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Approximately 13% of Psychiatrists with Major Depression in Thailand: Loneliness & Work Stress Factors (2024 Study)

Depression, a pervasive mental health issue, affects individuals across various professions, including those within the psychiatric field. A recent study in Thailand sheds light on the prevalence and associated factors of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) among psychiatrists and psychiatry trainees, offering insights into the mental well-being of those expected to be at the forefront of …

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Psychiatry Proposes New Drug Classification System: From Symptom to Target-Based

What would you think if the classification of your psychiatric medications changed? Well, a new conference is taking place to address whether drug classification “names” should be changed. Currently, many psychiatric organizations believe there are advantages associated with changing from a “symptom-based” classification to a “pharmacological-based” classification system. ┬áThis new system will be discussed at …

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