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Owen Wilson’s Suicide Attempt: Celebrities Can Feel Suicidal Too

Owen Wilson is the charming comedic actor known for his roles in movies like “Wedding Crashers,” “Zoolander,” and “Drillbit Taylor.” Other popular works featuring Owen include: “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” “Darjeeling Limited,” “Starsky & Hutch,” and “Meet The Parents.” This is a seasoned actor who is not only financially wealthy, he has a very likeable personality. However just because you’re an A-List celebrity making millions of dollars does not mean that you are immune to emotional struggles and life’s challenges.

When many people think of Hollywood’s stars, they carry the misconception that these individuals don’t have to go through any sort of depression or dark times. Most people associate being a celebrity with glitz and glam, big paychecks, and a happy life. However, despite being an A-List celebrity and a naturally likeable guy, Owen Wilson once made an attempt to commit suicide. This suicide attempt by Wilson demonstrates that even celebrities have struggles that can make them want to die. Below is a general synopsis of what happened as well as how Wilson handled his experience.

Owen Wilson Suicide Attempt: The Story

Santa Monica Police received a call on Sunday at around 12:00 P.M. regarding a suicide attempt. Wilson was covered in blood and in a state of confusion when discovered by his brother Luke Wilson. He had tried to take his life at the age of 38 by overdosing on pills while simultaneously slitting his wrist. When his brother Luke found him after the attempted suicide, family and friends were totally shocked – as this was totally unexpected.

Owen’s older brother Andrew was extremely worried about him when he was transported from his Santa Monica home to the hospital. His brother Luke initially discovered Owen and was reported to have been the one who called police.  Other sources report that it was his older brother Andrew who made the 911 emergency call.  In any regard, both brothers were scared for Owen’s life and concerned for his wellbeing. Eye-witnesses later saw Owen being wheeled out of his home on a stretcher with a wrist covered in bandages.

A police car, fire truck, and ambulance crowded his driveway. He was initially treated by an EMT before being taken to the hospital. First he was transported to the St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, but was eventually transferred to the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills for detoxification. During his week-long stint at the hospital, his parents (Robert and Laura) as well as his brothers were seen visiting. Other visitors included concerned actors like Samuel L. Jackson and his uncle Joe (with whom he shares a house).

At this time, police were not allowed to give any information regarding the celebrity that had been hospitalized for his suicide attempt. When initial reports circulated stating that Owen Wilson had made an attempt to take his life, people were skeptical. Many questioned whether this was actually a credible story.

Being the honest person that Owen is, he confirmed for the media that it was in fact a suicide attempt. There was some speculation as to what may have triggered this attempt – many thought it was linked to the fact that his most recent ex-girlfriend at the time (Kate Hudson) already was seen with a new boyfriend (Dax Shepard). Owen issued a statement regarding the trigger for his suicide stating that he was depressed for months prior to the actual incident.

He also shed light on his recent break-up and said that the emotional difficulty from the break-up played no role whatsoever in his attempt. In a statement following his hospitalization, Owen said, “I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time.” Many locals were surprised to hear that he attempted suicide because he is not known for causing any trouble.

Owen was never known for throwing any crazy parties or acts of misbehavior. Most neighbors described him as being very likable and a really great guy around the community. However, one thing many people didn’t know is that Owen Wilson had a history of some depression and substance abuse problems.

What factors may have contributed to Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt?

As you should know, there are many causes of suicide and other various risk factors that can increase likelihood to attempt the act. In Wilson’s case, it is believed to have been depression, which is thought to have been worsened by relationship stress after a breakup. Additionally it is unknown as to whether he had been drinking alcohol and/or using drugs at the time.

  • Alcohol: Could he have been drinking heavily? Although there aren’t good sources for this claim, some speculate that this may have been the case. Consistent drinking to deal with emotional issues can lead to deeper depression.
  • Artistry: One source said that he is a “true artist” and that artists have their fair share of “ups and downs.” Some could attribute this attempt to his being an artist and experiencing natural changes in mood.
  • Break-Up: He had recently broken up with his ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson. Break-ups can be stressful even for the most well put-together celebs. Not only had he broken up with this girl, but shortly after the break-up she was all over the tabloids with a new flame.
  • Depression: He had admitted that he was struggling with depression for months prior to this attempt. As we already know, untreated depression is a cause for up to 90% of all attempts. When depression goes untreated for long periods of time, it can make life feel hopeless and as if there’s no way to improve things.
  • Drugs: In the report it had been stated that Owen Wilson attempted an overdose by taking a significant number of pills. Could have been using drugs leading up to this incident? It’s certainly a valid possibility. Apparently he used to go through periods in which he would use drugs.
  • Marital status: This is a single guy, and as we know, single guys are at highest risk of suicide compared to married couples. Wilson confessed to the fact that he wanted to be married by age 30, which he was not. He may have been hoping to have found “the one” and since another relationship ended, it may have really affected him on a deep level. He also had hopes to start a family.
  • Social withdrawal: Many of his friends noticed that “something was off.” He wasn’t the same Owen that was in high spirits during get-togethers and cookouts. Apparently he withdrew from social relationships and went MIA for a period of time. This was likely more of a warning sign leading up to his attempt.
  • Combination of Factors: A combination of the factors listed above is likely what played a role in contributing to his attempt. He had access to a method (i.e. pills) as well as a weapon in which he used to slice his wrist. It was the depression accompanied by emotional pain following a breakup, and access to a method, that may have lead him to attempt it.

Conclusion: Celebrities Are Not Immune to Mental Health Problems

Wilson has dealt with his suicide attempt almost flawlessly in regards to addressing the media. In fact, he hasn’t even brought it up or answered any more questions regarding what happened. People understand the general gist of what happened, he had been depressed, going through some stress, and at the time he may have been going through pain that exceeded his ability to cope.

Reporters have tried to break through and learn more information about Wilson’s dark time that he dealt with back in 2007, but he’s successfully dodged all probing questions regarding this topic. People that know Owen Wilson agreed this his suicide attempt was completely “out of character” for the actor. Peter Farrelly, a producer commented on the situation saying that “You see a funny guy and then you see him curled up in his trailer and can’t get out of bed.

I’ve never seen that with Owen. He’s always up, always friendly, and always happy.” He went on to say that he’s “easygoing” and that he has never seen him “get mad.” Although this suicide attempt is likely a complete anomaly for Owen Wilson, it goes to show people that even celebrities get depressed and go through some dark times.

Since his suicide attempt back in 2007, he has stayed working on movies and has experienced a significant degree of success. Many of his colleagues describe him as having gone through a “healing” process and have stated that he’s back to being his “funny, warm, and sensitive” self. Once again this goes to show that even celebrities who seemingly have great lives can go through periods of depression and feeling suicidal.

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  1. Wonderful article. It’s very difficult for most people to read these things much less understand them. I do. I remember this and feeling heartbroken for him… this funny guy who never fails to crack me up on tv or in the movies… was suddenly very real and vulnerable. I can resonate (not as a star) but as a “normal” person (age 38) trying to keep it together for everyone else. While suffering silently with such truly terrifying emotions. I’m so glad he shares his story in straight up honesty. I’d give him a big hug if I could. If you see this – you’re awesome! ?


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