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Cannabidiol (CBD): Neuropsychiatric Uses, Mechanisms, Effects on Brain (2023 Review)

Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found in Cannabis sativa, has emerged as a substance of interest in the medical community due to its potential therapeutic benefits for various neurological and mental disorders. This comprehensive review examines the current scientific understanding of CBD’s effects on brain function, its potential as a therapeutic agent, and the ethical and …

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Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII) vs. Mental Disorders (Anxiety & Depression) (2024 Study)

The intricate relationship between dietary habits and mental health has gained significant attention. The Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII), a novel tool measuring diet’s inflammatory potential, has been used to help us better understand the connection between diet-realated inflammation and psychiatric disorders. Highlights: Diet & Mental Health: The DII helps in understanding how dietary choices can …

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Genetic (Polygenic) Risk for Psychiatric Disorders & Subject-Specific School Grades (2023 Study)

The intricate connection between mental health and educational attainment is a subject of growing interest and importance. Recent studies have shed light on how genetic predispositions to certain mental disorders can influence academic performance, challenging our understanding of how mental health impacts learning. Highlights: Polygenic Risk Scores Reveal New Insights: Studies utilizing polygenic risk scores …

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