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Gabapentin Recreational Use: Growing In Popularity

Gabapentin (Neurontin) is a pharmaceutical drug that has received a lot of mainstream attention in part due to the fact that it is frequently prescribed “off-label” or to treat conditions for which it is not FDA approved.  The drug was originally approved in 1993 for the treatment of epilepsy, and has been found to be an effective adjunct when used with other anticonvulsants.  The drug would later get approval for the treatment of neuropathic pain in 2004.

Due to the fact that the drug has both anticonvulsant and analgesic properties, it has been commonly dispensed to help mitigate post-surgery pain and improve recovery efforts.  The drug functions via modulation of GABA synthesis.  GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that slows activity in the brain and central nervous system; this leads to reductions in arousal.

Some studies suggest that prescribing Gabapentin as an anxiolytic works extremely well, likely due to its GABAergic effects.  One published report went as far as to suggest that Gabapentin behaves similarly to Diazepam, the benzodiazepine more commonly known as “Valium.”  Due to the fact that drug users are often drawn to substances that inhibit CNS activity, Gabapentin has become a target for recreational use and abuse.

Gabapentin Recreational Use: Growing in Popularity

In the 1990s, Gabapentin wasn’t subject to significant recreational use nor abuse.  Those prescribed Gabapentin in the ’90s took it as directed for epilepsy.  When the drug was granted approval for the treatment of neuropathic pain in 2004, the number of Gabapentin prescriptions skyrocketed.  During this time, doctors also began doling out more off-label prescriptions for conditions like drug and alcohol withdrawal.

The fact that the drug has been on the market for over 20 years indicates that many people have used it.  While most of those individuals have taken the drug as directed, many people have experimented with doses greater than recommended (supratherapeutic) and have allowed friends to “try” the drug.  Since the drug can be attained for an extremely low cost in generic format (just over $10 for 90 pills), it makes it a popular recreational drug.

While Gabapentin certainly won’t pack the same overall punch as benzodiazepines or opioids, the fact that it has subtle analgesic effects and acts on GABA makes it appealing to some.  In fact, certain recreational users have gone as far as to suggest that Gabapentin or Neurontin is their new “drug of choice.”

Why Gabapentin’s Recreational Use Has Increased

There are several reasons why Gabapentin (Neurontin) has become a target drug for recreational use.  Perhaps the most common reason is that it is available via prescription and is commonly prescribed off label.  The drug is also extremely cheap and therefore is relatively easy to obtain by individuals with a variety of conditions.

Alternative to benzodiazepines: Gabapentin is believed to elicit an effect on synthesis of GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter.  While its exact mechanism of action hasn’t been fully deciphered, many believe it acts on voltage-gated calcium channels, just like benzodiazepines.  This has lead early researchers to compare its effects to Diazepam (Valium).

The fact that it is closely related to benzodiazepines means that the effect may be similar in terms of anxiety reduction.  Many studies suggest that using Gabapentin for anxiety may be an effective intervention.  This may appeal to those seeking a recreational “relaxation” effect similar in some ways to that derived from benzodiazepines.

Cheap cost: The drug is manufactured in several dosing formats including: 100 mg, 300 mg, and 400 mg.  For a 120 count of pills, you probably won’t pay more than $20 for generic Gabapentin.  If we do the math, this averages out to less than 60 cents per pill; a price most recreational drug users can afford.  Even if they are “marked up” – the cost likely won’t be that steep due to the fact that Gabapentin is widely available.

Drug withdrawal: Many people are able to attain prescriptions for Gabapentin while undergoing withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs.  It is common for someone to take Gabapentin during opiate withdrawal to help reduce the severity of symptoms.  In some cases, individuals that were addicted to opioids may turn to Gabapentin as a new drug of choice to attain a “high.”

Easy to obtain: The widespread off-label use of Gabapentin has made the drug easy to obtain.  It is not classified as a “controlled-substance” and is therefore available via prescription.  The prescriptions can be refilled electronically without an additional doctor visit – this makes the drug different than other substances that are subject to strict regulation.

High (Intoxication): While the “high” associated with Gabapentin may not appeal to everyone, some people really enjoy it.   The high that can be attained from Gabapentin is said to be filled with relaxation.  This makes sense due to the fact that it acts similarly to various benzodiazepines.  Certain recreational users claim that the drug makes them feel calm, boosts mood, and even makes them more social.

Minimal side effects: Gabapentin is also appealing to many recreational drug users for the fact that it isn’t associated with many unwanted side effects.  The most common side effects include some drowsiness, dizziness, and lack of coordination.  The fact that no significant agitation, teeth grinding, restlessness or weight gain from Gabapentin makes it appealing to recreational users.

Noticeable “buzz”: Despite the fact that Gabapentin is regarded as being less potent than its successor (Lyrica), it is still a potent drug – especially when taken at high doses.  Most recreational users take doses exceeding 900 mg to attain an intoxicating high.  Though the bioavailability decreases as the dose increases, some anecdotal reports have documented taking up to 5000 mg at a time.

Legal classification: The drug isn’t regarded as a “controlled substance” like other similar drugs, including Lyrica which is classified as a “Schedule V” substance.  Gabapentin is not formally documented as having significant potential for abuse.  Therefore the drug is legal to take via prescription as directed by a medical professional.

Safety: Compared to other prescription drugs used recreationally, Gabapentin is thought to be safer.  As long as recreational users aren’t trying to inject it, snort it, or mix it – the drug is regarded as relatively safe when taken within a therapeutic dosage range.  In addition, the drug is not considered to be addictive.  That said, there are always health risks when taking any drug recreationally rather than as directed by a professional.

Slow onset: Though the drug will not “kick-in” immediately, it typically only takes about an hour to feel some sort of an intoxicating effect.  This feeling of intoxication usually lasts several hours, and as it fades, recreational users often will ingest another dose in effort to maintain their already-established “high.”  While a slower onset of effect may not be appealing to everyone, the intoxication is said to last several hours.

Is using Gabapentin recreationally dangerous?

Many would agree that Gabapentin is significantly less risky to use recreationally than other addictive drugs.  That said, whenever a person fails to use a prescription drug as directed by a medical professional, danger may result.  Especially if the individual mixes Gabapentin with another substance or overdoses by taking a dose significantly higher than medically approved.

