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Paxil Withdrawal Symptoms: Length of Time for Recovery

If you have taken the Paxil (Paroxetine) or Paxil CR (controlled-release), you know the true power behind this SSRI medication. When I first took it for social anxiety, it worked wonders – I felt so good that I never wanted to come off of it. Eventually the drug stopped working and I fell into a deep depression while still taking Paxil. I had been taking it for about 9 months, and decided that I should probably just get off of the stuff altogether if it was no longer helping. I was young and my general practitioner didn’t explain that it would be advisable to “taper” vs. going “cold turkey.”

Long story short, I had a total mental breakdown, severe anxiety, severe depression, suicidal ideation, and had a very difficult time recovering from the Pax-hell that I was being put through. The withdrawal symptoms were absolutely awful and I felt as though I would never recover. In all honesty, I think it took me several years before I felt “normal” again by my standards. Although my case of an extended withdrawal recovery period is not the norm, many people really struggle coming off of Paxil.

Factors that influence Paxil withdrawal include:

If you have read any of my other articles regarding antidepressants, specifically SSRI’s, you should know that there are a number of factors that play a role in your withdrawal from a medication. It should be noted that Paxil is among the most powerful antidepressants on the market – some research has even compared its effects as being “similar to cocaine.” Whether those claims are scientifically founded is another story. However, anyone that has had experience with this drug knows how hellish the withdrawal can be.

1. Time Span

How long were you prescribed Paxil? Have you only been taking it for a few weeks? Have you been on it for years? Obviously time span plays a huge role in determining how our body’s are going to respond to withdrawal. If you take something away from your body that you have been giving it for an extended period of time, you are going to have a tougher time rebounding compared to someone who was only on it for a couple weeks or months.

2. Dosage

What was the dosage that you were taking? Paxil comes in some standard dosages of 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg, and 60 mg. There is also the Paxil CR version which comes in 12.5 mg, 25 mg, 37.5 mg, etc. Obviously the CR simply means “controlled release” and that the dosage was slowly released over a 24 hour period. With the regular version of Paxil, the drug can get absorbed more quickly or all at once. They end up being very similar once your body gets accustomed to the standard Paxil. Anyways, the greater the dosage of this stuff, the tougher it is going to be to withdraw.

3. Individual physiology

There are rare superhuman individuals that don’t really notice withdrawal from certain medications. How sensitive you are as a person is going to play a major role in determining how Paxil withdrawal feels. Some people may notice that they are back to normal within a matter of weeks, while for others it may take months. And for others, like myself, it took years to feel better again.

4. Cold turkey vs. tapering

With the sheer potency of Paxil, I highly recommend that you do NOT stop cold turkey. Stopping cold turkey is just asking for some major trouble. When I was on this medication, I was only on the 12.5 mg CR version and I stopped cold turkey – huge mistake. I experienced withdrawal symptoms for a long time – and it took me years to feel “normal” again. Tapering is the smart way to go about withdrawal – gradually wean yourself off this medication with the help of your psychiatrist and/or doctor. If you haven’t yet quit the drug, but plan to withdraw soon, be sure to read: “How To Taper off of Paxil Properly.”

Paxil Withdrawal Symptoms: List

There are so many different withdrawal symptoms that people may experience while on this medication. Although you may not experience every symptom on the list below, it is common to experience several of them at the same time.

  • Anger – Want to see someone get mad? Have them withdraw from Paxil. Coming off of this medication can make even the most docile human being turn into a raging evil monster.
  • Anxiety – The anxiety coming off of Paxil is among the worst many people ever experience in their lives. Not everyone experiences this symptom, but the drop in serotonin levels can contribute to high anxiety coming off of Paxil.
  • Blurred vision – Although this sounds somewhat odd to experience, people have reported that their vision seems blurred at times while coming off of Paxil. I had this experience, and my vision is perfectly fine, but something was clearly going on.
  • Confusion – You may experience difficulties with thinking and may become easily confused throughout the day. This is normal – just remember that your thinking is temporarily slowed and your brain is trying to recover from the Paxil.
  • Crying spells – It is common for people coming off of Paxil to breakdown and start crying – often uncontrollably. Feelings of deep depression and desperation may accompany this crying. Do your best to tough it out and recognize that it’s just the withdrawal.
  • Decreased appetite – Coming off of Paxil you’ll experience the opposite of what you felt while on the drug. For most people, Paxil makes them hungry. When they stop, they have a tough time rebuilding their appetite for awhile.
  • Dizziness – You may experience an extreme case of vertigo for the first couple weeks coming off of this medication. Just recognize that this is a common withdrawal symptom.
  • Electric shocks – You may feel as though you are being electrically shocked or experience what many refer to as “brain zaps.” This can be very distressful in itself, but just realize that they will eventually go away as the drug leaves your system.
  • Fatigue – It is very common to experience lethargy or fatigue. You may feel like sleeping all day and not wanting to do anything. Do your best to get through the day and do what you can.
  • Flu-like – It isn’t uncommon to experience flu-like symptoms for the first couple weeks while coming off of Paxil – especially if you stopped cold turkey.
  • Headaches – It is common to get headaches and/or feel pressure in the head during withdrawal. I had such severe headaches that I actually thought I needed to get an MRI to determine any alternative causes.
  • Hot flashes – Many people experience hot flashes for weeks while coming off of Paxil.
  • Hypersensitivity – You may be hypersensitive to light, sounds, and motion. I remember that I would freak out at loud noises and or super bright sunlight. This can cause you to go into panic mode.
  • Hypochondria – It is pretty common to fear that you are going crazy while withdrawing. I thought I was going to develop schizophrenia, cancer, and/or problems with my hearing and vision. Every little thing made me panic and think disease.
  • Insomnia – Can’t fall asleep at night? Since your brain’s serotonin supply is now diminished, you may find yourself unable to sleep or find mental peace. This insomnia will last until your brain finds a way to recalibrate its neurotransmitters.
  • Mood swings – The mood swings that you experience may be absolutely crazy. You may go from extreme anger, to extreme sadness, feel aggressive one minute, and be sympathetic the next. Do your best to cope with this.
  • Muscle cramps – Your body may ache and feel sore all over. This is because it is getting re-acclimated to experiencing life without Paxil cycling through it.
  • Nausea – If every little thing makes you feel nauseated and somewhat sick, it could be a result of the withdrawal.
  • Panic attacks – You may find yourself panicking in almost every major situation. Whether you are at work, school, or just out in public, everything may provoke a fear response. Do your best to fight through this feeling of discomfort.
  • Poor concentration – Can you focus? Of course not, you’re coming off of Paxil. Most people experience a little cognitive boost while on the medication, and when they come off of it, they are unable to focus.
  • Slowed thinking – If you find yourself unable to think quickly, perform well on the job, and/or problem solve, it’s due to the withdrawal.
  • Severe depression – The depression that you experience coming off of Paxil may be so severe, that you won’t even know how to make it through life. Do your best to focus on making it through one day at a time. Eventually you will rebound back to 100%.
  • Suicidal thoughts – Feel suicidal before you take Paxil? Coming off of it the suicidal thoughts may be 100x worse. Yes you read right, 100x worse. The best thing you can do for yourself is try to think positive and/or do something to distract yourself from the way you are feeling.
  • Sweating – It is common to sweat profusely while on Paxil, and you may find yourself sweating a ton while coming off of it.
  • Vivid dreams – Many people experience vivid dreams while on this medication, as well as while coming off of it.

Note: It is known that Paxil stays in your system for only 4 to 6 days after your last dose; it has a short-half-life.  For this reason, many people notice severe discontinuation symptoms within just days of stopping Paxil.

Paxil Withdrawal Symptoms Length of Time: How long will they last?

How long will withdrawal from the drug Paxil last? Like I said, it will totally depend based on individual factors. New research suggests that the withdrawal period actually lasts a lot longer than professionals originally thought. They are finally starting to see the light that these drugs are not something to be taken lightly. Most people have withdrawal symptoms for at least a couple months following discontinuation. A good rule of thumb to go by is give it 90 days to fully recover – most people feel back to themselves after 3 months time.

In the meantime, try to take it one day at a time and don’t freak out at every little symptom. Your brain is likely in panic mode. Make sure you are exercising, eating healthy, and socializing to the best of your ability. A day will come when you will feel 100% and back to normal even if you don’t believe it right now. The process takes time. If you can make it through this withdrawal, you can make it through anything. I am here if you need to share your comments and experiences.

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  • Jen August 15, 2018, 5:23 am

    I quit paxil 20mg cold turkey 5 days ago. I am a mess. I came across this post and I found it to have the best information and truly what to expect. It made me feel somewhat better and I thank you for that. I feel alone in this, and my doctor didn’t support taking me off if it.

    So I said ‘F’ it, I just wont refill it, and here I am. Day 5. Crying at the drop of a hat, threw up several times today. I’m weak and now asking myself… what did you do this for? I’m still on wellbutrin 150mg.

  • Lorrie August 11, 2018, 5:05 am

    I have been on 40 mg Paxil for over 20 years. My Doctor called me over the phone and wanted me to switch to Zoloft. I did the weaning program he set up for me. Take less and less Paxil and more and more Zoloft. I started feeling symptoms right away.

    I told my Doctor after my last day of 10 mg Paxil and 50 mg. Zoloft. He told me to increase the Zoloft. I had a hard time with that. I stopped taking Zoloft that day. I still feel all of the withdrawal effects.

    I found this site and will not take any of these again. I hate how I feel, I know I am not alone. I will read this everyday. I will post again.

  • Amanda August 8, 2018, 7:41 pm

    I was on 5mg for several years. I have been doing a very slow wean the past few months. I bought a pill cutter and went down to 2.5 for about a month till I felt “normal” again. Then 2.5mg every other day until I felt good to stop. It has been 12 days without anything up until a couple minutes ago I took another 2.5mg to help take the intensity out of my withdrawal symptoms.

