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Neuro Programmer 3 Review: Best Brainwave Entrainment Software

Those knowledgeable about brain waves, know that the predominant brainwave signature as displayed by an EEG (electroencephalograph) provides a lot of information about a person’s state of consciousness.  Individuals with slower brain waves during wakefulness may have difficulties paying attention, suffer from depression, or feel a significant degree of brain fog.  Similarly those with too many fast brain waves throughout the day may feel surges of anxiety or experience severe bouts of stress.

Abnormalities in brainwave signatures are often a byproduct of many complex environmental, genetic, epigenetic, and anatomical factors (e.g. brain injuries).  That said, there are many ways to correct abnormalities such as deficiencies or surpluses of certain brain waves.  Certainly pharmaceutical and illicit drugs can alter brain waves, but they often carry risks for side effects and adverse reactions.

Safer ways to alter brain waves include: meditation, neurofeedback, and brainwave entrainment.  Each of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but perhaps the method with the greatest mainstream appeal is that of brainwave entrainment.  Brainwave entrainment is highly appealing because it doesn’t require much effort or learning, and a person is capable of experiencing an altered state of consciousness with their first session.

Neuro Programmer 3 Review

There are many types of brainwave entrainment, but the most popular are modalities involving audio tones or “sounds” that are played either through headphones or speakers.  The idea is that specific frequencies of tones can alter your brainwave signature and ultimately change your consciousness.  This concept isn’t some cutting-edge trend, rather it dates back centuries to when tribal cultures held drum-beating rituals.

The repetitive beating of the drums produced a specific frequency, and when the frequency was processed by the brain, tribal members experienced an altered state of consciousness; many reporting that they were in a “trance.”  While at the time they may have believed the trance was a result of esoteric or divine intervention, it was mostly just the specific tones changing their brain waves – resulting in altered states.

Fortunately you need not partake in a shamanic drum-beating ritual in order to experience a (drug-free) altered state of consciousness.  Modern day software called “Neuro Programmer” allows you to entrain your brain waves to whatever frequency you desire.  This means you can speed up your brain waves (if you suspect they’re too slow), or slow them down (if you suspect they’re too fast).

What is Neuro Programmer?

Neuro Programmer is a brainwave entrainment software that can be used to temporarily alter your brain waves.  It alters your brain waves by using certain sound frequencies in the form of tones/beats that enter your ears or penetrate your cortex.  When these sound frequencies are processed by your brain, its electrical activity (i.e. brain waves) adapt to the specific frequencies presented.

This is known as a “frequency following response” or brainwave entrainment.  With this software, you can use various built-in sessions or customize your own sessions to specifically alter your brain’s electrical activity.  Your electrical activity is partially responsible for dictating your mood, neurotransmission, and arousal.

Those who are overstimulated and have feelings of intense anxiety or stress may benefit from sessions designed to slow down the brain waves (e.g. alpha entrainment).  Those who are understimulated and have attentional deficits may benefit from sessions designed to speed up brain waves (e.g. beta entrainment).  This software allows you to experiment with various frequencies to optimize your brain’s electrical activity for the achievement of specific goals.

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Neuro Programmer Features

The vast number of features and customization options is what sets Neuro Programmer ahead of the pack when it comes to brainwave entrainment software or any type of brainwave entrainment for that matter.  It is so impressive, that there really isn’t much competition in terms of cost-effectiveness and overall value.  Plus it provides more than just neurological entrainment and includes psychological programming options such as affirmations and self-hypnosis sessions.

All types of beats/tones: When most people think of brainwave entrainment, they naturally think of binaural beats.  While binaural beats are a specific type of entrainment, they are not the most effective type.  Other types of beats such as monaural and tones such as isochronic produce a greater cortical response than binaural beats.

  • Binaural beats: You can use binaural beats, which require headphones for entrainment.
  • Monaural beats: You also have the option of monaural beats, which are thought to be more effective than binaural beats for entrainment.
  • Isochronic tones: These are the most effective “tone” for brainwave entrainment and can be processed by the cortex without headphones.

With Neuro Programmer, you have the option of using binaural beats, monaural beats, or isochronic tones.  Monaural beats and isochronic tones are more effective for entrainment than binaural and can often be used without headphones (via speakers).  This software allows you to choose the specific types of tones that you think are best.

