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Cymbalta: Weight Gain or Weight Loss? Causes & Individual Factors.

Cymbalta (Duloxetine) is a drug that us utilized primarily to treat major depression. It was approved in 2004 by the FDA as an SNRI antidepressant, and would later receive approval for the treatment of neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and some cases of chronic pain. The fact that Cymbalta can be prescribed to treat a diverse number of conditions makes it among the most popular antidepressants of the past year.

In addition to treating a multitude of conditions, it is considered to have a relatively favorable side effect profile, specifically when it comes to weight. A major concern for most people when taking an antidepressant (and in some cases before they even try an antidepressant) is that they’re going to gain weight. While many antidepressants such as SSRIs are capable of causing weight gain, Cymbalta is different in that it is unlikely to cause weight gain.

Cymbalta: Weight Gain or Loss?

Most professionals consider Cymbalta to be a “weight neutral” antidepressant due to the fact that only 1% of people report weight gain while taking it, and 2% of people report weight loss. The majority of people don’t report any significant changes in weight and therefore regard the drug as not affecting weight. Being an SNRI, it affects the stimulatory neurotransmitter norepinephrine which is thought to help minimize any weight gain as a result of the serotonin increase.

How Cymbalta Causes Weight Gain (in some people)

In the very small percentage of people who gain weight while on Cymbalta, there are a number of factors that may lead to a weight increase. Some speculate that appetite changes, food cravings, and social eating may play a big role in causing weight gain. Below is a list of potential reasons this drug may cause you to pack on a few pounds.

  • Appetite increase: Those that end up gaining weight while on Cymbalta may attribute their gains to an appetite change. If they were severely depressed prior to taking it and had no appetite, the drug may have brought back a normal appetite, resulting in some weight gain. Others may have had no appetite problem prior to taking the drug, but noticed a significant increase after taking the drug.
  • Cravings: Some people notice that they crave certain foods while taking certain antidepressants. Although most people won’t crave any foods on an SNRI, some people will notice that they crave carbohydrates and other unhealthy sweets. If you notice food cravings that you didn’t have before you started using this medication, they may have resulted from the drug.
  • Fat storage: The drug may influence the way your body stores fat. While most people won’t experience any change in weight, those that pack on a few pounds may not be able to burn the same percentage of fat that they did prior to taking the drug. Although this is just a theory, it is one that should be considered.
  • Hormone changes: It’s possible that Cymbalta disrupts the body’s homeostatic hormone levels, especially when taken over the long term. While it’s impossible for most people to determine how hormones are affected over time, it’s a theory to consider. Over a long term, the drug may influence hormone production, affecting hormones that may burn fat and others that store it.
  • Interactions: Remember that its always possible that another drug may be interacting with Cymbalta to cause your weight gain. Many people end up thinking it’s the Cymbalta causing their weight gain, when the weight gain is really stemming from how another medication or drug they’re taking interacts with it. Always consider the fact that there could be an interaction.
  • Side effects: Not everyone will feel energized from this drug. In some cases, a person may feel sleepy, groggy, drowsy, or notice a drop in energy while taking it. If you start to feel fatigued as a side effect, understand that the fatigue may be causing weight gain. Those that feel tired from the drug are going to be less likely to get physical exercise and burn off the calories they’ve consumed.
  • Slow metabolism: This drug affects serotonin to approximately 10x the extent of norepinephrine. Therefore it is possible for some individuals to experience a slowed metabolism while taking it. Although the norepinephrine is thought to help keep metabolism high, not everyone has this effect.
  • Social eating: Those that experience a recovery in their depressive symptoms may be more likely to hang out with friends and partake in social events. Being social often means going out to eat with friends and “social eating.” Going out to eat on a more frequent basis is likely going to lead you to gain some weight.
  • Taste improvement: If food starts to taste better after you’ve been taking Cymbalta, it’s probably not a coincidence. When neurochemistry is altered in the brain, there’s no telling specifically how these alterations will affect someone. Those that notice an improvement in taste may be more likely to eat more food.

Note: Instead of singling out one particular factor that’s causing weight gain, realize that it could be a combination of the factors listed above.

How Cymbalta Causes Weight Loss

Among 2% of individuals that take Cymbalta, weight loss is a side effect. If you end up losing weight, there’s no telling exactly how much you’ll lose. Possible factors responsible for weight loss while on this drug include: decreased appetite, energy improvements, and a faster metabolism.

