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Latuda Unlikely To Cause Weight Gain; Considered “Weight Neutral”

Latuda (Lurasidone) is a relatively new atypical antipsychotic that was approved in 2013 for the treatment of schizophrenia and depressive episodes in Type 1 Bipolar disorder. Many have made the argument that since this is a “newer” antipsychotic, it’s likely to be “better” than the crop of older medications on the market. While no single drug can be considered a utopian option, there is evidence suggesting that Latuda is likely the best of modern day antipsychotics at addressing the cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia.

In animal studies comparing various atypical antipsychotics, Latuda was found to produce the best outcomes for cognition and memory. Some speculate that its ability to preserve memory and cognition stem from the fact that it is void of anticholinergic properties; making it unique compared to other antipsychotics. Although the drug is still somewhat new, the jury is still out regarding its complete side effect profile, particularly its tendency to cause weight gain.

Latuda and Weight Changes

The fact that Latuda doesn’t influence the H1 histamine receptor nor the M1 muscarinic receptor, may be why it is promoted as not causing significant weight gain. Furthermore, the fact that it has minimal influence on the 5HT2C receptor may also be reason as to why weight gain is unlikely. A majority of current research indicates that minimal weight gain may occur during short-term treatment, but over the long-term, it is unlikely to persist.

In fact, some evidence suggests that the drug may actually promote a small degree of weight loss. Nearly all medical professionals regard Latuda as being “weight neutral” due to the fact that no studies reported significant weight changes among particiapants.

Consensus: Latuda is “weight neutral”

Among [most] medical professionals, this drug is considered “weight neutral” in that patients are unlikely to experience significant weight gain or loss from the medication. In other words, taking this drug is unlikely to result in significant metabolic changes or body-weight fluctuations.

For this reason, it is preferred as one of the top atypical antipsychotics for those concerned about gaining weight throughout treatment. For the minority of people that experience weight gain on this drug, it generally marginal and short-term.

How Latuda May Cause Weight Gain

Below are some factors that may be contributing to weight gain while taking Latuda. Although it is fairly uncommon to gain a significant amount of weight from this particular medication, if you experience weight gain, below are some potential causes.

  • Appetite boost: If you notice that you become hungrier after eating the drug, it’s probably an individualized reaction. Some people may notice that their appetite increases once their symptoms are properly treated. Assuming you were depressed and lacked appetite, taking the drug may bring back your appetite and you may gain some weight.
  • Body-fat storage: The way that the body stores fat is typically based on physiology, habits, and genetics. When taking a drug like Latuda, it interferes with homeostatic processes and has potential to alter the way that the body stores fat. While the drug may not significantly influence fat storage in the majority, a minority may be affected.
  • Eating with friends: Those that get benefit from the drug may be more inclined to participate in social events now that their symptoms are under control. Social events often means hanging out and going out to eat with friends. In many cases, going out for food involves unhealthier options and larger portions – both of which can contribute to weight gain.
  • Food cravings: Taking antipsychotics and any psychiatric medication can lead some people to crave food. Although this drug has a different mechanism of action than your typical antipsychotic, everyone will have a different reaction based on individual biochemistry. This could result in some people to crave foods – especially if their appetite increases.
  • Hormone levels: Over time, it is suspected that antipsychotics may change levels of naturally produced hormones. This can lead a person to gain weight based on the specific changes that are made from the drug. Certain people may not react as strongly and the degree of hormone changes may be dose-dependent.
  • Side effects: People that experience depressant-like side effects such as fatigue, lethargy, and drowsiness may gain some weight. If you feel tired all the time from the medication, it may be tougher to get adequate physical activity to keep your metabolism high enough to burn calories. This means that you may gain some weight – especially over the short-term.
  • Taste improves: For some individuals, an improvement in taste is experienced when they take this drug. This may be fairly common among those who were seriously depressed to the point that they didn’t want to eat and had a clouded perception of taste. Taking the drug may improve their perceptual abilities and/or enhance taste.

