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What are Hypnagogic Jerks? Twitches Before Sleep.

Hypnagogic jerks refer to involuntary bodily twitches, movements, or muscular jolts that occur during the transition from wakefulness to a sleeping state.  Most people are thought to experience them just moments before entering the first stage of sleep.  In some cases, hypnagogic jerks are also referred to as “sleep twitches” or “sleep starts,” but are …

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Hypnagogic Hallucinations: Causes, Types, & Treatment

Hypnagogic hallucinations refer to bizarre sensory perceptions (usually visual) that are perceived during a presomnal state, or upon the transition from pre-sleep wakefulness to sleep.  These bizarre perceptions may be psychologically disturbing and extremely vivid.  Perhaps you’ve seen odd shapes with vivid colors, or especially odd imagery prior to falling asleep. In this case, your …

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