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The Human Affectome: A Unifying Framework of Emotions (2023 Research)

bThe field of affective sciences, studying emotions, moods, and feelings, has long been fragmented due to diverse theoretical perspectives. A new framework, known as the Human Affectome, proposes a unifying approach grounded in a teleological principle, aiming to cohesively understand human affective phenomena. This framework not only organizes existing research but also sets a direction …

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Theta Brain Waves: 4 Hz To 8 Hz

Theta brain waves are considered brain waves that oscillate between the frequencies of 4 Hz to 8 Hz (cycles per second). This brain wave rhythm may be dominant among children, individuals with ADHD, or overpowering when individuals are unable to focus on a particular task. Theta waves have been linked to experiencing emotions, daydreaming, intuition, …

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