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Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) of Nucleus Accumbens (NAc) for Treatment-Resistant Depression (4 Case Reports)

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD) explores the cutting-edge intersection of technology and neuroscience, offering hope to those for whom traditional treatments have failed. By targeting specific brain areas, such as the nucleus accumbens, DBS attempts to modulate the underlying neural circuits associated with depression. A recent review analyzed case reports documenting significant …

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New Epilepsy Treatments (2023): Neurostimulation, CBD, Gene Therapy for Seizures

Epilepsy affects over 50 million people worldwide, making it one of the most common neurological disorders globally. For many living with epilepsy, achieving reliable seizure control remains a significant challenge, underscoring the need for continued innovation in treatment approaches. Exciting new developments in the field are providing clinicians with an expanding array of therapeutic options …

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Case Report: Depression Treated with Deep Brain Focused Ultrasound (2023)

Deep brain stimulation using focused ultrasound leads to rapid remission of severe depression in breakthrough patient case study. Key Facts: Focused ultrasound targeted and suppressed hyperactive areas linked to depression. Stimulation lasted just 64 minutes yet caused depression remission for over 6 weeks. Approach is noninvasive and precisely targeted with no side effects observed. Technology …

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