How Latuda May Cause Weight Loss

Certain people end up losing weight while taking this medication. In some cases the weight loss may be attributed to the fact that they are switching from an antipsychotic like Zyprexa that is known to cause significant weight gain. (Read: Zyprexa and weight gain). In other cases, people find that the drug kills their appetite.

  • Appetite decrease: Some people experience a noticeable drop in appetite, making it difficult to eat. If you notice that you just aren’t hungry throughout the day, it can make it difficult to maintain a healthy body weight. If you have to “force” yourself to eat, you’re probably going to shed some weight on this medication.
  • Diarrhea: A side effect that is reported in some individuals is that of diarrhea. Typically this is only experienced in the early stages of treatment until the body stabilizes on the medication. If you experience “disaster pants,” you may find that you temporarily lose some weight.
  • Energy increase: For some users, an increase in energy is provided by the medication. This may lead to them engaging in more physical activity, exercise, and burning more calories. Should you experience a boost in energy, it is likely to contribute to weight loss.
  • Nausea: Some people may become nauseous from the drug, leading to a poor appetite or difficulty eating. This is typical in the early stages of treatment, but ends up subsiding as your body adapts to the medication. The nausea may contribute to some short-term weight loss.
  • Vomiting: If you notice that you’ve become nauseous while taking the drug, it could lead to vomiting. This is a surefire way to lose weight, but it generally occurs during the short-term. Most people find that the vomiting stops once the body has fully adapted to the effects of the medication.

Factors that influence weight changes on Latuda

There are some other key factors to think about if you are experiencing weight changes while taking the drug. These factors include: other medications you’re taking, your lifestyle and habits, genetics, duration of treatment, and your dosage.

1. Other medications

Those that are taking other medications may be experiencing weight changes from the other drugs. Although Latuda can affect weight for some people, if you are on other drugs, you may want to take a look at whether those could be contributing to your weight changes. It is possible that Latuda may be interacting with the other drug(s) and potentially amplifying certain mechanisms of action, which may affect weight. For those that are on a variety of other drugs, talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about the weight changes that you’re experiencing.

2. Lifestyle

It is important to evaluate your lifestyle and habits to determine whether they may be contributing to weight changes. For example, if you aren’t eating healthy, don’t get sufficient sleep, and don’t make time for exercise, you’re probably going to gain weight regardless of the drug. Similarly, if you aren’t eating enough food and taking proper care of yourself, you may lose some weight. Realize that many facets of weight fluctuation are under your personal control.

3. Genetics

There are clear genetic factors that determine whether someone has a positive experience on Latuda vs. a negative one. These genetic factors influence side effects and the degree to which you will experience weight changes. Fortunately, there is newer testing available that looks at certain genetic components to predict how you will respond to medications. This test is called “GeneSight” and may help you get a better understanding of how you’ll respond to Latuda.

4. Time Span

There doesn’t appear to be a significant correlation between time medicated with Latuda and weight change. Although shorter term studies found that people taking the drug tend to gain a small amount of weight, and longer term research showed that people may lose a small amount of weight, most experts don’t believe there is a connection between duration of treatment and weight change. That said, the longer you are medicated, the more likely that your body will adapt to the presence of the medication.

Adapting to accommodate the drug may alter homeostatic physiology, which in theory could lead to weight change on an individual basis. It should also be noted that the longer a person is on a drug, the greater the dose they are likely to be taking as a result of tolerance. Tolerance typically results in a dosage increase, which could lead to further weight change.

5. Dosage

Most clinical evidence suggests that the dose of Latuda does not influence weight gain. Unlike other medications in which weight gain correlates directly to dosage, this doesn’t appear to be the case in Latuda. The greatest weight gain from Latuda research was experienced on 80 mg a day, which is considered a “mid-range” dosage. Since people gained more weight on the “mid-range” dose than the higher one, there doesn’t appear to be a clear association.

