much at this point.

    I think one of the key factors for getting through this is that I have lowered my expectations on sleep. I used to get knocked out for 8 hours or more on the Mirtazapine so used to think that this was normal. I’m learning now that it’s OK to not have a great nights sleep all the time and that it’s totally OK if you have periods of not sleeping that much because your body will get the rest it needs (it’s an automatic survival instinct) and nothing bad will happen if you do have insomnia for a while.

    You just have to stay calm and ride it out instead of trying to fight it with sleeping pills or getting angry/upset/worried about it as that just makes the problem worse. Good luck to everyone coming off Mirtazapine. You can do this, just stick with it and don’t be afraid to get help (don’t suffer through this on your own!). Don’t get sucked into taking other brain altering or sedating drugs to help relieve symptoms because that will only prolong the process and risk you getting addicted to something else.

    You will get through it eventually once your body and brain have learnt to cope on their own again. Most importantly don’t compare your recovery process to that of anyone else because everyone is different so you might need a little longer to go back to normal and this is totally ok. It WILL eventually get better! :)

    • Julia November 14, 2015, 4:51 pm

      Quick update – it’s been 6 weeks since I took my last mirtazapine and last night was my first night without taking any natural sleep aids. It wasn’t an amazing nights sleep (about 5.5 hours) but it’s taken me 4.5 years to get to the point that I can sleep on my own again so I’m elated and I know it’s only going to get better from here. I slept really well on just 1 valerian tablet the week before so have been officially released by my psychologist because he doesn’t think I need therapy anymore.

      It’s all a little scary but I’ve made it through to the other end and am feeling ok. I occasionally feel a bit anxious or depressed but I know it will pass so don’t worry about it anymore. The turning point for me was believing that I could sleep on my own and when I accepted the fact that I would have some bad nights sleep and stopped fighting the anxiety.

      I also changed my outlook on everything so instead of feeling victimised by the withdrawal symptoms I got angry at them and refused to let them stop me from living my life. I hope I managed to give some hope to anyone whose considering coming off this medication or is suffering from withdrawal. Stick with it and get help – you can do this!

      • Liz August 30, 2016, 7:59 pm

        Julia, I don’t know if you’re paying attention anymore, but thank you very much for your story! I was put on Remeron for postpartum anxiety/depression/insomnia, and I had a pretty decent taper up until I went off completely a few days ago and as of right now, haven’t slept in over 30 hours. I appreciate seeing that you went off, and then back on, but were able to come off.

        I don’t think I’m going to make it this time (mom of a 6 month old going back to work at the end of this week–I need at least *some* sleep), so this gives me hope that if I wait my hormones out, go natural, and taper even more slowly, I might be okay.

  • David November 1, 2015, 2:33 pm

    After 8 months of literally suffering from withdrawals, and losing over 30 pounds, my GI doctor, whom I have had for over 10 years, suggested that I needed to try a low dose of Remeron to get some relief. She said to try 7.5 mg, and sent them. My wife and I decided to break the first one in half and see how it effected me. 3.75 mg, took with 1 mg Ativan, which I have been taking for over 8 years for IBS, and I got 10 hours sleep, no side effects, and woke well rested. Last night, same dose, 12 hours sleep, no side effects, and woke well rested.

    I had declared that I would never take another one, but my health was declining due to withdrawals, and it had already been 8 months, and showed no signs of letting up. I plan to eventually get off them again, but it won’t be cold turkey like last time, even if I have to scrape it off little by little. I am now taking 3.75, 1/12 of what I took for 8 years, 45mg. I just thought I’d pass this along. Good luck to you all. Jan, how are you these days?

  • Barbara October 30, 2015, 4:11 pm

    I was on Mirtazapine for approximately 4 months (including the taper) at 7.5 milligrams. Although this drug helped the anxiety, it never provided the sleep benefit that most users experience (only slept for 2-3 hours/night with insomnia the remainder of the night.) My psychiatrist wanted me to continue on it but I felt that I would never sleep any better if I did so. Even with the relatively low dosage and limited time on the drug, I carefully tapered very, very slowly and kept exact notes about progress, symptoms, etc.

    Even so, it was not easy. I tend to be very sensitive to medications and can only imagine what long-term users are experiencing. My natural sleep is coming back slowly. I do remember questioning my physician about how difficult it would be to get off of this drug (before taking it) and being told that it was not a problem. At one point, he had suggested that I just stop taking the drug (without a taper); but, fortunately, I had seen this discussion and did not.
    Thank you.

  • Gillian October 23, 2015, 11:11 pm

    Have been on Mirtazapine up to 4 my over the last 2 years. Dropped to 30 mg about 2 months ago. Last week was accidently given Abilify 30 mg which I took to five days before releasing there was an error. Had painful muscles, changes in vision, slurred speech, diarrhea, stomach cramps with some nausea. Insomnia and increase in anxiety. Stopped the Abilify Wednesday and recommenced Mirtazapine at 30 mg. What can I expect? I also take Flecainide 200 mg daily for PAF.

    • wayne bell November 23, 2015, 5:00 am

      Please don’t take Mirtazapine. It has ungodly withdrawals. I have been off of it for over 3 months and some of the withdrawal symptoms haven’t even changed. Dizziness, nausea, schizophrenia, anxiety, mood changes, etc. It is a bad drug and thank God I am off it now despite the symptoms I am experiencing.

  • Jennifer October 22, 2015, 5:49 pm

    My daughter started on this medication (15mg) in conjunction with Effexor the beginning of the month. She has had increased appetite and weight gain, headaches (migraine variety), dry mouth, palpitations, dizziness, and “my brain doesn’t feel right” since 2nd/3rd day on the med. After having a resting heart rate of 104 during school (sitting in a classroom taking notes) we (as her parents) took her off the medication. Her doctor that prescribed the medicine still has not called me back (called 3 1/2 days ago) so I discontinued it myself. I am hoping her withdrawal symptoms are not too bad and resolve quickly.

  • lucy short October 22, 2015, 5:24 am

    I did not taper off as I developed severe conjunctivitis and am on drops for reducing eye pressure and did not know if Mirtazepine could have been a contributor. I have to say that I have experienced severe nausea in the mornings and feel very anxious. Additionally there is a noticeable decrease in my appetite and am unable to stay asleep.

    • David October 24, 2015, 12:34 pm

      Lucy, how long were you on the Mirtazapine, and what dose were you taking? Good luck on your recovery. David

  • Life October 18, 2015, 8:30 am

    I began taking mirtazapine a year after returning from two and a half years in Iraq with chronic PTSD. I’ve taken it for for 8 years. I Cannot say that the drug is evil as within 30 days of taking the drug my life began to return and I began to heal. It has helped me to return to life and to function and be there for my kids. I still deal with PTSD but coping skills and a working full time have lessened the impact.

    The one thing about this drug is the weight gain every year for 8 years my weight has increased by about 6 pounds and this has made a problem with high blood pressure. I am a very active man and work out regularly but food tastes better and you eat more when your on this drug. I stopped taking the drug when I hit 245 pounds with 6 foot 2 it’s a problem. I simply stopped taking it one day. The withdrawal effects were unknown to me.

    I felt a little uncomfortable for a couple of days. But that’s not whats happened sleep is rough I wake up after 4 hours sleep I’m nervous, I had a 2 week itching that was tough. I had many head aches and have been sick to my stomach excessive sweating and tremors. My appetite is lower than when I was on mirtazapine as a matter of fact I have no craving for foods. It’s been a tough go of it but I am pulling through there are days like last Friday where I was not really functioning.

    Suggestions for the itching: I took Benadryl and used body lotion after bathing worked great. I don’t watch TV at night and dim the lights early and then sleep in darkness. I found exercise for the tremors hopefully they will go away completely soon. I’ve been of the med for 43 days. Not been easy but do able. If you have PTSD and need to get your life back I would still recommend taking this drug. The withdrawal is a b*tch but when PTSD has a hold of your life it’s worse.

    • Laney October 28, 2015, 4:58 am

      Life, thank you for suggestions for controlling the withdrawal symptoms. This is very helpful. I was wondering what I can do to help control them. I was put on this drug 8 days ago in relation to my PTSD and anxiety/panic attacks. It hasn’t seemed to help, but then I’m not that far into the course of medication.

      After reading all these posts, I’m considering getting off it before my brain gets too used to it. But then I need to weigh up whether or not I want the PTDS symptoms either. Did you have nightmares relating to your PTSD? and did the medication help stop them? are the ‘coping skills’ you speak of something you feel like sharing? I’m seeing a psych weekly as well, but am after any info I can get. Thanks in advance.

  • jan September 25, 2015, 12:23 am

    Rain, thank you for writing. I feel encouraged. I am off since Aug. 1 and still feel awful. Dizzy head, fatigue, tired eyes. I’ve had stomach cramping but found that the mint version of gasx helps a lot with that. Last night I could feel the anxiety edging in on me like when I wound up going to the ER. I took an Ativan at bedtime and slept for 7 hours.

    Have some screwy dreams but at least sleep. Today have felt crummy most of the day. I’ve made an appointment to get some counseling. Hoping they can give me some positive suggestions for coping with withdrawal. David, I check the website 2-3 times a day to see if you’ve written. If we can stand firm and not slide back in with the devil (mirt) we will make it.

    I know I will not under any circumstances take it again. Either I will come out of this clean or it will kill me. As many of us have said it feels at times that is what it is doing, killing us. We just have to be there for each other and we will get through this. Thank you again Rain. Please keep us up to date on your recovery. It is so encouraging. Jan

    • David October 2, 2015, 1:58 pm

      Jan, I wish you well. I am still having symptoms at over 7 months. Anxiety, nausea, fatigue, weak at times, abdominal cramps / spasms, epigastric pain and cramps along the bottom of my ribs where they meet my abdomen. I am depressed, feelings of doom, no hope, trying hard to maintain my weight, I have lost 30 pounds. I went cold turkey, and have paid dearly for it.

      Every day is a struggle to keep from giving up. Also headaches and a general feeling of being sick. I have a good day every now and again, but right now just making it a day at a time. I sent you a reply before, but for some reason it wasn’t posted. Maybe it was too short. No matter, I wish you a full recovery, and the rest of us as well. David

    • Rain October 13, 2015, 11:48 am

      Jan looking back on all this, the hardest part for me was the fear of stopping the mirtazpine. I was so scared of the withdrawal but kept telling myself that my symptoms were a normal response to my body trying to adjust without the mirt. I have been free now for over 3 months and I still have problems with sleep. I found that taking sleeping pills, natural remedies or a hormone prescribed by my doctor called melatonin made my mood crash and I felt depressed.

      Now that I feel free of the mirtazpine, I am taking half a dose of restavit (doxy succinate) and I am getting a few good hours sleep a night. The body shakes, nausea and bad dreams have stopped. I’m no longer edgy and my highs and lows have levelled out. You and others here who have finally stopped taking mirtazpine have jumped over a major hurdle. We all depended on this drug to help us get through our lives but it gets to a point it stops helping and begins to do damage to our bodies.

      Keep reminding yourself that what you are feeling is a natural response to coming off a drug that has been in your system controlling your brain and nervous system for a very long time, so yes you are going to feel it leaving your body. You are doing it! Keep going! Be proud of your strength and courage! I wish you and David and everyone here better days. Try to get out and walk, look for positives and keep us up to date with your progress.

  • David September 24, 2015, 5:02 pm

    In 3 days, it will have been 7 months since I took my last 7.5 mg mirtazapine. Anyone following my posts knows that I went off cold turkey, which was an awful mistake. I am still having withdrawal symptoms. Anxiety, digestive problems, abdominal / epigastric cramps and spasms that feel like they are just under my rib cage. They are painful at times and interrupt my sleep, so sleep problems are on the list as well.

    I am still losing weight, over 30 pounds so far, and appetite reduced. I feel that I may be slowly improving, and was doing better but had an episode of protracted withdrawal, and lost ground with my progress. There has been times when I almost went back on the mirt, and times when I thought that I was going to die. I am very serious about this. I am sharing this because I want others to know that these symptoms can last a very long time. I have been to the Emergency Room a number of times, thinking something serious was going on.

    After blood tests, CTs of the abdomen (twice) and brain, the doctors say that everything looks normal and they can’t understand the symptoms. Don’t expect your doctor to know anything about mirt withdrawal, as none of them do. I wish you all the best in your healing progress. Initially, I had every symptom of withdrawals, but now what is left are the ones that I have listed. -David

  • Rain September 24, 2015, 4:29 am

    I successfully weaned myself off mirtazpine and it has been 3 months since my last dose. I finally feel completely free of the side effects. It wasn’t easy but very worth it to persevere. I had been on 30mg for 6 years. I had severe anxiety and depression caused from a misdiagnosis from a young doctor that totally freaked me out. I also had started going through menopause which in itself created anxiety.

    Mirtazpine saved me. I couldn’t get off the sofa, eat or stop crying. With mirtazpine my life returned to normal however I was never able to feel any real highs or very happy moments. To start my reduction I went from 30mg to 27mg for one week, then down to 20mg for a few days, down to 15mg. At 15mg I felt my worst. Withdrawal was awful with not being able to sleep for longer than an hour and when I did sleep there were nightmares.

    I had sweats, nausea, headache, body shakes, brain zaps.I was edgy and scared but at the same time I tried to keep positive and reminded myself this is withdrawal and not illness. I thought if I felt this bad on 15mg I may as well drop to 7mg as I figured I couldn’t feel any worse. At 7mg I felt better than I did with the stronger dose so after 2 days I dropped to 3mg. 2 days after that I went cold turkey and for 8 weeks I rode a bit of a roller coaster but I was so proud of myself for sticking with it.

    I had weeks of over the top happiness which has now balanced out to highs and lows. If you have managed to go 12 months without the symptoms that put you on mirtazpine in the first place, then that is the time to consider coming off. The important part of the whole process is understanding that it is the right time to come off. You have to be totally committed to it and not panic with the withdrawal effects. It isn’t easy but it won’t kill you either. I knew my time for mirtazpine had come to an end.

    It wasn’t helping me anymore and I felt strong enough to tackle my problems without the drug. My cholesterol was rising and I was having stomach issues and bleeding under the skin on my arms. I was also experiencing restless legs constantly. Since coming off mirtazpine the restless legs and bleeding has ceased. I haven’t had my cholesterol checked yet. I hope this helps anyone with their weaning off. Good luck and be positive. Life is good.

    • Rachel May 25, 2016, 5:06 am

      Rain, It is so nice to hear of happy and positive thoughts! Thank you.

  • jan September 19, 2015, 12:54 pm

    Thank you both for responding. It is comforting to know there are people that understand your plight. I went to an ER follow up with my doctor on Thursday. She asked me if I would consider Paxil. My response was absolutely not I didnt want any more of that “crap”. I had to grin because when I read my chart online that is just how she wrote it. Guess I will have to be a bit more careful with my language. I told her I wanted my body clean.

    I have taken fluerazepam for years (seldom only on no sleep nights). My gp asked me if the ER doc knew I had that because that and Ativan could have been a real problem if taken together. Good grief. All my records are there on their darned computer. Fortunately I didnt take it. I am very cautious about mixing stuff. I discovered too that if I take fluerazepam the next day i feel really great, but watch out the next day. I am thinking (wondering) if those drugs give you a shot of serotonin and so you feel better but then when it is gone bam you are back in the soup again.

    David I think you are in worse shape than I am. I can still move around and function most days. Not great but at least moving. I live in an apartment now and have started walking up and down the halls for exercise in the evening. My balance is not good so I just push my little granny cart in front of me. Works great. While I am out there and out of my familiar surroundings it kind of gives me a different mindset.

    I live in Minnesota so we are gearing up for winter by mid November. Argh. That in itself is depressing. Keeps a person more housebound and none of us need that when we feel so lousy. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you going through this. As you said David we are in the same boat. We will come out of this sooner or later if we just keep at it. Thank you again for taking the time to write. It helps me more than any doctor ever could. -Jan

    • David September 20, 2015, 6:43 pm

      Jan, I pray that we will both make it to the end of the road. I am still with weight loss, 166 today, down from 204, fatigue, weakness, and bad abdominal symptoms. I even feel like where my abdomen meets my ribs has spasms. Right now pain and appetite are issues. I hope that things improve for you. I am so tired of being sick. I guess 8 years at 45 mgs is hard to shake. Take Care, David

    • Monica September 21, 2015, 2:54 pm

      Hi Everyone, I too am experiencing horrible withdraws from Mirtazapine. I was on this drug for over a year now and was up to 30 mg. I am a wreck! I have to force myself out of bed, go to the shower and immediately start throwing up. I come out, lay down and then try to drink a protein shake. I have all the symptoms you are describing. Headaches started last night. Everyone is saying to get back on the medicine and I keep saying, “No way!”

      My partner at work thinks I’ve have always been this way (which I know differently). I had a doctor say I am borderline personality disorder on my last visit and I’m tired of all these diagnoses. My head is clearer than it’s ever been, just my body is going crazy. I too am thankful for all of your comments! I know now I am not alone and that it is not “me” but this drug. I hope we can all get relief and come back later to let everyone know how we are.

      Prayers and best wishes to you all. Hang in there and get out as much as you can. I know it’s hard but it will help you.

  • jan September 17, 2015, 2:18 pm

    Well, I guess I learned this stuff can come back with a vengeance. Either that or I have some kind of bug. Last Monday night I was so nauseated and sick I called my kids to take me to the hospital at 9 at night. ER doctor diagnosed me with stress/anxiety. Ya think? Of course, considering how I have been feeling and worrying about my weight and all of this.

    They gave me fluids as I was dehydrated, checked my blood (low sodium) and gave me Ativan for anxiety. I panicked at that because I have never heard of Ativan and thought oh no, here I go again. Another drug to be addicted to. I’ve been off mirtazapine since Aug. 1 and was sailing along quite well. Have any of you had any experience with Ativan? What is your opinion of it? I don’t want to have to withdraw from something else. When telling ER doc about mirtazapine her response was typical of what we all hear.

    “She’d never heard of anyone having severe problems” and that I should quit reading this stuff on the internet. If it weren’t for all of you I would be in a worse mental state than I am. I am wondering what planet these doctors practice on. How could their knowledge on this and our real life experience be so far apart? I have had eye issues for many years but the past two weeks have been terrible. Double vision making most days impossible to drive.

    I think I scared the dickens out of my daughter and son. They both drove me to the hospital and were quite sympathetic which is not normal for either of them. I guess they could see how sick I really felt. So, I am back struggling again. 90 lbs and no appetite. Scares the dickens out of me. Still, I will not under any conditions go back on that poison just to have to start over again. David, are you doing any better?

    • David September 18, 2015, 12:11 am

      Jan, I am in the same boat that you are in. I mean it, the same boat. About a month ago I felt much better, then all of a sudden “Bam”, it seemed like someone hit the reset button. I feel as bad right now as I did early on in the process. It is call protracted recurrent withdrawals, when the very thing that happened to you happens during, or right at the end of withdrawal from any drug or alcohol.

      I am very sorry to hear of your misfortune, and wish you a prompt recovery. I have all the same symptoms that you have, and some more besides. I just had a prayer for you. Again, I am so sorry that this has happened to you. You know, I still say sometimes it doesn’t make any difference how long you taper, when you finally stop, you get slammed.

      I wish that I knew something to say or do to help you, but prayers, and knowing that someone else cares, and shares your grief, anxiety, pain and suffering is all that I can offer. For a few weeks, about the only time I get out of bed is to shower, bathroom, and eat, although I still have no appetite. I am just too weak and fatigued. Take Care, David

    • Judy September 18, 2015, 10:34 pm

      Jan, Sorry to hear about the more recent issues…doctors are living in some other reality unfortunately. I never once said a single thing to the family doc I had, because I knew he would only say I was depressed and pull out the prescription pad. I’d encourage you to be very careful with Ativan, especially because you are still experiencing withdrawal symptoms (nausea and vision changes seem to be fairly common with those of us who have WD).

      Ativan can be addictive and quite hard to come off too. Personally, I’ve steered clear of almost any kind of drug since coming off Remeron…as I’m overly sensitive to almost everything. My post about low histamine wasn’t put on the site. If you google the topic, you’ll find some information about foods that are high and low histamine content. Changing diet made a very big difference for me in terms of reducing symptoms.

      I am just over a year off the drug and am doing reasonably well. Most symptoms are minimal or non-existent. I ended up seeing an acupuncturist for my digestion and found great relief through that. I still have occasional nights of poor sleep, or bouts of increased heart rate, but for the most part, am doing miles better than I ever was on the drug. Hang in there…things get better in time.

  • H.T. Yamamoto September 13, 2015, 8:55 pm

    Remeron seems to be a very nasty sleeping pill to taper. I began my taper of 15 mg. of mirtazapine ago by starting at 10.75 for 2 weeks, 7.5 for the next 2 weeks. My plan was to proceed to 3.25 mg in the fifth week; but I found the withdrawal side effects too significant as most of you are finding: anxiety, frequent urination, fatigue, slight confusion.

