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Methylone for Depression & PTSD: Rapid Neuroplastic Effects & More Targeted than MDMA (2024 Study)

In the search for rapid, effective treatments for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the exploration of psychoactive compounds like methylone presents a new frontier. Unlike traditional treatments, methylone has shown promising rapid-acting, robust, and long-lasting antidepressant-like and anxiolytic effects in preclinical studies. By comparing its effects with MDMA, a well-known compound with similar therapeutic potential, researchers …

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Calorie Restriction (CR) Effects on Brain Gene Expression & Behavior in Rats (2023 Study)

Calorie restriction (CR) is increasingly recognized for its potential benefits beyond just weight loss, including reducing anxiety, slowing aging, and mitigating the risk of obesity. Recent research focused on how both short-term and long-term CR affect behavior and gene expression in various brain regions, providing insights into the molecular underpinnings of these effects. Highlights: Behavioral …

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Epigenetics & Nicotine Addiction: Effects on Genes & Potential Treatments (2023)

Nicotine addiction is not just a habit; it’s a complex interplay of molecular changes altering the brain’s function and structure. Recent research sheds light on how nicotine interacts with our genetic makeup, leading to persistent cravings and relapse. Highlights: Nicotine & Epigenetic Modification: Nicotine alters the way genes are expressed in the brain, affecting behavior …

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