  • Adverse reactions: Like any pharmaceutical drug, adverse reactions can occur with recreational Gabapentin users. Adverse reactions associated with Gabapentin include things like: vomiting, faintness, and even coma.  When taken under medical supervision, serious adverse reactions are more likely to be avoided due to the fact that patients aren’t taking super high doses of the drug like recreational users.
  • Dependence: Despite the fact that Gabapentin is not thought to be “habit forming” this doesn’t apply to everyone. Some people have clearly developed a habit of using Gabapentin as frequently as possible.  Though the drug may not lead to physiological dependence, many recreational users may display signs of psychological dependence; needing the drug to maintain a happy, relaxed mood.
  • Overdose potential: Though most people are unlikely to overdose on Gabapentin, it can occur – especially during first time recreational usage. Someone who has never used the drug before won’t have any tolerance, and may ingest a high dosage (e.g. 900 mg to 5000 mg) and end up in a coma.  While many people know that the drug’s bioavailability decreases as higher doses are ingested, the sheer potency of a supratherapeutic dose may not bode well for an new user.
  • Interactions: Gabapentin may interact with other drugs, increasing the likelihood of adverse reactions that could lead you into the emergency room. Sometimes recreational drug users may “mix” other substances with Gabapentin thinking they will achieve a more noticeable “high.”  While the increased “high” may occur for those that mix drugs with Gabapentin, it could also result in death.  Mixing other substances with Gabapentin without medical permission should be considered dangerous.
  • Lack of medical instruction / supervision: It is dangerous for someone without medical instruction and supervision to be taking Gabapentin. Without medical instruction, you won’t know if the dosage you’re taking is safe, nor will you know whether the drug could be interacting with any other substances you commonly ingest.  The lack of medical instruction and supervision may lead some recreational users into the emergency room.
  • Tolerance: It is possible to become tolerant to the effects of Gabapentin over time. As you continue to take high recreational doses, the intoxicating effect becomes minimized with each successive usage.  The more frequent the usage and the higher the dose, the more likely you are to develop tolerance.  Should you become tolerant to the effects of Gabapentin, you may find it difficult to function when your supply “dries” up.
  • Withdrawal: Recreational users of Gabapentin that use the drug on a daily basis may not be prepared for (or even knowledgeable of) discontinuation symptoms. Discontinuation from this drug, especially from a high dose may be more than you bargained for, including things like sweating, depression, anxiety, and dizziness.  Gabapentin withdrawal symptoms may be protracted and long-lasting, making it difficult to function mentally or physically without the drug.

How Gabapentin is Used Recreationally

Below is a brief breakdown of how people use Gabapentin on a recreational basis.

1. Prescription or Unauthorized Purchase

Due to the fact that Gabapentin is prescribed for a variety of conditions, many people are able to get prescriptions.  Of individuals getting prescriptions, some are going to use the drug “recreationally” without following proper medical instruction.  Other individuals are going to locate the individuals that have managed to get a prescription and request to purchase and/or steal their supply or a portion of it.

2. Oral Ingestion

After the recreational user has attained the Gabapentin, they generally take the drug orally at a relatively high dose.  Various circulating publications on the internet suggest that a majority of recreational users are ingesting between 900 mg and 5000 mg at a time.  Some anonymous users claim that doses under 600 mg have no intoxicating effect.

Most users will ingest a minimum of 600 mg orally (in pill format).  The amount ingested often depends on how “tolerant” an individual is to the drug’s effect.  Someone who has established a tolerance to Gabapentin may take supratherapeutic doses (exceeding 3000 mg) to attain a high; this is not medically recommended.

Other modalities of Gabapentin administration have been discussed including: snorting, intravenous injection, etc.  Most experts agree that these alternative modalities of administration are problematic and may result in various adverse reactions – leading to an emergency room visit.  Additionally these alternative methods of administration are more likely to result in an overdose – which could put an individual in a coma.

3. Person experiences a “high” (intoxication)

Gabapentin has a relatively slow onset of action, taking approximately an hour before a recreational user notices any effect.  When the drug’s intoxicating effect “hits,” a person tends to notice physical sensations of relaxation.  Some have suggested that the effect is like a “wave of relaxation” starting off relatively subtle, and ramping in intensity.

This intoxication is maintained for several hours and may be accompanied by a mood boost.  For some users the mood-boost is characterized as a light euphoria, while for others, no noticeable mood boost is reported.  Many people report the “high” as being pleasant and promoting socialization and laughter.

Perceived mood boosts and pro-social effects are largely subjective and subject to individual variation.  The intoxicating effect of Gabapentin is thought to last several hours before it begins to fade.

4. “High” Maintenance

After several hours, recreational users often attempt to maintain their initial high by taking another dose of the drug.  After the initial dose, most users will take smaller consecutive doses (e.g. 300 mg) to keep the high that they’ve established.  Many users have suggested that taking higher doses may not be necessary due to saturation of the amino acid transporter.

Saturation of this transporter results in decreased bioavailability, which some users have suggested can be enhanced via consumption of food.  The maintenance of the initial high is often done by those with a large supply of the drug, as to keep them “intoxicated” for an entire day.

5. Crash

Followed by the intoxicating high, a recreational users may “crash” or experience withdrawal symptoms the next day and/or week.  This may be characterized by unpleasant symptoms that were the exact opposite of the “high.”  In other words, a person may start to feel angry, agitated, restless, anxious, and possibly depressed.  This often leads a person to seek out more Gabapentin as a means to avoid this miserable “crash” in the future.

Have you used Gabapentin on a recreational basis?

If you’ve personally used Gabapentin on a recreational basis, feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.  What was appealing about Gabapentin compared to other drugs? Did it produce an intoxicating “high” that you found pleasurable and/or addictive?  Be sure to share how frequently you used Gabapentin recreationally and the typical dosage you ingested.

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  • Mark September 9, 2016, 8:55 pm

    I suffer from Migratory Sensory Neuritis of Wartenberg relevant or not to my post I don’t know. I had a progressive nerve problem that I ignored, cutting to chase, I was prescribed GABA (GABA HEY) the 300×1 300×2 300×3 half 600mg tabs! I hit my 7 iron into ground, whiplash & all hell let loose next morning, (I could not untangle myself!!)

    I had a bad night & woke up took a whole 600mg tab at 3am, at 9am I for some reason took another 600mg having forgotten my early morning overdose & spent the morning trying to work out why it would be a good idea to take a shower in my dishwasher & ate everything in my fridge including sandwich spread with a spoon, I was fully aware of my actions but just did not give a sh-t to be honest, I’m called Capt Logic I quiet enjoyed that sensation.

    I have been more careful since reading this blog & can only report GABA has had a positive effect, very sociable, more relaxed & a wicked sense of humour. The inflated trapped nerve pain in my shoulder is very much controlled with 4x300mg every 6 hrs, yes I wake up at 3am but have put a lock the tablet box & on my dishwasher door. Shoulder consultant (psychiatrist probably) next week. 👍

  • Jon August 30, 2016, 12:11 pm

    This is a very interesting forum. I’ve been taking Gabapentin for about 3 years now. My prescribed dosage is 900mg daily; not generally all at once. I never thought about the possibility of getting a Buzz from it. It does what it’s supposed to do under regular circumstances. I was prescribed it for nerve pain due to my Degen Disc disease in lower lumbar area.

    I also major depression issues. Anyway, after reading the info on this site and reading the comments I decided to see what it feels like to boost the dosage. So, I went as far as 2100mg over the course of 2 hours and quite frankly it reminds of the feeling you get when you take a triple dosage of Tramadol/Ultram. But a bit less jittery than Tramadol. Anyway, I noticed that nobody really compared it to Tramadol so I wanted to post this.

    As a side note I can say that my pain which is chronic and never ending has subsided quite a bit at this higher dosage. Again, the side effect is similar to Tramadol. Incidentally, for those of you who also suffer from constant pain and/or depression, try Ativan if you can get it. You won’t be feeling much pain with that, but good luck getting the RX unless you have a serious mental health diagnosis.