    So I completed the 5th week at 7.5mg and have decided to stay on at 7.5 for perhaps another month. I tried melatonin for sleep with my taper and found it useless in giving me a sleep. I have tapered off Zoplicone in 6 weeks, but tapering off mirtazapine is a very lonely and uncomfortable experience. Please advise as to my titration rate, and dangers.

  • jan September 8, 2015, 2:38 pm

    A note of encouragement. I have been totally off mirtazapine since Aug. 1. I can definetly see that I am improving as time goes on. I was put on Mirt. in 2003 and decided to get off of it in 2011. I tried just stopping and was violently ill and wound up going back on it. So, realized I would have to wean slowly. I have been doing this. VERY slowly. Taking crumbs and shavings at the very end in July.

    Even going this way I still was uncomfortable for most of Aug. and sleep was a problem. I say uncomfortable because compared to what happened to me the first time it was nothing. Now I am more than a month out and beginning to feel I am coming around. As David said though each person is different and it is important to let your body determine how you go about this weaning off. Just don’t rush yourself. The past two nights I have slept well. I woke up only once each night but went right back to sleep. I have been going to bed a bit earlier than usual (10:30 instead of 11:30) and will still go to sleep right away.

    All in all I can’t complain about symptoms. The itching has stopped and stomach is starting to feel more normal. No diarreha or constipation. Think my gut is beginning to work on its own. I am also starting to get a bit of appetite back. Not every day but try to force myself to eat realizing I need it and not the trash can. I think my weight may be stablizing. 91.5 this morning so a tiny bit better. Just wanted to write and encourage all of you that are deep in this. Keep working on it and be kind to yourself.

  • Mary September 4, 2015, 2:07 pm

    I was taking 30mg of Remeron daily for a year. 11 days ago my doctor and I decided I should come off of it, and he told me to just stop taking it. No taper. He also instructed me to stop taking my 10mg of Abilify. It’s been 11 days since I stopped both meds, and yesterday was the first bad day of physical withdrawal. I am also noticing a sharp change in my mental state, but that could also be influenced by the fact that I feel bad physically.

    I feel strange – that is the best way I can describe it. I feel as though I haven’t slept in days, even though I’ve been getting 6-8 hours of sleep every night. The symptoms I am feeling are similar to how I feel when sleep deprived. It’s as if I’m about to come down with the flu. The general consensus of people I’ve talked to about this sudden change in medication is that my doctor absolutely should not have instructed me to just stop these medications.

    Now that I have stopped them, however, I’d rather just get this withdrawal process over with. Should I expect my symptoms to get worse before they get better? How long should I expect to feel bad? Any bit of information anyone has for me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • David September 5, 2015, 4:02 pm

      Mary, you are right about abruptly stopping the mirtazapine. I stopped abruptly after almost 8 years at 45 mgs. Get as much sleep as you can, regardless of how you feel. While you sleep, your body can use that energy to get back to a “sober” medicine free state. I am at over 6 months, and still having withdrawals. Does that mean that you will go that long?

      No, it could be less or more. As far as withdrawals, mirtazapine is one of the worse. There are a number of symptoms, and they can come and go. Mine have been mostly GI pain and spasms, weakness, fatigue, nausea, weight loss, loss of appetite, and of course elevated anxiety. Read these posts, you will get an idea of what to expect.

      No two people have the same experience, some that I have read about have gone over a year, while others are short and not too bad. I wish you the latter, but don’t be expecting either, just do your best to accept whatever comes your way. I have been sick from this since Feb 27th, and still have miserable days. I have learned to expect this to end whenever it ends.

      It has gotten bad enough to have me considering going back on the mirtazapine, but then I remember what I wanted off of it, and fought of the temptation. I wish you luck, and a quick withdrawal. Don’t compare your experience to others, as it will only make matters worse and possibly frighten you that something else is wrong, although that could happen. I guess you see why this is so hard to go through. Take Care!

  • jan August 31, 2015, 10:25 pm

    I started at 110 and this morning weighed 90. It doesnt help matters that I am not taking in enough calories to keep a bird alive. Tried to eat a salad with a chicken breast on top today. Ate about 2/3 of it and such a stomach ache. Just sat with a heating pad on my stomach until I felt better. Of course I have no appetite now and it is almost dinner time. I tried to count my calories one day and it added to about 1500. In order to gain I have to take in about 3000 a day.

    Stomach just wont allow that though. Picked up some more Boost today. Will try some of that later. I am having problems with milk too and Boost says it is lactose free. Will see how that goes. Hope we can both weather through this and gain some weight. I think my weight started to decline about January but has gone faster since I cut back and finally off completely. It will be one month tomorrow since last bit of mirtazapine.

  • jan August 29, 2015, 2:17 pm

    I have almost made it a month with no mirtazapine. BUT… still even with my slow withdrawal after 10 days I started feeling crummy. Chills, nausea, trouble sleeping. My doctor prescribed Zophran for the nausea but feel that trying to eat a bite of banana or oatmeal is almost as good. Talked with a pharmacist about this and he said because I was on it so long 2003-20015 it would probably take me longer.

    He also said to my surprise that they are prescribing this for people with sleeping problems more than an antidepressant now. Poor people. They will sleep but at what expense. This board is what keeps me going though. I look at this frail old body and it scares me. If it weren’t for all of you with the same symptoms I would be scared to death I had cancer. My doctor wanted me to see a gastro but I know they would put me through a lot of horrid tests and find nothing. I had something similar 20 years ago (also caused by another med).

    They did all their tests, found nothing so decided to do an exploratory operation. They just about killed me. Wound up in the hospital for 3 weeks. I did finally come out of it but it was rough. Know now not to have those tests that I just have to tough it out. I am so concerned about this weight though. 90.5 lbs and I am 78 so not very strong. Last time I got down to 89 lbs.

    Found that oatmeal and banana set well in the stomach although I am not fond of either. Thank you for answering David. My thoughts and prayers are with you (all of you on this board) that we will all come through this and feel good again. I should say that since starting this milk is a problem for me. Bad stomach cramps. I love milk but now buy almond milk. –Judy you were talking about histamine. Could you give some suggestions on what you should and shouldn’t eat? I am not sure what foods have histamine.

    • David August 31, 2015, 1:57 pm

      Jan, what was your weight before going off the Mirtazapine? I am at 6 months, have lost over 30 lbs., and am still losing it. I weighed 168 this morning, and weighed 204 when this started.

  • Amanda August 28, 2015, 8:58 am

    Hiya. I’m withdrawing from 15mg down to 7.5mg for a week then will try to stop altogether. I’m on my second day of withdrawals and already feel much better than the first day. I’m still experiencing palpitations, severe sweating, nausea, tiredness and dizziness but I am definitely improving. I have been on and off mirtazapine for at least 6 years.

  • jan August 22, 2015, 1:34 pm

    Finally quit taking the crumbs of mirtazapine Aug 1. Didn’t feel any withdrawal for about 10 or so days. Then sleep disturbance (3-4 hours a night) mild nausea, gut pain. I notice though that if when I first get up I eat a bite of banana it helps the stomach and as the morning progresses I feel better. By evening I almost feel like a normal person. :) I will continue on.

    I do still have withdrawal even weaning carefully for so long but the side effects are bearable. Saw the doc Thursday and she prescribed Zofran but Medicare balked at paying for that ($100) so I will continue on without it. Think I will be OK if I just persevere. Off 3 weeks and I am happy with that. Still grinding teeth. Weight loss has been a big problem. 93 lbs down from 110. Will be happy to gain my appetite again. Once in awhile I will feel hungry and try to eat something right away and take advantage of the hunger. Want my weight back. Have gone from a size 8 down to a 4 :(

    • David August 28, 2015, 10:29 pm

      Jan, I am with you on the weight issue. I went from 204 to 169. I have had to buy new clothes, and my skin looks loose. As a matter of fact, I am still losing. I have been 6 months off, but I quit cold turkey after 8 years. HUGE mistake. I, like you, would like my appetite and about 20 pounds of my weight back. I still have abdominal spasms / cramps that are painful at times, and a good day here and there.

      I am one of those folks that you read about that are unfortunate and have withdrawals longer than usual. Yesterday was 6 months, and I don’t know how much longer it will be. Good luck to you. A little advice, grab your sleep when you can, short naps during the day adds up. I hope your trip down a road that for me has been hell is quick and as pain free as possible. David

  • Lee August 8, 2015, 8:31 pm

    After being on these tablets for 10 years. I decided two weeks ago to quit them there and then. Tired of doctors upping and lowering dosages. Never getting anywhere. Living with an constant fear of everything. Never looking forward to anything. Developing depression instead of treating my anxiety. Visiting counselling sessions, CBT, all that crap. So, two weeks have passed and I’ve never felt as good, hopeful, thankful, content, proud of the decision to quit mirtazipine. I was on 45mg too. Think I’ll always struggle a bit with sleep but other than that, best thing I’ve ever done.

    • MAS August 12, 2015, 5:22 pm

      I was only on Mirtazapine for a couple months, but I completely agree with your sentiments. I was fortunate in terms of the withdrawal and lack of symptoms. Best wishes. MAS

  • David July 26, 2015, 4:34 pm

    It has now been 5 months since I stopped cold turkey Feb 27th. I am still in misery. Abdominal cramps, GI issues, anxiety, depression, tremors, despair, weakness, fatigue, vertigo, and general sick feeling. It is not as bad as it has been, and I have had a few good days, and each of these symptoms comes and goes. I have been to the ER 3 times since stopping, because I just couldn’t believe that stopping that little pill would make me feel the worse that I ever have, and for this long.

    The beginning of the site states that there have been people who have had symptoms as long as 6 months. If mine are all resolved at 6 months I will be happy. If you are withdrawing from this drug, just concentrate on making tomorrow become today, and let time do its job. Don’t compare your benchmarks with those of others. It will only make things worse, and give you one more thing to worry about.

    I thought that it would be history by now. Speaking of history, I took 45mg for almost 8 years, tried a 45 – 30 – 15 – 0 temper from my doctor, which spread over a month. It didn’t work, and after a couple of weeks of hell, another doctor put me back on the Mirt, but only 7.5 mgs, which left me with a 37.5 mg shortage, which I didn’t think of at the time, so for the next 12 months I was miserable.

    I finally went of the 7.5 cold turkey, 2/27/25, 5 months ago. I have never been one for crying, but this has caused quite a bit. I ask not for anyone’s pity, but would appreciate anyone’s prayers, as I have been sick, compliments of doctors and mirtazapine, for a long time. I am a 62 year old retired fire chief. I wish you well. David

    • Paul July 27, 2015, 12:50 pm

      Hello David. Good to hear from you although sad to hear that you are still struggling with withdrawal from Mirtazapine. I have posted my withdrawal journey on this blog. Although each withdrawal is unique there are many common symptoms which gives us all some comfort when hearing others similar experience. I do hope that your situation improves soon.

      One aspect that I am struggling with is the guilt of not being able to contribute to and look after my family. Sometimes therapy helps although can enforce my feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness as I co to use to struggle with these ongoing physical and mental health symptoms. At end of week 8 with almost 4 weeks off Mirtazapine and withdrawal symptoms worsening with increasing fatigue and body aches along with nausea, constipation, diarrhea, low mood. When will this ever end? Love to you all.

    • Judy August 4, 2015, 8:34 pm

      David, I’m sorry for what you’ve been through. You definitely have my prayers. It’s unfortunate that doctors are so apparently ignorant about both the effects and withdrawal from these drugs. I’m afraid many people are suffering, as a result of this. Your post does contain a lot of wisdom…the kind that comes through profound suffering. I am not a year off, and most things have improved greatly for me. It all takes time, a lot more than any of us wants it to. But healing is possible and is happening, even when not obvious. Hang in there…you will heal too.

      • David August 5, 2015, 9:47 pm

        Judy, thank you. I am still suffering at 5 months and a week. I slept 1.5 hours last night, and have been sick with abdominal cramps all day. I had a few decent days here and there, and hope that it will be more often in the future. I appreciate the kind thoughts and prayers from you and others. God bless you all, and take care of yourselves. Cold turkey should only be on a plate.

        • Judy August 14, 2015, 1:25 am

          What kind of diet are you able to eat David? Did you check out the low histamine chef that I recommended some time ago? Changing my diet was one of the main things that first helped. Insomnia got better almost right away…digestion improved too, though I am still dealing with some issues on that count. Are you able to tolerate any kind of supplements? That’s often a big issue for quite awhile. I tried a bunch of things, but it was 5 or 6 months before I could tolerate them. That part is highly individual too. Coming off these drugs could test the patience of Job.

    • Chuck Smith October 9, 2015, 3:16 am

      Wow, thank you for this forum. I thought I was going crazy. Have been on long taper, stopped at 7.5, thought it was over. Only just beginning. Lost 30 pounds, had anxiety attacks…much worse than any other drug, and I have gone off many. The bad stuff didn’t even start for months, so was inexplicable. I now take 7.5 every 2 weeks or so… Just so I can relax, sleep, and eat normally. I was convinced that I was overdosing on thyroid meds, and have gone off those…but still get crazy anxiety and angry manic episodes. Thank you all for helping me see what has been happening. And good luck to all. Drugs aren’t evil. Some effects feel evil.

  • Helen martin July 22, 2015, 12:06 pm

    Hi I stopped taking mirtazapine 3 and a bit months ago. The worst thing for me has been the battering my nervous system has had and how it’s affected my sleep since withdrawing. I’m so sleep deprived that I’m mostly confused, exhausted, heart racing most of the time. It’s like I have to constantly help myself to unwind and relax and that is exhausting. Has anyone else had trouble with switching off?

    I too will never again take antidepressants – I know they can work for some but should not be used as a cure all treatment in primary care for anxiey. It just exacerbated the initial anxiety I was feeling when my dads illness took a downward turn. Now I can see what happened and I’m left with this imprint of the drugs on my nervous system and brain chemicals.

    • Judy August 6, 2015, 12:40 am

      Helen, I think the difficulty in relaxing is common. Antidepressants have profound effects on the autonomic nervous system–which is responsible for the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. That feeling that you’re going along with the foot on the gas pedal is part of what contributes to insomnia, as well as many of the other symptoms.

      I’ve found some relief through things like guided imagery, qi gong, gentle exercise, spending time in nature, meditation. Even at 1 year off the drug, I still have some rounds of this…though it has lessened greatly in intensity and duration. It takes time for the nervous system to heal. I agree that these drugs should not be used as broadly as they are. There has been little study into long-term effects of taking them…and as most of us have said, doctors don’t know much about the effects of withdrawing from them.

  • jan July 22, 2015, 12:48 am

    Still taking crumbs of mirtazapine. Just afraid to drop this last little piece I am taking. I am taking 1/8 of a 15 mg tablet. The pills dont split very well so some days I am sure it is less than that. I am afraid if I stop these little crumbs that horrid nausea and chills will come back so just keep taking it. I have been taking this amount since sometime in June.

    I am still losing weight that I can’t afford to lose. I have gone from 110 down to 93 lbs this morning. Just no appetite and when I do feel hungry fill up very fast. Hoping this will resolve itself as I look like I am wearing someone else’s clothes. Everything way to big. Still, if I can keep the nausea away I will eventually be rid of this horrid drug.

    • Judy August 4, 2015, 8:30 pm

      Hi Jan, You can purchase a scale on amazon and weigh the pills…or they can be mixed with water and taken that way. If you google “tips for tapering off Remeron”, you’ll find a site with more information. Have you tried ginger or ginger tea for nausea? In my case, the weight loss was welcome. But it sure sounds like you don’t need to lose any. I sometimes took Gravol at night and that helped with both nausea and the feeling of fullness. Take care.

  • Jess July 17, 2015, 10:33 pm

    I had just recently been taken off remeron a week ago. Just now starting to experience some withdrawal symptoms. Decrease in appetite, flu-like symptoms, tiredness, poor concentration, nausea is the #1 symptom for me right now. Feel like I’m running a fever, not sure if ibuprofen or something would alleviate the symptoms? I was on it for almost 4 months at a 15mg dosage, along with 40mg paxil, but my psychiatrist recently told me to stop taking it since it caused an excessive weight gain. I’m 19 years old and went from 140lbs to 162lbs, which is a bit excessive for my age (19) & height (5’7).

  • ZJZJ July 15, 2015, 8:31 am

    I have been tapering from Mitrazapine since October 2014. I was on 37.5mg down to 5mg. It has been an extremely difficult journey. I have experienced so many WD symptoms, that at times I questioned my own existence. I have experienced the following WD symptoms;
    *Anxiety (Worsening)
    *Panic Attacks
    *Nightmares/Disturbing Dreams
    *Sudden Adrenaline Surges/Rushes
    *Night Sweats
    *Racing Thoughts
    *Weight Gain
    *Head Noise
    *Intrusive Thoughts
    *Burning /Pins and Needles in the head. (Especially front lobe /Back of head)
    *Sensitivity to supplements /drugs
    *Crying Spells
    *Fleeting moments of Helplessness

    A lot of the symptoms have improved over time. I hope this helps someone who is going through the WD. Hang in there. The WD can last for a lot longer than what you are told by your GP. Horrible drug, hope to get off it safely.

    • David July 23, 2015, 9:35 pm

      Your are having / have had weight gain with WD. Everyone else including myself have had problems with weight loss. Regards, David

  • Amber July 10, 2015, 6:39 am

    I was on Remeron 45 mg for over 3 years. The weight gain and constant food hunger caused major problems for me. Over the past year and a half I’ve worked really hard to get the weight off. Only have about 8 lbs left to go so I’m almost back to my starting weight! For the past 6 months I have also been taking Wellbutrin 150mg. The doc and I decided to start weaning me off Remeron so we moved to 30 for 25 days, 15 mg for 23 days, and 7.5 for 20 days. I’ve only got 6 days left to go until I’m fully off Remeron.

    So far only side affects are; I’m less hungry(good) super itchy all over (bad) tired (bad) seem to have a clearer mind (good) but keep in mind, I am still on Wellbutrin 150mg. Good luck! This drug did what I needed it to do when I was at my worst. I am no longer in that place and frankly I cannot wait to rid my body of it.

  • Chris July 6, 2015, 10:46 pm

    I had been taking 15mg of Mirtazapine for perhaps as long as seven years. Because the dose was so low, and I only took it at night to get to sleep I thought nothing of taking it. I knew nothing about this drug, and saw it as innocuous. Recently, after seeing a psychiatrist for changes in medication for mood disorder, I expressed to psych that I was concerned that new meds would make me gain weight.

    She laughed and said Mirtazapine would do that ahead of the new drug because it increases the appetite. I told her that would explain my binge eating at night and my steady weight gain over the years. Ater looking Mirtazapine up, I decided to come off it, as it no longer kept me asleep. Often I would wake up after 3-4 hours sleep, and be really tired in the morning. I halved my dose of 15mg to 7.5 for two weeks, then stopped taking it. The withdrawals coming off this drug have been horrendous.

    The anxiety was almost disabling. It is now 5 weeks since I stopped taking it and I the past two days I feel as though I might be coming good. After reducing and then stopping, my binge eating at night ceased and the weight is starting to come off – only because I am not hungry all the time. I take longer to fall asleep, but am not waking up at 2.00 – 3.00 am. While I don’t feel completely withdrawn yet, I can see and end to the anxiety. I would never take this drug ever again.

  • MK June 30, 2015, 4:55 pm

    It’s been a week since my last tapered dose and I am struggling to stay positive and maintain perspective. I took mirtazapine for anxiety and repeated panic attacks at work, for about 18 months. It worked great, especially since I also am prone to depression and social anxiety. Since starting the meds, I found a better job and have been doing wonderfully, but I got sick of the lethargy and weight gain.

    My healthcare provider is known for second-rate mental health programs, and this was obvious when one doctor directed me over the phone to go from 30mg to 15mg for 2 weeks, then 15mg every other night for two weeks, and stop. Another doctor then told me she would have had me do this differently, more slowly and with intermediate doses of 22.5 and 7.5mg. There’s no agreed-upon strategy for these drugs. These people are professionals and even they haven’t got the first clue about how these drugs work. It’s about as scientific as consulting a weed dealer to “prescribe” the best strain.

    Anyway, this post has been helpful, especially the long list of withdrawal symptoms– I don’t feel so alone in this now. My symptoms so far, from the list, are: anxiety, appetite decrease, concentration problems, confusion (mostly gone now), depersonalization, hypomania (small bouts of), insomnia, mood swings, nausea, racing thoughts, and sleep changes. I wouldn’t say suicidal thoughts, but definitely some abstract thinking about how these feelings are never going to go away and I can imagine how some people think suicide would be only way to stop all the feelings.

    It would be even nicer if this post had some real info about exactly how long withdrawal symptoms will last, like it says in the headline, but I know it’s different for everyone. For now I’m trying to remember this is only temporary. Will have to keep at it. Best wishes to all of you.