  • Appetite drop: Some people may notice that their appetite decreases when they start taking Cymbalta. A decrease in appetite may be attributed to side effects such as nausea or it may be a byproduct of the norepinephrine increase. Stimulation of the central nervous system tends to decrease a person’s appetite. Additionally if a person was overeating to cope with their depression, the medication may alleviate their depressive symptoms, thereby eliminating the coping mechanism of overeating. It is estimated that roughly 9% of people taking this medication experience a decrease in appetite.
  • Diarrhea: A side effect that people may experience is diarrhea. The laxative effect can lead to significant weight loss if the person is unable to use the nutrients in their food. Generally this is considered a short-term side effect. If the diarrhea is long lasting, it may be worth switching to a different medication.
  • Energy increase: Many people who lose weight notice that the drug provides them with increased energy throughout the day. Since it does have a norepinephrine component of action, it is believed to help increase a person’s energy levels. The increased energy may lead a person to engage in physical exercise or simply move around more than they were prior to taking this drug.
  • Nausea: Another effect that some people experience while taking Cymbalta is nausea. They may feel nauseous prior to eating meals and/or during consumption of food. Feeling nauseous is a quick way to decrease a person’s appetite. In some extreme cases, this may lead to vomiting, which can also contribute to weight loss.
  • Speeds up metabolism: The stimulatory effect of the norepinephrine in this drug is believed to speed up a person’s metabolism. A sped up metabolism can result in unexpected weight loss without increasing exercise or making dietary changes. If you have a slow baseline metabolism and notice weight loss while taking this drug, there’s a chance that it was sped up.
  • Vomiting: In rare cases, some people experience vomiting while their body adjusts to this medication. If vomiting lasts more than a few weeks, obviously seek immediate medical attention as this may be a sign that you can’t tolerate this drug. Vomiting will result in weight loss, sometimes to a significant extent.

Factors that influence weight changes on Cymbalta

Those that experience and/or notice weight changes while taking Cymbalta can chalk the gain or loss up to a few factors. These factors include: the drug’s dosage, how long they’ve been taking it, lifestyle changes or habit changes that were made while on the drug, as well as interactions with other medications.

1. Dosage

There are different dosing recommendations for those taking Cymbalta. If you are on the minimal effective dose for your depression, you will be more likely to remain weight neutral than at higher doses. At higher doses, the drug has greater influence over your natural homeostatic functions.

When the drug has become increasingly influential over natural processes, this results in weight loss and/or gain depending on the individual. Just know that the higher the dose, the greater the likelihood you’ll experience weight changes.

2. Individual factors

It is also important to analyze various individual factors that could be culpable for weight gain. Many people want to place 100% blame on the medication they’re taking for the changes they experience in weight. In reality, your genetics, hormones, dietary intake, exercise habits, sleep quality, and the amount of stress in your life also have a great influence over your body weight.

If you started eating unhealthy foods while taking this drug and gained weight, that factor alone could be to blame. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you started eating healthier while on the drug, this could account for some weight loss.  If you want more perspective on how your genetics may be influencing your reaction to Cymbalta and other antidepressants, consider checking out the GeneSight test.

3. Time span

The length of time that you’ve been medicated plays a role in determining the amount of weight change that you’ll experience. Those that have been medicated with Cymbalta for an extended period of time tend to build up a tolerance to the drug’s effects. This often leads to an increase in dosing, which we already discussed is likely to lead to weight changes. Those that have been on the drug for a shorter term may not notice much (if any) changes in their weight.

4. Other medications/drugs

While it is often very difficult to determine that other drugs may interact with Cymbalta to increase or decrease weight, it is a very real possibility. For example, if you are taking a stimulant medication along with Cymbalta, there is an increasingly good chance that you’ll lose weight. On the other hand, if you are taking a drug like an antipsychotic that is sedating, you will be very likely to gain weight. Always consider the effects of other drugs if you are medicating with multiple substances.

How much weight will you gain or lose from Cymbalta?

The amount of weight change you experience will be based on many of the factors listed above. Most people who gain weight end up gaining less than 5 pounds (on average) throughout their treatment. Those that lose weight may lose between 5 and 15 lbs. There’s no way to know how you will react to the medication (in terms of weight change) until you’ve taken it for an extended period of time. An advanced study revealed that after 52 weeks of treatment, the average weight gained was only 2.5 pounds; this is relatively minimal.