That said, it is important to realize that higher doses of medications tend to have greater control over physiological functioning. Since higher doses disrupt homeostatic functioning, it is always recommended to take the “minimal effective dose.” By taking the minimal effective amount, you exhibit the least amount of physiological change and are less likely to stray from your current weight.

How much weight change will you experience on Latuda?

Before assuming that you’re going to gain or lose weight on this drug, you need to try it for yourself. Each person has unique circumstances and genetics that will determine how they react to this particular drug. Some people may notice that they gain some weight, others may notice some weight loss, while others may not notice any change in weight throughout their entire course of treatment.

  • Short-term: Looking at short-term studies, we can see that on average, people gain approximately 1.65 lbs. It appears as though only 5.6% of individuals taking Latuda will gain over 7% body-weight over the short term.
  • Longer-term: Unfortunately most long-term studies have been “uncontrolled” in that there was no control group to compare participants. In any regard, a pooled analysis of these studies indicates that Latuda is associated with a mean weight loss of roughly 1.56 lbs. after 52 weeks. This was based on a sample size of 244 participants.

“Weighing” the pros and cons of Latuda

If you are taking this medication, it is important to foremost evaluate whether you are getting any therapeutic benefit. Assuming the drug is working well enough to control your symptoms, you probably won’t care if you gain a small amount of weight or even lose a little weight while taking it. On the other hand, if the drug isn’t working very well and/or you are experiencing extreme weight changes, it may be time to consider Latuda withdrawal. Always discuss whether you are receiving therapeutic benefit from the drug with your doctor as well as any troublesome side effects that you may be experiencing.

Did you experience weight changes while taking Latuda?

If you experienced weight gain or weight loss while taking this drug, feel free to share the details in the comments section below. If you took the medication for awhile and didn’t notice much of any weight fluctuation, be sure to mention that you remained relatively weight neutral. To get a better understanding of your circumstances, be sure to mention the dosage you took, how long you took it, whether you were on other medications, etc.

Also talk about any other factors that you believe may have contributed to your weight change while on the drug. Understand that everyone will have different experiences and just because you gained weight, lost weight, or didn’t notice any change, doesn’t mean that everyone else will follow suit. By sharing your experience, you may help another person that is experiencing something similar.

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27 thoughts on “Latuda Unlikely To Cause Weight Gain; Considered “Weight Neutral””

  1. I have been taking Latuda for a year and a half and gained 15lbs. I have tried to lose weight for the last year and cannot get lower than 185lbs. No matter what I do I can’t get lower than that weight. I believe the medication is preventing me from letting the lbs drop. I have decreased my calorie intake significantly but nothing happens.

  2. For two months, I have taken 20mg Latuda. I went from 150lbs to 160lbs, even thought I am a vegan (like I have been for over 12 years and I was still working out in the gym like always). My mom decided to take me off the medicine for a while. I was hoping to lose weight. Now I recently got upset, threw a tantrum, and cried.

    So my mom is putting me back on the same dosage of Latuda. Hopefully, I will be able to stick to veganism and actually increase my exercise to three hours a day so I can lose weight on it this time. Let’s see. I can actually cut my pills in half to see what happens. I hope for at least a 10-20lb weight loss for the next few months. My fingers are crossed.

  3. I took Latuda and on about the 5th or 6th day a great improvement in my mental operations clicked in. That night, however, I had the most startling physiological reaction ever and considered going to the ER. I waited through the event, but it happened again two days later. The docs ruled out a cardiac event and reported I had had “an allergic reaction” to Latuda.

    As far as I’m concerned there are really no known successful anti-anxiety / anti-depression medications. Any drug that has as a side-effect enormous weight gain or sexual dysfunction cannot be called a success. Nor can a drug that sends you running to the ER be considered a viable option.