    • Paul July 7, 2015, 2:01 pm

      Hello. Was wondering how you are doing? There are lots of folk here that I can fully empathise having gone through a withdrawal from Mirtazapine and now in the depths of withdrawal. I tapered down 7.5 every week from 30mg which I had been on for 8 months for depression and nausea. Been off it for 6 days and feel awful with strong nausea although no other major symptoms (yet). Seems quite common to have withdrawal symptoms appear or intensify a week after stopping completely. This is scary as nobody can tell me when the symptoms are likely to ease and disappear. Find myself questioning whether my nausea is due to withdrawal or anxiety. Hope you are ok.

  • Kelly June 30, 2015, 4:34 am

    I was on this evil drug for 2 months. I will admit that once I got down to 7.5mg I cut the tablet into tiny pieces for a further 4 nights and then stopped. Well since then I have had the worst nausea ever, no appetite, gastrointestinal upset, vertigo, hot and cold sweats, uncontrollable shaking (which hit me after 3 days). The nausea and panic has kept me up all night and this is only 4 nights without mirt. I read about the withdrawal before starting it but decided to give it a try for the sake of my health and I’m regretting it so much now. Everyone is different so withdrawal may not be as bad for you.

  • David June 29, 2015, 2:24 pm

    Hello. It has been 4 months since taking my last Mirtazapine tablet, which was a cold turkey stop. I though for a while that it was a big mistake, but in the past 4 months, while reading a lot of posts, it seems that no matter how you stop, there is still a chance of significant withdrawal symptoms. This has been a really hard thing to do, one of the hardest in my life and is still ongoing. I have been to the Emergency Room 3 times since February 27th, the day that I stopped.

    This is what is still hanging on: abdominal spasms, stomach cramps, both of which are painful, and almost unbearable at times, and was the reason for the last ER visit. The doctor, after a CT of the abdomen, abomenal x-rays, labwork (blood work), and a hands-on physical exam, told me that he had no idea why I was having the pain. I left there feeling worse than when I went. I waited until last to mention the mirtazapine withdrawal so that I would get a thorough exam.

    I am also having anxiety, depression, fatigue, weakness, tremors, vertigo, nausea, churning bowels, diarrhea, constipation, lack of appetite, losing weight, feeling helpless and hopeless. Also allergy symptoms. Sleep is OK one night and bad the next. These symptoms are a little better at times, and I can deal with them better at times. I am fortunate that I have the support of my wife, who retired in June. This has been nothing short of horrible. I hate to say it, but the physical and emotional pain has been as bad as when my daughter died.

    I have thought several times about going back on the Mirt for some relief, but my wife and I decided against it. She reminded me as to why I got off it in the beginning. I still have faith in God that this will improve, but if you have stopped, or are planning to stop this stuff, remember that your results will be unique to you, with regard to severity, length, type of symptoms, etc. For example, my hands/fingers are trembling as I type this. Good luck to anyone planning to do this. David

  • Kate Ellington June 28, 2015, 11:42 am

    I had been taking Remeron (mirtazapine) for over 4 years at 45 mg daily, when my Consultant decided to reduce me to 30 mg last year, due to weight gain. I am age 69. I did not have severe problems with withdrawal symptoms at that time, although I felt rather depressed for about a month. This time my Consultant decided to reduce my dose to 15 mg, also due to substantial weight gain. I wanted to loose weight, so I stuck with this for just over 3 weeks, the main problems being nausea, diarrhea, sweats, feeling as if I was running a temperature, extreme tiredness and generally being too much to bear.

    I spoke to my own GP and put my dose back up to 30 mg again, when I started feeling better. Nobody suggested that I broke my 30 mg and 15mg tablets in half to give 22.5 mg, but my psychiatric nurse suggested I do this – this being just a week after my increase to 30 mg daily. This has also been very difficult with nausea and diarrhea, cold sweats and extreme tiredness from about 8 pm. My eyes have also become almost closed up and my arthritis has become worse, which I think is the result of my decrease on the other drugs I take.

    But I have lost 10 lbs in weight (22.5 kgs?), and having read the information on this website I intend to stick with the process this time. I do not believe that the option to reduce mirtazapine more slowly, is available to NHS patients in the UK, but I will make it my business to find out. Depending on how long the whole withdrawal process takes this time, I would be willing to reduce this drug further, as it has not made me feel badly depressed. Kate

    • [email protected] May 21, 2016, 3:53 am

      Hi Kate, I was interested to read your comments as I am also in my 60’s and was on this rotten drug for 2 years, most of the time at 30mg. I tapered off over 4 months and have been totally off it for about 4 months. I am starting to have some good days, but most days are terrible. I too have found it has made my arthritis worse.

      Along with nausea, sweating, itching, loss of appetite, just to name a few symptoms, my anxiety has returned big time, although I can control it to some degree now. Since your last post was almost a year ago, I am wondering how you are going now – much better I hope. I am determined to hang in there and get over this, but it is so damned hard. It seems like I have forgotten what it is like to feel really well.

      Getting older is hard enough on its own without having to go through this.

  • Matt Lee June 22, 2015, 4:30 pm

    I have been taking remeron since I was 7. I am now 17 and my grandmother just decided to quit giving me my medication. I had to move away from there because it was a bad environment so to get back at me she is making me have to go through these withdrawals. Every morning I wake up feeling like crap. I have a really really bad stomach ache and I can’t eat anything. I end up throwing up and all it is is stomach acid. I have a really had time sleeping as well as I can not eat anything.

    I try to eat something and I just can’t. It makes me throw up just eating it. I have to drink protein shakes now for my food or eat soup because I can not eat a lot of food. I do not know what to do about this. I was on 15 mg for the first couple years then I got switched to 30 then like 3 months later 45. Most recent I have been on 15 and I have been off of them for like 3 weeks but the symptoms are actually getting worse. Please help.

    • Res June 28, 2015, 8:41 pm

      I am so sorry you’re having to go through this, Matt. I feel really bad for you. Wish there was something I could do to help. If you read this site you’ll see that stopping cold turkey can be VERY dangerous. Please consider going back on it and then tapper down 1/10 every month – 6 weeks. I will be praying for you and your situation.

  • Sharon snook June 22, 2015, 9:34 am

    I was on mirtazapine for 18 months 30mgs I stopped taking them three weeks ago after tapering down to 15mg every other day. I have had nausea and insomnia but can now sleep! I had terrible itching but that seems to be going! Diarrhea the first couple of weeks and muscle cramps! The nausea has continued but this is helping me to lose some of the three stone I gained. I had a panic attack in the middle of the night on Saturday but I was having them even when I was taking mirt and in a way that has been good as I have stopped avoidance behavior! Sometimes when I read reviews of mirtazapine they scare me but my rational brain tells me a depressed person is writing them! Mirtazapine helped me to sleep and eat when I was at my lowest point and I had no choice but to take them if I hadn’t gained so much weight I would probably still be on them! Keep the faith the withdrawal will pass!

  • Px June 15, 2015, 9:01 am

    I’m going my 3rd week of WD. I got this med for lack of sleeping about 2 years ago and it felt like a miracle drug for that. After I’ve read comments, I’m very glad that I kept my dose below subscribed amount all the time. My normal dose was like 3.75 or 1.8 mg (subscribed 15 or 7.5). I think I’ve past most physical WD effects, but still definitely worst is the original problem, sleeping (4-5 h max/ night). Good luck for everyone!

  • Elaine Crowder June 13, 2015, 9:02 am

    The comments of every single person are immensely helpful. I came off 15mg Mirtz about three months ago. Initially felt terrific… Now diarrhea, stomach churning (anxiety). I am determined to not go back to it, as I also take Largactil (for sleep)and 120mg of Cymbalta for depression, which over the next few years I also want to very slowly taper off, as I have been on antidepressants since my husband died 27 years ago when my son was only 11 years old. Now I have few stresses and feel I want to get off all of these and rely on more natural substances. May God bless each and every one of you and do pray for Him to help you as I will pray for each and every one of you. God bless, Alaine.

  • Paul June 8, 2015, 8:14 pm

    Glad I found this article and the many helpful comments from fellow sufferers. I was prescribed Mirtazapine 9 months ago for moderate depression which I now know was actually withdrawal symptoms from Trazadone. Told the psychiatrist that I was not depressed and that I was having withdrawal symptoms from Trazadone but he ignored this and gladly prescribed Mirtazapine 15mg to increase up to 45mg as required. Looking back this a lazy and convenient diagnosis.

    To be fair Mirtazapine instantly improved my mood and sleep and so I continued even increasing to 45mg briefly which introduced anxiety and panic which was/is new to me. My original issue was nausea which I had every day for almost 2 years and Mirtazapine has not helped this apart from increasing appetite for sugar and carbs. Anyway I decided last week to come off Mirtazapine 30mg after reading scary withdrawal stories on another site. I figured that best to come off now after 9 months rather than after years of use and the benefits were virtually non existent.

    My original plan was to taper down 7.5mg every week over 4 weeks and I started this on 4th June. So far awful nausea, flu like symptoms and depressive mood. Feel hopeless and helpless but after reading through the experience of others I am more determined than ever to come off this evil medication which should be prescribed rarely and only where depression is deep and the patients life is in danger. Good luck and love to you all.

  • Jan June 4, 2015, 2:18 am

    Well, I am into June and now down to an 1/8 of a tablet. I am going so slow. The piece of tablet is so small I feel silly taking it but I am afraid to stop totally. I am doing really well as far as side effects. I still have some nights that I don’t sleep as well – usually wake around 3 but can go back to sleep. Seems a 4 hour uninterrupted stretch is the norm. On and off loose stools/constipation – never know which it will be.

    Still grind my teeth. I do find I tire easily but I am probably a good deal older than most of you (78). I just lie down (don’t sleep) and rest. As I said in a previous post, if I can keep the nausea away I will make it. I have not ever been troubled with the headaches that some of you have mentioned. I just looked back in my diary and see that I started weaning off 30 mg two years ago so this has been slow but steady.

    I am hoping to be off these tiny remeron crumbs by the end of the month. The only thing that would get me to take any of it again would be nausea. I will keep you posted. I know I will make it getting off just not sure of June or…? In a couple of weeks will take 1/16 of a tablet. Then by month end hopefully nothing.

  • MAS June 2, 2015, 4:52 pm

    I have been on 15 mg of Mirt for 3 months for depression. In the last week, I have cut the pills in half. Seems OK, although I have quite a bit of diarrhea, some headaches and I am little foggy. Sleep was great on the 15 mg and still doing OK on 7.5 mg although perhaps not as good as before. Will try to stay at 7.5 mg for a couple more weeks.

    • Res June 8, 2015, 5:25 pm

      Mas, I would be very careful about stopping at 7.5mg as your last dose. Even though you haven’t been taking it that long, don’t underestimate how potent a drug this is. I would suggest you follow this site’s recommendation of reducing down 1/10 per every 6-8 weeks, maybe even longer. Typically the WD starts a couple weeks AFTER your last dose. That’s when all traces are out of your systems (liver, etc.). Those two weeks you feel really good and then BOOM! I wish you luck and God Bless. -Res

      • MAS June 9, 2015, 3:55 pm

        Res – thank you for the advice. I appreciate it. What I don’t understand is how, if the 1/2 life is 20-40 hours, all these symptoms appear months late.

        • GLOOM June 10, 2015, 2:27 am

          They are protracted withdrawal symptoms MAS. Your brain and nervous system are attempting to function, but are no longer receiving the drug and are having a difficult time counteracting all of the neurophysiological changes induced by taking the drug and adaptations resulting from withdrawal…

          Your neurophysiology is likely scrambling in attempt to restore homeostasis, but it takes awhile… Sure the drug has been fully cleared from your body, but the changes take awhile to reverse. Hope this helps/makes sense.

          • MAS June 10, 2015, 2:29 pm

            Gloom – thank you for the reply. I appreciate it.

          • David June 17, 2015, 10:40 pm

            GLOOM, thank you very much. Your explanation helps with my peace of mind. I am at 4 months, the symptoms aren’t as bad, but are significant enough to cause me misery, and I expected to be a little further along at this point.

    • MAS June 15, 2015, 3:00 pm

      An update. I decided to stop the mirt altogether a week ago. So far, the main SE is waking a couple times a night, which had been my sleep pattern for a couple of years prior to taking mirt. Some headaches as well. I feel better than when I was on the drug, although it did help me through the darkest days. I am praying that I don’t get any more SEs in the coming weeks as my body clears itself of the drug.

      • MAS June 29, 2015, 5:43 pm

        Another update. Stopped 3 weeks ago @ 7.5 mg. (was on 15 mg. for depression for 3 months and 7.5 for a couple weeks). So far, not too bad. A little rebound depression and insomnia, some headaches, but mostly good to date. I feel better off the drug than on it, and will keep off it as long as thing don’t get any worse.

        • MAS July 29, 2015, 3:10 am

          Perhaps a final update. Off for almost two months without too much difficulty. Some insomnia and rebound depression, but mild compared to what others have suffered. Perhaps since I wasn’t on it too long, I have been able to avoid some of the withdrawal symptoms. Best wishes to all.

  • Res June 2, 2015, 4:01 pm

    Hi DLB, I have been reading and following your story. So sorry for what you’ve endured. I ended up going back on full dose (15 mg ) after 1.5 mos of acute suffering, worst of which was insomnia (NO sleep) due to constant heart palpitations at night. My ND tried everything to help get me sleep but the WD won. 2+ weeks after my last dose in April I got nearly every SE with the exception of GI issues.

    If you know of a good ND I’d suggest seeing one (try Googling Bastyr University and you can then search for a provider in your area). They can give you natural remedies such as L-Glutamine to help heal your gut. I wish you luck DLB. Thank you for letting me know where you are in your WD. It helps me know that one can indeed get of this drug eventually because I fully intend to do this again, but next time I will be informed and armed. -Res

  • HH May 23, 2015, 9:13 pm

    This thread has been so reassuring. I was put on Remeron 15mg to help me sleep after issues caused by surgery. I had no idea how strong of a drug this was. I only took it for 16 days 7.5 mg for most of that and it never really helped me sleep. It made me feel HORRIBLE! I quit cold turkey 10 days ago and the nausea set in about 4 days ago.

    I’ve been taking melatonin to help with sleep (I’ve been getting about 5 interrupted hours every night since I quit which was about whet I was getting on it). I’be had crazy mood swings. Anyone have thoughts on how long this crap might last?! Any suggestions for more herbal type sleep aids? What have you all used for nausea?

    • Res May 30, 2015, 7:50 pm

      Hello HH. Sorry you had to experience what this terrible drug does when you quit it/wean off. To answer your question on how long the SE last? Well, I think it’s different for each person and then of course factor in the dose and how long on this drug. Good news is you weren’t on it long so compared to someone like myself who was on it for 2 years, you certainly should have a shorter stretch. At least one would hope.

      Everything you describe above is exactly what the majority of us have too, and much much more. And every day you withdraw is a different set of SE. You also cycle thru something one day, it goes away the next day only to return the day after. I wish more folks who have posted earlier would come back and tell us how things are mos later, it would help us folks who are still in the thick of it to know what to expect.

      • DLB May 31, 2015, 6:45 pm

        Res, I am 3 days into week 12. I was on 45mg for 7 years, and 7.5mg for a year. I tried a taper set up by the PCP Feb 2014 30mg 2wks, 15mg 2wks, stop. 4 days later I was in hell. My GI doc put me back on 7.5mg, and after a few days things got better. This past Feb, I quit cold turkey from the 7.5. Big mistake. I should have learned the first time that you should taper off this stuff.

        Over 12 weeks later I am still having WD SE. Like you said, I am still having the day on/day off with some of the SE. However, they are much less severe than when I first got off the stuff. My main issue right now is abdominal cramps, gas, and frequent constipation. And, the considerable pain from this is keeping me from getting enough sleep and rest. I am retired, and if I’m lucky I get a nap during the day. If I could get a grip on the abdominal cramps, which would let me get more sleep, maybe the fatigue would get better, and I would be much happier.

        During the 12 weeks, I have had every SE listed on this forum, and they were severe, including the crying spells, which I considered my lowest point. I felt useless, hopeless, and despair like I never knew existed. I visited the hospital ER twice. I hope that this has been at least a little helpful as to what you may expect. I extend empathy, sympathy, and God’s peace and tranquility to every unfortunate soul who reads this forum looking for a little hope at the end of their personal hell. Regards, -DLB

        • Judy June 3, 2015, 8:57 pm

          Sorry it’s been so rough for you. It’s really a miserable process coming off these drugs. Some people find 2 supplements helpful during withdrawal. One is magnesium citrate or glycinate and fish oil. Both can help the nervous system and reduce some of the symptoms. Not sure if would help abdominal symptoms or not. I’m unable to tolerate fish oil or mag supplements. Mag can be taken through the skin with epsom salts baths or as oil or lotion.

          It is better absorbed than through the gut anyway, and for most people, will not produce side effects that way. Since constipation is an issue for you, the mag could be helpful…but start out with low dose of maybe 25 mg. to see how it affects you. One of the big things about wd from these drugs is that the nervous system becomes very sensitized to everything from food to drug to supplements. I had to eliminate all drugs (even advil) and can tolerate few supplements.

          I mentioned this a few times on here, but a lot of people on AD end up with some issues regarding histamine, especially from Remeron. If you investigate histamine intolerance on the web, you’ll find some information on foods high in histamine. It could be by reducing some of the higher histamine foods and incorporating more antihistamine foods, you might get some relief.

          Changing diet made a huge difference in reducing a lot of my symptoms–insomnia, digestive issues, physical pain, headaches. But it’s better not to eliminate the histamine foods, as the body can sometimes react with producing more of it…and you end up back where you started. The low histamine chef is a good resource to check out. It does get better…I’ve found taking a multidisciplinary approach is best for me.

          But everyone is different. I do relaxation and spiritual practice at least once daily, mild exercise, spend time outdoors as much as I can, distract with video games at times, eat a very healthy diet, and try not to expect too much from myself. I have to let life unfold and not make too many plans. It’s 10 months since my last pill. It’s an up and down journey, but things are overall, much better than when I quit. My mood has been good the last few months, sleep mostly better than any time in my life, digestion is better, more energy…still dealing with some nagging pains though. Hang in there.

    • John January 10, 2016, 8:57 pm

      A friend of mine tapered off Remeron mirtazapine using a nail file to gradually filing down the pill over several months. Also included vitamin D3, multi B-vitamins, B12 injections, whole foods diet, nothing processed. Gluten free, no wheat, bread, Celtic sea salt only every day, throw away table salt which is acidic and does not provide all the minerals. Probiotics everyday which are very important. Lots of water everyday. Blue green algae and chlorella to help detoxify the liver, kidneys, and cells from the accumulation of the drug. Magnesium, folic acid and hot tubs saunas, and steam room helps restore sleep pattern. Of course, walking a good couple miles a day, bike riding, and meditation.

  • Res May 21, 2015, 7:35 pm

    My advice, having experienced an attempt to wean off evil mirtazapine to only to have to go back on it: Follow the advice on this that states you should reduce only 1/10 (or less) of the dose every month. Go even slower if you have a sensitive body. And make sure to have a health care professional partnering with you that understands this drug and the weaning process where you both have put together a plan that includes if things go south. Also, have an additional person who is supportive and cares about you (friend, relative) that is also on-board with your plan and will be available to you at odd hours. Make yourself super healthy too in prep for the long road.

  • Rob May 21, 2015, 5:38 pm

    I took this drug for a year and a half and decided to come off it myself as I was concerned about long term usage. Tapering is hard for me, I don’t find it effective and too long term so I went cold turkey. Initial withdrawal was intense with some horrific headaches in different areas but mostly on top of my head toward the back. Dizziness, tiredness, disorientation, disrupted order of thinking, poor memory were all issues in the first 2-4 weeks.

    Thankfully I’ve been doing daily meditation for more than a decade so I was able to stay grounded and not panic. Concentration and sleeping were a serious issue and still are 3 months later although the other symptoms have gone except the memory (that was a long running problem prior to taking this medication anyway along with sinusitis). Sleeping 3-5 hours a night for 3 months is getting rather old now.

    I am considering going back onto this medication at some point as it does ease certain non-depressive symptoms (memory, concentration, etc). Thing is I’m very stubborn and want to regain my sleep patterns back naturally. I’m of the opinion that if I do this, then it lays the groundwork for coming off them again in the future should I choose to do so.

  • DLB May 15, 2015, 3:14 pm

    I am two days into week 10 since my last 7.5. Today I am reminded that part of recovery is the torture of the day to day changes. A slight improvement one day, and then from out of nowhere you are plunged right back into utter and complete despair, not knowing when you will be given another taste of the road to normalcy. How dare the dispensers of this awful drug make even a guess as to how long recovery will take, and what to expect it to be like. How on earth would they have a clue?

