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Hikikomori & Loneliness in Japan: Trends, Definitions, Demographics (2024 Report)

In Japan, a country facing unique demographic challenges, loneliness has emerged as a pressing public health issue, intricately linked with the phenomenon known as hikikomori, or extreme social withdrawal. Through a detailed analysis of a nationwide survey and various factors influencing loneliness, a new study sheds light on the complexity of social isolation in modern …

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Bergen 4-Day Treatment (B4DT) for Social Anxiety Disorder: Effective with High Patient Satisfaction (2024 Study)

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a debilitating condition that affects a significant portion of the population, characterized by a paralyzing fear of social situations. Recent studies have explored concentrated and intensified cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) methods, such as the Bergen 4-Day Treatment (B4DT), as innovative approaches to treating SAD. Highlights: High Efficacy: The B4DT has …

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Social Anxiety Disorder Caused By Too Much Serotonin?

Those with social anxiety disorder are reported to suffer from debilitating, uncontrollable anxiety in social situations.  This condition, also known as “social phobia” can lead to an intense fear of public speaking, forming friendships, maintaining social bonds, and even getting a job.  Individuals living with social anxiety often isolate themselves, suffer from low self-esteem, and …

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