    The ones that are strongest are the headaches and brain zaps/dizziness and stomach upset all day. I actually didn’t feel any withdrawal till about a week in. The brain zaps and dizziness are when I shift my gaze back and forth even the slightest bit so I try to not look around much.

    Driving has become a little more risky! I only plan on taking another 2.5 again in another week and a half or two weeks if the symptoms get to be too much again. I hope my brain and body adjust and that I can say I’m feeling normal again soon! Trying to look at the positive – I got to 12 days without anything.

    Now my goal is to get 12+ days! Slower wean then I wanted but I’m taking my time and listening to my body. Besides past 5 days the taper really wasn’t that bad besides a Lil stomach upset and headaches, but they didn’t seem to last more than a week, week and a half since the onset of them.

    My doctor said they do have liquid Paxil… I don’t feel like going that route at this point, but for people who want a real gradual wean that’s probably a good way to go. I’m going to up my probiotic and start taking my fish oil and see if that helps some of these things. One thing is for sure… I am not giving up this wean! :)

    My suggestion – slow and steady wins the race. Unless you need to be off ASAP, I would recommend a slow wean because Paxil is the devil. It really blows my mind that it’s legal to prescribe this stuff when it’s so hard and painful to get off.

  • DJ July 29, 2018, 6:41 am

    I have anxiety and OCD manifesting as hypochondriasis. Was prescribed Prozac 10 mg. Took one dose and it sent my anxiety and agitation to 10/10. Said no way and didn’t take another one. The next week they tried Buspar 5 mg twice daily.

    Managed to make it 4 days on that one before the side effects (extreme nausea and dizziness) made me stop. It actually did have an anti-anxiety effect on me, however. Now the biggie – my nurse practitioner now suggested Paxil. I took ONE dose of 5 mg and got the same side effects as the Prozac.

    After experiencing this and reading the comments from others here I am not taking any more of this either. I am done with SSRI’s for good. My question – it’s now 48 hours later and I’m still dealing with nausea and lethargy.

    I am assuming that I can just stop taking it after one 5 mg dose but how long will I have to fight these effects until they go away? Feeling pretty crappy right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all for their comments and assistance.

  • Susan July 23, 2018, 8:53 pm

    All. The symptoms list is endless. I am off 7 months now and new symptoms seem to pop up. I have no appetite, am extremely sensitive to heat and humidity, and my breathing is stressed. It almost seems that our brains are so mixed up we don’t know what’s a result of Paxil and what is just being sick.

    While it feels like we have every malady there is because we used this drug, don’t blame everything on Paxil and neglect to check your vitals. Other things may be going on that aren’t related. Your doctor should always be told of your Paxil symptoms before you give him the leeway to order every medical test known to exist.

    I too have gone to the ER only to be told nothing’s wrong, but, please remember “something could be wrong” that is not due to Paxil. Be proactive but not paranoid. As you go through this, dream about the day when you feel good again. Don’t give up because this happened.

    Reach out and avoid people who can’t support you if possible. And, if not possible, remember, they haven’t experienced this and it seems to much to believe for some people. It takes one to know one is sometimes true. Spend time alone with God.

    Know that there is a higher power than any drug or doctor. Without a Savior I would have just laid down and given up. Another group hug, Susan

    • Dreana July 25, 2018, 11:34 am

      Susan, you are doing incredibly well. I too have given trust to the Lord. Yes, it is very important to stay away from negative people. They do not understand our suffering. I have been off nearly 9 months and still have bad anxiety. It is so difficult to cope with. Want so badly to have my life back again. God be with you.

  • Susan July 18, 2018, 9:27 pm

    Everyone, I haven’t written for awhile but do read most of the comments. This breaks my heart and I believe each and every one of you. The doctor who prescribed Xanax to me then later Paxil is now dead. I outlived him by 9 years. I trusted him for 30 years and I want to believe he didn’t know what this drug does.

    I am off of Paxil for 6 months now, and while it is better, I am still fighting it. The idea is to operate with a clean, healthy body and not turn to another drug. However, not everybody is that strong, and IT IS hell. My current primary doctor doesn’t believe that I suffer all these symptoms, thinks it’s psychological.

    This drug alters your brain function. And your brain is going to struggle to re-organize the messages it sends to your physical body. There may be nothing wrong with a body part but your brain will send pain messages. Try to realize that what you’re feeling is real and not real at the same time.

    As much as fatigue and pain are part of this, I found that exercise really helps. Do something, anything, to distract your brain. Cut the grass, fold laundry, do a hobby, if only for a little while. I joined the YMCA and I swim.

    When I’m in the pool, the weight of my body is lifted and I can move with little pain. Plus it lifts my spirits and I talk to other people. Find something you can hide yourself in when an attack hits. Your brain is sick, not you.

    I want to give you hope. This is reversible, but you will have to fight for it. Do not become addicted to something else. I have seen glimpses of “good life” as I heal from this and want it all the time. I still wonder if I will ever be normal again.

    As they say, I’m not where I want to be yet, but I sure am not where I was. God bless each and every one of you. Group Hug, Susan

    • Bill July 23, 2018, 5:03 pm

      Right on Susan, GREAT post, Amen. We ALL need to take this as a fighting challenge. It’s okay to angry with ourselves as well. Realize that Paxil poisoned our brains and we simply need to heal. For some of us it may take longer than others… that’s okay.

      There is a HUGE community of us, and I consider it a gathering of awesome people. Let’s all not be fearful as there really is nothing to be afraid of. Some of us are only scaring ourselves. Does that make sense? Hang in there gang, fight the good fight.

      • Anthony August 11, 2018, 8:59 pm

        Great comment Bill! Just made my day. I was feeling hopeless all day today and now I feel a bit better. Have to realize it’s going to take time for our brains to heal from this poison. It will happen eventually for all of us! We just have to stay strong!

  • Kellie July 7, 2018, 2:31 am

    I tapered off Paxil over a 3/4 week period. This was back in late April/early May. I had been on it for a year or so. Possibly more. The withdraws were awful but eventually subsided. I still get terrible crying spells and deep episodes of anxiety and depression. Well over the past week I have simply not been feeling myself.

    I’ve gone to the ER – that’s how bad I’ve been feeling. Like I have the flu, but I don’t. They even asking me if I was withdrawing from something and I said no. Sometimes it feels like there’s more lost medication in my brain somehow and it regenerates additional withdrawal symptoms. The hospital could not find anything wrong with me after numerous lab tests, EKG and chest X-rays.

    Blood work came back relatively normal and I was released with having a “anxiety attack” when I physically feel horrific. Like my skin is on fire. Having hot flashes and flushing. Rapid heart beat, anxious for hours and hours on end. Sick to my stomach. Bouts of diarrhea. Depression and fatigue.

    But no fever or vomiting. No true flu. Just flu-like systems. Like my insides are shaken. I can’t help but think that I’m starting to have withdraws all over again. I don’t even know if it’s possible… but it’s the only thing I can think of at this point.

    Has anyone every been off Paxil for 6 to 8 weeks and felt withdrawal symptoms all over again out of the blue?

    • Bill July 9, 2018, 6:23 pm

      Kellie, First off, I am so SORRY you are going through this. You are definitely not alone. To answer your question; yes, after being off Paxil completely for 6-8 weeks you can still go through major withdrawals, and symptoms worse than before you were prescribed the medicine.

      While you were on the Paxil, it made some changes in your brain. Your brain now has to completely revert. It does take time. And its different for everyone. However, know that it’s not you, and it’s the crap poison some doctor originally prescribed to you.

      Just like I am now, you will have your ups and downs. Stay strong, do deep breathing, get exercise… and do not be bashful about telling people what’s going on with you. You’d be surprised how many people go through some sort of anxiety and depression issues. Take care!

      • Dreana July 21, 2018, 8:30 am

        Hi Bill. Hope you are still on here. How are you doing? I have been off Paxil for almost nine months and am still experiencing bad anxiety. I was on a very high dose of Paxil for ten years. I never had this anxiety before. I am so afraid. Is it because my neurotransmitters have not recovered yet? I am beginning to give up hope. Dreana

        • Bill July 23, 2018, 4:32 pm

          Hi Dreana, I’m so sorry you’re still feeling horrible. I’ve been having my ups and downs as well over the last few months after taking my last dose of Paxil. But it is still part of the process. And I have spoken to people were it’s a literally taken a year to finally feel better.

          We have to realize that our brains were altered. Have you look into natural remedies to help calm you down? HTP5 is a good one. Also look into a Gaba supplement. There is absolutely no reason to be afraid. This is all part of the process and you are not being physically hurt by anything.

          Ask yourself why you are really afraid, and what you are fearing. You’ll only come up with the simple answer of feeling anxious and all that goes along with it. And to me that’s not a good enough reason for real fear. Now having a gun held to your head by a bad guy is a reason to be afraid.

          You’ll be okay, I promise. Make sure you stay away from anything that can make you hyper e.g. sugar, caffeine, certain foods, etc. Also make sure you are getting PLENTY of Omega-3. Please make sure you are always breathing correctly as well.

          There may be times you are taking shallow breaths and don’t even realize it. Your brain needs the proper oxygen. Exercising can help you as well as you will sweat out toxins and heighten your endorphins, which create natural Gaba.

          And again I say, there is nothing to be afraid of. You are only scaring yourself, which you do have control of. I will be praying for you!

          • Dreana July 24, 2018, 6:19 pm

            Thank you, Bill. I am afraid that I will never get better. I want my old life back again. I have continuous anxiety and panic attacks. As each month passes, I wait for improvement. I have never had anxiety before this medication. I have done a lot of reading.

            It said until your brain reverts, your serotonin levels will remain low. That the neurotransmitters are still out of balance. I cannot get a doctor to believe me. They just say that’s the way you were before you started paxil. But Bill, it is not.

            I was only talked into going on Paxil because I was going through a bad breakup. I know the doctor weaned me off way too fast. I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t want to go on another antidepressant I don’t need, just to correct the damage done by Paxil.

            I want to go forward but don’t know how to be optimistic and endure the suffering. You sound very knowledgeable. What should I do? Dreana

          • Dreana October 3, 2018, 12:09 pm

            Hi Bill. How are you? Sure would love to hear from you. You’re so knowledgeable.

