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Local Sleep: Specific Brain Regions vs. Global Activity (2023 Insights)

Sleep, an enigmatic yet essential part of our lives, has captivated scientists and laypeople alike for centuries. Recent advances in neurophysiology and cognitive science have begun to unravel its complexities, revealing that sleep is not a uniform state engulfing the entire brain but a nuanced, localized phenomenon. Highlights: Coexistence of Wake and Sleep States: Different …

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Gabapentin For Sleep & Insomnia: Does It Help?

Gabapentin, sold under the brand name “Neurontin,” is a drug that was first approved by the United States FDA in 1993 as an adjunct treatment for partial seizures in adults.  Thereafter, gabapentin’s indication as a treatment for partial seizures would be extended in 2000 to pediatrics, and subsequently, it would receive FDA approval for the …

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