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Calorie Restriction (CR) Effects on Brain Gene Expression & Behavior in Rats (2023 Study)

Calorie restriction (CR) is increasingly recognized for its potential benefits beyond just weight loss, including reducing anxiety, slowing aging, and mitigating the risk of obesity. Recent research focused on how both short-term and long-term CR affect behavior and gene expression in various brain regions, providing insights into the molecular underpinnings of these effects. Highlights: Behavioral …

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Genetics & Age-Related Cognitive Decline: Insights from TOMORROW Trial (2024 Study)

In a study utilizing data from the TOMMORROW trial, researchers have embarked on a novel exploration of genetic associations with cognitive change in older individuals. Employing a genome-wide association study (GWAS) approach, they’ve identified specific genetic variants linked to cognitive dynamics, providing new insights into the genetic underpinnings of cognitive change with aging. Highlights: Novel …

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Psychiatric Disorders Linked to Accelerated Aging in UK Biobank Study (2023)

Recent research utilizing data from the UK Biobank has shed light on the intricate relationship between biological aging and mental health, particularly focusing on depression and anxiety in older adults. A large-scale study linked advanced biological aging with increased risks of developing mental health issues, suggesting that biological aging could be a significant factor in …

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