  • Morbidfaith August 18, 2016, 10:38 pm

    I usually open the capsules and mix them in a glass of water. Usually about 5,000 mg at a time.

  • John August 18, 2016, 9:29 pm

    Today my doctor suggested that I take Gaba. She gave me a low dose of 100 milligram 3 times a day but instructed that I could take as many as 300 milligrams at a time. I’m uncomfortable taking any pharmaceutical medication. The Gaba was prescribed to me for arm pain that I’ve had for at least 2 years. the last 3 months have been really bad and I can barely lift my coffee cup with my right arm and yet I still need to work.

    Of course I’m investigating… what is this drug? what is it prescribed for? What are the side effects? Etc… I was expecting a pain medication and therapy… and got this. Ok. I just took 3 100mg capsules about half hour ago. I’ve read of the many differing accounts of experiences and will hope for similar results!

    Here’s hoping for a numbing of my pain and an improved mood to boot.. Hopefully the p.t. will begin soon and be most beneficial because as stated, “I’m uncomfortable taking pharmaceuticals” I’ll always try natural 1st. Drugs are a last resort.

  • James L. August 17, 2016, 10:41 pm

    I’m not sure about a “buzz”, but at a higher dose, it allows me to fall asleep. I have had multiple back procedures, and in Feb. of 2016 I had a catastrophic knee injury. I’m also a diabetic so thus the Gabapentin. I never run out of my pain meds, but I try my damnedest to not take them when I don’t need them.

    This does make it hard for me to get to sleep sometimes. I know that if I take 2400+mg of Gabapentin about 2 hours before time to crash, I have no problem getting to sleep and sleeping for 6 to 8 hours. I feel nothing and then I’m dosing on the couch. I am as thankful for the Gabapentin for allowing me to sleep without narcotics as I am for the relief of my neuropathy.

  • Constance August 15, 2016, 5:48 pm

    I was prescribed Gabapentin for chemo induced neuropathy in my hands and feet. I’ve never felt “high” but I do like to sleep a lot. I’m not sure if it’s the GABA or just my “new” life after cancer/chemo. I’ve recently been prescribed Lyrica and have not filled for 2 reasons.

    1-it is super expensive even with my BCBS insurance, as it is a name brand with no generic.
    2-I feel the gabapentin works but not as effectively as it has in the past. I take 1800 mg 3x daily I don’t want to deal with the new side effects from

    Lyrica so I’m going to up my daily to 4x or 5x and see if my GABA is noticeably helping again. It is generic and $15 for a bottle of 90 every 30 days. I’m going to up dosage and will hopefully not see any adverse side affects. Besides feeling like I could nap off and on through the day, it doesn’t seem to bug me to awfully bad. I do get forgetful, and floaty sometimes. Also have some double vision when I go out into bright sunlight.

  • Greg August 3, 2016, 1:48 am

    I was prescribed Gabapentin today and decided to take 600 mg for my first time (since I have no tolerance). ;) After about an hour I noticed my… depth perception… or something was enhanced. Objects seemed more pronounced I guess. I have a horrible sinus infection at the moment and this sort of pulsating relaxing feeling in my arms and legs is making the situation slightly better.

    There’s also the sedating feeling. It’s comparable to DXM with the sedation paired with the visuals (sort of), and how everything seems slower. However, DXM didn’t have the body relaxation that Gabapentin has. At least not in my experience. Overall, I feel horrible right now because of this sinus infection, but Gabapentin helped me relax.

  • ava Brock July 9, 2016, 4:24 pm

    The effects must be different for everyone. I would never compare it to valium. It’s not a relaxing buzz for me. It’s an energetic one. Sometimes it boosts my mood into mania. I am very social (which I am not naturally) and I will go on spending sprees because I don’t have a care in the world. It is a drug that leaves you wanting more.

    It’s not a strong buzz. Although sometimes, I have been quite “stoned” on it and had visual effects. It intensifies the effects of marijuana. Sometimes it almost feels like you have smoked pot and taken a really low dose of codeine. It’s little bit of a mashup of other drugs but none of the effects are very strong. I can’t see 900 mg putting anyone in a coma.

    It’s poorly metabolized and you excrete what you can’t use. This is why users “stagger” the dose. You take some, wait an hour, take some more, wait another hour and take some more. You will then achieve the desired result. Again, for me that is being social and having energy. I feel like an idiot sometimes (hence its nickname “morontin”) and stutter or twitch if the dose was too high.

    I dunno. It’s not a hardcore drug. It’s fun with caffeine. I used it heavily for a while and upon cessation, I crashed into horrible depression and did not eat for days. It is addictive. I know a lot of people that hate it and will just give you their scripts. It’s used off label for pretty much everything and easy to obtain.

    I use very low doses now, but if I am really bored and need to get some crappy chores done, I will take about 1,500 mg over the course of a few hours and usually get the job done.

  • dan July 5, 2016, 5:55 am

    I take 1200mg a day. Makes me productive and happy. Elevated mood.

  • Tammy June 26, 2016, 2:08 pm

    I’ve had really bad back pain that has spread to my hip to my feet. My toes are numb. I’ve been on hydrocodone for a good while and would always run out having to take every four hrs. Then you are hurting bad without. I’ve been prescribed Gab. 600 mg 1 day first week and couldn’t really tell a difference.

    In 2 weeks I’m supposed to go up 2 daily and 3 weeks 3 times daily. I’m now on 2 wk and yes you can tell. It helps and you don’t think about the pain and I do feel like messed up at times. I didn’t get that with hydrocodone. I do not take to get messed up. I work and have a family. It really works though. I feel happy and laugh more.

    I take it like I’m supposed to. I suppose if someone is really dreary it would help. The pain is a lot more dull and I feel awesome. Yay.

  • Adam June 11, 2016, 9:44 pm

    Don’t let them cut on your back, folks! After blowing out my L5-S1 disc 4 years ago, I let my orthopedist talk me into a laminectomy. Something went wrong with the surgery and I woke up in terrible pain. It’s supposed to be a relatively minor, outpatient surgery where you go home the same day, but my pain was so bad I had to be admitted to the hospital and put on a dilaudid I-V.

    I’ve been trying debilitating pain ever since, diagnosed with “post-laminectomy syndrome” and unable to sit for more than a few minutes at a time. Travel is only a memory for me, as are going out to eat or to a movie. Sleep is only possible with Percocet + Tramadol. Recently, because of “idiopathic” burning in my feet (I’m not diabetic) I’ve been prescribed gabapentin, titrated up to 800 mg twice/day, which never gave me a noticeable high.

    At the same time, a relative provided me with some very potent marijuana, which she said was helping her with her back pain. It hasn’t killed the pain enough for me to travel, etc., but the combination of Percocet, gabapentin and marijuana has given me the most comfortable sleep I’ve had since the back injury. The Perc’ knocks the pain down a little and the gabapentin and marijuana combine to suppress the pain anxiety that used to make things so much worse.

    If you are on oxy- or hydrocodone for pain and have access to cannabis, you might see if your doctor will prescribe gabapentin for you. Maybe the combination will help you, too.