Background sounds: You have the option of choosing from a variety of appealing sounds for the background of your brainwave entrainment sessions.  The built-in sounds include things like: ambient music, nature sounds (e.g. rain), white noise, etc.  It’s up to you to figure out what you like best.  Oddly enough, the creators of this product found that an appeasing background sound enhances entrainment outcomes.

You can even upload your own background sounds and Neuro Programmer has a built-in looping feature, meaning it will continue looping your uploaded sound of choice for the entire entrainment session.  I’ve never felt the need to upload my own sounds as the built-in selection is fantastic.

BioOptimization: This is a feature built into the Neuro Programmer software that allows you to use the software in conjunction with biofeedback.  The goal is to enhance the efficacy of your biofeedback sessions with brainwave entrainment.  While you’re engaged in a biofeedback session, Neuro Programmer is capable of analyzing your EEG data to customize your entrainment frequencies.

This can be a very helpful feature due to the fact that some people don’t respond as well to certain frequencies.  By gathering EEG data, the BioOptimization will tell you precisely which frequencies your brain reacts best with.  All that’s necessary is to plug your biofeedback unit into your computer and open up the Neuro Programmer software.

Built-in sessions: The software comes standard with 120+ built-in sessions that are pre-engineered by the creators.  These sessions aren’t just a bunch of random airy-fairy tones without any supported science.  Rather they are tailored for specific purposes such as: to prime your brain for studying or writing, to increase your relaxation, or to improve your mood.

The design of each of these sessions is unique based on the specific purpose.  Some of the sessions may incorporate a “ramping” of frequencies, meaning the session starts at a lower frequency and continues to elevate to higher ones.

Compatible with L&S Devices: Those with Light & Sound devices that use AudioStrobe need not worry about compatibility.  For example, if you own a Proteus, you can use it simultaneously with Neuro Programmer as they are compatible.  Some people like these Light & Sound or mind-machine type devices because they may enhance the effect of entrainment with Neuro Programmer.

Customizable sessions: Another great feature is that you can customize your own sessions with the software.  If you want to entrain a specific frequency, you can do it right down to the nearest decimal.  I like this feature the best because I’ve investigated the science myself and have a general idea of which frequency ranges to target based on the outcome I’m trying to create.

Not only can you customize your own sessions by building them from scratch, but you can edit and tweak the pre-made built-in sessions.  If you like how you feel during a specific chunk of one of the sessions (e.g. when 10 Hz ramps to 16 Hz), you can crop out the rest.

Documentation: Upon purchase of the software, you’ll get access to documentation and science that supports Neuro Programmer.  Additionally, you’ll get an extensive manual regarding how to use Neuro Programmer and more specifics about how it works.  This will provide new users of the software with the information they need to get started.  Some people have testified that the documentation alone is worth the price of the entire software.

Dual induction scripting: For those interested in self-hypnosis, the software can be used to entrain your brainwaves into a “trance state.”  In this trance state, it is thought that your brain is more receptive to suggestion, making hypnosis a potentially therapeutic self-improvement tool.  A new feature that you can take advantage of is called “dual induction” scripting.

This involves presenting specific recordings to specific ears based on the concept that the left-hemisphere is more oriented with logic, and the right brain is more geared towards emotion and creative pursuits.  The software allows you to program hypnotic scripts to play in specific ears to be received by different parts of the brain; this concept is scientifically supported.

Ease of use: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use Neuro Programmer, heck it doesn’t even take a scientist.  If you know how to use a computer, you can figure out how to use the software.  Each session has a built-in timeline editor, allowing you to see the exact frequencies that are being entrained as well as where the sessions “ramp” (or change frequencies).

After just a few days of using Neuro Programmer, you should be able to figure out the basics.  Even if you aren’t interested in editing sessions or customizing the settings, you can follow built-in suggestions from the software’s programming.  Additionally, you can easily select background sounds from a built-in menu to enhance the effect of your brainwave programming.

Export sessions: If you don’t want to be restricted to using a computer while engaging in brainwave entrainment, you can export your sessions to MP3 files (or WAV or OGG).  This means you can upload them to your phone, burn them to a CD, or put them on your iPod.  Exportation is a great feature because not everyone is around a computer all day to entrain their brain.

Some people may wish to burn a beta entrainment session to a CD to play on the way to work, while others may wish to have an alpha session on their phone for an afternoon meditation session during a lunch break.  You can export any of the built-in sessions as well as any of the sessions that you’ve customized.