    • John July 10, 2018, 5:11 pm

      I’ve been off for 5 months and still get withdrawals. I heard it takes up to 18 months. It will come and go.

      • Vinnie July 21, 2018, 10:48 pm

        I took two 20 mg doses of Paxil back in April. Coupled with one .25 mg tablet of Xanax and one .25 mg tablet of Ativan that I was given in an ER visit for a diagnosis of anxiety which turned out to be the wrong diagnosis, I have had: constant daily panic attacks, confusion, disorientation, dizziness, seizure like activity, brain fog and so much more.

        I have been to doctor after doctor and have had blood tests, EKGs MRIs and other tests to check for stroke, heart attack, or brain tumors – and all tests turned out to be negative. Doctors said it’s all in my head and that I need to see a psychiatrist.

        Well it is my firm belief that I was misdiagnosed in an ER visit as having anxiety where in reality I don’t have it and that the medications given to me caused major changes to my brain. It’s been 109 days since I took paxil and I am still going through horrible withdrawal symptoms.

        I only took 4 anti-anxiety pills and months later still am going through withdrawal. When will this end? When will I feel normal again?

        • Jessica August 5, 2018, 7:14 pm

          I was just recently started on 10mg Paxil for depression and only took it three times. I stopped taking it 5 days ago and I am still having the same horrible anxiety I was the third day I took it. I ended up calling my doctor on the third day because I thought I was dying.

          My heart was doing backflips in my chest, stopping, then speeding up like it was going to jump out of my body through my throat. My hands are still sweaty. I’ve been aware of every single breath I take for 5 days and constantly feels like every breath is cut short.

          I keep waking up drenched in sweat. Falling asleep takes hours because of the random intense fear I feel for no reason. I just want to feel back to normal already and am starting to become really saddened by it.

      • Dreana July 25, 2018, 5:37 am

        How were you informed it takes 18 months?

  • Sandy July 6, 2018, 7:29 am

    I’ve been on Paxil for 20 years – 40 mg for depression and anxiety following my hysterectomy! I’ve tried several times to wean myself off, but always started back due to these withdrawals! None of my doctors would or will take me off of it! So for 2 weeks now, I’ve been cold turkey… a living hell.

    I can do this, I can! Profuse sweating, a panic attacks, anxiety, muscle aches like the flu, headaches… today I was dizzy, stumbling around. Crazy crazy dreams when I do sleep! Hot flashes, nausea… it’s insane the withdrawals I’m having.

    I don’t know if I can do this! I think this medicine is worse than the original reasons they put me on it!! I’m 49 years old and feel like the last few days I’ve had to talk myself into simply focusing on living and making it through each minute of each day. Then I think: I’ve made it 2 weeks, I can do this…

    • Elaine July 20, 2018, 3:15 pm

      This is horrific!!! I’ve was on Paxil for 7 months. I’ve been off of it for a week. I feel like my body is constantly being shocked by electricity!! I feel weak, tired, confused. I’m scared to fall asleep.

      I have really weird dreams, and when I wake up from them I only can remember very little details about them (dreams). I have been extremely moody and constantly crying for no reason at all! Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated from anyone who has experienced these symptoms.

    • elias July 24, 2018, 11:33 pm

      Hi Sandy, I also have been taking Paxil 40 milligrams for about 10 years. I saw a new Psychiatrist who that says that Paxil it is not a good medication. She wanted me to switch over to Cymbalta 60 milligrams. While I was slowly switching over to Cymbalta I decided that enough is enough with those medications.

      It’s been only 4 days that I stopped talking them, but let me tell you why I want to do my best to never take any antidepressant again. On the second day I was of course going trough the same symptoms everyone was experiencing, but there was a small window of time while I was driving that I started to feel happy.

      I started remembering some very happy moments when I was young, all those crazy things I did with my friends and that made me feel very happy. Of course it lasted only a few minutes, and I know that the worst of the symptoms are not over yet, but I think we have to focus on the small things that make us happy more that anything else.

      They say the the brain it is also a muscle that can regenerate. I wish you the best and God help us all not ever give up.

  • Mel July 5, 2018, 6:50 am

    Hi Mel here again. This cold turkey thing wasn’t a good idea. I got extremely agro with the one closest to me, being my daughter, and she ended up kicking me out. Living in your car going through these withdrawals has been hell.

    The shaking has stopped and my words are stringing together better than before so there are the positives. Still having extremely bad days, lots of crying, sweating like its summer in winter, just the emotional roller coaster that we all seem to be on.

    But still here! The suicidal thoughts are easing which is nice. And I’m starting to FEEL again and it feels great. Sick of that numbness. Fixing me is going ok now – just need to figure out how to fix my life. LOL.

  • yasser July 4, 2018, 8:26 am

    I am glad I found this site. Thank you. I am two days into stopping my paxil, having tapered it for weeks from 20mg to 5mg. I am having a totally s*** time and crying easily, wanting to curl up in a small ball and hide from the world. Of course this is not possible.

    I am also getting extremely angry at my partner and kids for the slightest thing. My partner is very cross with me for this. He does not really believe in mental health, and is dealing with it all by avoiding me. I will try to remember that the bad feelings I am having now are symptoms of the withdrawal, but it feels worse than it did before I went on the drug, for anxiety and mood swings – how ironic!

    My GP has given me a short course of fluoxetine to alleviate my withdrawal symptoms. HA! no way. Is this a good idea? It really does not seem to be doing anything, but I wonder if I would be worse without it? I do not want to end up addicted to another drug. God, it’s all so depressing! LOL.

  • Dawn July 2, 2018, 10:59 am

    I’m coming off of several decades on Paxil (!), using the cross taper method with Prozac. The problem is that the Prozac itself caused me side effects, so my doctor advised stopping it. I haven’t taken anything for about 2 & 1/2 weeks.

    I’m having GI symptoms: stomach pangs, diarrhea, queasiness; loud tinnitus and trouble sleeping. All normal? At least my mood is stable. I’m considering seeing a GI doc, but if it’s the Paxil withdrawal I will tough it out.

  • Lori June 28, 2018, 11:59 pm

    My daughter was on Paxil for about a month, then the pharmacy screwed up and she was without it for 3 days… just 3 days was all it took and now she seems to have severe Tourettes. She has horrible violent motor and vocal tics and the psychiatrists remedy for this? More paxil and and more clonidine, and guanfacine – i.e.: more pills with horrible side effects.

    The problem is that it’s been 2 weeks since she restarted the paxil and she isn’t back to her normal non twitchy self and we are at our wits end. Has ANYONE else gotten this type of reaction and if so, how long did it last and how did you fix it? Thanks.

    • Lori July 4, 2018, 5:30 pm

      Update: For the past 9 days she has been slowly tapering off the paxil and has been taking CBD oil. Here symptoms have all but subsided and no new withdrawal symptoms.

  • Dina June 20, 2018, 7:42 pm

    Upon the urging of my son and ex-husband I went to my doctor concerning pre-menopausal symptoms: night sweats, mood swings, mild depression. I did not know anything about Paxil at the time other than it is mostly used to treat depression and anxiety. My doctor told me that the 20mg dose is now being used to treat the pre-menopausal symptoms I was having.

    The night sweats were so bad that I would wake in the night and have to put on dry clothes several times a week. At first it seemed to help the symptoms, but as time passed it seem to lose its effectiveness so I told the doctor I wanted to come off of it and go back on Zoloft for my depression.

    I would deal with the other stuff! After reading a lot of these posts and the information on the withdraw symptoms, I now understand why I am feeling the way I do and realize I very well may not need an anti-depressant once I get off of this stuff.

    Thank you all for sharing your stories – this has helped me greatly because I was starting to think there was all kinds of stuff wrong with me. The dizziness was really starting to concern me. My doctor cut my dose in half about 2 weeks ago and this past week has been a nightmare physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • Dana June 15, 2018, 4:28 pm

    I took 10mg paxil for only 8 months now and from two weeks ago, starting my new job, I cut my dose in half… and now I am terrible. I cry all day long, I feel that people at work don’t like me, I gained a lot of weight and I feel disgusting. Well, my depression came back stronger. So… these pills are really hard to cut off.

    • Bill June 15, 2018, 9:14 pm

      Dana, Hang on to what you’re trying to accomplish! And remember… the depression is not back stronger, it’s the Paxil chemicals messing with your serotonin levels. IT’S NOT YOU.

      I went from 40mg in February, to ZERO as of mid May. (I was on the crap for 13 years). If I can do this, trust me, anyone can. Nobody said it was going to be easy. I bet you have some great fight attributes in you.

      You’ll be okay… and do not forget to do some deep breathing techniques. Take care!

    • Debbie June 17, 2018, 10:08 pm

      I took Paxil 10mg for 6 months. I started cutting the pills in half 2 weeks ago. Now I am taking 1/2 pill every other day. I AM MISERABLE. I was prescribed this medication for my hot flashes.

      I had every side effect mentioned during the 6 months I took them AND continued having hot flashes. I am wondering how long I will have insomnia, headaches, nightmares and weight gain.

      • Bill July 1, 2018, 5:38 pm

        Debbie, First off, what uneducated doctor would prescribe Paxil for hot flashes? That was not the right thing to do. Paxil is both to worse to get on and off of. Fortunately you were only on 10 mg for half a year. I was on 40 mg for 15 years.

        I am finally off, though still going through some anxiousness. But I know the price I’d be paying before I started. Go to a supplement store and try some 5-HTP. You’ll be okay. Keep on track knowing you will have ups and downs.

        Stay away from caffeine, sugar, and any foods/drinks that can hype you up. Exercise a little bit each day if you can. You’ll be a better person coming out of this experience.

  • Marcy June 12, 2018, 5:57 pm

    I was just on Paxil for two days. I took 10 mg the first day and felt simultaneously lethargic and agitated. I couldn’t think straight. I tried to read, saw the words on the page, but I couldn’t focus. The second day I only took 5 mg. I had explosive diarrhea and felt so agitated and spacey that I had to spend almost the entire day in bed.

