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Caffeine to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease via Adenosine A2A Receptors? (2023 Review)

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), a prevalent form of dementia, poses significant challenges for individuals and healthcare systems worldwide. Current treatments primarily offer symptomatic relief without altering the disease’s progression. However, emerging research suggests that caffeine, a widely consumed psychoactive substance, may have neuroprotective properties against AD. Highlights: Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia, …

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Neuromodulation Therapies to Treat Neuroinflammation in Anxiety & Depression (2023 Research)

The intersection of neuromodulation, neuroinflammation, and their roles in mood disorders like anxiety and depression represents a significant stride in mental health research. This complex interplay underscores the potential of novel therapeutic strategies targeting the brain’s inflammatory pathways, offering new hope for effective management of these pervasive conditions. Highlights: Link Between Neuroinflammation and Mood Disorders: …

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Fatty Acid Sensor GPR120 (FFAR4) Treatment Target for Anxiety & Neuroinflammation (2023 Study)

In the quest to understand the intricate relationship between our diet, brain, and behavior, scientists are turning their focus to a unique receptor, GPR120. This protein, known for interacting with long-chain fatty acids like omega-3s, is shedding new light on how our body’s inflammation and metabolism can directly affect our mental health. By exploring GPR120’s …

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