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Genetic Risk for Low Vitamin D Linked to Lower Social Motivation in First-Episode Psychosis (2024 Study)

Recent research reveals a notable association between vitamin D levels and the severity of negative symptoms in individuals with first-episode psychosis (FEP). A new study explored the genetic predisposition towards lower vitamin D levels and its impact on symptom severity in schizophrenia and related disorders. Highlights: Vitamin D & Psychosis Connection: Lower levels of vitamin …

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Residual Schizophrenia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Residual schizophrenia is one of the 5 types of schizophrenia that is characterized by a long-term history of negative symptoms (i.e. psychomotor slowing), with very infrequent or rare occurrences of positive symptoms. To meet the criteria for diagnosis, the person must have experienced positive symptoms (e.g. hallucinations/delusions/etc.) at some point. With that said, the person …

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Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a severe mental illness that is characterized by hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia. Although most people think of “hearing voices” and associate them with schizophrenia, those are just some of the symptoms. The symptoms experienced are divided into two subtypes including “negative” symptoms and “positive” symptoms. Negative symptoms usually involve subtracting something from the …

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