    I decided that anything that made me feel this bad was not good for me so I stopped. The way I have been feeling the past two days is a thousand times worse than the anxiety I had before taking the medication. Previously, I was able to fairly well control the anxiety with meditation and breath work.

    Now I am so hyped up I can’t even quiet my mind enough to meditate. I have taken 5 mg lorazepam and this hardly takes the edge off. I am clearly significantly worse now than I was before starting the Paxil.

    So my question is, is it possible that I could be experiencing such severe discontinuation symptoms after only two days on such a low dose? Have you ever heard of similar situation after only two days on the medication? Thank you in advance for your response.

    • Bill July 1, 2018, 5:25 pm

      Marcy, Long story short; yes, even after two days of attempting to be on Paxil your serotonin levels got messed up. Then some of the side effects most likely put a lot of fear into you, making things worse now.

      Be assured, you will be all right. Paxil is the worst SSRI to get on, and worst SSRI to get off of if you’ve been on it for years. You’ll be okay!

  • Hamm123 June 7, 2018, 10:07 am

    Thank goodness I found this site. I’m so sorry to hear you’re all feeling this way but relieved I’m not alone! I was on 20mg for about 3 years and then cut down to 10mg for the last 6 months as I am feeling much better in myself and want to start a family in the not to distance future.

    But MY WORD, I feel like a failure. I have such bad nausea and vertigo, terrible tremors and the anxiety and irritability is the worst it’s ever been. Crying at the most stupid things! I also have no concerntration and focus, even watching the TV is tough.

    I took my last tab on 19/05 and started to feel sh** on the 22/05 and am still not myself nearly three weeks on 7/06. Can someone give me hope that these symptoms will end soon and that when they do I will go back to my normal self?

    Really starting to panic and really want to avoid this awful drug unless I absolutely have to!

  • Kerry June 6, 2018, 3:43 pm

    Day 5 of going cold turkey after taking 20mgs of the devils drug for over 3 years and oh my god I’ve never felt so horrible! The dizziness, sweats and headaches are unbearable. I’m a young mother to two young children and I’m so close to just grabbing the packet and taking them again.

    Why the hell does a doctor think it’s okay to give you this crap knowing dam well how hard it is to get off? If I’d of known this I’d of never of taken the tablets!

    They numb you and then when you can’t take them anymore they destroy you! These pills need to be stopped. I’d never recommend these tablets to anyone!

    • Shell June 11, 2018, 7:40 pm

      Does anyone know how to report this medication to the FDA or another appropriate entity that can do something? This medication and it’s withdrawal effects are INSANE! I have continually come back to the internet to research this since tapering off of Paxil. My biggest concern is how my provider could prescribe this medication and give me absolutely no input or warning as to what I might experience on the medication or trying to go off of it.

      I only took 10 mg once a day for approximately three months. I stayed on it that long because it helped my depression like nothing else I have tried (and I have tried a lot). But I finally decided that I could not tolerated the side effects anymore. Three months is a long time to wait for them to subside and they had not.

      I experienced sweating, daytime fatigue, vivid dreams that disturbed my ability to fully sleep, worsened insomnia, extremely dark urine (a bad sign for your liver!) vision impairments, and several other side effects. I have been completely off of this medication for over three weeks now and it actually feels as though my withdrawal symptoms are getting worse and I seem to even be getting new ones.

      It started with sweating so bad at night that my hair would be wet in the morning (I have very thick long hair) and even my calves and ankles felt wet from the sweating. I didn’t even know you could sweat in those areas. Then there is the dreams. They were just vivid and weird when I was on the medication but since going off they are horrible nightmares that literally leave me feeling like the devil is getting my soul.

      I am 45 years old and have just started sleeping with a night light and t.v on because when I wake up from these nightmares during the night and it’s dark I am horrified (literally scared!). I have random bouts of uncontrollable crying (a lot), desire/need to sleep 10-14 hours a day, crazy vertigo that makes me scared to even drive sometimes, body aches everywhere, vision impairment, and as of today headache (the headache may or may not be part of this- I will see…) and all of this could not come at a worse time in my life.

      I injured my back a couple of years ago and since coming off of the Paxil this pain is worse in addition to the new pains all over my whole body. I am supposed to be moved out of the house I am renting because the owner sold it and have known this for at least two weeks now and I literally can NOT even get anything packed.

      In the course of the last couple of weeks I have moved a few items in my back yard and a few things in the garage. I do not even have one box packed due to my fatigue and severe back and body pains and all of the other symptoms. I so wish my provider would have WARNED me about the possibility of all this stuff.

      I just blindly trusted her. In addition to that I actually consulted my pharmacist and asked him if there is anything I should be concerned about before starting this medication and all he told me was to see how I reacted to it before driving or operating any kind of dangerous equipment.

      I think Paxil, if it is going to be dispensed, should be mandated by law to require new patients of this medication to be completely informed of ALL the potential problems in a video or other format before choosing to take this medication and also be required to sign a statement that they have been FULLY informed of what this medication might do!

      Even as I am typing I am noticing that my grammar, spelling, and typing speed are affected. I will have to go back with auto-correct and fix these many errors (I am going to leave this sentence as is so that it is apparent what I am referring to). I am normally an excellent writer with good grammar, spelling, and typing speed.

      I am seriously considering contacting an attorney. In my research on Paxil there have been MANY ads for attorneys that strictly focus on “victims” of Paxil. UGH! What started out as something that I thought was going to be the biggest help of my life has turned my physical, emotional, social, and cognitive life into a nightmare!

      So there is a synopsis of my situation. Now I don’t know what the solution is other than to “wait it out.” This is not a solution! I am trying to move, have applied for a job that required high aptitude which they test for, and have other very difficult life circumstances happening right now and am extremely hindered from my ability to deal with them because of this medication and withdrawal symptoms!

      • Annie July 10, 2018, 11:30 pm

        Did you see any improvements in your symptoms? I have also come off Paxil recently and have extreme pain all over my body. Wondering if this will go away soon and what would help.

      • Laura July 25, 2018, 4:42 am

        I can totally relate about the Paxil issues. I am 50 and have been on Paxil for 25 years. It really stopped working except of course all the horrible side effects continued, feeling tired and huge weight gain. I am a school counselor and I figured I would use the summer to taper off Paxil.

        It has been complete hell – constant crying and anxiety. The worst has been that I went back to work for training for a couple of days and I truly feel cognitively impaired, like I can’t think clearly. I talk during our meetings to appear interested and people look at me confused.

        I have a new boss/principal so this has been embarrassing. Paxil did work for me for years and helped what I believe was undiagnosed bipolar disorder, but then it stopped working and the doctors added more… well that’s another story, right now I’m on a mood stabilizer which I believe is helping.

        Coming off has been very hard, you don’t want it to interfere with your job. I am completely off of it now. The omega 3 Krill oil has really helped, but the depression is like someone just died. It’s been very difficult.

  • Sherry May 30, 2018, 3:27 am

    These comments are life saving. I took my last 10 mg of Paxil 10 weeks ago, after 17 years, and can’t believe that I am still having such bad withdrawals. All medical literature says it should have been over weeks ago.

    These personal experiences are helping me make it day to day. How can something with such heinous side affects still be given out so freely. Praying each night for sleep and a better day tomorrow.

    I gain 25 lbs on Paxil and have now lost it all because I have a horrible time making myself eat. Question: do any of you have a good day or two and then go back down? I try to take hope in the good days but it is hard.

    • Bill May 31, 2018, 6:11 pm

      Sherry, I am so sorry to hear you are experiencing bad withdrawals after discontinuation of Paxil 10 weeks ago. But please do not forget, you were on Paxil for 17 years. I believe that’s about the time Paxil first came out.

      It is indeed one of the worst SSRI drugs to get off of, but you are doing it! Give yourself a lot of credit. You will eventually stop having these bad days, I promise. In the interim, have you tried the supplement 5-HTP? It helped me along the way while I was tapering.

      Also, please know, it’s not you, its all about the darn chemicals that messed with your mind for so many years. Trust me on this: you are, and will be WAY better off not being on Paxil.

      Don’t read into the medical literature about supposedly not having any side effects at this point…everybody is different. If you can, exercise is good, proper breathing techniques, reading, outdoor activities, and talking to people about what you’re going through.

      At this point: live each day to its fullest, as best as you can with ZERO regrets. I will pray for you!

  • Maxime May 25, 2018, 2:23 pm

    Hey, I’m just curious to know why so many of you are quitting cold turkey. From what I read there is general consensus that this drug needs to be tapered slowly. I heard 10% a month. From what I can read from the comments this is not what most people are following. I would suggest doing it much slower to avoid major symptoms. You are playing with the chemicals in your brain, drastic changes can be really bad.

    • Bill May 29, 2018, 9:25 pm

      I was on Paxil for 13 years. At the end, 40mg a day. I took it upon myself to taper down 10mg every two weeks. When I got to 10mg, I continued for 2 weeks… then cut it to 5mg for 1 week and completely stopped after that.

      Yeah, its not easy, my tinnitus was buzzing through the roof, I was slightly dizzy at times, blurred vision at times. But none of that mattered to me knowing why it was happening. Can you imagine trying to tapper off of this crap in your older years?

      Get off of it now! If you need help with anxiety or depression, go talk to a professional therapist. It’s much better than having a drug mask the issues already inside your mind.

      I’m completely off now. I now have heightened clarity and focus. If I could do it, ANYBODY can.

      • Dayna May 30, 2018, 3:02 am

        Hi Bill. I am so happy for you getting off of Paxil. Congratulations! I am tapering off now and I’m down to 5mg from 40mg. Are you still doing good and completely off all medication?

        • Bill May 31, 2018, 4:41 pm

          Hi Dayna. Yes, I am completely off of everything. The original reason to taper off of Paxil was an idea from my doctor. After all these years it seems as though the Paxil wasn’t working. So he wanted to put me on a different type of SSRI.

