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Genetic Risk for Low Vitamin D Linked to Lower Social Motivation in First-Episode Psychosis (2024 Study)

Recent research reveals a notable association between vitamin D levels and the severity of negative symptoms in individuals with first-episode psychosis (FEP). A new study explored the genetic predisposition towards lower vitamin D levels and its impact on symptom severity in schizophrenia and related disorders. Highlights: Vitamin D & Psychosis Connection: Lower levels of vitamin …

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Vitamin D for Prevention & Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease? (2023 Research)

Parkinson’s disease (PD), a prevalent neurodegenerative brain disease, is marked by the loss of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra. Recent research has illuminated the significant role of Vitamin D (VD) in the brain, particularly its neuroprotective effects on these neurons. Highlights: Vitamin D’s Role in the Brain: Beyond its well-known functions in bone health, …

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Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Depression: Does Supplementation Help Symptoms?

Vitamin D is a crucial component to maintaining both physical and mental health. It is utilized by our bodies to help keep our bones and teeth in good condition by maintaining correct phosphorous to calcium ratio. In fact, research has shown that low levels of vitamin D are associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, …

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