    It would take time and research of the drug, and a listening ear for their patients when they tell them what it is like. And in today’s world of production medicine, that just isn’t going to happen anytime soon. As I have been typing this, I have had tremors in my fingers, a new gift from the makers of Remeron! I wish God’s healing power in the bodies of those who come to this site for knowledge, comfort, and reassurance that we are not alone in this, and that people do recover. You will get better information and empathy here than you will at a doctor’s office. I will now try to get my mind on something else, a mind that is struggling to heal itself. But how do you get your mind off something that has you in a bad way? -David

  • jan May 14, 2015, 7:07 am

    I am still weaning. I am down to 1.87 (1/2 of 1/4 tablet) for about a month. Next month will go this amount every other day. So far I am experiencing just a few side effects. No appetite and have lost about 15 lbs that I couldn’t afford to lose. Have some nights where I don’t sleep well, but am retired so can take a cat nap if necessary. A few issues with my bowels, but think that is a lot from not eating well due to loss of appetite. All in all I am not complaining as I tried going off this stuff faster and suffered all the horrid withdrawal symptoms that you talk about. Just need to keep the nausea away and I will be able to get off of it.

    • Res May 15, 2015, 2:30 am

      You’re doing really good, Jan. I am praying for you and all the folks here suffering while trying to get off Mirtazapine. Don’t know if you saw, but pharmacists can splice down mirtazapine to the dose increments you need to wean down, so there’s no guess work.

      Also, if you’re experiencing a palpating heart at all, that would mean cortisol is being released into your system which depletes your potassium. To replenish potassium in your system, drink some coconut water, couple ounces a day. Keep up the good fight!

    • Judy May 17, 2015, 3:02 pm

      Jan, It is not a good idea to take the Remeron every other day. There is too much potential for seriously derailing your nervous system. Also, maximum of 10% reduction at a time, with a minimum of 4-6 weeks between reductions. Better to take longer stabilizing periods, if you are still experiencing withdrawal symptoms. If you google tips for tapering off Remeron, you will find more information. It is not a race. I wish I’d gone slower, as I think I could have avoided some of the suffering I’ve gone through.

  • Res May 11, 2015, 3:13 pm

    I think the behavioral medical community at large is clueless when it comes to “withdrawal” of this nasty evil drug. Both Psychiatrists I spoke with told me to taper down in increments of half dose every 8 days. I even extended that and like everyone here, have horrific debilitating side effects. Their ineptness is borderline criminal. They only know how to prescribe it (sell it) and not how to manage getting off it. What is even worse is their reaction when you tell them what you’re experiencing and they respond “I’ve never heard of that happening”. You walk away thinking there’s something seriously wrong with your health.

  • Judy May 10, 2015, 9:12 pm

    I posted several times on here last year. I am now 9 months off Remeron. While I took 14 months coming off, I’ve learned that is considered too fast as a taper. Most of the emotional symptoms have improved; my mood is good for the most part. My sleep is primarily good – average about 7 hours of uninterrupted rest. Still struggling with fatigue, food sensitivities, allergies, digestive issues, and muscle pain.

    • DLB May 13, 2015, 3:57 pm

      Glad to see this post. The symptoms that you are still dealing with at 9 months, I am dealing with at 9 weeks, and am worried that it was too long. I went cold turkey of 7.5, had been on 45s for almost 8 years, dropped to 7.5 after an unsuccessful attempt at tapering last year under a doctor’s guidance. -David

    • David May 28, 2015, 3:09 pm

      Judy, have things improved? I am at 11 weeks, still having fatigue, nausea, abdominal cramps, feel generally sick, and sleeping problems. This is really stressful.

      • Judy May 30, 2015, 5:18 am

        David, Yes, things have improved over time..but it has been a long process. I believe some of my symptoms are related to histamine issues….which is a direct result of the 10 years of taking Remeron, which is an antihistamine. Changing my diet made a big difference to a lot of the symptoms, but not all of them. I’m limited in what I can eat. I still suffer from symptoms I posted above. They aren’t present all the time, but pretty much every day, there is at least one of them.

        There is for most of us, a window and wave pattern of recovery. Waves of physical, emotional, and/or mental symptoms…followed by times where symptoms lessen or even disappear. Windows might be only a few minutes or hours, but will gradually increase over time. It looks like you made a pretty rapid taper off the drug, considering how long you’d been on it…and you’d been at a higher dose.

        Some people are able to come off that quickly, while others suffer much more from withdrawal. Most doctors have little idea of what withdrawal can entail or how to do it safely. There is better advice on the web from people who have been through it. I tried to post a recommended site on here, but that was edited out of my post. I would suggest continuing to search, as you’ll find some support that way. I’d search for tips for tapering off Remeron.

        Protracted withdrawal from these medications is a very real thing…many, many people are posting their stories…and likely many more believe the doctors that it isn’t withdrawal and end up back on medications. Several prominent psychiatrists are also blowing the whistle on antidepressants and drug companies.

  • Res May 10, 2015, 6:46 pm

    Hi All. I caved and went back on Mirt, 7.5mg (was orig on 15mg). I couldn’t take not sleeping at all. I tried to tough it out for 40 days, but it was affecting my health and potentially my job. I wanted to share something for the folks out there experiencing the constant relentless heart palpitations and insomnia at night. I saw a Naturalpath and she’s the one recommended I go back on Mirt where in the coming future she’ll help me slowly wean off (6 mos to a year).

    She gave me Cortisol Calm which I took along with 7.5 mirt to get me sleeping again. It stopped the heart racing and allowed me to sleep. As I’m sure you folks must know, the heart palps are caused by cortisol released into your system. You can buy the Cortisol Calm on Amazon, but I would strongly advise you only take it under the supervision of your health care provider.

    Also when I do wean next time around, she told me that the Pharmacist can splice Mirt into doses supporting a 6 mos – 1 year wean. I had no idea they had this available. Gives me hope that I can indeed get off this evil drug. Also, I had an EKG to ensure there is no heart damage, and it came back normal. Thank God. But my doc said my potassium was low. Thought that weird since I eat a banana every day. Then I read that cortisol depletes potassium in your body. Bingo. I hope this info helps someone. -RES

  • Res May 7, 2015, 3:29 pm

    I’ve been taking mirtazapine for 2 years (15mg). I took it due to anxiety over several medical traumas during breast cancer treatments. It never really did much to help with anxiety. I wished I would have gotten off of it sooner. I decided it was time to wean off since the bad days were behind me. Spent the entire month of March 2015 weaning down slowly. My last pill was March 27th. Everything seem to go well, no side effects, or so I thought.

    Then in mid-April the withdrawals started. The worst of which is insomnia, NO SLEEP. I also have uncontrolled itching, loss of appetite, anxiety (sleep related), non-stop heart palpitations at night and irritability. I thought something was seriously wrong with me because my provider told me weaning was all it took and I’d be done, guess he forgot to mention there is a withdrawal too. So I Google’d and here I am.

    Today is 41 days post last pill. I have always eaten VERY healthy and exercise moderately every day. I have no idea how I’m going to get thru this. If I could sleep even a couple hours other symptoms would be better. Just wondering, does anyone else have a similar 2 year duration on 15mg Mirt, and experiencing server insomnia (NO SLEEP)? If so how is it going? Does sleep ever come back, even a couple hours?

  • tracey arthur April 30, 2015, 8:58 am

    I had my last mirtazapine two months ago I reduced from 15 mg to nothing in a week I feel awful have had every withdrawal symptom. I am finding it so hard, I don’t know what is going on I feel like an alien. Just praying it stops soon. I am taking thyroxine and serotonin supplements, eating fruit and veg, but still feel awful.

    • DLB May 1, 2015, 10:42 pm

      Tracey, I too have been off my last pill, 7.5 mg, 2 months ago. And like you, I am still miserable. I have had every symptom that I have read about, and mostly abdominal pain, nausea, headaches, severe fatigue. I can barely stand long enough to take a shower. I don’t mean to sound like I’m glad that you are going through this, but I was worried that I might have some other, more serious problem. Please keep in touch, as will I if you don’t mind. You are the only one who I have found close to the same time frame that I am in. I am in bed right now, depressed and down. I wish you well, David.

  • Jan April 27, 2015, 9:50 pm

    I wrote my story in March and I am about off of it. I am down to less than 1/4 tablet and all in all no side effects yet. I didn’t mention before but another problem I have had with mirtazapine is teeth grinding. Both at night and during the day. I am still doing that and still have days I don’t want to venture too far from the bathroom. My sleep is mostly OK. I have been decreasing for many months very slowly. I think I may be totally free of it come June. I might be OK now but don’t want to chance it so will continue the 1/4 tab one day crumbs the next etc. for another month or so then will stop totally. I think I will be OK. I’ll let you know when June rolls around.

  • john c April 23, 2015, 8:07 pm

    Hi to all, after reading this thread I can honestly say that I feel for each and every one of you and admire the bravery you all have to keep going whilst having to live with some really nasty withdrawal symptoms. I cannot deny that the more I read about other people’s misery from mirtazapine, the more I feel anger and betrayal by the GPs who prescribe these drugs to people like sweets and what long- drawn out effects they are left to deal with. I have been on 30mg mirtaz for about 7 years after 2 months of 15mg.

    I was prescribed these after seeing my GP for chronic insomnia which became impossible to live with, mentally and physically. When I started on 15mg, it was the best thing since sliced bread, slept like a baby every night feeling fully refreshed – only remember some brief encounters of panic attacks and some fluttery heart palputations as ‘wearing in’ effects. Two months down the line, my GP then decided to raise the dose to 30mg which I took to without any problems. I never understood why he did that as I was getting along nicely on 15mg – Guess I would later pay for that later down the line, eh!

    As years have passed, I have noticed that for most of the spring/summer months, I am only averaging about 4/5 hours sleep per night and keep waking up in the early hours, head racing and unable to drift back off. This leaves me the aches, pains, fatigue, sore eyes etc of a typical night of being cheated out of sleep I experienced years previous to being subscibed. This brings me up to now where I believe that I’ve had my run with mirtazapine and now they aren’t doing what they were initially intended for anymore.

    I’ve decided to bite the bullet and come of them in 1/4 reductions over the next month or two. As each person is different to the next, I know that I will face similar withdrawal symptoms to yours, but know that the insomnia will hit me the hardest as I am a 30 year old feller who does a manual job and enjoys regular, strenuous sport/exercise. I would feel a lot more at ease if there were more success stories told of those who have come out the end of that dark tunnel and are now thriving, or in another way of putting it, has had no permanent lasting damage from this drug and whose effects have been reversed naturally by their body.

    To tell you the truth, I am petrified at what I’m about to attempt and have already made provisions with work and family with the forecoming months ahead. And although I’m surrounded by a lot of caring people, there will certainly be times I’ll feel completely isolated. My heart goes out to those who are going at it alone and I advise anyone who feels their arm twisted by their GP to start a course of mirtazapine to think again, always try another way regardless. The best of luck to everyone.

    • DLB April 25, 2015, 7:46 pm

      You are a brave man. You are wise to prepare yourself and those around you to expect the worse. I am in my 8th week and still am not over it. I am 61 years old, and was at times sitting in my bed in the middle of the night with my wife’s arms around me crying like a baby. Didn’t know why and couldn’t stop. I am a retired fire chief, and never thought I’d see the day that I would be in a mess like this. Be as tough as you can, and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Godspeed to you!

  • Anonymous April 23, 2015, 6:49 pm

    I was taking 60MG every night for about half a year. My doctor switched me to a different medication abruptly and I have had terrible panic attacks since. They come on without warning and are miserable. I am never hungry and have a hard time falling asleep.

  • DLB April 17, 2015, 8:24 pm

    I stopped at 7.5, and am starting my 8th week since my last pill, and am still suffering the withdrawal symptoms. I have even had the visual disturbances. I would never try to influence someone about how best to medically care for themselves, but I do know that we are all better off if we can maintain a “sober” life, meaning that we don’t put our bodies in a position of depending on a foreign chemical that can have long term negative effects.

    Mirtazapine withdrawal is another term for suffering. I have taken other antidepressants, and had no trouble coming off them. So I had no idea what I was getting into when the doctor said “let’s try Remeron”. I wish you luck, as you are in a position where there is no pleasant solution. Just choose what you think is best, and hang in there to see it through. By the way, how much weight have you lost? Losing weight has been one of the concerns that I have had, as I was afraid that feeling so bad and losing weight was a sign that something else was going on. I wish you well, David.

  • Trevi April 16, 2015, 9:49 am

    I was on mirtazapine 30mg after having my second son. I was suffering with constant anxiety and migraines. I decided to come off the meds as I was feeling far less anxious and wanted a third child. I dropped 7.5mg every two weeks. This was fine until I dropped the last 7.5mg. The withdrawal has been really tough. I have anxiety attacks everyday, it has been two months now and I’m wondering how much longer to wait before giving up on the third child and trying a different antidepressant.

    My eyes seem to have a problem judging depth, sensitivity to light, patterns and headaches. I’m finding it very hard to drive and in social situations if someone is wearing a patterned top I feel very dizzy. It’s really affecting my quality of life. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? How long does it last? Since coming off the drugs my appetite has returned to normal. I’ve lost lots of weight. I feel more emotional but in a good way too. My sex drive has returned and I feel less numb to the world around me.

    However life was much easier on the medication. I was calmer, didn’t care so much about life so life was more straightforward, slept really well (except with severe nightmares). I guess I want to know how much longer I should wait before trying another anti depressant. And whether the eye symptoms are normal or there is something wrong with my eyes! Curious to know if people who suffer from aura migraines found relief from taking mirtazapine? Thanks, Trevi

  • WW April 4, 2015, 8:09 pm

    Have been on remeron 45mg since July 2009. (Started at 15mg and worked up to 45mg end of September 2009). I was also taking an ADHD med “Concerta 54mg”. Got tired of trekking to the Doctor every month for a Concerta Script (controlled substance in the USA), so when he retired, I quit the Concerta cold turkey. The side effects lasted about 2 weeks and then I was clear. In fact, I felt much better, and my focus was still good.

    I then started reading about Remeron and all of its horrible side effects. For example, I have had a hard time controlling my weight and had a lot of bloating, always felt disconnected from people (while on the remeron), no real emotional range, lack of empathy, etc. So I decided to go cold turkey. Compared to the level of withdrawals some of the people who have posted in here…I am on vacation.

    1. While not having diarrhea, have had to go to the bathroom for a poop 8 or 9 times a day. After 3 weeks my stools are normalizing and feeling a bit better on that front.
    2. No problem going to sleep, but I am tired and want to go to bed earlier, and have been waking up after about 6-7 hours of sleep. I was sleeping 9 hours while on the Remeron.
    3. Mind Racing and mild anxiety when I wake in the morning, meditating really helps this area.
    4. Tired and Lack of Motivation. The lack of motivation is subsiding, but the tired persists and I have found it best to take a nap for 30 minutes mid day – this really helps.
    5. I was having thoughts of suicide while on the Concerta and Remeron…but they actually went away after I quit taking the Concerta.
    6. Headaches…Ibuprofin helps.

    1. The huge issue with bloating has subsided…and while my weight is still the same, my waist size decreased by 2 inches.
    2. I feel more positive, and empathetic.
    3. I’m drinking a lot more water…I never had the urge to drink much water during the day, but now I crave water and am drinking about 2 quarts a day as compared to a pint a day previously.
    4. The cravings for “midnight/bedtime” snacks have pretty much gone away…and I am sure this will help me with loosing the extra 30 lbs I put on since starting the remeron.

    If I had known what I know now about remeron, I would not have taken remeron. Lesson learned, always do your homework before putting any chemical into your body, and if you need an antidepressant, get a second consultation…and read up on the available alternatives, taking the pill with the least side effects. One last thing…it seems as if the side effects can seem to have cleared up, only to reappear later…the good news…each time they appear they are weaker. Hoping that all this stuff will be behind me in another couple weeks, we shall see. Not to be redundant, but meditation really helps as does riding my bike!!

    • DLB April 22, 2015, 2:39 am

      Thank you for adding the fact that as you start to get better, you can have good days and not so good ones. I am going through that now and it was driving me nuts!

  • Lindsay April 3, 2015, 5:20 pm

    Was on Mirtaz for over a year. Slowly titrated over 2 months. Felt fantastic for about a month, then the withdrawal symptoms kicked in & have kicked my butt for 2 full weeks – zero sleep, horrible heart palpitations (like my heart is flipping in my chest, mostly at night), stomach upset, loose stools, no appetite. At first I thought it must be a sign I need to get back on meds but after reading all of this and another forum, realize this is withdrawal. Seeing a cardiologist next week to make sure my heart is OK. Have tried all kinds of sleep aids but nothing works. Everyone wants to know how long these side effects last but I haven’t read any responses! Does that mean they won’t ever go away? Can’t function on no sleep!

    • DLB April 5, 2015, 2:41 am

      Just thought I’d pass it along. I am just starting to improve. I am still having vivid dreams, but at least I am sleeping better. Also, still weak, fatigue easily, abdominal cramps, and mild nausea. It has been 38 days since stopping abruptly from 7.5 mg. My appetite has improved also. Good luck.

    • Res May 21, 2015, 6:35 pm

      Hi Lindsay. Your story sounds identical to mine. It’s now late May (21) and I’m wondering how you’re doing. Maybe post us how things are going?

  • Dee March 30, 2015, 6:56 pm

    After 6 weeks on 15mg and now suffering some evil side effects including a bloated stomach and shaking, anger, and lack of sleep, I’m now commencing my first day of cold turkey! Would like to say how much I appreciate being able to read of others experience of withdrawal so I know what to expect. Worst decision of my life to take Remeron, but I felt so down on myself that I felt I had no choice (as my citalopram had stopped working)! I’m epileptic too so already take a sedative type pill and am so pleased to be ridding my system of excess poison. Hope I can ride out the withdrawal.

    • DLB March 31, 2015, 10:34 pm

      Dee, you are in for probably several weeks of withdrawal misery. I went cold turkey off 7.5 mgs almost 5 weeks ago, and still feel rotten, mostly GI symptoms. Read the posted symptoms to get an idea as to what “might” happen. If you have a friend to help you through it, tell them what you are doing and why, and if they will be available at odd times. I am a Christian, and prayer and faith have, and is still helping me emotionally. I wish you well with first getting the devil’s brew out of your body, and afterward the way that your body is going to feel when it wants it back. Take Care.

  • Josh March 30, 2015, 3:05 pm

    I’ve been on 15mg for several years–maybe seven? Anyway, my doctor approved tapering down. I decided to do it slowly as I was unsuccessful in the past. I took 7.5mg for three months, then 3.75mg for three months. I had my last dose two weeks ago. I’ve had a few tolerable withdrawal symptoms such as a decrease in appetite, but my biggest issue is that I have not slept throughout the night since. I wake up at about 3am every single night.

    I believe my other symptoms are directly related to my lack of sleep – anxiety about not sleeping well, lack of concentration because I’m mentally exhausted. Anyway, I was wondering if there were anybody else who has insomnia as their biggest withdrawal symptom, and, if so, how long did it take to begin sleeping normally again? I’m seriously considering going back on it but I’d like to stay strong if there is an actual light at the end of the dark remeron withdrawal tunnel. Thanks!

    • DLB March 30, 2015, 10:23 pm

      Josh, my PCP put me on Phenergan for nausea, and it has drowsiness as a side effect. I helps me with the nausea, and I slept 7 hours the first night that I took it. Different meds effect us in different ways, and this stuff has been a life saver for both symptoms for me. He also gave me Tylenol 3 with Codeine for abdominal pain, but I haven’t needed it with the Phenergan.

      I was having awful stomach cramps earlier today, and after only 1/2 pill the cramps have subsided. I wish you well, and hope that this has helped someone. In three days it will have been 5 weeks since the last pill, and I am still pretty much miserable, although a little better than it has been. Good luck and well wishes to all. -David

  • Louise March 30, 2015, 1:01 am

    ITCHY ITCHY ITCHY. I’m on my first week of going cold turkey and I’m going crazy! So itchy from head to toe. Insomnia is setting in. Feeling generally agitated and nauseous too. This sucks!

  • Matthew dlabal March 29, 2015, 10:55 pm

    I had withdrawal symptoms for 26 months. Thought it was from drugs. Then I thought back to when I quit and I stopped the medication cold turkey following sobriety. I got on Cymbalta and things started to improve. Then last week I called my doctor and asked her to put me on Remeron again and I feel completely normal now in 3 days flat. I love this pill.

  • DLB March 27, 2015, 10:35 pm

    I am so glad that I found this site. I am 61, and after over 7 years on Mirtazapine, today makes four weeks off, cold turkey. I was originally put on 15 dissolving tabs, and then went straight to 45. I had no idea what I was getting into, and the doc who prescribed them moved out of town a year later, and my PCP said that he would continue the drug refills. Nothing else was mentioned about it until last year when I had been sick for quite a while, and we figured out that it was Mirtazapine side effects.

    We decided to titrate me off of them, 30 mg x 2 weeks, 15 mg x 2 weeks, stop . That worked fine until about a week afterward, and I became quite ill. The first, worse symptom was digestive cramps. I called my GI doctor, who put me back on 7.5, which helped. That was a year ago. Four weeks ago I decided to try it again, and I figured since the first doctor stopped me at 15, then stopping at 7.5 wouldn’t be too bad. The wisdom of a fool.