  • Steve Miurphy May 27, 2016, 12:51 am

    I just toke (orally) 1,200 mg in 2 doses of 600 mg, with a 30 minute gap between 600 mg doses. Personally I believe this almost (for some folks) a miracle drug with very little downside and many benefits, both medically and recreationally. I can feel the “wave” beginning now, it is harder to type and my triceps and sides of my head are tingling slightly. It should increase over an hour or 2 and slowly wind down. I am watching the documentary about legendary chemist Alexander Shulgin, inventor of MDMA, while I enjoy the relaxation.

  • Stephen May 26, 2016, 2:58 pm

    I have been taking Gabapentin now for over five years for chronic intractable migraine. At this point I take 600mg 3x daily. Although it has not cut down on the frequency of headache it has helped especially after the dosage was increased from 400mg to 600mg with severity. I though I would put a couple of points out.

    It does seem to work better when taken with food, so I don’t take it on an empty stomach but can tolerate it without. Since I get very nauseous during the migraines sometimes I have no choice, I will add it tastes very bad if it does come back up. I never have noticed a high from it, I have however noticed when it was at 400mg or less dosage that I would get tremors in my hands accompanied by a circling motion at my wrists as it wore off.

    This has stopped since the dose was increased. It maybe perhaps that when there is a deficiency related to this that the high does not occur and from what I have read anecdotally here and seen elsewhere this may be the case. The form I take is powdered and in capsule form. I was switched to a caplet form and after a few days I began to feel rather odd, wired and out of it. This continued to get worse until almost a month later when I was switched back to the capsule form.

    It maybe that the caplets did not absorb as well or could have been from a poorly manufactured batch. When I was put back on the capsules within about an hour I began to feel normal again and calm. I would not say sedated because it has never made me feel tired. I have never noticed any side effects which is unusual for me because I seem to be the one that gets the worst ones.

    I did however the night that I first started taking it have a very vivid dream in color, it was not scary but rather to the contrary peaceful and I can vividly remember the minutest details about it today, simply put it was in a fantasyland. Like any drug that effects brain activity some will find it unbearable, some useless, some beneficial and others will figure out how to catch a buzz on it.

    There’s plenty of crap on the internet about that, i.e. ‘Robo-Tripping’ I can barely tolerate the effects of a normal dose for a cough but there are plenty of folks who will drink an 8oz bottle at once for a garbage head buzz. My Neurologist is now trying me out on Zonisamide and so far the side effects for me just really suck. I will probably self discontinue it. I feel just uughh…

    It makes urinating a difficult and tedious task, I don’t pass nearly as much as I take in and I’m concerned that it just might not be the safest thing for me in the long run because of this. I take a variety of prescriptions and it may be just a case of things adding up, it seems reasonable to me if something makes things worse just to stop taking it.

    I ultimately have to make that decision, it’s not my Doctors choice at all. Hope someone sees something useful here, Gabapentin has been a big help for me, so for you Gabapentin stoners just bear in mind that it could be harder to find than ‘Bath Salts’ on the street if the Feds get a wild hair and I not selling my ‘script’ to you dummies.

  • Anon May 20, 2016, 4:27 am

    For me this is the absolute best drug. I am prescribed GABA as a sleep aid and to help with the agitation from adderall. I usually take a 3000mg dose and after about 2 hours I feel like I’m on cloud 9. I take another 1200mg after about 5 hours of being high and it will last the entirety of the day.

    The high for me is awesome. May sense of touch is heightened everything feels nice to touch. Im super happy and can talk forever. Im calm. Music is basically mind and soul altering. It’s basically like an opiate high without any of the awful side effects.

    Never had a crash or any withdrawal symptoms. If offered a choice of any drug 9 time out of 10 I would choose GABA. I know other people who tried to take it recreationally and got nothing but a “super tired and have to go to bed now” feeling.

  • Emily May 19, 2016, 2:47 pm

    I don’t use it very much but I’ve learned that it makes me focus a lot better when I’m working or cleaning and it puts me in a great mood. It feels kinda like you have nothing to worry about right now. I usually take 1 or 2 800mg pills at a time. If I take one its a faint feeling of wanting to be relaxed but not there yet.

    The first time I took it I took a full 800mg pill and was fine for a good hour then ended up having my boyfriend holding me down in bed because my arms and legs were convulsing and I couldn’t talk or move for about 35 minutes I almost went to the hospital. But I have no idea why that happened because I’ve been fine since. I assume it because I was drinking a little that night.

    I don’t really get a high from the pill. It actually feels like I’m missing something like and emotion when I don’t have one. Like that’s how I’m supposed to feel all the time when I’m on it. Not high. Just happy. We call them happy pills :)

  • Allie May 15, 2016, 12:26 am

    Hi there. I am an addict… I am taking upwards of 15,000mg of gabapentin daily. I am tired. I cannot function without it. I purchase it. I am prescribed it. I hurt so badly without it, physically, mentally, emotionally… literally cannot climb out of a very dark place. I am so tired of this. I have an appointment with my therapist Tuesday.

    I am telling her about it, as I have hidden it from everyone, including her. I am terrified I will have to be hospitalized. I can barely walk without it. Has anyone ever *successfully* gone through withdrawal from this? I don’t know where else to turn. I have PTSD, agoraphobia, major depressive disorder, and am a recovering opiate addict.

    Gabapentin has “helped” me with ALL of these, in one way or another. I am terrified of being without it. What medications will help with withdrawal symptoms? I have only ever gone without it 5 days… I needed assistance walking into the doctor’s office for my refill. Can an inpatient facility medicate me so I do not feel as many symptoms? Please help.

    • Oyir June 3, 2016, 5:58 pm

      Allie, I don’t know how long ago you posted this, but I hope you are getting some help and/or relief. Hang in there…

    • Dave January 23, 2017, 7:17 am

      Dude do you mean 15,000 or 1500 mg? Damn that’s A LOT! I only take 900mg! Just makes me tired! Do you take that much a day?

      • Sheryl February 9, 2017, 8:55 pm

        Allie, I pray you’ve found help through your therapist. If you’re recovering from your opiate addiction, you can do this! Narcotics Anonymous will always answer the phone and help you to get anywhere you need to go. I’ve been there with the PTSD, agoraphobia, panic attacks and MDD. Know that people do care! My best to you.

  • Derek May 13, 2016, 2:57 pm

    I get these for my nerve pain but I abuse them. I took 20 300mg today and am fine, got a great feeling. They’re like valium a little bit. So you do get a good buzz and I can walk about fine.

  • Anonymous girl May 13, 2016, 12:35 am

    Gabapentin blurs my back nerve pain. I do not use to abuse, but to tolerate my pain. If it takes more, it takes more. Yes mood is elevated and I’m much easier to tolerate when I’m around people. All in all, it’s nice to have something that actually helps…

  • George hicks May 11, 2016, 4:09 am

    Taking gabapentin on prescription for postsurgical pain starting 3 days ago and I feel wonderful. Pain I have struggled with for years was gone in 2 hours and just barely comes back when it’s time for another dose. No side effects, the literature was scary. I can walk or stand without pain, function during the day concentrating on tasks not the pain.

