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Genetic (Polygenic) Risk for Psychiatric Disorders & Subject-Specific School Grades (2023 Study)

The intricate connection between mental health and educational attainment is a subject of growing interest and importance. Recent studies have shed light on how genetic predispositions to certain mental disorders can influence academic performance, challenging our understanding of how mental health impacts learning. Highlights: Polygenic Risk Scores Reveal New Insights: Studies utilizing polygenic risk scores …

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Genetics & Depression: How Polygenic Risk Scores Predict Mood Over Long-Term (2024 Study)

A recent study examined how our genetic makeup influences our temperament traits, particularly in relation to depression. By analyzing the polygenic risk for depression (PRS) and its correlation with various temperament traits over time, this research provides significant insights into the complex interplay between genetics and mood. Highlights: High PRS Linked to Increased Persistence: Individuals …

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