    Six days after the last pill, I started getting every symptom of withdrawal in the book. I am still sick, although the sleep has improved, I was in the bathroom with the dry heaves twice this morning. I took 1/2 Phenergan for nausea, and it helped. As stated by a previous post, going back on them to stage it out is not an option. I have made it too far.

    Please do yourself a favor, and like previously advised, come off Mirtazapine at a snail’s pace if you can, and it helps. I have been to the ER twice in the last two weeks. I never thought that at 61 years old I would be sitting in my bed in the middle of the night, my wife’s arms around me, crying uncontrollably from prescription drug withdrawals. I am still quite ill, and it was an effort to write this. Thanks for all the previous posts.

    • Libby March 29, 2015, 7:04 am

      So sorry to hear all your problems. I am also 61 but have only been on Mirtzaprine 30 mg for 10 days. I was prescribed it as I have recently gone through a very close family members death due to cancer. I was in a terrible state of distress as I watched him deteriorate and finally die for four months. Other antidepressants haven’t worked and also give me terrible side effects. This does too and I was wondering if any one else suffered as I did while taking it? – more anxious than usual, shaking and trembling, pounding heart, feeling very cold but also shocking hot flushes, no appetite, feelings of absolute desperation, crying and miserable, exhaustion. I have no life and used to be a very active happy and friendly person. My doctor says all these symptoms are due to anxiety but I feel it is the drug. Any one else have this happen to them?

      • GLOOM March 29, 2015, 7:19 pm

        Libby you are experiencing drug-induced side effects, not withdrawal symptoms. Yes it is very common to experience these side effects and/or adverse effects when starting a medication and/or throughout treatment. Some people actually feel worse on certain medications than they did prior to taking it. If you know it’s more than just anxiety, it probably is… listen to yourself. Good luck.

  • B March 25, 2015, 2:15 am

    I was on remeron for 2 years and took 15mg a night at bedtime. I was weaned off it slowly and half been off for 3 weeks. I’ve had the palpitations, hyperventilating, panic attack, racing thoughts, tremors, and this dazed and confused feeling like I’m a zombie. The symptoms are starting to get better and go away. The amazing thing is the doctor tells me he’s never ever heard of a reaction like this in all his years. This obviously made me feel even worse thinking it wasn’t normal. What a low life, they give medical license to anyone. This page helped a lot. My tips for the hyperventilating is breath into a paper bag and take deep breaths, stay away from caffeine and alcohol, and keep yourself busy.

  • Louise March 25, 2015, 1:32 am

    I have been on Rameron for approx. 4 years. I was on Lexapro prior to that for maybe 1 1/2 years. I initially took them for depression/anxiety. Recently I have felt that I am in a good place in my life and decided to come off them. I dropped from 30mg down to 15mg in November of last year unknowingly (due to an error in my prescription) and felt extremely unbalanced but didn’t know why. By January I could tell that something was severely wrong so I queried my pharmacist and found out I was on a half dosage.

    Rather than go back up, I decided to stay on the 15mg. The next couple of months have not been fun on 15mg. I have experienced nearly all the withdrawal symptoms possibly listed. I reduced for 7.5mg for the past 2 weeks and as of last night am going cold turkey. I want to be in control of my own thoughts/body/mind and cant while being drugged by this chemical. It has not been easy by any means.

  • Dls March 24, 2015, 6:15 am

    Hi all, around a year ago I was put on 15mg Remeron after being on Zoloft for a few years. The main reason was due to not sleeping very well, and boy did it help straight away. After about 2 days I was sleeping like a baby and my anxiety was somewhat diminished. Around a month later though, I started getting this weird sensation in my head where I felt as though I could black out, and so after putting up with it for another few months, I started to cut the dose (without doc).

    Apart from the odd bit of insomnia & sore eyes, I was managing and had cut it down to around 1/5 of the tablet. Then out of nowhere it all hit me at once – I felt extremely sick, tired, zaps in my head & body and extreme agitation. I had obviously cut way too quickly, and was suffering these extreme withdrawal symptoms. Tried sticking them out for around a week, but the insomnia was unbearable & I couldn’t cope. Went back to the doc and was put on 30mg as a maintenance dose. I immediately felt better again, and things went back to normal, at least for a while.

    I found that on the 30 I was sleeping well, a little too much maybe (12-13 hours some nights) I was also more anxious during the day & at work, with terrible hand/feet sweating, and a general feeling of panic. Anyway, after around 3-4 months of 30mg something distressing started happening – in certain social situations (on the bus, at work, mates poker game) I would get this terrible feeling of what I would describe as a “Tourette’s” type feeling in my head, almost as if there was too much noise going on inside my head and almost a manic feeling, like I was too excited.

    After numerous attempts to come off this drug, hopefully this time will be the final one! I’d just like to also say that most doctors who prescribe these medications have NO idea how hard they can be to come off, and have a rather blaśe attitude when it comes to these mind-altering drugs… I recently went to my GP to explain my situation/history with this drug and he replied “Ok. Is there any other drug you had in mind that you wanted to try?” TRY?? These aren’t lollies for gods sake. I recommend everyone to actually see a specialist Psychiatrist who knows about these drugs, rather than a standard GP. Good luck!

  • Debbie B. March 21, 2015, 9:41 pm

    I have tried multiple times to get off this drug. I decided to quit cold turkey 4 days ago. I am experiencing horrible horrible withdrawals. Sweating, dizzy, feels as if my blood is boiling inside me. Headaches…anxiety…panic attacks. This is the most horrible drug I have ever taken. I have a feeling of hopelessness but I refuse to cave in. Is there anyone out there that can offer advice on how to possibly ease the withdrawls? I do not want to go back on them.

    • SJK March 22, 2015, 11:13 am

      I am 21 days off mirtazapine after being on it for about 15 months…I was on 15mg then 30mg for a few months along with 20mg Lexapro. I put on about 25lbs weight which was depressing in itself! I made a lot of life changes (left my job and did lots of counselling) and apart from the weight gain, I found the meds great but am ready to come off them. I went off Lexapro last June easily enough. I tried to get off Mirt in Aug but felt very insecure and paranoid so went back on them.

      I tapered since Jan under Dr supervision and l have lost 9lbs so far but it is not easy! I don’t drink alcohol much at all and I keep very fit & eat well. By far the worst thing for me is the headaches over the past few weeks…they have been very debilitating. I tried not to take pain meds but had to cave in the past 3 days..just taken ibuprofen once a day but doesn’t really work. Anyone else have these headaches? They are almost scaring me they are so bad!

      • Frances April 1, 2015, 4:00 pm

        Headaches. YES! Debilitating headaches. I have been reading about remeron withdrawal for days looking for any help/answers for this headache. Simply walking/sitting around with this headache is unbearable. I feel nauseous.

    • Rachel May 25, 2016, 3:44 am

      Quitting cold turkey is never a good idea with any drug! Tapering and keeping busy is the way to go.

  • David B March 20, 2015, 6:15 pm

    I am now on day 23 from a cold turkey stop from 7.5. I was able to sleep 6-7 hours the last 2 nights, but the nausea, fatigue, unsteady walking, headaches, and abdominal bloating are still here. Are any of you having heart palpitations (skipped beats)? Feeling like you are short of breath? Frequent yawning?

    • Louise March 25, 2015, 1:39 am

      I have had the stomach bloating too!!!!

      • Res May 7, 2015, 3:44 pm

        I have the shortness of breath and the frequent yawning. I also have severe insomnia, as in NO sleep whatsoever. I also have heart palps, but no skipped beats, just constant and only at night time while I’m laying there NOT sleeping. Sigh.

        • Jerry Tyler September 17, 2015, 10:44 am

          I have all of the side effects mentioned as sweating, dizziness, depression, anxiety (just to name a few) and as you I have skipped heartbeats. It is not dangerous and life threatening but boy it’s frightening. I had the same feeling once beign on Sarotena. But never had them on Effexor. But again I’m getting them in Mirt. I’m on day 21 off them and life is really challenging. But trust me those palpitations will pass.

    • Barbara W August 18, 2015, 12:46 am

      David, Yes I have had heart palpitations, shakiness and anxiety. The shortness of breath and yawning — not so much. The palpitations are hard on your body since it signals distress to so many systems. Was only on Remeron for 6 weeks; however, because I tried a too-quick taper (2 weeks) from only 7.5 mg, I am having to start over. I will now have to spend as much time getting off of this drug and I did taking it. I cannot imagine doing this cold turkey. It’s a tough drug to eliminate.

  • MAC March 15, 2015, 5:56 am

    I was given mirtazapine because my doc confused grief with depression. They helped me sleep so I took them for 2 years. I went from 30mg to 15mg to 7.5mg. I was going through very nasty withdrawal symptoms. I didn’t know what it was but finally figured it out. I joined the gym, and although feeling severe anxiety, fatigue, nausea, cold sweats, etc…

    I forced myself to an hour of cardio every afternoon. Before I know it, the adrenaline takes over and at least temporarily withdrawals go away until the next day. It does get better every day. Pretty soon I won’t have any withdrawals and life will be great. Cardio helps your body create the happy hormone, which it needs to learn to create on its own.

    • Cyrus May 2, 2015, 11:47 am

      I went on mirtazapine for a week due to general anxiety and depression-like symptoms. I had previously had citalopram for about six months. I had side effects from that of constant tiredness and reduced libido. I came off just in time. The withdrawal effects were bad but I got through them. I would take citalopram again, but only if my life depended on it. So I was offered mirtazapine as an alternative that I could come on and off in a relatively short period.

      As before there was no mention by the doctor of side effects. I went on mirtazapine at 30mg. This was like taking 2 valium and a six pack of beer, it more or less knocked me out for a day. I went down to 15mg and it became more manageable. I was sleeping a lot but OK. I got all-body muscle ache and fatigue, feeling like I weighed a thousand pounds. And constantly, constantly overeating. But the good side was that I immediately felt OK. My feeling of distress disappeared very quickly. However after a few days I noticed that my behavior had worsened.

      First of all my actual depressive-like behavior hadn’t changed. I was still moping around, sleeping, unable to do anything. It’s just that I didn’t feel distressed. But what was worse that lost my empathy for other people and for myself. I wonder if that’s how it works – stops you from caring about anything or anyone? I noticed myself behaving very harshly to my loved ones. I went back to the doctor (after one week) and asked to stop.

      He said I should continue, but I could step down to 15 mg every 2 days, though this would disrupt my sleep pattern. I tried that for 2 days but I couldn’t face downing another mirtazapine tablet, knowing how it was affecting the people around me. Even discontinuing for 2 days I could already feel the real me coming back, leaving that zombie state. So I should have titrated down but I have gone cold turkey.

      I am having side effects: all over ache, flu symptoms, dry mouth, headaches, confusion, brain fog, can’t concentrate, very tired. However most of these occurred when I was going on the drug, and most of them are less severe than going on the drug. I hope that it doesn’t last too long. My heart goes out to all of you who were on this drug for long periods of time and for whom the withdrawal process is so much more difficult.

  • jan March 11, 2015, 5:17 pm

    I stated mirtazapine in 2003. I didnt realize how wicked it was until I tried to get off of it. I tried cold turkey about 2 years ago and got terribly sick. Nausea, chills no sleep and a lot of symptoms mentioned above. Decided I was going to have to wean off. Have been working on weaning off very gradually for over a year and a half. Started at 30 mg. dopped to 15 and have been edging my way off that for a year. Slowly. I cut the 15 in 1/2 and took that for months.

    When my body felt normal with that amount I went to 7 mg. When my body felt normal with that I started shaving bits off that tiny piece until I slept normal and my body felt normal. I am now at 3.75 mg and shaving on that tiny piece. Feeling well and sleeping well. Only bad thing is I have lost 13 lbs which I could not afford to lose. I am at 97 lbs. Just now beginning to get an appetite back. Will keep shaving that tiny piece until I feel normal and hopefully can just have that med fade out of my life.

    It has been a long process and will never take another antidepressant. I am 78 years old and the doctor gave it to me in 2003 when my husband died and I was depressed. Who wouldn’t be? I should never have been given this evil drug. All of you keep it up. Get off of it but do it very slowly. Slow to the point of seeming ridiculous. Keep trying and you will get there. Myself included. I am not giving up.

  • Eric March 6, 2015, 10:25 pm

    I was put on mirtazapine for generalized anxiety disorder 3 months ago. Started at 15mg for 6 weeks than up to 30mg for 3 weeks. That’s when I started to experience side effects. Sexual problems, and zombie medicine head. Tried to stop cold turkey but after two days was hit with unbearable anxiety. So I got back on 15mg for 2 weeks than down to 7.5 for a week than stopped.

    The first week after my last dose I felt awesome like the doors were opening and all my emotions were coming back then it hit! This week was sure hell! Anxiety over the top diarrhea, loss of appetite, depression, nausea to the point of almost vomiting. I have to force down my food, I’m tired all the time.

    The only good thing is I’m still sleeping, for now anyway. My anxiety and depression are worse now than before I started taking it! My doctor told me there is no withdrawal it’s you! I want to show him this forum! I just hope it starts to ease up soon! I really don’t want to go back on mirtazapine and am fighting the best I can!

  • AllinMyHead February 7, 2015, 7:00 pm

    I’ve been on Remeron three times and the first two times I barely noticed the withdrawal. I was just glad to get rid of the munchies. This time around, I’ve been taking 30 mg for about six (6) months before starting my taper at the beginning of January. It had pooped out on me and I was on a waiting list for rTMS which I’ll start next week. It was important for me to get off the drug, so that I wouldn’t have to withdraw after starting rTMS, so I tapered over tapered a big too fast.

    When I got down to 15 mg – after about three weeks, I became so agitated I felt like my skin was crawling. Physical symptoms not too bad compared to horror stories I’ve read. I’ve felt a little muscle ache and pretty severe fatigue. I keep going because I know I will feel better when I get into my third week of rTMS. That is what keeps me alive.

  • Katrina February 6, 2015, 11:28 am

    Hi. I have been taking these antidepressants for about 2 years now. 45mgs per day. I reduced my dose by half for 3 weeks. Than took myself of them all together. I haven’t had one in a week and I must say have never felt better :) I am feeling alive. :)

  • Richard January 21, 2015, 9:03 am

    I’m pleased to have found this site through google search. I know now I’m not alone in the struggle to come of Mirtazapine. I was on 45mg for about a year and a half along with effexor (which was ineffective), so then I started Prozac along with the Mirtazapine but that didn’t work so the Prozac went. I tried to go up to 60mg but was intolerable. I’m now nearly a month down from 45 to 37.5 and about to drop down to 30mg.

    I know this was originally really good in helping me sleep, but in truth now it is poisoning my system. So I have to reduce down and go through all the withdrawals. I can hardly walk a lot of the time I need a stick. I am used to swimming a mile a day but now I cant really get swimming cause of the extreme vertigo and palpitations. In some ways it is reassuring to read other peoples experiences of Mirtazapine withdrawal so I can know what to expect and am not alone with it.

  • Ashlee Goode January 18, 2015, 7:50 am

    I decided to stop taking Remeron when I was a senior in high school (2008). I had been on 45mg for 3 years. I went completely cold turkey, which in hindsight was not the way to go. I started on them when I was a ward of Montana State, and when I moved with my grandmother in 2008 I was never provided with psychiatric help. I hated the way that they made me feel. And to be honest with my situation I was put on them so that the psychiatrist and treatment center that I was in could get a bonus on their paychecks (I found this out after I had stopped taking the drugs and was reassessed for depression by a psychiatrist I had in school).

    I had symptoms similar to a heroin addict and I have never touched drugs such as that. By that I mean I had muscle aches, profuse vomiting, and I was extremely tired from being up all night vomiting. I still have some of these symptoms to this day that have never gone away, but I am not sure how much of that really can be contributed from Remeron. Good luck to all that are coming off of this drug. My advice is to definitely wean yourself off. I wish I had because that week of misery was absolute torture.

  • Laura January 16, 2015, 4:27 pm

    I have suffered from general anxiety disorder and severe panic since from my late teens and I am now 27. I have tried everything and anything to be better. From medicines to therapists to alternative therapies. The only medication that has worked for me is Mirtazpine 15mg each night. I suffered a six weeks period of severe side effects when starting them, but after that and some counseling, things started to improve for me. Yes I had the increased appetite and gained weight and got a bit lazy on them, but my constant unsettled nervous feeling was gone. I have been taking these tablets now for three years minimum.

    My life is changing now and I am in a position where becoming a parent is on the agenda so I am on my 2nd attempt of coming off. My first attempt was horrible and due to a serious life event and I gave up. I will be honest with you all… it’s was horrible for 6 weeks. I felt physically and mentally unwell. Scared of just being alive. Not sleeping. Having terrible nightmares of realistic situations if I did sleep and suicdal helplessness overwhelming me. My doctors advised me to go back on them, which I did.

    I then endured the effects of going back on them. I wish now I had just persevered. Here I am a second time. I have gone from taking 15mg daily to 15mg every couple of days. I do not set goals or targets for reducing them. I just push myself as far as I can go. With my last gap of 4 days I found the day I took my Mirtazpine I didn’t feel the same positive affect I used to which pushes me to keep going with not taking them. At this moment in time, I am filled with upset, constant dizziness which is preventing me from functioning and causing me to vomit.

    I am not sleeping and I have been having waves of suicidal thoughts, but reading all this today from everyone else. We are all going through it. I am going to keep pushing on. I am focusing on being mindful, accepting that it feels bad BUT reminding myself I am in control of this. It’s my decision to come off the drugs, I am bringing this on myself, this will pass and in time I will be stronger because I won’t be relying on this medicine. I feel a CBT approach really helps in dealing with this if you can try your hardest to think rationally through everything that’s going on.

    Medicine helps to a point. I am a great believer in that and I feel no shame for having to have taken medicine for mental health, but a lot does come down to what you do for your mind, how you look at life, and your general lifestyle. Going through a lot of bad with my first attempt I would recommend relaxation apps, mindfulness reading or practices, positive reading, acceptance and realization of what your body’s going through. Be kind to yourself and understand it’s a hard time but you will get through it.

    If possible if your still having anxiety issues CBT through your health service or even start reading self help books. Anything to help the mind is worth doing. Also want to thank whoever wrote the information and all the people who have commented on this page. I have found it really helpful today with today being a rather emotional day. Good luck to everyone. Hope to read this again and see more people coming out the other end.

    • David March 16, 2015, 10:20 pm

      Thank you very much for your input. I am in the middle of hell, and looking for the other end as well. God bless you, and everyone who has taken the time to post here. It is, like you say, a good source of comfort. I have this site saved as a favorite for easy access.

  • Donna January 16, 2015, 4:10 am

    I have been on Remeron for 3 months now, have been weaning off since middle of Dec, was on 15mg, then went 7mg for a week, then 7mg to 3.75 mg alternate nights, didn’t feel good at all, so am doing it for another week. Feel extremely tired, having trouble sleeping, nausea, trouble concentrating, had to stay on clonazepam, which is worrisome. I’m so frightened about taking the last pill, if this is how I feel now. Why aren’t we told about these horrible side effects before being put on these pills? I am full of worry about the whole situation I’m in. Good luck to everyone trying to get off of these pills, it is a nightmare.

  • Stanton January 15, 2015, 5:01 pm

    I was on this medication for about 3 months to help with my anxiety (15mg). While it helped my anxiety immensely, it also made me gain upwards of 20 pounds. For that reason, I wanted to discontinue the medication. My psychiatrist told me to do a slow taper. So I went from my 15mg to 7.5mg for two weeks. After those 14 days, I went to 3.75 for another 14 days. Now I am on day 6 of being completely off of the medicine and I feel horrible.

    My head is constantly hurting, I’m nauseated every morning and night. I feel clammy and sweaty 24/7, every time I force myself to eat, it makes me sick. The only relief I get is when I’m asleep, but as a senior in high school, sleep is hard to come by. I can’t keep missing school because of these withdrawal symptoms. Is there anyone out there who has had a similar experience? If so, how long did these symptoms last? Please help me. I’m miserable.

    • Stanton January 24, 2015, 12:15 am

      I am now on day 13 of coming off of this medication and I am still not back to 100%. I’m still shaking and sweating all the time, but I can eat normal food and go to school. Every morning and night, my stomach feels horrible. In the middle of the day, however, it feels OK. I’m just so ready to not be sick anymore. Again, anyone out there know how long these withdrawals will stick around? Please help.

      • Vikki January 5, 2017, 7:47 pm

        Dear Stanton, I’ve read all the comments in this forum from top to you then I had to stop, your situation made me very tearful… bless you. If I could take away your w/d’s I would, I’d do them for you, all you want is to go to school. I hope your w/d’s have gone by now and I wish you all the happiness you can handle and more. Take care.

