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Nortriptyline-Induced “Room Tilt Illusion”: A Rare Adverse Event of Antidepressants (2024 Case Report)

Room Tilt Illusion (RTI) presents a perplexing challenge to both patients and physicians, transforming the familiar into the surreal as surroundings appear rotated or flipped. This rare condition, often linked to neurological or vestibular disorders, has recently been observed as an adverse effect of the antidepressant nortriptyline, used in treatment-resistant depression. A case report highlights …

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Alzheimer’s Disease, Microglia, & Environmental Risk Factors (2024 Evidence)

Alzheimer’s disease, a debilitating neurodegenerative condition, is influenced significantly by a blend of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. New research focuses on environmental risk factors and microglia (the brain’s immune cells) for Alzheimer’s development. Highlights: Alzheimer’s Disease and Microglia: Alzheimer’s is characterized by cognitive decline, and microglia play a crucial role in its pathogenesis, acting …

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