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Top 10 Biohacks For Mental Health & Cognitive Function

Many people are familiar with making lifestyle changes for self-improvement. In recent years, a concept called “biohacking” has emerged and taken the concept of personal development to a new level. It uses scientific quantification to track how someone is actually improving in a certain area of their life. Biohacking is often used to increase longevity, …

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What Are Nootropics (“Smart Drugs”)?

Nootropics or “smart drugs” are substances that serve to enhance cognition, sometimes to a significant extent. The word “nootropic” originated in 1972 from Dr. Corneliu E. Girugea and consists of the Greek words “nous” (translating to “mind”) and “trepein” (translating to “bend”); in other words, “mind-bending.” There are many types of nootropics, some of which …

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