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Pharmaceutical & Recreational Drug Use During & After COVID-19 Pandemic (2020-2023 in Latvia) (2024 Study)

The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably transformed various facets of human life, including our health behaviors and substance consumption patterns. Through the lens of wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE), a study conducted in Riga, Latvia, from December 2020 to July 2023, sheds light on how the pandemic and subsequent restrictions have impacted the use of pharmaceuticals and recreational …

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Oreos As Addictive As Cocaine and Morphine in Rats

Are there certain foods that you are unable to stop eating? Research conducted by Connecticut College shed some light on the addictive nature of sugary foods. For their particular study, they decided to use “America’s Favorite Cookie,” the Oreo. Their findings weren’t that surprising to people who already know the fact that Oreos and other …

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