  • Tbone May 7, 2016, 12:09 am

    The first time I took this I’d never heard of it. Someone told me to try it. I took 1200 mg and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve done it a host of times now and experienced extreme relaxation. Feeling more outgoing and slight euphoria.

  • Mark April 26, 2016, 7:40 am

    Just great. Now the DEA can use the failed war on drugs to make it harder for those of us who need these drugs like me with multiple sclerosis! It’s time to go with the Portugal Plan reward system legalizing drugs. They have a much lower addiction rate of youth now but in the States, they are making it so hard on legit patients.

    We are always suspect of wrongdoing or addiction even if we have cancer or MS etc. I feel for addicts and they need treatment but we cannot harm those in NEED. Fight back now on national level calling local Reps to say Portugal type plan or you are fired! DEA has run amuck. They are as bad as Drug Lords IMO.

  • Johnny April 22, 2016, 10:39 pm

    For me, Neurontin is a lifesaver when I have a lot of stuff to do, and I don’t necessarily have the INITIATIVE to do it.

    In other words, gabap is like a speed (that is, for me, it is nothing like being drunk) but not a dangerously addictive and debilitating speed like amphetamine. Though I will not denote the dosage I use, it’s at least a couple 800mg tabs at once. It takes an inordinate amount of time for the effects to come (sometime up to two hours,) but, when they do, I am juuust. On top. Of sh*t…

    It is a very relaxing, although very stimulating, like taking meth and Valium at the same time, but without the terrible alterations of the body’s vital signs. It’s like a calming body-floaty feeling, and my aches and pains diminish. I can practically hovercraft my fat ass from room to room…

    It’s like Adderall, but without the intense pleasure, and without the horrendous side effects of paranoia and skyrocketing pulse and blood pressure.

    If you reeeeeeally need to get stuff done one particular day, wake up early, pop a couple grams of this substance, and git’r’dunn!

    Pleasure: 5
    Side effects: 2
    Addiction potential: 4
    Dependency potential: 5
    Effectiveness: 8

    Overall I give drug a 6. If you want some of the benefits of stimulants like amphetamine, but without the horrendous side effects, neurontin is a goodie!

  • Barbara Moody April 21, 2016, 7:40 pm

    I take one 300 mg in the morning and two at night for neuropathy, arthritis and fibromyalgia. If I take any more, I spend the day dragging through. Brains are different but be careful out there. You need to feel some things.

  • Brian Lesk April 19, 2016, 5:20 am

    This is a miracle drug. I’ve had unbelievable back pain for over a year… making it almost impossible to walk sometimes, tried everything short of surgery. I’ve been taking this stuff for two weeks and I’m back to spinning four times this week. I’m taking it in the prescribed dosage along with a one week steroid regiment… not sure about the long term effects, but if it works as well as it has so far – make me the Gabapentin poster boy!!

  • Em April 16, 2016, 11:45 am

    I am 19 years old and have been on Gabapentin, prescribed for chronic nerve pain in my neck, for a year now – the dose has built up from 300mg to currently 900mg a day. On 900mg, I began getting side effects of severe fatigue (falling asleep all the time, in lectures exams, you name it). I went to the doctor and she has instructed me to decrease my dose until I stop it altogether. I am now at 300mg a day, about to go to 0 a day, and am getting unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Worse neck pain, headaches, feel groggy – like a constant hangover.

  • Matt April 11, 2016, 10:51 pm

    I am prescribed 4, 800 mg a day for pain. I feel nothing at this dose. Recreationaly, I’m not proud to say, I will take probably 3 doses of 5600mg each to feel what I consider a really good high. I have a high tolerance on everything I take, so it may seem high to you, but not to me.

  • Annie April 11, 2016, 12:06 am

    I am prescribed gabapentin for constant nerve pain and headaches. It doesn’t work at the prescribed dose, so I end up taking twice as much to get very limited pain relief. I also am prescribed Norco, but a very small amount that only lasts around 2 weeks. So for the other 2 weeks a month I take the gabapentin at the double dose. I even triple the dose if I’m having a really bad pain episode.

    The Norco really helps with the pain, wish I could just have enough prescribed every month so I didn’t need to double up on gabapentin the rest of the month. But with doctors being so careful when prescribing Norco, I guess I’m just stuck doing what I’m doing.

  • sherri March 15, 2016, 4:52 am

    I was prescribed gabapentin for severe head pain. 100 mg to start and there was no help, doctor increased to 300mg and it started to help some but pain wouldn’t stop so was increased to 600mg 3 times a day. It is now a blessing. The pain has stopped and my coworkers have all commented how pleasant I am to work with now. I didn’t realized how anxious I was getting at work until I started this medication.

    Even on the really bad days I can now deal with it without screaming at co-workers or wanting to give up my job, I need this job by the way like most people do. I was told it would make me sleepy but never affected me in that way. I feel calm and relaxed and able to smile even at the bad times. I work 12 hour shifts and at times it can get very stressful but I can cope now in a way I never could before.

    It seems to help even my co-workers because I find myself telling them it will be okay, we’ll get though it. They then smile and say maybe I need your medicine. We laugh and get through the rest of the day now. I know it was given to me for pain but it has helped me be more relaxed and sleep more sound, not necessarily longer but I feel better when I wake up as well.

    I have had shaky hands for 30 years and that has stopped as well. I’m grateful for this prescription and hope to continue taking it as prescribed. It did make me feel lightheaded the first week but hasn’t since.

    • Oyir June 3, 2016, 5:52 pm

      Great post, Sherri. I’m have a similar story. I was completely burned out, fatigued (!), anxious, grouchy, and unhappy. I told my doctor I was becoming anxious. He already knew that I had neuropathic pain in my feet and ringing ears (tinnitus). In simple terms, he said that my nervous system was overactive, and maybe a neuro-inhibitor (gabapentin) could help.

      What a difference this drug had made in my life. I have to be careful not to take too much (> 800 mg within 4 hours), or I lose my balance a bit and become a bit forgetful. But 300 mg three times a day keeps me calm and energetic in a stressful job (700+ employees). I also try not to take too much so I don’t build a tolerance.

      While I am telling the story, I might as well mention that I also was suffering from severe adrenal fatigue (stage 3 to 4), which caused a lot of my fatigue and anxiety (“wired but tired”). So for about eight months I took some adrenal supplements. That, plus the gabapentin, has revolutionized my life.

      Before the adrenal supplements and gabapentin, I was exhausted all the time but too anxious to sleep. So I was taking sleeping pills each night. Now that I have found a new balance in my brain chemistry, 300 or 400 mg of gabapentin is all I need to take off the edge and sleep soundly all night.

  • Mike March 14, 2016, 3:03 pm

    I heard you could get high off of Gabapentin so I got the doc to prescribe me 30 x 600mgs of this. I have a history of a high tolerance so I started off with 2400 mgs at first. Don’t really feel much different maybe a slight relaxation feeling. It’s been an hour since I dosed and I think I’m going to take another 1200mgs and see what happens.

  • ler March 7, 2016, 10:35 pm

    Hi. I too one of these pills this morning after stopping for a while. Don’t know if it’s because they are old but, it felt like my head was blowing up… terrible. Very tight headache and very dizzy. It helped my anxiety though, good luck.