  4. I started Latuda in April of 2016 and ever since I have been gaining weight, even with a healthy diet and exercise. I have gained 30 lbs. I am on 80mg. This med is not as weight neutral as it claims, at least not for me.

  5. I’m currently taking the 120 mg dose. I started small and worked my way up and so did my weight. I was 103 lbs and am now 145lbs. I know partly due to inactivity but I also know it made me wear like “a normal person” I have always been a minimal eater and have always been thin unless I was on depakote or now latuda.

    I had made me eat lunch and dinner when before latuda I was eating a few bites of food and I’d be ok with that (my normal appetite was small) so in my unusual case it cause significant weight gain. The types of food I ate and continue to eat has not changed at all and I juice my veggies and fruit (low sugar types) I eat a steak (average 350 calories) for my pill. I feel full and still want to eat and that is the problem, I don’t fall for the lie lol my brain is telling me and I eat an apple.

  6. I have taken Latuda for 10 months. In the first 2 months, I gained close to 40 pounds. Since then, I’ve eaten less and more conservatively. I’ve kept that 40 pounds, though. I just started an exercise regimen which I hope will help. I have 18 pairs of jeans that don’t fit!

  7. I just started 40 mg. I feel better was just Dx as bipolar. I notice I’m not snacking as much, I have energy, so my desire to eat has reduced.

  8. I take Latuda 20 mg 30 mg and xanax for breakthrough panic attacks. I’m doing the best I have ever been. Weight is stable. Mood is stable.

  9. I went from 250 from geodon and depakote to 195. It takes time, for those who say they are thinking about quitting the med because of weight gain, well this is one of the best ones out there and compared to zyprexa completely doable to lose weight on while taking. Risking your mental health out of vanity is haphazard at best. If its a mere 20 to 40lbs consider it winter weight, join a gym and be happy your symptoms are controlled. That or try haldol and enjoy the tardive.

    • I went from 140 lbs to 185 in a little over a year on this medication. I was a fit 140 lbs as I used to love going to the gym then it was almost depressing that I gained weight continuing to workout on this medication. The 300 calories at bedtime (the only time I could take this due to side effects) could have been a cause but regardless to say go ahead get diabetes and stop being vain was out of line. Off meds for 4 months down to 160 lbs (over 20 lbs lost) no change in exercise and dieting less. Good luck to all.

  10. I’ve been on Latuda for 7 months and have put on 7kgs. I’m a mountain biker and ride 4 to 7 times a week – I shouldn’t be putting on weight. The weight gain is also affecting my riding which in turn is making me depressed. As such, I’m now seriously considering going off Latuda unless the doctor can prescribe me something to lose the weight. It’s really a double edged sword isn’t it – the drug works and makes us better but the side effects cause depression.

  11. Just starting this today after falling in the hole of deep depression. My psychiatrist prescribed this for me. I am 71 years old, and I maintain acceptable weight, 170 lbs. I really don’t want to go back to the weight game again. I do not have a big appetite, and I am a slow chewer. So, here I go, hoping to feel alive again, hoping not to have thoughts of suicide again, and hoping to keep weight in check. I take other meds for depression also. I always go to a psychiatrist for meds.

  12. I have been taking Latuda 80mg for about 6 months along with Luvox and I have lost nearly 30 lbs. this medication helps me significantly and I did weigh 175 lbs before starting this and now I’m 147. I feel much better and I don’t feel sluggish anymore. I will continue to take this for the rest of my life. I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 at age 18 and I’m now 36. This medication saved my life.

  13. I started taking latuda about 6 months ago. We have gradually increased the dosage and I’m now up to 60mg. I have gained 20 lbs and rising. What’s interesting is I’m depressed over my weight anyway. It’s one of my triggers. I specifically asked him if I would gain weight since I gained about 20 lbs being on Seroquel (which I no longer take).