Cymbalta: Cost-Benefit Analysis

If you have experienced significant weight changes while taking Cymbalta, and they are making you unhappy, you conduct an evaluation. This evaluation will involve weighing the benefits you’ve experienced while taking the medication and comparing them with the costs (or drawbacks) you’ve endured. If you’ve packed on a significant amount of weight, and the drug isn’t really helping your depression, you may want to switch drugs or go through with Cymbalta withdrawal. If on the other hand the medication has significantly helped your depression, but you’ve gained some weight, the minor weight change is probably worth the benefit you’ve received.

Did you experience weight changes while on Cymbalta?

If you have taken Cymbalta, feel free to share whether you experienced any weight changes while taking it. If you gained weight, feel free to share how much, the dosage you were taking, and any other specific factors that may have contributed. If you lost weight, feel free to do the same.

This may help others pinpoint some similarities among those who ended up gaining vs. losing weight on the drug. Also if you remained relatively weight-neutral while on this drug, feel free to comment. Understand that everyone has a different experience in regards to weight change on Cymbalta.

  • Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1764530/

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29 thoughts on “Cymbalta: Weight Gain or Weight Loss? Causes & Individual Factors.”

  1. I am from Europe and I was prescribed Aritavi over there, which is the European name for Cymbalta. Just started my second month on this medication. I love it, I mean I take it like it is a sip from the Holy Grail.

    My depression is like sedated, same thoughts and worries exist in my brain, but they don’t affect me so much, the mental pain is like blocked, I feel so much happier without it. I was 86 kilos, now I am 79kg.

    My appetite and diet have not changed. I eat the same way, but I lost weight (and I wasn’t overweight for my height before the drug). That’s why I started to research weight loss and Cymbalta and came across this thread.

  2. I have been on Cymbalta for a year now and I have since gained 35 pounds, I have major ear congestion, and chronic chest pains and pain down my left arm. I went on this due to PTSD caused by a work injury which caused me to have cervical spine surgery. The medicine was also to help with my tremors that were caused by my work injury as well.

    Now I am just wondering if taking this pill is worth all the headaches it is causing me. It is so unsafe and really makes me feel yucky inside and out. Not to mention I am always dizzy since on cymbalta. Now trying to lose this weight is going to be next to impossible since I can’t even exercise due to my spinal injury.

    Oh I just don’t know what to do anymore I do know one thing I don’t want this pill to kill me. After reading the adverse reactions to this pill my doctor should have never prescribed it to me I am only 37, this is not fair to feel the way I feel. Any suggestions from hopefully Doctors in this field?

  3. I have been taking cymbalta for almost three months now. Initially started with 30 mg and psych increased to 40 in the second month and I have noticed a significant amount of weight loss. I use to fluctuate between 150-155 and I’m now about 130 lbs and my BF and family all think I now have an eating disorder. I hardly ever have much of an appetite and when I eat I become full quickly.

    I don’t know if it’s the drug itself or if it’s an underlying medical condition causing this problem, but I plan to let my psych and therapist know and also meet with my primary to confirm I have no other underlying disease that may be causing the massive weight loss. I should be happy that I’m finally thin again, but everyone keeps telling me how horrible I look, needless to say I also struggle with BBD :(

  4. I’ve been on Duloxetine for about 3 months and counting. The first 2 months I struggled with drowsiness and nausea. I now have increased energy, experience pain every now and then but not like before, and I have lost about 12lbs and counting. My appetite has decreased by a lot. A little disconcerting, but I will continue to watch myself. :)

  5. I started Cymbalta a week ago… first day the side effects were awful and I lost my appetite and it still hasn’t come back. The first day I didn’t eat at all. Didn’t even have nausea just didn’t feel like eating. I have half a meal and am full, I used to struggle with controlling myself and food but now am losing weight quite easily.

    I have PCOS and the only diet that worked for me in the past was Ketogenic diet, however thats difficult to maintain. I have dry mouth as well and some constipation but no hunger, no appetite, and anxiety is getting good. Also I noticed an energy increase which surprised me because I thought from previous experiences with medications I would be sleepier… but it was the opposite! so far am very happy!

  6. I have been on Cymbalta for 2 and 1/2 weeks for back spasms of pain. The pain disappeared the first day I took the drug. (Yes) I was 247 pounds and now I am 236 pounds. (Wonderful) No diet has ever worked for me before. There have been no problems yet with the losartan and Xarelto I am also on. I had heart ablation in November of 2015 and that stopped the a-fib. I had a TIA in 2013. (That is the reason for Xarelto). Life is looking much better for me now. Good luck to all.

