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Genetics of Tobacco Use Disorder (TUD) & Nicotine Addiction (2024 Study)

Tobacco use is a complex behavior influenced by both environmental factors and genetic predispositions. A recent study leveraging the UCLA ATLAS biobank explored the genetic underpinnings of Tobacco Use Disorder (TUD) and its systemic health effects using a Polygenic Score (PGS). Highlights: Genetic Underpinnings of Tobacco Use: The study used a European ancestry-derived PGS to …

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Epigenetics & Nicotine Addiction: Effects on Genes & Potential Treatments (2023)

Nicotine addiction is not just a habit; it’s a complex interplay of molecular changes altering the brain’s function and structure. Recent research sheds light on how nicotine interacts with our genetic makeup, leading to persistent cravings and relapse. Highlights: Nicotine & Epigenetic Modification: Nicotine alters the way genes are expressed in the brain, affecting behavior …

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Top Antidepressants to Quit Smoking: Bupropion & Nortriptyline (2023 Evidence Review)

In the ever-evolving fight against tobacco addiction, the potential of antidepressants, particularly bupropion and nortriptyline, as smoking cessation aids has come into sharp focus. A comprehensive review evaluated the efficacy, potential harms, and tolerability of these medications, providing insights into their role in helping smokers quit. Highlights: Bupropion significantly increases the chances of long-term smoking …

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