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Genetics of Common Executive Function (Cognition) from UK Biobank Data (2023 Study)

Executive functioning (EF) is a cognitive cornerstone essential for goal-directed behaviors and complex thinking. Recent research leveraging the massive UK Biobank dataset has shed new light on the genetic underpinnings of EF, revealing its distinct genetic profile from intelligence (IQ) and its intricate link with psychiatric disorders. This study underscores the importance of EF in …

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Insulin & Blood Sugar vs. Cognitive Function & Psychiatric Disorders (2023 Evidence)

Hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar, is more than a mere symptom of diabetes; it’s a complex condition that may significantly impact cognitive functions like memory and attention. While the association between diabetes and physical health complications is well known, there’s a growing body of research exploring how altered insulin signaling, a key feature of diabetes, …

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