  • Amc March 5, 2016, 7:45 pm

    It makes me a f*cking vegetable… I’m not myself when I take it and don’t think correctly.

  • mk March 3, 2016, 7:21 am

    I use neurontin everyday. I’m prescribed 800 mg 3 times a day I have taken over 12000 mg and felt relaxed, happy, focused, and great. Euphoria totally takes away pain from my degenerative disk disease in my neck.

    • Willy April 17, 2016, 9:33 am

      I too suffer from DDD, lumbar region. Discovered it about 2 years ago. Tried several options. Best so far was Lyrica, got the pain down somewhat but the Rx copay is still too high. Not enough to be fully mobile. Gone back to Gaba for the price but it doesn’t work as well as Lyrica. Quality of life has changed. Docs say surgery is inevitable.

      Was Rx’d Lyrica 200 mg 3x/day up until a week ago, now Gaba 600 mg 3x/dy. Meeting with Doc in a couple of weeks for yet another option. As far as Highs, Buzz, Side Effects – none noticeable. Still have a “Dr. House” attitude but with a little more snap. You do a search on Gabapentin and come across this discussion. WHO KNEW..!?

      • James April 21, 2016, 9:29 am

        Hey Willy – I went through what you’re going through and I’ll give you some advice, to do with what you will. 1. DO NOT let them fuse your spine. 2. Look into disc nucleus replacement. I spent 5 years in a wheelchair, and after disc nucleus replacement was not only mobile but eventually able to return to my job as an airline pilot. Good luck!

        • outnumberedmom April 29, 2016, 2:58 am

          I completely agree about the fusion advice. My husband was on OxyContin and Norco (at the same time!) for two years before his first discectomy at L5S1… after the first discectomy didn’t work, he went cold turkey off of the opiates and begged for something else. After a year and a half of begging, docs did another discectomy.

          He ended up with not only the same pain he had before, but MORE. They told him his only option after two failed discectomies was fusion. So, we proceeded. And it’s worse than ever. AND he’s lost range of motion! He tried the Gabapentin, but it had a strange effect on him. OxyContin doesn’t bother him as far as a high, but Gabapentin made him unable to work.

          He drives heavy equipment and has to be on top of his game at all times. At this point he lives with not only daily constant back pain, but it shoots down his leg. It forced him out of the military. He curses his fusion every day.

      • Rob October 30, 2016, 8:16 am

        I had DDD with neuropathy and sciatica. Had the surgery laminectomy. Miracle, but a year later on max dose neuron tin. Doc says neuropathy may never go away.

  • kramermom2 February 16, 2016, 6:32 pm

    I am on 900mg three times a day for Diabetic neuropathy and back issues. I love the high I get. I am much more calm and my family can tolerate me much more (LOL). I also feel like I need to be doing something all the time like cleaning and interacting with my kids. This drug has been a lifesaver for me… and my family.

  • Mat February 11, 2016, 3:21 am

    So, I’ve been using this drug for close to six months. I do enjoy the eurphia associated with this medication. Moreover, to combat the toleration issues associated with it, I skip dosages for 2 days and this helps… I am currently Rx’d 8, 300 mg capsules… (2 4x daily). I find that I get very social and just energized as well as giggly, and just happy. I typically start with 4 300 mg caps and have a maintenance dose of 300 mg every hour. I do not recommend a high dosage the first time you use it. Please use caution and enjoy your buzz. 😄

    • Geoffrey Cronin January 6, 2017, 4:09 am

      I’ve been taking gabapentin for six years now and started taking for neuropathy in my feet and legs. This drug is a miracle. There is a cloudiness I felt in the beginning and recreational use I feel a pleasant relaxing feel that definitely lowers my high anxiety. There are so many uses for Neurontin slash gabapentin.

      Helps with my sleep and appetite and recreational use is probably ably the safest drug out there to use. The FDA has a limit of 3600 mg a day but my father takes 10000mg a day for several neuropathy. There is a euphoric feeling I get very much related to valium or ativan.

      The thing I’ve learned from speaking to doctors is that gabapentin does not stay in the system longer then six hours and should redone at that time. I take 1600mg three times a day and has been a miracle drug for me and the euphoria I personally feel is nice.

  • Troy February 5, 2016, 11:01 am

    Prescribed Gabapentin for neuropathic back pain ten days ago but didn’t bother to read the dosage instructions and could barely remember what the doctor had said as I had taken Tramadol and Diazepam for pain before my appointment. I had a vague recollection of him saying ‘ramp the dosage’. So for 2 days I took 300mg 3 times per day, the next 2 days I took 600mg 3 times per day and for the last 5 days I have been taking 900mg 3 times per day.

    I can confirm that at this dose there is a mild but noticeable high. It is quite pleasant in that it relaxes you but at the same time makes thought processes clearer (although it is difficult to articulate thoughts verbally as multi-syllable words seem somewhat out of reach), I have become more productive at work and around the home, and generally less grouchy (according to my wife).

    One worrying side effect that I noticed last night were chest pains about 1 hour after taking a 900mg dose, then anxiety that the chest pains were the start of a heart attack, then anxiety about the anxiety. I have decided to ramp down to 3 times 300mg per day and then come off in a few days time, hopefully no crazy side effects.

  • Rose January 22, 2016, 8:31 pm

    I am 95 days clean from methamphetamine. When I got to my program they prescribed me gabapentin 300mgs 4 times a day to help with withdrawal and anxiety and I felt nothing. They then boosted me up to 600 mg 5 times a day adding up to 3500 mg a day. It definitely gives you a high, it gives me energy, and I agree with the making my head feel full effect.

    Yesterday my friend asked me if I ever injected it and I said no, and I tried it… all I can say is HOLY HECK that is a huge rush, but the come down was HORRIBLE, sweating, tossing and turning, waking up over and over, and then I was nauseous until I took 1200mg in the morning then it was back to my normal high. The crashes are bad, not only physically but mentally.

    • Dana Marshall August 27, 2016, 5:51 pm

      How much did you inject?

  • [email protected] December 30, 2015, 12:13 am

    I don’t understand people get high from gabapentin. I have been taking gabapentin for over 12 years now for small fiber polyneuropathy (first wrongly DXed as fibromyalgia). I have taken doses as high as 900 Mg x3. I have never got high or even felt the slightest. For the first couple years it would just get the nerve pain down to a point I could sleep.

    I agree there are people that’ll take anything prescribed for pain recreationally, even if it has little to no recreational use, and a subset of those people will think they got “high”. I believe these people are under the Placebo effect because they read or heard that they will get high from gabapentin. This is the same effect that had many believe they got high from smoking banana peels in the late 1960s. How have I got to the point I only take 300mg when needed for flares?

    • Adam February 2, 2016, 3:48 pm

      Gabapentin tolerance is built pretty quickly and takes a long time to reduce. Unless you are taking 2000+mg on your first ever dose, you aren’t really going to feel it. If you have been taking Gabapentin on any type of regular dosage for longer than a week, then no matter what dose you take, you aren’t likely to feel any type of recreational high.

