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Milk Fat Globule & Lactoferrin Infant Formula May Boost Intelligence (IQ)

Parents naturally want to do everything they can to optimize brain development in their children. The first years of life are a critical window when nutrition lays the foundation for lifelong brain health and abilities. A new study shows that an infant formula augmented with certain milk fats and an immune protein offers cognitive advantages …

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Potential Dangers Of Nootropics: What To Consider Before Using Smart Drugs

Nootropics or “smart drugs” tend to improve cognitive function to help people perform better, maximize productivity, and ultimately achieve their full potential. Most nootropics are regarded as safe and in some cases serve as “neuroprotective agents,” meaning they preserve brain function and cognition. There is even some evidence to suggest that they may help prevent …

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At What Age Is The Brain Fully Developed?

It is widely debated as to which age the brain is considered “fully mature” or developed. In the past, many experts believed that the brain may have been done developing in the mid to late teens. Then along came some evidence to suggest that development may last until at least age 20. These days, a …

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