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Microplastics & Nanoplastics Cross Blood-Brain Barrier within Hours & May Cause Damage

Microplastics and nanoplastics (MNPs) from the breakdown of plastic materials pollute the environment and make their way into the human body, raising concerns over potential health impacts. Research shows that microplastics and nanoplastics are able to cross the blood-brain barrier in mice within 2 hours of ingestion. Key Facts: Polystyrene nanoparticles with a size of …

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Neuroprotective Agents: List of Drugs & Supplements

Neuroprotective agents refer to substances that are capable of preserving brain function and structure. When the brain is exposed to high levels of oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation, various forms of neurotoxicity (e.g. excitotoxicity), and protein deficiencies – neurodegeneration can occur. To prevent or mitigate the effects of any neurodegeneration, strategic administration of a neuroprotective …

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