  7. I gained 30 lbs the 1st time I got on Cymbalta. I was put on it b/c I contracted a relatively new type of Lyme Disease on a day-trip to Sanibel Island. On the 2 hour trip home I started itching. When I got home I took a shower and noticed that I had little red dots all over my body, like something had been biting me. Then the pain kicked in.

    It felt like wasps were covering my body and stinging me repeatedly – I spent that first night in the bathtub. The horrible stings went on for 6 weeks. The older stings turned into lesions that wouldn’t heal, and itched to a point that I probably WAS crazy. I had nearly no sleep, except an hour here or there in the bathtub so I didn’t present real well when I went in to see a doctor.

    It was so aggravating that each and every doc I went to see told me to “quit picking and see a psychiatrist”. I was getting quite angry as time went by. The ER doc that I’d waited 3 hours in the quarantine room? He refused to step over the threshold to even look at my lesions, so how could he possibly accuse me of doing all that damage to myself?

    I think two doctors treated me as if I were a human with feelings. Problem was they didn’t know what I had or how to help me. Not until I tried Infectious Disease did I hit jackpot. They took me right in and told me they knew I wasn’t crazy, and anyone who could look at me and say that to me had some problems of their own which they needed to deal with.

    They said they’d seen this before but didn’t know what it was. They sent me to head of Derm @ Cedars Med. Ctr. in Miami, Dr. Kerdel. FINALLY, a doc. who actually wanted to take some biopsies! (not one of the others would do one for me). He took a few and they came back “Bug bite, unknown origin”. He told me I’d probably be doing myself a big favor if I saw a psych b/c it’s not easy to know you’ve got an unknown parasite scarring you up all over your entire body and have nothing to make it stop.

    This is the 2nd time I got on Cymbalta. They tried a few before, though. I gained FORTY lbs in a month on Prozac, thirty lbs. on another the next month, thirty pounds on ANOTHER the next month. Yes, 100 lbs in 3 month’s time. I waited a while before I tried Cymbalta. It turned out to be a great drug for me. Fixed my neck pain completely and the depression went down considerably. I only gained 15 lbs. – it was worth it!

    However, I’ve been on 60 mg for some 3 years and my doc doubled my dosage. It only took FOUR DAYS for me to gain 10 pounds! I quit taking it immediately. I wish there was something to counteract this side-effect, but at least I can get by on 60 mg/day and function.

  8. Started generic Cymbalta 30mg about 7 weeks ago with no signs of weight loss or gain and no changes in bowel habits. Started 60mg 4 weeks ago and lost 10 lbs with frequent bowel movements and loose stools. These changes were very unusual in that I have been chronically constipated and required Milk of Magnesia every third day to produce a movement.

    I also couldn’t loose a pound even when limiting food. Being concerned of these unusual changes I saw a Dr. 3 weeks ago and I am returning next week with a food log for the past 3 weeks looking for a possible culprit. I see nothing to indicate a food type issue. I am going to bring up Cymbalta to my primary and get her opinion.

    If Cymbalta is to blame I don’t have an issue with that because overall my 10lb weight loss is a good thing and having a bowel movement daily (often more than 1) is a good feeling for my abdomen after years of bloat and constipation. If nothing is found after tests and exams I will continue with the Cymbalta.

  9. I started taking Cymbalta for chronic pain 7 days ago (herniated disc that is irritating my sciatica). I have been taking 30mg a day which has been amazing pain wise, I can’t even believe I am not feeling the agonizing pain in my leg anymore after only a week. Today I am suppose to increase to 60mg which makes me a little nervous because the 30 seems to be working.

    This past week I have lost 6 lb due to the fact I have no appetite and when I do eat I feel nauseous. I am not sure how long that will last though. I definitely do not want to gain wait as I have struggled with weight for the past 15 years or so. I have been drinking a lot more water as I am always thirsty. Guess I will see how this goes.

    • I also was put on cymbalta for same thing ruptured disc causing awful sciatica down both legs and lower back. First week was 30mgs then went to 60mgs been on it now 37days total and the weight loss is 15 lbs. I believe it’s because I feel better pain and mood improved and have more energy.