          As I started to feel better with the lower milligrams, I decided to myself I didn’t want to be on anything and just handle things internally in my mind like I should have before I started Paxil.

          I started the tapering process of Paxil in the middle of February and it’s been 4 weeks now since I haven’t had anything. I used to hear horror stories about this whole process of tapering like I did. However, it went better than expected.

          And now not being on anything has opened up a whole new world for me and how I can think clearly and focus, and work through things that I used to just let haze me. I seriously wish you the best of luck.

          And like I said, if I can do it, I know anybody else can do it.

      • April June 21, 2018, 3:46 am

        Did your tinnitus stop? I am in Day 4 if quitting and I feel ok! But my tinnitus is off the charts! :(

        • Bill June 25, 2018, 5:27 pm

          April, my tinnitus has not completely stopped. There are better days than others for sure. But living with tinnitus is not a bad thing. I will probably always have it.

          The more I talk to people about it, the more I know I’m not alone with it. And, always know, tinnitus CANNOT hurt you. It’s just a slight inconvenience, if that. Take care!

  • Judith Sarsten May 21, 2018, 12:49 am

    I was researching withdrawal side effects and found these comments which have been enlightening and frightening. Eight years ago my husband had an affair and I was having repetitive thoughts — like a “ticker tape” and could not think about anything else.

    First thought in the morning and last thought at night was about his cheating. I stayed with him but never forgave him and I’m concerned if I wean myself off the 30mg of Paxil those constant thoughts will return.

    I never suffered from depression or anxiety. Has anyone ever taken Paxil for similar reasons and what was the results of no longer taking it? Thanks for any help that can be provided.

    • Shelley July 2, 2018, 2:11 pm

      Judith, I, too, started Paxil after my husband of 23 years decided to have multiple affairs and wanted a divorce. That was 10 years ago. I started Paxil about 3 months into the situation and I have just now tapered off the Paxil. Last week was my first week without any at all.

      I have been having these pinprick feelings in various places on my body just randomly throughout the day and I have weird feelings like a mosquito or something is on me. I’m not 100% certain it is related to the Paxil withdraw, but I’m thinking it has to be since really there isn’t anything else.

      I know I am going to be happier off the medication and I hope you can find the strength to come off of it also.

  • Kim May 16, 2018, 3:06 am

    Hi I’ve been on 40mg of Paxil for about 4 years. I tried to wean myself off once by dropping to 20mg for a week then 10 the next week. I had crying spells and fits of rage. But Thursday I took my last one, didn’t realize it until Saturday. My pharmacy was closed.

    Doctor on call refused to even call in 2-3 days worth to get me by until I could get to the doctor on Monday. Come Monday it took doctor office 2 days to call in my refill. So I picked it up today Tuesday.

    I’ve been on zero since Thursday. I feel fine. I’m not sure if I should restart it at 40mg or a lesser dose or continue as cold turkey. Any advice?

  • Anon May 11, 2018, 10:48 pm

    I’ve been tapering off Paroxetine for months from 20mg. I’m down to 5mg a day and it’s the worst. My anxiety is so bad I don’t want to leave the house. I can’t think rationally at all. I’ve considered taking 20mg again, but don’t want to undo the hard work I’ve done getting to 5mg.

    I don’t know how anyone copes with this. I’m considering being signed off work until it’s over, but the thought of that makes me even more anxious. This drug is actual HELL and should be banned.

    • Sarah May 21, 2018, 4:41 am

      I had been on Paxil for 18 years and had failed several times trying to come off of it because I couldn’t handle the discontinuation symptoms. I read something online that suggested going on Prozac to help come off the Paxil because Prozac has a very long half life.

      I suggested this to my doctor and she agreed to try it. I weaned myself down to 5mg for a few months and then even tried cutting that in half. I took 10mg Prozac before bed because it makes you very sleepy and kept taking my 2.5mg Paxil in the morning.

      After a couple days I stopped taking the Paxil but stayed on the Prozac for about 1 week. Now I’m off everything. Still suffering with a few symptoms but the Prozac made a huge difference in helping me come off Paxil. I couldn’t have done it without it.

    • Vivienne July 10, 2018, 7:11 pm

      Hi Anon, Like you I am down to 5mg Paroxetine and I have acute anxiety and insomnia. I don’t feel able to taper any more. Have you stabilized at 5 mg? I just want to stay at home all the time. If I could stabilize at 5mg, I would just remain there.

  • Carlos May 7, 2018, 3:17 pm

    So I’m 41 and have been on paroxetine for nearly two decades. I chose a time to quit cold turkey when my life is in disarray. I was taking 40 mg and it’s been a week and a half since my last pill.

    Trying to eat healthier and should hit the gym but don’t know if I can mustard it. I already suffer from pain do to injuries but CBD oil helps. The shock-like and headache symptoms are the worst. Thank you for having a place to post.

    • Mel June 20, 2018, 11:42 pm

      Hi. I’m doing the same thing! 40mg a day and going cold turkey has been ok for me (so far!). A am experiencing something funny with my eyes.

      It’s like vertigo but apart from that I’m starting to feel again. The numbness is fading and each day the cloud seems to lift. This is day 7. Nice to have a place to share. Thanks. Mel

  • Stacey May 2, 2018, 9:38 am

    I’ve tried a number of different anti depressant and anxiety medications over the last 5/6 years, none of them really agreed with me. Then my Doctor suggested I tried Paroxetine. She didn’t talk me through any of the side effects while my body was getting used to it – the sweating was by far the worst for me at first. I was on a 10mg dose.

    I went to the Doctors a few months later for a completely unrelated subject and she asked me about my moods and anxiety. I told her I felt ok but pretty ‘flat’. She upped by dose to 20mg and told me to come back in 2 months. 2 months later, I make an appointment to see the Doctor. I couldn’t get an appointment with the same one and was prescribed another 2 months.

    2 months after that, I went back to the Doctors, again I didn’t see either of the ones I saw before. This guy was a locum. He asked me how I was etc. I told him I was feeling OK on this dose but that the constipation was a real issue (I had an impacted bowel). He felt my tummy and prescribed me some laxatives.

    I asked if he might put it on repeat for me because going to the doctors every two months is interfering with work, it’s not ideal. He told me that Paroxetine is very addictive and he wasn’t sure why I had been prescribed it when there are similar drugs on the market with less side effects. I was given another 2 months.

    Over 2 months later and I have not yet been able to get to the Doctor because work has been so busy I haven’t been able to make the time without getting really behind. When I saw that I was starting to run out, I halved the tablets I was taking so I didn’t stop cold turkey.

    I had my last one on Sunday. Today (Wednesday) is the soonest appointment I could get. I am having the most horrific stomach cramps. I can’t tell if I want to be sick or not. I’m absolutely exhausted and feel so weak that standing is a real effort. I feel dizzy.

    I can’t eat or drink without feeling like I’m going to throw it up and to top it all, I’m in a blind panic about all of these symptoms, work and literally everything else going on in my life. I’m trying not to cry but it’s getting pretty difficult because I feel so fed up.

    I don’t know if I want to continue on paroxetine and try to come off it later, or find some other medication to take instead.

  • Christy April 29, 2018, 3:21 pm

    Been cold turkey off 10mg for 3 days now. Worst is the vertigo and irritability. But no matter what happens, I am never putting that poison in my body again. Never. It totally destroys your libido and shuts off your emotions.

    I am taking St. John’s wort and Rescue Remedy to counter the anxiety. It is helping. I’m not functional yet, but I know I will be. And when I am – I am going to make damned sure that I join whichever cause I can to fight against the medical profession’s tendency to get us addicted to this s***.

    • Lisa July 17, 2018, 12:55 am

      I would love to be with you on that, I agree completely.

  • Dave C April 18, 2018, 1:45 pm

    Currently in week 3 of cold turkey. I knew there would be withdrawal symptoms, but wow… I wish I never took this drug in first place. The brain zaps and vertigo are the worst symptom for me. Especially having to work on my feet every day.

    I just try to laugh and tell myself ‘hey, some people buy drugs to feel like THiS, and I get to feel like I’m on acid for free’… Also can’t stop crying at every song. Currently watching Monty Python and crying for no reason… this is fun. Just pushing through.

  • Lana Arons April 18, 2018, 12:52 am

    I took paxil 40mg for 18 years. 20lbs later I decided to get off. It’s been 10weeks since I tapper off in one month per my doctor who to my knowledge doesn’t have any idea whats she is talking about. I’m a recovering alcoholic of 36 years and a smoker for 32 years, and I’ve never had withdrawals with either of those addictions as bad as I’m having with Paxil – which was given to me by a doctor.

    Everyday is different after 10 weeks… I feel dizzy, fuzzy headed, very sensitive to light and noise. I’ve not been able to wear my hearing aids due to the hearing sensitivity. My family and friends keep telling me to push through and keep doing what I’ve been doing.

    Because of my restless nights I’ve found by eating two kiwis a hour before going to bed I sleep all night. Eat healthy food, not fast food. Celery is good to snack on along with chicken bone broth.

    It’s important to eat protein with healthy fats like avocado. It helps you to feel better… not normal but better than what you feel now.

  • Mark Harrington April 15, 2018, 3:47 am

    I’ve been on Paxil for 20 years and this is my first attempt to get off it. I’m taking 20mg tabs and started cutting back to 10 mg for about 3 weeks with no problems. I’ve been completely off now for only 4 days and am having the vertigo/dizziness and the quick to get angry issues.

    If for whatever reason I can’t handle the withdrawal symptoms and want to go back on Paxil, what is the best way to start up again? Can I just start back up taking the 20 or go to 10 since that seemed to not give me any withdrawal symptoms?

    Or should I just keep going and hope I get better eventually? I’m more scared of the withdrawal issues and my mental health than being on the drug! Mark.

    • Susan April 15, 2018, 6:32 pm

      Mark, I posted the comment just before yours and TOTALLY appreciate what you’re going through. 20 years is a long time for your body to be living with this influence. Even after it is totally out of your system your body won’t like it and will want that crutch. I am off of it 4 months now and it is getting better, slowly.

