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Anti-CGRP Monoclonal Antibodies to Prevent Chronic Migraine (2023 Review)

Migraine, a primary headache disorder, significantly impacts the quality of life of millions worldwide. In recent years, the focus has shifted toward developing targeted therapies, particularly monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against the calcitonin-gene-related peptide (CGRP), to prevent chronic migraine attacks. A relatively recent comprehensive network meta-analysis (NMA) evaluated the efficacy and safety of various anti-CGRP mAbs, …

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Magnesium For Migraines: An Intervention To Consider

Migraines are characterized as excruciatingly painful headaches commonly accompanied by symptoms of nausea and/or sensory hypersensitivity (such as to light or sound).  A small percentage of individuals with migraines are able to prevent future migraine attacks with strategic lifestyle changes such as: reducing stress, adhering to a strict sleep schedule, and/or dietary adjustments.  However, many …

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