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Genetics Predict Suicide Risk in U.S. Army Soldiers (2024 Polygenic Analysis)

Suicide remains a leading cause of death worldwide, with its prevention a top priority for both public health initiatives and individual care strategies. Recent research in the US Army offers new insights into the genetic underpinnings of suicide attempts, suggesting that polygenic risk scores (PRS) could become a valuable tool in identifying individuals at risk. …

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Genetics of Major Depression vs. Symptom Scales (PHQ-9 & CIDI-SF) (2023 Study)

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) presents a significant challenge in mental health, with its complex genetic and symptomatic landscape. Recent research focusing on the UK Biobank data has compared the genetic underpinnings of MDD symptoms assessed by the PHQ-9 and CIDI-SF tools. This comparison has highlighted significant differences in their genetic correlations and implications for understanding …

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