  • Neil January 12, 2015, 3:18 am

    I have been on 15mg for about 2 years, and I stopped a week ago, due to running out of them was the initial reason, unable to get a prescription for 3 days. I went to the Doc, said I have run out, I will get a script, but I don’t want to take them anymore. His response, was that “you have gone 3 days, so you should be ok to stop”. Haha!! What I am experiencing, more now than the first few days:
    1 – Sleep goes out the window immediately.
    2 – Dizzy, Unsteady on my Feet, “Like walking on marshmallows”
    3 – A Significant Headache / Migraine on day 4, but relatively ok there otherwise.
    4 – Feel Wound up like a Spring
    5 – A strange combination of feeling more Alert/Wired in the Brain but Concentration is illusive.
    6 – Muscle Tension / Aches and pains
    7 – Increased Heart Rate – but not irregular beats or similar.

    This is incredibly tough, particularly whilst trying to work at my Job which involves a fair amount of pressure/stress, concentration and accuracy.
    I am going to try my hardest to just stay off these things, like so many others, if I had known the side effects, and how incredibly hard it is to come off this stuff, I would never have agreed to start them. Yet, I did ask the Doc for something like Valium to keep on hand “IF” I feel an occasional anxiety attack coming on, but due to the abuse of, and addictive nature of Benzo’s, they just say no.

    Instead they put you on these hideous things. That is really frustrating to me, as a I don’t like taking any pills, and seems like the wisest thing to do; prescribe something that is available to “calm” you down if/when you have an anxiety attack, instead of a brain changer everyday. I hope I succeed!! It’s early days, but if I am lucky enough to start to feel OK within a couple of weeks, I will be happy. To assist coming off, I have ceased any alcohol use.

    Good luck to everyone who is trying to get off this. As mentioned I have just stopped at 15mg one week ago, and it is a difficult “ride.” I know there are some very long dose reduction strategies on here, but I am hoping with an balanced diet, exercise, no alcohol, meditation regime that all will be OK.

    • Carol February 27, 2015, 1:17 pm

      I have terrible pain in the back of my upper legs you are the only post that mentions this. How bad is it for you?

  • CJ January 9, 2015, 2:29 am

    Thank you for posting this! I was put on 7.5mg of Remeron along with scheduled doses of Klonopin after voluntarily admitting myself for Xanax rebound symptoms (I thought it was Ambien withdrawls). At first it was great. I was eating a lot, which is good for me at such a small size, and I was sleeping well. Then the Doctor raised my dose to 15mg. I eventually started being dizzy, my anxiety increased and then I was so tired, I couldn’t wake up to save my life (the Klonopin was reduced by this point).

    It was a weekend so I cut my dose in half in hopes that I wouldn’t be so tired, then two days later I experienced, twice, what I thought was electrocution. I eventually got to 3.75mg, but even at that dose I’ve been having: vertigo, head zaps, dizziness, catatonic like days, crying spells, upset stomach, not sleeping well, etc. I’m about to stop taking the 3.75mg of Remeron and start a new medication. We tried Zoloft but it didn’t work (or the Remeron withdrawals were over-powering the Zoloft).

    I’m a bit scared but I was told to take a little more Benzo to work through it, despite the Dr. saying, “it’s all in your head. That’s such a tiny dose.” I haven’t drove off my street in a month because I’m afraid of getting dizzy or zapped while driving and then hurting someone or myself! It makes me feel better to know I’m correct, and this isn’t my imagination. I wish everybody the best of luck getting off this medicine!

    I think it’s a great medication for VERY short term use. One that can immediately pull someone out of a bad mental state while waiting for another medicine(s) to kick in, but beyond that, don’t take it! It’s too hard and painful to get off of. My next scary goal is to get off my “tiny” scheduled dosing of Klonopin. :/ One thing at a time.

  • Lemuel January 3, 2015, 12:29 pm

    I’ve been off from Mirtazapine for almost a week now. I was wondering why I did not feel like myself the past few days then it dawned on me that maybe I am having withdrawal symptoms. I noticed itching just today. I decided to check online and read the comments and I can say to myself that I am indeed having some withdrawal symptoms. What is different in my case is that I was given a new antidepressant because I told my doctor that I want to get off Mirtazapine because it’s getting me fat. I am hopeful that the withdrawal symptoms are just normal and that I will get over it soon. Good luck to all. With determination, I know we can do it!

    • Teresa January 4, 2015, 6:26 pm

      How are you getting on? I am trying to reduces from 15 mgs to 7.5 mg but I am feeling lousy. I was ok for a week and the last few days feel cold and shivery and slightly anxious. I am tempted to go back to the 15 mgs it’s all a nightmare.

      • Lemuel January 12, 2015, 7:09 am

        I am entering my week 2 and I can still feel the anxiety and panic inside me. I feel that it is as if the new antidepressant that was prescribed to me does not work. It’s really been difficult for me up to this time but I try to manage my anxiety and panic. I think this is the result of relying completely on the meds without trying to do some hard work for myself. I think the best thing to do is meds + therapy sessions. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for me. I just panic with the thought of going back to my doctor and saying that the new antidepressant did not work well for me, but I’ve read that it takes 2 to 4 weeks to feel its effect.

      • Myrna January 15, 2015, 9:19 pm

        Try cutting the 15mg pill in half and then in half again. That would give you half a 15 mg pill and then a quarter of a 15 mg pill. Take the 1/4 and the 1/2 pill giving you 11.25 mg. I am currently dropping in this way and have been on 11.25 mg for 21 days. The side effects were very minimal. In 7 more days I plan to drop the 1/4 pill and will be on the 7.25 mg. Hoping this helps you.

  • Gary December 27, 2014, 1:42 am

    I’m so glad I found this site. I was given this drug to help me with anxiety due to tinnitus and it really saved me but after a year I think I had the tinnitus managed. I was only on a low dose 15mg and the last 3 months 7.5. Stopped two weeks ago. First week awesome more alert my kids said great to have you back dad. But now 14 days in and insomnia has reared its head. Itchy as well and constant stomach upset. I’ll beat it but man it’s tuff. I thought the ear ringing was hard. I’m hoping another few weeks but I’m worried.

  • Ness December 8, 2014, 6:59 pm

    I’m so glad that I found this information. I have been on Mirtazapne for a little over three years and decided to come off it two months ago. I wish I’d been able to manage without it after I suffered a heart attack, was left with angnia and lost my Dad within a few weeks of each other. But I just went to pieces and ended up on Mirtazapne which worked splendidly. But I didn’t want to take it anymore because my mental state was fantastic and I felt strong enough… Blimey!!!!!! I had absolutely no idea just how hard it has been to come off.

    Multiple night time migraines, insomnia, and now horrible vertigo. I’ve cut down from 45mg over three weeks to 30mg over three weeks and now 15mg but this isn’t nice at all. I keep on thinking my heart is playing up, am having palpitations and chest type pains and this vertigo and nausea is driving me nuts. All I want to do is be on my heart meds. I’m sticking to the 15 mg a day but don’t honestly know how long to take that for because reading the comments, this could take months! GRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Pie December 7, 2014, 2:18 am

    Had been prescribed 7.5 mg in August, 2014. Was recommended to increase to at least 15 mg, which I tried for just one night. Too much for my system, so I went back to 7.5 mg, where I stayed for 3 months. I gained some much-needed/wanted weight and definitely felt better, less depressed and far less anxiety. Since I dislike taking medication, I wanted off the drug soon. Started the tapering process mid-November for 10 days, cut the pills in half to represent approx. 3.75 mg.

    Then on Thanksgiving night, when I was visiting good friends for the week, I decided to stop taking it altogether. Today is day 9 without Mirtazapine / Remeron. My guess is that since I wasn’t taking the drug for long and the smallest dose available that my withdrawal symptoms are minimal. I am tired, but I was tired while taking the drug. My sleep has not changed. I am itching and my appetite thankfully has remained active. No anxiety or depression looming. In fact, I feel quite relieved and happy to be off the stuff.

    I admit though that it served a need, I was in severe depressive mode for 5 months following the death of one of my beloved dogs, which then triggered all manner of childhood trauma. I spent 5 days in a hospital, followed by 2 treatment programs. Been in therapy with a wonderful man who does not advocate medication. I appreciate everyone’s comments, what an excellent forum to share our experience and stories. Thank you.

  • Sandra B December 5, 2014, 3:30 am

    My son was taking 15mg for 1 month, and felt like he was in a constant fog. He stopped taking this drug cold turkey, and has been having all the horrific side effects that everyone else has mentioned. Stomach pain, nausea, dizziness, insomnia…you name it, he has it. Can’t believe that this drug can cause such horrible side effects after taking it for such a short time.

    I can only pray that the side effects start to taper off within the next week or so. I don’t know how much more he can handle at this point. I’m desperate to help him. Is there anything out there that helps, perhaps a natural supplement that someone has found that makes you feel a bit better? I can’t believe that doctors continue to prescribe this medication.

  • Samantha G December 3, 2014, 9:04 pm

    Hi Jess. I have been off mirtazapine for almost 7 weeks now and I have also had real problems with sleeping. At first sleeping 10 hours and still being unable to wake up but the last 4 weeks it has been insomnia that is the problem, only sleeping 2 or 3 hours per night. The way I cope with the insomnia is to still go to bed about 10pm and I stay in bed until 6am as it is better to stay in a routine to give your body a rest even if you do keep waking.

    When I wake during the night I either listen to a relaxation, mindfulness or body scan exercise on my iPod, (you can download these from the internet) read a book or put on some hand cream and massage it gently into my hands. As a last resort my G.P has given me Zopiclone 7.5mg which I can take 1 at night just before I get in bed, I do however not like to take these unless I feel so unwell due to lake of sleep. During the day I will only have a nap for about an hour as if I do sleep longer then I know I have little chance of any sleep during the night. I hope this may be some help to you. Good luck.

    • Jess Boyse February 14, 2015, 10:14 am

      Thanks so much for replying. My doctor put me back on 15mg as my withdrawal was so bad. Last night I took half a dose as she advised I reduce slowly insead of cold turkey. Even this affected my sleep so I’m feeling pretty rotten today. Hope everyone is doing well coming off this awful drug!

  • Jess Boyse December 3, 2014, 4:33 am

    These posts are great, I had no idea the withdrawal would be so bad. I’ve only slept 1.30hrs tonight and 3 the night before. Itching & stomach ache biggest issues too. How do people cope with the insomnia? Does it get better? I’m desperate. Was on 45mg then tapered down to 15mg then stopped 3 weeks ago. Can’t eat or sleep :( please help x

  • Angela Lo November 30, 2014, 5:17 am

    I have been taking mirtzapine, max dosage 37.5 mg for the past 18 months and it has helped me tremendously with stopping my panic attacks, reducing my anxiety levels and pulling me out of deep depression. It has also helped me sleep and get my appetite back, and has enabled me to get back to ‘normal’ life. I found that it did take around 3-4 months on this drug to have it’s full effect.

    I have been doing so well that my doctor and I started reducing my dosage slowly a few months ago, down 7.5mg every 6 weeks. I’m current down to my last 7.5 mgs and have been experiencing dizziness, hay-fever, achy legs and joints, and decreased appetite which is good, as I gained 8kgs in the past year and a half. I’m hoping the unpleasant side effects will dissipate soon. Good luck to everyone trying to come off mirtazapine. I hope this drug has helped you as much as it has me!

    • Bett Senocak January 13, 2015, 3:19 pm

      Hi there everyone. New to this site. Was on Mirt. 30 mg for 8 months. GP prescribed for anxiety and panic attacks. Stopped working after a few weeks. Decided to stop taking and withdrew gradually. Took last dose of 7.5mg seven weeks ago. What a hellish nightmare!! Side effects include insomnia, anxiety, nausea and terrible sore tongue and mouth. Red patches on tongue with excruciating pain. No relief!! Driving me crazy. Any suggestions to alleviate mouth problems? When will there be relief from these withdrawals? It’s driving me crazy, but will not take any more of these horrendous drugs. So grateful I found this site. Felt like I was the only one suffering. Many thanks. -Bett.

  • Samantha G November 19, 2014, 8:53 pm

    I have been on 45mg mirtazapine since February 2012 however for the last six months I had been feeling “out of it”, unable to function at all, like a zombie/almost comatose! So I decided to go “cold turkey” and take myself off the mirtazapine as I was feeling so ill. I stopped taking 45mg mirtazapine 4 weeks ago. BIG MISTAKE! I have been so ill with: nausea and vomiting, constant pains in my head like it is going to explode, so bad in fact it has had me in tears, stomach pains, extreme sweating at night, muscle weakness and tingling, vision problems (cross eyed, can`t focus), poor balance, dizziness, itching, twitching, dry mouth, sleep problems: either 2 or 3 hours sleep or unable wake up at all after 10 hours sleep, confusion, emotional, tearful and feelings of hopelessness, anxiety.

    I did consider taking mirtazapine again as I have been feeling so rough but I was feeling awful on it too, so I am going to stick with it and stay off mirtazapine. I would not recommend going “cold turkey” if you are taking a high dose as it really does make you feel so ill. I would like to thank all the people who have commented on this website as at lease I know I am not going mad and all this is normal for people stopping this medication. I would not say mirtazapine is a bad drug as it has saved my life however coming off it is a nightmare! I would recommend reducing your dose gradually and not doing what I did.

    • Margaret August 22, 2016, 7:14 am

      Hi Samantha, I don’t know if you are still following this thread but I’m wondering how you are doing now. I’m coming off remeron after being on it for 10 years. I have been feeling unwell even while on it since May last year and after trying several others which didn’t help realized that it was probably the remeron making me feel sick. Have had lots of tingling, crying episodes, headaches, some nausea…. How long did it take you to feel well again. Hoping to hear some good news.

      • Lonnie October 17, 2016, 6:53 pm

        Margaret, How are you feeling now? Any update would be greatly appreciated. Hope you are well.

  • Sandra November 19, 2014, 2:47 pm

    I have been on Remeron for four years for intractable nausea and depression. My dose was never higher than 22.5 mg daily, and only 15 mg for the past two years. Six months ago, I tried to wean off by a 1/4 tab for a few months and had occasional nausea. When I dropped down to 1/2 tab, or 7.5 mg. the nausea became unbearable so my psych had me go back on the 15 mg. It has always given me crazy carb cravings and I need to lose at least 30 lbs.

    A few days ago, I again started taking 1/4 tab less and I feel awful with mood swings, crying jags, and today nausea is creeping in. I feel this med needs to get out of my system and I’m going to try to push through. Perhaps I need an even slower taper and would have to go to a compounding pharmacy to have the Remeron broken down into smaller doses since I can’t break the pills into less than 1/4 tabs. Never thought this medication would cause these problems or I might not have started on it.

  • CJ November 17, 2014, 1:11 am

    I am from England and I have been on Mirtazipine since January 2013. Fluoxetine made me worse and I started Mirt as I needed an aid. The drug helped – I could sleep and it numbed the PTSD. However, I gained 3 stone in 3 months, and had health issues – borderline under active thyroid, high cholesterol, bad chest – the list goes on! I went from a size 8/10 to a size 16.

    I decided to wean off Feb 2014, I’m still weening off! I have terrible mood swings, brain zaps, my anxiety is through the roof! And I cannot sleep. Food cravings are subsiding. I had to keep going back up on my tapering because I became so ill. I never knew how bad the side effects were until I eventually googled it. The docs don’t tell you the aftermath of coming off them!

    They indeed helped but the negatives of the drug put me off and I wouldn’t want to go back on them! I’m hoping to take sleeping pills as I can not sleep rather than Mirtazipine. Seeing the comments from you all has helped me realize that I am not alone! The fight continues and it’s nice to hear that it’s just this devil medication!

  • mim November 15, 2014, 6:31 pm

    Pdoc did rapid taper from 45 to 0 in 5 weeks. Withdrawal started 8 days later and is terrible. Still have anxiety, insomnia, tremors, diarrhea, nausea and no appetite. Been off 2.5 weeks now hope it ends soon.

    • Grant November 16, 2016, 7:25 am

      Hello, my name is Grant, I have been on remeron for about 2 years and I have had enough of not feeling myself and decided to come off them. I have been tapering down for about 2 months and have been off completely off for nearly 3 weeks. I’ve had upset stomach, irregular heartbeats (which set off a panic attack) head zaps, feeling very sick in the mornings and spikes in anxiety. Even through all of this I can feel that I am getting back to my old self, I can feel emotion again and can remember how I used to feel before going on the meds.

      The biggest 3 things that are helping me are… exercise… healthy eating… deep breathing whenever I feel my heart racing. I know I’m going to be through the worst soon and I know with positive thinking I will be back to normal soon. Just don’t try to dwell on your withdrawal because your mind is very powerful and will conjure up physical symptoms. Ignorance is bliss. Life is a wonderful thing when you let it be and half of it is definitely in your mind!!

      • Diane January 16, 2018, 12:36 pm

        Started on 15mg of Mirt nightly, slept O.K. but couldn’t stop eating so cut the tablets in half (7.5mg) and then half again six months later.That was a big mistake, buzzing nerves and feeling like hell. A psychiatric nurse advised me to go back to 7.5mg and pay if I have to, for the bottle of liquid Oral Solution of Mirt (66 ml).

        I asked my g.p. for it on a private prescription and it cost me over £70.00 but was worth it because the awful withdrawal symptoms stopped. I also had to buy a box of 100 1ml/cc syringes for exact measurements which I bought from Amazon, you can get other syringes such as 3.0ml/cc etc. Over one year I reduced the nightly dose at a rate of 10% a month.

        One drawback is that it says on the liquid Mirt bottle that you should not use it after six weeks of opening the bottle which makes it an expensive way to get off the poisonous stuff. I am now on one drop via the syringe in water every few nights when I don’t feel quite right.The other thing I did for the wretched insomnia was to buy a CD online, ‘Say Goodnight to Insomnia’ by hypnotherapist Mark Bowden which I play several times during the nights I can’t sleep.

        Also I found that water aerobics at the local Sports Centre really knackered me into sleeping. I also go to a Buddhist Centre for meditation which is the best meditation I have ever experienced for calming the fraught brain cells. There is a link for their online meditation I am looking into.

        Hope this helps any of you out there going through the hell of withdrawal, also came across a great website run by James Moore of ‘Let’s Talk Withdrawal’ which has now merged with MadInAmerica which gives good advice on the subject.

  • kerry November 15, 2014, 7:16 am

    Hi I’ve been on mirtazapine for 4 years now along with lithium. Its been wonderfully calming but decided its time to get back to my authentic self. I’ve been off it 5 weeks and there have been changes in my sleep and mood but it’s just a transition period. I keep praying for the strength to get by without it and am looking forward to losing the weight I put on.

  • tina November 10, 2014, 3:35 am

    Hi my name is Tina and right now I have weaned down from 45 to 7.5 all within a month. I have never been so sick in my life. I was it for 6 months and am having a really rough time and I haven’t gotten past the hard part!

    • mim November 17, 2014, 2:12 pm

      Have the withdrawal symptoms gotten better for you yet? I was on for about 6 months too and now off about 3 weeks and still feeling terrible.

  • Judy November 9, 2014, 1:41 am

    Just wanted to give an update. It’s now been 3 months off Remeron. I noticed quite a few people post about allergy symptoms. I found out about histamine intolerance, which also explains things like nausea, insomnia, headaches, and fatigue. I’ve had major improvement through eating a low histamine diet and working with a naturopath. For the most part, I feel better emotionally and physically than I have in years. Glad to be out of the “remeron fog” and feel alive again. Would never go back on any antidepressant again.

    • Jo November 13, 2014, 4:55 pm

      Hi Judy -Thanks for the update on how your doing. How long after stopping did it take for the withdrawals to calm down please? Did you have any anxiety during WD? Pleased your feeling better. I’m 4 weeks off Remeron at the moment, suffering some nausea, difficulty sleeping & anxiety.

      • Judy December 5, 2014, 3:29 pm

        Jo, That’s a difficult question to answer. I am having symptoms, but I think they are more related to histamine..but this is hard to know for sure. I suspect I’ve had histamine intolerance for a long time, but it has been hugely exacerbated by the withdrawal from Remeron. Antidepressants deplete the enzyme needed for digesting histamine foods, plus they are an antihistamine. Hence, when you got off them, you get a rebound effect.

        To anyone coming off antidepressants, I’d recommend checking out histamine intolerance and considering reducing high histamine foods. When I look back at the worst parts of withdrawal, I think I’d have done much better if I had gone low histamine a lot sooner. I have had some bouts of anxiety as well. Qi gong has been invaluable in dealing with the emotional and physical effects of withdrawal. Check out Lee Holden’s “7 minutes of magic” on youtube.

  • Nigel November 8, 2014, 2:30 am

    Stopped suddenly taking 30 mg which I was on for about a year. I’ve now missed, I think, six doses and the main issue is insomnia. Waking up soon after falling asleep and just being unable to sleep in the first place.

