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How Different Types Of Meditation Affect the Brain

Most people tend to believe that all types of meditations are the same. It is common to hear about the benefits of “meditation,” but most people don’t know that there are different benefits to be obtained based specifically on the type of meditation practice pursued. One person may practice Vipassana meditation a.k.a. “mindfulness” and reap …

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How To Improve Psychiatric Treatment Outcomes with Technology & Variable Tracking

It’s blatantly obvious that psychiatry is an imperfect practice. These days people often seek the help of a psychiatrist with the belief that a pill can be prescribed to essentially cure a disease or get symptoms of a mental illness under control. While psychiatry can offer many benefits in the treatment of certain conditions, especially …

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Brain-To-Brain Communication Is Now Possible: Virtual Telepathy

Telepathic communication is defined as the communication of thoughts by methods other than using the known senses or physical interaction. In other words, it is essentially communication by thinking. In the past things like telepathy sounded far-fetched and unrealistic, but then again if you delve deep enough into the past, many things sounded unrealistic. Technology …

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