  • epik December 27, 2015, 12:46 am

    Im addicted to gabapentin… I have an extremely high tolerance to it, I take upwards of 10 grams a day… I usually take 4g’s at once in the am, and dose more through out the day, I have two scripts…one for 800mg 3x’s a day, and the other for 600mg 3x’s a day…and still manage to runout way before the month is over.

    The high I get is an all around feel good mood with tons of energy. I do also get extremely bad withdrawal symptoms..similar to that of opiates. I was a herion/pill addict for 8 years…and have been clean for 1 year from that. I suggest don’t do to much of the gabapentin…it will make you feel like sh*t, just like any other drug if you don’t have it…

  • Mike December 25, 2015, 9:45 pm

    I’m on my 2nd week of taking one 300mg pill a night as a supplement to my painkillers, for severe back pain. I’m supposed be taking one in the morning and afternoon as well. I’m on my 6th day of taking one per night, but there’s no f**king way I can take one in the daytime. I wouldn’t be able to drive… I’m so f**ked up at night from one pill, it’s as if I ate a couple Valium.

    I can hardly walk and when I try, I’m bouncing all over the walls, it makes sense, because I’m extremely sensitive to Valium, Xanax, elavil, and other sedatives / antidepressants! My doctor prescribed them 3 months’s ago, I took one the first night for pain but it didn’t seem to help so I stopped taking them a couple weeks ago. I went in for severe headaches lasting a month, and he told me to start taking my Gabapentin…

    And wow, it certainly affected me last night. Maybe it’s because I took them prior to my two 4mg Tizanidine. I passed out on my couch, after bouncing all over my walls a couple hours just trying to heat up my cheese raviolis, which was a job in and of itself.

    • Thomas January 9, 2016, 5:26 pm

      Wow! You seem overly sensitive to medications.

      • Derek June 5, 2016, 9:59 am


    • Steve February 19, 2016, 8:56 am

      I too started with 300mg a night, trying to work my way up to 900mgs 3 times a day… 300mg gets me loopy. I wonder what 2700mg a day will do. Due to Stage 3 heart failure and a pacemaker, I can’t take opioids or Ibuprofen, so I’m hoping this helps, but not sure about the 900mgs 3 x a day.

    • Tina March 21, 2016, 10:15 pm

      I too am scared to take the full dose. Day one and I was high as a kite!! It’s taken me over a week to attempt 2 and that was only because it was the weekend and I knew I had nothing to do… spaced out certainly unable to drive. I’m hoping I soon get used to it as the pain relief is certainly needed!

    • sue schofield July 7, 2016, 12:13 pm

      I am with Lola. Please enough with the hysteria. If the Rx doesn’t work for you… call your doctor, dispose of it properly and move on. These sites make availability to researched drugs that help some almost impossible to attain. I would be lost in a world of OCD without 300mg of gabapentin daily.

      • Rob October 30, 2016, 8:13 am

        But the topic asked by this site was about people using it recreationally. That begs the question. Why are you here?

        • Morganne January 19, 2017, 4:30 pm

          Well Rob, as a non-recreational user I can tell you why I am here. I am here because I heard that this very helpful medication I am on (that in no way gets me high), Gabapentin, is getting people high and they are ABUSING it. You do understand what abuse is, right? I am here because what I heard concerned me and I had to see if it was true. This is probably true for the majority of non-recreational users here.

          On that note, I beg of the people ABUSING this medication to stop and get help as their actions will affect more than themselves and in the long run can result in the taking away of another positively life changing medication for loads of people who actually NEED it. No hard feelings, just grave concern for all parties involved.

    • Ali September 3, 2016, 3:45 pm

      I completely agree. I’m 36 and I’ve had severe upper back pain for 7 years. I tried chiropractors and no luck. My back is numb, burns and tingles. I had to mention it to my Dr because I can’t stand it anymore. He prescribed Gabapentin, same dose as you. I’m still at 300 mg at night and it messes me up. I get so tired and loopy. I’m not sure how I’ll get to the point where I could drive and function on three a day. I think it’s starting to help with the pain though.

  • Wolwa December 22, 2015, 11:35 pm

    Lola, you seem to be a very opinionated person. But, you telling them to not sell hype about this drug giving a high, is very ignorant. If you actually do research online you’d see the extensive amount of articles and studies on this drug and it’s recreational use.

  • Lola December 16, 2015, 1:23 am

    I was prescribed this for chronic nerve pain. I started at a low dose and worked my way up to therapeutic range. The first times I took it and every time I increased dose I got a headache and really sleepy. It never made me feel high but did take the edge off anxiety. When my pain improved I started tapering off, it took a full year. Each time I lowered the dose I had to deal with things like restless leg syndrome and noise sensitivity.

    The accounts I’ve read of “highs” from this drug sound mostly psychosomatic. I could see someone self medicating for pain or anxiety with it but doubt it’ll ever get far as a recreational drug. There are people that’ll take anything prescribed for pain or anxiety recreationally even if it has little to no recreational use and a subset of those people will think they got “high”.

    Gabapentin can be really helpful for the people that have medical need for it especially since so many drugs prescribed for pain and anxiety have an abuse hysteria surrounding them that makes access so difficult now and adds to more under treated people.

    Please, don’t try to sell hype and hysteria by writing articles that highlight the 10-20 posts written online in the last decade by people that abused gabapentin.

    • Molly June 27, 2016, 1:22 am

      I have been on Gabapentin for two days for restless leg syndrome. Last night I took my dose at about 7pm and sat down to watch a movie with my husband. Something mildly amusing happened in the film and I had a literal laughing fit. Could not stop and had tears running down my cheeks; that’s not something I typically do. I became curious about whether the meds could have caused this reaction, which is why I ended up on this webpage.

    • Michael February 9, 2017, 2:56 pm

      I agree. This site has been an eye-opener. I take 2400mg per day for nerve pain and never felt high. I have a coworker that was addicted to opioids that quite often would hit me up for my gabs and I could not understand why. Now I know.

    • jean June 6, 2017, 8:52 pm

      EVERYONE is abusing this drug… exactly why I was looking it up. Seems my entire area is on this drug & not “therapeutic” use. I mean they are all getting high on this.

      • Rhonda January 5, 2018, 3:55 pm

        That’s why I was looking it up. Do you know if there is a drug test ?

  • Emily December 8, 2015, 7:29 pm

    I have suffered from severe depression and anxiety. My mother suffers too and does a lot of research. She mailed me neurontin. It was like a miracle. The fog lifted, I was calm, I felt normal for the first time in over a decade. I didn’t feel high though. I had my doctor prescribe it. I was wonderful for several months. Until I built up a tolerance. We increased the dosage to 900mg 3x a day. It still helps a bit with the anxiety, but not like it used to. Over the years I tried virtually every antidepressant on the market. Neurontin was the only thing that helped.

  • Elfa November 22, 2015, 4:19 pm

    I’m prescribed 800mg 3 times a day. I usually take 1600mg in the morning then 800mg at around early evening to avoid the crash.

  • Jeffrey October 1, 2015, 7:52 am

    I am on Neurontin for several things including neuropathic pain, insomnia, anxiety and the Cyclothymic D/O. The effects are quite noticeable and help keep me an my state of mind calm and focused. Prior to usage I had a hard time functioning even with good self care. My internal agitation and anxiety were so bad. I would wake up with anxiety even if I went to bed relaxed. You can’t tell me that waking up with anxiety is normal because it isn’t.