  • Doreen November 7, 2014, 2:57 pm

    I have been on remeron for maybe 10yrs 45mg. I am going down so slowly and that was before I read all there is about it and the comments. I am very nervous now. Now it’s that the doctor’s don’t know how bad the withdrawal is or they feel it’s in our heads. I didn’t ask my doc how to do it because she would of told me to cut down quickly. I am a recovering addict so I feel like I have M.D. after my name but I have learned plenty about withdrawing from drugs. I can’t believe what I read about coming off of this drug. I never dreamed it would be like this if the doctor told me about it. I would never have agreed to go on it. This may sound far fetched but our doctors do get gifts from drug companies for prescribing their medications and we get addicted. Doreen in Massachusetts

    • Diana January 20, 2015, 3:35 pm

      Doreen, I just want to provide a bit of reassurance from a positive perspective. I took Mirtazapine for 8 years and it has saved my life, of course, along with weekly therapy for PTSD. October 2013 I began to naturally wean off as I began to feel happy for the first time in my life. I was taking 45 mg a day so I started reducing it by 7.5 mg approximately every 3 months. As of September 2014 I have been completely off the medication with very few side effects. Fatigue and sleep interruptions are all I am having to deal with.

      Every person’s body, life experiences, and stresses are so different that I don’t believe one should have any preconceived ideas about how their personal withdrawal is going to be. I have a fairly regular exercise routine of walking 3 times a week for 40 to 50 minutes. I drink lots of water and try to eat very healthily. I hope this is helpful. Ontario, Canada.

      • Rachel May 23, 2016, 6:06 am

        Diana, That is exactly what I want to hear. I have been on Mirt for about 18 months now and plan to taper down very gradually over 6 months, then hopefully I should be able to lose the extra weight and continue on my journey to get fit. Thanks for your posotive story, Rachel

  • Suleiman October 29, 2014, 1:52 am

    I had been on 30mg for a year before tapering off over a 6 week period! It’s been 4 weeks since I stopped completely now and the withdrawal symptoms have persisted I have a combination of all of the following: Crying spells, depression, tiredness, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, headaches, Insomnia, Irritability, Itching, mood swings, nausea, panic attacks, racing thoughts, sleep changes, suicidal thoughts, diarrhea & vomiting. While pills did save my life I am finding the withdrawal pretty horrific despite tappering off… just have to stick with it and see what happens…

  • Steve B October 23, 2014, 12:34 pm

    6 Weeks off Mirtazapine and I am still having very bad anxiety. Crying every day and lots of itchiness. I keep going back to these posts which verify that i am not going mad. The antihistamine pills help the itchiness. This is proving to be very difficult (all the side effects). A little voice tells me to go back on the drug or go back to my GP, but I am resisting!

    • Helga April 26, 2016, 9:03 am

      I know how you feel Steve. I keep coming back too for reassurance. I was on 30mg for over two years, tapered off them over 4 months because of weight gain and they made my hair fall out. Been off them completely for 3months and still going through hell – no appetite, anxiety, insomnia, severe body aches, shaking, headaches. It seems I’m spending all my time either waking, aching or shaking! I’m determined to stay off this dreadful drug, but damn it’s hard. Thank heaven for forums like this.

      • Cathleen Martin May 4, 2016, 6:24 pm

        Helga, Don’t give up. Keep trying. I still cannot sleep through the night and I do get crying sometimes. I also get anxious and nervous a lot.
        Originally I said I was sorry I started taking this drug, but after thinking about it, I am not sorry. Yes it is difficult to withdraw from, but it did help me through some very difficult times. Are you feeling any better?

        • Helga May 15, 2016, 8:35 am

          I am starting to have some good days, but just when I think I’m over it, the symptoms come back. Not feeling as nauseous now and my appetite is slowly returning, but the body aches are still really bad most of the time. I’m determined to get through it though – one day at a time, and on really bad days one hour at a time. Just can’t wait to feel “normal” again.

          • Lonnie October 17, 2016, 6:40 pm

            I am on 30mg of Mirt and was prescribed this medication during rehab (depression and alcoholism). I thought it was sent from heaven since I no longer had trouble sleeping and my mind didn’t race at night before bed. I have been on this medication for 6 years now and I have noticed the increased weight gain over the years. Dieting and exercise did very little to help control the cravings and weight gain.

            I notice that the cravings seem to start about an hour after taking the medicine. I also have swelling in the lower part of my legs which has been diagnosed as “Diastolic Dysfunction” but I tend to believe it is from the Mirt. I am contemplating having my dosage reduced or self medicating to wean myself off of this drug as the weight gain is becoming a burden (250 lbs currently).

            This forum has helped me to prepare for the symptoms I should be on the lookout for and hopefully eliminate this medicine completely.

  • kim October 22, 2014, 9:04 pm

    I am scared to come off this now. I only take 7.5 and after reading all the comments I’m terrified. This medicine has helped me so far but I don’t want to be on it forever, but guess there’s just no way out.

    • David March 16, 2015, 4:37 pm

      Kim, don’t be afraid. 7.5 isn’t a bad dose to stop. Just accept that things aren’t going to be very pleasant for a short while, but, refuse to let that chemical get the better of you and make itself a home in your body. I am 19 days since my last dose, and got 7 hours sleep last night. I am still feeling bad, but better than last week!

      • Michele August 26, 2016, 1:59 pm

        I was also on 7.5 dose for a few years. I’ve stopped cold turkey. I had wanted to try a gradual decrease but ran out and there was a mix up at pharmacy and I ended up not having it for a few days so decided to quit. I had gained lots of weight while on it. My withdrawals are not too horrible. It’s been about a week now.

        I had one night where I could not fall asleep. I’ve had the itchiness although not severe. I do have the nausea and a bit of diarrhea but no longer crave sugar and carbs and junk food. I’ve been sneezing a lot more than usual too and had a bit of feeling like I’m getting a cold since stopping but haven’t actually gotten one. Just a slight cough and that feeling in my throat.

        Not sore… Just like a cold is coming. I feel a bit more tired because I’m not sleeping as much (I wake up early) but my mood in general is good. I had one day where I just wanted to cry all day. I just remind myself the withdrawals won’t last and feel overall better in myself since stopping. I don’t ever want to go back on remeron.

    • Maritza Gomez November 1, 2015, 2:41 pm

      There are many symptoms described before but everyone is different. I stopped taking mirtazapine 2 weeks ago I didn’t taper it off I came from 15 mg to 0 because it was helpful for me at the beginning, but after that it started triggering anxiety. Now sometimes I feel like panic attacks but they don’t last more than 2 minutes and I start praying to God, be patient I’ve come off worse things. Keep going, we can do it. Good luck

  • Christy October 22, 2014, 3:11 am

    I cut my 15mg dose in half for about 3 days and then stopped entirely. That was about a week ago. Symptoms were so mild I rarely took note of them, but tonight (a week later), I feel horribly dizzy and nauseas. I feel it is not coincidental… Gonna try to remind myself that it will take time but it WILL get better.

    • nici January 30, 2015, 12:33 pm

      That’s exactly what I did too, same dose as well. Maybe four, five days ago was my last dose. Getting insomnia like crazy! And racing thoughts, but so far that seems to be it. Hope it doesn’t get much worse. I was only on it for five months.

    • Rafael September 19, 2015, 4:08 am

      How long were you taking it?

    • Hans June 16, 2016, 12:38 am

      Hi, I too felt much better the first week but then had a horrible panic attack the second week, as well as all of the mentioned side effects. I thought at first it was due to an increase in my thyroid med, but figured out quickly that it is remeron withdrawals. I have been taking it for ten years and I can say it saved my life.

      I can also say the time to quit is now, though I admit I am taking trazodone to try to get some sleep. The withdrawal symptoms are rough and hellish but I know it’s “temporary”. Good luck to all as this will be one of the toughest challenges in our lives–from the posts read here this is apparent. None of you are alone, but keep in mind that some of us may actually need a drug such as mirtz.

      Hell, I might need to go back on it but I think I have to get past these withdrawals to ever know for sure. The first time I tried to stop my stomach was jacked and I was passing blood. I went back to remeron but am gonna give it all I got this time. Keep posting everyone. It helps.

  • Mel October 20, 2014, 2:20 pm

    Coming off 60mg of Mirtazapine for depression after 9 months on it as am feeling in a much better and manageable mental state. Overall I am feeling happier but now that I don’t need it as much for the happiness boost the side effects of weight gain and sedation are outweighing staying on it. This has been the only antidepressant to work for me after taking a number of SSRI’s and I have tapered my dose off gradually over the course of a month and a half, I don’t recommend doing it cold turkey from previous experiences unless your Dr says so.

    I think it’s so much nicer mentally and physically to wean yourself off them. I have been off it for about 3 weeks now. Going off it I experienced intense nightmares for the first 3 nights. It’s definitely harder to get to sleep and I wake up in the early morning but this isn’t a bad thing for me after being able to sleep 12 hours straight in a sedated like state on it. I felt ‘depersonalized’ for a few days. My appetite has decreased dramatically back to my normal after the first week of being off it and I no longer have crazy sugar cravings.

    I’m not as sedated/tired, my mood is still stable but I am experiencing small random bouts of anxiety off it, however I can control this better now. I have felt a little nausea and the feeling like my body is not regulating my temperature as effectively. The weirdest symptom I feel currently is itchiness which I keep reading is the most common symptom of mirtazapine withdrawal. It has really helped me through the worst of my depression.

    Even with the side effects of increased appetite and weight gain, tiredness and the occasional weird bodily sensation that I experienced being on it this – it has been the best antidepressant I have tried. Now I just need to get over the small but strange withdrawal symptoms but these are insignificant in comparison to what I have benefited from taking it.

  • Everett October 17, 2014, 9:05 pm

    Thanks, Cathy I have quit taking Mirtz and still have the burning sensation. I went to my PCP and she wants me to try Gabapentin 100mg once at night. Don’t know if this will work but will try anything at this point. Any feedback on this drug? Again thanks.

  • Everett October 13, 2014, 3:44 pm

    I was on mirtz. only for 15 days. Felt good the first 3, after that unusual mental/physical symptoms. Mostly the same as you guys and gals have experienced. Having said that has anyone had a problem with their feet having a burning sensation like walking on hot coals? Like I said only on this medicine roughly two weeks I have quit cold turkey. It has been 9 days without and all though I still have fuzzy head feelings, is this normal for such a short duration on this drug?

    • GLOOM October 14, 2014, 4:01 pm

      There’s no “normal” experience on any of these drugs. If you haven’t experienced these burning sensations prior to taking Mirtz, it was likely induced by the med. It is certainly possible to experience withdrawals or other oddities after a short duration on a medication. Your symptoms should eventually subside though. Good luck.

    • Cathy October 16, 2014, 10:46 pm

      Hi Everett, I had to check a few things out on this website yesterday as my withdrawals have ‘come back’. I had been taking an antihistamine for about 10 days & decided to go off it as I was feeling drowsy every day. Turns out the antihistamines have been keeping my withdrawals at bay. Back on them today.

      My initial comment is further up the page dated 25 September 14. I left a few of my symptoms out like scratching & itching like crazy – especially my burning feet!!! So there you have it. You’re not alone & yes it is all part of this hell. Good luck with it all. Cathy

      • Kerry January 13, 2015, 8:06 am

        I have been taking 30mg for over two years. My last tablet was New Year Eve 2014. I ran out and couldn’t get any more. Therefore, I have been going cold turkey. I knew I wanted to come off them as I have been a totally different person whilst on them. I lost all sense of fun, took no joy from life, felt old beyond my time and basically got sick of walking around like a zombie. So far in 2015 my side effects have been quite severe. My sleep feels like its completely stopped.

        Only being able to have 2/3 hours per night if I’m lucky. This is by far the worst side effect for me. I find it really hard to function without good sleep, which I think contributes and exaggerates the feelings of anxiety and tearfulness. If my sleep was better I think my brain could cope with these issues more competently. It’s now the 13th January 2015. I’m currently off work with flu. Whole body aches and have a very heavy head cold. Not sure if this is mixed with accelerated allergies too as eyes itching and watering, sneezing more than usual.

        Been handy in one respect to have this time off as its given me time to research side effects and help me understand better. Before the flu I was having terrible night sweats for two weeks. My whole body had itched and felt extremely sensitive, weirdly the palms of my hands itched horribly (and there I was thinking I was coming into money lol). Head aches everyday so far, right royal splitters! Some dizziness and strong feelings of nausea. Sunday gone all I did was cry, tears uncontrollably running down my face.

        Feeling so insecure it was horrendous! even caught myself to having suicidal thoughts because of how pathetic I was feeling. I’ll admit that I’m not looking forward to what’s to come too. I’ve copied and pasted links explaining all this to my husband in hope that he will understand what I’m going through and have the love to be patient and kind to me. I’m scared, but I want to do this, I want to enjoy life again. I don’t want to feel joyless and numb anymore. The strain it puts on me and the people around me is just plain unfair.

        Last night I took zopiclone to get some sleep, I managed 4 hours, so nice not having to lay in bed knowing my mind is getting more delirious by the second. However, this worries me as well. I don’t want to get hooked on this either. Will have to do some research on that too. Good luck to everyone coming off mirtazapine. I would love to hear from someone who has been off the for a very long time and maybe they could share their thoughts.

        • Andrew January 17, 2015, 7:53 am

          Kerry, it is very interesting to me that you do not only describe your withdrawal symptoms, but also what it did to you while you were using it. I have been using it for four years, mostly 30 mg. My GP prescribed it because I was experiencing fear of driving for a number of years and because I was very stressed by my work and had difficulty sleeping. I woke-up every night at about 3:00 and then my mind went racing, until I finally fell asleep a short time before I had to get up.

          I was really exhausted by this, so I thought remeron would be a good choice to cure both problems. After taking it, it felt like heaven. I could sleep again. That was such a relief. Remeron did nothing though for the driving problem (which is also a side effect of continuous stress). After some time I began experiencing other effects of remeron. I became very tired during the night, although I slept well. I could hardly get out of my bed in the morning. Another thing was a strong feeling of indifference, that is hard to describe.

          It was as if every mental energy was sucked out of me. A zombie-like feeling, like becoming “brain dead” very slowly but gradually. I had less and less energy to perform my work and other duties. I decided to stop taking remeron several times, by taking half a tablet first, or by stopping cold turkey. I did not succeed, because I could not sleep at-all and my mind went racing in such a way I could not concentrate anymore. One week ago I came home from a long day of work and felt so tired and miserable that I quit taking it again.

          To my great relief the side effects are now bearable. I have lots of energy. I really feel alive again. I am a bit irritable and have minor concentration problems. My wonderful sleep has left me, but I feel a lot better overall. I should never have taken remeron. It it a drug that may save the life of very depressed people, but how it works exactly and what side-effects May occur is absolutely not clear. It is to my experience not a drug one should use for years and years.

          • Sarah January 25, 2016, 6:10 pm

            Hi Kerry, how long have you been off mirtazapine now!? I have been off it 4 months. It’s been a hard time for me but all of a sudden the insomnia has got worse. The last two weeks or so, I’m lucky to get to sleep 7 hours, after going to bed. I’m in bed my midnight and lucky to be asleep by 6:30 AM. I’m hoping this is just a ‘fluctuating withdrawal symptom’ as mentioned above? I went on mirtazapine for insomnia after a bereavement in my family :(. I don’t want to get hooked on zopiclone etc. I don’t know what to do.

        • Antonio February 16, 2015, 2:32 am

          Kerry, I was on 30mg mirtazipane for about four months. I too felt joyless, it was like life had been sucked out of me. My doc prescribed me another antidepressant and suggested a taper off mirtazipane over three days then nothing for three days then start the new med. However once I stopped taking mirtazipane I felt better than I had in months, so I never began the new medication I just went cold turkey. I’ve felt like I could burst through my skin with anxiety and my sleep hasn’t been great, but I feel hopeful. It’s been 4 weeks since my last dose and still haven’t quiet turned that corner, gotta give it more time. :)

          • Katie April 2, 2016, 2:37 pm

            I have come off mirtazapine and I am struggling massively with insomnia. I thought that I would research to see if others have ever found the same and came across this thread. OMG I just had to post a reply. In short, I’ve suffered with depression for years, but along side an undiagnosed sleep condition – narcolepsy. When I quit drinking, I lowered my dose of citalopram myself and hit rock bottom.

            Whilst I have got other underlying issues, my doctor prescribed me mirtazapine to aid my sleep as he was convinced I was exhausted because of my depression – even though I wasn’t actually having trouble sleeping, just feeling exhausted even after 8 hours sleep. Although this was never an area I struggled with and I had sleep tests, I agreed, trust the doctor’s right. I got a narcolepsy diagnosis and I am on meds for that now but as for everything else, it certainly wasn’t getting better, if anything worse.

            My doc upped my dose from 30 to 45mg a few months ago (even though I had requested a change back to an old AD called fluoxetine). Anyway, after the last few months of hell I have finally been seen by my psychiatrist and requested a change back to the Fluoxetine as its the only AD I felt happy on and that controlled my ED. Within 2 days of a lower dose of 30, and then 15 mg for 4 days I didn’t even think I needed to start the fluoxetine.

            I had horrendous night sweats the first night on a lower dose but I immediately started to feel normal again. Suicidal thoughts gone, feelings of gray, unexplainable loneliness gone. I thought it was just a coincidence, the sun shining or something. However, I now have insomnia, something I haven’t ever ever suffered with – EVER. On top of a sleep condition anyway, I thought this was impossible, I could sleep standing up in a bar!

            That’s why I needed to see if anyone else suffered with this side effect of coming off the mirtazapine. But after reading people’s comments on the effects it had on people while taking it, I just needed to share my ‘not so coincidental’ experiences.

        • ZJZJ July 16, 2015, 4:23 am

          I can understand what you are going through. I hope that you are better since January 2015. It is hard for our loved ones to understand what we are going through. Mitrazapine has changed me as a person. I hope to get my old self back.

      • Gemma May 3, 2016, 7:12 pm

        I was put on Mirtazapine 15mgs to help me sleep as well as Trazodone for depression. I’ve been on Traz for 2.5yrs and Mirtazapine for 20months. I’ve put on 2 stone but had lost my appetite Trazodone. I’m now coming off the Mirtazapine cos I’m sleeping but mainly because of the weight gain. GP told me to take one 15mgs tablet every other night for a week then one every two nights for a week then stop.

        Do Dr’s not realize it’s not that simple!? It just over 3 weeks now and I’ve just realized that the indigestion and itchy skin are withdrawal symptoms. I was expecting to have a headache and disturbed sleep but not those. Anyway just wanted to share a great tip. To stop itchy feet stick them in a bowl of hot water with Epsom salts (buy at health food stores) or have a bath with some in (without bubbles) then cream yourself with a good emulsifier like E45 or diprobase.

        I’m persevering – hope this helps someone.

    • Yvonne January 19, 2015, 1:47 am

      Yes I have burning feet. I was put on remeron 7.5 for 3 weeks then bumped to 15 for 3 weeks then bumped to 30. I took the 30 one night and the next day I felt terrible so I cut back to 7.5 because I wasn’t feeling that great on 15. I have been down to the 7.5 for a week know and I’m having headaches, nausea, cold and then hot, sweating, some crying spells. I feel terrible, but hopefully it will end soon. I will cut back to 1/2 a 7.5 soon. I do not like that all these medications have more side effects than I know about.

  • Annette Sanderson October 11, 2014, 5:48 am

    I have been taking Mirtazapine 15mg for one week then 30mg for the past 2 and a half weeks to which I have experienced dizzy spells, feeling of going to pass out and a real fuzzy head. Not good at all, I work in Retail and have been having panic and anxiety attacks which just came out of the blue as I am a very social person but have had a bad year.

    I’m from England and all my family are still there and my Dad is recovering from Bowel Cancer, to which was devastating news to cope with but thankfully they caught it in time and is doing well. Maybe this triggered these attacks and so I was prescribed these pills. I took a quarter last night and am seeing my GP tomorrow as do not want to be on them. Going to stick with B complex stress formula, terrible drug, feeling spaced out all the time.

  • Pam B October 6, 2014, 6:42 pm

    My 84 year old mom was on Effexor in April and after 39 days started to hallucinate. Her doctor took her off of them. She continued to have hallucinations for the next four months and has not had six straight hours of sleep since then. The doctor started her on 15mg of Remeron three weeks ago to help her sleep and increased it to 30mg five days ago. She has went to a sleep clinic last week because they believe the lack of sleep may be a REM disorder and this is why the hallucinations are happening. Hoping to pull her off everything today.

  • Steve B October 5, 2014, 7:45 am

    I was on Mirtazapine 45mg for 7 years. I decided to come off them, so my Psychiatrist said to decrease from 45mg to 30mg for 2 weeks, then down to 15mg for 2 weeks then stop. I think this decreasing slope has been too steep. I have been off Mirtazapine for 4 weeks now – (not going back to this drug!). Withdrawal symptoms have been mania where I am in hysterical laughter and then in floods of tears, but hey that’s a withdrawal symptom!

    I am constantly itchy which is infuriating, and had tremors (shakes) in the first week or so of complete abstinence. I also find it hard to concentrate for long periods of time and find that I can’t keep still! Other physical symptoms include diarrhea but that’s not too bad. I wish everyone well when coming off this drug, it will be worth it in the end.