    The Dr keeps telling to just wait and the weight loss will happen. Am I on a low dose of Latuda or is the about average?? I get more and more depressed every time I step on that scale.

  14. I took this medicine for almost 5 months and lost my appetite. I have been off this drug for about 5 months and my appetite is the same and I have lost about 40 lbs.

  15. I’ve been taking Latuda consistently 80 mg for a year now and have gained 100 pounds. I am now on a strict diet. I was gaining about 10 pounds per month, but since my diet with Adipex, I’ve lost 23 pounds in a 2 month period.

  16. I’ve gained almost 15 pounds in the first 3 months of taking 20mg. Not sure what to do because it’s helping the depression. I’m concerned that it could quickly turn into considerable weight gain.

  17. I gained like 8 lbs, but I’m bulimic and anorexic and still asymptomatic so I suppose I’m not the norm. I also stopped taking it BC of that but am now about to resume it. I do think it improved my bipolar. I was on 60 mg combined with topamax and Prozac. I’m going to speak with my doctor about the weight gain BC I am concerned.

  18. I have just started Latuda (2 mos.) and I notice some nausea, I don’t feel like eating and food doesn’t taste as good. I have to force myself to eat. This is great as zyprexa and seroquel made me balloon up to 236 pounds. I also have more energy which is great as the other meds made me tired all the time. I haven’t noticed significant weight loss yet, but I’m sure I will if this keeps up.

  19. In October of 2015 I started Latuda 80 mg and by then noticed lack of appetite. My doctor bumped me up to 120 mg and so far I have losses 30 lbs. I’m actually thrilled about it because the highest I’ve ever been was 300 lbs so it was working. My appetite is back but now I just watch what I eat and how much and so far the beginning of this month I’ve lost 6 lbs. I hope that helps someone who needs information about that.

  20. Was recently increased to 40mg Latuda… at first it seemed to help, just a bit… but definitely, if I stay on it, I am going to gain a LOT of weight. It makes me ravenous… can’t eat enough. Going off, while the going is good!! So, thumbs down for this med. :(

  21. I just got my Rx for Latuda 40mg. I have taken Risperidone (4 years), Abilify (1 year) and Seroquel XR (1 year). All 3 have had decreased effectiveness on me over time. Specifically, possibly from Abilify and Seroquel, over the last 2 years, I have gained over 100lbs. Those medications turned me into an eating machine and then a sleepy machine. I have high hopes for this new medication. I hope to find something that works for me. :)

  22. I have taken latuda 40 mg for treatment-resistant depression. I think it works I have lost 45 pounds since I started taking it. I had gained 65 pounds using the previous abilify. I still have 20 to go and I am hoping to lose it steadily like I have over the last three years.

    • I have started putting on weight. 10 pounds in three months I am eating 1400 calories a day. I am cutting the latuda in half to see if it is the latuda causing it. I have been on latuda for 3 years. I also take pristiq and trazodone. I have to cut down to 1200 a day but I am so hungry. I am going to see what happens.

  23. I have been on Latuda 60 mg. for 3 months , it has cause weight gain, increase in my appetite. The medication has adjusted to my body and it is no longer working for me, thinking about a dosage increase. May need 80mg but I am concerned about weight. Any suggestions?

  24. I was on 74mg of Latuda, my weight increased very rapidly by 30lbs and I developed Tardive Dyskinesia and intense muscle spasms in my legs. If you check the latest info on both the makers and FDA websites you will see that these are all side effects that are mentioned. While there has been a great deal of hype about this latest med I found that the side effects outweighed the therapeutic benefits.

  25. I have been taking 40mg of Latuda for about 2 months now. At first I had zero appetite and was forcing myself to eat meals, needless to say I have dropped more then a few pounds. Roughly 15lbs since taking it. The latuda seems to be working for me and the weight loss side effect is the best side effect I could ask for. My appetite has recently came back and my weight seems to be stable minus 15lbs.


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