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Bergen 4-Day Treatment (B4DT) Appears Effective for OCD in Adolescents (2024 Study)

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in adolescents is a challenging condition, marked by intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors that significantly impair daily functioning. Recent studies have spotlighted the Bergen 4-Day Treatment (B4DT), an intensive, concentrated therapy approach showing promising outcomes in treating adolescents with OCD across various sites in Norway. This innovative method, comprising prolonged sessions of …

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Bergen 4-Day Treatment (B4DT) for Social Anxiety Disorder: Effective with High Patient Satisfaction (2024 Study)

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a debilitating condition that affects a significant portion of the population, characterized by a paralyzing fear of social situations. Recent studies have explored concentrated and intensified cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) methods, such as the Bergen 4-Day Treatment (B4DT), as innovative approaches to treating SAD. Highlights: High Efficacy: The B4DT has …

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Psychotherapy for Anxiety Disorders: Decreases Negative Mood But Fails to Increase Positive Mood (2024 Study)

Anxiety-related disorders, characterized by heightened negative affect (NA) and sometimes diminished positive affect (PA), pose significant challenges for mental health treatment. Despite the prevalence of these disorders, the efficacy of psychotherapies in improving PA versus NA remains underexplored. Highlights: Psychotherapeutic interventions demonstrate a significantly larger effect on reducing negative affect (NA) than on enhancing positive …

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