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Fioricet “High”: Intoxication From Butalbital-Containing Agents

Fioricet is a medication approved by the FDA for the treatment of three specific types of headaches including: tension, muscle contraction, and post-dural puncture.  It contains a unique blend of a barbiturate (butalbital 50 mg), a pain reliever (acetaminophen 300 mg), and a stimulant (caffeine 40 mg); hence the reason it is sometimes abbreviated as Butal-Acet-Caff.  …

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Fioricet For Migraines: A Non-Evidence-Based Intervention

Fioricet is a brand name medication comprised of the following ingredients: butalbital (50 mg), acetaminophen (300 mg), and caffeine (40 mg).  The combination of a barbiturate (butalbital), a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (acetaminophen), and central nervous system stimulant (caffeine) – seem to act synergistically to alleviate various types of headaches.  Medically, Fioricet is approved by the …

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