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Gray Matter Abnormalities in Major Depression & Social Anxiety (2023 Analysis)

Major depressive disorder (MDD) and social anxiety disorder (SAD) are two of the most prevalent mental health issues facing society today. They often occur together, challenging both patients and healthcare providers. Recent neuroimaging studies have begun to shed light on the unique and overlapping characteristics of these disorders, offering new insights into their complex neurobiology. …

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Brain Imaging Techniques (Neuroimaging)

Brain imaging (neuroimaging) was invented in the 1880s by Angelo Mosso, who devised a technique referenced as the “human circulation balance.”  This technique was able to assess how blood was redistributed throughout the brain as an individual experienced emotion and/or engaged in intellectual tasks.  It wasn’t until the early 1900s that a newer, improved brain …

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One Dose of SSRI Antidepressant Changes Brain Connectivity In 3 Hours

According to new research, if you notice your antidepressant affecting you from the very first dose, it probably isn’t “all in your head” or necessarily an indication of hypomania. New research suggests that antidepressants actually change your brain’s activity within just a few hours of taking them. In other words, you could feel or think …

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