      The anger issues have been terrible, not my personality at all. There are supplements out there to help but I found they change your metabolism in other ways and I couldn’t do them either. My Dr, who didn’t believe a word I said about Paxil withdrawal symptoms did give me a muscle relaxer and that has helped me calm down.

      I am determined to be off this stuff for good and think I’m going to make it. You will have to decide how much you can tolerate the symptoms before you decide to go back on it. I believe if you go back, try 10mg for awhile and see if you feel better. Try to avoid increasing and increasing if it lets you down.

      All I can tell you is I had 7 of the 10 symptoms listed and getting off of this is the worst thing I’ve ever been through. I weaned off of Xanax 6 years ago and spent 3 days in the hospital. Then, I was put on Paxil and discharged. Felt pretty good for 6 years.

      I was told that it was non-addictive and safe. I would never had taken it if I knew what I’d be in for down the road. Ask your doctor for help. You don’t have to tell me how hard it is. It completely ruined me for the first 3 months and I’m starting to see daylight now. Best of luck to you my friend. Susan

  • Susan April 9, 2018, 10:03 pm

    I was put on Paxil after being hospitalized for taking Xanax “only when I needed it.” Worst advice a doctor could give his patient. On again and off again put me into withdrawal every other day or two. Locked up in the psychology ward in the hospital, I was immediately taken off of that and put on Paxil (20mg).

    Felt much better. Took that for 7 years and decided I wanted to wean off and work with a clean system. That was 4 months ago. I did it very controlled over about 6 weeks time. Now, I am still going through absolute hell with 7 out of the 10 symptoms still ruining my life.

    My Dr. says I’m crazy and blames it on Fibromyalgia. I know my body and I know it is because it wants more Paxil. I can’t imagine going through this for much longer. He gave me a muscle relaxer which helps me sleep better, but during the day I hurt so bad I don’t even want to begin the day.

    I’ve been looking for herbs or something natural to help me get through this. If anyone knows what can stop the pain and anxiety, please help. I was told Paxil was non addicting and safe. I would never have taken it if I knew I would be on it the rest of my life or this. It truly is Pax-hell.

    • Annie July 10, 2018, 11:28 pm

      Hi Susan, I have also been experiencing pain all over my body. I came off Paxil about 4 weeks ago. The pain has gotten worse. I was wondering if you felt any improvements in regards to the pain you experienced? Was there anything that helped?

  • Jessica April 3, 2018, 11:51 am

    Has anyone stopped paxil 30mg cold turkey and started wellbutrin 150mg at the same time? I’m experiencing all the terrible side effects of paxil withdrawal even though I was under the impression that the wellbutrin would somehow help minimize the side effects. I’ve also read that taking the supplement 5-htp can help with paxil withdrawal and I’m curious if anyone has found relief by supplements.

    • Ashley April 24, 2018, 3:25 am

      I came off paxil almost 60 days ago. I was on it for about 8 years. I changed my food and what I put in my body and it’s helped… but I’m finding myself very depressed and not feeling like myself.

    • Harold May 5, 2018, 10:11 pm

      I was on Paxil for 18 years, it was the worst drug ever, all the side effects mentioned. I stopped cold turkey, it has been almost 90 days. If you can hold out you will be very happy you did. I feel it is almost over!

    • Nikki May 9, 2018, 1:59 pm

      Yes, I’m going through this now! Any updates on how you feel, Jessica? I was taking Paxil 5mg (10mg tab cut in half) for about 3 years. I’m sensitive to meds. I was taken off Paxil and switched to Wellbutrin 75 mg about 5 days ago.

      My doc said the same thing about switching from one antidepressant to another but Wellbutrin works on dopamine, not serotonin. I’m wondering if the brain fogginess, feeling off balance and increased agitation is a result of withdrawal from Paxil or beginning Wellbutrin?

  • Alison March 31, 2018, 2:11 pm

    I have been on paxil 7 years now. At one point I was on highest dose possible. Either 60mg or 40mg. I forget. But going from 40mg to 30mg and 30mg to 20mg never gave me any problems. However, last week I went from 20mg to 15mg.

    I have been feeling very lightheaded and dizzy ever since. Wondering why decreasing this time only by 5mg would do that. And if that really is the reason why.

  • Pam March 25, 2018, 8:54 pm

    I have been on Paroxetine for 7 years, although for the last ten only on 10mg. Before Christmas I decided to try to wean myself off them. Drs were no help but I cut down to 5mg then tried to taper off. Stopped completely in January and have had all the different withdrawal symptoms but by far the worst is the insomnia.

    I have not had a good night’s sleep since January. See every hour I am utterly exhausted, but my brain seems to have forgotten how to sleep. Anyone else been sleepless for several months after stopping Paroxetine (Paxil)?

    My Dr suggests I now take 20mg Prozac plus a sleeping pill but that seems worse than 10mg Paxil! I do not think I am depressed as such just utterly fed up and exhausted. Any ideas?

  • Brooke March 25, 2018, 1:43 am

    I have been on a lot of antidepressants and come off them the right way. Paxil is by far the worst!! Sweats, aching joints, vertigo, headaches, foggy head, anger and anxiety are some of the symptoms. Will this hell never end!?

    • Patti April 2, 2018, 1:09 am

      I know how you feel. I’m going through it also right now. It is so hard. But it is possible. Hang in there.

      • Rachael Cavazos April 4, 2018, 7:22 pm

        I am going through it myself. I have a great support system and I still feel miserable. I weaned myself off from 40 to 30 to 20 to 10. It has been two weeks that I have been completely off and I feel so jittery, anxious, and I get spooked easily. I did start Lexapro 10mg hopefully I can start feeling better soon.

        • Greg April 7, 2018, 12:41 am

          Hi, Rachael. Congratulations on weaning yourself off. Not for the faint-hearted. I did the same 2 years ago and have been on 10 mg of Lexapro since then, and am responding very well to it. Hope you will too.

    • Angie C June 10, 2018, 9:58 pm

      I’ve been on paxil 20 mg for 4 years. I’ve tried 3 times previously to come off of it. I am on day 8 cold turkey. I’ve decided to face my life with a clear head instead of being numbed with that devil drug. So dizzy, brain zaps, aching joints, upset stomach, fits of rage and extreme paranoia.

      I was reading that benadryl is an SRI. When the symptoms of withdrawal are unbearable I take 2 benadryl.. I have to admit it does help to calm me. Doctors so freely prescribe these drugs with no care in the world as to what it does to us… as long as they are getting a kickback from the drug companies they will never stop handing out the crap so freely.

  • Roxanne March 23, 2018, 2:25 pm

    I have experienced shortness of breath quite a bit since coming off Paxil. Is this something anyone else has experienced? It terrifies me.

    • Harold May 5, 2018, 10:19 pm

      Yes I’m going through that now, but I push myself to walk and exercise. I am getting stronger.

  • Rachel March 18, 2018, 9:04 pm

    Hi, I am a 23 y/o female who has always suffered generalized anxiety, and been on Paxil for about 2 years. I feel as if it has been ineffective and would like to try coping with my anxiety medication-free, so I consulted my doctor about weaning off.

    She reduced my 20mg dose to 10mg, which I will take for a month, and then decrease to 5mg. I am a consultant and travel weekly for work…

    There is no good time for me to wean off Paxil so I am just hoping it won’t interfere with my ability to work. I am psyching myself out and getting real nervous reading about all these withdrawal scenarios. Realistically, what should I prepare for?

  • Jan March 7, 2018, 11:25 pm

    I am on day one of coming of Paxil CR 37.5’s. I have been on this for years well over 10. Weight gain has been an issue for me along with the fact that I want to no longer be dependent on medication for my anxiety. I had no idea until I began researching that it was going to have this many withdrawal issues. I am tapering off by taking 1.5 tablets for 10 days, then 10 days of taking 1 tablet to 1/2 of a 20 mg tablet for an additional 10 days. :( Not looking forward to this. Eeeek.

    • Beth March 12, 2018, 4:39 am

      Just completed 3 weeks off Paxil cold turkey. All the side effects are still with me, but I’m doing this one day at a time and hanging in there. I am very determined. Things that help me are being active and socially involved, doing things that make me feel accomplished and proud of myself (cleaning, just went skiing for the first time in 7 years, fixing things around the house that I have put off forever) and focusing on getting projects done (but trying to not do too much or I start to feel manic-y).

      Having down time is very important (naps, breathing, journaling, meditating). I want to take very good care of myself physically and spiritually. It’s still a challenge and I can’t wait to see what each week brings. I feel so much more alive and involved in life since quitting but the symptoms remain very challenging.

      I’ll try to keep you posted. Love and hugs to you all! What a dirty drug! FYI…I was on Paxil for over 25 years before I went cold turkey.

      • Dorothy August 12, 2018, 2:11 pm

        I have been on Paxil many years and so afraid to come off it. I would never go cold turkey though. Any reason why you didn’t wean yourself off?

  • Kat February 10, 2018, 6:49 am

    It has been 3 weeks since I reduced my dose from 10mg to 5mg and I have had severe vertigo from 7 days now, as of this evening it feels the worst it has been over the 7 day period. Has anyone else experienced vertigo while still tapering and for this length of time? I am beginning to feel like it will never subside! It is so difficult to remain sure that this is a withdrawal symptom and not permanent.

    • Raija February 11, 2018, 5:46 pm

      Hi Kat! You have reduced your dose very much in a short period of time, I suggest going more slowly if possible. Did you drop it from 10 mg to 5 mg in one go? I also had terrible vertigo while tapering, some days I had to lie down because I was getting sea sick. It definitely is caused by the withdrawal.

      After each time I reduced the dose came a wave of withdrawal symptoms and I had to wait for them to calm down. The symptoms and the time at which they appeared and subsided varied a lot. I can’t remember now how long it took after each drop but weeks, not days. And if I would be doing it all again now, I’d go even more slowly to prevent my body and mind going through so much stress.

