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Provigil For ADHD: Can Modafinil Help Manage Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

A newer medication called Provigil (Modafinil), which is used to promote wakefulness (eugeroic), has also been found to help manage symptoms of ADHD. Many people don’t have good experiences with using amphetamines to treat their attention-deficit symptoms, so they turn to other classes of medication that may be effective. Many psychiatrists have prescribed their clients …

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Lanicemine (AZD6765) For Treatment-Resistant Depression: NMDA Antagonist

Lanicemine (AZD6765) is an NMDA antagonist developed by the company AstraZeneca in hopes to help people with treatment-resistant depression. Let’s face it, if you have treatment-resistant depression, you are probably waiting for some sort of breakthrough in technology and/or a new class of drugs for treatment. Although many people find benefit from SSRI’s, TCA’s, and …

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Lithium For Treatment-Resistant Depression: An Effective Augmentation Strategy

Lithium carbonate has become a very popular augmentation option for treatment-resistant depression. ┬áIf you have treatment resistant depression, chances are that most psychiatrists have explored antidepressant monotherapy – or treatment with a single antidepressant. Once you have gone through the ringer of SSRI’s, TCA’s, and MAOI’s and found that none of the medications help your …

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