  10. I have been on cymbalta for almost a year and right away I started losing weight. Every month I loose generally 4 pounds and one month even 9. I have never gained. There have been only 2 months so far my weight change was even (0). I have tried for years to lose weight and no matter what I did, exercise, etc., I gained. This not only helped me with my fibro but other stuff. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I take 60mg day.

    • Me too! I am on 30mg a day and my main side effect is that I have completely lost my appetite. I always had problems with food and now I am losing weight! Very happy!

  11. First, I swear on everything that is important in the world that I do not work for Cymbalta or Lilly (you can check out my website to see what my profession is). Second, I 100% acknowledge that no two people with mental disorders react to treatments in the same way—because no two people are the same. This is solely MY own experience.

    That said, I am bipolar and tend(ed) to cycle below baseline more often than above. I saw many psychiatrists over many years until I finally found the right fit* and he put me on Lamictal to regulate mood cycling. I also tried a large variety of antidepressants before Cymbalta came on the market in 2004, and in my case, Cymbalta—in combination with Lamictal—was the only medication that successfully treated severe bipolar depression for me (I’d been institutionalized for a suicide attempt, that kind of severe).

    I don’t believe it was the drug itself, but when my depressive cycling was reduced thanks to my Lamictal/Cymbalta treatment, I was able to shed the 50 lbs. that I’d held for the 19 years my bipolar disorder had not been treated effectively. I lost it the old fashioned way with diet and exercise, and I lost it EASILY—50 lbs. in six months. I have had zero problem keeping it off.

    Again, I don’t think it was Cymbalta per se that allowed my body to lose weight, and I have no scientific proof of exactly what did. My gut, however, (which is the most reliable source of truth if we can shut off our left brain hemispheres when our guts speak to us) tells me that when my brain chemistry got closer to what a non-depressed person’s is like, my body did as well. Mind/body connection, baby.

    Sooooo…in my case, Cymbalta/Lamictal gave me my life back.

    *find a psychiatrist who is a good fit. It’s as important as any other part of our treatment.

    Addendum: I have also been type 1 diabetic for 41 years, and as a side effect, Cymbalta brought back some of the feeling to the three numb toes I have because of diabetic neuropathy.

    • Hello, I started on 30mg late December, after 3 weeks my GP increased this to 60mg. I am really concerned about weight gain – I am about 14lb overweight already (I am only 5ft 2 so every pound shows) – will I start to lose weight and if so when will it kick in. I have not lost one pound as of yet and I do feel hungry… a lot!

      I realize that I have only been on Duloxetine (cymbalta) for about 7 weeks or so but I am concerned and would appreciate any comments. By the way… thanks to everyone who has bothered to post – good or bad it all makes good reading and makes us all better informed.

  12. I suffer Bipolar 2 & fibromyalgia. After ballooning to 303 lbs & becoming a foot-shuffling zombie, I had to set my doctor straight. I told my doctor “meds that make me huge & stupid don’t aid my depression. I won’t take them anymore”. I have used Cymbalta for 8 years without weight gain or zombification. I lost the weight that I gained on other meds. Interesting.

  13. I started cymbalta 7 months ago and have gained over 15 pounds and counting. I not only crave certain foods but just want to constantly be eating. I didn’t have any issue with weight before taking cymbalta. It’s a shame I am having these side effects because if it weren’t for them this would be a great drug for me. It’s definitely evened me out and made day to day life so much better but I’m not sure how much longer I can take it because of the weight gain.

  14. I first started on 30 mgs then went up to 60 mgs shortly after. I found that the 60 mgs was too much for me it made me a zombie and gained some weight. I went cold turkey off the meds, which I do not recommend, I was impatient, crying for no reason and way too sensitive. My doctor lowered the dose back to 30 mgs and I’ve been losing weight. I started off with nausea and now that’s gone but I only eat a little bit here and there.

    I’ve had junk food in the house that previously would have left the shelf within less than 24 hours. I’m better at a lower dose and the effects are the opposite when I cut it in half. It’s all about figuring out what is best for you in the end… talk to your doctor it is important!!!

  15. I have been on Cymbalta (now on the generic version) for over 3 years at a very low dosage (20 mg) for pain from arthritis. I have gained over 15 pounds and even on a very strict diet (nothing white and no breads/sweets) I cannot lose an ounce. I work out 4-5 times a week (spin/weights/personal trainer) and drink lots of water.

    So I should be able to lose a pound or two. But nothing! Also noticed that my cholesterol went up quite a bit since starting this drug – with no changes in my diet. Does anyone know of another alternative to take for arthritis pain? I take the pill at night prior to bed.