Headphones NOT required: The fact that headphones are optional should be appealing to many.  Products that only market binaural beats require that the users wear headphones because without headphones, no entrainment is produced.  Neuro Programmer provides entrainment through (scientifically) superior modalities such as isochronic tones, making headphones optional.  This means that you can play the sessions through your computer speakers.

Members-only forum: When you purchase the software, you’ll also get access to a community forum with other likeminded members.  The member’s area provides more resources regarding brainwave entrainment and is chock-full of unique user experiences.  There is a section dedicated to success people have had with the software as well as discussion regarding more advanced customization options.

Other customizable options: The customization is seemingly limitless within the software, allowing you to add your own music, sounds, and pitches to suit your individual liking.  In addition to all of the customizable audio options, you can tweak the components of each session, colors of the screen visuals or flashing, and overall brightness of the visuals.  It is truly ridiculous what the developers put into this software.

Screen visuals: If you want to experience what a mind-machine is like, you can enable screen visuals that appear in tandem with your audio entrainment session.  The screen can flash directly in accordance to the audio beats or tones that are playing.  In other words, if you are entraining high-beta waves, the screen would flicker quickly to entrain your visual system.

There is evidence that brain waves can be altered via visual entrainment.  The combination of the tones and the visuals may pack a more potent punch than either as a standalone option.  If you dislike the visual entrainment, you can install various visual plug-ins for mere visual pleasure while you are engaged in the audio entrainment.

Self-programming: The idea behind brainwave entrainment is to tweak your brain waves to optimize your functioning.  You can take things to another level by writing scripts for self-hypnosis when you’re in a specific slow brain wave state (e.g. a trance) to help program your subconscious.Whether this hypnotic self-programming is effective for behavior change is subject to debate, but the features are there if you want to use them.

You can type scripts into the software via their text-to-speech programming.  This means that whatever you type will be read back to you by the programmed voice within the software.  Another option is that you can directly record affirmations using your computer microphone and embed them within the sessions.

Tailored to you: When you start using Neuro Programmer, a questionnaire is available to help the software get a better idea of your goals.  By answering a few basic questions, the software will generate some recommended sessions that best fit your situation.  These questions are generally related to: mood, personality, interests, and other personal preferences.

I think the fact that Neuro Programmer makes an effort to tweak their sessions in response to their audience is a big deal.  Most brainwave entrainment programs assume that everyone purchasing their product should start at “Step 1” proceed to “Step 2” – etc.  In reality, by going through a cookie cutter process of “steps” other brainwave entrainment products may be doing more harm than good (e.g. increasing slow waves when this isn’t necessary).

Try Neuro Programmer 100% Free for 2 Weeks

Potential Uses for Neuro Programmer

Below is a list of potential uses for Neuro Programmer.  For a more scientific breakdown of therapeutic possibilities, be sure to check out the article: “Benefits of Brainwave Entrainment.”  Although the science doesn’t suggest that this software will cure any condition, it may be an effective adjunct option in many cases.

Academic performance: The developers of this software have worked hard to come up with some specific sessions, strategies, and protocols that may be beneficial for students.  The documentation that comes with the software should help explain why the sessions are best suited for students or those engaged in academic activities (e.g. studying, test taking, etc.).  The developers have come up with practical psychological techniques that you may find useful to maximize your learning abilities and cognitive horsepower.

ADHD: Those with attention-deficit disorder often have too much slow-wave activity (alpha and theta waves) and are deficient in faster frequencies.  Some people with ADHD have benefitted from entraining faster wave frequencies such as beta and gamma to increase their attentional capacity and performance.  With stimulation from the software, blood flow to the prefrontal cortex may also increase, leading to improvements for those with ADHD.

Altered states of consciousness: If you’re curious about what it feels like to increase a particular brainwave in your EEG, this software is a tool that can be used to accomplish that.  I’ve used this software on countless occasions to explore my own consciousness and intentionally induce brain waves that I think have potential to improve my performance.  If you want to change your perception (at least temporarily) this software can help you accomplish it.

Athletic performance: In addition to devising ways to enhance academic performance, the developers came up with some specific programming for athletes.  The tools found within this software can help give you the mental edge over the competition.  In addition to standard brainwave entrainment for athletes, there are sessions that will help you achieve peak performance, program your subconscious, and stay calm in high-pressure scenarios.

