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Eye Tracking Technology for Rapid Depression Diagnosis in Young Adults

Researchers have proposed a novel eye tracking method to rapidly screen for depression risk in young adults. This intelligent approach analyzes emotional perception deficits through objective eye movement biomarkers. Initial findings suggest promise for large-scale, low-cost depression screening without specialized doctors. Key Facts: The “eye movement emotional perception evaluation paradigm” extracts digital biomarkers related to …

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Long COVID Brain Fog & Cognitive Deficits Linked to Specific Biomarkers

A large prospective study has uncovered two blood biomarker profiles measured during acute COVID-19 that are associated with cognitive deficits months later. Higher fibrinogen and lower C-reactive protein predict both objective and subjective cognitive impairment. Higher D-dimer and lower C-reactive protein predict subjective deficits and occupational impact. Key Facts: In 1,837 COVID-19 patients, two acute …

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