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Transcranial Photobiomodulation For Depression: Near-Infrared Light & Laser Therapy

Photobiomodulation involves the targeted administration of light frequencies to modulate biological function for the treatment of medical conditions and/or to expedite healing in the aftermath of a physical injury.  It was Niels Ryberg Finsen who was among the first to showcase the potential of photobiomodulation when he proved that sunlight rays were capable of killing …

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Synaptogenesis: 9 Ways To Form New Synapses In The Brain

Synapses are considered connections between neurons (brain cells) that foster neuronal communication.  The word “synapse” is derived from the Greek term “synapsis” which roughly translates to “conjunction.”  Your brain cells communicate with other cells by sending chemical messages in the form of neurotransmitters or electrical signals; these are transmitted via the synapses. If you have …

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