Anxiety: Those with anxiety may benefit some from testing out brainwave entrainment.  While I’ve never heard of a case where this software cured anyone of their fears, it can lessen the physiological reaction associated with anxiety.  If you entrain alpha waves at 10 Hz (for example), you are mitigating the arousal and stress-provoking beta waves at higher frequencies – this may result in you feeling less anxious.

Behavioral improvement: There is some evidence that this software can be used to improve behavior.  If you are an adult with behavioral problems, you may want to test out various frequencies and determine whether you experience a noticeable shift in the way you behave.  The science supports entrainment as improving behavior among children, but there may be some risks associated with using this on developing brains.

Biofeedback enhancement: As was already mentioned, there is a feature called “BioOptimization” that allows you to sync sessions with a biofeedback or neurofeedback device.  This will help you enhance the degree to which you’re changing your brain waves.  Even if you don’t use your biofeedback device in conjunction with Neuro Programmer, some people have reported that the brainwave entrainment sessions from this software improved their desired biofeedback programming.

Brainwave flexibility: The problem with many people’s brains is that they get “stuck” in a certain state of consciousness, decreasing their flexibility.  This is most commonly observed in people that are perpetually stressed or experience a nervous breakdown.  If you think of your brain as a manual transmission, those with high stress are stuck in the “fastest gear” (e.g. full-throttle).

When they attempt to downshift to the next slowest gear, they are unable.  Stress blocks the ability to successfully downshift from high beta (high gear) to alpha (middle gear) and from alpha to theta (slow gear).  Instead those who are stressed transition directly from beta waves to theta waves, and are missing all benefits associated with the waves in-between. These people are either full-throttle (stressed) or no-throttle (asleep) with nothing in-between.

Cognitive function: There are numerous anecdotal reports about brainwave entrainment enhancing cognitive performance.  Those with cognitive impairments tend to have too much slow wave activity during waking hours (as evidenced by those with brain injuries).  This excessive slow wave activity leads to cognitive impairment.  Some people have successfully improved their cognition by entraining faster waves such as beta and gamma.

Creativity: Subjective reports of enhanced creativity have been reported with alpha and theta increases.  These slower brain waves often aren’t present in large amounts during waking hours.  Some people may benefit from entraining slower wave frequencies for improvements in the realm of music or other arts.  Additionally, if you feel mentally “stuck,” entrainment may provide you with a creative insight that helps you get “unstuck.”

Decrease “brain fog”: If you experience significant brain fog, or mental lethargy and disorganized thinking, you may benefit from entraining faster brain waves.  Those with brain fog often have low energy and are stuck in a dream-like state during waking hours.  By entraining faster brain waves such as beta and gamma, some (or all) of the brain fog may subside.

Depression: Although there isn’t major evidence to support the idea that Neuro Programmer could alleviate a person’s depression, there is some evidence to suggest that it may help.  In fact, the programmers have gone as far as to create a session that stimulates each hemisphere of the brain separately – increasing beta waves on the left side, and increasing alpha waves on the right side.  Some individuals have reported improvements in their mood as a result.

Headaches: Another potential therapeutic use for Neuro Programmer is to minimize the intensity of headaches or migraines.  There is some science supporting the idea that visual-based entrainment reduces headaches.  If you get headaches a lot, this software may be something to consider as a potential intervention.

Heart-rate variability: There is some evidence to support the idea that entrainment with Neuro Programmer may enhance heart-rate variability.  Some small scale studies were conducted involving brainwave entrainment show that heart-rate variability increases with certain protocols.  To get a better idea of how the software is affecting your heart-rate variability, you could use it along with a device like the emWave2.

Hemispheric synchronization: Some people believe that there are performance advantages associated with increased interhemispheric communication.  By using certain entrainment sessions, both hemispheres of your brain will be synced together based on the specific frequency of the audio stimulation.  Your right hemisphere (emotional and spatial) may be better able to communicate with you left hemisphere (logical and factual), leading to functional improvements.

Insomnia: Perhaps one of the best ways to use this software is to target your insomnia.  If you have a difficult time falling asleep at night, it may be a result of high stress or your brain failing to produce sufficient amounts of slow wave activity.  It’s stuck in beta, but cannot shift down to a hypnagogic alpha state to help you fall asleep.  With this software, you can reduce your neurological arousal and increase your odds of sleeping.

Intelligence increase: If you want to increase your IQ, you may be able to do it by entraining specific brain waves.  While altering your brain waves isn’t going to magically bestow your brain unlimited knowledge, it may help you maximize your current capabilities.  In most cases, entraining specific fast frequencies can increase cognitive horsepower.

