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BDNF Gene Transfection & Pramiprexole Combo Effectively Treat Parkinson’s Disease in Rat Models (2024 Study)

Parkinson’s disease (PD), a degenerative disorder that predominantly affects the motor system, has long been a challenging condition to manage due to its complex pathology and the limited efficacy of available treatments. However, recent research presents a beacon of hope through a novel combined therapy targeting the core of Parkinson’s disease’s neuronal degradation. This innovative …

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Dopamine & Social Status vs. Stress Responses in Mice (2023 Study)

Social hierarchies are not just a human phenomenon; they’re prevalent in the animal kingdom too, particularly among social creatures like mice. A groundbreaking study on isogenic C57BL/6 mice has shed light on the intricate mechanisms that govern social hierarchy, particularly focusing on the role of dopamine and stress response. This discovery not only enhances our …

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