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Repressed Memories: Causes, Mechanisms, & Coping Strategies

In some cases, individuals may experience a traumatic event that triggers such a potent stress response via the sympathetic nervous system, that memory of the event becomes repressed.  The potency of the stress-response exceeds their innate ability to cope and other coping resources.  Emotions associated with the traumatic event are often overpowering, leading to intense …

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Causes Of Insomnia (List)

Insomnia is considered a sleep disorder characterized by an inability to fall asleep or stay asleep throughout the night.  There are many different types of insomnia, some of which are short-term days or weeks), and others which are long-term (e.g. months or years).  If you suffer from insomnia, it is important to realize that it …

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Emotional Upheavals: Causes, Symptoms, Coping Strategies

Emotional upheavals are most commonly associated with those who’ve dealt with a traumatic experience, blocked the traumatic emotion and/or memory from conscious perception, and then later end up experiencing a resurfacing of the traumatic memory accompanied by strong emotion. It is the strong surge of unpleasant emotion, seemingly out of thin air that leads people …

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