Learning: Certain brain wave states may be more conducive to learning than others. Some have gone as far as to speculate that one type of learning (e.g. reading a book vs. learning to surf) may benefit from different brain waves than another.  This software allows you to experiment with entraining various brain waves to potentially help with learning and retention.

Lucid dreaming: A common New Age use for this software is to deliberately induce “lucid dreaming” and “out-of-body experiences” for “spiritual exploration.”  In some cases, altering electrical activity in the brain may make it easier to experience a lucid dream, vivid dream, or have an out-of-body experience.

Meditation enhancement: You may be able to enhance your meditative practice with Neuro Programmer.  While this software is not a substitute for certain types of meditation, you could try meditating to the tone that you’re entraining.  Those that are new to the concept of meditation may have an easier time entering a meditative state with this software.

Mood improvement: If you are in an average mood or have been feeling down lately, the software holds potential to change your mood.  Those who are feeling depressed may have too many slow waves and lower activity in the left prefrontal cortex than others.  By increasing specific brain waves (e.g. beta), a person’s mood may improve.

Motivation: If you want to increase your neurological and psychological motivation, this software has some tools to help.  In fact, if you feel low-energy and unmotivated to go to work in the morning, there is a “wake up” session that some have found nearly as effective as a standard cup of coffee.  You may find that certain entrainment sessions help you feel more motivated.

Relaxation: For those who just want to relax, Neuro Programmer comes with built-in sessions to help you wind down after a long day at the office.  You can also play nature sounds to enhance the relaxation-effect you’ll get from slower brain waves.  One of the most practical uses for this software is to increase your natural capacity to just relax.

Sleep deeper: While sleep quantity can be beneficial, one overlooked aspect of sleep is quality.  If you want to get a deeper night’s sleep, entrainment to slow frequencies within the theta and/or delta range may enhance your sleep quality.  Individuals that have a difficult time staying asleep throughout the night (e.g. sleep-maintenance insomnia) may benefit from this software.

Stress reduction: If you’re highly stressed, there’s a good chance your brain is producing too many beta waves and may have forgotten what it’s like to feel alpha waves.  While no brain wave is superior than the others, overabundance of beta waves may continue to keep you stimulated.  To bypass constant 24/7 stimulation, entraining slower alpha waves on a consistent basis may be helpful.

Targeted brainwave changes: If you get a QEEG assessment and determine deficiencies or abnormalities in your brain wave activity, you can use this software to make tweaks.  For example, if the neurologist determined that you had inadequate beta activity, you could use this software to boost your beta waves.  While the software may not be as “targeted” as neurofeedback, it can still be effective.

Why Neuro Programmer is superior to other options…

While many people like using brainwave entrainment products (e.g. Holosync), this product is less costly and can be used for activities outside of meditation.  Other programs or “sets” of entrainment products come as “courses” as if they should be completed and are universally effective for all users.  These courses are seriously flawed in that they assume everyone should go through the same progressions and be entrained the same.

  • Neuro Programmer: Tailored sessions, customizable, all types of tones
  • Others: New agey, cult-esque, poor science, limited to binaural beats

Since everyone is different and not everyone needs to entrain theta waves, Neuro Programmer allows you to find the session that best suits you as an individual.  Plus you are not limited to just binaural beats as you would be with other entrainment programs.  You’ll have access to the more potent isochronic beats (and monaural tones) for greater evoked cortical potentials.

Test Neuro Programmer 100% Free for 2 Weeks

My Personal Experience with Neuro Programmer

I have been using the Neuro Programmer software for years with some successes and some straight up bizarre perceptual experiences.  When I first tested the software in 2006, I thought that it was nothing more than a sham.  However, I took the developers up on the trial period and noticed that certain frequencies helped my chronic insomnia.

I began entraining alpha waves at night before bed to help me transition from a stressed-out beta state to a hypnagogic state to enhance my sleep quality.  I also have found entrainment to be effective for relaxation and exploring altered states of consciousness.  I haven’t found it to be effective for anxiety disorders or severe depression, but it may help some individuals.

Not all of my experiments with this software were pleasant, in fact I vividly recall entraining a certain set of slow frequencies in 2008 and feeling perceptually amiss.  I couldn’t focus and actually felt extremely depersonalized – which was uncomfortable.  This helped me come to the realization that merely tinkering with my brain’s electrical activity may present certain dangers (e.g. feeling trapped in an uncomfortable state of consciousness).