  16. I have been on cymbalta for more than 10 years. This is a miracle drug for me. It really calms my anxiety and helps with many chronic pains especially joint pains. I did not have a weight problem with this drug. I tried many drugs peviously which did not work as great and I did gain a good 30 pounds. I tried coming off cymbalta, but after 3 weeks I observed my symptoms returning so I am back on it again. My dosage is 60 mg once a day. I take it at night so as soon as I go to bed I fall right to sleep.

  17. The third day after I started Cymbalta, I was so so hungry that I ate two big casserole dishes of Kugel (Noodle pudding). Then I started craving ice cream (and I never even liked ice cream!). I have reduced the dose from 120 to 60mg but still have trouble fighting cravings. I was on Trazodone before I was Cymbalta, so I already suffered from a huge appetite and weight gain.

    Cymbalta has made it worse. Even though I try to eat only fruit when craving sweets, don’t keep any junk food in the house and exercise daily, I am still at least 30 pounds overweight, possible more (I have not been weighed in several months). I feel so awful about myself. I don’t like going outside because even though clothing can hide some of the weight gain, my face is where most of the weight gain shows. It’s bad enough that I have chronic pain and a really bad case of PTSD. Being fat just makes everything worse.

  18. I take Cymbalta for major depression and chronic pain. I’ve been on this drug for six weeks now and have lost a pound a week. My mood has also greatly improved! I take a relatively high dose of 90mg a day. The side effects will be different for everyone.

  19. I have been taking generic of this medication going on three weeks 60mg in the morning I do notice a big change in how I’m feeling. I take it for depression and fibromyalgia… I have also noticed a loss of appetite…I don’t wake up hungry and I can’t eat as much as I use to I don’t have sharp hunger pains, I can take a few bites and be satisfied.. in have not weighed myself I’ll report back on next doctor visit.

  20. I started taking Cymbalta a little over 6 months ago and in that time frame I have gained a solid 40 lbs. I have seemed to stop gaining the weight now and I’m staying at my current weight but being 40 lbs overweight is REALLY starting to effect me. I feel like the depression is under control now and I am in a great place in my life but the extra weight is starting to take its toll on me in many different ways.

    I am going to begin tapering off of it starting next week. I am only on 30 mg but as most of us know, even if you accidentally miss a dose, you can tell just after one day of only being on 30 mg. I really hope my withdrawal isn’t awful and I really hope I can get off of the medicine and get back to my old weight and start feeling more healthy overall! Thanks for your articles, they have given me a lot of insight!

    • I have gained more than 50 lbs on this medication, I did not have a weight problem before this medication and am also becoming depressed over the gain. I have tried many different food choices but have been unable to lose more than 5lbs. Help, any suggestions are welcome.

      • If you did not have a problem before and the drug works, try keeping bread off your diet and sweat for 30 minutes once or twice a week. If you have gained that much you should come down somewhat. I can eat a minimum of food ( not that hungry) but with this drug, without some excersise, you will put on a pound a week. Otherwise, watch all your food intake and try to run on treadmill at least once a week… See what happens.

    • Please do not stop taking your medication. You will want to talk with your doctor about this. I modified my diet and cut out alcohol and most carbs and have lost the weight. 60#. It took seven months, but cymbalta keeps me so much more even mentally, it’s worth it. Plus it is helping cope with my chronic pain issues. Good luck.

    • I’ve gained an enormous amount of weight on Cymbalta as well and whilst some of it may be due to lifestyle changes, less energy etc I was always able to lose weight quickly when I tried whereas now it’s almost impossible to shift. Just adds to the depression!

  21. I’ve taken cymbalta for 7 years. The first year I dropped 6 lbs. as the years went by I have regained the 7 lbs and subsequently fluctuate 4-5 lbs up… Then for no apparent reason, down 3 or so. Not being a huge excersiser I can not GET back down to at least half of the initial loss. Even with good diet and modest food intake. However the drug, with all its crazy side effects works for me.

    Having recently titrated up on viibryd and down on cymbalta, the ssri did not do the trick. I cut it down a bit and started up on cymbalta and am feeling better. Both drugs have similar “weight gain profiles.” The only time I really got down 5 lbs or so more on cymbalta was under heavy stress job-related WORK where I found myself sweating at work for a few days in a row. Now maybe this is the answer: the treadmill 3 times a week for 30 minutes?!


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