    My Psychiatrist didn’t mention anything about withdrawal symptoms, I didn’t realize they would be like this, but these support posts have been a great help. I wouldn’t say as other posters have, that it is the Devil Drug, but I would definitely not go back on it. The lack of information and support from the NHS has been pretty disappointing. I have found keeping busy and walking everywhere I can and talking to my (private) counselor and having a supportive wife has helped a lot also. **GOOD LUCK**

    • Harriet September 11, 2016, 10:25 am

      Hi, I am on the same dose and like you have been for 7 years. I agree I think that’s a very steep drop. I feel I’m ready to lower and my doctor lowered me to 30 mg last Monday (sept) and said he wouldn’t even think about lowering to 15 mg until April mainly he said due to winter months already been tougher on people but also for your body to stabilize itself and for me to feel comfortable. I was told I wouldn’t feel any change for a week – 10 days after lowering and then I would feel change which would be chemical imbalance for few weeks (so far I don’t feel anything but I’m sure that will change). I wasn’t aware of symptoms until I decided to just check it out and prepare myself as it were. Your doctor seems to have rushed you through the motions and your body hasn’t had proper time to adjust, but really hope you will be symptom free soon! Good luck in your journey.

  • Rae September 30, 2014, 5:34 pm

    I started taking Remeron 5 years ago when I was hospitalized for psychosis, and diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I understand where everyone is coming from when they say this drug is “evil” and they will never take it again; the withdrawal symptoms are pretty awful. I decided to wean off of Remeron and have been fully off of it for 2 weeks. I feel nauseous and dizzy, and I get pretty bad headaches. My mood feels good for the most part, other than my thoughts being slightly more disorganized.

    I hope that everyone commenting on how evil this drug is also understand that it has helped so many people. I can 100% say that if it wasn’t for Remeron, I would have committed suicide. I felt hopeless for over 4 years, and I had tried over 3 other antidepressants. After I was hospitalized and put on Remeron, I could literally feel my brain healing. I was able to get a job, go back to school and function as a normal human being.

    Antidepressants aren’t for everyone, but they are not evil, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being on them. I am so glad I found one that worked for me, and ultimately led me to a place in my life where I feel safe enough to try weaning off of them. Thank you to whoever wrote this article, the info is great and it’s good to know I’m not alone in my withdrawal symptoms. Good luck to everyone else!

    • Daniel June 18, 2015, 9:31 pm

      Yes, good post Rae. For me the benefits of being on Mirtazapine have been subtle but profound, it has pulled me into a new direction and for the better.

      I was on 45mg and tapered off in a month. The withdrawal is horrendous, the worst has been the insomnia and anxiety which forced me to be off work. I kept reminding myself that the withdrawals were temporary.

    • Samantha May 11, 2016, 5:56 pm

      I agree that Mirtazapine can be an effective drug. I have BPD and anxiety and after a serious suicide attempt was started on it. It really helped my mood but when increasing from 30mg to 45mg I became so angry and full of rage that I reduced back down to 30mg. This drug has helped me but since starting it 9 maths ago I have gained 3 stone and gone up 3 dress sizes.

      A week ago I reduced to 15mg and 2 days ago stopped completely. I feel nervous and anxious and after reading other comments, I understand why I have been awake all night. I hope I can continue without mirtazapine because my weight increase has made my anxiety and mood as low as before.

      • Sally May 20, 2016, 6:10 pm

        Samantha, My story is almost *Exactly* the same as yours, from the reason I went on it, the weight gain effect it had, and the current trouble sleeping as I’m easing off. I feel like I have a cold today and maybe it’s from this. Anyways, it was sort of nice to see someone with the same experience so thanks for posting.

    • Rachel May 23, 2016, 5:46 am

      Rae – I totally agree with you. Mirt saved my life and yes it was rough for 6 weeks but without it, I am not sure I would be here today. I too am in a happy place and want to come off it, from researching tapering is the best way, and yes the side effects may get rough but not having to take a happy pill every night will be a blessing. And it may make my weight loss journey just that little easier. Rachel

      • Mark June 4, 2016, 3:42 pm

        Hi, I have been on 15mg off and on for 2 years, but from January this year 7.5. In March decided to come off with help of liquid solution as you can measure the amount correctly. Been off now for a week but don’t feel great, so even with a slow taper it’s not easy.

        • Pauline mcgowan August 10, 2016, 12:09 pm

          Where can you get liquid from? As that would be easier to taper off with.

  • Fer September 26, 2014, 11:43 pm

    I went from Prozac to Mirtazapine, mostly because I was having panic attacks and my GP refused to give me a benzo. Biggest mistake ever. I gained 15 pounds, got plantar fasciitis due to overweight, and worst of all, I kept getting panic attacks after a month. GP prescribed a way too short tapering time (about a week) and now I am back on Prozac, 60 mg. After 2 months, I am starting to feel like a human being again, however I still have some brain zaps and get fidgety, and I’m not sure if it’s still mirtazapine withdrawal or anxiety symptoms.

    • Steph July 27, 2016, 10:32 pm

      Hi Fer, can I ask you how long and what dose of mirtazapine you were on? I was on Prozac for almost 5 months and felt better than I had my whole life but had no sex drive, so I was put on 7.5 mg of mirtazapine 20 days ago. It made me very sleepy, so I was upped to 15 mg a week later. Two days ago, was upped to 30 mg. I am not feeling myself at all – having a hard time communicating, feeling spacey and depressed, weird dreams, etc. So I am going back to prozac, but am not sure how to go about that and what to expect.

  • Cathy September 25, 2014, 2:09 am

    I have been off this medication for 2weeks now and have been experiencing a body crave for something. Not cigarettes, alcohol or drugs of any description that I can think of just a low grade crave. That started within days of ceasing mirtazapine which I was only on for about 2 months @ 30mgs. For a few days now have been experiencing headaches, nausea, heart palpitations, hand tremors and for the entire time insomnia.

    I didn’t know what was happening to me. Finally I thought to look up withdrawals of this drug & bingo there it is in black & white. This page and all the comments have answered everything for me. Thank you one & all. I’m not going crazy at all!!!

    • Cathy April 19, 2016, 9:47 pm

      I agree Cathy. I feel like I am going crazy. I just cannot calm down and relax. But at least I know it’s the pill and not me. I am suppose to start a job soon and I hope I feel a little better by then. I don’t think I will though. I will never ever take this drug again. I have been on it for 3 years. I am also Diabetic and withdrawing from these pills has caused my sugar to go crazy. I have had to increase my meds and need to increase again.

  • andy russell September 24, 2014, 5:45 pm

    I have suffered from a migraine every day for seven years and coming off mirtrazapine made it ten times worse. I was told to taper down but my doc has said to just stop taking 15mg because my withdrawal is like heroin withdrawal. Im on diazepam for a week now to get this crap out my system . I WILL NEVER TAKE MIRTRAZAPINE AGAIN IF THE DEVIL MADE A DRUG ITS THIS ONE

  • Rose September 15, 2014, 7:21 pm

    I am still on this drug. It hasn’t done anything for me. On 30mgs at night. Feeling anxious in my tummy ever since I’ve been taking it. Sweats etc. sooo if this is what I’m like on it what am I going to be like trying to quit it

  • Danielle September 11, 2014, 12:58 pm

    I am on day 4 of quitting cold turkey after being on 30mg for almost a year, I am only just starting to get major withdrawal, feeling nauseous, hypo-manic, can’t sleep, vivid dreams that are just plain weird and my eyes keep going out of focus, my appetite increased the last 2 days but has decreased today. If I had have known the effects of coming off mirt was going to be so bad I wouldn’t have taken them.

    • Joanne December 18, 2015, 10:48 pm

      How are your withdrawal symptoms now? I’ve been on mirtazapine for almost a year and have decided to go cold turkey from tonight. I keep switching off and actually fell downstairs and broke my ankle after one episode. I almost fell again today so have decided that I need to get off these drugs.

  • Wadee Ali September 5, 2014, 6:38 pm

    For almost 8 years I am taking remeron. My doctor used to give a 15 mg dose at first for about 5 years then I decided to take 7.5 mg by cutting the tablet in half. Now I am with my family in Yemen, and nowadays I stopped taking remeron for 5 days. I am anxious and irritable and can not sleep well with much allergies but I will try my best to stop using this drug.

  • Maureen September 2, 2014, 4:22 am

    Just stopped taking Mirtazapine after only two weeks on it. I am experiencing fuzziness in the head, slight buzzing in the ears and dizziness.

    A feeling of disassociation. Will never take this again. I have to drive, and I feel I would be a danger to myself and other road users. Staying put at home till this stops.

    • Nola September 2, 2014, 11:06 pm

      Interested in your withdrawal
      Maureen, as I say in my post I was only on it for nine days 15mg then 30mg the last day, look the last pill 8 days ago, like you I feel fuzzy in the head, sick and buzzing in the ears, also I am not sleeping.
      For 7 days the pills were wonderful, sleeping like a baby and less anxoius, then horrendus side effects set in, was awake for 36 hours, anxiety worse, restless was pacing the house, could not read or watch TV, felt I was going mad, I threw them in the bin cheers

      • gert July 5, 2015, 5:48 pm

        I am having right now the same side effects as you do until you withdrawal from remeron 15mg. I was on the medication for about 2 weeks, and the blurred vision, and headaches, unable to sleep are not unusual as well. The only thing remeron did, was I gained 15kg from weight, but It really didn’t do any good with my anxiety as it still exists and it is difficult to leave, or dissolve from my comfortable zone… phobias. + the crying spells are common as well.

        I will never take this evil drug again…. Does anyone knows, if magnesium can get your brain chemistry back to point 0, before I went onto remeron, I also may have a infection but my blood, other tests from the doctor were fine. Really difficult to cope with it, it makes also depression worse, what I didn’t have as much as before

      • Dianna January 3, 2016, 10:34 pm

        I withdrew from mirtazapine, cutting down one week and cutting it off altogether. I didn’t realize the side effects, especially dizziness. My doctor doesn’t either and sent me for a brain scan. I guess I should have asked a pharmacist. Not going back on it that’s for sure… only was given to me when I was looking after a sick husband.

        • Beverly January 24, 2016, 7:09 pm

          I have been on this for 2 weeks and have not felt this good in years. I had no idea of the side effects until I started to eat my way through every carbohydrate in the house (plus down the street and around the corner!). Then I started my research. I am beginning my cut back as of tonight. I feel cheated though, because on this drug I have felt sane for the first time in more years than I can say.

          Part of me is mourning the possibility of never finding any drug that helps me feel sane. And it’s not just a question of choosing Fat & Happy over Suicidal & Insane. I could live with F & H but my family has a history of Diabetes. It’s like a slow form of suicide!

          • Bigcocoapuff February 20, 2016, 7:00 pm

            I feel exactly the same way.

          • Cathy April 19, 2016, 9:53 pm

            I feel the same way Beverly. I am Diabetic… a type 1 and withdrawing from these pills has caused some major problems. I can’t control my sugar levels and have had to increase my dosage twice and still have high sugars. Never again will I take this drug.

          • dojung June 9, 2016, 8:49 am

            Hello, The cravings can last for a couple of months but will subside. Best when they subside if you leave sugar alone altogether. Not pushing the drug, but it has helped me sleep for years now, and because of that my immune system improved and I no longer get Bronchitis or pneumonia 4 times a year. I too though would like to stop taking medication at some point.

            I am planning to get off very very very very slowly. I tried recently going down from 30 to 21.5 and felt depressed immediately. I kew it was from the medication and went back up to 30, which I had only been taking for a couple of months, usually it took 21.5. I think this drug is easy to become physically dependent on. I am also not sure of the long term effects. Good luck and feel better.

  • Nola 1st September 2014 September 1, 2014, 11:47 pm

    I only took mirtazipine for 10 days 30mg for the last day. For 7 days they were wonderful, then horrific side effects set in .
    I threw them in the bin It is 6 days since I took my last pill, I am still not sleeping and fell sick and a bit anxious.
    I am never taking that poison again.

  • Belinda August 31, 2014, 12:46 pm

    I’m currently trying to get off mirtazapine this is my third attempt. The last time I ended up in hospital massive heart palpations and tremors, vomiting,diarrhea and didn’t sleep for days I was a mess. This time doing it very slowly I’ve weaned myself down to roughly 3 mg every 5 days. I’m now up to day 9 with none but feeling very anxious panicky and emotional .. It’s by far the worse antidepressant I’ve ever taken and wish I knew just how hard it was to get off as I never would of taken it in the first place

  • Linda August 26, 2014, 3:38 pm

    I have been off mirtazapine 4 weeks now and have had a couple of panics not to bad though, but also having foggy moments to where it feels like my mind is racing, so it’s not bothering me as much because I know it’s withdrawls just have faith it will go away Instead of going back on it, going threw it all over again !!! I know it’s easier said then done, but hey I’m going threw it!! And sucks, but try to be active and not think about it that’s the best way. :))

  • Judy August 23, 2014, 2:38 am

    It took me over a year to successfully get off 45 mg of Remeron, which I had been on for about 8 years (only 1 year at 45 mg. though). It was a slow, miserable process with many withdrawal effects. I finally took my last pill 3 weeks ago and am still suffering some withdrawal effects–mainly nausea, itchiness, and increased allergy symptoms.

    There have been several things I’ve done that have been invaluable through this process. The first has been a daily qi gong practice–which is a moving meditation. It helped enormously with both physical and emotional side effects, as well as insomnia (after only a few days of practice, insomnia disappeared for the most part–only showing up for a couple of days each time I decreased my dose). I’m not sure I would have been able to come off the drug without this practice, which I fully intend to continue.

    Secondly, I’ve done daily guided imagery or sometimes twice daily. This also helped a good deal with balancing emotions, reducing anxiety, improving sleep quality.

    I started taking fish oil part way through and that was useful as well. About a month before I came off the drug entirely (I was taking 3.75 mg), I started st. john’s wort tincture (not standardized extract). I felt it might help ease emotional symptoms..and whether it was that or other things, I don’t know. But in the 3 weeks since stopping Remeron, I’ve had no difficult emotions..which was different than every other decrease.

    Knowing what I do about antidepressants and how bloody hard it’s been getting off them, I would NEVER again take them. Through qi gong and imagery, I feel that I’ve changed the underlying patterns that were causing depression..and there are many better natural ways to deal with low mood.

    • Jo August 27, 2014, 6:03 pm

      Hi Judy,

      I was very interested to read your withdrawal from Mirtazapine. Please can I ask what your final dose was before stopping? I am also tapering of this evil drug, and am suffering withdrawals at the moment.

      Many thanks


      • Judy November 9, 2014, 1:30 am

        I was at 3.75 mg. when I finally stopped taking it.

      • Diane November 8, 2016, 2:04 am

        Hi I’m stopping my Mirtazapine 15mg. I’m cold turkey because I can’t stand taking this medicine anymore. I’m on my third day and it’s not as bad as I thought. I’m drinking lots of water and sucking on hard candy. Wish you luck.

    • Leahjaye December 24, 2014, 11:36 am

      I was 15mg mirtazapine for about 6 weeks then went up to 30mg and I’ve been on them for 6 weeks but I started to feel very numb on them and my doctor said to stop them altogether (but I wish I didn’t). I’ve been off the 6 days and it has been horrible, had no sleep, extreme nausea/vomiting, shaking, headaches and my anxiety and and depression has been awful! Finding it really hard to cope but I’ve learnt not to ever just go straight off them.

      • Deanna Graham February 19, 2016, 11:49 pm

        Please keep your doctor in the loop. You can do this and move on.

      • Happy Camper March 27, 2017, 2:29 am

        To be fair, I want to state that I took Remeron for nearly ten years, up to a dose of 40 mg. per day. I would not be alive today if not for the efficacy of this drug, and I tried nearly 8 different ones prior to it – all of which failed miserably. Yes, it’s trying and taxing to wean off of but it deserves praise and credit too.

        I’m hypersensitive to most drugs and it took at least 4 months for me to taper off slowly so that completely stopping it was possible. I tapered down 10 mg per month but had trouble getting off the last 3.5 mgs! I found you need to have fortitude, conviction, and not cave just because you have a bad day with side effects. I had very unpleasant GI upsets but took over the counter aids to help me get through them.

        I endured several migraines as well, but they passed and became fewer and further between until they weren’t an issue anymore. I itched, only at night, in isolated areas, for less than a week. Patience, have some patience. I’ve been having vivid dreams but I had them before taking this drug. My appetite has lessened and for that I’m grateful – I did gain weight and wish to lose it now.

        We cannot feel the greatness of joy if we shelter or mask our pain, so I’m riding the tides of being in better touch with my emotions now, handling a bit more anxiety and worry. It’s not killing me and it’s liberating to know my brain isn’t being influenced by chemicals any longer. I think more clearly, my memory is improving, my overall mental health is better and healthier as I make difficult decisions in my life to attain happiness that isn’t disguised or bottled with refills.

        I nearly had to “lick a pill” once a week until my body got the idea I refused to give it more and began letting go. I’m making my very long short short but wish everyone on this road a well recovery, breathe deeply on your journey, and contact me if you feel the need for extra support. ~Kind is the new pretty.

    • Steve October 10, 2015, 6:14 pm

      UGH! I had no idea Itching was part of this. I have had the worst near all over body itching, mostly my neck, shoulders and back. it’s intolerable. :( But the reason I am looking up this horrid drug is the unbelievable rage I am suffering. The last few weeks have been the worst. I’ve pushed so many people away, and blaming myself thinking it was me. Uncontrollable anger, the worst words, self harm. Never ever have I been this bad, and had to think what the difference is. First match in google was a whole forum asking about that… god almighty.

      I have been on this before, and tried to do a course, which I ended up walking out of, the depersonalization and made it impossible to think beyond my immediate surroundings, how foreign I felt, how wrong it all seemed, pointless. the same thing for ever, why bother. why try. But I don’t recall the mood being this bad, which is why I thought it was one of the better antidepressants there was. Having been on many since 1996, I know I cannot tolerate most SSRI medications, and this did not seem as bad.

      Now I wish I had never touched it. I’d rather be sad than hurt innocent people with evil words and them harm myself because I cannot stand the person I thought I’d become. Now I am aware that it is this thing. I may be able to at least stop and be more in control… but it’s so damn hard, the littlest of things send me into a rage. To the point of tears, over nothing. Such futility. Overwhelming. Sorry has lost all meaning and I know I cannot explain this to anyone as they will only hear excuses, but at least I now know it’s something external.

      I am not a evil creature – not the person I’ve been for almost a year. Had I been successful in what I had been thinking lately, I wouldn’t be typing this… how can they give people these things? Insomnia, itchiness from hell, weight gain, mood swings, violent outbursts over nothing. Is it any wonder people lose their minds? :(

      • Julia July 27, 2016, 7:48 am

        I was on this medication for 3 weeks for anxiety first 2 weeks where great I was sleeping eating well and no anxiety attacks… then BOOM the 3rd week I started getting suicidal thought’s which I have never had I am not even depressed so have no reason for these thoughts to occur to me! I told my doctor and was told to stop taking them straight away I am now on day 4 of cold turkey and things are starting to get better suicidal thoughts are wearing off and my anxiety is calmed so much the only problem is I’m really struggling sleeping! Would not recommend this medication to anyone it’s a evil dangerous tablet!!!

      • Antony August 10, 2016, 7:18 pm

        I am suffering exactly what you describe. The only good thing is now my family and I know it is not just me.

    • Sarah January 25, 2016, 5:59 pm

      Hi what is this movement meditation please? I have been off mirtazapine 4 months and still can’t get to or maintain sleep. Insomnia has been at its worst the last couple of weeks; which worries me massively :(.

    • Kim February 3, 2016, 11:45 am

      I’ve been on it for 6 years (15 mg), my last dose was 15 days ago (7.5 mg). First week was okay, second week awful, excessive tiredness + depression and anxiety + zero appetite + hopelessness and feel like I want to escape away from myself. I just couldn’t get another dose of it, my health insurance does not cover it. Otherwise I would continue taking it to feel just normal.

      • Cathy April 19, 2016, 9:21 pm

        That is how I feel Kim. Like I want to escape from myself. I stopped cold turkey and has been 2 weeks now. I cant sleep, feel nervous as hell and itchy. I shouldn’t have just stopped but I did. Part of me wants to start taking them again but only because I cant handle how I feel. I feel so nervous sometimes that I don’t even want to socialize with anyone. I will never ever take this drug again.

        • LIH October 19, 2016, 2:20 am

          Hi Cathy, may I know how are you now?

    • Leona February 22, 2017, 11:18 pm

      I decided to taper off two weeks ago from 30mg and cut down to a half then a quarter. This week I have had none for three days and am experiencing headaches, itchiness and my brain feels fried. I also keep thinking I have bugs crawling all over me. I really don’t want this to go on for weeks but am determined to see it through.

      I probably should have seen my doctor or read this article prior to me stopping, however I’m at the point of no return. If people are experiencing these symptoms after tapering off for months I cannot see why this would be any different. Anyway, off to slap some more non existent bugs. Good luck everyone.

      • Clea March 12, 2017, 5:13 am

        Thank you, I have been slapping non-existent bugs and didn’t realize it was my withdrawal. Good luck to you.

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