Fortunately time heals all wounds (and brain waves) and I eventually recovered from my altered state to homeostasis.  At around the same time I was using the software, my cousin had also tested it out for his ADHD.  He experimented with some high beta frequencies and ended up feeling extreme anxiety to the point that he felt uncomfortable in social situations (and this dude is a social butterfly).

His experience was like mine in that it took awhile before he recovered from the adverse reaction to the entrainment.  While these are solely a couple of anecdotes, they should help highlight the fact that the software works, but it may make you feel uncomfortable if you entrain the wrong set of frequencies – especially if you’re adjusting them on your own.

I believe that Neuro Programmer played a pivotal role in helping me overcome PTSD as well as adrenaline addiction by reducing my arousal.  Once I figured out what frequencies worked best for my brain, I stuck to those and kept noticing that my mental arousal continued to decline.  Eventually my autonomic nervous system caught up to my neurological relaxation and began reducing sympathetic activity and increasing parasympathetic activity.

I continue to tinker with Neuro Programmer on occasion, and am glad that this technology exists.  It certainly isn’t a utopian treatment for psychiatric conditions, but may be an effective adjunct.  Whenever I’m extremely stressed or feel as if I’m overly anxious, it’s nice knowing that I’m one alpha entrainment session away from feeling more relaxed.

Try Neuro Programmer 100% Free for 2 Weeks

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions in regards to the Neuro Programmer software.

I’m skeptical, does brainwave entrainment even work?

You can be as skeptical as you want to be, I was highly skeptical when I tested this product.  Brainwave entrainment may not work for everyone and certain people may respond better to specific frequencies than others.  However, if you’re of the believe that Neuro Programmer is based on a bunch of pseudoscientific hogwash, I’d invite you to take advantage of the 2 week 100% risk free trial and test for yourself whether you notice anything.

Will using Neuro Programmer cure me of my mental illness?

No.  This product is not intended to replace, treat, or cure any medical condition.  While the software may be highly appealing to those with mental illness as an alternative treatment, it isn’t fully supported by science.  However, some people have found certain entrainment sessions to be an effective adjunct option.  In these anecdotal cases, it is important to consider the possibility of a placebo effect.

Are there any risks associated with brainwave entrainment?

I’ve highlighted the dangers of brainwave entrainment in a previous article.  There may be some concern for those without fully developed brains (e.g. people under 25) using the software.  That said, I have spoken with a neurologist in regards to whether there’s any risk to developing brains from entrainment and he seemed to think that risks were minimal or nonexistent.

Women who are pregnant are advised to avoid using the software, as are all individuals under the age of 18.  Anyone that has experienced seizures or is prone to seizures should avoid using the software as it may trigger seizures via alterations in electrical activity.

Try Neuro Programmer 100% Risk Free for 2 Weeks

If you are interested in the best brainwave entrainment software on the market, you’ll want to at least given Neuro Programmer a 2-week free trial.  The trial is 100% free and you don’t need to provide any credit card information.  The developers are so confident in their product, that they give you access to the full smorgasbord of features before you even consider making a purchase.

For those who are set on trying brainwave entrainment, there’s no better option than Neuro Programmer.  Once you purchase the software, you’ll get a 90-day money back guarantee.  That means if you aren’t satisfied with the product after a full 3 months of usage, you can get a refund of your complete purchase amount.

The entire basic version of the software is available for a single-time payment of $59.99.  If you want the more advanced version with extensive features, you can get it for $89.99.  I prefer the advanced version, but the basic version is still impressive.  Although the cost may seem steep, it’s probably less than most people’s monthly cable bill.

This software could theoretically be used for the rest of your life to benefit your brain and mental performance.  Do yourself the favor and at least check it out.

Test Neuro Programmer 100% Free for 2 Weeks

Note: Only available for Windows operating systems.  At the moment there aren’t any products available for any Apple OS.

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  2. My daughter had the QEEG and the results were Theta Dominance in the frontal lobe. She had 3 sessions of neurotherapy and she felt worse to the point where she had to stop and the practitioner said he couldn’t do anything more for her. So, she is left with this condition and what are we to do? I found your articles very informative esp. about the brain entrainment that you can do at home at your own pace. How can I learn more about it? And how much does this cost?


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