      I’ve been off Paxil for approximately 1 year and 9 months now and I had been using 20 mg for 9 years. I haven’t had vertigo for a long time now and it’s hard to remember exactly when it subsided. Are you feeling anxious? For me anxiety was one of the strongest symptoms.

      • Susan March 22, 2018, 12:04 am

        Hi Raija, Are you still experiencing anxiety after being off of the drug for almost 2 years? I am wondering if anxiety is more of a symptom of withdraw or likely to occur again? Thank you.

  • Carine Azara January 26, 2018, 9:19 pm

    I have been taking paroxetine 10mg for 6 months now. I started tapering 5 days ago, because I want a baby. I totally forgot to research about this drug. I tapered to 5mg with no issue. Today I went down to 2.5mg, by cutting the pill in 4 parts. I want to stop taking it by 02/05. Do you think I can do this?

    • Mike (50) January 30, 2018, 9:02 pm

      Hi Carine! If you read this: Thank God you have been on Paroxetine for a relatively short period and 10mg… YES, you can do it by 02/05, yet don’t underestimate the challenge and tapper SLOW. It is at low dosage that is the important to “detox” in small increments 2.5mg, 2mg, 1mg, 0.5 mg so that you don’t suffer the painful withdrawals.

  • Ryan January 10, 2018, 7:37 am

    I was on Paxil for little over 10 years. Been wanting to wean myself off. I called my doc’s office for an app for a refill about a month ago and they never called me back. The first 2 – 3 weeks coming off from Paxil SUCKED!! I cried at songs that were happy and sad.

    Couldn’t sleep unless I took more sleeping pills then recommended. For some reason drinking milk now makes me feel ill, idk if that has something to with it or not. Thank GOD I am feeling better now and that no one pissed me off when I was in all that electrical feeling/head pain ’cause I could be jobless now and “offended” ones I normally wouldn’t.

    I’m still not 100%. Those of you who are going through the same Hell: Hang in there! Drink lots of water and drink some Ensure to keep your vitamin levels up. Avoid crowds and stress as much as possible. Listen to music that makes you feel – cry, feel, laugh. Try some dumb comedies. You’ll make it…trust me! If I can, you can! Peace and love!

    • Toyah February 21, 2018, 1:00 pm

      Your comment made me laugh and well up haha. I’m almost reaching week 3 now. I was only taking 30mg of Paxil for 6 months but I no longer want to take it anymore. It helped with my anxiety but unfortunately the cons outweighed the pros. I have just stopped taking it rather than doing it gradually.

      It has been very difficult at times but I know the bad times are only temporary (I hope haha). Sometimes I don’t feel awake and I am starting to get shocks in the front of my brain, which isn’t very pleasant. But I feel positive at the moment (I have frequent doubts).

      I hope you’re doing well. Thank you for your encouragement.

    • CASSANDRA March 5, 2018, 11:44 am

      How long ago did you come off it? I’ve been on paxil for thirteen years. My psychiatrist took me off it in 2 weeks. I think that’s very quick. I guess I just want to know when will I feel normal again.

      • Melissa Loy March 29, 2018, 5:35 pm

        I’d like to know too. I was on Paxil for many years as well. I tapered off slowly over a month ago and I’m still very apathetic and have anger bursts and crying spells. Of course doctors say it leaves your system in 3-5 days. But what has it done to my brain that I’m feeling worse?

        • Willem March 30, 2018, 10:21 pm

          Melissa, I’m sorry you’re going through this. Though, I promise the nightmare will end. First off, you really need to realize it’s not you… it’s the chemicals, or lack of, within the Paxil playing tricks with you physically and mentally. Most regular physicians have no idea on the withdrawal aspects and ramifications on tapering off.

          Paxil is by far the worst of the SSRI meds to wean off of. From what I understand, it’s one of the worse withdrawals a person can go through. There have been several things I’ve done to assist in at least easing the hellish days/nights.

          Know first off, whatever you’re going through, CANNOT hurt you. And know now, there is definitely 100% light at the end of the tunnel. Time is your healer and friend. You’ll have your up and down days. I went from 40mg a day the beginning of February, now down to 15mg a day.

          Next week I’ll start my 10mg a day for two weeks. And yes, I know I’ll suffer a bit. But again, its my chemicals playing tricks. As much as you can, stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. Too boost serotonin production, I’ve been taking twice daily, 1 supplement, called 5-HTP Extra.

          Mine is manufactured by Irwin Naturals. It will boost the Serotonin levels you’ve been missing since the tapering/discontinuation of Paxil. I know everything can be difficult in what you do on a daily basis. But make sure and do get some kind of exercise, and keep up with your hygiene, including the brushing of your teeth.

          If you even feel the slightest of panic attacks or negative thoughts… that’s okay, there is nothing wrong with it. Except it for what they are, they are NOT hurting you. Don’t forget the all important deep breathing technique. At times you may not realize incorrect breathing patterns.

          Don’t read into all the negative stories on the internet. People normally won’t post the success stories… and there is more of them, than not. Keep a smile on your face, even when you don’t feel like it. The smile is something your mind recognizes as good.

          Lastly, do not be ashamed to talk with anybody on what’s happening with you. You’d be surprised how understanding most are. YOU WILL BE OKAY… I will throw out some heavy duty prayers for you.

          • Dreana July 20, 2018, 12:49 am

            Wow! You’re amazing. Love your positive nature. It is going on nine months now off of paxil and am still experiencing bad anxiety. Does that mean my brain still has not made the adjustment to homeostasis? I never had this before. I am so afraid.

  • Aaron January 2, 2018, 5:23 pm

    Hi Everyone, I’ve never written anything before but when I was trying to find help with regards to getting off of paroxetine all I found were horror stories and obviously as someone who suffers from anxiety this scared the life out of me. My mental health centre didn’t return ANY of my calls or send me an appointment after 6 requests spanning a 6 month period.

    All they did was try and dissuade me from getting clean. I was on 30mg a day and decided that I was going to do it on my own. They wouldn’t decrease my dose without an appointment and it was impossible for me to get an appointment. So I bought a pill cutter! I went straight from 30 to 15mg and stayed there for a month, surprisingly no problems.

    Then I went to 7.5mg for a month, still no problems. I then went to 3.75mg for 4 days and then… I went away for a week and accidentally forgot my pills. It was reading all the stories that started to makes panic but I stayed calm and said to myself that I could do it. I did have a weeks worth of Xanax of which I took half a tablet before bed, this enabled me to sleep and although I didn’t actually feel any different during the day I think they helped my to stay relaxed.

    After a week I weaned myself of the Xanax too and now I AM FREE!!!! Two months later I feel happier, I am emotional, but in a good way, my libido is improving! It’s been quite a journey over the last year of self improvement, I’ve learnt a lot. Anxiety for me is about getting unwanted thoughts and feeling mixed up.

    Sometimes I’d get the feeling in my stomach and then it would bring very negative upsetting thoughts and sometimes it’s the reverse. I now realise that it’s very common for this to happen, but it’s just about how much power you give these thoughts or feelings. It’s easy to get into a vicious circle which ends up in panic and the feeling of going mad.

    But now when I get anything like that I take some deep breathes and sometimes laugh. They are just thoughts!!! Good luck to everyone, you can do it and you will be fine.

    • Will Philips March 25, 2018, 8:35 pm

      Aaron, Your comment has been an encouragement to me! Very rarely do we read success stories over this particular subject. I’m weaning off Paxil now. I’ve been on 40 mg for 20 years. Down now to 15 mg after 2 months. Suffering is part of the program, but going into it, I already new it.

      At times it’s easier to laugh certain things off because I know it’s coming from the tapering, and the serotonin levels being messed around with, not hurting me a bit. It’s in no way easy, but if I can do it… ANYONE can.

      Everyone else who is doing this same thing, hang in there, I promise it gets better with time. It’s just a during those times where you’re feeling high anxiety, it can be challenging. But know where that feeling is coming from. And thank God there are so many of us going through this.

      Most people we don’t personally know, but I guarantee you a lot of people you deal with day in and day out. We all will prevail and be better people because of it!

  • LeAnn Hatch January 2, 2018, 3:52 am

    Today is day 8 without my paxil. I was on 20 mg for close to a year and quit cold turkey not knowing how hard it was. I was not told how bad it was. All I’ve been told was maybe hot flashes and depression and anxiety may get worse. So far I’ve had HORRIBLE brain zaps that are driving me insane. I feel like I’m losing my mind. Today was the first day I could hold down anything. Yesterday was the worst. I vomited all day long even tho I had nothing in my system. When will this end???

  • Jim November 26, 2017, 10:47 pm

    I am now in my seventh week week of withdraws and with the help of this and other websites and those close to me I have been able to endure this horrible adventure.

    I found out early on that the greatest suffering from paxil withdraws was from the long lonely restless sleepless nights. I have developed some coping skills and will pass these on to those who have similar problems, but please consult you physician first.

    1. fish oil and L-tryptophan two hours prior to bed
    2. no TV or internet one hour prior to going to bed; it wires up the brain to much.
    3. warm bath with ephsons salts
    4. herbal tea with meletonine just prior to going to bed,
    5. set up a smoothing nature sound maker. I use a sound of a crackle fire sound in front of a gas fire place.
    6. sleep on a recliner with head elevated; as it helps with anxiety
    7. if awaking in the middle of the night, take a bannana and another L-tryptophan pill
    8. get at least eight hours sleep and the day time hours will be much more manageable.

    PS: try to remain somewhat active during the day, only if it is only routine mundane tasks. Try to get several hours natural sunlight each day. Go for long walks.

    This is my contribution to this website and I hope that it may help someone who is going through this nightmare. I may not write again, other than to say I am over paxil withdrawals.

    • Patti April 2, 2018, 1:06 am

      I am about one week off of paxil 20mg. I tapered down to 10 and then slowly every other day then every 2 then 3 then so on. It is the hardest thing I have ever done. I gained 25 lbs while taking. I sometimes feel like I want to cry, then laugh, then I’m angry, then brain zaps. Ugh.