    After realizing that I probably had a mood d/o, after finding out who my father was (and he was Bipolar), I did my research and got on Neurontin quickly. Now I can function better than I ever have. I sleep well, my appetite is down, my pain is manageable and my moods are much more stable. This is a wonder drug for me even if I have to be on it for the rest of my natural life.

    • Dom January 22, 2016, 6:28 pm

      I am bipolar with anxiety disorder, and I titrated gabapentin to 1800 mg a day not all at once though. I also have a history of alcoholism. Gabapentin did not help me in any way with anxiety or withdrawal especially. I stopped taking it and never thought twice about it. I stopped drinking and then was prescribed it for severe sciatica.

      It has worked well in pain relief at 1200 mg in a one time dose. I have noticed that my mood and anxiety have greatly improved. I do notice some slightly intoxicating effects however I take it with several other medications that are all sedating. I sleep better and I’m pain free. When I have run out I show some signs of slightly uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms including depression and a terrible headache.

      But I don’t feel the need or urge to abuse it even with my substance abuse history. All in all its a good drug and nothing I have to worry about. If I need to take more than prescribed it’s a necessity and not a relapse that I need a meeting for. Now sober it has improved my mood. I like it but I don’t NEED it.

  • Sean September 30, 2015, 5:25 am

    I am high on gabapentin for the first time. Overall I have taken 3600 mg in incriminate doses over the past 2.5 hours. Initially I took 2000mg an hour later another 1000mg, and another 600mg at 2.5 hours. I feel pleasantly sedated with mild euphoria. Opiate detox symptoms not noticeable at the moment but curious to see how I feel tomorrow. Overall the drug is ok, mild benzo type feeling.

  • Haf September 30, 2015, 12:40 am

    I am using gabapentin (50mg) for nerve pain and have been exceeding my recommended dosage for the added recreational effect. I take one heavy dose a day. Sometimes if I take it early on in the day, I will take a rebound dose of about half what I originally took about 2-3 hours before I go to bed. The only way for me to maintain the same level of high daily is to increase the dosage each day.

    Sometimes after the 2nd or 3rd day I will stop for a day or so. Or after 3 or 4 days.. stop for 2 or so more. I see this as effectively resetting my tolerance and also keeping my body from developing a severe dependence. What confuses me is how people are taking 900mg – 5000mg daily. Surely they did not start there. I once absentmindedly took 500mg after not taking anything for a week and definitely overdosed myself. I could barely move for hours without the entire world spinning out of control.

    How anyone could build up a tolerance to 5000 mg of this stuff is mind bending. I have read of a case where an elderly woman was taking nearly 10 grams a day. She had to be hospitalized and weaned off it. Apparently the withdrawal symptoms are severe. A followup to the story reported that after treatment she returned to taking large doses of gabapentin again. Scary stuff to the right person. Poppers beware!

    • Marla March 26, 2016, 6:44 am

      You may want to rethink just stopping the Gabapentin all at once for a couple days, etc., due to the fact that it raises your seizure threshold while on it. So when you stop all at once your threshold plummets and puts you at a very high risk of seizing! Just an FYI, in case you care. 😊

      • Barbara Moody April 21, 2016, 7:29 pm

        Do not stop gabapentin cold! I did and got into an altered state which was not pleasant. I became divorced from reality but not in a ketamine-type way, just very terrifying. It seemed like psychosis.

    • Tanya October 18, 2016, 3:37 pm

      I have been on it for three years! For two days in a row I take 6000mg and the third day I take nothing, then do it again for two days and third day nothing! It gives me energy and it puts me into a manic state. I want to stop but I love the energy and I’m not sure how to stop!

      • Camel December 29, 2016, 8:50 pm

        I love you! I’m high as all get-out. I’ve taken 16, 800 mgs. It’s like a cannabis high. I’m really thought-heavy, really talkative, but there’s a body numbing part of the high, too. I’d rather have 7 or 8 perc 10s though. The opioid high is the BEST, in my opinion. And I know a couple of people who prefer nerve pills, but those things make me go to sleep!

        Or, if I manage to stay awake, I do crazy things I never remember having done. I’ve messed up a couple relationships that way. Anyway, Neuro makes a great high, if you don’t have narcs, but they’re still better than nerve pills (or weed or alcohol). So there! See how effing talkative this shiitake makes a person!? Gasp!

    • Rob October 30, 2016, 8:05 am

      The first time I took it was 800mg and I was glued to the couch. I’m prescribed the max dose now. 3600mg a day. I take it all in the morning, plus more throughout the day. I absolutely love this miracle drug!

    • Gabaman January 26, 2017, 7:58 pm

      I have taken up to 30000mg before in one dose.

  • Christina September 22, 2015, 4:27 pm

    I was on this stuff for prescription back pain, 900mg a day for 2 months or so. Coming off it once I had other treatment for my pain was awful as I had withdrawal headaches and what felt like a constant hangover. I can honestly say I never felt a high when taking this but maybe because it was addressing neuroblocking the pain in my body so I just felt more normal, if not a little spacey and unable to concentrate on any tasks fully.

  • Joshua Isaac Guttman September 17, 2015, 1:10 am

    I’m on my third day on the stuff and it’s really hard to get acclimated to. I feel terrible and I’m still at 1/3 dose. Tomorrow I go to the full dose. I can’t imagine anyone using this stuff recreationally.

    • Tory April 21, 2016, 1:14 am

      I can’t imagine people getting high, or wanting to get high with this medication. I just started using this again, after stopping for several years. And here I was thinking I was making a better choice between anti epileptics, as I take another that I just found out is a favorite with methadone users who want to feel a heroin buzz.

      I don’t like getting high from my therapeutic meds. I quit lyrica because I realized it was making me fall every day (I have cerebral palsy) and my mood was unusually elevated. I asked my doctor to take me off. Gabapentin is so much mellowed, and I can take tiny amounts to relieve chronic pain without falling in the street.

      • Blupill September 4, 2016, 11:00 am

        Everybody is different. Why do so many people not understand this, especially women?

        • Kristinfinity September 17, 2016, 9:08 pm

          Because everyone is different. Why don’t men understand this and make stupid and completely unnecessary comments?!

    • Christie September 25, 2016, 4:01 am

      I know how crazy! I use to know a guy that would buy them. Like WTH?

  • Nick September 1, 2015, 6:24 am

    This stuff is good for the soul.

  • Stephen Farmer August 31, 2015, 4:22 pm

    Personally, I enjoy the “high” that comes with Gabapentin. It makes me feel happy, and relaxed. Like, my head feels full, and it makes me wanna think. It also makes me quite the talker, much like alcohol. I’m on hour five right now, and I still feel great. I’ve never had a bad crash, and I doubt I will today.

    • Jim Smith April 26, 2016, 10:25 am

      I really enjoy the feeling that GABA gives me. It definitely has an intoxicating effect similar to alcohol. Also, I feel the anti-anxiety effects, maybe even better than a “benzo”. Great drug! Although, I believe it can only be used occasionally, due to it’s increasing tolerance.

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