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Dietary Sugar Intake & Depression: 100g/day Increase Equals 28% Higher Risk (NHANES Data: 2011-2018)

In recent years, the intricate relationship between dietary habits and mental health has come under scientific scrutiny, revealing insights that challenge our daily consumption choices. Specifically, the consumption of dietary sugar has been identified as a potential factor influencing the prevalence of depression among adults in the United States. A study utilizing data from the …

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Caffeine & Depression: Lower Risk with >90 mg per Day in Adults (2022 Study)

In the quest to understand the intricate links between our dietary habits and mental health, a recent study leveraging data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2017-2018 offers new insights into how caffeine consumption correlates with depression. This comprehensive analysis reveals that moderate caffeine intake might have a protective effect against depression, …

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