      It’s awful. But I know that it will get better. It just has to. I had no emotion when I was taking paxil. My libido was non existent. I didn’t care about anything. I ate all the time. I’m just ready to have my life back. Reading all the comments here makes me feel hopeful. Thank you.

      • Joe July 3, 2018, 3:41 pm

        It makes me sick to read all of these posts. I thought I was the only one suffering through paxil withdrawal. I didn’t know. Not something I discuss with my family… Hey I’m on paxil! This s*** is evil.

        And to discuss it with my physician? He was clueless. Put me on it in the first place. Stay as far away from this venom as you can. And good luck.

        • Bill July 3, 2018, 10:59 pm

          Joe, Great message! You are definitely NOT ALONE. And more and more people are coming out about the crap effects of getting off Paxil. Being open about it is the right thing to do.

          I’ve even explained the nightmare situation to the people I work with, and my employer. You’d be surprise how many people suffer from some sort of anxiety/depression. Besides everything else we’ve been reading about on the withdrawal of getting off Paxil, I have a new one happening to me.

          It’s called Phantosmia. Its taken me several month to wean off Paxil, but I’m still suffering from all sorts of things. Phantosmia is something I’m going through where I think I’m smelling smoke. Like a burning, or cigarette. It happens to some during SSRI discontinuation, and afterwards.

          Actually, my all me senses – ears, nose, and eyes, have been messed up once I stopped Paxil. I cannot believe the medicine is even legal, and how freely it is prescribed. Good luck with what you’re going through!

  • Antonios Chasiotis June 8, 2017, 5:55 am

    Hi I just completed my 3rd week of quitting Paxil cold turkey. I do not know if I will ever find myself again, but I am committed at this point to die trying. I felt I lost 10 of my best years in life (between 40-50), because I was completely isolated from society by taking Paxil. Where is the beautiful smile that people used to admire on me?

    I do not remember smiling any of those last 10 years while using this poison. I want to consult everybody to just avoid this pill. You will never be yourself again… No matter what, find an alternative. Thank you all and thank this forum… Antonio

  • Amy April 15, 2017, 10:56 am

    I decided to come off paxil myself about a week ago, I was on 20mg but it wasn’t doing anything, so I cut them in half and went down to 10mg. Last night I started having nightmares, my mom passed away from cancer last August and it was about her. I woke up this morning feeling like I was in panic mode. Good thing I read this because it helped me understand why it was happening.

  • valerie March 27, 2017, 3:00 pm

    I was on paxil for 15 years 25 mg CR. I have now been off it for about 6 months. I had some withdrawal symptoms: depression, crying, but nothing too serious. I have had night sweats and anxiety that wake me from a deep sleep, but they subsided quickly and only occurred in the early morning hours. As of last week I have had panic and anxiety that are now affecting my life.

    I also have had Meniere’s disease for about 15 years (not sure if it’s related to the Paxil). I’m having trouble eating and resting. Xanax helps calm me for a short time, but I know I can’t continue on it. I do not want to go back on any antidepressant. Would like to find some alternatives to getting my life back to normal. Anyone have any luck with any other approaches?

    • Bev March 28, 2017, 10:17 am

      I have been on Aropax since my 2nd child was born now 21 years of age. Went to see medical practitioner last week who said I could instantly stop taking this medication. I have been on 1 & 1/2 tablets of 30mg. Was concerned about stopping instantly and I am now taking 1 tablet. I’ve been doing this for 4 days now. Have noticed agitation headaches slight anxiety. I definitely don’t want to start taking this medication ever again. Can anyone recommend any hints tip to get over these hurdles? My practitioner wants me to go back to see her so she can draw up a mental health plan and to be referred to a physiologist.

  • Angie March 25, 2017, 8:24 pm

    Hi… I think I’m experiencing this withdrawal currently. I was on 20 mg and was on it for about 3 years. I quit cold turkey after I realized one day how numb I was. My daughter was in a car accident, nothing severe, but I had no emotion, not even she’d a single tear (while my husband was balling). He even questioned me on why I had no reaction. I understood something terrible had just happened, but I couldn’t respond properly.

    That is when I decided I needed to be able to feel normal emotions. I have been off it for 3 weeks now, and the first 2 weeks were fine. But this past week, I noticed I have flu like symptoms. I feel headachy, and sooooo nauseous (to the point that it’s beginning to effect my job), and tummy issues. I can’t sleep, I’m super emotional now, not exactly what I was looking for, lol…

    I’ll be happy and laughing one second, then bawling the next. The nauseousness is really getting to me and makes me want to jump back on the paxil pill. My hubby is helping me remain strong not to though. I would like to ask a question… is there anything I can take to help with my symptoms, especially the nauseousness and flu-like symptoms?

    I’ve been trying Prilosec, and also tried Pepto Bismol, neither seems to be helping. I have been on the “BRAT” diet to help with the tummy issues… not helping. I need relief, I can’t work, or do much of anything feeling this way and it’s beginning to make me feel hopeless. 😕

  • Shanz March 14, 2017, 7:09 pm

    Hi there, I have been on Paxil for 19 years due to severe panic disorder/agoraphobia. It was a wonder drug for so many years and I literally could never have imagined my life without it. I had tried weaning off in the past, between the awful withdrawals and recurring anxiety I assumed I’d be it’s slave for the rest of my life.

    Over the last year my anxiety attacks have returned and when seeing my Dr last week, she recommended quitting (due to possible poop-out effect) and immediately I panicked. I’ve been so desperate to get this dirty drug out of my system but never had the courage to face the terrible withdrawals. I took my last 20mg Paxil a week ago and immediately started on 10mg Brintellix (subsequently dropped to 5mg) and although it has somewhat lessened the major withdrawal symptoms of the paroxetine, I still feel quite horrendous.

    Tremors, night sweats, severe restless leg syndrome, pins and needles, headaches, elevated anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, muscle fatigue, dull ache behind my eyeballs, ‘whooshing’ sound in my head every time I move… the list goes on!! It’s only been a week but I am so desperate to stick it out because of the hell it’s put me through.

    So encouraging to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel, albeit taking weeks/months…onwards and upwards! It’s a wonder why Dr’s still prescribe this knowing the significant potency of it’s side effect profile and intolerable withdrawal symptoms. Wishing you all strength and courage on your journey.

    • Mike (50) March 17, 2017, 10:30 am

      Thanks for sharing your experience here and good luck with the perilous ordeal of quitting Paxil/Paroxetine! Of course I empathize and am sorry that you’re going through the Paxil Hell. You are not alone and it’s hard for someone who does not know what it’s like to understand what you are going through.

      I also received it against anxiety (at college) and I was also on it for 19 years before I realized that this “medication” was at the very source of my problems and not a solution! My Psychiatrist just kept on prescribing it ignoring all dangers of long-term treatment. Initially I weaned off over 1 month and had to resume it after 4 months of horrendous withdrawals.

      The 2nd quit attempts was just as painful but I stuck it out against all medical advice that “you must take it for life”! Exactly 2 years “clean” now and no more anxiety or sleeplessness, only mild depression which I prefer to being totally “numbed” and drugged! Life is worth living again and I feel more human and sensitive again even though I have not fully recovered yet.

      I would never ever take a SSRI again. Stay determined and go through the dark woods till you see the clear sky again!

      • Deena February 20, 2018, 9:03 pm

        Thanks for your comments. I was on 20 mg for 3 years. Weaned down from 20 to 10 to 5 and now zero for my 3rd week. Each drop took some getting used to, but things did get better. Give yourself lots of time to feel better and lots of space. You can do it.

        I have never felt better overall. The highs are way higher and the lows are shorter and I have found meditation, nature, etc. for helping with the lows. I still have bouts of where my energy drops to nothing in a hurry, night sweats occasionally, loss of appetite and achiness. Still I now my body is much happier and I feel so good that I am doing something good for my body that has given me so much!

  • Gary March 8, 2017, 4:06 pm

    61 years old. 20+ years @ 20 mg. April 2017 will be 1 year since my last pill (after tapering for 1 month). Every month brings a slightly new variation of symptoms. Someday I hope to feel right again.

  • Emma March 1, 2017, 9:59 pm

    Thank God you wrote this. It’s been a huge source of comfort for me. I’m getting 95% of these symptoms and I’ve gone cold turkey due to other health issues. I keep re-reading your post and its So much help as I’m only 3 weeks in. Thank you again for writing this.

  • Kim February 16, 2017, 8:46 pm

    I am about five weeks into the withdrawal symptoms from coming off of 12 years on SSRIs, the last 7 on Paxil. It is the worst thing I have ever gone through in my life. I am very sensitive to all medication, so maybe this is why. I have SEVERE ANXIETY, though it is not as bad as in the beginning. I have adrenal rushing through me, but no heart racing.

    I can only sleep about six hours a night, but I’m exhausted. The head zaps have pretty much stopped, but I still get blurry vision sometimes and foggy head as if I’m on medication. I also have a lot of suicidal thoughts which scare me and make me sad, but I would never act on them.

    The good news is that my blood pressure has returned to normal. On the medication it was really getting high even taking high blood pressure medication, hence why I decided to stop taking it. If anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with the withdrawal process, I’m open to anything healthy. Otherwise, one day at a time…

    • Mike (50) March 3, 2017, 11:41 am

      Hi Kim! I feel with you… “worst thing I have ever gone through…. have severe anxiety”. I had the same during my withdrawals for a long time. My suggestion for you… go through this daunting time exactly as you say: healthy alternatives and one day at a time!

      Anxiety: avoid all stress as much as possible to deal with the anxiety and do sports / massages / calming biological herbs to bring down the stress hormones and levels). Moreover, all thought patterns will be influenced by the underlying strong anxiety = small problems will seem catastrophes that hurt right to the core. It’s not “you,” it’s the withdrawal aftermath!

      Suicidal thoughts: remember death is irreversible and that you must bravely go through the pain (without taking an SSRI again) and that with time (it seems unbelievable whilst in the long pain phase) will go away and recovery is possible! Good luck! Mike

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